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Amba Quantitative Research Support Services
Amba Research provides investment research support services that help capital markets firms differentiate and outperform. Over 70 clients including six of the top 15 global asset managers and six of the top 15 global investment banks use our services. Amba’s quant analysts have worked across a broad spectrum of technically intensive areas ranging from portfolio simulation and back-testing, risk management, derivatives modeling, marketing support to process automation and customized application development.

Portfolio Strategy and Research

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Industry Leader in Providing Flexible, End-to-End Solutions
Access to a broad list of technical and domain skills and the ability and flexibility to staff multi-disciplinary teams make Amba a one-stop-shop for its clients. Over the past six years, Amba has refined the process of providing specialist outsourced support to become the industry leader in this area. No other outsourcing firm offers asset managers and investment banks the breadth of skills and services that Amba does.

Portfolio Strategy and Research
Clients use Amba’s quantitative services to add statistical and • mathematical rigor to a host of their analyses, to back-test trading • strategy and allocation decisions, and to better calculate and manage • their risks. Offshoring such tasks to • Amba has helped portfolio managers, strategists, quant • analysts, and risk managers to focus more of their time on interpreting • results and formulating strategies. •
Fundamental and technical stock screens Multi-factor model development Back-testing Portfolio simulation and performance analysis Bespoke index construction Index maintenance Mathematical and statistical modeling

Amba Quantitative Services
Amba’s Quantitative Services team is led by senior professionals from leading global investment banks, with vast industry experience in equities, fixed income, and currency markets. Amba has a team of over 90 dedicated quant analysts with technical skills concentrated in four core areas: mathematical modeling, statistical modeling, financial analysis, and programming. Technical expertise in the above areas is benchmarked to familiarity with stochastic calculus/continuous time finance, statistical package experience, and fluency with a variety of programming languages and technologies. The above technical tools are utilized for projects across asset classes and of varying degrees of complexity for buy-side clients. The Quantitative Services team is experienced in working with data sourced from Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Datastream, Compustat, Rimes, MSCI, and I/B/E/S. All quant analysts undergo an in-house developed training program that is unparalleled in the outsourcing industry. Senior team members hold visiting faculty positions and maintain links with leading universities in India and Sri Lanka.

• Stochastic calculus • Time series econometrics • Custom portfolio optimizer development • Risk management • Data validation and aggregation

Client benefit A portfolio manager was able to back-test additional potential trading strategies and pair trade ideas, with minimal dependence on his scarce in-house senior resources by using a back-testing engine developed and run by Amba.

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© Amba Holdings Inc. coverage Europe Albert Buildings 49 Queen Victoria Street London. All Amba services are customized. A global investment bank was able to save over USD2m annually by using a sophisticated capital structure analysis tool developed by Amba Research. pre-trade and post-trade analysis modules Client benefit Client benefit A global investment bank was able to expand product marketing support by 300% whilst saving an estimated USD1. including thematic/sector research. Amba has offices in New York. Amba has helped clients streamline and optimize their existing process used for RFP responses and fact sheet generation helped with the creation of fund marketing material. About Amba Research Amba Research provides investment research and analytics support services to the global capital markets industry. back-testing modules. and San José (Costa Rica). Amba’s 400+ analysts help clients with dozens of research tasks.5m in annual costs. London. Singapore. As a result. Operations Management Clients can also leverage Amba to obtain a host of operations management support services. model building. Data Management and Programming Amba’s team of software engineers work on developing bespoke applications as per clients’ needs. Client benefit The COO of a Europe-based asset manager was able to save over USD250k p. Bangalore. All Amba trademarks shown in this communication are held by Amba Investment Services Limited. EC4N 4SA Phone: +44 20 3201 0032 E-mail: sales@ambaresearch. and performance reporting. Amba’s team of capital markets-savvy analysts can be deployed to provide written commentaries in product factsheets. Deutsche Bank. NY 10017 Phone: +1 646 278 7290 E-mail: sales@ambaresearch. Over 70 companies. 2010 . pricing Asia 12th Floor. process automation. including management and sales fee Amba Investment Services Ltd. and proprietary to each client. monitoring of Key Performance Indicators. or Amba Research is not associated with the Association of MBA Executives Inc. and JPMorgan. • Custom database development • Fund factsheets with and without commentaries • Fund marketing presentations • RFP responses • Market analytics • After-sales support • Process re-design and automation of manual processes • Customized web and desktop application development • Automation and workflow management • Development of risk engines. clients spend less time on translating business needs and requirements into technical terms. thus allowing for a shorter time-tomarket. The tool consisted of an MS Excel front-end and a Monte Carlobased back-end with the pricing model in continuous time. exclusive. Concorde Block UB City. Vittal Mallya Road Bangalore 560 001 Phone:+91 80 3980 8000 E-mail: sales@ambaresearch. Colombo. unique. and provided aftersales support. statistical analysis. and data gathering. including six of the top 15 global asset managers and six of the top 15 global investment banks use Amba to differentiate and outperform.Business Development Support Amba has worked across a wide spectrum of business development support activities for its clients. coverage initiation.a. due to an automated web-based management fee and MIS reporting systems developed by Amba Research. Americas 355 Lexington Avenue 5th Floor New York. The ability to staff teams comprising technical specialists and domain specialists makes Amba’s value proposition within application development. Amba was founded in 2003 by senior directors of research from Goldman Sachs.