Our Little Secret…

Written by: Sharice Graham

~Anonymous .Life is full of decisions. so make the right one and live your life your way. Not anyone else‟s.

I could picture her. crying over me. I‟d be pissed off too. I am too good of a person to be sitting on my ass waiting around for some guy to as much as look at me these days. but I had no choice. I had to swallow back all the indecencies I wanted to yell at him and keep my voice levelled.” Beep…. She was right. my heart sinking slowly into my now empty soul. I can‟t take the silence anymore. Call me and we‟ll talk. Your mother was so young at the time and I was barely even used to what I was yet. All of this would never have happened if my father hadn‟t come to town and told me what he had… *** “Kristopher. ever since your so-called dad came to town. I was ignoring her –I still am. My jaw was set in place and my eyes burned furiously at the man in front of me. I could imagine her frustration and anger boiling over until she snapped. as soft as she is. I know you probably hate me for leaving you and your mother when you were so young. but it‟s for her own good.Beep… “Hey. I ran my fingers through my hair. I had to leave.” The dial tone rang audibly through the quiet room. Kris. and don‟t even look at me. Me. don‟t talk to me. . But if I were in shoes. we‟re through. Don‟t call me. “Kris. Goodbye Kris. Here‟s what. tugging and pulling at a fistful of strands and sighed. you‟ve been ignoring me. wishing that she had never even met me. We really missed you at the party last night. why aren‟t you talking to me? Did I do something wrong? Please.” Beep… “Look. Every word that Tiya had said in that last message was like a rightfully deserved slap across the face. it‟s Tiya. mostly……Everyone wants to know why you didn‟t make it.” I leaned back in the chair and crossed my arms across my chest.

“What do you mean. my girlfriend won‟t even look at me. making me even more upset than I already was. “I am an Immortal.” I actually am a huge Twilight Saga fan. “That‟s where you‟re wrong my dear son. he slipped out the door and disappeared. I want my old life back. But that all vanished when a small smile crept across his face. but he never came back. and the fact that I was slowly changing into something I wasn‟t used to. Making it even more clear to myself that I had to stay away from Tiya. It‟s not even like I could find time to be with her. I had a beautiful girlfriend and I was liked by almost everyone. I was on the soccer team. I would just love to wake up one day and have the life that I once had. And if that wasn‟t bad enough. „used to what I was yet‟? Are you trying to tell me you weren‟t used to being a man. that‟s when I started to freak out. no matter how much I tried to wear myself out and I could survive on a glass of water for more than two weeks. I don‟t even know anymore. a clear smirk on my face. coming from him. I was getting fairly good grades. what with my father dragging me out of the house regularly to go train for what he called „Transcendence‟. but when my body started to change.” He walked over to the double doors that lead to the back porch and opened them. An ounce of satisfaction sunk in at the thought that I had made him uncomfortable. the guys think I‟m out to have sex with their girlfriends and I‟m stressed out almost every day about some battle that may or may not happen. I would never forgive myself if I did. pausing to throw one last glance back at me. or a father? Or that you weren‟t ready to settle down and raise the child that you helped to create?” He shifted uncomfortably in his seat and swallowed deeply. He smiled at me once more and rose fluidly out of the chair. “That. this isn‟t Twilight. Now.” Then just like in one of those cheesy horror movies. . his face sorrowful and stressed. this all sounds like a load of crap. but right now. I even started to break things unintentionally in the house. I never got tired. Do you think it was easy to become something not heard of many times before. “Are you going to tell me you‟re a vampire next? Because honestly. I‟m always being stared at. something that no one was yet used to?” I raised a brow at him and tilted my head to the side. I had no rights anymore. No responsibilities and I could do whatever the hell I wanted. I could never hurt her. My life used to be normal. *** Until a few days after and of course I hadn‟t believed him at first. I half expected to him to jump around the corner grinning and saying he was just joking. and I don‟t believe half of what you‟re trying to tell me.

” Her hands went to her forehead and she pretended to faint backwards. I peered out into the hallway at my mother. My mother resembled everything that Italy has to offer. She even smiled more often and.” I laughed and walked past her. hospitality and a carefree attitude. beautiful.Knock knock knock… “Kristopher. I had forgotten how it tasted. “I wasn‟t sulking. holding her to my chest. She had put back on all the weight she had lost when he left. and gotten myself ready. Do you want me to start worrying? Because you know what happens when I worry. She followed only a few steps behind me and when my father walked past.” I placed her back on her feet and rolled my eyes. Senior‟s pulled into the student . “Bacon! Ha ha! It‟s been so long since that meat has been in this house. “What am I going to do with you? You‟re the best actress I know. heading in the direction of the kitchen. Shouting my goodbye‟s as I hurried out the door. I pulled into Darkmond High School‟s parking lot. I hope you‟re not in there sulking.” I retorted. women. I got up from my bed and walked over and unlocked it. “Thank you. her Italian accent shocking me out of my own problems. simply nodding at me. what‟s that smell?” She jumped and thrusted her hands in the air. thinking. I grabbed my keys and made my way to my car. I held out my hands and grabbed her. “Mmm. you have to get ready for school now. I‟ll be here all my life. more healthy and alive.” She laughed and it rang through the house like a thousand bells. Freshmen and juniors hopped out of their parents cars. she followed him mumbling something to him in Italian. her long brown hair pulled back into a messy ponytail and her emerald green eyes shining brightly at me. After I had stuffed my face with about three eggs and ten pieces of bacon. Her body was looking so much better now. After fifteen minutes of mind dulling driving and nodding my head to my favourite song. She was much happier now that my father came home and it showed.” My mother‟s high soprano voice sounded from behind my closed door. thank you. Besides when did you stop trying to talk like an American?” “Sulking. “I was just thinking. I smiled warmly at her and sniffed the air. whatever you want to call it and I have my rights to my own language don‟t I? I heard you worrying yourself in your room the whole night Kristopher. Stepping out into the hallway and closing my door. but short. she even went out places with her friends. hurrying up the drive into the main building.

my eyes staring down at her. that they‟d have more students parking. her mini shirt riding up as she walked away.” she purred. I walked pass the horde of jocks around their cars. couldn‟t-care-less look of my face. You would think since Darkmond is one of the richest school‟s in Oklahoma. “Damn that Italian accent gets me every time. When I was sure no one saw. but I ignored them and continued smiling at her. I looked around frantically hoping no one saw. reigning homecoming queen and head cheerleader. The hand belonged to Rebecca Wheezy. Pulling the key out of the ignition.” she pressed her body against mine and ran her hand up my leg and rested it on my crotch. you‟ll have a great time and after-. “Is there something I can help you with?” She moaned and bit her lip. or witness what had just happened. Head straight ahead. a small. soft hand wound its way through mine.” Her bottom lip stuck out in a pout and she sighed. “But anyways. clutching on with a vice like grip to my arm.” I raised a brow at the word both and she ignored it and walked away. I let go of her hand and grabbed a text book out my locker. “Yes Rebecca?” I made no attempt to hide the annoyance in my voice. every ounce of my body screaming for her to leave me alone.parking spots available and stood around their cars chatting away. I clenched my jaw and stopped her hand. After I had drove around aimlessly looking for a spot. “I don‟t really know…” “Oh come on Kris. “We can have even more fun at my place. . Tenth grade president. I got out of my Honda City and started making my way to across the lot. Nichole is having a little get together at her place tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me.” I could feel the stares boring into my back as we walk up to my locker. “The offer sounds tempting enough.” I leaned against my locker. “Well maybe next time then. running her fingertips over my bare arm. Guess no one told them about it. I pulled up into an empty space next to the captain of the cheerleading squad‟s blue Porsche. sashaying her hips.” She smiled and swished her bleached-blonde hair over her shoulder. Suddenly. but no thanks. I have stuff to do. running her hand up and down the bulge in my pants. I sighed and walked down the hall into my homeroom. even though we were both looking forward to it. “Kristopher Alec Marlet. securing it in my firm grasp.


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