Deworming medicines given to children in Cote d’Ivoire

MAP medicines being used by medical teams

STMM | Short Term Medical Missions

EPT| Emerging Pandemic Threats

Pallets of EPT supplies being moved from Savannah to Brunswick

Short term missions team in Thailand

IDPs in line for water in Duekoue

IDPs in line for water in Duekoue

Medicines being delivered in Benghazi, Libya

A family receiving help after the Alabama tornado

Food aid in Uganda

Food security program in Uganda

Starving Somali mother and child. © Getty Images

MAP Fellows

Curriculum-Based Trip | Eastern University in Bolivia
Eastern University students in Bolivia William “Charlie” Hastings, Herberpur, India Houghton College Students in Ecuador Brian Yoblano, serving as a MAP Fellow in Bolivia

Curriculum-Based Trip | Houghton College in Ecuador

Curriculum-Based Trip | Emory University in Bolivia

From left: Lise Afoy, JennieV Dowdle, and Betsy Root


MAP participates in Day of Solidarity

Morochata Health Promoters at a workshop


Children receiving support at CUBE

First Lady Dominique Ouattara at the MAP exhibition

cote d’ivoire

Water tower in the Sokrogbo Total Health Village


Women of the Apatug community at the nutrition fair

Youth of Santo Domingo collect and fill bottles

Meeting of the Women’s Village Savings and Loans group


Garifuna children in the Nueva Armenia THV Health promoters’ training


Malaria nets distribution

Community members participate in an exercise Health education for primary school students


Successful gardens in the Lahusa THV


 

Young Maasai girl at Esonorua

Construction of biogas in the Kagwa THV

A woman and her child wait for a doctor at a MAP supported center Food Security in MAP’s Kacheri Total Health Village


Testing for HIV/AIDS

   

In 2011, MAP received support for Total Health Villages in:

The Abala Total Health Village is in the early stages with support from the Genesis Foundation.

The Kacheri cluster, made up of 22 villages, is now operational in northeastern Uganda among the Karamoja people. This program is supported by the Together Coalition, made up of MAP International, ECHO, Church World Service, and St. Mary’s United Methodist Church Foundation.

The Tello Island Cluster, which his comprised of 17 villages, is now underway with support from SP Canada, including the provision of 150 water filters.

Two Quechua communities in Ecuador—Apatug and Tambayacu—are now operational with the support of the Vitol Charitable Foundation

The community is jubilant watching the first bucket of water filled from the tank

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