B.E/B.Tech DEGREE EXAMINATION, MAY/JUNE 2009 Sixth Semester Information Technology CS 1253 –VISUAL PROGRAMMING (Regulation 2004) Time: Three hours Maximum:100 marks Answer ALL questions PART A – (10*2=20 marks)

1. Give the syntax for the message box function in Windows programming. 2. What is the purpose of WM_CREATE message in Windows? 3. What is the need for InvalidateRect function in MFC? 4. List the member variables of the CRect class in MFC. 5. What is meant by the message map macro in VC++? 6. What are the messages used for tracking the sizing operation in MFC? 7. What is the purpose of AddRef function in COM? 8. Give the functionality of IDispatch interface in COM programming. 9. What is the use of OLE DB? 10. What is the purpose of CDaoQueryDef class in MFC?

PART B – (5*16=80 marks)

11. (a) Write a Windows program to create our own brush option and display lines with it. [Marks 16] Or (b) (i) Write a Windows program to display a window. [Marks 8] (ii) Give the functionalities of the Create Window function. [Marks 8] 12. (a) Write an MFC program to create a window and attach menu bar and toolbar in it.[16 marks] Or (b) Explain how a modal dialog is created in VC++ . Explain with code to create a student entry record dialog with member variables for student name, roll number and marks. Display the average mark of the student in the same dialog box after calculation. [Marks16] 13. (a) (i) Explain the different document-view architecture components of VC++. [Marks 8] (ii) Discuss how the document data are presented in the views associated with it. [8 Marks] Or (b) (i) Explain how the static splitter window is created in VC++. [8 marks] (ii) Describe the code for implementing a dynamic two way splitter window. [8 Marks] 14. (a) Explain how the COM components are created with the IUnknown interface and the QueryInterface member function. [16 Marks] Or (b) (i) Explain how the MFC automation EXE component is created in VC++. [Marks 8] (ii) Develop the corresponding client program to access the component. [8 Marks]

15. (a) (i) Create an application to access the student database (assume the necessary fields and data). Access the database table in a scrolling view. [10 Marks] (ii) Explain how multiple record sets are accessed from the database. [6 Marks] Or (b) (i) Explain the various MFC classes available for database programming. [5 Marks] (ii) What are the functionalities of the CRowView class of the MFC system.[5 Marks] (iii) What are the functionalities of the CTableSelect class generated by the class wizard? [Marks 6]