Kidosaki House Setagaya. Tokyo 1982-86
Th e building is localed in a ql.liel resi· d en!ia l ilTea of Tokyo. It is d esiglll.--d for /1 couple aod Iheír two s ur v;v;ng paf­ e nl s. lt takes Ihe form of mu llí-un íl hou sing, ena bling eBeh of Ihe lhree households lo ma inla in Iheir pri vacy re! ma king il possib lt' {o r Ihe famil y lO Iive logethe r. The entire building cansisls of a rubl?, 12 metres on eaeh side, aod a wall a long lhe boundar y. The cube is loca led jll!it o H Ihe centre o f Ihe s il e. leaving space 10 Ihe no rlh and soulh . The spilce lo Ihe north has been made ¡nlo él n approach lo Ihe h ouse, and thal lo Ihe soul h forms a rou rl ya rd . The two spllcesacl as buffer zones lo protect Ihe pri vacy o f Ihe uní!s
as wt' 1I ¡l S be ing a d eviC"E' IIMI introduct.'S Ihe senSc.' o f niltu re ioto Ihe builJing. On (he grou nd floo r are two u ni lS, o ne on the easl .1nd th e ot her 011 Ihe wt'st, bolh f"ci ng the south cour tyiUd. The unil 10 Ihe- e-a s! is centre<! around iI !wo-s tore-y li ving-roo m with a large­ window fa ci ng the sou th cou rt ya rd . This two-storey room p rov ides a s patial connectio n w ith the first n oor u nit o f Ihe younger couple. O n th(> first (loor Iher.. a re a li ving-room and a di nins-room w ilh a te rrace, and a bedtoom and s tudy occu py ha lf the n oor above. O n Ihis secolld floo r, Ihe other haH 01 the square plan is given over lO a pri va le o uldoor

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