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S 001

Bruce Olszewski Energy Policy Assignment (SLO# 1, 4 and 5) Due______________ (See Course Web Site)

Assignment Description Congratulations! Youve been appointed head of the Department of Energy (DOE)! The President has asked you for an energy policy memo. Wow, what an opportunity! We are in the midst of significant, trying environmental and economic times. Cost-effective and clean energy is critical to our economy and country. As head of the DOE youve been directed to write a brief energy policy memo for the US. As with any good policy document, it should be based on sound science and factual information. Using your text book as a reference tool, describe the factual issues (the problem statement) of our current situation. Explain our current energy sources, what they are used for and their related problems such as pollution and political problems (example, photovoltaics). Finally, using the data youve created, provide an energy policy for the U.S.: what source or combination of sources should we use and why? What actions should we take, and why? How would these sources resolve the environmental and economic problems that youve identified (in the first part)? Its your job to consider our immediate and long term future, economy (this includes jobs), impact on other countries and peoples (politics and economy), and air pollution and health issues including such things as global climate change and acid deposition. To help you get started, consider such things as U.S. demand and use of oil (how is it used, how can that be changed), political tensions in the Middle East, facts about nonrenewable energy sources, transportation, air pollution and related health problems (and related cost), global climate change, being part of the Kyoto Protocol, military spending and related military presence because of oil, and promoting political stability with a sound energy policy. Youre welcome to add a few other thoughts of your own. (SLO#1). Our objective is to understand and express the connection between these issues in an energy policy memo. Critical thinking plays a major role in preparing and writing this paper. While opinions are important and valuable, this paper is to be factual. Provide statistics and quotes from reputable sources (use and cite the textbook) to support your analysis and conclusions. Your textbook MUST be the basic source of information. You may use other sources, but each MUST be referenced (Olszewski, 2009, p. 3) like this and have a bibliography. The bottom line: Write the Presidents energy policy in a memo format. Include a brief introduction, analysis, conclusion, and end with a recommendation (from our critical thinking PowerPoint lecture). Use the memo template in your word processor. Cant find one? Google it or ask me. Requirements: Be sure to take this seriouslyI will when I grade it, promise! 1) Paper Organization and Format: Must be in a memo format only (see your word processors templates). Provide subtitles for each of the following. Note: Standard rules of college papers apply (margins, indents, headings, spelling, plagiarism etc.). 1.5 spacing, throughout. a) Overview/Statement of the issue i) Discuss what the task is, why you wrote it, how you did the research, and describe components within the paper, including your conclusion and recommendation. b) Analysis: Multiple paragraphs and or subsections of issues that address the issue (the body of the paper). i) Issues listed above by section Energy Types (table or essay format) SLO#1 above c) Recommendation: Actions based on the conclusions. 2) Give yourself plenty of time to collect info, organize it, analyze the info, and come to your own conclusions and recommendation. Plan on taking at least three days. One to research, one to write, one to edit. 3) Writing Advice READ THIS, DO THIS a) Make well-reasoned statements: no hyperbole. b) Be specific.

c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) 4)

5) 6) 7) 8) 9)

Substantiate relevant points with facts. Use factual information and statistics from your text and outside sources. Reference every statistic. Write clear uncluttered sentences Keep to one topic in each paragraph New topic, new paragraph: keep the paper moving with new information; dont restate until the conclusion Spell check!!!! Grammar check!!!! Theres no reason not to do this. Do yourself a favor, read the paper a day after you write it. Youll see improvements that you didnt see before. Do it, it works. Excerpt self control a) Avoid hyperbole and innuendo. b) Dont go off on rambling diatribes. c) Be respectful and professional Write and rewrite the paper several times: Rewriting is a great way to edit your own work. a) Research on one or two days, write on one day, and edit it a few days or hours later with a fresh perspective Dont exceed four pages (loosely enforced). This is a memo. Look for a memo template in your word processing program (in Microsoft Word, look under File, New, On my computer, choose the memo tab, select the style you prefer and youre on your way!) A few errors here and there are forgiven. Not following instructions, poor writing, and poor critical thinking and environmental analysis results in a lower score. Following #1-7 above is a good way to get an A!! And know, all are welcome to drop in and have their written work reviewed if it provided at a reasonable time in advance of the due date. I hope you find this a good learning experience!