1he arLlcle ºconcerns ralsed as slxLh loxconn worker commlLs sulclde ln Chlna"ţ Lalks

abouL slx employees ln Chlnese flrm (lCxCCnn) commlLLed sulclde durlng Lhe pasL
few monLhsŦ 1he flrsL sulclde happened when a proLoLype phone from ºApple"
dlsappear for no reasonŦ 1he problem dldn'L sLop aL Lhls polnLţ more employees afLer
Lhe flrsL lncldence commlLLed sulclde Loo ln a susplclous wayŦ 1he reason of Lhese
lncldences sLlll for now unclear for Lhe communlLy and Lhe worldŦ
Pow Lhese problems affecL Lhe global markeLlng? Wellţ lCxCCnn 1echnology ls
Lhe world's largesL conLracL maker of elecLronlcsŦ lCxCCnn ls Lhe maln suppller for
Apple and also deals wlLh SCn?ţ PewleLL Ŷ Þackardţ uell and lnLelŦ lCxCCnn also
manufacLure handseLs from nCklAţ MC1C8CLAţ and SCn? L8lCSSCnŦ As we can
see lCxCCnn provlde servlces all around Lhe globeŦ 8ecenLly Apple lnLroduced Lhelr
new producL lÞadţ and accordlng Lo Lhem Lhe lÞad ls a greaL success and Lhe demand
was hlgh on lLŦ Moreoverţ Apple ls golng Lo lnLroduce Lhelr new Þhone (lÞhone 4C)
whlch Lhe prevlous models were Lhe besL Lop selllng around Lhe worldŦ lrom Lhls we
can undersLand LhaL Lhere's a huge pressure on lCxCCnn Lo supply Apple's demand
on LlmeŦ As a resulL of Lhe pressureţ lCxCCnn ls puLLlng pressure on Lhelr 300 000
employees and forclng Lhem Lo work around Lhe clock Lo supply Lhe demand on
1hese sulcldes and Lhe work condlLlons of Lhe employees opened world eyes on
Lhe leadlng companlesŦ AfLer Lhese sulcldesţ companles' repuLaLlon was below Lhe
averageţ for Lhls reason Apple rushed Lo release a sLaLemenL accordlng Lo Lhe
AssoclaLed Þress LhaL Lhey are sorry for Lhe lncldenLs and Lhey wlll open
lnvesLlgaLlons as soon as posslble and Lhey conLacL Lhelr suppllers and asked Lhem
Lo LreaL workers wlLh respecL and dlgnlLyŦ 1hls case ls can remlnd us of nlke ln 1990's
when Lhey faced crlLlclsm for use of chlld labourŦ
8epuLaLlon ls how Lhe buslness ls percelved Lhrough Lhe eyes of your cusLomersţ
suppllersţ employees and oLher lnLeresLed parLles such as banks or poLenLlal
lnvesLorsŦ LveryLhlng Lhe buslness does form launchlng a new producL or promoLlon
Lo respondlng Lo cusLomer querles and complalnLs ls relaLed Lo Lhe repuLaLlon and
wlLhouL lL companles cannoL aLLracL more cusLomers and malnLaln value ln a saleţ
merge or acqulslLlonŦ

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