Subject Matter Jurisdiction ***Subject matter jurisdiction cannot be waived*** I. Diversity Jurisdiction A. 28 U.S.C. §1332 1.

Where the amount in controversy exceeds $75,000 federal court has jurisdiction to hear cases involving suits between citizens of different States, suits between citizens of a State and Aliens, citizens of different States where Aliens are also parties, and foreign states as plaintiffs and citizens of a State B. Amount in Controversy 1. Must exceed $75,000 2. Must be a good faith claim a. “Must appear to a legal certainty that amount claimed is false in order to override this good faith claim 3. When aggregation of claims allowed: a. Multiple claims by one P against one D b. Multiple P asserting an unidentified interest c. Claims alleging joint and several liability against multiple D C. Diversity of Citizenship 1. Must have Complete Diversity a. All plaintiffs must be from different states than all the defendants at the time suit is brought (Strawbridge v. Curtiss) 2. Citizenship a. Individuals 1. Determined by domicile a. The place where a person has his/her permanent principal home to which he/she returns or intends to return. b. Corporations 1. Place of incorporation 2. Principal place of business (Nerve Center Test) c. Non-incorporated associations (churches, partnerships, labor unions, etc.) 1. Citizenship is determined by the citizenship of each individual member – the aggregate of the membership gives citizenship d. Minors/incompetent persons 1. Legal guardian/representative assumes citizenship of the minor/person e. Aliens 1. Permanent residence used as their place of citizenship f. Exceptions 1. Subject-matter jurisdiction not conferred on probate and domestic relations matters

Constitution does not create the lower federal courts and so you must look to statute 28 U. If §§ 1367 (a) and (b) are fulfilled. or 24 are not permissible for supplemental jurisdiction 3. 2. Jur.S. Substantial federal interest test a. Supplemental claim by plaintiff 1. 20. Article III section 2 1. Free standing Federal Claim 1. ON 1. Claims against parties under Rule 14. 28 U. Does the plaintiff’s right to relief depend upon application or interpretation of federal law b. then §1367(b) will not prevent Supp. “Arises under” federal law a. Supplemental claim arises from a common nucleus of operative fact 2. c. or a. Essential Federal Element. or by a Rule 19 or Rule 24 Plaintiff. Expected defenses do not count (Mottley) III. If the claim is not made by the plaintiff. If claim made by a Rule 19 or 24 plaintiff the claim will not qualify for Supp. 19.C. §1331 1. Supplemental Jurisdiction Test 1.C. Federal Question Jurisdiction A. If an ingredient of the case has a federal question the Supreme Court can hear it 2. State Claim Predominates c. To qualify for jurisdiction under §1331 must have a. Jur. All Federal Claims dismissed d. Claim which the federal court has original jurisdiction b. Solely a Diversity claim? 1. Common Nucleus of Operative fact 1. Claim created by or brought pursuant to federal law 2. Creation test. Claim against certain joined parties 1. Novel State Issue b.S. Supplemental Jurisdiction A. Does the broad grant of supplemental jurisdiction under §1367(a) apply? a. No a. Jur. Standard of Osborne 1. Exceptional Circumstances . Will not prevent Supp. Does §1367(b) bar supplemental jurisdiction a. b. does §1367(c) provide a discretionary basis for denial a.II. §1331 B. The Face of a Well-Pleaded Complaint 1.

Restrictions 1. “At home” defendants can’t remove in diversity cases 3. Case with a federal question and an unrelated state law claim my be removed C. 1441(c) a. RR cases. all must agree and sign motion of removal c.S. Only the defendant a. Surplus to make sure civil rights actions can be removed D. § 1367 (d) a. State  Federal 2.C. E. Definition: 1.4. §1446 – Procedure for removal 1. Defendant must file notice of removal signed pursuant to Rule 11. Venue Restrictions 1. Federal  State B. like the dismissal of a non-diverse defendant . 1441(b) a. Removal Jurisdiction A. §1443 1. or within 30 days of receiving an amended complaint that triggers the removal action. Removal a. 1441(a) a. Must be removed to the federal court whose district houses the state court (even if that court wouldn’t have had jurisdiction originally) 2. The notice is filed with the appropriate federal court and the state court where the action is pending 3. Cases which can be removed 1. If Multiple defendants. etc. Removal governed by 28 U. violence against women.. Notice must be filed within 30 days of receiving the initial pleading. Some actions cannot be removed at all 2. Dismissed a. Federal  Federal 3. Who can remove 1. If the case could have been filed in federal court to begin with b. §1441 1. Statute of Limitations is protected for 30 days after dismissal from state court IV. or 30 days within the event that allows removal. workmen's comp. §1445 1. which contains a short. plain statement of the grounds for removal 2. Transfer a.

4. Jurisdiction challenges can be raised at any time 3. §1447 1. An order dismissing a case to state courts is not reviewable on appeal (except civil rights cases) . Once a case has been removed. State diversity claims cannot be older than a year for the defendant to file notice to remove F. plaintiff has thirty days to file motion to dismiss for any reason other than lack of jurisdiction. or the right to removal dismissal is waived 2.

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