Digital Marketing Assignment Sahil Bhatia - 265

Regardless oI age, regardless oI position, regardless oI the business we happen to be in, all oI us
need to understand the importance oI branding. We are CEOs oI our own companies: MInc. To
be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer Ior the brand called You.
First we have to deIine the brand YOU. Me , Sahil Bhatia will be a product in the market. I have
to present myselI in the eyes oI my target customers as a person who will provide better work ,
better management and with less hassle . The traits on which I can do branding oI myselI can be:
Profect management, Team player, Strong Communication Skills, Multitasking, Practical
problem solving abilities, getting along with everyone in politically sensitive environment.
I will use Project Management and practical problem solving approach as two traits upon which I
will build most oI my strategy. Other strengths are common and not much diIIerentiation can be
achieved by them.
Sahil Bhatia Inc.
The brand Sahil has to be targeted to the correct audience and the positioning has to be correct. II
at Iirst the positioning is wrong, it becomes very diIIicult Ior brands to change positioning. The
audiences I can target can be : MNCs, Govt. OIIices, SMEs, NGOs, Family businesses etc.
I have decided to make SMEs, small and medium enterprises as my target audience in the Iirst
phase. Since I have to launch my brand right now I will prove my mettle with these players and
gradually move towards MNCs in my phase two.
I will project myselI as a distinguished consultant and a project manager, Iresh out oI B-school
with thought evoking ideas oI Ior the upliItment oI SMEs.
Area: Projects Consultation
Target Audience: Small and Medium Enterprise
Traits on which digital campaign will be built:
O New Ideas to grow business
O Practical approach to solve problems
O Ability to work in all kinds oI environments
O Ability to meet deadlines always

DIgIraI Srraregy ot ¸¸|l| j|¸]l¸ ¦¦¸¸
No strategy can be achieved with only one type oI medium used. Hence I will be investing in
various types oI mediums.
Mobile advertising: The reasons oI choosing this
strategy are:
4 Mobile penetration grew faster and
larger than Internet penetration: world
economic forum
4 $2artphone users are clicking on ads
(53°), requesting more inIormation or a
coupon (35°) making purchases via their
handsets (24°), and 81° use them while
shopping.: Universal McCann
4 oI smobile uers access the internet
on their phones.

eMarketer based on The Kelsey Group

Mobile Advertising options

Social Media Websites : It is the online technology and practice that people use to
share opinions, insights, experiences & perspectives.Social media websites are a great
medium to reach to your TG.
4 orlds Population Around 6 billion
4 Twitter 45 million users Global Jisitors
4 ouTube Every min, 20 hrs worth new video being uploaded
4 acebook If acebook was a country, Population 300 million

Opportunities in digital media :
4 inkedIn 80º ortune 500 companies are looking for recruitment
4 ouTube orlds second largest search engine
4 Twitter 80º of twitter usage is from mobile devices. (Imagine what this means if your
brands customer service is bad)
4 Google 25º of search results for the orlds 20 argest brands are links to user
generated content
I wll be using Social media Ior:
O Advertising
O Selling
O #eputation Management
O istening your Customer
O B2B #elationships
O Public #elations

igital media helps selling the product
My 4 P`s oI Social Media Strategy
People To will devote time to listen to customer feedback
Purpose To interact with people
Plan To plan what, how & when to put up (Content ise)
Process To Choose appropriate Social Media ebsites as per the requirement
My digital strategy: Research, Targeting, The idea, Execution, Marketing, Measuring, Improving

My key sustaining Iactor would be A ow factor, A difference, A surprise, A story, A game, A world

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