Ryan Martin

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Usability Studies

Performance Accuracy Recall Emotional Response

Outgoing Sales-Minded Futurist looking to
Assist in raising the standard on technology user experience I am looking for a position that practically applies my experience in sales, event marketing, IT support, interest in future mobile technologies, documentation and training, and materials management in a way that gives me experience in performing field usability studies.

Core Competencies

Selected Achievements

Tactical Planning Effective Questioning and Listening Establishing Focus Cooperation / Teamwork Attention to Communication Interpersonal Awareness Resource Management Technologically Adept Interpretation of Converging Information Effective Recruiter

Successfully researched, test deployed, and created dozens of change management systems for a Documentation Process for over 200 active entities including Engineers, Frontline Support, and Management. Directly due to my actions managed to lead a 501c3 eWaste company into it’s first sustainable quarter in 8 years with a campaign that involved changes in training, staffing, warehouse management, inventory control, and b2b relationship model. Hired and trained an emergency staff in 24 hours that completed a 6,000 workstation deployment over multiple physical sites and completed the project ahead of original schedule.

Experience Showcase
Indiana University 2008-2009 Frontline Support Technician

Started with a frontline technician position supporting engineers oncall supporting numerous international, national, and regional fiber optic networks. Excelled in the position and was recognized for attention spent updating and finding problems in the documentation system. Was put in charge of finding and exploring options for new processes and software, including communicating with vendors and calculating costs in labor and resources. Began as a volunteer teacher and administrative assistant to the CEO of the 501c3. I was recognized as an organized and valuable member of the staff and was hired as a staff member. I quickly planned, proposed, and implemented a complete restructuring of the operation. The responsibility I had taken onto myself was recognized by giving me the title Director of Operations and given most daily administrative duties. I spent much of my early professional career as an Independent Contractor for many different types of project and client. This includes field/event marketing and brand ambassadorship projects, commissioned sales, short term IT projects, security system design and implementation, and much more.

Virtual Scavenger Project 2006-2008 Director of Operations

Independent Contractor

References available on request.



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