Date Sheet/ Nov 2011


Conduct Branch-I
Programme: B. Tech. / M. Tech. (Dual Degree) (BT/CE/IT/CSE/ECE) / B. Tech.-MBA (Dual Degree)
Date / Day 12.12.2011 Monday Time – 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
IT-301: Theory of Computation BT-301: Plant Tissue Culture IT-315: Linux & Win32 Programming IT-401: Advance Computer Networking CT-401: Process Equipment Design BT-401: Stem Cells in Health Care IT-403: Embedded System Design (Upto 2003) IT-303: Analog & Digital Communication CT-303: Chemical Reaction Engineering-I BT-303: Microbial Processing Engineering IT-307: Digital Communication (Upto 2003) IT-317: Operating Systems IT-211: Operating Systems (Upto 2003) ITR-707: Networking Management & Security IT-403: Software Testing CT-403: CAD & Simulation BT-403: Environmental Biotechnology IT-405: Soft Computer (Upto 2003) ITR-719: Cellular & Mobile Communication (Upto 2003) IT-305: Computer Architecture CT-305: Heat Transfer-II BT-305: Animal Biotechnology IT-201: Computer Architecture (Upto 2003)

THEORY Date Sheet for End Term Examinations (DEC 2011 – JAN 2012)
Time – 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
IT-201: Computational Methods IT-201: Computational Techniques CT-201: Chemical Process Calculations BT-201: Microbiology IT-303: Computer Networking (Upto 2003)

13.12. 2011 Tuesday 14.12.2011 Wednesday

15.12.2011 Thursday

IT-203: Circuits & Systems EC-203: Communication Systems – I CT-203: Fluid Mechanics BA-203: Bioenergetics – I IT-503: Artificial Intelligence (Upto 2003) MS-101: Management Function and Organizational Behaviour

16.12.2011 Friday

IT-205: Electronics Device & Circuits EC-205: Engineering Electromagnetics CT-205: Unit Operations-I BT-205: Cell Biology IT-205: Electronics Devices & Circuits (Upto 2003) CT-611: Advanced Petroleum Refining

2011 Monday 20.2011 Wednesday Friday 26/12/2011 Monday 27/12/2011 Tuesday 28/12/2011 Wednesday 29/12/2011 Thursday 30/12/2011 Friday 2/1/2012 Monday IT-211: Database Management Systems IT-211: Analog Electronics – II CT-211: Chemical Engineering-I BT-601 : Biotechnology In Health Care CT-505: Advanced System Engineering CT-511: Design of Experiment and Analysis of Engineering Data BT-501: Advances in Agricultural Biotechnology CT-517: Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Analysis BA-109: Mathematics-I BA-131: Essential of Mathematics-I BA-111: Physics-I BA-123: Foundation Course in Physics-I BA-137: Foundation Course in Physics-I ITR-731: Advanced Software Project Management . Marketing & Management of Biotechnological Products HS-411: Introduction to Economics IT-309: Object Oriented Software Engineering CT-309: Process Control-I BT-309: Developmental Biology ITR-709: Software Quality Management BA-413: Advanced Instrumentation Design HS-409: Writing Skills for Technical Purposes IT-421: Data Warehousing & Mining IT-415: Data Warehousing & Mining (Upto 2003) IT-311: Digital Design using VHDL CT-311: Chemical Process Industries-I IT-313: Communication Systems BA-133: Life Sciences-I IT-413: Front End Design Tools & Web Technologies CT-301: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics-II IT-207: Object Oriented Programming using C++ BA-211: Physical Chemistry BT-209: Genetics CT-617: Advanced Separation Engineering BT-503: Proteomics CT-501: Advanced Transport Phenomena IT-209: Computer Graphics IT-209: Foundation of Computer Sciences EC-209: Digital Electronics BA-213: Applied Mathematics-III BT-211: Biostatistics IT-301: Computer Graphics (Upto 2003) BT-507: Genomics CT-503: Advanced Separation Technology 23. BT-405: Protein Biotechnology IT-307: Digital Signal Processing CT-307: Mass Transfer BT-307: Recombinant DNA Technology & Application IT-401: Digital Signal Processing (Upto 2003) IT-415: Advanced Java Programming BT-407: Commercialization.12.2011 Tuesday 21.2011 Thursday IT-405: Distributed Systems CT-405: Introduction to Bio-Chemical Engg.

4/1/2012 Wednesday 6/1/2012 Friday 7/1/2012 Saturday 9/1/2012 Monday 10/1/2012 Tuesday 11/1/2012 Wednesday BA-103: Chemistry-I BA-117: Organic Chemistry-I EC-103: Theory and Technology of Semiconductors BA-135: Foundation Course in Physico Inorganic Chemistry-I BA-121: Foundation Course in Physico Inorganic Chemistry-I BT-115: Concepts in Biotechnology IT-105: Introduction to Computers BMS-301: Managerial Economics BMS-401: Business Environment IT-107: Electrical Science ECE-107: Network Analysis HS-101: Communication Skills-I BMS-303: Accounting for Management BMS-403: Financial Management Examination Centre: Intimation regarding examination centre will be communicated later on. IF SUCH MATERIAL(S) MAY BE BOOKED UNDER UNFAIR MEANS CASE. ANY OTHER PRINTED / HANDWRITTEN / COURSE MATERIAL ETC.11.D. MOBILE PHONES. PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATORS & OTHER ELECTRONIC GADGETS ARE NOT PERMITTED INSIDE THE PREMISES OF THE EXAMINATION CENTRE.2011 (Prof. NOTE: BOOKS. Lamba) Officer Incharge (Conduct) Date: 21. Pravin Chandra) Controller of Examinations . For any clarification and query please contact: Conduct Branch – I 011-25302263 011-25302264 (A. BAGS..

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