BOYCOTT! Newsletter 13.11.11-26.11.11

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Welcome all to the 68th BOYCOTT! newsletter. On July 11th, 2011, the Israeli parliament passed the "Law  for Prevention of Damage to the State of Israel through Boycott". The law exposes members of this group to lawsuits and is aimed at silencing any criticism or dissent. In spite of the law, BOYCOTT! continues to support and promote the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, until it aligns itself with the principles of international law and respects the universally recognized human rights. (For more information) ‫. ב-11 ביולי 1102 נחקק בכנסת "חוק למניעת פגיעה‬BOYCOTT! ‫ברוכות/ים הבאות/ים לעלון החדשות ה-86 של‬ ‫במדינת ישראל באמצעות חרם". החוק חושף את חברות וחברי הקבוצה לתביעות, במטרה לשתיק כל ביקורת או‬ ,‫ ממשיכות/ים לתמוך ולקדם את הקריאה הפלסטינית לחרם‬BOYCOTT ‫התנגדות. על אף קיומו של החוק, חברות‬ ‫משיכת השקעות והטלת סנקציות על ישראל, עד שזו תקיים את עקרונות החוק הבינלאומי ותכבד זכויות אנושיות‬ (‫אוניברסליות. )למידע נוסף‬

‫אחריותיות תאגידית‬

Soda Stream

Officials suspect French megabank BNP Parisbas pulled out of Israel due to boycott pressure

Israeli citizen or resident? ?‫בעל אזרחות או תושבות ישראלית‬

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Corporate Acountability

Petition against King's College London involvement with Ahava A visit to London’s World Travel Market

Take Apartheid off the Menu! A European Day of Action Against Israeli Agricultural Produce Exporters – November 26, 2011 Agrexco UK pleased to shake 'rigid' limitations


Get active!‫לפעולה‬
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BNP Paribas

Rage in Israel as BNP Paribas pressured to pull out Officials suspect French megabank BNP Parisbas pulled out of Israel due to boycott pressure

Veolia dumps Israel’s waste in Jordan Valley and wins Israeli army contract LRAD Tested on Palestinians, Perfected on #OWS Protesters: Introducing the LRAD Sound Cannon

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Latest BOYCOTT! Action

BOYCOTT!: Lady Gaga, Don't Sustain Israel's Poker Face

Palestinian BDS

Palestinian Freedom Riders Challenge Israeli Apartheid

Open Letter to Filmbase in Dublin: Apartheid Debases Art!

‫בד”ס פלסטיני‬

Patricia Arquette, Matthew Modine Alfre Woodard and other Hollywood figures face BDS banners in Tel Aviv AIPAC Hollywood junket to Israel meets protest

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‫טריביונאל ראסל‬
Freedom Waves to Gaza – Tales of a kidnapping from the MV Saoirse

‫משט גלי החופש‬

“Freedom Waves” -- Another Challenge to the Israeli Naval Blockade of Gaza and the US Congress

Book Launch - Corporate Complicity in Israels Occupation [Part 1,2,3,4]

International BDS

Take Apartheid off the Menu 2011 Adjudication No. 1513: Dale Mills and Vivienne Porszolt/The Australian (November 2011) Poland’s growing Palestine movement faces anti-Semitism smears Norman Finkelstein & Jonathan Rosenhead on BDS Greens NSW Reviews BDS

Reverend Allan Boesak calls Israeli apartheid "more terrifying" than South Africa ever was

‫בד”ס בינלאומי‬
The BDS Movement Would Like to Thank the Following Zionists ‫תנועת הבד”ס מבקשת להודות לציונים הבאים‬

Declaration of Swiss Artists Responding to the Palestinian Appeal for Solidarity The Jerusalem Quartet: “A rifle in one hand and a violin in the other” UNESCO distances itself from Israeli government youth conference

‫מלח על הפצעים‬
BDS movement’s strength shown by pro-Israel groups launching defensive "BUYcott" days With Whom is the JCC Partnering? Settlers are excluded (sort of) from hasbara campaign on college campuses Right-wing NGO exposes extent of Israel's support of West Bank settlements Hebrew:

‫חרם אקדמי למתקדמים‬
Recommendation: Shut down 'leftist' department

Advanced Academic Boycott
Why boycott Israel on Campus

‫מרצים באוניברסיטת בן גוריון מאשימים‬ ‫את המל"ג ברדיפה פוליטית‬
An academic lynching Recommendations of international committee expressed concerns, including poor academic record of faculty An open letter to the president of Ben-Gurion University International Panel Condemns Politics Department at Ben-Gurion U. Leaked BGU report: Part of broader assault on academic freedom

‫דוח הלחץ על הח"כים: מה עומד‬ ‫?מאחורי גל החוקים הימניים‬

DePaul University

Fact Check!: DePaul students disrupt ‘Israel 101′; Northwestern students walk out on Israel propagandist

Israel and ‘Pinkwashing’ Pinkwashing Lieberman, whitewashing fascism Pinkwashing, 2008-2011: Obituary for a hasbara strategy Hate Visits The Castro

Pink BDS

‫בד”ס ורוד‬

York University

York 'may tie with Hebrew University'

Ben Gurion University Vs. the Department of Politics and Government
The Report

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‫בד”ס מאחורי הסורגים‬

Legal Proceedings Against BDS in Mulhouse : A Brilliant Plea for Boycott Petition: Support Dar al-Adab, Palestinian Refugee Rights Center Aidoun; the Lebanese Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel in Lebanon and the international campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel

‫טיוח תרבותי‬

BDS Behind
Interview: Why is concert promoter suing Lebanon boycott activists?

Complicity or Solidarity? You have a choice! Nous refusons d'être complices. » Déclaration des artistes en Suisse en réponse à l'appel des Palestiniens à la solidarité

Don't Play Apartheid Israel Cultural and Academic Boycott of Israel Israel Divestment Campaign US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

‫מיריי מאתיה‬

‫אקדמיה‬ Academia Petition opposing Ariel College
Sports ‫ספורט‬ Ban Israel from the London 2012 Olympics Boycott the 2012 London Olympics if Israel is not barred! Facebook: Red Card Israeli Apartheid - Tell UEFA to move 2013 tournament from Israel Corporations ‫תאגידים‬ Adidas, Stop Sponsoring Apartheid

Agalloch : Apartheid Goes Against the Grain - Boycott Israel Children of Bodom - Prepare for Peace - Don't Play Apartheid Israel Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival: A Call to Boycott Please Don't Play at the Apartheid Oud Festival Younger Brother: Don't Play Tel Aviv, Israel's Sun City Red Hot Chili Peppers: Defy Injustice, Cancel Israel

Mireille Mathieu
 Besieged Gaza, Occupied Palestine Lettre ouverte de la Campagne BDS France à Mireille Matthieu

‫אם אף דום‬

‫מוסיקה‬ Music Punks Against Apartheid
Global Call to Boycott the Israel International Harp Contest

MF Doom
MF Doom: Please heed the call from our Palestinian colleages to boycott Israeli cultural institutions and cancel your upcoming performance

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‫יהלומי דמים‬

Join the Fun!

!‫הצטרפו לחגיגה‬

BOYCOTT! Invites all its siganitories to help write letters, to the following artists (letter suggestions should be sent to Music: Red Hot Chilli Peppers * Janis Ian *Baxter Dury * Arch Enemy * Opeth * K's choice * Jane Birkin * tUnE-yArDs * Oumou Sangare * Ana Moura * Kenny Barron * Stefano Bollani * Dance & Music at the Israel Opera * Paul Anka * Pat Metheny * Engelbert Humperdinck* Scott Henderson Trio * Tekbilek * Julio Iglesias * Sun Ra Arekstra * Stefano Bollani Click for More Artists

Part 2: Boycott Israeli Blood Diamonds info stall, Dublin 26-11-2011

For more information on BOYCOTT!’s action and statements go to our website at

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