Executive Summary

The project titled “UNDERSTANDING THE RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS AT EUREKA FORBES : A STUDY OF SELECTION OF CUSTOMER SALES SPECIALIST IN LUCKNOW” Undertaken in Eureka Forbes Ltd. Eureka Forbes is Asia’s largest direct selling organization. It is a part of Shapoorji Pallonji Group…Pioneer in vacuum cleaner and water purifier technology – operating from 220 branches, covering 100 cities, with over 7000 Euro champs in INDIA & ABROAD…… Eureka Forbes has achieved……4th rank as best employer in 2007 (Hewitt Associates survey ) ISO 9001, 9002 and 14001 certified company. A case study of Harvard Business School since 2005. Award Make (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise, U.K ) Award . Super Brand Award, Mera Brand Award…. International operation in 50 countries The project report is about recruitment and selection process that is an important part of any organization. Which is considered as a necessary asset of a company? In fact, recruitment and selection gives a home ground to the organization acumen that is needed for proper functioning of the organization. It gives an organizational structure of the company. It is a methodology in which the particular organization works and how a new candidate could be recruited in such a way that he/she would be fitted for the right kind of career.

There are two types of factors that affect the Recruitment of candidates for the company Internal factors External factors The objective of selection decision is to choose the individual who can most successfully perform the job from the pool of qualified candidates. Selection process or activities typically follow a standard patter, beginning with an initial screening interview and concluding with final employment decision. INTRODUCTION TO THE TOPIC

Human Resource is a basic need of any work to be done. According to ARTHUR LEWIS: “There are great differences in development between countries which seem to have roughly equal resources, so it is necessary to enquire into the difference in human behaviors”.


Human Resource plays a crucial role in the development process of the modern economics.

“There are great differences in development between countries which seem to have roughly equal resources, so it is necessary to enquire into the difference in human behaviors”. Human resource management is the management of employee’s skill, knowledge abilities, talent, aptitude, creativity, ability etc. different terms are used for denoting Human Resource Management. They are labour management, labour administration, labour management relationship, employee –employer relationship, industrial relationship, human capital management, human assent management etc. Though these terms can be used differently widely, the basic nature of distinction lies in the scope or coverage and evolutionary stage. In simple sense, human resource management means employing people, developing their resources, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the job and organizational requirements.


Administration: Strategic planning, organizational evaluation, County Board relations, policy recommendations, supervision of department staff Benefits: Health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement benefits, vacation, sick leave, paid holidays, section 125 plan, donor program, educational incentive, uniform allowance, and others. Compensation: Salary and benefit surveys, job evaluation, job descriptions evaluation, job descriptions Employee relations: Disciplinary processes, incident investigations, complaint/grievance procedures, labor-management relations. Employee services: Enrollment in benefits, employee discounts for recreational spots, resolution of enrollment or claim problems, employee newsletter. Educational assistance, employee service awards Fiscal: Staffing budgets, departmental budget, accounts payable, insurance receivables, insurance fund management, total package costing. Insurance receivables, insurance fund management, total package costing.

safety records and other administrative files Record-keeping: Job posting. Recruitment: Recruitment is defined as a process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirement of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures fir meet the requirement of the staffing schedule and to employ to employ effective measures for attracting the manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an effective workforce. workers compensation claims.Health and safety: Employee assistance. County approved leaves of absence. litigation files. compliance with timeliness standards Performance appraisal: Employee files. payroll records. drug testing. rights upon return to work. light duty assignments for temporary periods. . Selection: After identifying the sources of human resources. background investigations. employment interviews. the management has to perform the function of selecting the right man at right job and at the right time. searching for prospective employees and stimulation helps too apply for jobs in an organization. supervisory training. advertising. Payroll administration: Computer-based or manual evaluation systems. safety compliance and training. Leaves of absence: State and/or Federal Family and Medical Leave rights. post-offer employment testing. testing administration.

severance benefits.Separations and terminations: Rights upon termination of employment. employee benefits. . employee training and workshops. development of supervisory and management skills. Salary and benefits: Salary/wage plans. unemployment compensation. exit interviews. Training and development: County-wide needs assessment. Supervisory newsletter. Benefits orientation for new and transferring employees.

The project report is all about recruitment and selection process that’s an important part of any organization. In a highly competitive market every organization need to have very efficient and effective recruitment process.IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: 1: Attract highly qualified and competent people 2: Ensure thats the selected candidate stays longer with the company. Further in more . Recruitment represents the first contact that a company makes with potential employees. qualification and experience. To be effective. the poor quality of selection means extra cost on training and supervision. Organizations have to recruit people with requisite skills. It is through recruitment that many individual will come to know a company. political and legal factors within a country. 4: Helps the organization to create more culturally diverse workforce Whereas. which should reduction in time . they need to tap all the available sources of supply both internal and external. Thus the effectiveness of the recruitment process can play a major role in determining the resources that must be expended on other HR activates and their ultimate success. 3: Make sue that there is match between cost and benefit. While doing so they have to be sensitive to economic. social. if they have to survive and flourish in a highly competitive environment. resulting in unavoidable consequences. and eventually decide whether they wish to work for it. This can distort traditional wages and salary relationship in organization. a typically response is to raise entry level pay scales . when recruitment fails to meet organizational needs for talent.

and cost involved in the recruitment process. Longer the recruitment cycle time it leads to high cost to the companies. Recruitment is a positive impact to an organization since it identifies and encourages applicants to apply for the jobs. Additionally, many managers start recruiting only when some one is leaving, so it’s better to establish an ongoing recruitment program so that effective recruitment process with the less time and increased effort results in success to the organization. Selection is the second step in the process of procurement of people. It is the process of choosing the individual who posses the necessary skill, abilities and personalities to successfully fill specific jobs in the organization.


Recruitment refers to the process of identifying and attracting job seekers so as to build a pool of qualified job applicants. The process comprises five interrelated stages, viz, 1. Planning. 2. Strategy development. 3. Searching. 4. Screening. 5. Evaluation and control. The ideal recruitment programme is the one that attracts a relatively larger number of qualified applicants who will survive the screening process and accept positions with the organization, when offered. Recruitment programmes can miss the ideal in

many ways i.e. by failing to attract an adequate applicant pool, by under/over selling the organization or by inadequate screening applicants before they enter the selection process. Thus, to approach the ideal, individuals responsible for the recruitment process must know how many and what types of employees are needed, where and how to look for the individuals with the appropriate qualifications and interests, what inducement to use for various types of applicants groups, how to distinguish applicants who are qualified from those who have a reasonable chance of success and how to evaluate their work.

Four Approaches to Selection:

1). Ethnocentric Selection : In this approach, staffing decisions are made at the organization’s headquarters. Subsidiaries have limited autonomy, and the employees from the headquarters at home and abroad fill key jobs. Nationals from the parent country dominate the organizations at home and abroad.

2). Polycentric Selection : In polycentric selection, each subsidiary is treated as a distinct national entity with local control key financial targets

and investment decisions. Local citizens manage subsidiaries, but the key jobs remain with staff from the parent country. This is the approach, which is largely practiced in our country

3). Regiocentric Selection : Here, control within the group and the movements of staff are managed on a regional basis, reflecting the particular disposition of business and operations within the group. Regional managers have greater discretion in decision. Movement of staff is largely restricted to specific geographical regions and promotions to the jobs continue to be dominated by managers from the parents company.

4). Geocentric Staffing : In this case, business strategy is integrated thoroughly on global basis. Staff development and promotion are based on ability, not nationality. The broad and other parts of the top management structure are thoroughly international in composition. Needless to say, such organizations are uncommon.

Difference (Recruitment and Selection)
1.) Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective candidates and motivating them to apply for job in the organization Whereas, selection is a process of choosing most suitable candidates out of those, who are interested and also qualified for job. 2.) In the recruitment process, vacancies available are finalized, publicity is given to them and applications are collected from interested candidates. In the selection process, available applications are scrutinized. Tests, interview and medical examination are conducted in order to select most suitable candidates. 3.) In recruitment the purpose is to attract maximum numbers of suitable and interested candidates through applications. In selection process the purpose is that the best candidate out of those qualified and interested in the appointment. 4.) Recruitment is prior to selection. It creates proper base for actual selection. Selection is next to recruitment. It is out of candidates’ available/interested. 5.) Recruitment is the positive function in which interested candidates are encouraged to submit application.

8. arranging interviews and medical examination. Selection is a costly activity. Expenditure is required mainly for advertising the posts. as expenditure is needed for testing candidates and conduct of.) Recruitment is the short process.) Recruitment is not costly.Selection is a negative function in which unsuitable candidates are eliminated and the best one is selected. 6. 7. In recruitment publicity is given to vacancies and applications are collected from different sources Selection is a lengthy process. It involves scrutiny of applications. giving tests. services of expert is required. .) In recruitment services of expert is not required whereas in selection.

4. 2. To study the various sources of recruitment followed in EUREKA FORBES 3. To learn what is the process of recruitment and selection that should be followed. To search or headhunt people whose skill fits into the company’s values.To study the recruitment and selection procedure followed in EUREKA FORBES LTD. For that reason an ongoing recruitment process going on into the organization. one side it involves with manufacturing division and other side deals with selling so its requires a huge employee. PROJECT OBJECTIVES 1. .Eureka Forbes Limited is a hardcore marketing company and its annual turnover is 1600 core also a highly employment creating organization. As my project work deals with recruitment and selection process of the organization.

PROJECT SCOPES 1. To Find out the efficiencies of recruitment sources. 4. 5. To Study and analyze the recruitment season 2011. 2. REASERCH METHODOLOGY . To Find out the effectiveness of Recruitment Process through various metrics. 3. To understand the complete Recruitment & Selection Process at Eureka Forbes Ltd. To help the company to determine how they make their recruitment and selection programs more effective.

The questionnaires were carefully designed by taking into account the parameters of my study. It is the data which has been collected by individual or someone else for the purpose of other than those of our particular research study. economical. to find out the “Recruitment and selection process”. magazines. research is required and a methodology applied for the solutions can be found out. DATA COLLECTION: Primary Data: Primary data was collected through survey method by distributing questionnaires to branch manager and other sales manager. going through the records of the organization. Research was carried out at Eureka Forbes Ltd. Limitations of the study are as fallows: . These problems in life call for acceptable and effective solutions and for this purpose. etc. Secondary Data: Data was collected from books. social. Or in other words we can say that secondary data is the data used previously for the analysis and the results are undertaken for the next process. LIMITATIONS OF PROJECT Every research is conducted under some constraints and this research is not an exception. web sites.In everyday life human being has to face many problems viz. financial problems.

Non availability of adequate data also limited the scope of the study to some extent.1. Most of the faculty was reluctant to go into details because of their busy schedules. The study is limited to the areas of LUCKNOW. so can be difference results of the sample from total Institutions and Colleges in LUCKNOW. The sample size of only 20 was taken from a large Institutions and Colleges for the purpose of study. 2. 8. 3. 7. 4. Some of the information being confidential was not included in the study. The project was conducted in the short period of 6week and so the findings can not be generalized for all times. what is relevant today may be irrelevant tomorrow. 5. I faced the limitation that respondents were unwilling to provide information. 6. . Due to continuous change in environment.

COMPANY PROFILE . It is difficult to satisfy all the area therefore an attempt is made to cover as much as possible.9. The scope of the study by and large is very vast.

multi-channel corporation. adding 1. • • Pioneers & leaders in water purification systems.Company analysis 3. • Pioneers in direct selling . Operating in over 92 cities. • Expanded channels that reach out to customers to include . Eureka Forbes Ltd.25 million Indian homes.enduring relationships as 'Friends for Life'.1 EUREKA FORBES LIMITED—the Organization.500 customers daily. vacuum cleaners & air purifiers.-A part of the Shapoorji Palings Group which was set up in 1982. Water Purification System (1984) and Air Purification System (1994). • A 5 billion multi-product.6. to market health and hygiene products to Indian consumers. with over 7000 employees. It revolutionized the Indian market by introducing products like Home Cleaning System (1982). • Customer family now numbers over 5 million .000 strong direct sales force touches 1.Asia's largest direct selling organization .

800 strong dealer sales network.000 kitchen visits daily. Vision . • The customer has always been at the center of our business. supported by call centers. A 58 distributor strong institutional sales network.A 3. • A strong service network backs up sales efforts . customer care representatives & mobile service vans.3. A security systems division.200 company-trained technicians make 10.

3.1.2Mission .


3.1.3Values .

Water Purification System (1984) and Air Purification System (1994). Water Purification System. 3. which has always promised to provide safe and healthy living. The following are the basic products of Eureka Forbes Ltd. Eureka Forbes Ltd.. 5. Home Cleaning System (Vacuum Cleaners) 4.PRODUCT CATEGORIES Eureka Forbes Limited has been the pioneer in the field of Water Purifications Systems. 1. Industrial Solutions (Industrial Water Purifiers) . Home Cleaning Systems and Air Purification systems in India. Home Security System. revolutionized the Indian market by introducing products like Home Cleaning System (1982). Air Purification System. 2.

• Specialists in 5 water technologies Over 20 products available and million units sold Addressing 17 diverse water conditions World's largest manufacturer of Ultra Violet based water purification systems • • • • Over 71 million liters of Aquaguard water is consumed daily. .Water Purification System.

sweeping & swabbing does not get rid of fine dust Floats in the air & settles on pillows.only powerful. mattresses. itches and even severe asthma Ordinary cleaning does not get rid of dust mites . thorough cleaning with a vacuum cleaner can • • • . durries & even soft toys Dust mites cause allergies like fatigue.Home Cleaning System (Vacuum Cleaners) • Dusting. furniture. runny noses.

• Indoor air more polluted than the air outside Causes maladies like allergies headaches. airborne fungal & bacterial particles. physical aches Asthma and allergy sufferers worst affected Pollutants include cigarette smoke. dust. nausea. pollen.• Infinitely superior than conventional cleaning methods and easy-to-use. fibers. soo t. indoor allergy stimuli odors Industrial Solution---Picture • • Comprehensive cleaning & water purification solutions .

3WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM Products Features .2. satisfied customers including some of the country’s premier corporations.• Contract cleaning service that effectively combines our products and cleaning chemicals • Numerous prestigious. 3.

• Voltage Stabilizer. • Voltage Stabilizer. AG-Compact • Decalcifier. • Auto Shut off. . • EMS. AG-Classic • Auto-shut off.• Unique E-Boiling + • 2-in-1 compact cartridges. • EMS. • Decalcifier.

Convenient Water Tray. Smart flow. • Works with loft tank. • High storage capacity. Auto Flush. Auto Shut-off.AG-i-Nova • • • • • • • • • • MCS. AG-Ultra . Decalcifier. • Ideal for TDS levels. IQA & EMS. up to 500mg/ltr. Dual Fitting Options Unique E-Boiling + • No Electricity required. Melodious Tunes. • Advanced Ultrafication System.

• Reduce hardness. • Auto Pump Shut-off. • Automatic storage tank level controller. TDS. • Pressure regulating valve. • Auto Shut-off. • Unique E-Boiling + • EMS AG-Booster • Decalcifier.AG-Reviva • The unique Reverse Osmosis Purification. • 6-stage purification. Heavy Metal Contaminants. . • 8-liter capacity. • Special in-built pressure pump.

• Can be placed conveniently on the counter or mounted on the wall. • Special dual filter cartridge which removes suspended impurities. • 3 stage purification system. AG-Designa . • World proven UV technology destroys pathogenic bacteria and viruses. odors.• Voltage Stabilizer. • Elegant on-line water filtercum-purifier. bacteria and viruses.


• An on-board storage space to store accessories.Mild steel body . • Rotary Vario Power. • Eliminates microscopic dust mites. to clean delicate electronic gadgets. • Designed according to international standards.Variable power option • Durable . • Dust Bag "full" indicator. EuroClean Ace • Mite Buster: 100% protection against dreaded dust mites • Mite Guard: Superior 5 stage air filtration process • The widest array of accessories for all cleaning needs • Storing the Euro clean lot more easier .VACUUM CLEANING SYSTEM Futuro • Turbo Nozzle with 1300W of Deep Cleaning+.automatic cord winder • Save on electricity . • Controls on the handle make cleaning more easily.

• • • • • • • • T-Compacta Compact Powerful and efficient suction .wide service Two-year warranty.with a scratch resistant covering • Backed by nation .2000 mm water column • Auto cord winder • Dust bag full indicator Tornado Trendy .1200 watt motor power 4-stage filtration Unique in-built accessory tray facility Dust bag 'full' indicator Automatic cord winder Large wheels for easy movement balance Sturdy handle for comfortable grip • Powerful suction .

• Unique 3-in-1 Home wash system • • Ultima • • • Steam Sanitizes Keep allergies at bay Thorough cleaning Washes Vacuums • Unique 3-in-1 Home wash system • • Ultima • Steam Sanitizes Washes Vacuums .

• • Keep allergies at bay Thorough cleaning WD • Thorough wet & dry cleaning • Mite Extractor: 1000 watts of deep cleaning • Mite Guard: Superior air filtration process • Range of accessories for superior wet & dry cleaning • Storing the Euro clean lot more easier .automatic cord winder • Save on electricity .wide service • One year warranty .light weight and sturdy ABS plastic body • Backed by nation .2 power option • International styling .

. Three fan speeds.• Two optional filters to suit Users’ choice. Bigger filter area. Rugged induction motor. hence longer filter life. Higher air flow and more stages of filtration for faster and better cleaning rate. Both tabletop and wallmountable. Smart Sensors (SS) gauge the Level and kind of pollution in you’re room before purifying it. A micro controller–based logic circuit that controls its operation. • • • Genius • • • International looks. • UV Lamp that effectively kills Bacteria and germs present in the air. • Euroair • • Electrostatic filter. 4 stage purification system.

ECO FRIEND Products Features Shine • For sparkling clean floors. • Leaves a lingering fresh lavender fragrance. tables. • Excellent for cleaning all hard surfaces in the home. cooking utensils. ovens and other greasy surfaces. • Economical. • Advanced non-butyl formula tough on difficult to dislodge grime. as it is used diluted for most applications. • Quickly dissolves grease from kitchen counter-tops. . • Does not damage the original texture of surfaces. • Cleans thoroughly in just one wipe. • Powerful disinfectant kills pathogenic organisms. counter-tops and more.

• Made from imported ingredients. • Easy to use. SECURE HOMES .Grease-off • Leaves surface shining clean.

high security. RS485 formats etc. Beige colour • • SH-4 PR . Can be mounted directly on metal Without affecting its reading • Performance SPR SYRIS proximity reader is able to Interface with all existing access • Systems by WiegandTM formats.Products Features • Water resistant. SY200NT2 Max 6000 card holders • Control up to 4 doors with in/out reader Small and compact in size SMD technology • Stand alone system with group anti pass back • Multiple group anti-pass back function with PC • Programmable for different access level within • Standard size Proximity Reader. Operates indoors or outdoors. high durability and low identification error rate.


Choice of room temperature water. Instant cooling. Built-in safety features. Low cost Built-in voltage stabilizer Built-in safety mechanism User-friendly features Sleek design and tough body Water control sensor Unique flow of water Efficient after sales service at your doorstep Cooler-Purifier • • • • • • • • • • • • Naturally wholesome water. Sleek design and tough body. Efficient after sales service at your doorstep Aquaguard's international acclaimed product . International Technology.Pureguard • • • • • • 5-stage online water purification Round-the-clock safe drinking water Bubble-top attachment option Cold water Hot water Normal water Commercial • • • • • • • • • • • • Retains natural quality of water Effective 3-stage purification process International technology Special power-saving feature High volume. In-built voltage stabiliser. Aquaguard's 2 money-saving features. Last point purification. Advanced 3-stage purification process.

.  Becoming a preferred partner for the best in the world Euro champs.Strategic Direction Eureka Forbes Ltd.-the Strategic Direction  One stop shop for health and home care products.

i. Environment The intention of the institute is not to play role of an activist..e. For doing social good towards society.  Leverage on customer database. to leverage the expertise of its parent company. Build on our core competency of direct sales. Water and Air. i. but to concentrate on two of the most important environmental factors namely “Water and Air“. to have non commercial interaction with leading social bodies in achieving its goal and put maximum efforts in conserving the root of my living existence.  Flanking strategy on retail shelf.. which says: - .  Total cleaning approach for industrial and institutional customer.e. Eureka Forbes Ltd. The Institute has built a strong mission.

At the entry level. Eureka Forbes people are the perfect example of a dynamic. . To believe that the unpolluted water and air is the birth right of every Indian citizen. which is known to our customers as the friendly man from Eureka Forbes. government of civic bodies. highly motivated individual. To become an instrument of influencing Indian society and its constituents to act in a manner that reflects that these resources are not to legacy of our fore fathers that we can take for granted. 2. corporate. People 1. 3. to be repaid with interest. complement is their salesman who they call “Euro Champs”. They bring to Indian families. people with a fire in their belly come and join the company.To promote an AWARENESS of the benefits of conserving and managing the quality of our natural water and air resources. To do so by collecting and disseminating information/materials through our own resources or those of our like-minded allies who could be individuals. but a loan we have taken from our grand children. NGO’s. At the forefront of the employee.

innovative hygiene and convenient products backed by excellent service and building lasting relationship with its customers. 7. 4. 6. . they believe in promoting internal talent. They satisfy the lifestyle expectation of evolving Indian homes through innovative and value of money products have been the hallmark of Eureka Forbes Limited. Eureka Forbes is a fine example of a strong organization built by its people. 5. 8. 1. Eureka Forbes strongly believes in the old Chinese proverb. It has 140 customer response centers across 98 cities ensure that customers are never left out in the cold. They understand the importance of this asset and great stress is laid on HRD and training. grooming people from becoming successful sales personnel to become a successful leader. and the sales divisions are committed to this mission.everywhere. An industrial sales division which distributes the nilfisk range of cleaning equipments. In Eureka Forbes. Eureka Forbes Limited-Relationship Relationship begins with listening to the customers and addressing their priorities and inhibitions. A 4000 strong dealer network distributing the Forbes range of water purification system and home cleaning system.

It has got 4 manufacturing facilities at Hyderabad. Bhimtal. 5.  Over 450 franchised direct operators covering small towns over 1200 sales people.2. Certification from prestigious independent water laboratories in India and abroad for our range of WPS. A network of water testing laboratories across the country. Eureka Family  5700 Euro Champs make 40 calls a day (2. Market leaders in Aqua guard WPS. . Plus. 3. alliances with global leaders.  32000 Euro Smile champs make 10000kitchens visit a day for product services. Euro clean home cleaning system EAPS and Euro vigil electronic security solution. Meghalaya and Bommasandra with ISO 9002 certification. a growing exports market.3 lakh contacts). 6. A government recognized R 7 D center at Bommasandra. 4.

 3800 strong dealer network. (Customer database.  Over 220 distributors for industrial and commercial segment.) Dreams .  Existing 5 million friends for life.

Future Plan .

By making a transition from distributors to marketers of industrial cleaning equipment.• Eureka Forbes Ltd. • • • • The Target . Becoming a gateway to multi-national company looking to set up base in India. should be taken in the market abroad both for household and industrial cleaning equipment. Establishing Eureka Forbes as a water purifying Specialist Company. and having our ability to respond to the everchanging demand of the customers. Introducing innovations and being perceived as the best service providers in the country. Emerging as a preferred employee for youth. They will be ready with faster customer response through electronic contacts.

 Double customer based in the next 5 years. .10 billion company in the next 5 years. Becoming a Rs.  Our people will grow and share higher responsibility.  Our people will live comfortably and make a responsible amount of money that satisfies there at home.  Customer will know the euro champs by name.

DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION QUESTION: 1) Candidate willingness to join the company? .

Reputation of the Company Working Environment Salary Package Job Prospects Location of the Company Carrer Growth Oppourtunity 17% 28% 16% 11% 5% 23% .a) Reputation of the company b) Salary package c) Working environment d) Job prospect e) Location of the company f) Career growth opportunity.

QUESTION:2) Most reliable type of interview? .From the chart it can be understood that most of the candidates are inspired by the working environment of the company (28%) which resembles the personal traits of the Indians. Job prospects plays a minor role in the minds of a candidate who had already joined the company location of the company (which comprised 5%of the sample size) where majority of the employees are qualified with technical who in most of the cases dare to bother it. I can also see that matters much followed reputation of the company and salary package which comprised 17% and 16% respectively.

a) b) c) d) Behavioral Situational Structured Stress Behavioral Situational Structured Stress 7% 36% 21% 36% .

sc and B.e. The candidates are advised to ensure while applying that they fulfill the eligibility criteria and other requirements mentioned in this advertisement and that the particulars furnished by them are correct in all respects.A. In case of a tie at cut-off marks. B. According to the sample candidates. his/her candidature is liable to be rejected. the short-listed candidates will have to appear for Psychometric Test and/or Behavioral Assessment Interview followed by Personal Interview.com . B. I found that behavioral interview is most reliable and this view was supported by 36% of the sample candidates. even after appointment. all the candidates scoring cut-off marks will be called for interview. B. The Written Test papers will be objective type in nature and will be in Hindi & English. B. BBA. Candidates will be invited for Psychometric Test and/or Behavioral Assessment Interview followed by personal interview. In case of a tie at cut-off marks. while 26% structured interview and only 7% favored stress interview.BBA. If any of the above shortcomings is/are detected. . all the candidates scoring cut-off marks will be called for written test. his/her services are liable to be terminated without any no. in order of merit on the basis of Written Test performance.com will be separately arranged in descending order of merit i.sc and B. based on a percentage of aggregate marks of all the years/ semesters of professional course and only the required number (according to the ratios mentioned) starting from the top will be called for written test in each discipline of MBA.I tried to find out the most reliable type of interview according the candidates.A. They expressed different view. Corresponding to this data I have drawn a pie chart above: In EUREKA FORBES all the applications received in each branch of MBA. Similar support was begged by the situational interview. In case it is detected at any stage of recruitment process that the candidate does not fulfill the eligibility criteria and/or does not comply with other requirements of this advertisement and/ or he/she has furnished any incorrect/ false information or has suppressed any material fact(s). Based on merit and requirement.

to recruit people. according to them. Chief of .QUESTION: 3) Best way to recruit people? a) Advertisement b) Walks – ins c) Variable d) Search firms Advertisement Walks – ins Variable Search firms 40% 25% 20% 15% Chief of Corporate Relations and Candidates expressed their varied views about the best way.

Advertising helps to define exactly the need of the company. Others feel that recruiting people from search firms in a best way. so you need to think of ways to sell the attributes of the company. Corresponding to this data I have drawn a pie chart above: The aim of advertising is to make people aware that a vacancy exists and to persuade them to apply for the position. its culture. It is worth making your advertisement effective and attractive.g. and what separates it from its competitors. Good advertising highlights the assets of the position and appeals to the career needs and concerns of the desired applicants. While to 25% of the sample Chief of Corporate Relations and Candidates feel that walk-ins is best way while 20% feel that variable ways are the best. what makes It unique. philosophy and so on. as there is a high correlation between advertisements with accurate and complete information and recruitment success. values.Corporate Relations bear an opinion (about 40% of the sample) that advertisement is the best way to recruit people. Often the people you want to attract are not openly looking for a new job. e. .

Agree Disagree 94% 6% .QUESTION:4) Response given by the candidate’s about their query? Agree/Disagree.

Corresponding to this data I have drawn a pie chart. 6% ratio of unsatisfied can also be further reduced if communication system is further improved. I hereby submit my suggestion that every query by any Corporate Relations and candidates should be seriously considered and it should be dealt in depth and if at any particular time of query if proper reply/material is not available. . even than the answer must be given at a later stage after getting full information from the source available.My survey clearly concludes that response of the company to any query made by the Chief Corporate Relations was absolutely good since 94% of my survey favors to this.

D. & Interview.D. & Interview Others 85% 6% 6% 3% There are various ways of recruiting candidates in the company as depicted in the chart below:- .QUESTION: 5) How candidates are recruited in the company? a) b) c) d) Written exam Written exam & Interview Written exam. G. Others Written Exam Written Exam & Interview Written Exam. G.

Actual recruitment procedure followed by the company is by conducting written examination followed by interview which comprised 85% of my sample survey of 25 candidates. GD& interview comprising only 6% and others comprising only 3%.From the chart it is quiet clear that the company adopts various processes for recruiting the right candidate. But still some candidates are also chosen through written exam. Eligible candidates will be invited for objective type written test at their own expense. In case of a tie at cut-off marks. In Other words all the applications received in each candidate will be separately arranged in descending order of merit i. based on a percentage of aggregate marks of all the years/ semesters of professional course and only the required number (according to the ratios mentioned) starting from the top will be called for written test.e. QUESTION: 6) Job specification of the response of the Candidate? . The Written Test papers will be objective type in nature and will be in Hindi & English. all the candidates scoring cut-off marks will be called for written test. These ‘others’ include the reference of the existing employees within the organization itself.

Yes/No Yes No 97% 3% .

Still some employees who comprised only 2. So from the company’s perspective it is a good sign for the overall growth & development.Almost all the candidates got the specified jobs offered to them. This implies that the company has the organized manpower planning and well organized recruitment policy as shown in the following chart: From the chart above it crystal clear that the candidates get exactly the same job as specified. .33% of my sample study.

QUESTION: 7) Attitude of Chief Corporate Relations manager ? a) Good b) c) Very Good Excellent Good Very Good Excellent 13% 30% 57% .

R. Corresponding to this data I have drawn a pie chart From the chart it is crystal clear that the attitude of Chief Corporate Relations Manager is whole heartedly accepted . which ultimately will increase efficiency. This will definitely boost the morale by me. 30% was Very Good and 45% was the attitude of Chief Corporate Relations Manager is excellent.The chart above depicts that the satisfied with the attitude of Chief Corporate Relations Manager of Business Schools and Graduate Colleges. 13% was Good attitude. Manager can become the ideal of their colleagues & subordinates. & working for my project resulting in better growth of the company. Moreover such behavior of H. Thus by every means company is profitable. .

QUESTION: 8) The primary source of information for recruiting people should be ? a) Managerial b) c) d) Testing Recruiters themselves Job analysis Managerial Testing Recruiters themselves Job analysis 40% 20% 15% 25% .

However.the primary source of recruiting people is Managerial.THE PRIMARY SOURCE OF INFORMATION FOR RECRUITING PEOPLE SHOULD BE :- According to the sample . Whenever the process of Recruitment is to be carried out. . Managerial source of Recruiting people should be heavily considered. Testing & Recruiters Themselves source are the second most favored source of Recruiting people.

Advertisement in publications and recruitment booklets and information sheets for applicants were found to be the most frequently and the least frequently used method of managerial recruitment. . Newspaper advertisement was found to be the most preferred technique. while advertisement in the technical and professional journals was the least preferred technique for managerial recruitment in EUREKA FORBES.

QUESTION: 9) Opinion about Eureka Forbes? a) Good b) c) Very Good Excellent .

. 35% was Very Good and 55% was Excellent.Good Very Good Excellent 10% 35% 55% OPINION ABOUT EUREKA FORBES : From the chart it is crystal clear that the opinion about Eureka Forbes of Chief corporate Relations Managers and students of Business school and Graduate colleges were 10% was Good.


RECOMMENDATIONS. CONCLUSION AND CASE STUDY FINDINGS 1. the most effective way of recruitment is through advertising. . In Eureka Forbes.FINDINGS.

9. RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Campus Recruitment in External Recruitment is mostly used in Eureka forbes ltd. Employee referrals is the important component in internal recruitment. 8. Recruitment procedure is not fully computerized. who are demanding high amount of fees.2. Length of recruitment cycle is between 1 – 6 months. Fresh requisition requires approval and not replacement. . Manpower’s are recruited from private placement consultancy. Eureka Forbes is currently filling the post of Customer Sales Specialist. 6. 7. External recruitment and internal recruitment are the methods of Recruitment in Eureka Forbes. 2. 5. Eureka Forbes scans the resumes mostly based on educational qualification and experience. 4.The dead CVs should be destroyed. 3.

CONCLUSION Studying the recruitment procedures of EUREKA FORBES. Manager and above category of employees. efficiency etc. at least Asst.Each level of employee should be formally inducted and introduced to the Departmental Head. 4. 9.External source should be given equal importance with internal source. It has a separate personnel department which is entrusted with the task of carrying out its various roles efficiently.. 5.Proper salary structure to be structured to attract people and make it tax effective.Proper enquiry should be done regarding previous employment of a candidate before recruitment to avoid industrial disputes.3. By which new brain will be inducted in the company with skill.Salary comparison should be seriously done to retain the old employees.Cost benefit analysis should be alone before creating a position or recruitment of manpower.Manpower planning should be followed before recruiting. analyzing the respondents answers. 7. If not all levels. talent. opinion survey and data analysis it came to conclusion that EUREKA FORBES is a growing Company. The business of EUREKA FORBES is carried on in a very . 8. 6.

machines all things will not be properly utilized. It always try to modernize the department. money. At the time of difficulty it takes necessary action to solve the problem. machines. So it always recruits manpower in a scientific manner. Now the personnel department of Eureka Forbes is in infancy stage. CASE STUDY The Applicant Databank is A Central Repository of Applicant related information. material. In the absence of right man.Direct and Through Requisition Direct . It always tries to develop the human resources. methods and motivation are failure. Management understands the business game very well. material.scientific manner. It strongly believes in manpower position of the organization because it knows in the absence of ‘M’ for man all ‘Ms’ like money. The Recruitment Process has different options.

Qualification as required from the Requisition. which can be executed effectively to get the best fits for the vacant positions. Hence. Through Requisitions: The Requisition Process(an official written demand) comprises of Manpower Requisitions from the organization. After clearing the evaluation process an offer letter is given to the selected applicants. Selection is one area where the interference of external factors is minimal. Hence the HR department can use its discretion in framing its selection policy and using various selection tools for the best results. These case lets discuss the importance of having an effective recruitment and selection policy. In today's rapidly changing business environment.: The Candidate required for a vacant position in the organization is Searched from the applicant Data Bank and given offer. The Short Listed Applicants are then called for an evaluation process that is based on predefined steps for the respective positions. Experience. it is important to have a well-defined recruitment policy in place. Selecting the wrong candidate or rejecting the right candidate could turn out to be costly mistakes for the organization. organizations have to respond quickly to requirements for people. skill set. If the Applicant is rejected or on Hold during Evaluation process. the Applicant goes back to the Applicant Data Bank with appropriate status. . After Approval of the Requisitions the Applicants are short listed from the Applicant Data Blank based on the position.

generally recruitment is conducted leveraging technology. and also at this website. which requires submission of applications ‘on-line’ only. You may look out for such advertisements in the “Employment News”. whenever vacancies for these positions are sanctioned. the recruitment for these position is conducted according to the process which will be described in detail in open advertisement issued.. The broad job-specifications are as under: JOB SPECIFICATIONS For CUSTOMER SALES SPECIALIST . where it will also be hosted when issued. Norms of EUREKA FORBES recruitment : EUREKA FORBES mainly recruits Sales person’s. some broad features are given below: 1. Once vacancies are sanctioned.They discuss the importance of a good recruitment and selection process that starts with gathering complete information about the applicant from his application form and ends with inducting the candidate into the organization. containing no. is published in National Dailies. For these positions. of vacancies.For the positions ofCUSTOMER SALES SPECIALIST Normally above recruitments are centrally conducted for various units of EUREKA FORBES and detailed advertisement. However. job-specifications. selection process etc.

Full time regular Diploma in engineering in the relevant discipline with minimum 60% marks in the aggregate of marks of all years/semesters (relaxable to 55% for SC/ST candidates) from a recognized Indian university/institute.Full time regular Bachelor’s Degree in B. Tata McGrow-Hill Publishing Company Limited. are shortlisted for inviting for written test and interview. New Delhi. BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS :  Aswathappa k (2005) Human Resource And Personal Management. Fifth Edition. The process by which the candidates.com from a recognized Indian University/Institute in the relevant discipline with minimum 60% marks in the aggregate of marks of all years. who apply. .sc/B. is described in detail in the advertisements issued.A/B. Upper Age Limit : 27 years for Graduates 29 years for Post-Graduate The selection process involves on All India based written test followed by interview.

com  www. Seventh Edition.com  www. Fourth Edition.V. Fourth Edition.  Mamoria C. INTERNET :  www. Volume 41.P (2007) Personnel And Human Resource Management.eurekaforbes.(2005) Personnel Management.  Rao.  Subba Rao. Himalaya Publishing House.google.. Second Edition. Excel Books. 2010. 2010.com ANNEXURE . 2010. Subba Rao. Himalaya Publishing House.. V. Issue 10.P (2005) Human Resource Management.  People Management – 26th July. Mumbai.Gankar S.  Business Today – July.V. MAGAZINE & JOURNAL :  The Indian Management – A journal of Indian Management Association – July.S.Essential of Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations.com  www.googleimage. New Delhi.humanresuorceabout.

Candidate willingness to join the company a)Reputation of the company b)Salary package c)Working Environment d)Job Prospect e)Location of the company f)Carrer growth oppourtunity.Response given by the candidates about their query Agree/Disagree 5.SURVEY QUESTIONAIRE Questionnaire : 1.Most reliable type of interview a)Behavioral b)Situational c)Stress 3. 2.Best way to recruit people a)Advertisement b)Walk-ins c)Search firms 4.How candidates are recruited in the company .

Attitude of H.R. G.D and interview 6.Opinion about Eureka Forbes a)Good b)Very good c)Excellent. Manager a)Good b)Very good c)Excellent 8. .a)Written Exam b)Written Exam & Interview c)Written Exam.The primary source of information for recruiting people should be a)Managerial b)Testing c)Recruiters themselves d)Job analysis 9.Job specification of the response of the candidates Yes/No 7.

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