Unit  3:Environment  

Online  Greenlight               Review  
Urvashi  Lele

Summary  of  Sigmund  Frued’s    ‘The  Uncanny’  
    In  his  essay  ‘The  Uncanny’,  Sigmund  Freud  strongly  states   that  the  mind  reacts  to  unfamiliar  things  with  caution.  What   the  human  mind  does  not  feel  comfortable  with,  it  reacts  to   with  hints  of  fear.  ”There  is  no  doubt  that  (the  uncanny)   belongs  to  the  realm  of  the  frightening”   Freud  states  that  fears  ingrained  within  a  person’s  mind  in   their  childhood  get  repressed  and  surface  when  that  person   is  subject  to  something  unfamiliar.  As  a  result,  the  term   ‘uncanny’  may  mean  different  things  to  different  people.  In   other  words,  it  is  subjective.  “People  differ  greatly  in  their   sensitivity  to  this  kind  of  feeling”   The  German  word  ‘Heimlich’  is  translated  into  English  as   ‘Homely’.  Freud  says  that  what  we  cannot  classify  as  homely,   we  reject.  However,  there  is  a  lack  of  fear  when  something   new  is  experienced.  New  is  not  always  bad.  “Not  everything   new  and  unfamiliar  is  frightening”   The  only  reason  that  the  mind  senses  what  it  thinks  is  fear  is   because  it  is  uncertain  about  what  it  is  subject  to.  What  the   mind  cannot  understand,  it  dismisses  as  unimportant.  “The   emergence  of  a  sense  of  the  uncanny  is  intellectual   uncertainty”                          

  The  concept  of  a  double/twin/doppelganger  has  long  been   the  concept  that  has  aroused  a  sense  of  ‘the  uncanny’   amongst  subjects.                                           A  person  is  perpetually  subject  to  things,  people  and  events   that  influence  their  development.  A  person  may  try  to  be  like   someone  else  because  they  believe  that  that  is  the  correct   way  to  be  or  because  they  feel  that  they  would  be  more   comfortable  that  way.  As  a  result,  they  person  being  imitated   is  replicated.   The  idea  of  there  being  more  of  one  person  is  mildly   comforting  as  far  as  the  thought  of  ‘having  a  spare’  is   concerned.       “The  double  was  originally  an  insurance  against  the   extinction  of  the  self.”  

A  person  may  appear  as  unfamiliar  to  themselves  as  they   have  never  met  themselves  before.  At  such  a  time,  the   person  is  a  stranger  to  their  own  self.     The  imagination  has  a  strong  hold  in  the  perception  of   literature.  As  a  result,  “Many  things  that  would  be  uncanny  if   they  occurred  in  real  life  are  not  uncanny  in  literature.”   The  Uncanny  is  a  feeling  that  is  strongly  felt  via  the  visual   medium.   Freud  concludes  that  “The  uncanny  is  that  species  of  the   frightening  that  goes  back  to  what  was  once  well  known  and   had  long  been  familiar.”      

Artists  Influence  and  Research.  
  For  this  Unit,  I  have  been  strongly  influenced  by  Mark   Ryden,  Jeff  Wall,  That  artist  who  has  his  work  ‘Field  of  Light’   on  display  at  the  Holburne  Museum  in  Bath  (Bruce  Munro),   (Novel),  Tsubasa  Reservoir  Chronicle  and  xxXHolic  by   CLAMP(Manga  Series).     Further  reading  includes     Broeckel,Alex  et  al.(2009).Master  Collection:  Volume  1:   Digital  Painting  Techniques.Oxford.Elsevier.     Broeckel,  Alex  et  al.(2009).Master  Collection:  Volume   3:Digital  Painting  Techniques.Oxford.Elsevier.      Tonge,  Gary.(2008).Bold  Visions:  The  Digital  Painting   Bible.Cincinnati.David  and  Charles.     Bennet,Neil.  (2011).The  Artist’s  Guide  to  Illustration:  The   Ultimate  Tutorial  Collection.London.  IDG  Communiations.     Riggs,Ransom.(2011).Miss  Peregrine’s  Home  for  Peculiar   Children.Philadelphia.Quirk.     Victionary.(2010).Dark  Inspiration.  Berkeley,  Gingko  Press.

Visual  Concept  

The  Visual  Concept  Justification   and  Key  Thumbnails  
  What  I  was  very  moved  by  was  the  idea  of  worlds  in   reflections.  I  read  about  that  in  Ransom  Rigg’s  Miss   Peregrine’s  Home  for  Peculiar  Children.  There  were  similar   concepts  that  I  had  come  across  before  in  the  Manga  series   Tsubasa  Reservoir  Chronicle  and  xxXHolic  by  CLAMP.  I  then   decided  to  put  together  worlds  in  a  room  that  consisted  of   everyday  objects  where  each  object  contained  a  world  or   dimension  and  the  person  who  owned  these  curiosities,   could  enter  the  worlds  trapped  within  them.   I  then  began  to  look  into  how  I  would  present  these  worlds.  I   looked  at  the  Hall  of  Prophecies  from  Harry  Potter,  The  Field   of  Light  display  at  The  Holburne  Museum  in  Bath  by  Bruce   Munro,  the  Lightbulb  ceiling  in  Jeff  Wall’s  photographs  and   even  the  works  of  Joseph  Cornell.   I  also  looked  at  illustrations  of  The  Mines  of  Moria  from  The   Lord  of  The  Rings:  Fellowship  of  The  Ring  as  it  gave  me  an   impression  of  a  mirrored  room  with  it’s  double  arched   pillars  in  perspective.   What  I  found  myself  being  drawn  to  the  most  was  the  use  of   lightbulbs  or  birdcages  as  containers  for  these  worlds.     I  decided  to  go  with  the  idea  of  the  birdcages  as  these  were   structures  that  I  hadn’t  dealt  with  before  in  terms  of  digital   art  and  thought  it  would  be  interesting  to  try  something   new.  Therefore,  my  idea  is  a  form  of  a  reverse  TARDIS,   where  there  is  a  chamber,  a  hall  or  a  study  with  a  desk  and   large  windows.  Only  the  room  in  filled  with  suspended   birdcages.  The  person  who  might  sit  at  the  desk  may  pick  a   birdcage  for  the  day  and  explore  the  world  within  it.   I  plan  on  constructing  the  pillars  and  cages  using  Maya  and   the  desk  and  windows  will  be  a  part  of  a  Matte  Painting.  


Introduction  to  Written  Assignment    
The  term  uncanny  is  described  by  Sigmund  Frued  as  “that   species  of  the  frightening  that  goes  back  to  what  was  once   well  known  and  had  been  long  familiar”.   Things  or  places  that  are  visited  very  often  by  the  human   mind,  have  a  strong  influence  on  the  comfort  levels  of  a   person.   The  change  in  something  familiar  leads  to  the  feeling  of  ‘the   uncanny’.   The  genre  of  Steampunk  is  one  such  example  of  a  genre  that   induces  an  uncanny  feeling  within  its  viewer.   This  essay  focuses  on  the  use  of  Steampunk  to  create  a  sense   of  the  uncanny  by  incorporating  it  into  visual  media  such  as   movies.   The  movies  that  are  used  as  examples  are  Gil  Kenan’s  City  of   Ember  (2008),  Zack  Snyder’s  Sucker  Punch  (2011)  and   Kerry  Conran’s  Sky  Captain  and  The  World  of  Tomorrow   (2004)   The published sources that are used for this essay are Chambers,S.J.(2011). The Steampunk Bible: An Illustrated Guide to the World of Imaginary Airships, Corsets and Goggles, Mad Scientists, and Strange Literature.New York.Abrams.   Strongman,Jay.(2011). Steampunk: The Art of Victorian Futurism.London.Korero Von Schwars,Vienna.(2012). Steampunk: A Complete Guide to Victorian Techno-Fetishism.Edison.Chartwell Books Publishing Inc.  

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