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Task 5 Music magazines that I would like to base my magazine on General background information from Wikipedia- I have selected

parts that I think are important such as cover and contents ideas and things which relate to my ideas for my target audience (young females)

Billboard is a weekly American magazine devoted to the music industry, and is one of the oldest trade magazines in the world. It maintains several internationally recognized music charts that track the most popular songs and albums in various categories on a weekly basis. The two most notable charts are the Billboard Hot 100, which ranks the top 100 songs regardless of genre and is based on physical sales, digital sales and radio airplay; and the Billboard 200, the corresponding chart for album sales. History Billboard was founded in Cincinnati on November 1, 1894, by William h. Donaldson and James Hennegan. Originally titled Billboard Advertising it was a trade paper for the bill posting industry, hence the magazine's name. Within a few years of its founding, it began to carry news of outdoor amusements, a major consumer of billboard space. Eventually Billboard became the paper of record for circuses, carnivals, amusement parks, fairs, vaudeville, minstrels, whale shows and other live entertainment. The magazine began coverage of motion pictures in 1909 and of radio in the 1920s. With the development of the jukebox industry during the 1930s, The Billboard began publishing music charts. Originally, there were only three genre-specific charts: Pop, Rhythm & Blues, and Country & Western. In the 1950s it introduced a section covering the television industry, including ratings charts for programs. It continued to carry news of fairs, carnivals, theme parks and other outdoor entertainments until 1961 when these departments were spun off into a new weekly magazine called Amusement Business. By this time the television coverage had also been moved to another publication. At the start of 1961, The Billboard was renamed Billboard Music Week. The publication was now devoted almost entirely to the music industry, with some coverage of coin-operated vending and entertainment machines on its jukebox pages. The title was changed to simply Billboard at the start of 1963. In 2005, the magazine and its web sites were repositioned to provide coverage of all forms of digital and mobile entertainment.

Amusement Business prospered for a few decades, but was struggling by the beginning of the 21st Century. Shortly after then its frequency of publication was reduced to monthly, and it finally ceased publication following its May 2006 issue. Billboard Today Billboard Publications became a major trade magazine publisher, acquiring The Hollywood Reporter, Kirkus Reviews, Adweek and Mediaweek. It was acquired by Dutch publisher VNU (later renamed the Nielsen Company) in 1993, but later sold in 2009 along with the other Nielsen Business Media properties to the new company e5 Global Media, which was renamed in 2010 to Prometheus Global Media.[3] Billboard is intended for music professionals, such as record label executives, artists, music retailers, and radio DJs. Although it is generally considered a business-to-business magazine, it can be found at many consumer bookstores and magazine stands, particularly in cities with a large music industry presence such as New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Miami. Editorial coverage and broader strategy are guided by its editorial director, Bill Werde. Much of the magazine is available at Billboard's B2B site, is the consumer-centered site, and includes artist interviews, daily news and charts. Billboard Covers Billboard is known for their creative covers which often feature artists from the charts and music which is currently popular at that time; they often feature artists such as rhianna, taylor swift and lady gaga. They are also known for their bright colourful masthead which makes the magazine stand out and distinctive. Back in the 1940s the magazine used a basic cover with not much Colour- just orange, white and grey, the font style was plain and simple and the image featured on the cover was black and white. There also wasnt very much writing on the front cover apart from the masthead, magazine number, date, cost and the worlds foremost amusement weekly. The covers were quite plain and boring. Over the years the covers have become much more advanced and appealing, using more and more colours, a wider range of fonts, started including much information, e.g. coverlines, used colourful and professional images and have became in general more attractive and eye catching.

Contents Billboard is popular for its feature of music charts, breaking music news, artist interviews, exclusives, news, videos and more. There are many pages taken up of music charts, these include the billboard 200, albums, exclusive charts from billboard online, launch pad,

heartseekers songs, regional hearkseeeks number one albums, the hot 100, pop/album/rock, country, r&b and hip-hop, Christian/gospel, dance, jazz/classical/world, latin, hits of the world and the singles and track song index. On the Billboard website I saw this Billboard Magazine, published weekly, is the premier trade publication for the music business. The magazine was founded in 1894 by William H. Donaldson and James H. Hennegan as a publication for the billposting and advertising business, but expanded over the decades to cover amusements, motion pictures, radio, recorded music and other areas of the rapidly growing entertainment industry. Now focused the music business and related enterprises, Billboard Magazine publishes news, analysis trend reporting and other key features, as well as Billboard's famous standard-setting charts of U.S. sales, airplay, downloads and box office grosses. And this The world's premier music publication, Billboard has served the entertainment business since 1894. Beginning as a weekly for the billposting and advertising business, Billboard and its popular music charts have evolved into the primary source of information on trends and innovation in music, serving music fans, artists, top executives, tour promoters, publishers, radio programmers, lawyers, retailers, digital entrepreneurs and many others. As Billboard's consumer-faced online home, features an extensive array of searchable, playable charts, breaking music news, artist interviews and exclusives, news, video and more. Launched in 1995 as Billboard Online, now attracts ten million unique visitors each month in more than 100 countries and has become the de facto digital destination for popular music. Billboard is headquartered in New York with bureaus in Los Angeles and Miami, and has editorial correspondents in major cities around the globe. Google images search for billboard magazine covers I would like to base my magazine for a female audience on