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675 Riverside Road Roswell, GA 30075 ~ 770/641-9720, Ministerio Hispano 770-649-9392, Fax 770/641-8584
Rev. Michael Kingery, Pastor and Rev. Carlos Vargas, Parochial Vicar Deacons: Rev. Mr. William Keen, Rev. Mr. Tom Gotschall, Rev. Mr. Jos Campos and Rev. Mr. Gary Schantz


DECEMBER 11, 2011

OFFICE HOURS: Monday ~ Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm REGULAR MASSES: Monday ~ Thursday 9:00am, and 12:15pm Friday 6:30am, 9:00am &12:15pm Saturday: 9:00am, 5:00pm Vigil Sunday: 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00pm, 5:00pm Life Teen 7:30am & 6:30pm Spanish Civil Holidays: 10:00am NURSERY: Sunday 9:00am and 10:30am Masses ADORATION: Monday ~ Friday 9:30am ~ 9:00pm


CONFESSIONS: Monday 7:00pm-9:00pm in Fr. Carlos Vargas office Saturdays 9:30am -10:30am in church & on request VISITATION OF SICK: Please keep us informed so that we can be attentive to those who are ill.

We are Gods precious children.

esides the wild dress and unique locust and honey diet plan, one other thing can be said for John the Baptist: He was the least self-centered man around. He spent much of his time deflecting questions about his identity, giving negative responses when asked if he was the Messiah, Elijah, or the Prophet, yet the Church gives us two Sundays in Advent to ponder this man who never wanted anyone to focus on who he was. Clearly we need to learn something important about John. John the Baptist wasnt concerned whether they knew who he was in relation to Jesus. He could easily have claimed to be the Messiahhe was surrounded by crowds and could have been swept away with the excitement of power and popularity. Instead, he wanted people to come to know Jesus through him. He identified himself as the voice of one crying out in the desertthe one to help people prepare for the coming of Jesus, the true Messiah. We spend more time than we realize telling people who we are. When we meet someone new or fill out an application, we reveal our occupation, marital status, and hometown. But how regularly do we think about who we are in relation to God? When we introduce ourselves, does son or daughter of God come to mind before our name, job title, or address? On this third Sunday of Advent, we rejoice at the nearness of Christmas. We can also rejoice that we are Gods precious children. As those beloved children who selflessly and generously, we can emulate John the Baptist and lead other s to God.

Faith Formation
SCRIPTURE REFLECTION Isaiah 61;1-2A,10-11 We may think prophets had some special frequency with which to talk with God, but the reality is that what they knew of God came from somewhere deep inside, not from a heavenly messenger or divine pipeline. Isaiah speaks with that certainty: The spirit of the Lord God is upon me (61:1). He knows what God expects of him, the message he is to proclaim, and that God will act decisively. Isaiah is so sure, that he would stake his life on it. Paul, too, is filled with conviction, and calls us to rejoice. The God who rushes through Pauls veins gives him the conviction to assert that we can be pre-served blameless (5:23) and live at one with Christ our Lord. Yes, Isaiah and Paul are Bible characters. But they werent born within its pages. Once, they walked streets and worked. They went through times of uncertainty and times of conviction. Look at John the Baptist. He had to send disciples to ask Jesus if he was the Messiah, but he also exhibited great strength of conviction. He fully trusted that he was just a herald, and that he would be followed by one in whom the word of God would be so strong and pure that it would overshadow his poor efforts to proclaim it. John knew this for certain, and would stake his life upon it. We, too, know certain things for sure. We, too, can stake our lives on them. SHARING FAITH Do you ever get a sense of certainty where you just know something without having a clear reason or evidence? Where does that knowing come from? In what kinds of circumstances has that certain knowledge come to you? Todays readings call us to see the world with eyes of faith and to believe God can bring justice into the world. When have you experienced Gods faithfulness? Could you speak with conviction about Gods actions in the lives of humans? We sing Marys Magnificat in the psalm today, rejoicing in God our Savior. What great things has the Almighty done in your life, and how can you sing his praises like Mary?
Do you have a child in 4th-8th grade? If so, give your child a chance to get involved with other Catholic youth in our parish! RSVP to any event your child plans to attend at If you would like to be added to my email list and notified of upcoming events (or last minute changes regarding event details), contact Christen Barrett at the email listed above. Many of the events need volunteers for transportation. All volunteers must have a completed volunteer packet and drivers form on file with the Archdiocese.

On December 3rd, Champs, Edge, and Life Teen made fleece blankets for children in needy families. The blankets serve as Christmas presents to children in our local community.


Registration forms for the Emmaus Confirmation Retreat can be found online at This retreat is required for all students that will be making their Confirmation this school year. The retreat is January 13th-15th.

In appreciation for the many gifts from God, on December 4th and 5th our parishioners and visitors donated $20,390.50 in our offertory and $1,584.39 in our on-line donations totaling $21,974.89 for the operating and ministries of St. Andrews.


Just a reminder that ALL 2011 online offertory donations will end on December 31, 2011. Offertory 2012 will be available for transactions by January 6, 2012. Please go to ONLINE GIVING at the St. Andrew website and initiate new Offertory 2012 transactions for the New Year.


For those registered parishioners receiving monthly offertory envelopes in the mail, St. Andrew will go to a bi-monthly mailing beginning January, 2012. January and February envelopes will be mailed in mid-December. March and April envelopes will be mailed in midFebruary 2012. New parishioners will receive temporary gold envelopes in the their Welcome Packets, additional ones can be found in the Narthex of the church or you may place a check in the basket until the next mailing cycle begins. We ask you to keep the church office informed regarding any questions or concerns about bimonthly offertory envelope mailing.

Youth Night meetings for Champs and Edge! "Youth Nights" are
youth centered meetings for Champs and Edge where we'll discuss topics relating to our Catholic faith. Friends are welcome! We'll meet in the Life Teen room from 6-7pm on the second Wednesday of every month.

Dec. 14: Stocking Stuffer Relay Events for Champs and Edge: Mon., Jan. 23: Mass for the Unborn in Atlanta. Details pending.

The Stewardship Pillar of Formation

Catholic educational institutions also have the duty to develop a Catholic Sense and apostolic activity in your persons. Vatican II Apostolicam acuositatem #8

This Week at St. Andrew

Living Rosary
Please Join Us We will have a Living Rosary in church on Monday, December 12th at 7:15pm for The Immaculate Conception NOTICE DATE CHANGE

Mass Intentions
Monday, December 12
Zec 2:14-17, (Ps) Jdt 13:8bbc,19, Lk 1:26-38 9:00 a.m. Charles Faas 12:15 a.m. People of the Parish

Tuesday, December 13
Zec, 3:1-2,9-13, Ps 34:2-3,6-7,17-19,23, Mt 21:28-32 9:00 a.m. Anne Brinegar 12:15 p.m. People of the Parish Wednesday, December 14 Is 45:6b,8,18,21b-25, Ps 85:9ab-14, Lk 7:18b-23 9:00 a.m. Charles Pritchard 12:15 p.m. For all Armed Forces and their Families Thursday, December 15 Is 54:1-10, Ps 30:2,4-6m11-13, Lk 7:24-30 9:00 a.m. Holland Earle, Sr. 12:15 p.m. Souls in Purgatory Friday, December 16 Is 56:1-3a,6-8, Ps 67:2-3,5,7-8, Jn 5:33-36 6:30 a.m. Holy Souls 9:00 a.m. Carol Morin 12:15 p.m. Brett Shea Saturday, December 17 Gn 49:2,8-10, Ps 723-4,7-8,17, Mt 1:1-17 9:00 a.m. Brett Shea 5:00 p.m. Charles Faas


Help make our Sanctuary beautiful for Christmas! Please remember to return your Christmas Flower envelope. We will celebrate the 10:30am Mass on Christmas morning for all intentions of the Christmas Flower Offering.


The Knights of Columbus will be conducting a food drive on December 3rd and 4th and December 10th and 11th to collect items to be used in the Christmas baskets for the needy. Please bring appropriate canned goods and non-perishable food items for inclusion in the baskets. Some items of need include cranberry sauce, stuffing mix, small bags dried beans and canned yams. All items appreciated. Please leave your donations in the containers which will be available in the Narthex during the month . Please be generous as the needs are great this year. This is a very worthy cause and all of the baskets are distributed within the community. Help give these families a blessed and happy Christmas. Thank you for your generosity.


Friday, December 16th will begin the monthly Perpetual Novena to the Infant of Prague which will be prayed daily from the 16th to the 25th of the month before the 9:00am Mass. Booklets are in the Narthex.

Sunday, December 18 Sm 7:1-5,8b-12,14a,16, Ps 89:2-5,27,29, Rm 16:25-27, Lk 1:26-38 7:30 a.m. Spanish Mass in the Family Center 7:30 a.m. Deceased Priests of the Archdiocese 9:00 a.m. Brett Shea 10:30 a.m. Doris Eing 12:00 p.m. Msgr. Paul Reynolds 5:00 p.m. Irene Pence 6:30 p.m. Spanish Mass

The St. Andrew Youth Choir will rehearse for the Christmas Eve Liturgy on Wednesday, December 14th and the 21st, from 6 until 6:45 in the music room. The youth choir will sing at the 4pm Mass on Christmas Eve. Calling all singers and instrumentalists! All are welcome to attend any Wednesday evening choir rehearsal from 7:00 until 8:30pm in the music room. For more information, contact Jack Louden at the parish office; or email Jack at

On December 16th we will have our Christmas luncheon at Rivermont Country Club at 1:00pm. The price of the luncheon is $20 per person. Please call Roselyn at 770-993-0388 to make reservations. All over 55 are welcome.

All parents who wish to have their children baptized in the month of January will need to attend a Baptism Class on Monday, December 12th. Please call the church office to register. Parents will need to be registered and active members of the parish for a minimum of three months prior to taking the class.

Welcome to Katelyn Ann Kohler and Trenton Miles Ross who were baptized into our Christian Community.


Christmas Giving Trees: We have many families in need of basic necessities including food, clothing, and gas. This is why donations of gift cards are greatly appreciated. We expect the needs to be greater this year, so if you are able to help, grab a star from the trees and return items this week. STEWARDSHIP COMMITMENT CARD this Let us help make someone's Christmas a little better year. Stewardship Committee received nearly 334 Stewardship Commitment Cards for offering your Time, Talent and Treasure. If you have Downtown Lunches: please do so Sunday of December falls not completed your form,Since the 4th as soon as possible. You on Christmas Day, we will not the back to the Mission. They can find the cards on the tables in be going of church and in the have other organizations that assist on Christmas Day. Narthex.

Elijah Cup
This a Chalice that is given to families to take home for a week from Mass to pray for vocations. You can sign-up on the table in the Narthex.

ProPro-Life Blue Candle of Life

($10 donation for the Pro-Life Ministry.) Burns in the chapel for the memory of Marguerite Halloran

Upcoming Events
Our Musical Celebration of Christmas
December 24th, Christmas Eve
4:00pm Family Mass in the Church, Youth Choir 6:00pm Candlelight Mass in Church Contemporary Choir 8:00pm Mass in the Church in Spanish with Spanish Choir 11:15pm Christmas Concert Mass at Midnight with Adult Choir

Beginning on January 1, 2012 the 9:00am Sunday Mass will be changed to 8:45am. COLUMBARIUM PROJECT POSTPONED
We sent out a survey request seeking the parish's interest in developing a Columbarium Internment garden in two possible areas here on our parish property. While the results so far have been evenly split, the actual number of responses have been very low. The Parish Finance Committee has endorsed this project 100%, and view this project as a potentially very attractive addition to our parish facilities. Many parishes are looking at this type of memorial garden as a reasonable alternative to other options you or your family may be considering. The prospect of having the ashes of our loved ones being perpetually interred here on the parish sacred property is indeed of interest to many of our long term parishioners. Given the many issues we all face during end of year and seasonal events, we have decided to delay this project until early 2012. We will send out a new survey the first of next year, and perhaps set up a parish hall meeting to discuss the opinions and questions you may have regarding this project. Feel free to submit any questions to the parish Office, or we will have a Columbarium Committee in place by the first of the year to answer any of your questions. The architectural plan will be in the parish office for your review.

December 25th, Christmas Day

7:30am Spanish Mass in Family Center with Spanish Choir 9:00am Mass in the Church 10:30am Mass in the Church 12:00pm, Noon Mass in the Church 6:30pm Mass in the Church in Spanish with Spanish Choir

The sign-up book for Eucharistic Adoration with permanent timeslots will be in the narthex on the weekends and in the chapel during the week. Please sign-up this week. We are in desperate need of increasing the number of guardians. There are 28 timeslots with only 1 name. We have a few guardians who cover more than one day or time. I you cannot make a commitment for a certain day or time please consider being a captain for one time segment, from either 9:30-3:00 or 4:00 to 9:00. Or, just sign-up as a substitute. We certainly need everyones help to continue the meaningful ministry.


Join us Friday, January 6th as we begin our new study starting at 7:00pm in the RCIA room in Bldg. B. We will be studying A Father Who Keeps His Promises by Scott Hahn, For more information please contact Elaine at 678-665-1100.

Adoration Chapel will be closed from December 19th until January 3rd for the Christmas Holidays.


St. Martin de Porres provides transportation for 5:30 Saturday and 10:30 Sunday Masses for elderly parishioners currently living in nearby senior living complexes. If you are interested in being a volunteer driver, please contact No special license is needed, but volunteers must submit to the Archdiocese background check. Typically, volunteers drive once per month.


As we rejoice this Advent in the coming of the savior, we can plan how to share that joy with others. Do you and your spouse each have a Will? Is it one of those things you just keep putting off? Now there is a simple way to plan your Will online. The Catholic Foundation of North Georgia has a place on their website where you can securely sign in and it will walk you through all the steps to plan your Will. As you plan caring for your family when you are gone, remember to include the parish endowment fund in these plans. Create your Catholic Legacy by going to and click on Plan Your Will to Catholic Foundation, 404-497-9440 or email


The St. Andrew Nursery is looking for 2-3 additional nursery workers to assist with the Saturday and Sunday nurseries. Please contact the Nursery Director, Vicki Noethling for details at 678-371-3160.


Welcome to our parish! We are glad that you have come to visit. We invite you to register and become a part of our St. Andrew parish family! Please fill out a registration form located on the information wall in the narthex (main church entrance) or stop by the parish office during the week. Welcome!


The Missionaries of Charity will be at Sophia Academy on December 12th from 8am-7pm with an exhibit depicting the life of Mother Teresa and includes a relic of the first class. This inspiring display is free and open to the public. For more information please visit


PATH (Post Abortion Treatment and Healing) will be offering a Rachels Vineyard Retreat January 20th-January 22th that could lead to wholeness and healing. Please register by Jan. 11th for the retreat. PATH also offers ongoing Bible Studies, new ones starting in January 2012. Compassionate, confidential care is available to women, men, siblings, grandparents, and friends. Contact PATH for details at 404-717-5557 (voice mail),, or visit our website at


The Way for Women is a 3-day retreat for adult female survivors of abuse offered by the Archdiocese of Atlantas Victim Assistance Program January 27-29, 2012 at Carmel Retreat Center in Hoschton, Georgia. The deadline for registration is January 20, 2012. Please contact Sue Stubbs at 404-920-7554 or for a brochure and application.


Is there someone in your immediate family who is currently serving our country in the armed forces? If so, we would like to honor them and keep them in our prayers. Please email your family members name, branch of service and grade to Carol at

Please Pray for our Military

Chris Fisher-Army deployed to Afghanistan. Capt. Chad Bonecutte-Marine, Afghanistan Col W. Collier Slade-Army American Embassy Paris Spec. Burke Lerch, Army, Ft. Polk, LA Lt. Col. Michael Quinn, Army, Ft. Belvoir, VA 1st. Lt. James Richard Everett-Marine, Camp Legume, NC

Catholic Therapists
St. Andrew has a couple of professional therapists who provide services in an office area here at church. Each is a licensed and independent practitioner, and a member of the Catholic Therapist Association. You may call them individually for an appointment: Tom Spudic, Ph.D. (7/596-5869), Ann Howe, Ph.D. (6/887-7800)

Please Pray for the Sick

Oskar Alvarez, Jean Austin, Virginia Baethke, Mardy Baugh, Donald Bedell, Raul Beltran, Howard Bennett, Settembrina Biagioni, Mary Lou Bornhorst, John W. Boyle, Lorraine Brown, Richard Burton, Graciela Buzeta, Stephen Capano, Joseph Charles, Justin Chekoua, San Juanita Chico, Lee Cilla, Howie Cowgill, Marijane Cross, Mike Crowley, Josh Davis, Isaac del Valle, Jane Demaso, Christopher Denny, Hank Deren, Jeannette Derum, Ellen Donnelly, Rita Dusza, Jim Finley, Miriam Flanagan, Marge Fleming, Nancy Fowler, Lucille Gallagher, Ronnie Gorzinski, Elizabeth Jane Gricus, Brittany Healy, Michael Healy, Kim Henderson, Heidi Hendrichs, Joseph Hickman, Martha Hill, Judy Hodges, Pat Hodges, Will Hodges, Fred Isaf, Carol James, Rose James, Jim Jeffcoat, John Johnston, Alice Jones, Jim & Sheila Jordan, Rev. Msgr. Donald Kiernan, Sally Korn, Dolores Lamb, Deacon Mike Landaiche, Jr., Jane Lennon, Jackie Lewis, Kelly Lynn Chip Madren, Lee Means, Nancy Mattox, Jane Mayer, Ernie Mazzari, Marti Mazzari, Harry McDonough, Don McMillan, Ursula Medlen, Bryn Meyer, David Morsa, Patrick Mowete, Olga Ramirez de Munoz, Mike Mulligan Lori Nichols, James Nielsen, Rita Neilson, Bridie OConnor, Audrey & Mike Pascual, Christopher Pascual, David Pascual, Erin Patrick, Janice Petrukovich, Mary Louise Phillips, Eugenia Piedrahita, Peggy Plunkett, Bill Plunkett, Renee Poole, Billy Robertson, Helga Schleismann, Edward Schuster, Aliah Scoma, Steve Smith, Enrique Solano, Sharon Somers, John Staab, Emmett Stallings, IV, Elaine Stephens, Ms. Surangie, Bill Swiger, Maggie Thompson, Sarah Todd, Tom Valentine, Brian & Honor Wynn-Higgins, Frank Zilinskas To add or delete names please contact Carol Meurer at 770-641-9720 or

Mon. Dec. 12 Adoration 9:30am and 9:00pm PSR Classes Living Rosary and Novena at 7:15pm Venturing Crew at 7:00pm Baptism Class at 7:00pm Adoration 9:30am and 9:00pm Rosary 8:25am and 12:50pm Adoration 9:30am to 9:00pm Rosary 8:25am and 12:50 pm Youth & Adult Choir Practice Adoration 9:30 to 9:00pm Rosary 8:25am and 12:50 pm Legion of Mary at 10:00am Mens Fellowship at 7:00am Adoration 9:30am to 9:00pm Rosary 8:25am and 12:50pm Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3:00pm Rosary 8:25 RCIA at 8:15am Life Teen at 6:00pm

Tues. Dec. 13 Wed. Dec. 14

Thu. Dec. 15

Fri. Dec. 16

Sat. Dec. 17 Sun. Dec. 18

Ministry Contacts
Alliance of Two Hearts Diane Guesman 770-993-1846 Altar Care Lisa Biagioni 770-777-5912 Altar Servers Sheryl Hess 770-998-6766 American Heritage Girls Sara Boyle 770-410-9237 Bible Study (Friday Night) Elaine Ruppenthal 678-665-1100 Bible Study (Tues. Morning) Christine Caveness 770-393-1816 Boy Scout Troop 2006 Victor Wunschel 770-363-2013 Caring Connection Ginny Boll 770-993-8738 Catholics Returning Home Larry/Tracie Vicario 770-998-5971 CHAMPS Youth Group 4th & 5th Grade Christen Barrett 404-242-6029 Christ Renews His Parish Katie Troline 678-352-1311 Columbian Squires Circle 4976 Don Boyle 770-410-9237 Bill Leach 404-717-7706 Cub Scout Pack 2006 EDGE Youth Group Christen Barrett Elijah Cup Liz Schantz 770-518-6836 Eucharistic Adoration Guardians Christa Frye 678-277-8930 or Carol Meurer 770-641-9720 Eucharistic Ministers Parish Office 770-641-9720 Faith Formation Ryan Krivanek 770-641-9720 ext. 248 or Homeschoolers of St. Andrew Carolyn Rittmueller 678-524-4950 Homestretch Sandy Lashley 770-641-9720 Knights of Columbus Bill Leach 404-717-7706 Legion of Mary Carol Albright 770-993-7903 Lectors Pat Powers 678-313-9921 Life Teen/High School Youth Group Marriage Encounter Mens Fellowship Music Ministry Over 55 Club Parish Council Parish School of Religion Prayer Shawl Ministry Preschool R.C.I.A. Respect Life St. Martin de Porres St. Vincent de Paul Spanish Ministry Ushers Guild Venturing Crew 2006 Wedding Coordinators Welcoming Committee Womens Guild Dave/Ronnie Gorzynski 770-594-7608 Mike Lerch 678-521-1583 Jack Louden 770-641-9720 ext. 231 Marion McLaughlin 770-740-1497 Margaret Ward 770-713-0323 or Sandy Lashley 770-641-9720 ext. 253 or Regina Fueher 770-640-6122 or Christy Medina 770-521-2857 Carol Hastings 770-642-1636 Chris Lovejoy 770-642-1636 Tom Gotschall 770-490-9436 Sally Mrus 678-352-9337 Hope Gricus 770-552-1168 Sandy Lashley 770-641-9720 Denise Fisher 770-641-9720 Luz Laguna 770-649-9392 Adriana Infante 770-649-9392 John Miles 770-518-8512 Bill Leach 404-717-7706 Carol Meurer 770-641-9720 Claudette Piper 770-518-9604 or Christy Medina 770-521-2857 Diane Peabody 770-552-0776


TELEFONO (Espaol) 770-649-9392

Rev. Padre Carlos Vargas. Telf. 678-824-5396


Horario de Oficina: Martes, Jueves de (9:00 am a 5:00) Cerrado los Lunes, Sbados y Domingos CONFESIONES: El Padre Carlos estar disponible para confesiones los Lunes de 7 pm a 9 pm.


Cuatro Regalos para el Adviento
1er Regalo: TIEMPO para conocer nuestros anhelos mas profundos. 2do Regalo: Dios nos ofrece palabras de CONSUELO. 3er Regalo: El AMOR de Dios que reside en tu corazon. 4to Regalo: La ESPERANZA que permanence siempre en nuestros corazones.

Segundo sbado de cada mes a las 11:00 AM (En punto)

Loa padres deben estar registrados en la Iglesia tres meses antes del Bautizo y asistir a misa regularmente. Para Inscribir al nio/a , traer copia del certificado de nacimiento. Entrega de documentos en los horarios de la oficina del Ministerio Hispano. Padres y padrinos deben asistir a una charla de preparacion pre-bautismal.que se realiza el primer martes de cada mes de 7:00 PM-9:00 PM. No hay guardera. Si el nio/a es mayor de 7 aos, comunicarse con la oficina del Ministerio Hispano o con el Diacono Jos Campos para arreglar su asistencia a clases previo a recibir el bautismo.

Misa de Navidad

Diciembre 24 a las 8:00 pm.

El seor les dar esta seal: La joven esta embarazada y da a luz un varn a quien se le pone el nombre de Emanuel Dios con Nosotros.

Reservar fecha con SEIS meses de anticipacin.
Agenda cita previa con el padre. Deben estar inscriptos o inscribirse en nuestra parroquia. Tienen que traer certificado de bautizmo. Tienen que asistir al curso prematrimonial LLASU o presentar equivalente realizado en otra parroquia.

Isaas 7:14 Catequesis NO tendremos clases en los siguientes dias: Diciembre 11, Diciembre 25 y Enero 1ro. Las clases recomienzan Enero 8 a las 4:45 pm. Adoracion Nocturna
Primer Sabado de cada Mes de 9pm a 5am en la capilla

Clases los domingos de 5:00-6:30 pm y los alumnos participan en la misa de 6:30 pm.
Este curso es para jvenes en Decimo y Undecimo grado, de 15 aos en adelante y que tengan todos los sacramentos menos la Confirmacin. Al igual que la PrimeraComunin el programa de la Confirmacin es de dos aos.

la oportunidad de pasar un momento con el seor

2o y 3o Sbado de cada mes a las 11:00am y 1:30 pm
Esta celebracin es cuando eres presentada oficialmente a Dios y a la Comunidad. Adems tienes la oportunidad de agradecer a Dios por la vida y la FaGrupo de la Divina Misericordia Todos los lunes, 6:00 pm en la capilla. Estudio de los mensajes del Seor a Sta Faustina con el soporte de la Biblia. Catecismo a las 7:00pm.

Exposicion del Santisimo en la Capilla

Dedcale una hora a la semana de oracin y silencio al Seor expuesto. Elije una hora de lunes a viernes de 9:00 am a 9:00 pm apntate para hacerle guardia y ven a compartir una hora en oracin con nuestro Seor.

Grupo de Oracion Semillas de Paz y Amor

Todos los martes de 7-9 pm - Saln 202
Para todos los que deseen conocer al Seor leyendo la palabra y aprendiendo a orar en un ambiente amoroso y