Czaryn Mae A.

Concepcion NSTP-CWT DGE6

December 9, 2011

1. Is the Philippine condition a hopeless case already? Why? I believe that the Philippine condition can still be changed no matter what; it’s never too late for a change. The Change in our country depends on the government and its people. First, all of us should believe that change can happen in our country. It has to start from ourselves, we must believe that our country will improve and be a better place to live in. We must love and respect our country and we must never criticize it or bring it down. Never think that we are never good compared to other countries because that is not true. I know that we Filipinos are smart and talented. Also, corruption must be stopped; we must choose and vote the right leaders. We must obey the rules and respect it. We must work hard in order to lift ourselves especially when we know that we are poor, we should find a way. We mustn’t blame the government for everything because we are at fault too. All of us must unite and cooperate for a better tomorrow. That is if we still want to hope that our country will reach its development. We must never say “Bahala na” instead we should say “May pag-asa pa”. 2. As Students what can you recommend for the development of the country? Give atleast 5 and explain why. For the development of our country we must: • Work hard and work together – in order to achieve that we must be a hardworker because we can’t have change if we just sit around, watch, and say we want change. We must do action, we must do work. • Follow rules – To have a developing country we must obey the rules. We must be disciplined. If we have that our country will be peaceful. Like for

we must stop. We must vote wisely because if we have good leaders. because in the years to come that government official will cause you harm not only you but other people too.example. Don’t let money and goods persuade you. we shouldn’t degrade ourselves in order to have a progressive country we should love our country first. don’t let corrupt officials blind you. definitely our country will develop. • Don’t criticize our own products – Many of us believe that if the product is imported it is better than our own products. in the traffic lights if it says stop. you will be amazed that our own product is good instead of buying expensive products why not try our cheap and good products? • Love your country – be proud that you’re a Filipino. If we do that then we can be motivated to persuade that the change should start from ourselves because we love our country and we don’t want it to worsen. I know that if you try it. We must not think that way. we shouldn’t cause traffic because we are causing trouble to our fellow citizens • Vote Wisely – we must stop corruption. we should at least try our own products. .

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