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A1 Final Exam Spring 2011

note to instructor: track 9 on Workbook CD.
Directions: Answer the following questions after you listen to the three conversations.

Conversation 1 1. Where did this conversation take place?

2. What do the two people want, respectively?

Conversation 2 3. What do the two people want, respectively?

4. What do you think will happen next?

Conversation 3 5. What do you think the relationship is between the two?

6. What do the two people want, respectively?

Directions: Tell me about a recent argument that you had with somebody. You have 1 minute to plan, and 3 minutes to tell me:

-What was the argument about? -What were you arguing for? -What was the other person arguing for? -What would you have done differently?

A) Conditional (worth 1 point each) Directions: Circle the correct form of the boldface verbs. 1. If I had known, I have paid/would have paid/had paid/will have paid more attention to the comment that upset her. 2. If I was/were/will be/had been angry, I would have tried to calm down by counting to ten. 3. If we go/will go to France, we visit/will visit your best friend s she does not get mad. 4. I buy/will buy some new clothes if I find/will find a new job. 5. If he were a young man, he was/will be/ would be/ able to walk faster.

B) Gerunds / Infinitives (worth .5 point each) Directions: Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the verb in parentheses. Use the negative if necessary. Elsa: Hey, are you OK? You look upset! Kira: Actually, I dont feel like (1. talk) ____________right now. I need (2. be) ___________ alone. Elsa: What happened? (3. talk) _______________ might help, you know. Im your sister. Maybe I can help. Kira: All right, but you promise (4. tell) _________________ anyone? Elsa: Sure, what is it? Kira: You know Juan in my chemistry class? (5. work) _______________with him is just impossible. He never stops (6. complain)______________! He puts off (7. do) _____________ his share of the work. And hes always late for meetings. I really miss (8. work)_____________ with my old partner, Maria. Shes so funny and has a great attitude. Elsa: To be honest, I think youre the problem, not your partner. Why dont you stop (9. focus) ___________ on all the negative things and start (10. notice) ___________ the positive things? Im sure Juan has some good qualities. Kira: Hmm, he is actually pretty funny. And hes open-minded. He appreciates and learns from the opinions of others. Elsa: There you go! Think about that next time you meet. C) Passive Voice (worth 1 point each) Directions: Change each sentence from active voice to passive voice. 1. Leonardo DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa in 1506. _________________________________________________ 2. The king of France bought the painting in 1516.

_________________________________________________ 3. Napoleon Bonaparte took the painting after the French Revolution. _________________________________________________

4. An art thief stole the painting in 1911 from the Louvre. _________________________________________________

5. Now, bullet proof glass protects the Mona Lisa. _________________________________________________

Writing Directions: Answer the question below in an essay format. Remember to check your grammar and spelling.

When people attempt to solve problems, they are hope to bring about change in a situation. Write about problem you have. What change would you like to occur?

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