Definition of correlative subordinator

A correlative conjunction is a coordinating conjunction that works in pairs to connect elements in a sentence. The elements connected by correlative conjunctions are usually parallel- that is, similar in length and grammatical form. The most common correlative conjunctions are: both . . .and either . . . or neither . . . nor not only . . . but also Besides, some other ones such as “not...but, although...yet, whether...or, no sooner ... than, if ... then, hardly ... when, rather ... than, scarcely ... when, what with ... and”,... II. Some functions of the common types of correlative conjunctions 2.1: The correlative conjunction “both...and” - “both...and” connects either two subjects or two objects: Both Jon and Lauren enjoyed the movie. (subjects) Jon enjoyed both the movie and the popcorn. (objects)

- "both...and" is used to link the two noun phrases that act as the compound subject of the sentence Both my grandfather and my father worked in the steel plant. - “both...and” conects adjectives He is both intelligent and good-natured.

or” conects subjects Either John or George must have done this work.or” . but also backstage! Not only will I see your ten..“either.. .. but also angry.. Not only do they need food... .. adv-adv.but also” conects add-adj. .but also” connects independent clauses Not only did the cat jump over the fence. 2. They not only need food..For emphasis not only can be moved to the beginning of a clause.. Note that we use the inverted word order 'not only + auxiliary verb + subject'. ..3: The correlative conjunction “not only. but he also scratched the paint.“Not only... She was not only sad..2: The correlative conjunction “either. they also need shelter..but also” .either.. But can be left out in some cases. . Not only was she sad.“either.. verb.. . but I’ll also raise you twenty. she was also angry..or” conects objects She wanted to paint either a landscape or a self-portrait.verb.“not only .but also” can connect nouns or entire clauses: I’m going not only to the concert. but also shelter.2.. Robert is not only talented but also handsome.“not only.or” connects prepositional phrases Orange juice is made either by squeezing oranges or by mixing a can of frozen concentrate.

be careful about pronoun agreement. Every single evening either the squabbling cats or the horned owl wakes Samantha with its racket. the second one must agree with the verb that follow. be careful about verb agreement. When you use correlative conjunctions. “neither.. nor “ is used to deny predicate She neither ate nỏ drank anything.“neither. Every single evening either the horned owl or the squabbling cats wake Samantha with their racket. “neither...nor” .He writes not only correctly but also neatly.If you connect two subjects with a correlative conjunction. .. When you use correlative conjunctions. 2.nor” is used to deny subjects Neither he nor I know English...nor” is used to deny objects or adjectives I know neither English nor Russion..4: The correlative conjunction “neither. She not only plays piano but also compose music. She neither is fond of film nor keen on music. ..

Be sure that you have equal grammatical units after both parts of the conjunction.. Special case “Either .. or. . III. ..but also” require special attention when you are proofreading for parallelism. Neither Yolanda nor the cousins expressed their disappointment when blind Aunt Sophie set down the plate of burnt hamburgers." . her dog n this sentence.. you can have two main clauses like this: Not only did Michael grill a steak for Tiffany. and not only .Or you can shorten the sentence with two prepositional phrases: Michael grilled meat not only for Tiffany but also for Rocket.or" links two noun phrases: "a Jello salad" and "a potato scallop.. the second one must agree with the pronoun that follows.. Neither the cousins nor Yolanda expressed her disappointment when blind Aunt Sophie set down the plate of burnt hamburgers. her dog.. nor .. Bring either a Jello salad or a potato scallop.Or you can have two nouns as this version does Michael grilled meat for not only Tiffany but also Rocket. her dog. Here the correlative conjunction "either. the correlative conjunction "both. but he also prepared a hotdog for Rocket...If you connect two antecedents with a correlative conjunction. For example.and" is used to link the two noun phrases that act as the compound subject of the sentence: "my grandfather" and "my father". neither ..

Similarly. the correlative conjunction "whether . In this example the correlative conjunction "not only .. ... but also" links the two noun phrases ("the school" and "neighbouring pub") which act as direct objects." The explosion destroyed not only the school but also the neighbouring pub.Corinne is trying to decide whether to go to medical school or to go to law school.. Note: some words which appear as conjunctions can also appear as prepositions or as adverbs. or" links the two infinitive phrases "to go to medical school" and "to go to law school.

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