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AnLerlor LeeLh selecLlon

Pow we selecL anLerlor LeeLh Lhe maln Lhlng LhaL we use for anLerlor
LeeLh (Lhe maln crlLerla) LhaL we frequenLly Lalked abouL (when we Lalk
abouL compleLe denLure)
1 luncLlon (occluslon)
2 LsLheLlcs
3 honeLlcs (speech)
*** 8uL whaL ls Lhe mosL lmporLanL Lhlng for anLerlor LeeLh selecLlon???
lL ls malnly esthet|cs funcLlon ls Lhere and phoneLlcs comes ln close
second (as same as funcLlon) buL esLheLlcs ls whaL prlmary concern us
for anLerlor LeeLh
Many paLlenLs wlll Lold youl don'L care how Lhe LeeLh look llke l [usL
wanL Lo chew and when you flnlsh Lhe denLure he wlll hold lL and sald
l don'L wanL Lhls and Lhls So belleve me everybody care abouL hls
appearance and every paLlenL ls lnLeresLed ln Lhe way Lhey look
" -~= -~' '~- ' ' 100 -~ , --~ -~= .-= , +=~' '~+- '~-` "
So you as a denLlsL have Lhe ueclslon because you have lnformaLlon
LhaL paLlenL canL undersLand
" '-~`' '-=' = ~ -~ ~-= ~=~ -= -~' "
MosL paLlenLs noL all usually lf you show Lhem Lhe LeeLh Lhey wlll
choose Lhe smallesL and Lhe whlLesL Lype (?ou know LhaL we have
dlfferenL slzes of LeeLh shapes and shades) 1o undersLand Lhls polnL
LeeLh geL darker wlLh age eaLlng and wlLh smoklng Lhey change Lhelr
color so lL ls noL naLural Lo see Lhe same shape of LeeLh or color ln old
paLlenLs (3060) and young paLlenLs (13 20 ) for example

JhaLs abouL posLerlor LeeLh??? Je selecL Lhem for masLlcaLory
funcLlon (accordlng Lo anaLomy Lo faclllLaLe Lhe chew) So be
careful ln selecLlng Lhe rlghL slze shape " ~ -~' -~
Je have dlfferenL guldes for selecLlng anLerlor LeeLh
Je can use
*preexLracLlon record Maybe hls LeeLh before exLracLlon look ugly
maybe Lhelr shape ls noL nlce buL Lhey provlde me wlLh lnformaLlon
And you can have preexLracLlon casLs denLal x8ays or phoLographs
for Lhe paLlenL whlle he ls smlllng l ask Lhe paLlenL Lo glve me a
phoLograph (l can Lake from lL lnformaLlon LhaL Lhe paLlenL canL Lhlnk
LhaL lL ls helpful llke lf he has dlasLema or someLhlng else can be helpful
Lo glve Lhe denLure naLural vlew)
" -' =-' '-~`' =- "
Some paLlenLs say my LeeLh were perfecL 8uL whaL does perfecL mean?
lL ls an average beLween paLlenLs
?ou know LhaL all Lhe sLeps LhaL we follow Lo fabrlcaLe compleLe denLure
are for paLlenLs LhaL donL have old ones So ln case wlLh paLlenL has an
old denLure we can sLarL from zero or we can do someLhlng called copy
denture l Lake an lmpresslon of an old denLure lnslde Lhe copy we Lake
lmpresslon and we use Lhe denLure dupllcaLe as cusLom Lray and as a
record blockSo we use an old dupllcaLe for new lmpresslon and blLe
~= == +~-~ '== -=-~ =-- (

?ou wlll learn abouL lL ln Lhe 4
year lnshallaa
So old denLures are good Lo know whaL Lo do and whaL noL Lo do
And Lhey are helpful ln all sLages because lf Lhe old denLure ls good l wlll
copy as much as l can from lL and lf lL ls bad lLs also lmporLanL Lo know
whaL was lrrlLaLlng Lhe paLlenL
lf your paLlenL has an old denLure you can [usL modlfy lL lf lL has small

*1he second gulde ls
9ft|ents ffc|f chfrfcter|st|cs uenLlsLs found or Lhey llke Lo Lhlnk LhaL
Lhe shape of Lhe face can help us Lo selecL Lhe shape of LeeLh lf Lhe
paLlenL has Lrlangular face we selecL Lrlangular LeeLh ovold or round
(face) 8ound or ovold LeeLh
~'- _= .-=- ... '-~= `~ -= '~-
Je may flnd a paLlenL has ovold face buL he had square LeeLh
1here are no sclenLlflc bases for Lhls even Lhough ln pasL Lhey used
Lhem a loL ln denLlsLry buL we can use lL as a sLarLlng polnL

*1he Lhlrd gulde ls ender we selecL mascullne more rugged
sharper edges and angles LeeLh for male and more polnLed canlnes
lemale LeeLh are more rounded 1hey may noL look llke Lhls ln naLure
buL Lhls whaL we do when selecLlng LeeLh

* 1he fourLh gulde ls Arch s|ze shfpe Lhe slze of Lhe paLlenLs
mouLh wlll deLermlne Lhe slze of Lhe LeeLh LhaL we wlll use
Also Lhe arch of [aw has dlfferenL shapes Square arch form Pas a
square LooLh mosL of Lhe Llme
eople wlLh Lapered or vshaped arch form have Lapered LeeLh
Cvold arch form has ovold LeeLh

*1he flfLh Culde ls personf|ty ln my oplnlon Lhls ls Lhe mosL
lmporLanL Lhlnglf Lhe paLlenL ls golng Lo smlle a loL Lhls wlll affecL
shape seLLlng of LeeLh
1he fe also ls very lmporLanL because young LeeLh are sharper buL
older LeeLh are wearlng and have rounded edges so we may modlfy Lhe
LeeLh so LhaL Lhey look naLural

Je have many cholces of slzes and shades and shapes so our [ob ls Lo
narrow down Lhe cholces

llrsL Lhlng we choose Lhe slze Lhen Lhe shape (roundedovoldsquared)
afLer LhaL Lhe lengLh and flnally we selecL Lhe shade
Je already Lalked abouL how Lo deLermlne Lhe slze of LeeLh whlch ls by
Lhe llne from Lhe lnLercanLhus of Lhe eye Lo Lhe corner of Lhe mouLh Lo
mark Lhe lnLer canlne llne
8egardlng Lhe lengLh we do a smlle llne represenL usually 2/3 of Lhe
lablal surface

8egardlng Lhe color (shade ) Lhere ls hue (Lhe color lLself) chroma (Lhe
concenLraLlon of Lhe color) and value (how llghL or dark Lhe color ls)

now ln Lhe cllnlc l locaLe Lhe mldllne on Lhe record blocks Lhe mldllne
should be ln harmony wlLh Lhe face noL necessary on Lhe frenum as
some people have devlaLed faclal sLrucLures such as Lhe nose
AfLer LhaL l relax Lhe paLlenL and draw a llne from Lhe ala of Lhe nose Lo
Lhe ala of Lhe nose 1hose llnes represenL Lhe cusps Llps of Lhe canlnes
lf l measure Lhe dlsLance beLween Lhe cusp Llps l can know Lhe wldLh of
Lhe anLerlor LeeLh
l can draw Lhe llne Lo Lhe angle of Lhe mouLh aL relaxed poslLlon as lL
represenLs Lhe dlsLal of Lhe canlne now elLher l measure Lhe dlsLance
wlLh a flexlble ruler or mark Lhe Lwo llnes wlLh a floss and measure lL

8y Asal [um3ah shalash
1hanks for my slsLers Lsraa sale7 she3 2hmaad do3a2 3aled 7modeh
hadeel nzeh 3o6bbaaa ?ou glve my day rawnaq 3as nyaalee )
J2keed l2m el [ar C el[waar hadeel 2bdelrza2 elloz Lhanks all