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How To Regain Lost Momentum

Dr. John C. Maxwell Volume 13, Number 1

Nehemiah Teaches Us the Result of Lost Momentum:

1. We lose our_______________________. (4:10) "The strength of the burden bearers is


2. We lose our_______________________. (4:10) "...there is much rubbish..."

3. We lose our_______________________. (4:10) "...We are not able to build the wall..."

4. We lose our_______________________. (4:11) "And our enemies said..."

Case Study: John Vertefeuille of Faith Chapel, San Diego, CA

(used with permission)

"Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem."

~ John Galsworthy

"God doesn't waste tragedy."

- John Vertefeuille

How John Vertefeuille Regained Lost Momentum

1. Address the________________________________.

"The issue could not be ignored. We could not live the rest of our life as a victim. The only way
we could walk into our future was to deal with the issue today."
~ John Vertefeuille
2. Acknowledge a desperate need for __________ and His __________________.

3. Develop a____________________ _______________________________.

Dan Reiland, writing to a pastor trying to regain momentum: "There is a significant difference
between urgency and panic. At no time do you want to create a sense of panic, but always a
sense of urgency. Panic comes from the reactionary leadership of facing problems without
solutions. Urgency comes from passion-filled leaders who believe in a cause with so much
conviction that there can be no delay in carrying out that mission."

4. Provide______________ and ____________ Problems are a wake-up call for creativity.

5. Offer help to the ______________________.

6. Make___________________________ choices. When in a hole, stop digging.

7. Continually ____________________.

These communication sessions included:

a. d.
b. e.
c. f.

8. As a leader, __________________________.

Leaders who lighten the load on their people during a crisis will be loved by their people during

Leaders who lighten the load are...

a. _________________
b. __________________
c. ___________________

9. Build a _________________________ team.

Three types of people show up during a crisis:

1) Momentum___________ — These people help the organization.

2) Momentum___________ — These people hurt the organization.

3) Momentum___________ — These people hold onto the organization.

The key to regaining momentum is to find, raise up, recruit, develop, train, and empower
momentum makers.

10. Make prayer the number _______________ priority.

"When I became Senior Pastor during the crisis, the first thing I did was begin Prayer Partners." -

John Vertefeuille

How to Personally Regain Lost Momentum

1. Possess a ______________________________.

"God orchestrated my leading this church. I am not here by accident. I understand tragedy; it's
been a part of my life."
~ John Vertefeuille.

2. Surround yourself with strong ____________ people.

The surest sign of a crisis is that you have a major problem and no one tries to help you solve it.
3. Make a commitment _______________ the crisis.

"I told myself that I was in this for the long haul."
~ John Vertefeuille

"If you have a job without aggravations, you don't have a job."
~ Malcolm Forbes

"A person whose problems are all behind him is probably a school bus driver."
~ Dennis Rainey

4. Keep ______________________________.

"Most people grow only large enough to solve their problems not to reach their potential."
~ Gerald Brooks
5. Stay close to ________________________________.

"Everybody has an agenda and a solution during crisis time. Every day I would pray, 'God, my
problems are so big, only you can help me.'"
~ John Vertefeuille

John Vertefeuille's closing words: "You have to know you are called to the church, that God's
hand is on your life, that God has not given you something that he will not help you overcome."

"In 1962, Victor and Mildred Goertzel published a revealing study of 413 famous and
exceptionally gifted people. The study was called Cradles of Eminence. These two researchers
spent years trying to understand the source of these people's greatness, the common thread
which ran through all of these outstanding people's lives. The most outstanding fact was that
almost all of them, 392 had to overcome very difficult obstacles in order to become who they
were. Their problems became opportunities instead of obstacles."
~ Tim Hansel, Holy Sweat

Key Concept:

There are two kinds of problems in the church: organizational and spiritual. You will never solve a
spiritual problem with an organizational solution, and you will never solve an organizational
problem with a spiritual solution.

Steps You Can Take as a Leader...

The following steps are divided into 3 groupings: personal steps (for you as a person), leadership
steps (to take with your key leaders), and general steps (to take with the entire congregation).
You must attack momentum leaks on all 3 levels:

Personal Steps

1) Pray for God's objective and perspective. Steady your own emotions. Don't just react.

2) Invite accountability from peer mentors (outside) and fellow leaders (inside).

3) Feed yourself with resources that will enable you to remain positive and in the "abundance
4) Brief your prayer partners to gain deepened support and intercession in this time.

5) Interview other leaders who have successfully navigated through momentum drops.

Leadership Steps

1) Gather your key people (influential laymen, problem solvers and those in positions of
leadership, ministry and decision making).

2) Identify and address the primary issues that have robbed you of momentum.

3) Wait on the Lord for insight into direction and timing. What are the next steps and when
should they be taken?

4) Construct a game plan and determine the timetable on when and how it will be

5) Follow through on "big picture" vision implementation—don't just "band-aid" the issue.

General Steps

1) Communicate your awareness of the issues to the people early. Stay general and positive.

2) Quickly confront any parties who may have caused the problem. This will provide security to
the congregation by showing that you deal with things quickly and are in control.

3) Continue to give the platform to those with positive testimonies of God's miraculous work.

4) Plan some uplifting or unusual services, or plan a prayer concert to pray for the church.

To Regain Momentum,
You Have to Know What it Looks Like.

A Picture of Momentum:

1. It is single-minded ...
The leader must provide__________________________.

2. It is unwavering in the pursuit of a goal…

The leader must display _______________.

3. It has passion that knows no limits…

The leader must possess ______________________.

4. It has boundless energy . . .

The leader must be filled with______________________.

5. It brings a sense of destiny . . .

The leader must point to a bright______________________.

Closing Thought: Momentum Begins with Me!