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Unit 4 Marketing Duration: 65 lectures/ 12 weeks Assumed key: Students are familiar with certain types of promotional strategies

like advertisement on television, newspaper. Students also know terms like consumer needs, research. The lesson will be developed on their this basic knowledge. Learning objectives: Students will acquire detailed knowledge about role of marketing. Students will learn concepts of Marketing Mix, ethics in marketing, Marketing audit, Product portfolio. Students will be able to understand and apply suitable pricing strategies. Students will be able to differentiate and understand the role and importance of various promotional options. Students will be able to comprehend the need of international marketing. Approach: The lesson will begin with questions thrown to students for knowing their knowledge about the term Marketing and other aspects related to it. The topic will be introduced as per the response given by students. Role of Marketing: Basic information about difference between Market and Marketing will be explained. The students will be shown PPT for introducing the concept. With the help of newspaper discussion will be held in the class about role of marketing. Functions of marketing will be explained. Marketing planning: Students will be introduced to tools of marketing. These will be useful even for the preparation of IA project. Research methods will be taught. Assignment will be given for giving them experience of conducting research. Worksheets will be provided for solving independently. Product: PPT will be used for explaining Product Life Cycle and introducing the concept of Product Portfolio. The students will be provided with reference notes and detailed explanation for better understanding of the topic. Students will be provided with examples to understand various stages of a products life. Price: Different pricing strategies will be introduced with the help of PPT. Students will be given worksheets to solve. Students will also be provided with reference material. Detailed explanation will be provided for the Economics related topics- Supply and Demand.

Promotion: The topic will be introduced with the help of some of the videos. Different types of media will be used for explaining the concept. PPT will also be used for better understanding of the concept. Place: Detailed explanation will be provided for introducing supply chain. Reference material will also be provided to the students. International Marketing and E-Commerce: The topic will be dealt with by making use of newspapers and business magazines. The content will be delivered by using Group Discussion extensively. Guiding question: Can business be run successfully without the use of marketing activities? Learner Profile: The students are expected to become inquirer,balanced,communicator and principled by acquiring knowledge from this unit. Information Literacy: The data collection work assigned to them will help them in developing research skills. ICT: Continuous use of PPT will enable students also to make use of ICT with comfort. International mindedness: The topic is about Marketing at the international level and ECommerce. This will help them in developing broader outlook and change their perspective. TOK: To evaluate the impact of promotional strategies on human emotions. Resources: 1. Business Studies IGCSE by Karen Borrington 2. Business Studies A Levels by Peter Stimpson. 3. Business and Management by Paul Hoang 4. Economic times 5. Times of India 6. Business Magazines AV: Power Point Presentation Web:,

Assessment: Content: Written assignments on pricing and promotional strategies. Skills: Tools will be introduced and assessed which will help students in developing their IA projects. Formative Assessment: The assessments in the form of paper presentation and debate will develop the students presentation and interpersonal skills. Summative assessment: Worksheets given for solving will prepare students for summative assessment. Reflection