DATE December 13, 2011 MARKED

MAYOR 1. Appoint Special Assistant to the Mayor II(Exempt)(Smith) CS MAYOR – EXECUTIVE 2. Pres Bd-Application for Landmark Status-Erie Freight House-9 Ohio St(Fill) LEG 3. Cit Serv-Permission to Scrap Vehicles APP 4. Cit Serv-Submission of Monthly Report-Nov 2011 R&F 5. Plan Bd-SEQR-Neg Declaration-240-244 West Ferry St.(Nia) R&F 6. Plan Bd-SEQR-Neg Declaration-211 Niagara St(Ell) R&F 7. Strat Plan-Report of Sale 982 Fillmore(Fill) APP 8. Strat Plan-Report of Sale 476 Riley(Ell) CD COMPTROLLER 9. In Rem 45 Auction Update FIN 10. SAFF Financial Report FIN PUBLIC WORKS 11. Change in Contract-Repair of Streetlight Foundations and Knockdowns APP 12. Permission to Increase Contract-MLK Jr Park Restoration(Mas) APP 13. Permission to Increase Contract-Porter Ave Reconstruction Project-Ph II(Nia) APP 14. Request Permission to Accept Funds-NYSDEC Grant-Olmsted Parks APP 15. Request to Purchase Truck-Aerial Lift APP POLICE 16. Approval to Dispose Old HP 5000 Printer City # 050433 APP 17. Drug Asset Forfeiture Annual Certification Report FY Ending June 30, 2011 FIN 18. Permission to Accept Various Grants & Approval for Various Interfund LoansAPP PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS 19. Food Store License(New) 3364 Bailey(Univ) LEG 20. Food Store License(New) 1700 Kenmore(North) APP 21. Food Store License(New) 523 Starin(Del) LEG 22. Food Store License(New) 754 Sycamore(Fill) LEG 23. Restaurant Dance Class III 107 Delaware(New)(Ell) LEG 24. Used Car Dealer 1526 William(Lov) LEG PARKING 25. Response Rev Gill-Concerns Parking Tickets R&F CITY CLERK 26. Liquor License Applications R&F 27. Notices of Appointments-Mayors Program R&F 28. Notices of Appointment-Seasonal R&F 29. Notices of Appointments- Temp/Prov/Perm CS MISCELLANEOUS 30. S. Barber-Geter-Response Reconnecting Humboldt Pkwy CD 31. Buffalo Pond Hockey Committee Proposals Ice Rink at Hoyt Lake(Del) CD 32. Bflo Niag Partnership-2012 Regional Agenda CD 33. LP Ciminelli-Board Packet Documents Dec 2011 ED 34. M. LoCurto-Info Making Outer Harbor a 21st Century Family Playspace W/FRONT 35. J. Mascia-Joint Comm to Examine Police Reorg Quarterly Report FIN

36. J. Mascia-Mngt Studies and Audit for the 21st Century FIN st 37. J. Mascia-Professional Police Services in the 21 Century FIN 38. J. Mascia-Technical Assistance Report-Bflo police Dept Revisited FIN 39. NYSDEC-Cleanup Requirements 2137 Seneca St(South) R&F 40. D. Rivera-Traffic Studies and Reports-Niagara’s Border CD 41. D. Smith-J. Williams-Concerns With Parent/Teacher Conferences ED PETITIONS 42. J. Kohler, Agent, Use 708 Elmwood to Install Retractable Awning and Sign Canopy(no pub hrg)(Del) LEG,CPBD RESOLUTIONS 43. Franczyk Keeping Broadway Post Office Open ADOPT 44. Kearns, etc Expanded Citywide Electronic Communication System ADOPT RES’S REM TO FIN,NFTA,MAYOR,LAW,PW 45. Kearns Status of NFTA Owned Waterfront Property ADOPT 46. Pridgen Support for the Reduction of Air Pollution on Bflo’s West Side ADOPT RES’S, REM TO CD, PEACE BRIDGE 47. Rivera Support Gateway to Grant St Project and NYS Main St Program ADOPT TABLE ITEMS ------Waterfront Neighborhood Community Development Agreement (ccp #3, 8/14/2010)

1. Com 18 2. Com 19 APP 3. Com 20 APP 4. Com 21 APP 5. Com 31 R&F Nov 29 Nov 29 Nov 29 Nov 29 Nov 29 Oct 4 Sept 6 Appoint Chief Pumping Plant Engineer(Prov)(Second Step)(Moffert)(PW) APP Appoint Administrative Asst(Perm)(Second Step)(Jacobs)(PW) Appoint Administrative Asst(Perm)(Third Step)(Barnett)(PW) Appoint Motor Equipment Mechanic(Perm)(Fourth Step)(Alessi)(PW) Notices of Appointments-Temp/Prov/Perm(Cty Clk) A Bartley(PUSH)-Req Support for Phase II Mass Ave Park Revitalization Estimate & Report on 2012 Capital Imp Budget and 5 Yr Plan(2012-2016) (Compt) Report of Sale 204 Landon(Ell)(Strat Plan) Report of Sale 830 Woodlawn(Mas)(Strat Plan) D. Smith-Article Announcing Settlement to Clean Up Central Park Plaza Report of Sale-328 Woltz(Fill)(Strat Plan) Goldman Titanium Fire(exc resolves) M. LoCurto-L. Schneekloth-NFTA Should Return Outer Harbor to Buffalo_W/FRONT D. Smith-D. Dihaan-Propose a Cultural Unity Festival Response-Concerns over Mngt-Marine Drive Apartments Response to CC Regarding Marine Drive Apts(BMHA) J. Makowski-BMHA Management of Marine Drive Apartments Request BMHA to Appear Before Council(exc res) Develop an Urban Renewal Plan In Conjunction With Strat Plan for the Central Park Neighborhood J. Makowski-Request Independent Audit-Marine Dr Apts (Compt) R&F

6. No 46 R&F 7. Com 16 R&F

8. Com 6 Nov 29 W/O REC 9. Com 11 Nov 29 APP 10. No 36 Nov 29 11. Com 7 Oct 4 W/O REC 12. Res 87 July 26 R&F 13. No 48 July 12 14. No 34 Mar 8 R&F 15. Com 17 May 3 R&F 16. Com 24 Feb 22 R&F 17. No 34 Feb 8 R&F 18. Res 78 Feb 8 R&F 19. Res 102 June 22 R&F 20. Com 13 R&F July 6

21. Res 78 R&F
22. No 26 R&F 23. No 65

Mar 30 Marine Drive Apt-Commercial Slip Parking(except Resolves)
Mar 2 May 11 D. Franczyk-Letter From RUN Buffalo J. Levy-Erie Canal Harbor Deve-Response to CM Golombek’s Questions R&F

24. No 72 R&F 25. No 79 R&F 26. No 36 R&F 27. No 33 28. Res 81 29. No 33 30. No 37 31. No 34 32. Res 94 33. No 42 34. Res 104 35. Com 15 36. Res 77

May 11

M. Shapiro-Shellaby-Response Development Projects

April 27 M. Shapiro-Coalition for Economic Justice-DGEIS Re: Canal Side Project(#54,11/10)(#75,11/24) Nov 24 R. Cozzi-Concerns Loss of Empire Zone Certification R&F APP FIN FIN R&F R&F R&F R&F APP R&F

Nov 29 J. Golombek-E. Damico-Info National Fuel Services Nov 29 Ordinance Amendment-Ch 309 Parks and Open Spaces Nov 15 D. Pridgen-Interior Lighting in the Lobby of Bflo City Hall Sept 20 M. Kearns-Illegal and Unethical Activities at Time Warner Cable Sept 20 J. Golombek-Complaints National Fuel June 14 Complaints About National Fuel Repairs July 12 J. Cipolla-CSM-Response Licensing Property Managers in COB June 14 Increasing Senior Pedestrian Safety in the COB Nov 15 Used Car Dealer-59 Stanislaus(Fill)(EDPI) Sept 21 Amend Article 18 Bds & Comm of the City Charter, Section 18-2 Meetings(except resolves)

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