8ecounL 1exLť My uay aL Lhe 8each

Mlngguţ 03 !anuarl 2010

LasL week my frlend and l were bored afLer Lhree weeks of holldaysţ so we rode our blkes Lo SmlLh
8eachţ whlch ls only flve kllomeLres from where l llveŦ When we arrlved aL Lhe beachţ we were surprlsed
Lo see Lhere was hardly anyone LhereŦ

AfLer havlng a qulck dlp ln Lhe oceanţ whlch was really coldţ we reallzed one reason Lhere were noL
many people LhereŦ lL was also qulLe wlndyŦ AfLer we boughL some hoL chlps aL Lhe Lakeaway sLore
nearbyţ we rode our blkes down Lhe beach for a whlleţ on Lhe hardţ damp parL of Lhe sandŦ We had Lhe
wlnd behlnd us andţ before we knew lLţ we were many mlles down Lhe beachŦ

8efore we made Lhe long Lrlp backţ we declded Lo paddle our feeL ln Lhe waLer for a whlleţ and Lhen slL
down for a resLŦ Whlle we were slLLlng on Lhe beachţ [usL chaLLlngţ lL suddenly dawned on us LhaL all Lhe
way backţ we would be rldlng lnLo Lhe sLrong wlndŦ

When we flnally made lL back homeţ we were boLh LoLally exhausLed! 8uL we learned some good lessons
LhaL dayŦ

8ecounL 1exLť 8all uome
SabLuţ 02 !anuarl 2010

LasL nlghL our famlly wenL Lo 8all uome Lo waLch Lhe klngs play Lhe ShooLersŦ When we goL Lo Lhe
sLadlumţ an usher showed us our seaLsŦ !usL as we saL down Lhe band played Lhe naLlonal anLhem so we

AfLer Lhe anLhem boLh Leams enLered Lhe courLŦ As Lhey dldţ Lhe cheerleaders waved Lhelr sLeamersŦ
nexLţ Lhe referee placed hls whlsLle ln hls mouLh and slgnaled Lhe sLarL of Lhe playŦ 1he game was so hoL
LhaL Lhe supporLers of Lhe Lwo Leams yelled ouL Lhelr chanLs every Llme a player scored Lhe polnLŦ

ln Lhe endţ Lhe ShooLers won and our famlly was happy LhaL boLh Leams had glven Lhelr besLŦ

My AdvenLure aL LeangŴLeang Cave

Cn Sundayţ my parenLsţ my besL fruend novlţ and l vlslLed a cave aL Maros called LeangŴleang Ŧ lL was my
flrsL Llme Lo vlslL Lhe caveţ beLLer yeLţ my besL frlend came Lo vlslL lL wlLh me!
1he cave was famous for lLs prlmlLlve cave wall palnLlngs whlch were some hand prlnLs and wlld boar
palnLlngsŦ 1he cave and lLs surroundlngs was Lurned lnLo a naLlonal parkţ so lL was Laken care ofŦ My
parenLs Look a resL ln a small huL for vlslLors of Lhe parkţ whlle novl and l advenLured around Lhe cave
wlLh a guldeŦ We had Lo cllmb some meLal sLalrs Lo geL Lo Lhe caveţ because Lhe cave was embedded
lnLo a small mounLalnŦ nexL sLop was a place where some seashells llLLered Lhe ground and some were
acLually plled lnLo a blg mound! 1he gulde sald LhaL Lhese plles of seashells are called k[okkenmoddlngerţ
or klLchen LrashŦ 1he humans who llved here aLe Lhe shells and dumped Lhe lefL overs ln Lhelr ƌklLchenƌŦ
1he lasL place was a small museum where Lhey have skeleLons of Lhe humans who llved ln Lhe cavesŦ
1he skeleLons along wlLh some roughly made [ewelry and weapons were placed lnslde glass cases for
dlsplayŦ 1he walls of Lhe museum were adorned wlLh phoLographs Laken when Lhey dld an excavaLlon
AfLer a qulck lunch wlLh novl and my parenLsţ we declded lL was Llme Lo go back homeŦ We really had
Lhe Llme of our llves!

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