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How to Overcome the Fear of Lack
Author: Dr. Creflo A. Dollar

Negative news reports of recession and economic chaos are constantly broadcast through various media outlets with the objective of planting fear of lack in your heart. However, you do not have to allow fear to take root in your heart. Fear is contaminated faith and will create an access point for the enemy into your life. Overcome the fear of lack by refusing to receive any words that contradict what God's Word says about provision.

A. Fear is a spirit that does not come from God (2 Timothy 1:6, 7). 1. If you tolerate fear on any level, it will contaminate your faith. a. b. c. d. e. Fear gives Satan access into your life. Fear and unbelief are tied together. It is impossible to please God without faith. Identify the areas in which you do not believe God's Word. The primary fear Satan wants you to receive is the fear that God's Word will not work in your life. B. Overcome the fear of lack. 1. Recognize lack is an enemy and God will wipe it out. a. b. 2. The Lord will cause the enemies that rise against you to be smitten before your face (Deuteronomy 28:7). The plagues of the world shall not be upon you; or destroy you (Exodus 12:13, 14). The power of God is available to supply all your needs. a. b. For 40 years the Israelites did not lack anything in the wilderness (Deuteronomy 2:7). Jesus told the disciples to go on a journey and take nothing with them (Luke 9:3-5). i. c. d. 4:12). If you seek the Lord, you will not lack any beneficial thing (Psalm 34:10). The disciples lacked nothing while on their journey (Luke 22:35). Walk honorably toward others and you will lack nothing (1 Thessalonians

Scripture References: • • • • • • • • • • 2 Timothy 1:6. activating our faith.e. Our job is to fight the good fight of faith and remain steadfast where God’s Word is concerned. inactive. and trials. If you do not deal with unbelief. As Christians. they have everything to do with the bad choices we have made. i. lazy. and rising up in the authority invested in us through Jesus Christ.14 Deuteronomy 2:7 Luke 9:3-5 Luke 22:35 1 Thessalonians 4:12 Psalm 34:10 Hosea 4:6 Joshua 18:2. we can end up going through unnecessary affliction and . dull of perception. Seven tribes did not receive their inheritance because they were slow to believe and receive (Joshua 18:2. you will not receive God's best. but. they are inevitable. When we refuse to follow God’s instructions and do things His way. in life. persecution. By refusing to be moved from what God has said in the Bible. and slow to believe.3 • Winning in Battle Creflo Dollar • • There is no point in trying to avoid battles because. 7 Deuteronomy 28:7 Exodus 12 :13. f. we can walk out of any battle triumphant. However. God says people are destroyed. To be slack is to be slow to move. the dilemmas we find ourselves in have nothing to do with the devil. God has promised us absolute victory in every situation we face. 3). we are guaranteed to experience affliction. adversity. • Many times. ii. or cut off because they lack knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

Actually. what is in your heart in abundance will come out of your mouth eventually and make known what you really believe anyway. we also believe. Second Corinthians 4:13 says. our faith is evident by what we say. according as it is written. but He loves us so much. If we claim the promise of God that says we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. His grace is His willingness to get involved in our situations and circumstances. • Verse 15 of that same chapter reveals another important key to victory in battle. When you speak what you believe. As it relates to the Believer. which is more than enough to fight off anything the devil throws at you. Trouble won’t last always. God’s love is in hot pursuit of us. “For all things are for your sakes. it releases His grace. you must speak.hardship. You have been equipped with God’s Word.” I don’t know about you. You win! • Be sure to stop by our online bookstore for resources to help you be victorious in every area of your life! Dealing With Hurt in the Family Author: Creflo A. and therefore speak. find out what God says and put it in your mouth. • How you handle yourself in the midst of the battle makes the difference. It’s not that we deserve it. I believed. and therefore have I spoken. • I want to encourage you to remain immovable when you’re going through a tough time. But even when this happens. Whatever is coming against you. you send a message to the devil that says you are fighting back and you are winning. but I need God to get involved in my battles! This scripture clearly says that when we actively engage the power of thanksgiving by giving God thanks for everything He has done and for who He is. “We having the same spirit of faith.” Whatever you believe. We can have confidence He is standing by to help us. that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of God. we demonstrate our belief first and foremost by declaring it. Dollar . It is the sword of the Spirit and will cut to pieces the snares of the enemy. even when we make senseless mistakes. He can’t help but intervene when we use the big gun of thanksgiving as a weapon. • Using the Word of God during spiritual battles is guaranteed to get results. which is His unmerited favor. One of the most important things we can do is be mindful of the power of words.

Hurt will distort your decisions and perspective on life. It is not self-centered and it endures through everything. a. With agapé love. Carnal. a. a. The institution of the family cannot exist successfully on a foundation of selfishness. A. Emotions talk to you. you can have successful relationships with others. Hurt will make you bitter and prevent you from going forward. Words can pierce like a sword (Proverbs 12:18. When you have a successful relationship with God. 3. Deal with hurt the right way. 1. iii. you will have to respect your children as brothers and sisters in the Lord. wife. but they are not to govern our lives. c. e. Negative emotions move you away from the will of God. Do not try to build relationships on a foundation of hurt. 2. a. f. father. God's love is the foundation for every successful promise He has made in His Word. you cannot depend on feelings because they change. v. God gives you the opportunity to train them up in the principles of God's Word. ii. b. Do not use your hurt as an excuse to be selfish. what shall the righteous do? B. The curse that took place in the Garden of Eden was the curse of being emotionally. mother. Obey the Word of God as a Christian first. b. Selfishness only produces more problems in relationships. The two most powerful forces on Earth are love and selfishness. 5. . Emotions are feelings on the inside caused by pain or pleasure. i. Treat your spouse as your brother or sister in Christ. Satan came in as a serpent. then as a husband. c.ruled. Children are assignments. Agapé love will resolve any family problem. emotional love comes with conditions. The family is to be built on the foundation of the love of God. b. c. 1. Develop in agapé love. 4. God gave us emotions. Hurt comes in like a serpent and robs people of all God wants them to be. or child. b. which is our foundation. Emotions are the "serpents" that attack our minds.Summary: The family is a force wherein its members do good to one another without conditions. Satan is using the same weapons he used in the Garden of Eden to destroy families today (Genesis 3:1-8). designed to move you in a certain direction. Hurt is based in selfishness. there are no conditions. If the foundations are destroyed. Agapé love pays no attention to the wrong done to it. Eventually. a. g. AMP). d. iv.

vi. a. Allow a strong brother or sister to speak a Word to you when you need it. success comes from within. c. Scripture References: • • • • Genesis 3:1-8 Proverbs 12:18. and you can trust that He will enable . b. a. The act of winning the battle is called conquest. Hurt turns to anger. 4. Hardening your heart. It is the act of conquering. you have been made a conqueror through Jesus. Dollar Did you know that you have the ability to overcome every negative situation that you face? Battles are a part of life. c. i. You cannot hear from God when your heart is hard. 3. c. ii. You can change. Anger turned inward becomes depression. i. It invites more hurt or mistreatment. Hardening your heart is fear-based. iii. As a Believer. ii. AMP 2 Corinthians 5:17 Luke 10:19 Conquering Lack Creflo A. Refuse to use your pain as your point of reference in life. This puts you out of touch with reality. 2. vii. When you are angry. With the Word. you are not powerless. You have been given authority. e. and you must be equipped by God with might in order to win them. Pretending you are not hurt. a. b. You will reap what you sow. f. Satan's plan is to bring you down through negative emotions. You will feel pitiful and then block healthy relationships. you start to feel sorry for yourself. Hurt causes you to make bad decisions and wear your emotions on your sleeve. Hurt causes you to protect your feelings and not your future. The wrong way to deal with hurt: Hurting others. you can become emotionally invincible. i. overcome hurt in your life (Luke 10:19). We are new creatures in Christ and old things are passed away (2 Corinthians 5:17). b. and is yours by faith. d. Love will give you authority over hurt.

When His supernatural ability gets on you. you will continue to lack the finances you need to bless others and take care of yourself. He will empower you to have more. Many times. Conquerors are made by God. you are anointed to be victorious over lack. you will never run out. making faith confessions from the Word and giving tithes and offerings. how you feel has nothing to do with what God can do. but they fail to do the natural part.you to get the victory. God will bring you out every time." Just as David was. Receive the ability to overcome. When you realize that you have the ability to consistently win battles.. In looking at your financial profile. and anointed him [David] in the midst of his brethren: and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward. For example. lack and financial hardship. In fact. Though your situation may seem impossible. you can conquer anything. you can be victorious over what appears to be a lack of financial provision. you have the assurance of knowing that nothing is too hard for God. Christians are quick to work on the spiritual aspects of their breakthroughs such as prayer. it is important to determine where you need to make adjustments in your financial decisions. Back to Articles Facing Life’s Storms . Take authority over lack in the name of Jesus and ask God to give you wisdom and strategies to use. God will increase you at every turn. The Word of God declares that you are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ (Romans 8:37). The challenge that most Christians have is resisting the temptation to try and do things in their own abilities. One of the many challenging battles that people face is in the area of their finances. If you continue being irresponsible with your money. They forget that it is through Him that they are able to conquer debt. When you are responsible with what God has already given you. Don't let the devil bog you down with what looks like an impossible situation. particularly where finances are concerned. by doing your part in the natural. First Samuel 16:13 says. it can be difficult to feel as if you have the power to overcome lack. When the bills are piling up and creditors are calling your house nonstop.. However. Doing one without the other won't get you anywhere. "Then Samuel took the horn of oil. spending beyond your means is not going to help you overcome debt and lack but will only lead you further into a financial hole. Using credit cards all the time and buying things that you know you can't afford are all factors in the poverty equation. I really enjoy communicating to people the practical side of God's Word. By tapping into His supernatural power. you won't tolerate living from paycheck to paycheck and going in debt to have your needs met. Being more than a conqueror means that the victory God wants to give you will far exceed your expectations. along with the spiritual aspect from the Word. However.

While it may be hard to believe that a person can go from being a ‘got it all together Christian’ to feeling down in the dumps. the usually positive and proactive Sandra is struggling with bouts of depression and stress. but instead of worrying or tracking down someone to join what could easily become a “pity party. What you find difficult to do. God restored everything he lost. His children were killed.” use the Source you know will never fail—God. so put it to use during the times you need it most. She has tried to involve friends to help her resolve her issues. But Job didn’t do that. God has numerous ways to get things done and He will change situations in order to fulfill His purposes and promises. there are times when challenges hit us on all sides and we don’t always feel like responding with the Word of God. Everything you need to survive the storms of life is in your Bible. Job was a man who faced some terrible situations. While he did go through a time of complaining and questioning. Everyone should understand the value of being prepared mentally and spiritually for attacks on our lives because they will come. He can cause all things to work out for your good when you pray and seek Him. All of us have experienced this at some point in our walk with God. Jesus said. it does happen. meditate on the Scriptures. God can perform sweatlessly. however. Instead. what will you do? Will you become overwhelmed and lose heart in the midst of worrying. complaining and trying to fix things in your own natural ability. When you allow your responses and decisions to be founded on God’s Word. you hinder God’s promises from being able to work in your life. In John 16:33. When you worry. Job had lost everything and I’m sure he was tempted to completely give up and turn his back on God. You must be willing to get out of God’s way in order for Him to work. he never gave up on God. seek understanding and believe in what the Word will do for you. . only to find that few have the time or desire to listen to her problems. his livestock were destroyed and he was struck with painful boils on his entire body.Creflo Dollar Have you ever been so consumed with your problems and personal concerns that it seemed there was no immediate relief in sight? For example. and because the pressures of the challenge seem so great. In the midst of trusting God. you open the door for God to come in and turn your situation around. As a result.” God has equipped you to handle the storms of life by trusting in Jesus. Sandra is a faithful member of her local church who has a loving relationship with her family and friends and is successful in almost everything she does. “…In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer. Recently. When the storms of life hit you. things have taken a negative turn financially. Even his wife told him to just curse God and die because he was in such a pitiful state. That means refraining from worrying. obsessing and attempting to fix every problem yourself? Or will you pass the trust test and employ His help by calling on Him first? There is no challenge too great for Him to handle. I have overcome the world. but rest assured that God’s Word is the solution to any problem. Similar to Job in the Bible. know that He may not use your preferred method to solve your issues.

Your success in life is based on what you know. and emotions). however. Soul prosperity is achieved by renewing your mind. until you know better. One practical aspect of achieving financial freedom is having a savings account. there is no quick fix for every obstacle you will face in life. and Anticipating Potential Setbacks Author: Dr. Develop a closer relationship with God by finding out more about Him and His promises. No. You must do something to demonstrate what you believe! a. you must make a decision to do so. Examine your life. but you must have a storehouse to begin with. and make the necessary changes. a. Pray to God and He will answer. you must get out and look for one. God promises to bless your storehouse (savings account). but if you are a Believer. Creflo A. 3. 2. Dollar Summary: In order to experience financial breakthrough. 2. Planning Ahead. 1. there must be a marriage of spiritual and practical principles.Don’t forget that God is a prayer away. The level of your prosperity in life depends on the prosperity of your soul (mind. 2. A. a. 1. 1. Visit our online bookstore and Bible Study Center and get equipped and prepared for the storms of life! Scripture References: • • John 16:33 John 14:27 The Law of Saving. Example: If you need a job. will. planning ahead. Your faith must have corresponding action to effectively operate. B. and anticipating potential setbacks are necessary steps to positioning yourself to receive financial increase from God. Saving. You can't do better. . C. you have the very thing that will bring peace in times of trouble (John 14:27). Faith without works is dead (James 2:17). Everyone has the ability to save. He promised to never leave or abandon you. It is God's desire for you to prosper (3 John 2).

instead. Diligence will cause you to rule. E. Be ready for unexpected expenses. You will avoid the temptation to spend your money because it's not easily accessible. a. 25). b. a. Plan ahead for things that may come up. Scripture References: • • • 3 John 2 James 2:17 Genesis 41:33-36 . Set aside money each pay period for emergencies. 4. c. and realize what you could be putting into a savings account. 2). 1. and have control over your finances. The Christians in the city of Corinth were prepared to sow into the Apostle Paul's ministry when he came because they had put money aside (1 Corinthians 16:1. Don't allow greed to rob you of the opportunity to save. Stop trying to keep up with everybody else. d. be diligent to put something in it on a consistent basis. D. Your money is safer in a savings account. a. 2. A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children (Proverbs 13:22). Consider using automatic deductions. 1. a. he covered his bases.3. c. a. so that you can enjoy tomorrow. You will be prepared when emergencies arise. An investment is something you do today. Joseph didn't pray for the famine not to come. b. A wise person will have an inheritance (Proverbs 17:2). Observe the ant. 2. Joseph took immediate action and began making provisions for the future by storing food (Genesis 41:33-36). c. 3. A foolish man wastes his resources (Proverbs 21:20). Debt is enjoying today at the expense of tomorrow. a. and protected until you decide to use it. and be wise (Proverbs 6:6-8). b. You'll make money off your money through accrued interest. Examine your spending habits. d. Example: When God told Joseph that a seven year famine would take place. Why open a savings account? a. 4. b. 3. Ants are smart enough to prepare for winter during the harvest (Proverbs 30:24. Consider what you are wasting. c. Joseph was discreet and wise. b. You will accumulate wealth by gathering little by little. When you open a savings account. What have you stored up for future generations? You should strive to save enough money for your grandchildren to live well.

25 Proverbs 21:20 Proverbs 13:22 Proverbs 17:2 . 2 Proverbs 6:6-8 Proverbs 30:24.• • • • • • 1 Corinthians 16:1.

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