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Africa: Church & State try to cover up its mass murder & torture of thousands of children
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMJvxCc8PQQ&feature=channel_video_title The Protect Your Children Foundation (www.protegeatushijos.org) has been investigating the massive cover up taking place in Africa by with the recent "Commission" put in place - which is just a mannerism by the Church and State to cover up this massive scandal... The Situation Children in Africa are being deemed 'witches' by evil pastors and priests. They have entire communities fooled into believing this lie. The priests and pastors then pose as the "heroes" by offering a way to rid of the so-called "demons" for anywhere between $10-$50 - it may not seem like much until one realizes that the average person makes $100 per year there. Since families cannot afford this ceremony, they opt to abandon the children. Abandoned children are then raped, abused and tortured - the Catholic Church then offers the children "orphanages", generating great money from the outside countries that send money for these corrupt institutions, where the children are further abused. It is not the interest of the Vatican to end this organized crime, since they generate substantial profits from Africa. In fact, the criminal Pope - Joseph Ratzinger - dared to visit Africa and there he told Africans to abstain from using condoms since this "makes the aids crisis worse". You read correctly! He does not want Africans to use condoms as more children means more supply for child trafficking, rape, abuse, prostitution, exploitation and more children to sell. Spain media was so outraged to learn of such evil spoken by the Pope in November 2011 that they have proposed to send over 1 million condoms immediately to Africans. As you can see, the Pope thinks he can continue to fool this nation since it’s his big money maker. But that's not all. Since Channel 4 in UK released a documentary to expose the evil witchcraft money making scheme that religions have implemented in Africa - the churches and government were outraged since the world is discovering the crimes they have been committing using the name of Christ. So they proposed to establish a "Commission" in December 2010 - a supposed inquiry or investigation into these crimes. In June 2011, they published their ridiculous recommendations stating that only 2 children had died for this - yet even from one of the videos we have posted there is a bishop that admitted to killing 110 children himself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hFW_z75IRo In another video, one can see 5 people being burned alive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2BRp1kQv3Y

Shame on this government for fornicating with the Great Harlot to cover up the crimes of these evil religions by publishing such lies! You can look into who makes up the board for this commission and you will find that Priests are involved. (See: www.jh.to/board) The very ones committing the crimes are the ones recommending the "solution" - how convenient! It gets worse. The recommendation of this hypocrite commission is to ban the documentary made by Channel 4, and to gather all monies and donations collected from this documentary and force them to render it to the government. Wow! You can see for yourself: www.jh.to/commission And finally, they have dared to further recommend to place these children in residential schools. (See: www.jh.to/board) Now, recall what we have been learning about the globalized organized crime implemented by these so-called religious "residential schools". In Canada alone, over 150,000 children were tortured, abused and 50% were murdered in such schools. In USA, the same took place upon 125,000 children and in Ireland, the Ryan Report admits to over 30,000 children also abused and tortured in over 225 residential schools nationwide. Enough is enough! The Great Harlot - the Catholic Church - and all of its daughters - Protestants, Presbyterians, Evangelists, Methodists, Mennonites, etc. - are being exposed worldwide. Very soon we will see the soon destruction of this evil and corrupt religious system. Just retribution is about to manifest, and the Protect Your Children Foundation along with VaticanCrimes.us are honored to document these truths until the very last door of these evil religious organizations are closed forever. For more information, visit: http://www.VaticanCrimes.us and http://www.protegeatushijos.org ABOUT ‘PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN’ FOUNDATION: ProtegeATusHijos.org was established with the purpose of investigating the atrocious crimes committed against children around the world by men and women who use the name of God to gain their trust and commit evil acts against them. The Foundation counts with hundreds of collaborators in 30 nations with the compromise of unmasking these criminals who most often are never brought to jail. For more information, visit: www.ProtegeATusHijos.org or www.vaticancrimes.us Press Contact: Spanish Media: Sonia Fox - contactanos@protegeatushijos.org English Media: Axel Cooley - prensa@protegeatushijos.org Portuguese Media: Priscila Rezende contato@protejateusfilhos.org ###

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