INTRODUCTION > Room Service is a facility offered by most hotels which provides food & beverage to guest in their rooms. A guest generally order food & beverage over the telephone from a room service menu located in his room. The service is convenient to guest, to prefer eating in the privacy of their rooms for several reasons. 1. Important people like celebrities want their privacy away from public attention & media. Eating in a restaurant will attract too much attention.

2. Some do not wish to dress to go to restaurant to have a meal & like to have the food in the casual wear even in night dress. Generally crew members dose this. 3. They may want to watch a T.V. programme while eating since attractive global channels like latest news & they watch also favourite sport matches. This factors has led hotels to promote special T.V. meal. 4. Many cannot start their day unless they have their morning tea services the pick time service in many hotels.

5. Breakfast can be order the night before through a door knob facility. Breakfast door knob card kept on the pillow during the turn down by evening housekeeper. The key factor of this service is the choice of time. The room service will deliver the breakfast at an appointed time that is convenient to the guest. 6. Some guest’s private meeting happens in their room & prefer to have their meal in the privacy of their room. 7. There has been a surge of women in all aspects of working. Women are travelling alone more than any other era. They prefer to eat their meals in their room for security reasons. DISADVANTAGES OF ROOM SERVICE > 1. Their room service food & beverage menu is more expensive than regular restaurant menu. While, this is an opportunity for additional profit because of the convenience that the hotels provide by giving food in the privacy of the room it is more expensive for the guest. 2. Guests in a hurry are dependent on quick room service. Unless the room service is professionally organized there can be delayed in services and the lot of guest will be iii will.

Resort properties that have villas spread over acres may have a serious problem with centralized Room Service. Limits to cold items like prepared sandwiches.3. There is generally a water boiler located in a each pantry for the service of tea & coffee. Decentralised Room Service 3. The challenge for the hotel is to ensure the food is hot at time of service. The benefit of a central kitchen is that the Room Service menu can offer a wide range of item since the main kitchen is epuipped with all the equipment & skill to provide them. food is transported from the food service usually located in the main kitchen the possibility of the food getting cold is there. 4. Centralised Room Service > Here all food orders are processed from the main kitchen & send to guest rooms by a common set of waiters. this is a cost. This challenge gets more critical at resort properly which may have independent cottages spread over a large area. Centralised Room Service 2. Decentralised Room service > Each guest floor or set of floor may have a different pantry locate at the floor itself to serve them. Since. Food options are limited here. for this use insolated container is done. The time taking to get 1st turn can result in an irritated guest over a delay. Room service in many hotels have 24 hours check in & check-outs have 3 shifts. 1. Some pantries have hot cases for keeping the food. space & equipment for the room service facility. which further increases the Room Service cost. The room service order generated was justify the cost of having room service. TYPES OF ROOM SERVICE > There are three types of Room Service. The advantages of such a system is the speed of service specially . 2. The hotel has the additional cost of having staff. meat platter. One disadvantage could be the time taken to serve the food to the guest room. blast frozen foods that are heated in microwave. The other major disadvantage is to keep the food hot. Orders are taken at a central point by order takers who in turn convey the order to the respective pantry. All hotels structures have service elevators that are used by all sundry. Moblied Room Service 1.

pies. Waiter deposits K. 3.O. The greatest advantage is the speed of service. The major disadvantages is the pantries can offer only limited range of food.during pick time. Orders are taken as a central point & conveyed to the mobile pantry. Mobiled Room Service > This is the one where an elevator is dedicated to Room Service pantry. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE > ROOM SERVICE MANAGER ROOM SERVICE SENIOR ROOM SERVICE ORDER TAKER WAITERS BUSPERSONS CASHIER GUEST ORDE R FLOW Guest’s orders on Order taker notes down the order on a K.O. to Captain Captain allots K.T.T. Mobile bar service become irreleveant.T. to clear the tray or trolley. The range of food offered is again limited & only dispensed easy to serve food like sandwiches. Some hotels are able to adopt the elevator for an evening cocktail service where they stock a bar for quick beverage service minibars fitted in the guest rooms. with kitchen Waiter picks up food from kitchen announcer assembles the roomor Waiter proceeds to guest tray for Waiter service counter . of most hotels. to waiter Waiter goes to cashier & raises a check Waiters serves the food & enquires with the food if any service is required & gets the check Waiter returns after 20 min. (Also tries to upselling) Hands over K.O.O.T.

The waiter picks food from the kitchen & places on tray or trolley. handover the K. & try to upsell the order by the power of suggestion. to the captain who enquires capitable distribution of the work load to team of waiter.How may I help you?” 3.O. She must repeat the order to the guest to confirm that she has written down the order properly. 5. Most guest are impressed are being identified.1.T. “Good Morning”! Room Service……. She hands over the K. The waiter immediately approaches the announcer to kitchen. 4. In the tray or trolley sections many has been assembled during the mise-enplace.g.T. to him & returns to the room service area to assemble the tray or trolley.O. Many hotels as a cost measure may require the order taker to do the cashier’s role as well. The order taker will take the order in a K. The order taker will answer the phone with in two rings & should wish the guest & offer help e. He proceeds to the guest . 2.O. The guest can place the order on the phone. She will listen for the room number & immediately consult computer to assemble the name & address of the guest & from then on address the guest by name . The waiter will only have add those items special to the order.T.

He will repeat the drill if there is no response. 7. He shall do final adjustment to the cover & asks the guest if he wishes to be served. In case of a trolley he places it besides the window. while the best attempts are made to be fully prepare a 24 hour service like room service may consume the preparation with in the shift itself . Most guest leaves their trolley outside the door so as not to be disturbed. Normally the guest will refuse the waiter must get the bill signed in acknowledgement that the bill has been paid at the guest room waiter will knock the door announcing Room Service. When the guest opens the door wish him by the day & place the tray on the coffee table. Waiter must not solicit tips & accept if graciously if given> The waiter may then ask “when shall I ask for clearance. MISE-EN-PLACE > Mise-en-place is the preparation done before the start off service to ensure that service moves smoothly. 6. The waiter returns to do clearance observing the same procedure.” The waiter shall close the door gently after him.

Therefore. ASSIGNMENT > BUTLER SERVICE > In ancient Greece and Rome it was nearly always slaves who were charged with the care and service of wine. The English Word “butler” is derived from the Middle . Requisition of fresh linen from house keeping . Count of service coare including glassware. Sanitation by the KST brigade keep the room service area clean. The room service is issued with an inventory of items under each head. These have to be a counted from and all times & especially in a circulation at 3 points > a) Room service racks & preset up area. 6. proprietary sauce 4. 3. crockery & cutlery & dishes from Kst. 7. The List of duties during mise-en-places> 1. Napkin folding for service. Requisition of minibar items for beverage store & dispensing bar 8. Requisition of supplies from generally store e. b) Dishwashers in the KST. toothpick. 2. soiled linen has to be counted & categorized in a Housekeeping requisition form that lists the linen by that time & number.there by making the preparation a constant process. crockery for accompaniments. Tray & trolley set ups which include cutlery. c) On guest floors trays & trolleys. glassware & cutlery. Some hotels do identification mark on the cutlery to separate there item from the others in the dishwasher on the practical side stocktaking may not be possible on a daily basis it is the room service manager who may state. paper napkin. Issue of fresh linen is done strictly against soiled ones. 5. The internal inventory procedure as he is ultimately countable for it. This is done by the bus person (or waiters) scheduled to do clearance on that day. Polishing of silverware.g. submitted to the in house laundry or the house keeping part .

Platters and entre’l dishes are brought on trolley and kept before the host to portion out all the items. Advantages > Personalised & Good Presentation. the butler became a senior male servant of ahousehold’s staff. . Increased Costs 3. from the latin word “Butt Is” meaning a cask. It is a very private type of service which doesn’t exceed ten to fifteen guest. Disadvantages > 1. Often the butler and the assistants take the platters around for second helping.English word “Boteler” from old French “bouteiller” (bottle Bearer) and before that from Middle Latin “Butticula” which in turn got modified as “Butt” an English word. This service is generally used for High class establishment. Suitable for small gathering 4. as the number of butlers and other domestic servants greatly increased in various countries. Skilled staff 2. Gradually throughout the 19th century and particularly the Victorian era. Possibility of unequal portioning. royal functions and balls. It is also called Family style service. Butler is involved in helping the host to conduct the service smoothly.

ROOM SERVICE LAYOUT > 1. Tray 2. Order taker’s cabin • • • Telephone Computer Room Rack ROOM SERVICE LAYOUT Racks For Stacking Racks for set ups Trolleys set up for service Assembly hampered Table Soiled linen Dispe nse Bar . Dispense Bar 4. Trolley 3. Racks 5.

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