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NEW! Committed to Christ:
Six Steps to a Generous Life by Bob Crossman This six-week campaign includes a kickoff Sunday and six weeks of sermons, worship, study, and devotions around the six commitments of Christian discipleship: prayer, Bible reading, worship, service, financial giving, and witness. Abingdon Press Coming in May 2012

A six-week stewardship program that presents giving as a lifelong journey in Christian discipleship

Program Guide with CD-ROM. Program description, schedules, team roles, sermon illustrations, worship helps, letters, commitment cards. CD-ROM includes art, files, schedules, and task lists. 9781426743511 $39.00 Adult Readings and Study Book. Small group participant book to encourage and inspire. 9781426743528 $13.00 Small Group Leader Guide. Discussion questions, activities, and customizable sessions. 9781426743535 $14.00 DVD. Pre-worship gathering time loops and sermon illustration lead-ins for an introductory sermon on stewardship. 843504026929 $29.00 Boxed Kit. Contains the Program Guide with CD-ROM, Adult Readings and Study Book, Small Group Leader Guide, DVD, and a free CD-ROM with devotions and social media content. 843504028886 $80.00

Six Steps to a Generous Life
by Bob Crossman. An affordable, pocket-sized book, based on Committed to Christ and designed to help readers cultivate a thankful heart that leads to giving in all areas of their lives. Abingdon Press 9781426746901 $1.99

Committed to Christ The Birth of a Program

A dozen years ago I became the pastor of a new church. After we had grown to 450 in worship, all of us wanted the church to step up to the next level. That was the birth of Committed to Christ: Six Steps to a Generous Life. Over the next few months I designed a strategy to invite my church and others to begin a journey of faith. The result was a six-week stewardship program that in truth is a comprehensive discipleship program.

Committed to Christ presents giving as a lifelong journey, beginning with the allimportant decision to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. Following that decision, within the program commitments are made, week by week, in six specific areas:
• • • • • • Prayer Bible Reading Worship Service Financial Giving Witness

Each week’s emphasis is explored in worship, sermons, and small groups. With each step, church members joyfully commit to growth, improvement, and new goals. When we implemented the program in my church, within a year the number of pledging households increased by 17%, the amount pledged increased 58%, and the actual offering receipts grew by 64%. More importantly, the congregation embraced the spirit of the program, accepting the challenge of accomplishing all six steps. The vitality of the church surged forward as commitments were made, and kept. If your church adopts the program, your members will no longer say, “The only time the church thinks of me is when they want money.” Instead, they can truthfully say, “My church expects a lot.” —Rev. Bob Crossman

Rev. Bob Crossman has over 35 years of experience as a pastor and has served as pastor or staff member in congregations from 13 to 3000 members. As Director of the New Church Leadership Institute for the Arkansas Conference of the United Methodist Church and a Ministry Strategist with Horizons Stewardship, he conducts workshops across the country on topics of wholistic stewardship, developing a vision, and overcoming growth barriers in a range of settings from new church starts to established congregations. Bob has been the recipient of the Denman Evangelism Award and received a doctorate from SMU in evangelism.

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