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Spring 2012
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Style Me Vintage: Clothes
A Guide to Sourcing and Creating
Retro Looks
Naomi Thompson
The newest Style Me Vintage, in a beautiful
retro-glam package, clearly details how to cre-
ate authentic vintage clothing looks from the
1920s to the 1980s

“Fun, informative, and beautifully designed,

this is an inspiring introduction to classic
hairstyles.” —Library Journal on Style Me
Vintage: Hair
Vintage styles have never been more popular, with
everyone from major stars to teens on the street
looking to indulge in retro glamour. Whether a
reader is looking to completely overhaul their look,
go for complete vintage glam, or just introduce a
few key vintage pieces into their day-to-day
wardrobe, this book will teach them how. It is
packed with tips on how to find unique, one-off
items that fit any budget, look fabulous, and will
retain their value, and also details what to look
for, when to part with one’s cash, and what to
avoid. Readers will learn how to determine which
era fits their shape, how to build a retro look from
the base up, and how to make retro styles work
with modern accessories. Filled with fun, detailed
photographs showing classic looks from the 1920s
to the 1980s, this is essential reading for anyone who has ever wanted to introduce vintage into their wardrobe.
Naomi Thompson is a stylist, vintage expert, and vintage personal shopper who runs acclaimed website She
has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Sunday Times Style, the Telegraph, Vogue, and the Guardian’s “What’s Hot” list; has written for
Queens of Vintage magazine and the Vintage Guide to London; and works closely with BBC Homes and Antiques magazine.
Fashion & Appearance • 112 pp • 8 x 8 • 100 Color Photos
9781862059368 • June • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth • Pavilion

Also available:
Each: $15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth

Style Me Style Me
Vintage: Hair Vintage: Makeup
9781862059023 9781862059184

My Cool Campervan
An Inspirational Guide
to Retro-Style Campervans
Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon
Photographs by Tina Hillier
A companion volume to My Cool Caravan,
celebrating the new wave of interest in
campervans and motorhomes and the diverse
ways that owners are styling them
Exploring the inspiring ways that owners re-
furbish and customize their campervans and mo-
torhomes, this is a visual voyage into an
unexpectedly stylish world. More than 30
campervans are beautifully photographed and
presented along with the owners’ stories and
style notes for each van, providing an idiosyn-
cratic sourcebook for the design conscious.
This cool collection will appeal to people in-
terested in quirky, individual interior design,
retro style enthusiasts, and all who dream of get-
ting away to relax in an environmentally friendly,
inexpensive, and fashionable way. Like Caravan
before it, Campervan places the owners’ passion
for and attendance to their vans at the heart of
the book, examining along the way just what it is that makes life on the road a thing to be treasured.
Jane Field-Lewis is a stylist working in film and photography. She co-owns a 1970s retro-modern styled camper. Chris Haddon
has 20 years of experience as a multidisciplinary designer, focusing on brand development and web design. He owns a 1970s
British and a 1970s Airstream caravan. They previously collaborated on My Cool Caravan. Tina Hillier is a photographer whose
clients have included Dazed and Confused, the Guardian, Nike, and Sunday Times Magazine.
Transportation • 160 pp • 9 x 7.5 • 233 Color Photos
9781862059054 • May • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Pavilion
Also available:

My Cool Caravan
$24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth

Karen Homer
Karen Homer, a fashion journalist, has worked for many of Britain’s
leading publications, including Elle, the Times, and Vogue.
Each: Fashion & Appearance • 5.5 x 5.5 • June • $17.95 Cloth • Prion

Things a Woman Should Know About Beauty

Filled with wry humor and practical tips, this bible of beauty is now in a
perfect gift edition with ribbon marker
While we may not all aspire to look like a waif-like model, most of us would
be happy to make the best of ourselves, to look more beautiful without los-
ing the essence of what makes us individually attractive. Fortunately this lit-
tle book is full of tricks to help achieve this. Packed with fascinating facts,
this sharp, witty book covers such practical issues as makeup, skin, hair care,
diet, and cosmetic surgery, as well as providing inspiration in the form of beau-
tiful photos throughout.
208 pp • 10 Color Photos • 34 B/W Photos
9781853758300 (Replaces 9781853756412)

Things a Woman Should Know About Style

A new gift edition with ribbon marker makes this intelligent guide to dress-
ing with classic style an even more desirable accessory for the fashionable
woman’s handbag
Firm but always fair, Karen Homer lays down the law and makes sure read-
ers never have to commit another fashion faux pas. Discover why one can
never have too many white T-shirts, how to choose the right shoes, and when
to say “no” to this season’s high-fashion trends. Packed with humor and of-
fering a wry sideways look at the world of women’s style, this book will have
fashionistas laughing out loud in recognition. From the hazards of choosing
underwear to finding the right wedding outfit, this book is the handbag-sized
bible for women of all ages.
200 pp • 15 B/W Photos • 9781853758317 (Replaces 9781853755194)

Anderson & Sheppard
Edited by Graydon Carter and Cullen Murphy
Since 1906, Anderson & Sheppard has dressed some of
the world’s most elegant and famous men, and a few dar-
ing women—for the first time, they open their doors to
reveal the story behind a century of classic style, with
photos from Cary Grant to Manolo Blahnik
Edited by Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter and Cullen Mur-
phy, with photographs by Jonathan Becker and Christopher
Simon Sykes, paintings by the incomparable Paul Cox, and
an elegant historical essay by David Kamp (The United
States of Arugula), this privileged look at a best-kept fash-
ion secret lays bare century-old traditions, tailor’s tricks,
and painstakingly detailed craftsmanship, as well as show-
casing Anderson & Sheppard’s famous measure books and
its wide range of exclusive cloths. This sumptuous edition
is packed with stunning images of Anderson & Sheppard’s
distinctive cut being worn by the leading lights of stage,
screen, high society, and literary and artistic life. Some pho-
tographs are vintage—such as Gary Cooper, Cary Grant,
Fred Astaire, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Lau-
rence Olivier, Alec Guinness, Noel Coward, Evelyn Waugh,
and Marlene Dietrich. But the book also brims with spe-
cially commissioned portraits of today’s clients, including
Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson, Bryan Ferry, Taki Theodor-
acopulos, Henry Koehler, Jay McInerney, Nicolas Roeg, and
Manolo Blahnik. This beautiful volume is a rare glimpse
of the very best of classic tailoring.
Graydon Carter has been the editor of Vanity Fair for almost two decades, winning 10 National Magazine Awards, and a loyal
customer of Anderson & Sheppard for almost three decades. His previous books include Oscar Night: 75 Years of Hollywood
Parties and Vanity Fair: The Portraits. He lives in New York City and Roxbury, Connecticut. Cullen Murphy is the editor at
large of Vanity Fair and the author of Are We Rome? He lives in Boston.
Fashion & Appearance/Photography • 296 pp • 9.5 x 11.5 • 190 Color Photos
9781848661684 • Available • $75.00 (Can $82.95) Cloth in Slipcase • Quercus

Creating Beautiful Interiors with the Things You Love
Sibella Court
A master interior stylist and designer for Anthropologie provides
unique inspiration for becoming the curator of your own style and
creating evocative rooms full of texture, color, and imagination

“There are few books in the world as lovely as this. . . . The bib-
lio equivalent of pottering around a junk shop you’ve stumbled
across in a back alley of Paris.” —Ideal Home
Packed with tips of the interior stylist’s trade, this is a lavishly pho-
tographed book in which every image demonstrates a clear and eas-
ily replicable principle that will help transform a room without the
need for expensive and permanent renovation. Sibella Court’s style is
very global, combining contemporary elements with antiques and junk-
shop finds, textile fragments, wallpapers, collectibles, and
ephemera. This beautiful guide draws on five of Sibella’s favorite color
themes as a framework for the display of her impeccable eye for de-
tail. Each section will draw the reader into Sibella’s world of color
and texture through inspirational room settings to the most intimate
of details.
Sibella Court is an Australia-based interior stylist who moved to New
York in 1999 and spent nine years working on advertising campaigns
for Bergdorf Goodman, Brocade Home, Jo Malone, and Target, and
was a regular contributor to such magazines as House & Garden, Real
Simple, Town & Country, Travel & Leisure, and Vogue Living. She
is the proprietor of a store and the interiors editor of Grazia and Harpers
Bazaar, and she designs paint ranges with Murobond Paints.
Home Improvement/Design • 256 pp • 7.5 x 10 • 200 Color Photos
9781741965568 • August • $39.95 Cloth • Murdoch Books

Martyn Thompson
Foreword by Ilse Crawford
A selection of the artists’ and designers’ homes that Martyn Thompson has pho-
tographed over the years
Acclaimed photographer Martyn Thompson has managed to assemble a stunning photo
collection of the homes of the most well-known figures in the design world. Featur-
ing such fascinating subjects as Francisco Costa, creative director of Calvin Klein; Ital-
ian jewelry designer Elsa Peretti; interior designer Thomas O’Brien; fashion designer
Francisco Costa; hotelier Sean MacPherson; designer Sonja Nuttall; and fashion de-
signer Anna Sui; this book is a sneak-peak into the interiors of the style-makers. It is
packed with the kind of aspirational interiors book that people will reference time and
time again, collecting ideas and inspiration for their own homes.
Martyn Thompson’s work as an internationally acclaimed photographer spans more
than 20 years. His work has appeared in Architectural Digest, House & Garden, the
New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, and W, and it also features in high profile ad-
vertising campaigns for Gucci, MAC Cosmetics, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany & Co., and Vera
Wang. He lives in New York City. Ilse Crawford is the former vice president of Donna
Karan Home and the founder of the pioneering brand identity company Studioilse. She
and Martyn Thompson collaborated on the book Home Is Where the Heart Is.
Design • 230 pp • 8.5 x 11 • 198 Color Photos
9781742702346 • May • $75.00 (Can $82.95) Cloth • Hardie Grant Books

A Life in Frocks
A Memoir
Kelly Doust
A personal, entertaining, exquisitely illustrated exploration of the significance of clothes,
filtered through one woman’s lifetime

“An enchanting musing on a much-loved wardrobe and the emotional significance of a

lifelong sartorial obsession.” —Vogue Australia
A seductive mix of memoir, philosophies, and fantasies, this is a book for those who love
clothes and find fashion beguiling, fickle, and fabulous. For as long as she can remember,
Kelly Doust has been passionate about clothes. They are her first and most enduring love
affair to date. Like many women, she adores the playfulness of fashion and its endless abil-
ity to transform. She loves the ritual and drama of getting dressed, assuming different iden-
tities in different outfits, and exploring the many facets of her personality. She buys far too
many glossy magazines, and puzzles over how she can spend half her life shopping and yet
still find herself with nothing to wear. Over the years, clothes have comforted her, given her
confidence, lured lovers, made her invisible, secured jobs, aged her, and given back her youth.
And yes, they have betrayed her. This is one woman’s charming analysis of her fascinating
relationship with what she wears.
Kelly Doust is the author of Crafts for Every Season and Fun Family Crafts, a regular con-
tributor to Vogue Magazine and Australian Women’s Weekly, and the author of the craft
Memoir/Fashion & Appearance • 246 pp • 5.5 x 8 • 38 W/C Illustrations
9781741968446 • June • $19.95 Paper • Pier 9

Domestic Sluttery
Cheat Your Way to the Good Life
Sian Meades
Have a gorgeous home while unapologetically
cutting a few corners, with this home and
lifestyle guide for women who have better things
to do
Many women would love to have the domestic god-
dess thing nailed, to waft around vintage fairs for
collectible items to furnish their homes with, and
to be able to spend all day preparing the ultimate
dinner party—but this lifestyle guide accepts that
women are too busy to make their lives “just so.”
However that doesn’t mean that their homes aren’t
important, and the domestic sluts cover home in-
teriors (“Hang your prettiest dresses from hooks
on your bedroom wall, it’ll give an instant boudoir
feel.” “Hide anything super-boring.”), food and
drink (“Pasta is the domestic slut’s secret weapon.”
“Mmm, honey. Who knew something puked up by
an insect could be so delicious?”), style and beauty
(“Thou shalt not listen to thine mother.”), and liv-
ing (“Vacation suggestions from Sicily to New
York.” “What to do when you realize you’re still
drunk at work.”). No Stepford Wife aspirations
here, instead, this guide offers an aspiration to live
life to the fullest but with permission to be imper-
fect. Instead of compromising on fun, the domes-
tic sluts will teach readers the quick and easy ways to do domestication on the go—as well as revealing how to make a damn
good cocktail. Recipes include dual measurements.
Sian Meades is a web editor and writer. She is the founder and editor of the interiors and lifestyle website,
and the new fashion blog
Home Improvement • 176 pp • 8 x 8 • 126 Color Photos • 5 B/W Photos
9781862059269 • May • $22.95 (Can $25.95) Cloth • Pavilion

Meals in Heels
Do-ahead Dishes for the Dinner Party Diva
Jennifer Joyce
How to plan, cook, and present with style and ease, with plenty of
time left over to slip on heels and pop on lipstick before guests arrive
The author has drawn on her many years of successful soirees and laid-
back lunches to present time-saving tips and show-stopping recipes
for hostesses who want to actually enjoy their own dinner parties. She
teaches readers how to do as much of the cooking and preparation
beforehand as possible, so they can then relax, spruce up the house,
and enjoy quality time with friends. There are recipes here that are
perfect for all tastes and occasions, such as Barbecued Mussels with
Tangy Pesto Dip; Crostini with Jamón, Goat’s Cheese and Fig Jam;
Rosemary and Olive Lamb Stew; and Peppermint Brownies. Filled with
glamorous illustrations, this cookbook breaks each recipe into which
steps can be done days ahead, the morning of, before guests arrive,
and just before serving; and it offers suggestions to give each dish an
elegant look. Recipes include dual measurements.
Jennifer Joyce is a food writer, stylist, and chef whose books include
Panini, Small Bites, and The Well-Dressed Salad. She grew up in rural
Wisconsin and is now a Londoner who teaches weekly cooking classes
and writes for BBC Good Food, Elle Decor, and the Telegraph. She
has appeared on several cooking shows on the BBC, as well as NBC’s
Today show.
Cooking • 192 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • 56 Color Illustrations
9781741965520 • June • $19.95 Cloth • Murdoch Books

Slow Cooker Magic
Lorna Brash
With as little as 20 minutes prep at the start of the day,
come home to a hearty bowl of soup, a warming stew,
a fragrant curry, or a succulent roast
Many cooks who want to prepare healthy, homey meals
feel that they don’t have the time, but this cookbook proves
them wrong. Slow cooking is ideal for people with all kinds
of lifestyles, from parents who want to put the supper on
after dropping kids at school, to people who want to cook
in the morning before they go to work, to students who
are in class all day and want to come home to a great meal.
These simple recipes cut down the shopping bill too.
Cheaper cuts of meat are ideal for the slow cooker, as are
inexpensive legumes such as lentils. Recipes include Thai
Pumpkin Soup; Creamy Potato, Thyme and Bacon Bake;
Slow-cooked Ham in Cola; Chinese Duck with Star Anise
and Plum Sauce; Butter Chicken; Strawberry, Apple and
Lavender Jam; and Cardamom Rice Pudding with Honey-
Roasted Figs. With so many quick and easy recipes,
this stylish book will prove an invaluable addition to every
cook’s kitchen. Recipes include dual measurements.
Lorna Brash is a food writer and menu consultant. She
writes for numerous magazines, including BBC Good
Food, Daily Mail Weekend, and Delicious, and was food
editor of BBC Vegetarian Good Food for several years.
Cooking • 224 pp • 8.5 x 8.5 • 110 Color Photos
9781862059238 • May • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth

Also available:

Baking Magic Chocolate Magic Cookie Magic

9781862058897 9781862058811 9781862058477
$22.95 (Can $25.95) Cloth $15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth $15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth

Cake Magic Cupcake Magic Muffin Magic

9781862059177 9781862058101 9781862058484
$22.95 (Can $25.95) Cloth $15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth $15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth

Celebrate with Party Food
Beautiful Food and Table Dressing Ideas
Tina Bester
A guide to putting some swing into your entertainment style with easy-
to-achieve yet glamorous recipes, whether you’re planning at-home drinks
with sophisticated snacks or an al fresco picnic feast
Tina Bester believes that every gathering has the potential to be a sumptu-
ous, food-fueled occasion, and here she illustrates this entertainment princi-
ple via a host of luscious images and recipes. Why not throw a glamorous
garden party or create an indulgent Friday supper for friends? High tea takes
on a new twist in these pages and there are also cocktail recipes galore. This
book is about making the most of every foodie occasion without losing out
on the enjoyment of it all. It harks back to an era when entertaining was al-
ways a big deal, but also features culinary creations that require a minimum
of fuss. Even the most glamorous of these edible offerings are easy to achieve—
from Asparagus “Twiglets” to Phyllo-baked Camembert Parcels, and from
Roasted Duck Breasts with Red Wine and Chocolate Glaze to Decadent Lemon
Tartlets. Complete with gorgeous imagery, table-setting suggestions, and mouth-
watering recipes for every occasion, this is the inspiration solution for every-
Also available: one who longs to be the perfect host. Recipes include dual measurements.
Tina Bester is a food stylist and the owner of South African restaurant Queen
of Tarts. She is the author of Bake.
Cooking • 160 pp • 8.5 x 8.5 • 70 Color Photos
9781862059467 • June • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth • Pavilion

$19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth

Love Food
Heartwarming Recipes Presented with Style
Tina Bester
A series of recipes for robust, heartwarming food, crammed with ideas for
meals that are the culinary equivalent of a hug
Taking a no-nonsense approach to creating mouthwatering, hearty offerings,
this book is divided into five delectable sections. There are recipes for break-
fast treats (Creamy Oats with Fried Banana and Cinnamon Sugar), the eas-
iest soups and salads (Leek and Potato Soup with Crispy Garlic Pitas), hearty
lunch offerings (Balsamic Honey Chicken, Bacon and Camembert Sandwiches),
flavor-packed suppers—many of them one-pot or one-dish wonders (Slow-
Cooked Pork and Beans), and delightfully decadent desserts (Bread and But-
ter Pudding). Many of the recipes have been passed down through the
generations, with Tina Bester giving them her trademark twist. Offerings like
old-school spaghetti and meatballs or retro-inspired lamb chops with corn-
flake crumbs are bound to become legends in any cook’s household. The recipes
are easy to follow; include helpful advice; and have been tried, tested, and
tweaked to perfection. A conversion chart is included.
Tina Bester is a food stylist and the owner of South African restaurant Queen
of Tarts. She is the author of Bake.
Cooking • 140 pp • 8.5 x 8.5 • 60 Color Photos
9781862059436 • June • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth • Pavilion

Ham, Pickles & Jam
Traditional Skills for the Modern Kitchen Larder
Thane Prince
Photographs by Diana Miller
Readers can cut costs by making the most of seasonal ingredients, storing food prop-
erly, stocking cupboards correctly, and fully using what they have in this guide to
rediscovering lost kitchen skills
Many cooks remember jams and chutneys made by grandmothers and great aunts who
also seemed to know exactly how long to boil a ham and how to keep butter, and who
had a magical pantry full of secret delights. These skills are increasingly in demand as
more people want to make use of homegrown produce, reduce the weekly food budget,
or rediscover cooking from scratch. A timely book for the new kitchen revolution, this
is not only a celebration of lost skills such as curing, rendering, and pickling and a col-
lection of fantastic recipes (such as Roasted Brine-cured Pork, Green Tomato Chutney,
and Salted Peanut Brittle), but also provides advice on stocking a pantry and the best
way to store cheese, cooked meats, and vegetables. At a time when everyone is look-
ing to shop more locally, cook thriftily, and still enjoy great food, it is a book for how
to live today. Recipes include dual measurements.
Thane Prince is a chef, journalist, and the author of Jellies, Jams & Chutneys. She is a
Also available:
regular contributor to BBC Good Food magazine, for 12 years she was the food writer
for the Daily Telegraph Weekend, she set up and ran a cooking school, and she now
runs bespoke cooking courses. Diana Miller is also the photographer for Gordon Ram-
say’s Passion for Seafood, Homebrew, and The Whole Hog. Her clients have included
McDonalds, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Starbucks.
Cooking • 272 pp • 7.5 x 10 • 50 Color Photos • 50 Color Illustrations
9781862059283 • April • $34.95 (Can $38.95) Cloth • Pavilion

The Whole Hog

$34.95 (Can $38.95) Cloth

Fish Easy
100 Quick Fish and Shellfish Recipes for Every Day
Mitch Tonks
A seafood expert offers simple, delicious recipes that each take less than 30 min-
utes to prepare and cook
This collection of incredible fish and shellfish dishes are all made using accessible yet
sustainable fish, from salmon and trout to bream and bass to mussels and crayfish.
The five chapters are based on cooking methods: the grill, the frying pan, the casse-
role pot, the oven, and the parcel, for fish baked in a foil parcel. Each chapter fea-
tures tips on how to get the best results, whatever the heat source. There are plenty of
tips and tricks with the recipes, including how to further simplify the cooking, and
how to make a similar dish more cheaply. Specially commissioned photographs of the
dishes and step-by-step instructions for many of the techniques complete this beauti-
ful and accessible book. Recipes include dual measurements.
Mitch Tonks is an award-winning food writer, restaurateur, and fishmonger whose books
include The Fishmonger’s Cookbook and The Seafood Cafe Cookbook.
Cooking • 224 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 80 Color Photos
9781862059290 • July • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper • Pavilion
Hardie Grant Books
Perfect for entertaining, this fun series offers a sweet and a savory collection of bite-sized
finger food. There is something amazingly indulgent for every occasion.
Each: Cooking • 108 pp • 7 x 7 • 50 Color Photos • April • $17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper • Hardie Grant Books

Macarons, Cake Pops & Cute Things

From Blueberry Mojito Popsicles to Hazelnut Macarons with Choco-
late and Frangelico—a delicious assortment of indulgent sweet bites to
whip up when that craving hits
With grown-up versions of fun treats like popsicles, whoopie pies, and cake-
pops, as well as adventurous flavor combinations of classics like macarons,
cupcakes, and tarts, there is something in this collection for everyone. These
tempting recipes include Classic Red Velvet Whoopee Pies, Vanilla Bean and
Candied Ginger Cheesecake Pops, Peanut Macarons with Salted Caramel,
and Mini Churros with Chilli Chocolate. Recipes include dual measurements.

Tartlets, Quichettes & Cute Things

From Zucchini Flower Fritters Stuffed with Feta and Basil to Mini Peking
Duck Pancakes—a sophisticated selection of savory finger food to make
when entertaining
With interesting variations of classics like tartlets, galettes, pies, and
quichettes, there is something for everyone in this collection of perfect party
foods. These delicious recipes include Gyoza with Pork and Kaffir Lime, Char-
Grilled Scallops wrapped in Prosciutto, Smoked Ham and Cheddar
Quichettes with Green Tomato Pickle, and Crumpets with Goat’s Curd and
Lavender Honey. Recipes include dual measurements.

Secrets of Macarons
José Maréchal
Equips the reader with the skills to master nine classic flavors, then create their own sig-
nature macarons
Now a worldwide symbol of sweet indulgence, macarons seduce the senses with their del-
icate crunch and velvet filling. In this book, French chef José Maréchal discloses the secrets
of macarons, including the tips and techniques required to make these little treats. It pres-
ents the nine basic flavors: plain, vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, raspberry, lemon,
caramel, and coffee. After mastering the basics of this crisp yet tender sweet treat, cooks
can go on to customize with fresh fruit, colored sugar, painting the shells, gold leaf, and
more. Recipes include dual measurements.
José Maréchal is a French pâtissier who runs Café Noir in Paris and the author of Irresistible
Cooking • 112 pp • 5.5 x 8 • 65 Color Photos
9781742661285 • June • $12.95 Cloth
Murdoch Books

PS Desserts
Philippa Sibley
A step-by-step guide to mastering the basics of decadent dessert-making, followed
by recipes to make the most of these techniques
For dessert addicts who want to learn how to create masterpieces at home, this guide
begins with a comprehensive section explaining basic techniques such as making puff
pastry, chocolate sponge, meringue, creme pâtissèrie, panna cotta, ice creams, and
sorbets. A section dedicated to chocolate explains how to make ganache and deco-
rations. With full-color photography detailing each step, the basics section is an in-
valuable resource. The recipe section follows on from the techniques, with delicious
recipes that are sure to become instant favorites, including Lemon Tart Tiramisu,
Raspberry and Chocolate Delice Brownie Ice Cream, and Pineapple Donuts.
Recipes include metric measurements with conversion charts.
Philippa Sibley is one of Australia’s finest dessert and pastry chefs. Known as the
“Queen of Desserts,” she has worked in some of the world’s finest restaurants, in-
cluding Le Cote Saint Jacques in France.
Cooking • 272 pp • 8.5 x 10.5
273 Color Photos
9781742702049 • May
$39.95 (Can $43.95) Paper
Hardie Grant Books

British Baking
Peyton and Byrne
A mouthwatering collection of unabashedly British treats by London’s foremost bakers

“This beautiful book should be in everyone’s kitchen.” —Heston Blumenthal,

author, The Fat Duck Cookbook
Forget American-style cupcakes, and start thinking good old-fashioned fairy cakes: this
cookbook is dedicated to British-style baking, and the Fluffy Vanilla Fairy Cakes with
Chocolate Fudge Icing are truly reminiscent of English childhood. Other recipes in-
clude indulgent teatime treats like Victoria Sponge and Treacle Tart, forgotten classics
like Chelsea Buns and Banana Nut Bread, and retro throwbacks like Jammy Dodgers
and Swiss Rolls. The more than 120 recipes include showstoppers like Raspberry Rip-
ple Cheesecake and fabulously foolproof Gingerbread Men. Every recipe is simple to
cook yet mouthwateringly delicious, and this stylish book, with its pretty pastel color-
palette and pink placeholder ribbon, is signature Peyton & Byrne—stylish, fun, ap-
proachable, and inspiring. Recipes include metric measurements.
Peyton and Byrne are London’s preeminent bakers. Since opening their first shop at
Heals, they have been synonymous with exquisite cakes, gorgeously packaged.
Cooking • 288 pp • 7.5 x 10 • 134 Color Photos
9780224086615 • May • $35.00 Cloth • Square Peg

Tea at Fortnum & Mason

Emma Marsden
From the internationally renowned store in Piccadilly that is synonymous with style,
elegance, and English charm, here is a concise yet sumptuous guide presenting every-
thing there is to know about the art of taking tea

“A blast of old-fashioned luxury.” —Telegraph Magazine

Celebrating the long-standing British institution, this beautiful pocket book covers every-
thing from the history of afternoon tea drinking to Fortnum’s relationship with tea. It
also presents more than 45 recipes for all types of teatime delight, as well as guiding
the reader through the best types of tea to accompany them. Recipes include Cucum-
ber, Cream Cheese and Dill Sandwiches; Macadamia and Stem Ginger Cookies;
Madeleines; Almond and Rose Petal Squares; Honey and Lavender Loaf Cake; and Seville
Orange and Whisky Marmalade. Beautifully illustrated with charming vintage tea ad-
vertisements and glorious recipe photos, this book is a must-have for tea drinkers every-
where. Recipes include metric measurements.
Fortnum & Mason was founded at its current site on Piccadilly almost 300 years ago
and its stunning façade and striking window displays continue to draw admirers from
all over the world. The store has been selling tea since the day it opened and the range
now spans more than 70 different types.
Cooking • 128 pp • 5.5 x 7.5 • 47 Color Photos • 2 B/W Photos
9780091937683 • April • $17.95 Cloth • Ebury Press

Each: Cooking • 5 x 8 • May • $17.95 Cloth • Square Peg

Let’s Preserve It
Beryl Wood
Foreword by Rose Prince
First published in 1970, this is the ultimate preserving bible and the book that Nigella Law-
son turns to for jam recipes
In this small encyclopedia, Wood distills the immense knowledge of earlier generations into a
pantry-full of simple, foolproof recipes that will give endless delight both to make and to savor.
With guidelines on equipment and preparation, useful hints on cooking, and important tips
to remember, this A-to-Z of recipes is an essential book for everyone from the experienced jam-
maker to new cooks making preserves for the first time. Classic recipes such as Mint Jelly, Lemon
Curd, Pumpkin Jam, and Seville Orange Marmalade are all here, as well as more unusual com-
binations and ideas for preserving fruits, herbs, and vegetables. This unique and comprehen-
sive recipe book revives the art of jam, jelly, pickle, and chutney making, and celebrates the
joys of transforming a surfeit of anything—from apples to whortleberries—into jars full of sweet-
ness. Recipes include dual measurements.
Beryl Wood’s career spanned pest control, caravans, and catering; managing a uniquely women-
only, private car-hire firm; and, finally, restaurant work. Rose Prince is food columnist for the
Daily Telegraph and the author of The New English Kitchen.
224 pp • 67 B/W Illustrations • 9780224086738

The Perfect Picnic

Hilda Leyel
From 1936, the perfect guide to reliving the lost art of decadent al fresco dining

“If I had been given a standard Mrs. Beeton instead of Mrs. Leyel’s wonderful recipes,
I would probably never have learned to cook.” —Elizabeth David, author, At Eliza-
beth David’s Table
Perfect picnic food is simple, elegant, and delicious, based around much-loved classics. Hilda
Leyel was extraordinarily before her time, influencing generations of foodies with inventive
recipes where retro meets modern, such as egg mayonnaise on crusty bread; watercress, beet-
root and nasturtium salad; chicken and leek pie; and spiced plum cake and salted almonds.
She championed local, seasonal ingredients like watercress and asparagus; she promoted tra-
ditional recipes from raised pies to strawberries and cream; and she set a benchmark of re-
finement with crab soufflé and spaghetti and truffles. Take a warm summer’s day, a secluded
spot in the dappled shade, a blanket and a bottle of wine, friends and family, and a spread
of delicious homemade food, and it all adds up to that timeless rustic idyll—the perfect pic-
nic. Recipes include dual measurements.
Hilda Leyel (1880–1957) was an expert cook and herbalist who wrote numerous books about
both subjects. With training in medicine and a lifelong interest in botany, she founded the
Society of Herbalists and set up the Culpeper shops, both of which continue today.
150 pp • 74 B/W Illustrations • 9780224086783

Sam and Sam Clark

“Any book by Sam and Sam Clark makes for essential reading and essential eating . . . stunning.” —Sunday Times
“A wonderful book, a pleasure to read, and a reward to cook from.” —Nigella Lawson on The Moro Cookbook
Samantha Clark and Samuel Clark have both cooked at leading restaurants such as the River Cafe and the Eagle
gastropub. They joined forces to open Moro in London in 1997. Since then the restaurant has enjoyed impressive reviews
and accolades, including being voted Best Restaurant in 2009’s Observer Food Monthly awards. The Clarks opened their
second venture, Morito, an intimate tapas bar, in 2010. They are also the coauthors of Moro: The Cookbook.
Each: Cooking • 7.5 x 10 • 150 Color Photos • April • $29.95 Paper • Ebury Press

Moro East
The Clarks renew their passion for the food of Spain and the Muslim Mediterranean,
but this time they find their inspiration a little closer to home, in their local garden
When Sam and Sam took on their very first local garden allotment they found them-
selves part of a community of Turks and Cypriots who cultivate and cook an ex-
traordinary range of ingredients, many of which are integral to the food served at Moro.
This collection follows a year in the life of this community garden, reflected in recipes
that are unusual without being daunting. Many of the recipes reflect everyday activ-
ities—Turkish women rolling flatbreads or clipping the young vine leaves to make dol-
mades, families gathering to grill kebabs on the weekend—and the spirit of the
community is captured in the photographs and the dishes. The 150 imaginative and
seasonal recipes include Moro favorites and new combinations such as Pigeon Smoked
Duck Breast with Apples, Walnuts and Chicory; Fried Green Tomatoes with Garlic
and Sweet Vinegar; and Courgette and Yoghurt Soup. This character-filled garden was
bulldozed to make way for the 2012 Olympics making this a true treasure, documenting
the last ever growing season for Sam and Sam and the unique men and women of Manor
Garden allotments. Recipes include metric measurements.
312 pp • 153 Color Photos • 9780091941871 (Replaces 9780091917777)

Moro: The Cookbook

Also available: 9780091880842
$27.95 Paper

Casa Moro
Now in paperback, an exquisite recipe collection celebrating the wonderful traditions
of Spanish and North African food

“Quite the most exquisite, inspirational, and downright delicious cookbook I have
seen in ages.” —Nigel Slater, author, Tender: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch
The proprietors of Moro have created fresh and dynamic dishes that reflect their restau-
rant’s ever-changing menu ranging from Asparagus with Parsley and Almonds; Moroc-
can Courgette Salad; and Chicken with Pine Nuts, Saffron and Fino Sherry to Chestnut,
Almond and Chocolate cake. Yet this is much more than a simple catalog of recipes; it
evokes Sam and Sam’s extensive travels, their first discovery of Spain and Morocco, and
their house in the heart of Moorish Andalucia, taking the reader on a journey that res-
onates with delicious dishes, history, and tradition. With an entire chapter dedicated to
the ancient ways and cooking of Andalucia and, more specifically, the village in which
Sam and Sam live, this personal, evocative account exudes romance and is written and
designed with palpable excitement and elegance. Recipes include metric measurements.
320 pp • 162 Color Photos • 9780091938536 (Replaces 9780091894498)

The Little Tapas Book
More Than 60 Tempting Little Snacks
Murdoch Books
A handsome book, with padded cover, of tempting, small Spanish plates
Tapas, or little snacks, may have originated in Spain, but the custom of lingering over
three or four delectable mouthfuls—scallop fritters, perhaps, or chili olives, say—with
a glass of wine or two has been happily embraced in countries all around the world.
With more than 60 recipes to choose from, inspired by Spanish cuisine and many oth-
ers, this book filled with goodies will keep the tradition alive and well. Recipes are di-
vided into meat (Mushroom and Prosciutto Skewers or Ham and Olive Empanadillas),
seafood (Fish and Cumin Kebabs or Grilled Prawns with Tequila Mayonnaise), and
vegetarian (Fried Chickpeas, Potatoes in Spicy Tomato Sauce, or Olive Basil Cheese
Spread). Recipes include dual measurements.
Murdoch Books is an independent publishing company with extensive on-site test kitchens.
Cooking • 192 pp • 6 x 7.5 • 111 Color Photos
9781742660301 • June • $17.95 Cloth • Murdoch Books

A Japanese Cookery Course
Reiko Hashimoto
A classic introduction to the wonderful world of Japanese food
Taking its readers through the many mysteries—at least as conceived by
the Western mind—of the basics of Japanese cooking, this is a gorgeously
illustrated introduction to the basic steps of mastering Japanese cuisine.
From there it steps up to favorites from the Japanese home kitchen, fin-
ishing with a selection of slightly more adventurous dishes that are sure to
excite. Recipes include Cold Soba Noodle and Prawns and Ramen Noo-
dles Syoyu Ramen, among many other traditional favorites. Written with
great style and precision, it leads the reader gently through the various chal-
lenges that confront the Western eye when it comes to tackling the food of
Japan. Recipes include metric measurements.
Reiko Hashimoto has been teaching people the joys and pleasures of Japan-
ese cooking via the cooking school classes she runs from her home for more
than a decade. She previously taught Japanese cooking to the foreign com-
munity in Tokyo.
Cooking • 192 pp • 9.5 x 9.5 • 60 Color Photos
9781906650575 • April • $32.95 (Can $36.95) Cloth • Absolute Press

Japanese Bar Food
Hardie Grant Books
Japanese bar food is relaxed, simple, and always shared; now delicious
izakaya classics can be created at home
Izakaya (noun) A Japanese bar offering a selection of beverages and tapas-style snacks
Izakayas are the heart and soul of Japan’s food culture. Found on just about
every street corner, they serve beer and sake, as well as delicious grazing food.
These 75 delicious, authentic recipes are an introduction to the world of Japan-
ese bar food. There are small bites, such as Lotus Chips, Japanese Pickles, and
Camambert Tempurs; salads like Green Beans with Black Sesame Dressing and
Green Tea Noodle Salad; along with a range of tempting skewers such as Nori-
wrapped Scallops and Miso-Glazed Salmon Skewers. Bigger dishes include
Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), Pork Gyoza (dumplings), and Grilled Egg-
plant with Soy and Ginger, while sweets might be Sesame Mousse with Red Bean
or Green Tea Candied Chestnuts. Some of the recipes feature Japanese ingre-
dients that might already be in newcomers’ cupboards—soy sauce, miso paste,
and soba noodles—while others use ingredients that may be less familiar—ponzu
sauce, ichimi spice mix, and shiso leaves. With recipes that are authentic yet not overly complicated, this is the perfect book for
anyone who wants to make beautiful, simple Japanese bar food at home. Recipes include dual measurements.
Cooking • 176 pp • 8 x 8.5 • 88 Color Photos
9781742700427 • April • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper • Hardie Grant Books

South East Asian Food

Rosemary Brissenden
Since its first publication in 1970, South East Asian Food has achieved a rep-
utation as the authoritative book on the subject, and this expanded and up-
dated edition brings an important work to a new generation
With a new, modern design, this meticulously researched and friendly book will ap-
peal to all lovers of Southeast Asian food. Arranged by style of cooking, the selec-
tion of recipes demonstrates the varieties and unique properties of each cuisine, from
tangy Thai salads, satisfying Vietnamese soups, and aromatic Indonesian curries to
exquisite Malaysian sambals. With the help of the author’s clear instructions and
knowledge of local foods, readers can recreate these delightful, fragrant dishes in
their own kitchens. As the author states, “With the world full of same-tasting in-
stant approaches to Southeast Asian food through packets and jars, this book aims
to serve as a guide to cooks who wish to enjoy its true freshness and variety by
cooking it for themselves. If it also conveys a sense of a rich and diverse set of culi-
nary traditions I shall be more than happy.” Recipes include dual measurements.
Rosemary Brissenden has visited Southeast Asia for many years and has become
familiar with the countries and cuisines.
Cooking • 568 pp • 7.5 x 9 • 200 Line Drawings • Two-color Interior
9781740667777 • April • $45.00 (Can $49.95) Cloth • Hardie Grant Books

Vietnamese Street Food
Tracey Lister and Andreas Pohl
Photographs by Michael Fountoulakis
A collection of recipes and street vendors’ stories from
the country that is second to none in terms of its street
food diversity, great taste, and availability

“Sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in south-

east Asian food. . . . The photography is evocative
enough to make you want to jump in and pull up one
of the plastic stools with a cold beer. One of every-
thing, please.” —Age
As any traveler to Vietnam will know, it is a real foodie’s
destination—and nowhere is it more vibrant than among
the hustle and bustle of the streets. This book offers an in-
sider’s view of the country, featuring more than 60 well-
loved and authentic recipes, from the ever-popular pho to
prawn rice paper rolls and the tangy, crunchy peanut-stud-
ded rice balls favored for snacks. With stunning food pho-
tography of every dish and complemented by evocative
location photography, this collection provides an unfor-
gettable insight into Vietnamese street food and culture that
will inspire both the home chef and the armchair traveler.
Recipes include imperial measurements.
Tracey Lister is a professional chef who runs a cooking
school in Hanoi. She, Andreas Pohl, and Michael Foun-
toulakis previously collaborated on Koto: A Culinary
Journey Through Vietnam.
Cooking • 192 pp • 8.5 x 10 • Four-color Interior
9781742701424 • May • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper
Hardie Grant Books Also available:

$34.95 (Can $38.95) Paper

The Complete Asian Cookbook
Charmaine Solomon
A completely revised and updated edition of Charmaine Solomon’s influential
and iconic resource

“I cherish and refer to [it] often because it is so thoroughgoing and authori-

tative in its subject matter, and the recipes are uncommonly well written and
authentic.” —Craig Claiborne, author, New York Times Cookbook
“This marvelous book is a tour de force. . . . Authentic recipes, all possible
for one Western kitchen.” —Publishers Weekly
Instantly heralded as a classic when it was first published in 1976, this book cov-
ers 800 classic and contemporary dishes from 15 countries: India, Pakistan, Sri
Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Viet-
nam, the Philippines, China, Korea, and Japan. Written with the home cook in
mind, the recipes are straightforward, simple to follow, and work every time. Recipe
and chapter introductions give valuable information about how local dishes are
prepared and served, while the comprehensive glossary explains unfamiliar in-
gredients, which are steadily more commonplace in supermarkets today. Recipes
include dual measurements.
Charmaine Solomon is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and practical writers on Asian food. Her other titles in-
clude Complete Vegetarian Cookbook and Encyclopedia of Asian Food. Since The Complete Asian Cookbook was published
in 1976, more than a million copies have been sold, and it has been translated into German, French, and Dutch.
Cooking • 648 pp • 9.5 x 11 • 325 Color Photos
9781742701448 (Replaces 9780804837576) • May • $49.95 (Can $54.95) Cloth • Hardie Grant Books

Balance & Harmony

The Secrets of Asian Cooking
Neil Perry
From basics to banquets, an acclaimed chef shares his love for Asian cooking in a
sumptuous, elegantly designed tome with padded cover, placeholder ribbon, and tis-
sue-separated chapters

“Neil Perry is one of the very few chefs whom I would consider to be a gastro-
nomic ‘global citizen.’ . . . A tip of the hat to you, Neil, for this incredible work
reminds me of why I got into this field in the first place!” —Charlie Trotter on
The Food I Love
Neil Perry revels in his love for Asian cooking: the great flavors, the contrasts in tastes
and textures, and the way that just about anything can be cooked with a wok and a
bamboo steamer. Set in the style of a cooking course from the Rockpool masterchef,
this book progresses from the easiest steamed, stir-fried, braised, and deep-fried dishes,
to more challenging and intricate plates, as cooks gain confidence and knowledge. Recipes
include Wonton Soup with Noodles, Steamed Simple Duck, Prawn Scrambled
Eggs, Chicken & Pickled Ginger in Honey Sauce, and Braised Chinese Cabbage with
Chestnuts. Recipes include dual measurements.
Neil Perry is one of Australia’s preeminent chefs and restaurateurs. His Sydney restaurant Rockpool is rated one of the top restau-
rants in the world. Neil has been creating menus for Qantas for seven years, has his own Fresh Food label, and is the author of
The Food I Love.
Cooking • 400 pp • 7.5 x 10 • 99 Color Photos
9781741966015 • June • $65.00 Cloth • Murdoch Books

Gennaro’s Italian Home Cooking
Quick and Easy Meals to Feed Family and Friends
Gennaro Contaldo
More than 120 delicious Italian recipes will feed anyone who comes to the table

“Contaldo has a gift for making even the simplest foods divine . . . this personal
and visually appealing title is strongly recommended for libraries, fans of Italian
cooking, and eaters everywhere.” —Library Journal
“His talent for cooking and storytelling changed my life and food forever.”
—Jamie Oliver
When an Italian cooks dinner, it’s always a meal to savor and enjoy with as many peo-
ple as can be found to share it with. Gennaro shares his favorite family recipes—the ones
that will feed a crowd of hungry guests, from his 90-year-old father to his three-year-old
twin girls. Older generations give advice, all hands are on deck to help, and the whole
family sits themselves down at the large dining table to join in the feast together. The
table is like the altar—to eat, drink, discuss, argue, and confess—but most of all to enjoy
the wonderful food. All the recipes cater to large numbers of people, but have tips on
how to adapt them for smaller groups. There are hints on how to prepare things in ad-
vance, advice on which dishes go with what, and plenty of creative menu ideas. Here is everything a chef needs to transform
the kitchen into a little slice of Italy. Recipes include metric measurements.
Gennaro Contaldo’s previous books include Gennaro’s Italian Year and Passione. Known for his close association with fellow
chef Jamie Oliver, he was the executive chef and co-owner of London’s Passione restaurant and was involved with Jamie in set-
ting up “Jamie’s Italian,” a collection of UK-wide restaurants.
Cooking • 256 pp • 7.5 x 10 • 100 Color Photos • Headline Book Publishing
New in Paper: 9780755317875 • June • $24.95
Cloth: 9780755317868 • Available • $34.95

Italian Kitchen Garden

Enjoy the Flavours of Italy from your Garden
Sarah Fraser
Ten years after moving to a ramshackle Tuscany farmhouse with dreams of self-
sufficiency and a more “down-to-earth” lifestyle, Sarah Fraser shares the knowl-
edge she’s gained about cultivating Italian produce
For anyone who loves Italian food and would like to know how to grow it—even on
a small scale—Sarah Fraser has a wealth of information on growing and getting the
most out of the basic ingredients. Whether the reader has a balcony, a patio, or space
for a full kitchen garden, she provides a wealth of easy-to-understand instructions and
advice, tried and tested in her own garden. She provides basic information on how to
get started, soil preparation, tools, and choosing what to grow. This is followed by
detailed information on individual vegetables, fruits, and herbs, each with a delicious
selection of recipes, including Stuffed Peppers, Pumpkin and Sage Ravioli, Rosemary
Pizza Bread, Balsamic Garden Chutney, and Strawberry Pannacotta. This is the book
for anyone who has ever wondered why Italian food tastes so good. Recipes include
dual measurements.
Sarah Fraser’s adventures adapting to Italian life, running a guesthouse business, and
striving for self-sufficiency were followed in three series for UK television. Sarah now
breeds horses and runs a farm shop.
Cooking • 176 pp • 8 x 10 • 84 Color Photos
9781862059108 • May • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Pavilion

Eating for the Seasons
Cooking for Health and Happiness
Janella Purcell
Healthy, delicious, and easy-to-follow recipes designed to max-
imize the benefits of eating according to the season, with a
focus on gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian options
Janella Purcell is passionate about good food and feeling great,
and she wants to share her knowledge. Drawing inspiration from
traditional Chinese medicine as well as the Japanese macrobi-
otic diet, Janella’s recipes encompass what we should be eating
in each season and the sorts of foods our bodies need to remain
healthy and strong. Just as importantly, Janella’s food is sim-
ply delicious. The range of beautiful and easy recipes include
Snapper and Pea Risotto, Macadamia Pesto, Corn Fritters Topped
with Asparagus and Prawns, Thai Pumpkin Soup, and Vegan
Chocolate Cheesecake. Dedicated to a core philosophy of food
as medicine, this refreshing and entirely delicious approach to
food and flavors might just change your outlook, your health,
and your life. A conversion chart is included.
Janella Purcell is a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, and iri-
dologist. She’s also a chef who has appeared regularly on tele-
vision, including as nutritionist on The Biggest Loser Australia.
Cooking • 244 pp • 8.5 x 10 • 60 Color Photos
9781741754087 • June • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper
Allen & Unwin

Also available:

Janella Purcell’s Elixir

$29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper

For the Love of Food
Vegetarian Recipes from the Heart
Denis Cotter
A mouthwatering collection of inspired and delicious dishes takes vegetarian cooking
to a new level

“Gourmet vegetarians will revel in his inventions.” —Publishers Weekly on The

Cafe Paradiso Cookbook
“The recipes are intriguing and original but even if you never cook a single thing
out of this book (which would be a crying shame), its worth buying for Denis’s
beautiful prose—you’ll never think of vegetables in the same way again.”
—Irish Examiner on Wild Garlic, Gooseberries and Me
With ideas for mid-week bowl dishes and simple snacks as well as summer barbecue recipes
and mouthwatering salads and risottos, these recipes are designed to complement busy
modern-day life. This an essential cookbook for vegetarians but will also appeal to non-
vegetarians who enjoy flavor-packed food and new combinations. Cooks everywhere, re-
gardless of skill level, will be inspired by the simple pleasures to be found here. Recipes
include Spiced Pumpkin Maple Pancakes with Orange Cream and Walnuts; Crisped Ar-
tichoke Fritters with Tarragon Aioli and a Broad Bean, Roasted Onion & New Potato Salad; Chestnut & Sheep’s Cheese Ravi-
oli with Kale in Pumpkin Broth; Black Bean Soup with Chocolate & Chillies and Avocado Salsa; and Chocolate Olive Oil Mousse
with Salt & Chilli Sesame Praline and Cherry Salsa. Recipes include dual measurements.
Denis Cotter is the owner of the Café Paradiso restaurant, which Frommers called “not only the best vegetarian restaurant in
Ireland, but one of the best restaurants of any kind.” He is the author of The Cafe Paradiso Cookbook, winner of the Gour-
mand World Cookbooks Award for Best Vegetarian Cookbook, and Wild Garlic, Gooseberries and Me.
Cooking • 320 pp • 7 x 9.5 • 85 Color Photos
9780007312757 • April • $29.95 Cloth • Collins UK

Wild Garlic,
Also available: Gooseberries . . .
and Me
$19.95 Paper

Fresh & Green

Over 100 Exciting New Vegetarian Recipes
Aldo Zilli
A delectable book of Mediterranean-inspired vegetarian recipes for all occasions
Italian cusine is brimming over with sun-kissed vegetables that are so full of flavor
and versatility they make a meal on their own. This collection is full of delicious, meat-
free Mediterranean dishes to eat all year long. This is the perfect collection for cooks
who have a vegetarian coming to dinner, who want to know how to do a meat-free
dinner party or celebration meal, or who need to relearn family meal planning when
one teenager decides to go veggie. The core of the recipes are inspired by the famously
healthy Italian diet with its emphasis on fresh vegetables and fruit, but chef Aldo Zilli
has added his unique slant by adapting dishes he discovered in Asia and South Amer-
ica like toasted tofu, smoky black beans, roasted aubergines, and grilled haloumi. The
book includes metric and imperial measurements as well as a conversion chart.
Aldo Zilli owns several London restaurants and is the author of Fish and Shellfish:
The Essential Cookbook and Simple Italian Cookery.
Cooking • 176 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 100 Color Photos
9780857202222 • June • $29.95 Cloth • S&S Illustrated

“It’s not often that you find a collection of mini cookbooks that inspires you with so much confidence, but My
Kitchen Table’s series of 100 recipes by various chefs is a classy production.” —Sunday Telegraph Magazine
My Kitchen Table is a new collection of high-quality cookbooks featuring
mouthwatering recipes from a selection of notable chefs.
Each: Cooking • 208 pp • 5 x 7.5 • 100 Color Photos • April • $13.95 Paper • BBC Books

100 Quick Stir-Fry Recipes

Ken Hom
From light veggie meals to spicy beef or seafood, something for every occasion
Offering a broad range of recipes including curries and salads, modern and traditional,
plus appetizers, snacks, and side dishes, this book offers an amazing selection of taste, in-
gredients, and style, all made in the wok. Dishes include Savory Beef with Asparagus, Rain-
bow Vegetables, Ginger and Garlic Carrots, and Sweetcorn and Crab Soup. Recipes include
dual measurements.
Ken Hom began his culinary career in his uncle’s Chicago restaurant at the age of 11, be-
fore eventually moving on to teach at California’s Culinary Academy. He now has 25 years’
experience as a BBC television chef and has written more then 30 cookbooks, including
Foolproof Chinese Cooking, Foolproof Thai Cooking, and Ken Hom’s Quick Wok.

100 Fish & Seafood Recipes

Rick Stein
Rick Stein’s top 100 fish and seafood recipes from all over the world
From Smoked Haddock and Leek Tart to Grilled Squid and Chorizo Salad with Garlic, Rocket,
Tomatoes, and Chickpeas, there is something in this collection of recipes for every level of
skill and occasion. Rick Stein’s passion for flavor and enthusiasm for food shine through
his recipes, and his unerring ability to reassure nervous cooks make this cookbook an in-
valuable resource. Recipes include dual measurements.
Rick Stein is a chef, restaurateur, television host, and author. His other books include Rick
Stein’s French Odyssey and Rick Stein’s Seafood, which won the coveted James Beard Foun-
dation Cookbook of the Year Award.

100 Pasta Recipes

Antonio Carluccio
A leading authority on Italian food celebrates a staple of the cuisine
Antonio Carluccio’s passion for pasta is complemented by his extensive knowledge. This
book collects 100 of his delicious pasta recipes, from the quick to the complicated, the tra-
ditional to the modern, and light, summery recipes to hearty baked dishes. Dishes include
Sardinian Risotto, Vermicelli with Clam Sauce, Baked Chickpea Gnocchi, and Fettucine Verdi
with Walnut Sauce. Recipes include dual measurements.
Antonio Carluccio is a restaurateur who has written 13 books, including the The Com-
plete Mushroom Book and An Invitation to Italian Cooking.

Each: Cooking • 208 pp • 5 x 7.5 • 100 Color Photos • April • $13.95 Paper • BBC Books

100 Cakes and Bakes

Mary Berry
Foolproof recipes for every occasion, from the Buttermilk and Honey Cheesecake to Very
Best Chocolate Fudge Cake
With recipes for the ultimate Chocolate Chip Muffins, Vanilla Cupcakes, Devonshire Scones,
and Victorian Christmas Cake, this collection will secure a place on every kitchen book-
shelf. Together with these eternally popular recipes, Mary also shares recipes for Coffee Fudge
Square, Cherry and Almond Traybake, Raspberry Meringue Roulade, and perfect traditional
Easter and birthday cakes. Recipes include dual measurements.
Mary Berry trained at the Paris Cordon Bleu, often appears on BBC cooking shows, and
has written more than 40 cookbooks, including Cook Now, Eat Later and Cook Up a Feast.

100 Meals in Minutes

Ainsley Harriott
The popular TV chef offers his favorite quick, simple but flavorsome recipes to create
an essential collection for the modern, time-pressed cook
From pasta and curries to salads and desserts, this is the book that every busy person needs.
Recipes include Crispy Parma Ham and Asparagus Salad; Mushroom, Almond and Garlic Soup;
Glazed Monkfish Skewers with Udon Noodles; Honey-Glazed Duck with Sticky Rice; and
Quick Blueberry, Lemon and Crème Fraîche Cheesecake. Recipes include dual measurements.
Ainsley Harriott is a popular TV chef who appears on the BBC’s Ready, Steady, Cook and
PBS’s Great Food series. He is the author of Ainsley Harriott’s All New Meals in Minutes
and Ainsley Harriott’s Barbecue Bible.

100 Great Low-Fat Recipes

Rosemary Conley
From light bites to hearty meals and express dinners to slow weekend roasts, 100 recipes
that prove a low-fat diet can be delicious
Bursting with flavor but still low in fat, these recipes make it easier than ever to eat health-
ily, without cutting corners on taste. Recipes include Crab and Tomato Chowder, Coconut
and Coriander Chicken, Moussaka, Grilled Polenta with Wild Mushrooms, Roasted Pep-
per and Leek Strudel, and Lime Cheesecake Ice Cream. A nutritional breakdown accompa-
nies each dish, and dual measurements are included.
Rosemary Conley is the author of Rosemary Conley’s Amazing Inch Loss Plan and Slim to Win.

My Kind of Cooking
Mark Sargeant
In his first solo cookbook, Gordon Ramsay’s right-hand man of many years focuses
on creating fabulous yet very affordable food

“Full of delicious, simple food you really want to eat. A great cookbook by one
of Britain’s best.” —Jamie Oliver
Supermarkets are starting to introduce cuts such as oxtail, pork cheeks, and beef flank
in the aisles. Offering an exciting introduction to food that many people rarely con-
sider, or have the confidence to cook, this book explains how to use these fantastic
pieces of meat, with recipes that make them as delicious and tender as the prime cuts,
but at a less than prime price. There are 120 recipes in which Sargeant’s Michelin-starred
skills showcase how to get the best out of cheaper cuts of meat; sustainable, less ex-
pensive type of fish; and produce. Recipes include Shoulder of Pork with Pears and
Perry; Low and Slow Oxtail; Whole Roast and Spiced Carrots; Sprouts with Lemon,
Sage, and Smoked Bacon; and Thick Vanilla Cream with Drunken Fruit. “Sarge” is pas-
sionate about getting back to basics in the kitchen and showing that everyone can de-
light their palate while watching their pennies. Recipes include metric measurements.
Michelin-starred Mark Sargeant is the coauthor of Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy and Gordon Ramsay’s Great British Pub
Food. He first worked with Ramsay at Aubergine in 1998, was head chef at Ramsay’s restaurant Claridge’s from 2001 to 2008,
and opened his own restaurant, Rocksalt, in July 2011.
Cooking • 272 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 128 Color Photos
9780857381651 • May • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Cloth • Quercus

A Cookbook de Luxe
Chris Galvin and Jeff Galvin
Brothers and Michelin-starred chefs Chris and Jeff Galvin provide their singular
take on the much-loved and ever-popular brasserie de luxe food of France
An impressive volume destined to bring French food back to the forefront of any
foodie’s culinary cravings, this decadently beautiful book contains 150 unique and
flavorful recipes and is lavishly illustrated throughout. Recipes are based on menu
items served in any of the brothers’ four highly successful restaurants in London, and
include mouthwatering classics such as Cassoulet of Toulouse Sausage, Crisp Con-
fit of Duck Leg, Black Pudding and Salad Lyonnaise, and Apple Tatin with Crème
Normande. Recipes include metric measurements.
Chris and Jeff Galvin have had huge success with their restaurants. Galvin Bistrot
de Luxe opened in 2005 in London’s Baker Street to great acclaim, rapidly estab-
lishing itself as one of the city’s greatest dining destinations. Galvin at Windows, which
opened in 2006, gained a Michelin Star in 2010. And Galvin La Chapelle and Café
Vin, both of which opened in 2009, are the most recent chapters in their incredible
story of success, with La Chapelle gaining its Michelin Star in 2011.
Cooking • 256 pp • 8.5 x 10.5 • 60 Color Photos
9781906650568 • May • $39.95 (Can $43.95) Cloth • Absolute Press

The Square Cookbook
Phil Howard
Meticulous, detailed, and fiercely intelligent, this is a book that will set
the benchmark for books of the highest culinary ambition
Giving precise instructions on how to create food of top Michelin standard, this
beautiful cookbook features 150 in-depth recipes from a highly acclaimed mas-
ter chef, accompanied by 150 mouthwatering photographs. Including many clas-
sic favorites from his hit restaurant the Square, recipes range from Lasagne of
Crab with a Cappuccino of Shellfish and a Champagne Foam to Braised Veal
Cheek with Hand-rolled Macaroni, Cauliflower, and Truffle. Finally making high-
end cuisine attainable in any home kitchen with just a little bit of work, a life-
time of dedication and creativity have gone into writing this monumental work
of culinary creativity and technical expertise. Metric measurements are included.
Phil Howard is a chef who holds two Michelin stars for his work and is re-
garded among his peers as one of the world’s great culinary technicians. He
is the head chef and co-owner of the Square restaurant in London, a popu-
lar and modern high-end eatery.
Cooking • 352 pp • 9.5 x 9.5 • 150 Color Photos
9781906650599 • June • $45.00 (Can $49.95) Cloth • Absolute Press

Bruce’s Cookbook
Bruce Poole
“I only cook the kind of food I want to eat. Honest food, plain and simple. This
is my cookbook.” The first cookbook from Michelin-starred chef and owner of the
award-winning Chez Bruce.

“I don’t think that I know many other cooks who care quite so much about
cooking, and eating, very good food, as does this man.” —Simon Hopkinson,
author, Roast Chicken and Other Stories
Bruce Poole’s down-to-earth, creative cooking features classic dishes without ego or
gimmicks because it’s all about food people actually want to eat. This collection of-
fers charming anecdotes and stories from his restaurant and, of course, the recipes
Bruce wants readers to cook at home. These are dishes to spend time with, love, and
enjoy—truly the best food for home cooks. Recipes include Slow Roast Shoulder of
Lamb with Harissa, Spiced Pilaf Rice and Yoghurt; Boeuf Bourgignon with Parsnip
Purée; Ceviche of Salmon with Crème Fraîche and Coriander; Potato Gnocchi with
Butter, Wilted Sage and Parmesan; Scotch Pancakes with Banana, Grated Coconut,
Maple Syrup and Muscovado; and Champagne and Elderflower Jelly with Strawberries.
Metric measurements are included.
Bruce Poole is the Chef Proprietor of London’s award-winning, Michelin-starred French restaurant, Chez Bruce.
Cooking • 320 pp • 7.5 x 10 • 88 Color Photos
9780007376100 • April • $39.95 Cloth • Collins UK

Tom Aikens
A Michelin-starred chef offers 200 recipes for anyone who loves good food but is
strapped for time—with an inspired chapter on giving new life to leftovers
Focusing on a simple, homey style of cooking, there’s something in this collection for
every occasion. It ranges from fast fixes, such as Peppered Steaks with Crushed Roast
Garlic or Salmon Baked with Juniper and Lemon Thyme; to twists on classic comfort
food such as Ham and Mustard Macaroni; Toasted Sourdough with Aubergine, Basil
and Sheep’s Cheese; and Lamb Rump with Rosemary Polenta and Parmesan. There is
also a chapter for weekend cooking—pies, slow-roasts, and hearty fare—and one on
how to get creative with your leftovers. Other highlights include irresistible desserts:
Caramelised Blood Oranges with Grand Marnier, Baked Ricotta Cake, and Roasted
Plums with Cardamom Caramel. The emphasis is on simplicity: recipes that can be
prepared and cooked without any fuss, making cooking a pleasure rather than a chore.
Metric measurements are included.
Tom Aikens is the youngest ever recipient of two Michelin stars. He opened his own
restaurant, Tom Aikens, in 2003, and has since opened three more.
Cooking • 288 pp • 7.5 x 10 • 70 Color Photos
9780091924935 • June • $39.95 Cloth • Ebury Press

Pomegranates and Roses

My Persian Family Recipes
Ariana Bundy
Part memoir, part travelogue, this evocative collection of Persian recipes is a cele-
bration of a vibrant culture and its cuisine
Ariana’s family roots are firmly planted in Persian soil. She inherited her love of food
and cooking from her grandparents—merchants and landowners who grew cherries,
plums, apricots, apples, sugar beets, wheat, and barley; bred sheep and goats for dairy;
and had beautiful vineyards producing prized grapes; and from her father, who owned
and ran the first fine-dining French restaurant in Iran. With recipes such as Ice in Heaven
and Pomegranate and Walnut Stew with Chicken, Ariana manages to capture the sen-
sual, exotic pleasure of Persian cuisine as well as celebrating the values and traditions
cherished by her forefathers. Their memories of when life was simpler, family mattered
above all else, and eating together was of paramount importance provide an evocative
leitmotif. In this beautiful book, Ariana pays tribute to the rich heritage, cultural and
culinary, that has shaped her approach to life, cooking, and eating. Metric and impe-
rial measurements and a conversion chart are included.
Ariana Bundy is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and the author of Sweet Alternative.
She trained the dessert team in New York’s Morgans Hotel and is the former head pas-
try chef at the L.A. Mondrian Hotel.
Cooking • 224 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 100 Color Photos
9780857206909 • June • $35.00 Cloth • S&S Illustrated

The Fifth Quarter
Anissa Helou
Foreword by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
An updated and expanded editon of The Fifth Quarter, complete with the addition
of striking color food photography throughout

“A must for any true offal enthusiast, and a fascinating reference work.”
Destined to become an instant classic, this is the only book currently in print dedicated
exclusively to offal—the culinary term used to refer to the entrails and internal organs
of a butchered animal, a subject currently enjoying a resurgence in both popularity and
fashion. Here is offal in all its many and surprising forms; a wonderful array of recipes
ranging from the sensual appeal of foie gras and cod’s roe, to the more challenging de-
mands of testicles and intestines. Drawing on recipes and traditions from all over the
world, Helou invites readers to embrace a whole range of unusual and exciting tastes
and textures. Lamb’s tongue and sweetbreads, pig’s trotters and sheep’s brains, and chicken
livers and ox hearts all find a place in this wonderfully uncompromising book. Recipes
include metric measurements.
Anissa Helou is the author of a number of cookbooks, including Cafe Morocco, The Fifth Quarter, Lebanese Cuisine, Mediter-
ranean Street Food, and Savory Baking from the Mediterranean.
Cooking • 192 pp • 7.5 x 10 • 40 Color Photos
9781906650551 (Replaces 9781904573210) • April • $39.95 (Can $43.95) Cloth • Absolute Press

Coppi Barbieri and Melina Keays
Recipes are accompanied by extraordinary photographs by international
award-winning photographers Coppi Barbieri
The idea for this stunning book of food photography was born from Fab-
rizio Coppi and Lucilla Barbieri’s admiration of 16th and 17th century Flem-
ish, Spanish, Italian, and French painters—such as Floris Claesz van Dijck,
Juán Sánchez Cotán, Francisco de Zurbarán, Francisco de Burgos Mantilla,
and Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin—especially the ones depicting food. Four
sections represent the four elements, each opening with an exquisite image—
for Air, different types of eggs; for Earth, an arrangement of dried fruits
and nuts; for Water, a composition of eels; and for Fire a pile of chilies.
Another 12 images in each section illustrate the recipes appearing at the
end of the book. Each recipe is portrayed in a setting that both highlights
the food and the joy of entertaining and mixes different types of objects,
both classic and modern. Includes conversion chart.
Coppi Barbieri is an Italian photography duo whose clients include Absolut Vodka, Bulgari, Burberry, Cartier, De Beers, Fendi, Gucci,
Estee Lauder, Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes, Nike, Sony, Volvo, and VW. Their work has been published in GQ, Italian Vogue,
L’Uomo Vogue, the New York Times magazine, Vogue Nippon, Wallpaper, W, and World of Interiors. Their work has been exhib-
ited at the International Center of Photography in New York City. Melina Keays is the entertaining director at Wallpaper magazine.
Photography/Cooking • 184 pp • 12 x 11 • 52 Color Photos
9781903071410 • August • $100.00 (Can $110.00) Cloth • Bene Factum Publishing

Grandma Elmaleh’s Moroccan Cookbook
Lisa Elmaleh Craig
A treasure trove of recipes, anecdotes, and food facts based on Moroccan-
Jewish cooking which was described by the New York Times food critic
in 1970 as “home cooking that a Sultan would envy”
For more than 50 years Sarah Elmaleh, the Moroccan-Jewish mother of a
large immigrant family in Brooklyn, cooked sumptuous meals for family
and friends. Her unique blend of Jewish and Moroccan cooking produced
hundreds of recipes, most of which she kept in her head, until her grand-
daughter, Lisa Elmaleh Craig, sat her down and made her divulge her culi-
nary secrets. This charming book combines recipes, reminiscences, and
research with the author’s own line drawings and color plates, to provide
a feast for the food-oriented reader as well as recipes ranging from a sim-
ple breakfast to a family feast. Recipes include dual measurements.
Lisa Elmaleh Craig grew up watching her grandmother cook delicious food
for her family and friends. When she grew up she felt these recipes were
too good to keep in the Elmalah family, so she worked with her grand-
mother to write this book.
Cooking • 192 pp • 5 x 8 • 8 Color Photos • 20 Line Drawings
9781843913634 • July • $27.95 (Can $30.95) Cloth • Hesperus Press

The Australian Wine Encyclopedia

James Halliday
Foreword by Hugh Johnson
From Abbey Creek Vineyard all the way to zinfandel, detailed explanations of regions,
personalities, grape varieties, winemaking processes, and terms used in discussing wines

“You will be hard-pressed to find so much useful information about wine in gen-
eral and Australia specifically in a friendlier format.” —Wine Spectator
“Engagingly written. . . . Highly informative.” —Library Journal
Don’t know your amontillado from your amoroso? Can’t say who declared cabernet
sauvignon the only variety to be tolerated in heaven? Can’t list the movers and shakers
in the Australian wine landscape today? Never fear, James Halliday, Australia’s fore-
most wine writer, has compiled all the answers. This is the definitive guide to all things
wine in Australia, from someone who has immersed himself in the topic his whole life.
With more than 800 meticulously researched entries written with his trademark vigor
and contagious curiosity about what makes wine tick, this witty reference is a must for
all lovers of wine, from newcomers to experts.
James Halliday is a wine critic who regularly contributes to Epicurean and Gourmet
magazines. He is the founder of Coldstream Hills and Brokenwood wineries and is the author of several books, including the
James Halliday Australian Wine Companion series.
Cooking • 374 pp • 7 x 9.5 9781742702087 (Replaces 9781740667746) • April
$39.95 (Can $43.95) Paper • Hardie Grant Books
Also available:

James Halliday’s James Halliday

Wine Atlas of Australia Wine Companion
9781740666855 9781742700342
$50.00 (Can $55.00) Cloth $29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper

Kitchen Garden Estate
Self-sufficiency Inspired by Kitchen Gardens of the Past
Helene Gammack
Peek behind the garden door at some of Britain’s grandest estates to discover the
traditional crafts of growing, cooking, and self-sufficiency from past masters
From “growing your own” and cooking with herbs to harvesting honey and keeping
chickens, Britain’s great estates and country house gardens offer a wealth of inspira-
tion to the modern gardener. From traditional walled kitchen gardens and their some-
times surprising fruit and vegetables to keeping bees, chickens, or even livestock,
traditional methods and crafts have been in use since medieval times and have much
to teach anyone who wishes to make their own outdoor space a model of self-suffi-
ciency. Covering fruit and vegetables, herbs, orchards, beekeeping, fish ponds and lakes,
dovecotes and poultry, dairy and the farmyard, the deer park and game, and hops and
vineyards, there is something in this book for everyone, whether one has acres of land,
an allotment, or simply a windowsill.
Helene Gammack has worked as sole gardener in a renowned plantsmans garden for
10 years and as a research assistant for the National Trust for the last two years.
Gardening/Cooking • 192 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 190 Color Photos
9781907892127 • June • $34.95 (Can $38.95) Cloth • National Trust

Tales from Titchmarsh

A Year in the Garden
Alan Titchmarsh
The very best of Alan Titchmarsh’s gardening writing, taken from his 20 years as a colum-
nist with Gardeners’ World magazine
Covering everything from his love of water features in gardens to the beauty of wildflower
meadows to why we need to get children away from gizmos and back into gardens, this is
the perfect bedside or gardenside anthology from a beloved gardener. His brilliant writings
are, in turn, practical (Just how far back should we prune our roses?), opinionated (I al-
ways rail at people who go out on a Sunday afternoon to tidy their gardens. I mean, a gar-
den is not a sock drawer.), cheeky (I have a theory that gardeners grow to look like their
soil.), and wistful (You’ve got to be a bit of a dreamer to get the most out of your garden.).
So lay down your trowel, sit back, and enjoy a bit of quintessential Titchmarsh.
Alan Titchmarsh is the author of more than 40 gardening books, including The Gardener’s
Year, How to Be a Gardener, and The Royal Gardeners; the memoirs Knave of Spades and
Trowel and Error; and the novels Love and Dr. Devon and Rosie. He has twice been named
Gardening Writer of the Year and in 2004 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from
the Garden Writers’ Guild.
Gardening/Literary Collections • 288 pp • 5 x 8 • 60 B/W Illustrations
9781444728842 • May • $12.95 Paper • Hodder & Stoughton

Planting Design Essentials
Jill Anderson and Pamela Johnson
A step-by-step guide to successful plant choice and long-term planting, using de-
sign techniques and good horticultural practice
Plants are a major part of most gardens and fulfill many roles within them, providing
color, shade, scent, form, texture, and much more. Choosing the right plants can be a
challenge but this book is both inspirational and practical, helping gardeners interpret
their visions and understand growing conditions for all styles and types of planting. It
also looks at creative maintenance for the future of the design, emphasizing the need
for good techniques and best practice to ensure that the garden matures beautifully.
Jill Anderson started her own garden design company 15 years ago. She has been awarded
two Royal Horticulture Society medals for her show gardens. Pamela Johnson has been
designing gardens for 15 years.
Gardening • 160 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 158 Color Photos
9781847972705 • April • $27.95 Paper
Crowood Press

Designing Small Gardens

Ian Cooke
A guide to inspire stunning results, whether for an entire garden or just a small border

“A definitive reference.” —Booklist on The Gardener’s Guide to Growing Cannas

Small gardens can be as versatile as their gardeners: personal, peaceful havens; sophisti-
cated spaces for entertaining; or bold showcases for plant displays. Written by an expe-
rienced garden designer, this practical book is packed with big ideas for small gardens
and guides readers through the principles of design with special reference to small spaces.
Topics covered include garden design basics, hard and soft landscapes, innovative use of
different materials, imaginative planting combinations, garden styles and plans, and prac-
tical garden projects.
Ian Cooke is a professional horticulturalist with wide range of experience in design, from
small private gardens through to large commercial landscapes. He is the author of many
gardening books, including Exotic Gardening, The Gardener’s Guide to Growing Can-
nas, and Grasses and Bamboos.
Gardening • 144 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • 116 Color Photos
9781847972903 • April • $17.95 Paper
Crowood Press

Designing and Planting Borders
Roger Harvey
What, where, and how to plant colorful borders that will transform any garden
Beds and borders provide the framework for a garden, but it can be a daunting task to
design and plant them. This book provides exciting planting ideas and schemes for bor-
ders that are full of shrubs and perennials, and burst with color and vitality throughout
the year. Written by a respected garden designer, it includes diagrams for gardens and plant
profiles so gardeners and designers can match the plant they need to the look they want.
It offers advice on drawing a plan and designing a garden, more than 20 border plans for
different aspects and soil types, new ideas for color and structure, and easy-to-use tables
to identify the right plant for every spot.
Roger Harvey runs courses on garden design from his nursery. He specializes in growing
hellebores as well as woodland and shade-loving plants.
Gardening • 128 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • 150 Color Photos
9781847973115 • April • $17.95 Paper • Crowood Press

Designing Gardens with Plant Shapes

Carol J. Smith
A practical, hands-on method for the design of planting, ensuring a final garden that
suits anyone’s needs and style
Rather than relying on plant knowledge, this innovative book introduces a new visual
approach to planting design. Introducing the nine plant shapes and a selection of appropriate
plants, it sets out the principles of planting design and uses drawing exercises to explain
the plant shape method. It also provides advice on color in planting schemes, offers ex-
amples of three-dimensional planting design schemes, and explains how all gardeners—
from the novice to the experienced—can achieve a beautiful and rewarding garden.
Carol J. Smith is a professional garden designer and freelance lecturer. She has worked
on several award-winning show gardens and teaches on all aspects of garden and plant-
ing design.
Gardening • 144 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • 132 Color Photos • 46 Diagrams
9781847972798 • April • $17.95 Paper • Crowood Press

Container Gardening
Kathy Brown
Expert advice and inspiring ideas on how to transform patios, walls, courtyards, and
doorsteps through container gardens
Container gardening provides boundless, exciting opportunities for both novice and ex-
perienced gardeners. Here, step-by-step plans guide the reader through the process of
both planting and aftercare, either for short-term seasonal schemes or for longer-term
projects. Reflecting the author’s experienced flair for display techniques and her passion
for color combinations, shapes, foliage, scent, and taste, this book is essential reading
for everyone ready to transform their containers and their gardens.
Kathy Brown has specialized in growing plants in containers for the last 30 years. The au-
thor of The Complete Practical Handbook of Garden Bulbs and Edible Flowers, she runs
her own garden design business and opens her 4.5-acre garden to the public.
Gardening • 144 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • 192 Color Photos
9781847972750 • April • $17.95 Paper
Crowood Press

Green Roofs
A Guide to their Design and Installation
Angela Youngman
A guide to the process of designing and installing a green roof—essential reading for
anyone interested in energy-efficient buildings
Environmentally friendly buildings are a must for the future, and among the many new
ideas for buildings are green roofs—but what exactly is a green roof, and how do they
work? Why are individuals and businesses installing them, and how difficult is it to in-
stall and maintain a green roof? This guide introduces the range of green roofs available,
from the small garden shed to towering skyscrapers; discusses the role of the green roof
as part of an overall greening of a building and landscape; advises on types of vegeta-
tion to be grown, maintenance required, and problems that can be encountered; analyzes
the green roof movement; and describes residential and business case studies from across
the world. With contributions from builders, architects, and gardeners, this is not a self-
help manual, as most green roofs will need a string of professionals, but a guide to the
process of designing and installing a green roof.
Angela Youngman is a journalist and author.
Architecture/Gardening • 144 pp • 6.5 x 9.5
134 Color Photos
9781847972965 • April • $17.95 Paper
Crowood Press

Words from the Garden
A Collection of Beautiful Poetry, Prose and Quotations
Isobel Carlson
Perfect for garden lovers, a collection of poetry and prose inspired by all things green
and flourishing
With quotations from down the ages and through the seasons, this beautifully designed
book contains words of wisdom on everything from allotments to arboretums, from per-
golas to potting sheds, and will provide moments of laughter and reflection whether you
are cooped up on a rainy day or admiring the fruits of your labor on a summer evening.
Isobel Carlson is also the author of Ooh La La and Trugs, Dibbers, Trowels and Twine.
Gardening/Literary Collections • 96 pp • 5 x 7 • Color Illustrations Throughout
9781840246537 • May • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • Summersdale

The Gardener’s Friend

A Miscellany of Wit and Wisdom
Lesley Masters
Garden lore, practical advice, and witty garden quips
“A garden is the best alternative therapy.” —Germaine Greer
“It is a golden maxim to cultivate the garden for the nose, and the eyes will take care
of themselves.” —Robert Louis Stevenson
“Gardening is civil and social, but it wants the vigour and freedom of the forest and
the outlaw.” —Henry David Thoreau
Seasoned gardeners, urbanites with window boxes, and those who simply have potted
plants will savor this miscellany of quotations and prose, interspersed with practical
advice on everything from keeping your shed in order to bird spotting. Walking bare-
foot through the grass and smelling the flowers, harvesting the fruits of your labors,
and enjoying an al fresco aperitif on a summer’s evening: what could be better?
Lesley Masters is a gardener and gift book author.
Gardening • 208 pp • 5 x 7 • 35 B/W Illustrations
9781849531528 • June • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Cloth • Summersdale

Really Wild Tea Cosies
Loani Prior
From the author of Wild Tea Cosies comes an
entertaining, inspiring, and easy-to-follow book
featuring 20 even wilder knitted tea cosies

“Amazing and original designs . . . this

book belongs on the shelves of those who
like to go beyond standard patterns.”
—Knit Today on Wild Tea Cosies
“The projects are perfect for cool young
knitters, the hip granny and everyone in be-
tween.” —Machine Knitting Monthly on
Wild Tea Cosies
With this very accessible guide, crafters can turn
a functional item into a fabulously creative
knitted sculpture full of vibrant color and
humor: something that will bring joy as well as
warmth to a daily cup of tea. These tea cozies,
from Garden Party to Coral Punk to Grecian
Lovely, are easy enough for knitters of even the
most basic skill level to make and assemble. The
book provides instructions on how to
make 10 knitted and crocheted decorations, such
as flowers, leaves, cupcakes, and fruit, which can
be used to embellish a tea cozy, or worn on a lapel
or scarf.
Loani Prior is an artist who specializes in knitting
and the author of Wild Tea Cosies.
Crafts & Hobbies • 136 pp • 8.5 x 8.5
81 Color Photos • Four-color Interior
9781741966312 • April
$19.95 Paper • Murdoch Books

Meet Me at Mike’s Crafty Journal
Pip Lincolne
From the author of Meet Me at Mike’s and Sew La
Tea Do comes a gorgeous journal for budding and
experienced crafters

“Chatty directions might help the beginning

sewer to feel comfortable. . . . This friendly, en-
gaging work might please the sewer seeking proj-
ects in the contemporary and adorable vein.”
—Publishers Weekly on Sew La Tea Do
The journal is divided into three sections—Sewing,
Knitting, and Crocheting. For each craft, readers are
given a range of simple techniques with tips and il-
lustrations, then offered suggestions for variations, so
that once they have the basics they can experiment with
new ideas. With plenty of room left to jot down crafty
ideas, and handy pockets to collect bits and pieces, this
journal will encourage and inspire crafters to create
beautiful pieces that they can wear, use, and love. Fea-
turing a innovative design and cute-as-a-button illus-
trations, it is as inspiring as it is delightful.
Pip Lincolne lives above her popular Melbourne craft
store, Meet Me at Mike’s, and runs a craft club called
Brown Owls. She is the author of the crafting titles
Meet Me at Mike’s and Sew La Tea Do.
Crafts & Hobbies • 176 pp • 7 x 8.5
9781742701431 • April
$22.95 (Can $25.95) Cloth with Concealed Wire-O
Hardie Grant Books

Also available:

Meet Me at Mike’s Sew La Tea Do

9781740666305 9781740668606
$24.95 (Can $27.95) $39.95 (Can $43.95)
Concealed Wire-O Concealed Wire-O

Colour, Structure and Design
Alison Ellen
An in-depth look at the technique of hand knitting and at what effects can be
created from different stitches and by knitting in different directions

“The emphasis on structure pushes readers away from the usual pick-a-
pattern format and leads them into more ambitious undertakings.”
—Booklist on Hand Knitting
Taking a fresh approach to knitting and examining it from scratch, this book ex-
plores not just the look of a knitted pattern, but how the knitted fabric can be al-
tered with different stitches to change its stretch, drape, and thickness. Once
understood, the design and application potential of this textile technique is thrilling
and endless, and it encourages and inspires both beginners and experienced knit-
ters to experiment and develop their own designs. The guide covers basic stitches,
including many different ways of casting on and off; new approaches to construct
fabric in any direction in order to make any shape without sewn seams; an in-depth
section on color; advice on dyeing yarns; and knitting patterns to suit a range of
body shapes, with directions for personalizing the size.
Alison Ellen originally trained in textile design, specializing in weaving and printed
textiles, then started designing and making hand-knitted garments in the 1980s.
She is the author of Hand Knitting.
Crafts & Hobbies • 176 pp • 8.5 x 10.5 • 247 Color Photos
9781847972842 • May • $39.95 Cloth • Crowood Press

Tapestry Weaving
Design and Technique
Joanne Soroka
An essential sourcebook with advice on all aspects of creation, care, and pres-
entation of tapestries, aimed at experienced and novice weavers and galleries
Despite an illustrious history, tapestry weaving is a simple technique that requires
little equipment or expenditure and can be done anywhere, and this lavishly illus-
trated book gently leads beginners through the whole process. With detailed dia-
grams and exciting work by contemporary weavers, it offers a step-by-step guide
to setting up a small frame loom and starting to weave; basic and advanced tech-
niques and how to create shapes and textures; advice on taking work into the third
dimension, whether bas relief or fully sculptural; information on the qualities of
different materials; design ideas for tapestries; and instructions on how to follow
supplied designs. This guide will be useful to the absolute beginner, but experienced
weavers will also find new ideas and techniques to tempt and inspire them.
Joanne Soroka has been weaving tapestries for more than 40 years. The former artis-
tic director of the Edinburgh Tapestry Company, she taught for 17 years at Edin-
burgh College of Art, and has exhibited her work in 11 solo and more than 100
group exhibitions around the world.
Crafts & Hobbies • 192 pp • 8.5 x 10.5 • 190 Color Photos
9781847972804 • June • $49.95 Cloth • Crowood Press

Painting Portraits
Anthony Connolly
A practical book that considers the historical context of portrait painting and its
contemporary practice
Written by a professional portrait painter, this guide describes the intricacies of mak-
ing a portrait not just for the technically minded but also for those who are interested
in a painter’s perspective on the role and importance of portraiture. It offers step-by-
step demonstrations of portraits and self-portraits, techniques that use color to introduce
subtleties and presence, and advice on catching a likeness and overcoming difficulties.
It also discusses the significance of copying and photography, provides insights into
the artistic process of the portrait painter, and considers the work of contemporary
and distinguished painters.
Anthony Connolly is an award-winning portrait artist and a member of the Royal So-
ciety of Portrait Painters. He has exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, the Royal
Academy, and with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.
Art • 112 pp • 8.5 x 11 • 180 Color Photos
9781847972644 • June • $27.95 Paper • Crowood Press

The Art of Chinese Brush Painting

Maggie Cross
The history of the ancient art as well as the techniques and materials required to
produce stunning Chinese brush paintings
Chinese brush painting is steeped in history, symbolism, and ritual, and closely linked
to Chinese calligraphy. This beautifully illustrated book takes readers on a journey
through the steps needed to produce stunning paintings of flowers, birds, animals, and
landscapes. Advice is given on basic brush strokes, color mixing, and brush loading;
creating a composition of a variety of subjects; and mounting a work for display. Writ-
ten by a respected artist and teacher, it covers traditional techniques as well as more
recent innovative ideas, and reveals the beauty and mastery behind this art.
Maggie Cross grew up in Hong Kong where she learned to speak Cantonese and write
Chinese characters. Over the years, she has worked with many Chinese masters. Her
work is held in many collections around the world.
Art • 208 pp • 8.5 x 11 • 100 Color Photos
9781847972897 • April • $32.95 Paper • Crowood Press

Botanical Painting
Mariella Baldwin
A beautifully illustrated guide that aims to unravel the perceived mysteries of the
art by revealing the steps to making a stunning botanical painting
Botanical painting seeks to convey the essence and beauty of a plant through accu-
rate rendition. By breaking complex forms down into basic shapes, this guide to an
often intimidating art form provides a foundation for building and developing detail
in a painting. It features a strong emphasis on observation, especially observation
through drawing; color exercises and techniques to simplify the painting process; and
it covers the main features of flowering plants—the root, the steam, the leaf, the flower,
and the fruit.
Mariella Baldwin is a professional botanical artist whose paintings are held in pri-
vate collections across the world as well as the Hunt Institute for Botanical Docu-
mentation in Pittsburgh, the Chelsea Physic Garden, and Hampton Court Palace.
Art • 144 pp • 8.5 x 11 • 223 Color Illustrations
9781847972774 • April • $29.95 Paper
Crowood Press

Botany for Artists

Lizabeth Leech
An introduction to plant science for artists who wish to draw or paint plants or flow-
ers without sacrificing technical accuracy to aesthetic quality
Many botanical artists struggle when closely observing their subject and do not have
the structural knowledge necessary to enhance the quality and precision of their work.
This informative book addresses the intricacies of plant and floral structure, form, and
behavior, seeking to equip artists with a more comprehensive understanding of botany.
It explains basic biological concepts to enhance the understanding of observation, in-
troducing all main groups of plants and fungi; provides a springboard of knowledge
to enable the reader to tackle more academic literature; offers observation help sheets;
and encourages a more confident approach to botanical painting and illustration.
Lizabeth Leech trained and worked as a botanist before pursuing art. She regularly lec-
tures on various aspects of botany for artists and exhibits widely.
Art/Science • 224 pp • 8.5 x 11 • 360 Color Photos
9781847972781 • May • $34.95 Paper
Crowood Press


The Arts & Crafts Country House

From the Archives of Country Life
Clive Aslet
A detailed survey of 25 major houses from the Arts and Crafts
movement reveals the enduring legacy of an architectural ideal

“This delicious narrative tour of British villages showcases

the author’s familiarity with his topic; Aslet . . . knows his
stuff—architecture, history, folklore, literary
inspiration.” —Seattle Times on Villages of Britain
Drawing upon the unique Country Life archive, this is a fascinat-
ing, detailed survey of 25 major country houses designed by the
Arts and Crafts movement’s foremost architects, including Lutyens,
Webb, Williams-Ellis, and Blow. Growing out of a reaction against
the Industrial Revolution in the late 1850s, and inspired by an al-
ternative vision of life based on the revival of traditional building
crafts and the use of local materials, the Arts and Crafts movement
produced some of Britain’s greatest works of design, architecture,
and decorative art. Country Life magazine, founded in 1897, cham-
pioned the movement in the weekly articles it devoted to country
houses, illustrated with specially commissioned photographs. This
beautifully illustrated collection reveals the enduring legacy of an
architectural ideal while also demonstrating how the Arts and Crafts
tradition continues to influence architects today.
Clive Aslet was the editor of Country Life for 13 years. He is the
author of many books, including The American Country House,
Landmarks of Britain, and Villages of Britain.
Architecture • 192 pp • 10 x 12 • 200 B/W Photos
9781845136802 • May • $75.00 (Can $82.95) Cloth
Aurum Press

Also available:

The Classical The Country Houses Irish Houses and Gardens

Country House of Sir John Vanbrugh 9781845133511
9781845135935 9781845130978 $34.95 (Can $38.95) Paper
$75.00 (Can $82.95) Cloth $75.00 (Can $82.95) Cloth

Drawn from the Heart
A Memoir
Ron Brooks
A vivid, searching memoir of life, love, and bookmaking by a master of the art of
picture books
Ron Brooks grew up a country boy with a yen for drawing and observation of the life
around him. He became an acknowledged master of the picture book form, winning ac-
claim both nationally and internationally for classics such as The Bunyip of Berkeley’s
Creek and John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat by Jenny Wagner—both in print con-
tinuously for more than 30 years—and Old Pig and the award-winning Fox by Mar-
garet Wild. Yet success never came easy. In this searching memoir he recreates his life
as an artist, husband, and father, with all its twists and turns, pain and joy. Along the
way he offers rare insights into the “secret” process of picture making and story shap-
ing. Illustrated with roughs and finished art from his best-loved books, this story of a
life lived intensely in search of truth, love, and beauty is a classic in its own right.
Ron Brooks is a picture book artist with a career spanning more than 35 years. His il-
lustrated books include Fox and Old Pig by Margaret Wild, the Henry books by Mar-
garet Perversi, Motor Bill and the Lovely Caroline by Jenny Wagner, and Honey and
Bear by Ursula Dubosarsky.
Autobiography/Art • 336 pp • 7 x 9.5 • 50 Color Illustrations • 50 B/W Illustrations
9781742371559 • April • $45.00 (Can $49.95) Cloth • Allen & Unwin

Aubrey Beardsley
Robert Ross
Illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley
Introduction by Matthew Sturgis
An unprecedented glimpse into the life of the Aesthetic movement, reprinted for the
first time in 80 years
The first ever biography of Aubrey Beardsley was written by one of his close friends and
earliest patrons soon after his death, and is a fascinating and evocative document of the
period. Robert Ross was one of the first people who Beardsley met when he arrived in
London to make his name in 1892. Within six years he was dead, but the work he pro-
duced in that short time revolutionized art, and he was fixed forever in the public imag-
ination as one of the leading spirits of the decadent era. This republication is a close copy
of the first stand-alone edition of 1909, and includes the original illustrations and cata-
logue, and a new introduction.
Aubrey Beardsley (1872–1898) was an illustrator, author, and a leading figure in the Aes-
thetic movement whose figures included Oscar Wilde and James Abbott Whistler. Robert
Ross (1869–1918) was a journalist and critic in the circle of Oscar Wilde, whose literary
executor he became. He energetically promoted Beardsley. Matthew Sturgis is the author
of Aubrey Beardsley: A Biography, Paperwork: Peter Clark, and Walter Sickert: A Life.
Biography/Art • 120 pp • 5 x 7 • 16 B/W Illustrations
9781843680727 • May • $22.95 (Can $25.95) Paper • Pallas Athene

Jack Vettriano
Jack Vettriano
Jack Vettriano’s powerful canvases of an alluring yet sinis-
ter world are beautifully captured in a new edition with 15
more recent images, from exhibitions between 2006 and 2010
Vettriano’s images are a gateway to a timeless place where past
and present intertwine. Daylight scenes of heady optimism,
painted against backdrops of beaches and racetracks, are coun-
terbalanced by more disquieting canvases of complex night-
time liaisons in bars, clubs, bedrooms, and ballrooms. Emerging
from the unlikely background of the Scottish coalfields, un-
known and untutored, Jack Vettriano has become Scotland’s
most successful and controversial contemporary artist, his paint-
ing The Singing Butler selling for close to $1.3 million. Ap-
pearing on posters and cards, mugs and umbrellas, prints of
his work outsell van Gogh, Dalí, and Monet, and his paint-
ings have been acquired by celebrities around the world.
Jack Vettriano’s solo exhibition in Edinburgh was a sell-out
and since then he has had solo exhibitions in London, Hong
Kong, New York, and Rome.
Art • 208 pp • 9 x 11 • 115 Color Photos
9781862059443 (Replaces 9781862057241) • April
$45.00 (Can $49.95) Cloth • Pavilion

Also available:
Each: $13.95 (Can $15.95) Cloth

A Man’s World Women in Love

9781862058569 9781862058552

Surf Graphics
Ian C. Parliament
Introduction by Jim Phillips
A dazzling display of top surf art and design
From vintage surf art to the latest designs, this collection
is filled with brilliant color, energy, and vibe. It features the
top 30 artists working on the surf graphic scene, each with
a detailed biography, as well as the same eye-popping pro-
duction values of Kustom Graphics and Kustom Graphics II.
Of course, there are plenty of California artists making their
marks on the surf art scene, including Shawn Dickinson
(Palmdale), Damian Fulton (Los Angeles), Tom “Big Toe”
Laura (Irvine), Jim Phillips (Santa Cruz), Rick Rietveld
(Newport Beach), and Keith Weesner (Thousand Oaks).
Brad Parker lives in Hawaii, while Thor splits his time be-
tween California and Hawaii. Pat Grant and Marty Schnei-
der are among Australian artists on the scene, while
European artists include PG Artworks (Sweden), Mik Baro
(Spain), and Thorsten Hasenkamm (Germany).
Jim Phillips is a legendary skateboard artist who has also
published award-winning graphic designs for cartoons, T-
shirts, stickers, rock posters, and ad art since 1962. He was
the art director for Santa Cruz Skateboards for many years,
and he lives in Santa Cruz, California.
Art/Design • 256 pp • 8.5 x 10
350 Color Illustrations • Cloth with Jacket
9781907621086 • June • $45.00 (Can $49.95) Cloth
Korero Books

Viva Van Story’s Sheer
Photographs by Viva Van Story
In the stunning follow-up to Viva Van Story: Bullet Bras and Back-
seat Betties, the incredibly talented NYC pinup photographer ex-
plores the eroticism of transparency

“Viva Van Story is an accomplished photographer who is

being justly acclaimed as a worthy successor to Bunny Yeager.
Van Story is taking the parameters of ‘cheesecake’ to new lev-
els and the result (to say the least) is haute-cuisine. Pretty
damn hot haute-cuisine, actually!” —Real Detroit Weekly
“VVS’s photos are graced by the kind of drag strip dames and
juice joint jezebels who populated the men’s mags of the
1950s—with a decidedly modern edge. It’s no surprise, then,
that with NYC’s vibrant burlesque scene, she’s the photogra-
pher of choice for a wide range of tassel-twirling temptresses,
hot-rod honeys, and tommy gun tarts.” —Eroszine
Themed around the idea of transparency, from nylon to latex, silk
to plastic and muslin to glass, Viva Van Story’s brilliantly lit shots
of the iconic models on the fetish scene (Mosh, Angela Ryan, Eden
Berlin, and more) are distinguished by a host of astonishing new lo-
cations, atmospheric retro moods, and Viva’s boundary-pushing eroti-
cism. Everyone who loved Viva’s Pinups will love this collection,
while anyone who has not yet discovered Viva will be blown away
by the latest work of the East Coast’s leading pinup photographer.
Viva Van Story is one of the most respected and busiest pin-up pho-
tographers in the country. Her work headlined the Detroit Dirty Show,
and she and her images have been featured in such publications as
Bizarre Magazine, Car Kulture Deluxe, Deadbeat Magazine, DicE,
Edge Detroit, Leg Show, New York Post, Ol’ Skool Rodz, Real De-
troit Weekly, ROCKRGRL, Tattoo, and Varla Magazine. She is based
in New York City.
Photography • 176 pp • 8 x 11.5
160 Color Photos • Cloth with Jacket
9781907621048 • May • $39.95 (Can $43.95) Cloth
Korero Books

The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton
Noel Fielding
A beautiful and hilarious new book of artwork from the acclaimed star of
The Mighty Boosh

“Fielding’s visual art is not a million miles away from the disturbing
world of Nabootique he and Barratt create in The Mighty Boosh and it’s
no surprise that his depictions of talking crocodiles, Mick Jagger and dis-
turbing fox-men—Matt Groening meets Hieronymous Bosch—have be-
come highly prized collectibles.” —Evening Standard
“The boy can paint. What’s more, his offbeat, pop-art pictures are seri-
ously commercial. Stylistically, it’s somewhere between Henri Rousseau
and Tov Jansson, creator of The Moomins.” —Independent
“Growing up in the jungles of India there was no need for drawing or paint-
ing. I would sometimes arrange ants into primitive still lives or scratch out por-
traits onto the trunks of trees. Things changed when I was 11, a lame tiger
who owned a stationery shop gave me the keys to his stock room, I would roll
around in acrylic and oil pastels in reverie, licking canvases and tucking coloured
pencils into my wild hair. It was here I learned how to draw and paint well
enough to be accepted into Croyden Art College. There, Dexter Dalwood (Turner
Prize nominee) taught me and after two years under his supreme tutelage and
much hard graft he advised me to become a comedian.” —Noel Fielding
Noel Fielding’s book channels the creative influences of Henri Rousseau, Roy
Lichtenstein, and Salvador Dalí, through the comedian’s strange, singular, and
surreal mind. Hilarious and beautifully produced, this is a visual feast which
will delight and entertain Noel’s many impassioned fans.
Noel Fielding is a comedian, actor, and artist who is best known for playing Vince
Noir in the cult phenomenon The Mighty Boosh with comedy partner Julian Barratt, with whom he coauthored The Mighty Book of
Boosh. He also appears on The IT Crowd and in the forthcoming movie Horrid Henry. He has had multiple art showings in London.
Art/Humor • 224 pp • 5.5 x 8.5 • Four-color Interior
9780857862051 • April • $29.95 Paper • Canongate UK

Also available:

The Mighty Book The Pocket Book

of Boosh of Boosh
9781847673220 9781847674142
$29.95 Cloth $19.95 Paper

Simon’s Cat: Feed Me!
Simon Tofield
Simon’s Cat is now bite-sized!
A pocket-sized collection of food-themed Simon’s Cat
cartoons, these adorable snapshots of life with a very
demanding cat are selected from the first two Simon’s
Cat books, with 10 brand-new cartoons. In full color
for the very first time, the YouTube sensation is back
on the page—only smaller and cuter. This cat will do
anything to be fed.
Simon Tofield is an award-winning illustrator, animator,
and director whose previous books are Simon’s Cat and
Simon’s Cat: Beyond the Fence. He owns four cats.
Humor/Pets • 80 pp • 5.5 x 5.5
Four-color Interior
9780857862778 • May • $8.95 Paper
Canongate UK

When I Were a Meerkat . . .
Andrew Davies
A spinoff of When I Were a Lad featuring sad
and adorable images of meerkats as they do
their best to escape grinding poverty and
make a better life for themselves
Already it has generated spin-offs—When I Were
a School Lad and When I Were a Nipper. Here,
instead of ragged trousered children scrabbling
around the streets, getting put in perilous po-
sitions—the stock in trade of the previous
books—the north of England is populated with
a small number of meerkats. Meerkats get put
to work down the mines, go to the seaside for
their holidays, and mess about on trams. The
meerkat world and the human world easily in-
termingle in a reworking of many of the pho-
tos first used in When I Were a Lad.
Andrew Davies has written a number of com-
edy books including Football: Those Were the
Days, Golf: Those Were the Days, The Ugly
Book, When I Were a Lad, When I Were a Nip-
per, and When I Were a School Lad . . .
Humor • 144 pp • 7.5 x 6 • 75 B/W Photos
9781907554544 • June
$12.95 (Can $13.95) Cloth • Portico

Also available:
Each: $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth

When I Were a Lad . . . When I Were a Nipper . . . When I Were

9781907554001 9781907554360 a School Lad . . .

When I Were a Lass . . .
Joan Bradshawe
A girl’s view of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, from the same team be-
hind When I Were a Lad and When I Were a Nipper
Jam-packed with nostalgic photos from a time when little girls were made
of sugar and spice and all things nice—except sugar was rationed so it was
more likely to be beetroot, this nostalgic trip includes scary dolls, miser-
able trips to the seaside, donkeys, and that essential fashion item, gym shorts.
This look back through barely held-together, rose-tinted glasses reveals—
through a series of vintage photos—a time when radio and gramophones
were the only distraction, toys were few and far between, a doll was a thing
to be treasured, and a trip to the seaside was a grand adventure.
Joan Bradshawe is an amateur historian.
Humor • 144 pp • 6 x 7.5 • 75 B/W Photos
9781907554582 • June • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth • Portico

When Meerkats Turn Bad

Kitty Litter
At last, the true meerkat agenda is exposed
The lizards are alarmed, the snakes are scared, and the antelopes are apoplec-
tic—but why? It’s because the meerkats have turned mean. Sure, they look
cute with their little noses in the air. And some of them are. But have you
ever paused to wonder what’s really going on in those cozy communities?
There’s a darker side to the cuddly meerkat, and the shocking truth is re-
vealed here for the first time.
Humor • 96 pp • 5.5 x 5.5
48 Color Photos • Four-color Interior
9781849532310 • June • $10.95 (Can $11.95) Cloth • Summersdale

Also available:

When Cats Turn Bad

$8.95 (Can $9.95) Cloth

Each: Humor • 160 pp • 4 x 5.5 • $8.95 Cloth • Ebury Press

Keep Calm for Chaps

A new volume in the bestselling Keep Calm and Carry On series just for distressed and
clueless men
“Courage is being scared to death—but saddling up anyway.” —John Wayne
“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” —T. S. Eliot
“Never raise your hand to your children; it leaves your midsection unprotected.” —Robert Orben
“I advise you to go on living solely to range those who are paying your annuities. It is the
only pleasure I have left.” —Voltaire
It just gets worse and worse doesn’t it? Collapsing banks, collapsing countries, massive gov-
ernment cuts, rising debt, inflation, and the possibility of a double dip. It’s amid all this un-
certainty that the already embattled modern man needs the best advice he can get about how
to be the best he can. This tome offers the same pearls of life wisdom as Keep Calm and
Carry On, especially for males at their wits’ end.
9780091943653 • June

Keep Calm for Ladies

The latest in the bestselling Keep Calm and Carry On series especially for a lady in a downturn
“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” —Janis Joplin
“A man would prefer to come home to an unmade bed and a happy woman than to a neatly
made bed and an angry woman.” —Marlene Dietrich
“Remember, blood is not only much thicker than water, it’s much more difficult to get out of
the carpet.” —Phyllis Diller
“Never eat more than you can lift.” —Miss Piggy
Well, it just gets worse and worse—collapsing banks, collapsing countries, massive govern-
ment cuts, rising debt, inflation, and the possibility of a double dip. Amid all this uncertainty,
the already embattled modern woman needs the best advice she can get about how to be as
cool and calm in life as possible. This tome offers the same pearls of life wisdom as Keep Calm
and Carry On, but with women at their wits’ end in mind.
9780091943660 • June

Keep Calm at Christmas

A new volume in the bestselling Keep Calm and Carry On series especially for coping
with the festive season
“What I don’t like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day.”
—Phyllis Diller
“About all you can do is dream of a white Christmas, for it seems like it always leaves
most of us in the red.” —Anon
“Once again, we come to the holiday season, a deeply religious time that each of us ob-
serves, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.” —Anon
“New Year’s Day . . . now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolu-
tions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.” —Mark Twain
Everyone knows ’tis the season to be jolly; when you can roast chestnuts on an open fire,
treetops glisten, and sleigh bells ring alongside the sound of small children’s laughter. How-
ever, if you don’t think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year then reach for
this resource and let its soothing advice reassure you that Christmas comes but once a
year. It offers many merry pearls of wisdom to help you get through the festive season;
on everything from relatives to office parties, and gluttony to new year resolutions.
Humor • 9780091945053 • October

Shit Happens So Get Over It
Good advice for tough times
“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.”
—Reba McEntire
“You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.”
—Mary Tyler Moore
“Sometimes you just have to pee in the sink.” —Charles Bukowski
“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It
was here first.” —Mark Twain
“Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither.” —Benjamin Franklin
“When your dreams turn to dust, vacuum.” —Desmond Tutu
Ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go your way? Poor little you. Now
deal with it! Life is too short to spend moping around when instead you could be tak-
ing things with a pinch of salt—and a shot of tequila. Here’s a book packed with straight-
talking quotations to help you get a grip and find the brighter side.
Humor • 160 pp • 4 x 5
9781849531320 • June • $7.95 (Can $8.95) Cloth • Summersdale

Old Is the New Young

Who says the young have all the fun?
“Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” —Bette Davis
“Red meat and gin.” —Julia Child on the key to her longevity
“Eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about your age and start brag-
ging about it.” —Will Rogers
“When they tell me I’m too old to do something, I attempt it immediately.” —Pablo Picasso
“The older one grows, the more one likes indecency.” —Virginia Woolf
You’ve lived the dream, seen the movie, and bought the T-shirt—so isn’t it time to show
the kids how to party? Whether you’re a silver surfer or a golden oldie, you’ve still got
what it takes (it just takes a little longer than it used to). Here’s a book packed with quo-
tations to show that you might have to grow old, but you don’t have to grow up.
Humor • 160 pp • 4 x 5
9781849531658 • June • $7.95 (Can $8.95) Cloth • Summersdale

The Little Book of Senior Jokes
The Ones You Can Remember
Geoff Tibballs
Revised and lightly condensed, this pocket-sized paperback of The Book of Senior Jokes
is a collection of the finest, funniest, and sauciest jokes about age and aging
Jokes from such “senior” luminaries as George Burns, Winston Churchill, Joan Rivers,
Dorothy Parker, and many more fill this collection. Growing older is unavoidable, and
there’s only one solution. As your physical attributes drift southwards and your mental
powers head for the hills, remember—and it’s certainly difficult, given that you likely can’t
remember where you parked your car and you’re currently addressing your youngest child
as “Thingy”—that laughter always helps.
Geoff Tibballs has written more than 100 books including The Book of Senior Jokes, Crazy
Sh*t Old People Say; The Mammoth Book of Dirty, Sick, X-Rated and Politically Incor-
rect Jokes; and The Mammoth Book of Humor.
Humor • 192 pp • 4.5 x 5.5
9781843177036 • June • $5.95 (Can $6.95) Paper • Michael O’Mara

The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes

Because Your Dad Thinks He’s Hilarious
Ian Allen
A collection of “side-splitting” jokes collected from dads around the world, all of whom think
they are hilarious
Why did the banana go to the doctors?
Because he wasn’t peeling very well!
Proving the age-old maxim that “it’s in the way that you tell them,” dads have always been
renowned for being truly awful joke tellers. Whether it’s telling them at the wrong moment, mis-
remembering the punchline, or it just simply being a terrible joke to begin with, dads are an em-
barrassment to the whole family when it comes to trying to be funny. This collection is full to
the brim with jokes that only dad would dare tell—jokes that will make you groan, sigh, and
then probably groan again. Dads take great pleasure in these kinds of jokes and some of them
are so terrible they blossom into actual ribticklers—but don’t tell your dad that, it will only en-
courage him.
Ian Allen is a father of three teenagers and a funny man indeed. He has worked on several joke books.
Humor • 224 pp • 5 x 8 • 15 B/W Photos
9781907554537 • June • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Cloth • Portico

Bestest Dad Ever

A rousing book of quotations all about dads
“The toughest job in the world isn’t being a president. It’s being a parent.”
—Bill Clinton
“I love my dad, although I’m definitely critical of him sometimes, like when his pants
are too tight.” —Liv Tyler
You know your dad is simply the best, so make his day with this book of witty, rib–
tickling quotations.
Family & Relationships/Reference • 96 pp • 5.5 x 5.5 • Two-color Interior
9781849531337 • May • $8.95 (Can $9.95) Cloth • Summersdale

What Every Man Thinks About Apart from Sex
Professor Sheridan Simove, MSc, DPhil
Aside from “sex,” what does a man actually think about? Nothing, according to the blank
pages of this book!
For millennia, humans have marveled at the difference between men and women. It’s widely
known that the female gender is far superior to men in most areas—emotionally, cognitively,
and socially. But, to date, the complex secrets of a man’s mind have eluded science. In this
groundbreaking book, Professor Sheridan Simove reveals the true depth of a man’s mind.
Professor Sheridan Simove, MSc, DPhil is a performer, author, and entrepreneur. He has worked
in television production and has sold more than one million original and award winning nov-
elty gifts worldwide.
Humor • 196 pp • 5 x 8
9781849531986 • May • $8.95 (Can $9.95) Paper • Summersdale

The Joy of Sheds

Andrew Davies
A humorous miscellany chronicling man’s need for a small space all his own
A collection of shed facts, shed humor, shed features, shed design, shed maintenance, and
more, this witty book covers every aspect of the shed experience. Inventor Trevor Baylis thought
up the clockwork radio in a shed, George Bernard Shaw wrote Pygmalion in one, and Dylan
Thomas would compose poetry in his. However, the average male does not tend to devote
his shed to poetry. Along with a chapter on how to customize one’s shed into an exotic cre-
ation—“Pimp Your Shed”—there are plenty of shed facts, such as that almost a fifth of men
have had an accident in a shed, making it the single most dangerous place in the home after
the kitchen. Another chapter covers the typical items stored in sheds, and “The Genus
Shed” places the shed in the Linnaean order of buildings. There are also shed stories from
around the world, and a look at sheds in literature (Cold Comfort Farm and Lady Chatterly’s
Lover), the movies, and music.
Andrew Davies has written a number of humor books including The Thoughts of Chairman
Miaow, The Ugly Book, When I Were a Lad . . . , and When I Were a School Lad . . . .
Humor • 144 pp • 5 x 8 • 20 B/W Photos
9781907554513 • May • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • Portico

Golf’s Funniest Jokes
Jim Chumley
Illustrations by Robert Duncan
A collection of hilarious golf jokes, this book is sure to suit any golf fanatic to a tee
Two men are playing golf at their local club. One is about to chip to the green when he
sees a funeral procession on the road next to the course. He stops in mid-swing, takes
off his cap, closes his eyes and bows in prayer. His friend says, “Wow, that is the most
touching thing I have ever seen. You truly are a kind man.”
The man replies, “Yeah, well, we were married 35 years.”
After a long day on the fairway, put away your scorecard and clubs and laugh off the
double-bogeys with this selection of hysterical jokes. Illustrated in full color, this makes
a perfect gift for golf fans.
Jim Chumley is the author of the Funniest Jokes series.
Humor • 96 pp • 4 x 6 • Four-color Interior
9781840247442 • April • $8.95 (Can $9.95) Cloth • Summersdale

Politically Incorrect Golf Shots

Jack Palmer
A lighthearted record of some of the most popular phrases attributed to certain types
of golf shot
If you thought golf was all argyle sweaters and gentlemanly conduct, this book is guar-
anteed to put a kink in your five iron. It includes illustrations to show how these shots
appear and is occasionally annotated with suggestions on how to prevent them from hap-
pening out on the course. Whether your problem is a Tony Blair (“too much spin”) or a
King Tut (“buried in the sand”), lighten the mood on the fairway with this hilarious analy-
sis of the game.
Jack Palmer is a veteran backhander and has spent countless afternoons ball-hunting at
his home course.
Humor/Sports • 208 pp • 5.5 x 7.5 • Four-color Interior
9781849531283 • May • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth • Summersdale

Clive Whichelow and Mike Haskins
Clive Whichelow is a journalist and comedy writer and the author of It’s Not Rocket Science and Other Irritating
Modern Cliches. Mike Haskins is a comedy writer for television and radio and the author of We Are Doomed.
Each: Humor • 96 pp • 4.5 x 4.5 • Four-color Interior • May • $7.95 (Can $8.95) Cloth • Summersdale

How to Survive Marriage

Marriage is forever and survival is key!
Marriage is for richer and for poorer, for better or for worse, but most of all, it’s
forever so you’re going to need survival skills. First, staying power is crucial to with-
stand relatives, wasted money, and boredom—and that’s just the wedding reception.
Don’t forget that diplomacy means your partner is always right, even when they’re
wrong. They must be—they picked you!

Also available:

How to Survive
$7.95 (Can $8.95) Cloth

How to Survive Parenthood

Humorous tips to help put new parents at ease
You’re back from the hospital clutching your precious bundle only to realize you’ve
got your purse but left the baby behind! As a new parent, you’re going to need sur-
vival skills. You’ll need courage to bear the crying, waking, and tantrums in the mid-
dle of the night—and when the baby starts, too, it’s even worse. One must have the
patience of a saint; that, or the disposable income of a professional athlete. But who
knows? Your kids might be perfect.

How to Survive Retirement

Retirement is finally here! Now what?
There’s an awfully long time between cornflakes in the morning and your evening
cocoa, not to mention a limit to how many sudokus can be done in one day. One of
the retirement survival skills you’ll need is financial wizardry, which includes skills
such as how to get three cups of tea out of one bag. Sparkling conversation skills
include 300 different ways to discuss the weather. It’s easy if you treat it as a new
job—at least you can’t be made redundant. However, make sure to complain regu-
larly, otherwise everyone will be doing it.

Each: Humor • 96 pp • 4.5 x 4.5 • 45 Color Illustrations • May • $7.95 (Can $8.95) Cloth • Summersdale

You Know You’re a Horse Lover When . . .

Jane Brook
Readers will discover whether they are equine-obsessed or just a little un-stable
You know you’re a horse lover when your new “hair extensions” are actually bits
of hay, and you deck your horse’s stable out with an extra strong, horse-sized bean-
bag so it can sleep in absolute comfort.
Jane Brook is the author of Gardening Wit, Horsey Wit, and Kitchen Wit.
Horses • 9781849531665

You Know You’re a Sports Fanatic When . . .

Ben Fraser
Readers will discover whether they’re superfans or simply one player short of a
full team
You know you’re a sports fanatic when you have “personal best” times for everything
from making a round of tea at work to changing a diaper, and you can’t wear your
Olympic gold.
Ben Fraser is the author of You Know You’re a Golf Fanatic When, You Know You’re
a Sailing Fanatic When, and You Know You’re Getting Old When.
Sports • 9781849531672

Also available:
Each: $7.95 (Can $8.95) Cloth

You Know You’re a You Know You’re a You Know You’re You Know You’re
Cat Lover When . . . Dog Lover When . . . a Gardening a Golfing
9781849530910 9781849530927 Fanatic When . . . Fanatic When . . .
9781849530705 9781849530613

You Know You Know You’re You Know You’re

You’re a Rugby a Tennis Having a Senior
Fanatic When . . . Fanatic When . . . Moment When . . .
9781849530453 9781849530477 9781849530736

You Know You Know You’re You Know You’re

You’re a Sailing Getting Old When . . . Past It When . . .
Fanatic When . . . 9781849530057 9781849530712

Country Lover
Ed Foster
Quotes, jokes, and advice for the country enthusiast
“Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise.”
—George Washington Carver
“Now I yearn for one of those old, meandering, dry, uninhabited roads, which
lead away from towns.” —Henry David Thoreau
Is your idea of a dirty weekend being knee-deep in mud of the countryside?
Whether you were born in a barn or a concrete jungle, celebrate all things
rural with this down-to-earth collection of quotes, jokes, and advice for the
countryside enthusiast.
Ed Foster is the author of Wine Lover.
Humor/Reference • 96 pp • 5.5 x 5.5 • Four-color Interior
9781849531238 • June • $8.95 (Can $9.95) Cloth • Summersdale

Also available:

Wine Lover
$8.95 (Can $9.95) Cloth

Ooh La La!
How to Be Infuriatingly French
Mimi Malone
A witty and humorous look at the charms and foibles of being perfectly French

“With an amusing apt cartoon on each page, Ooh la la! is the perfect gift for any
self-respecting—or disrespecting—Francophile!” —Lancashire Evening Post
The French might make it look easy, but being French requires a fine balance of aloof
confidence, an innate sense of superiority, joie de vivre, and doing everything with style.
Then, of course, there are the basics to get to grips with, such as the fact that the cus-
tomer is always wrong, why it’s OK to let your dog do its business in the street, why
waiting in line is not necessary, and why French cuisine is undeniably the best in the
entire world.
Mimi Malone is a writer.
Humor/Reference • 96 pp • 5 x 7
9781840246650 • July
$10.95 (Can $11.95) Cloth • Summersdale

Lost in Translation
The English Language Taken Hostage at Home and Abroad
Chris Stone
Wacky, weird, and wonderful snapshots of the English language being
abused around the world
Whether it’s unforgivable grammar, bad spelling, or just plain old ter-
rible translations, these 140 photos demonstrate how the world’s fa-
vorite language is treated when it travels. From hilarious street signs
to dreadful translations to an assortment of wonderful unintentional
wordplay, this book will make English readers laugh out loud at the
things that can be lost in translation, never to be found again—and
will remind them to always use spell-check!
Chris Stone is a writer and editor with 15 years’ experience in pub-
lishing. His books include Baked!, Bongology, and Spliffigami.
Humor/Language & Linguistics • 112 pp • 7.5 x 6
140 Color Photos
9781907554551 • August • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth • Portico

Sign Language
Travels in Unfortunate English from the Readers
of The Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph
A collection of the most inappropriate, confusing, poorly translated,
and mind-bogglingly bizarre signs from around the world
Few things amuse and appall newspaper readers as much as the abuse,
misuse, mistranslation, and outright mangling of their language. So, for
the past three years the Daily Telegraph has run a weekly feature invit-
ing members of the public to send in photographs of menus, health and
safety warnings, road signs, advertisements, headlines, and personal
columns—anything in which the language has gone egregiously, hilar-
iously, and, usually, unintentionally wrong. The published selection of
the very best images attracts more than 300,000 online visitors every
week, and thousands of submissions from around the world. Here is
the very best of Sign Language, some never published online, to offer
a timely warning about the imperiled state of modern English.
Humor • 160 pp • 5 x 7 • 160 Color Photos
9781845137151 • May • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Cloth • Aurum Press

The Funniest Thing You Never Said 2
The Ultimate Collection of Humourous Quotations
Rosemarie Jarski
From times past to the modern day, classic funnies to contemporary wit, an unbeat-
able selection of hilarious quotes on every subject under the sun
“Politics would be a helluva good business if it weren’t for the goddamned people.”
—Richard Nixon
“I’ve had more women than most people have noses.” —Steve Martin
“I have the simplest tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.” —Oscar Wilde
“Well, it’s 1am. Better go home and spend some quality time with the kids.”
—Homer Simpson
“The uglier a man’s legs are, the better he plays golf—it’s almost a law.” —H. G. Wells
“Did you ever put those maxipads on adhesive side up? Makes you cranky, don’t it?”
Featuring topics as diverse as celebrity to religion, and including a cast of quotees rang-
ing from W. C. Fields to Liz Lemon, there’s something here for everyone with a sense
of humor.
Rosemarie Jarski is the author of Dim Wit, Great British Wit, Wisecracks, and A Word
from the Wise. She divides her time between England and the U.S.
Humor/Reference • 576 pp • 6 x 8
9780091924515 • May • $14.95 Paper • Ebury Press

Black Cab Wisdom

Knowledge from the Back Seat
Mark Solomon
Illustrations by Chichester Graphic Arts
A truly collaborative project, a collection of the distilled wisdom of hun-
dreds of taxi cab passengers
“An inch in the right direction is better than a mile in the wrong direction.”
“If you think your life is bland, then you haven’t added enough flavor.”
“People who live in glass houses should never undress.”
In September 2009, London cabbie Mark Solomon began asking passen-
gers in the back of his taxi for a random quote or proverb. It started spon-
taneously, to give him more purpose and direction, but he found that sharing
these daily inspirations with others made them feel part of something spe-
cial too. The project developed into a popular website, and now this pocket-
sized book offers the best 400 thoughts for the day, including hundreds not
on the website, ranging from the truly philosophical to the downright bizarre.
Mark Solomon has been a licensed London taxi driver since 1999 and writes
a regular column for the newspaper Taxi, published every two weeks for
the 25,000 cabbies in London. He is the founder of
Humor/Reference • 128 pp • 5.5 x 5.5 • Four-color Interior
9781849531269 • May • $8.95 (Can $9.95) Cloth • Summersdale

All You Need Is Love
A gift book filled with heartfelt words for starry-eyed lovers
“Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” —Mark Twain
“The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing—and then
they marry him.” —Cher
When John Lennon wrote that “all you need is love” back in 1967, perhaps he’d been
struck by the lovebug himself. Love gives you goosebumps, inspires you to sing in the
shower, and makes you want to hug everyone you meet. Love is a gift, love is an ad-
venture, love is a many-splendored thing—love is what makes the world go round, so
why not spread a little of the sweet stuff right now?
Family & Relationships/Reference • 160 pp • 4 x 5
9781849531306 • June • $7.95 (Can $8.95) Cloth • Summersdale

Tweetie Pie
140 Ways to Say I Love You
Veronica Henry
140 ways to say “I love you” in a tweet, because it’s not always easy to
find the words
It’s Valentine’s Day and you don’t know where to start—should you go with
a self-penned ode to “my love munchkin,” a handwritten Shakespearean son-
net, or a dirty limerick? This book brings together 140 creative ways to tell
your special someone how much you love them, all short enough to tweet
yet more than long enough to say “I love you” (12 times over, in fact). From
the poignant and affectionate to the quirky and amusing to the flirtatious
and titillating for your lover’s eyes only, every shade of love is here. Beau-
tifully designed and bound, this is the perfect Valentine—or any time—gift
for the person you love.
Veronica Henry is the author of An Eligible Bachelor, which was short-listed
for the Romantic Novelists’ Association Novel of the Year Award.
Humor/Family & Relationships • 96 pp • 5 x 5
9781409132509 • August • $9.95 Cloth • Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Very Naughty Games
Tara Ting
A provocative book filled with hot and spicy sex games for two, from Say Tease! to So
Wrong Beer Pong
From frisky foreplay to duvet dalliances, this sensual book is full of seductive games and
titillating tips that will get you and your lover hot under the covers. Starting with some
simple amusements for warming up your libido, this books takes you through a range of
games for all types of sexual scenarios from outdoor action to cameras and toys. Listing
what you will need, how to play, as well as raunchy rules and spice-it-up tips, there’s a sug-
gestion here for every sexual occasion. So slip into something more comfortable and get
in the mood for love—it’s time to play!
Sexuality • 160 pp • 4 x 6
9781849531139 • August • $8.95 (Can $9.95) Cloth • Summersdale

Drinking Games
Ted Leech
Thrills and spills for the discerning drinker
Most of these games have one thing in common—they combine a full glass of booze
with making a complete fool of yourself. This collection includes card games, games
of chance, verbal games, silly and messy games, and easy-peasy games. These games
may take different formats but the outcome is always the same—humiliating yourself
in the name of fun!
Ted Leech is the author of Really Gross Facts.
Games • 128 pp • 3.5 x 4
9781840247015 • April • $4.95 (Can $5.95) Paper • Summersdale

An A–Z of Hellraisers
A Comprehensive Compendium of Outrageous Insobriety
Robert Sellers
A quirky and anecdote-driven A-to-Z compendium celebrating the most outrageous, de-
praved, tortured, and eccentric hellraisers the world has ever seen, from Wild Bill Hickok
to Ozzy, Francis Bacon to Belushi, Dean Martin to Courtney Love

“A welcome surprise. . . . Like the rejuvenating martinis and blurry haze of cigarettes
in Mad Men, Robert Sellers’s nostalgic Hellraisers . . . amounts to an unapologetic cel-
ebration of the plastered and the damned in our sanctimonious Oprah age of public
confession and easy redemption.” —Wall Street Journal on Hellraisers
“An incredibly entertaining series of anecdotes, interspersed with unpretentious, and
conversational interviews—all about drinking.” —Los Angeles Times on Hellraisers
“One hell of a ride.” —People Magazine on Hollywood Hellraisers
The miscreant mob in this whopper of a book—the last word on inebriated misbehavior—
constitute the most amazing grouping to see in print. It ranges from Alexander the Great,
whose drunken revelries once ended with the destruction of an entire city; to W. C. Fields,
who passed critical judgement on a brass band by urinating over them from a hotel balcony;
and Dylan Thomas, who drove a sports car onto Charlie Chaplin’s private tennis court; to Led Zeppelin drummer John Bon-
ham, suffocating on his own vomit after consuming 40 measures of vodka—what a night out that was! This hilarious volume
makes for an ideal bedside companion or pub companion, as it scrutinizes and salutes these glorious individuals, including Win-
ston Churchill, Tallulah Bankhead, Keith Moon, Robert Mitchum, Ernest Hemingway, Sam Peckinpah, Errol Flynn, Charles
Bukowski, Hank Williams, Nikki Sixx, Billie Holiday, and many more.
Robert Sellers is the author of The Battle for Bond, Hellraisers, and Hollywood Hellraisers. He has contributed to such publi-
cations as Cinema Retro, Empire, Independent, SFX, and Total Film.
Biography/Humor • 420 pp • 5 x 8 • 24 B/W Photos
9781848092464 • April • $14.95 Paper • Arrow

The Little Book of Black Delights
Tim Lihoreau
The shady details of our darkest schadenfreude pleasures, including “turparphilia”—to
delight in the less-than-aesthetically beautiful nature of a friend’s offspring
We might not like to admit to it, but everyone—even the gentlest of souls—derives a secret
guilty satisfaction from the misfortune of others. Tim Lihoreau has made it his business to
uncover the myriad ways in which schadenfreude rears its wicked head, including “nimbuphilia”
(to delight in driving wildly through a curb-side puddle which you know to be too close to
a pedestrian) and “famaphilia” (to delight in witnessing a celebrity in an everyday pickle). He
also discusses the particular delights of highlighting a person’s mispronunciation (by pro-
nouncing it properly), having a seat on the train while those around you stand, and being
loud during another’s hangover. Naming, defining, and explaining each one in turn with fas-
cinating insights and erudite wit, this book drives at the heart of what it is we find so irre-
sistibly delightful when faced with others’ discomfort.
Tim Lihoreau is the author of Modern Phobias and the coauthor of The Classic FM Friendly
Guide to Elgar and The Classic FM Friendly Guide to Mozart.
Humor • 196 pp • 4 x 7
9781907642371 • June • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth • Elliott & Thompson

The Time Machine
H. G. Wells
Introduction by Stephen Baxter
One of the cornerstones of science-fiction literature

“The savage brilliance of the young H. G. Wells—and the greatest science

ficiton novel ever written.” —Stephen Baxter, author, Ark
“Every time-travel story since The Time Machine is fundamentally
indebted to Wells.” —Robert Silverberg, author, Legends
At first, the far future looks like an enchanting place to the Time Traveler. The
graceful Eloi appear to embody contentment, beauty, and peace, and the Eden
they live in seems to be free of suffering. But the Time Traveler soon comes to
understand that the Eloi are fragile creatures, desperately afraid of the dark, and
with good reason—for the Morlocks live in the dark, and the Morlocks are to
be feared. And when his time machine goes missing, the Traveler must venture
into their subterranean world to find his way back to his own era.
H. G. Wells (1866–1946) is regarded as one of the all-time greatest authors of
science fiction.
Science Fiction/Classics • 134 pp • 5.5 x 8
9780575116757 • May • $16.95 Cloth • Gollancz

Also available:
Each: Cloth

Ann Veronica The Food The History The Island Kipps Love & Mr.
9780297860457 of the Gods of Mr Polly of Dr. Moreau 9780297860426 Lewisham
$14.95 9780575095182 9780297860419 9780575095168 $14.95 9780297860440
$16.95 $14.95 $16.95 $14.95

The Shape Tono-Bungay H. G. Wells H. G. Wells H. G. Wells

of Things 9780297860433 Classic Classic Complete Short
to Come Collection I Collection II Story Omnibus
9780575095199 9780575095205 9780575095229 9780575095243
$15.95 $34.95 $34.95 $34.95

“A fabulous setting for a sprawling series of old-fashioned adventure novels. There is a similarity
here to the oeuvre of Neal Asher. . . . Good light entertainment, which continues to build a platform
on which Jaine Fenn can grow her empire and her audience.” —Strange Horizons
“Vividly depicted characters and an intriguing plot make this a standout purchase, especially for the
postcyberpunk crowd. Highly recommended.” —School Library Journal starred review of Principles of Angels

Guardians of Paradise
Jaine Fenn
In the third entry in the Hidden Empire series the hunt is on for the
Sidhe—but it’s all too easy for the hunters to become the prey
Most people believe the Sidhe are long dead, exterminated centuries ago
when the males of the race rose up and fought alongside the humans sub-
jugated and enslaved by the female Sidhe. But Jarek Reen knows better:
he’s discovered, the painful way, that the Sidhe are alive and well, and still
screwing over humanity. They’ve already killed his sister, so he’s not sur-
prised when he discovers an old friend and her partner are next on the
Sidhe’s hit-list. He helps not only to foil the assassination attempt, but also
to muddy the scene of the crime, leaving the Angels Nual and Taro san-
Malia presumed dead—and free to join his crusade to expose the insidi-
ous influence of the Sidhe, and their evil plans to enslave the human race
again. Their mission takes them across human space, from utilitarian hub-
points to rich, exotic planets, where they discover that a brilliant vaca-
tion spot hides some of the darkest secrets of all.
Jaine Fenn is the author of Consorts of Heaven and Principles of Angels,
and has had short stories published in such magazines as Alfred Hitch-
cock’s Mystery Magazine and On Spec.
Science Fiction • 368 pp • 5 x 8
9780575083271 • May • $14.95 Paper • Gollancz

Also available:
Each: $14.95 Paper

Principles of Angels Consorts of Heaven

9780575083295 9780575083240

The Islanders
Christopher Priest
Reality is illusory and magical in the stunning new literary science fic-
tion novel from the multiple award-winning author of The Prestige—
for fans of Haruki Murakami and David Mitchell

“Christopher Priest has long been the sort of author critics tend
to whip out the serious descriptors for. . . . Judging only on the
basis of this mesmeric travel guide to “an endless sprawl of lovely
islands,” I would not for a second hesitate to declare Priest a giant
of the genre.” —Strange Horizons
“One of the most complex, challenging, and satisfying fictions from
one of our finest novelists.” —Telegraph
“A dizzying show of a novel. . . . Imagine Possession rewritten by
Barbara Vine, or Robertson Davies at his most smoothly diabolical.
A brilliantly constructed entertainment!” —Washington Post on
The Prestige
“Extraordinary—like a dazzling magic act!” —Entertainment
Weekly on The Prestige
“A somber psychedelic journey through a landscape that seems a
collaboration between Breugel the Elder and M. C. Escher, Priest’s
book is an engine of epiphany, and a formal marvel.” —Jonathan
Lethem, author, Motherless Brooklyn, on The Inverted World
A tale of murder, artistic rivalry, and literary trickery; a Chinese puzzle
of a novel where nothing is quite what it seems; a narrator whose agenda
is artful and subtle; a narrative that pulls you in and plays an elegant
game with you. The Dream Archipelago is a vast network of islands. The
names of the islands are different depending on who you talk to and their
very locations seem to twist and shift. Some islands have been sculpted
into vast musical instruments, others are home to lethal creatures, others the playground for high society. Hot winds blow across
the archipelago and a war fought between two distant continents is played out across its waters. The Islanders serves both as
an untrustworthy but enticing guide to the islands; an intriguing, multilayered tale of a murder; and the suspect legacy of its
appealing but definitely untrustworthy narrator. It shows Christopher Priest at the height of his powers and illustrates his undi-
minished power to dazzle.
Christopher Priest’s novels have built him an inimitable dual reputation as a contemporary novelist and a leading figure in mod-
ern science fiction and fantasy. His novel The Prestige is unique in winning both a major literary prize, the James Tait Black
Award, and a major genre prize, the World Fantasy Award. It was also made into a 2006 Academy Award–nominated film di-
rected by Christopher Nolan. His other awards have included the Arthur C. Clarke Award and four Hugo nominations.
Science Fiction • 352 pp • 6 x 9
9780575070042 • June • $24.95 Cloth • Gollancz

Gavin Smith
A powerhouse science fiction debut featuring a jaw-droppingly vivid hell-on-earth
future, a brutal war against unknowable aliens, and Jake—a tough-as-nails antihero

“If you’ve ever read any Richard Morgan you will be in familiar territory, only this
feels darker, grittier, louder, and more grounded than Morgan’s work . . . I have no
hesitation in recommending Veteran.” —SF Book Reviews
Nothing gets in the way of a hangover like being reactivated by your old CO and told to
track down an alien killing machine. The same kind of killing machine that wiped out my
entire squad. And now it’s in my hometown. My name is Jakob Douglas, ex-special forces.
I fought Them. Just like we’ve all been doing for 60 bloody years. But I thought my part in
that was done with. My boss has other ideas. If I didn’t find the infiltrator then he’d let the
Grey Lady loose on me. And believe me; even They’ve got nothing on her. So I took the job.
It went to shit even faster than normal. And now I’m on the run with this teenage hacker
who’s had enough of prostitution. The only people I can rely on want to turn the internet
into God. And now it turns out that They aren’t quite what we’d all thought. I’ve been to
the bottom of the sea and the top of the sky and beyond trying to get to the truth. And I
still can’t get far enough away from the Grey Lady. All things considered I’d rather be back
at home deep in a whiskey bottle.
Three hundred years in our future, in a world of alien infiltrators, religious hackers, a vast convoying nation of Nomads, city-
sized orbital elevators, and a cyborg pirate king who believes himself to be a mythological demon, Jakob is having a bad day.
Fast-paced and intricately plotted, this science fiction adventure is set in a dark future against the backdrop of a seemingly nev-
erending war, against an unknowable and implacable alien enemy.
Gavin Smith owns his own marketing company.
Science Fiction • 448 pp • 5 x 8
9780575094116 • June • $14.95 Paper • Gollancz

The Diamond Lens and Other Stories

Fitz-James O’Brien
An absorbing and haunting collection of science fiction tales by an Irish-American author
Fitz-James O’Brien capitalized on the success of his predecessors Edgar Allan Poe and Mary Shel-
ley in writing disturbing stories with demented protagonists, and this collection of three tales
shows his mastery of the macabre. “The Diamond Lens” tells of a lone scientist’s discovery of a
microcosmic world within a drop of water, and his growing obsession with the beautiful Anim-
ula, a fair maiden within this world which he can see but never enter. His uncompromising pur-
suit of knowledge at any cost foreshadows the mad scientist familiar to readers in a multitude
of works. In “What Was It?” an invisible man is discovered by residents of a boarding house.
The residents’ capture and investigation of the creature blends the fantastic with the scientific
as they seek rational explanations for this extraordinary phenomenon. “The Wondersmith” is a
macabre tale of an embittered toymaker who seeks revenge upon the society that has persecuted
him by creating demonic mannequins and imbuing them with life in order to slaughter the masses—
a fantastic melodrama in which the cunning Wondersmith is offset by the unassuming and un-
likely hero Solon the hunchback, in love with the villain’s daughter.
Fitz-James O’Brien (1828–62) is best known as a writer of Gothic short stories now seen as
precursors of modern science fiction. Born in Ireland, he lived in Britain for several years be-
fore immigrating to the United States. He joined the New York National Guard in 1861 and
was fatally wounded in a skirmish with Confederate troops the following year.
Science Fiction/Classics • 120 pp • 5 x 8
9781843913580 • July • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Hesperus Press

Tony Ballantyne
Tony Ballantyne is a science fiction novelist known for his
debut trilogy of novels: Recursion, Capacity, and Divergence.
Each: Science Fiction • 4.5 x 7 • $9.99 Paper • Tor

Twisted Metal
The first in a new hard science fiction series set in a futuristic world of robots and
fierce conflict

“Written in a deceptively simple style, Twisted Metal is not only highly readable, but
surprisingly thoughtful.” —Times
“An original work with a distinctive voice. It works not only as a thrilling action
adventure, but as a thought experiment exploring free will, independence, and totali-
tarianism.” —Guardian
“Overflowing with provocative ideas, Ballantyne’s debut displays enviable mastery of
both suspenseful storytelling and technological extrapolation. Mark him as a writer of
considerable promise.” —Booklist on Recursion
Penrose is a world of intelligent robots who have forgotten their own distant past, a world
where all metal, even that of their own wire-based minds, is fought over—a valuable resource
to be reused and recycled. Now full-scale war looms, as the soldiers of Artemis sweep across
the continent of Shull, killing or converting every robot to their stark philosophy. Only the
robots of Turing City stand in their way, robots who believe that they are something more
than metal. Karel is one such robot—or is he? Karel finds himself conscripted into the Artemisian
army and sent toward the frozen kingdoms of the north, and toward the truth about the leg-
endary Book of the Robots, a text which may finally explain the real history of this strange
world, and perhaps of his own mind. In a completely alien but brilliantly realized landscape,
here is a powerful story of superb action, barbaric cruelty, and intense emotional impact.
482 pp • 9780330478861 • April

Blood and Iron

Metal rusts, belief crumbles, war is eternal—the battle for Penrose continues in the sec-
ond installment in the series

“Engrossing and original, Blood and Iron is a subtle critique of colonialism, a graphic
account of opponents sliding toward conflict, and a fascinating mystery: just what is
the relationship between the human race and the robots of Penrose?” —Guardian
“An absorbingly written novel that finds new and inventive ways to ask some classic
SF ‘what if?’ questions.” —SFX
Appointed the Commander of the Emperor’s Army of Sangrel, Wa-Ka-Mo-Do of Ko tries to
establish relations between the existing robot population and the humans who have recently
arrived on Yukawa. On the continent of Shull, Kavan forms the Uncertain Army and marches
to Artemis City. However, discovering that the city’s generals have made an alliance with
the humans, he retreats to Stark where he plans the overthrow of Artemis and the humans.
Karel too is on a journey—to be reunited with his wife Susan, and to learn more about his
place on Penrose. But as tensions between robot and humans grow, it’s only a matter of time
before problems arise, and it’s becoming more and more apparent that the humans are a lot
more powerful than the robots first expected.
288 pp • 9780330478892 • August

The Nemesis List
R. J. Frith
A character-driven space opera, perfect for fans of Serenity

“Frith’s narrative voice is laconic and hard-boiled, and there’s much to like about his
characterization. Pak is more than just the clichéd embittered ex-soldier, Jones is
murderously mercurial and their relationship evolves in interesting ways.”
—Financial Times
“Frith has a light style that quietly sketches in his characters, as well as a knack for
blindsiding you just when you think you know where a plotline is heading. A surpris-
ingly intimate and personal book that sets up the major conflict still to come.”
—Total Scifi Online
“Reveals a flair for characterization and gritty writing.” —SFX
Humanity has expanded into the stars, but at the price of its freedom. An autocratic Gov-
ernment rigidly controls every technical and scientific advancement; deviation is punishable
by death; and out on the edges of space, criminals thwart the law, making money out of il-
legal tech, their ships jumping from galaxy to galaxy to avoid detection. Ex-soldier Frank
Pak doesn’t care about politics or breaking the law, he just wants to keep his ship running.
When he’s offered a contract to escort a runaway back home to his loving family, he doesn’t ask questions—but his cargo is
more dangerous than he realizes. Jeven Jones is no ordinary passenger—a result of illegal human experimentation, he’s a fast-
tracked evolutionary leap into the future. Thanks to his ability for perfect recall and a series of mental skills that he has no con-
trol over, Jones is a wanted man. The Government wants him dead, while revolutionaries want to use him to unlock every
advancement the Government has ever denied them. If Jones lives he’ll start a war. If he dies the entire future of humanity dies
with him.
R. J. Frith’s debut novel Nemesis List won Tor UK’s War of the Words competition which was run in conjunction with Sci Fi
Now magazine to find new publishing talent. Despite being dyslexic, R. J. is a prolific writer of short stories across many gen-
res and has been published in numerous magazines.
Science Fiction • 316 pp • 5 x 8
9780330519977 • June • $12.95 Paper • Tor

Terry Pratchett
The Spirit of Fantasy
Craig Cabell
The extraordinary life story of one of the most beloved writers in the world, including
his courageous battle with Alzheimer’s
With worldwide sales of more than 65 million copies in 37 languages, Terry Pratchett’s novels
are eagerly awaited by his legions of fans year after year. Featuring an in-depth look at the
man and his work, as well as on-screen adaptations and a collector’s guide, this is essential
reading for any fan. His first Discworld novel, The Colour of Magic, was released in 1983
and ever since then the series, with its whimsical heroes and fiendish foes, has delighted
both young and old alike. In 2007 Pratchett announced that he had been diagnosed with
Alzheimer’s disease. He has courageously faced the disease head-on, equaling the determi-
nation of his characters in his vivid and satirical novels. This book examines his extraor-
dinary life, showcased against the backdrop of more than 40 years of irreverent artistic
achievements. For devoted fans it features appendices of more than 60 pages listing Pratch-
ett’s works on screen and at the theatre, a complete UK bibliography and collector’s guide,
and a note about cats.
Craig Cabell is the author of The Doctor Who’s Who, Ian Fleming’s Secret War, Ian Rankin
and Inspector Rebus, and Snipers: Profiles of the World’s Deadliest Killers.
Biography/Literary Criticism • 246 pp • 6 x 9 • 13 Color Photos
9781843585077 • May • $27.95 (Can $30.95) Cloth • John Blake

Land of Hope and Glory
Geoffrey Wilson
An original new fantasy in which the Indian Rebellion of 1857 takes place in a very dif-
ferent England—one where magic rules, and the only hope for the future lies in the story
of King Arthur
It is 1852 and the Indian empire of Rajthana has ruled Europe for more than 100 years. With
their vast armies, steam-and-sorcery technology, and mastery of the mysterious power of sattva,
the Rajthanans appear invincible—but a bloody rebellion has broken out in a remote cor-
ner of the empire, in a poor and backward region known as England. At first Jack Casey, re-
tired soldier, wants nothing to do with the uprising, but then he learns his daughter, Elizabeth,
is due to be hanged for helping the rebels. The Rajthanans offer to spare her, but only if Jack
hunts down and captures his best friend and former army comrade, who is now a rebel leader.
Jack is torn between saving his daughter and protecting his friend, and he struggles just to
stay alive as the rebellion pushes England into all-out war.
Geoffrey Wilson is an IT professional.
Fantasy • 384 pp • 5 x 8
9781444721126 • May • $12.95 Paper • Hodder & Stoughton

100 Months
John Hicklenton
Introduction by Pat Mills
The final work of a comics visionary, this intense, hallucinatory story
with artwork of breathtaking intensity is a true graphic novel, engaging
ultimate themes of life, death, and salvation

“Beautiful and powerful. . . . It lingers and it haunts, and, ultimately,

affirms.” —Neil Gaiman
“For me, Johnny is the Jimi Hendrix of British comics.” —Pat Mills
The late John Hicklenton was one of Britain’s leading comic book artists,
famous for the brutal, visceral draughtsmanship he brought to the
2000AD/Judge Dredd titles and Nemesis the Warlock. His final graphic novel
is a parable of environmental devastation, depicting the quest of Mara, War-
rior and Earth Goddess, as she seeks revenge against the Longpig: a Satanic
personification of capitalism, red in tooth and claw, whose followers, a legion of the damned, look quite a lot like us. The world
of the Longpig is rich in killing fields and scenes of mass crucifixion that recall Goya, Blake, and Bacon, and represents a true
crossover of the graphic novel form with fine art. John took his own life with the help of an assisted dying group, following a
heroic struggle with multiple sclerosis. This book was drawn and written in foreknowledge of his imminent death, and its in-
sight into universal themes of life, death, salvation, and damnation seems to come from a place between worlds. Its words those
of a prophet, its artwork transcending the comic book form, 100 Months will redefine the adult graphic novel.
John Hicklenton (1967–2010) was a comics artist and is best known for his work on the titles 2000 AD, Heavy Metal Dredd,
and Nemesis the Warlock. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000, and took his own life in March 2010. His life,
work, and illness are the subject of the documentary Here’s Johnny, which premiered at South by Southwest. He finished 100
Months the day before he died. A comics writer and editor, Pat Mills is known as the “godfather of British comics.” He created
2000 AD and played a large part in the development of Judge Dredd.
Graphic Novels • 170 pp • 11 x 8.5 • Four-color Interior
9780956544520 • April • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Cloth • Cutting Edge Press


The Sacrifice
Bruce Mutard
Set in Melbourne in the shadow of World War II, this graphic novel,
the first of the Robert Wells trilogy, deals with war, ideals, fam-
ily, and love

“Somber and thought-provoking, it belongs to an entirely differ-

ent genre from the wish-fulfillment of superhero comics. The
Sacrifice is the first of a trilogy and . . . it is with some disap-
pointment one realizes the next installment won’t appear until
next year.” —Sun Herald
As the world spins out of control into World War II, Robert and his
family wrestle with the challenges it presents. Robert offers his apart-
ment to German-Jewish refugees, Artie intends to join up as soon as
the fighting breaks out, their mother despairs that another war will
lead to more death in her family, and Robert’s communist sweetheart
Elsa answers the call of capitalism. When Robert befriends Mata, the
precocious young refugee with a yen for men in uniform, it is only
the beginning of his soul-searching journey with an uncertain end-
ing. This graphic novel draws compelling parallels between Australia
then and now, and explores questions of courage, masculinity, tol-
erance, and national identity that will resonate long after the book
is read.
Bruce Mutard has been producing graphic novels and comics for 15
years. He was the cofounder of Australian journal Comics Quarterly,
and is the author of The Bunker.
Graphic Novels • 252 pp • 8.5 x 11.5
9781741751178 • April • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper
Allen & Unwin

The Silence
Bruce Mutard
A provocative graphic novel about the nature of art, told through the eyes
of Choosy McBride, gallery manager and curator, and her artist partner, Dmitri

“The action is in the emotions. There is anger, politeness, self-doubt,

and white sandy beaches. A beautiful graphic novel that explores the na-
ture and culture of art.” —Bernard Caleo, editor, The Tango Collection
When Choosy McBride discovers an extraordinary artwork, she is determined
to track down the unknown artist. With her partner Dmitri, an artist wrestling
with his own creative demons, she follows the trail to an exhibition at an
enigmatic gallery in Northern Queensland, but the creator of the mysteri-
ous artworks remains elusive. Increasingly frustrated, and resolved on a dra-
matic course of action, Choosy insists they make a final visit to the gallery.
But will the truth revealed there be what either of them expect?
Bruce Mutard has been producing graphic novels and comics for 15 years.
He was the cofounder of Australian journal Comics Quarterly, and is the
author of The Bunker.
Graphic Novels • 188 pp • 8 x 7
9781741751161 • April • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

The Best of Dennis Wheatley

The Devil Rides Out, To the Devil a Daughter, Gateway to Hell
Dennis Wheatley
Foreword by Dominic Wheatley
An omnibus of three stylish occult tales, by the author known as the Prince of the
Thriller Writers
The Devil Rides Out: In 1930s London, Duc de Richleau and Rex van Ryn rescue their
friend Simon Aron from a devil-worshipping cult. Rex falls for a woman named Tanith
and takes her away from the cult. The group’s leader comes after them, and there is a des-
perate struggle to defeat the Angel of Death and escape the cult leader, Mocata. To the Devil
a Daughter tells the story of a group of practicing Satanists who disguise themselves as
“The Children of the Lord.” Catherine—a nun—is one of this group. She is allowed to come
home once a year on her birthday. On one of these trips home, an occult writer named
John Verney realizes that the group are Satanists and are preparing Catherine to become
an avatar of Astaroth on her 18th birthday. Gateway to Hell sees the return of characters
from The Devil Rides Out. Rex van Ryn steals more than a million dollars from his fam-
ily bank and vanishes in Buenos Aires. Rex’s friends have suspicions about the ex-SS Grup-
penführer with whom he is said to have been consorting; they find themselves pursuing
Rex to the Bolivian Andes and confronting Satanist forces once again.
Dennis Wheatley (1897–1977) was an author of thrillers and occult novels and one of the
world’s bestselling authors from the 1930s through the 1960s. There were several Ham-
mer films made of his novels. Dominic Wheatley is Dennis Wheatley’s grandson.
Horror • 720 pp • 6 x 9.5
9781853757907 • June • $35.00 Cloth • Prion

Dead Island
Mark Morris
Based on the frightening new video game, a novel of the zombie apocalypse
Dead Island is an open-world horror action-adventure video game released
in September 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360,
carried by retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Redbox, Target,
and Walmart
All games have the details of the novel inside the box
Welcome to Banoi, a tropical island where you can leave the stresses of the world behind.
The Royal Palms Resort offers its guests from around the world the ultimate in luxury and
relaxation, a holiday paradise where your dreams should come true—but where a night-
mare is about to begin. A mysterious epidemic has suddenly, and without warning, broken
out across the island. The local islanders, hotel guests, and workers alike are struck down—
only to rise again, craving the flesh and the blood of the still living. For four of the vaca-
tioners and a handful of others scattered around Banoi who are seemingly unaffected by
the plague, they must face the awful, terrifying reality of a zombie apocalypse. Now the
only thing left to do is survive. Welcome to Dead Island—a paradise to die for.
Mark Morris is a novelist whose works include The Deluge, Doctor Who novels Forever
Autumn and Ghosts of India, and the Torchwood novel Bay of the Dead.
Horror • 336 pp • 5 x 8
9780857501035 • Available • $13.95 Paper • Bantam Press

Driver: Nemesis
Alex Sharp
Based on the thrilling new video game, a novel of fast cars and fearsome criminals
Driver is a phenomenally successful series of multiplatform action driving
video games that has sold more than 15 million copies, and this book is a
collaboration with Ubisoft, the developers behind the highly successful
Assassin’s Creed video games and novels
New Driver launched September 2011, and all games have the details of the
novel inside the box
The Driver: John Tanner is the wheelman, an undercover cop with an awesome driving abil-
ity. He earned his stripes racing stock cars through city streets, and now he’s the best in the
business. But his legendary skills are about to be put to the ultimate test. The mission: Tan-
ner must infiltrate the criminal underworld of the Indian, the most feared gang leader in New
Orleans—a man so terrifying that people claim he has voodoo powers. But when a figure from
his past appears, Tanner must face an even deadlier enemy. The nemesis: Jericho is an ice-
cold hitman with a long-standing grudge against Tanner who will stop at nothing to get what
he wants. Tanner is going to have to drive for his life to survive, complete his mission, and
stop the city from being brought to its knees.
Alex Sharp is the pseudonym of an English thriller writer.
Fiction • 400 pp • 5 x 8
9780552163965 • Available • $13.95 Paper • Corgi


King’s Gold
Michael Jecks
The 30th outing in the acclaimed series from medieval crime master Jecks

“Anticipate intricate plotting in Jecks’s latest entry in his action-packed

medieval series. . . . Expect demand!” —Library Journal
“Jecks once again captures the spirit of the period with another exciting visit
to 14th-century England.” —Publishers Weekly on The Bishop Must Die
“Once again, Jecks seamlessly blends fact and fiction.”
—Publishers Weekly on The Oath
As the year 1326 draws to a close, London is in flames. King Edward II is a pris-
oner, and the forces of his vengeful queen, Isabella, and her lover Sir Roger Mor-
timer, are in the ascendant. The Bardi family, bankers who have funded the King,
must look to their future with the Queen, steering a careful course between rival
factions—if, that is, they can keep themselves alive. Others, too, find their loy-
alties torn. Guarding the deposed King on behalf of Mortimer, Sir Baldwin de
Furnshill and bailiff Simon Puttock find themselves entangled in a tightening net
of conspiracy, greed, betrayal, and murder.
Michael Jecks is the bestselling author of the Knights Templar series and a mem-
ber of the Medieval Murderers.
Mystery • 544 pp • 4.5 x 7 • Simon & Schuster UK
New in Paper: 9781849835480 (Replaces 9780857201119) • May • $8.99
Cloth: 9781847379023 • Available • $24.95

Also available:

The Abbot’s Gibbet The Mad Monk of Gidleigh The Malice

9780747255987 • $13.95 Paper 9780755301690 • $9.99 Paper of Unnatural Death
9780755332786 • $9.99 Paper
The Leper’s Return The Templar’s Penance
9780747259510 • $9.99 Paper 9780755301713 • $9.99 Paper Dispensation of Death
9780755332816 • $9.99 Paper
Squire Throwleigh’s Heir The Outlaws of Ennor
9780747259527 • $9.99 Paper 9780755301737 • $9.99 Paper The Templar, The Queen and
Her Lover
Belladonna at Belstone The Tolls of Death 9780755332847 • $9.99 Paper
9780747263616 • $9.99 Paper 9780755301751 • $9.99 Paper
The Prophecy of Death
The Traitor of St. Giles The Chapel of Bones 9780755344154 • $8.99 Paper
9780747263623 • $9.99 Paper 9780755322961 • $9.99 Paper
The King of Thieves
The Boy-Bishop’s Glovemaker The Butcher of St Peter’s 9780755344178 • $8.99 Paper
9780747266112 • $9.99 Paper 9780755322985 • $9.99 Paper
No Law in the Land
The Tournament of Blood A Friar’s Bloodfeud 9780755357901 • $8.99 Paper
9780747266129 • $9.99 Paper 9780755323005 • $9.99 Paper
The Bishop Must Die
The Sticklepath Strangler The Death Ship 9780755344215 • $8.98 Paper
9780747267249 • $9.99 Paper of Dartmouth
9780755323029 • $9.99 Paper The Oath
The Devil’s Acolyte 9781849832458 • $8.99 Paper
9780747267256 • $9.99 Paper


Master of Rome
John Stack
The powerful third novel in the series is full of dramatic battles by land
and sea, led by tremendous characters on both sides

“Fans of historical naval fiction will be thrilled by this exploration

of an oft-ignored era.” —Publishers Weekly on Ship of Rome
“Strong characters, excellent action . . . builds to a suberb climax.”
—Conn Iggulden, author, The Dangerous Book for Boys, on Ship of Rome
The young Greek captain Atticus is now a commander of the growing
Roman navy. They are blockading a port near Tunis when the Roman le-
gions suffer terrible defeat by the triumphant Carthaginian army, spear-
headed by elephant charges. When he and his ships escape together with
the main body of the Roman fleet, they are first outmaneuvered by the
Carthaginians, then are caught and almost completely annihilated by a
terrible storm. Atticus and his crew are among the handful of survivors,
and being the messenger of this news to the Senta in Rome brings Atti-
cus into political troubles almost as stormy as the sea. He begins to feel
not only that a Greek will never be accepted by the Romans, but also that
the behavior of many, both politicians and soldiers, is such that he is not
sure that he wants to be a Roman.
John Stack is the author of the Masters of the Sea series.
Fiction • 384 pp • 5 x 8
9780007426225 • April • $12.95 Paper • HarperCollins UK

“Your orders, Prefect,” Baro said, an edge to his voice as he waited for the command to deploy the squadron into
line of battle to counter the threat.
Atticus ignored the demand, but looked instead to the main Carthaginian formation, their course unchanged, the
vanguard of the Roman fleet now obscured by the enemy ships as they swept in before the Carthaginians’ course.
“Will I order the squadron to deploy, Prefect?” Baro asked insistently, glancing briefly at Gaius, seeing the helms-
man’s body braced for the command to come, his knuckles white on the tiller.
Atticus glanced at the enemy ships sweeping down at an oblique angle, poised to slice into his galleys, their fore-
decks crowded with Carthaginian warriors, their war cries growing louder with every passing second. His experi-
ence called him to order his squadron to turn into the fight, but the words would not come, a deeper instinct staying
his command. He looked to the headland where the two main fleets would clash, the place where the battle would
be won or lost, the place Hamilcar Barca had chosen to make his stand.

Also available: Ship of Rome Captain of Rome

Each: $12.95 Paper 9780007285242 9780007351442

Douglas Jackson
Douglas Jackson is the author of Caligula and Claudius.
Each: Fiction • 4.5 x 7 • $9.99 Paper • Corgi

Hero of Rome
The first in a major new Roman trilogy tells the story of Valerius Verrens as he faces up to 50,000
British warriors with only 3,000 defenders—and a last stand that will live on in history

“A master of his discipline rightly hailed as one of the best historical novelists writing
today.” —Daily Express
“If I were Conn Iggulden or Simon Scarrow, I’d be rather worried by the new Scottish
kid on the block.” —Scotsman
The Roman grip on Britain is weakening. Emperor Nero has turned his face away from this
far-flung outpost; the Druids are on the rise, spreading seeds of rebellion among the British
tribes; and Roman cruelty and exploitation have angered their British subjects. The warrior
queen Boudicca will lead the tribes to war. Standing against the rising tide of Boudicca’s re-
bellion is Roman Tribune Gaius Valerius Verrens, commander of the veteran legions at Colo-
nia. Valerius leads the veterans in a last stand against the unstoppable horde of Boudicca’s
rebel army. Step by step, the bloodied survivors are forced back into the Temple of Claudius.
It is here that Valerius wins lifelong fame and the accolade Hero of Rome.
480 pp • 9780552162586 • June

Defender of Rome
The second Valerius Verrens book delivers a powerful mix of gripping historical research
with first-class storytelling
Gaius Valerius Verrens returns to Rome from the successful campaign against Boudicca in
Britain. Now hailed a “Hero of Rome,” Valerius is not the man he once was—he is physi-
cally and emotionally battle scarred, while his sister is mortally ill and his father in self-
imposed exile. Nor is Rome the same city as the one he left. The Emperor Nero grows
increasingly paranoid. Those who seek power for themselves whisper darkly in the emperor’s
ears of a new threat, one found within the walls of Rome itself. A new religious sect, the
followers of Christus, deny Nero’s divinity and are rumored to be spreading sedition. Nero
calls on his “Hero of Rome” to become a “Defender of Rome,” seeking out this rebel sect
and capturing their leader, a man known as Petrus. Failure would be to forfeit his life and those
of 20,000 Judaeans living in Rome. But as Valerius begins his search, he discovers that suc-
cess may cost him nearly as much as failure.
432 pp • 9780552167253 • August

Also available:
Each: $9.99 Paper

Caligula Claudius
9780552156943 9780552156950


The Siege
Nick Brown
It’s 270 AD—Rome has ruled Syria for more than three centuries, but now the weak-
ened empire faces a desperate threat, and a 19-year-old officer must do the near-impossible

“A masterful debut from a new author completely at home in this era; the writing
is deft, the action swift and bloody and the characters believable and engaging. I
look forward greatly to the next one.” —Manda Scott, author, Dreaming the Eagle
“Once the action kicks off you won’t be able to put it down.” —Anthony Riches,
author, the Empire series
Queen Zenobia of Palmyra has turned her Roman-trained army against her former mas-
ters. Arabia, Palestine, and Egypt have fallen and now Antioch, Syria’s capital, stands
exposed. A young intelligence agent fresh from officer training, Cassius Corbulo is the
only ranking Roman officer left in the line of the Palmyran advance, and he receives or-
ders that he must take command of the fort of Alauran, the last stronghold still in Roman
hands, and hold it until reinforcements arrive. What Cassius finds at Alauran would daunt
the most seasoned veteran, let alone a 19-year-old with no experience of war. A mere
scattering of divided and demoralized legionaries remain, backed up by some fractious
Syrian auxiliaries and a drunken Praetorian Guardsman. With the Palmyrans just days
away, Cassius must somehow find the discipline, resourcefulness, and courage to organize
the garrison, save Alauran, and secure Rome’s eastern frontier.
Nick Brown is a humanities and English teacher.
Fiction • 390 pp • 5 x 8
9781444714869 • May • $12.95 Paper • Hodder & Stoughton

Roma Victrix
Russell Whitfield
The second adventure in the visceral female gladiator trilogy that began with Gladiatrix,
featuring an unforgettable heroine

“Brutal, bloody, and loaded with authenticity.” —Anthony Riches, author, Empire series
“A great debut that shines an entirely new light on the glory and the bloodshed of the
Roman arena . . . exciting stuff, with well rounded characters, nail-biting duels to the
death, and vividly depicted settings. Gladiatrix makes Gladiator look very tame indeed!”
—Simon Scarrow, author, Under the Eagle, on Gladiatrix
Four years have passed since Lysandra’s epic but inconclusive battle with her hated rival Sorena
in the arena of Halicarnassus, after which both combatants were granted their freedom. Now
Sorena leads a vicious troop of horsewomen. Into her hands falls the young tribune Gaius
Minervius Valerian, and she ponders whether to deal him a slow and painful death, or release
him to journey back to Rome in shame as the sole survivor of the empire’s most humiliating
defeat for half a millennium. Meanwhile, Lysandra has become accustomed to easy living and
suffered an insidious addiction to alcohol that, together with her unabated hubris, is sapping
both her self-esteem and friendships. But now the Emperor Domitian has called for a com-
mand performance at Rome’s newly built Flavian Amphitheatre. Lysandra is invited to fight Rome’s adored Gladiatrix Prima,
the beautiful and deadly fighter known as Aesalon Nocturna, the Midnight Falcon. Her record is devastating: 30 bouts; 30 wins—
no draws or losses. Lysandra has to face up to all that she is and all that she must become as all roads lead to Rome.
Russell Whitfield is the author of Gladiatrix.
Fiction • 512 pp • 5 x 8
9781905802418 • May • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • Myrmidon Books

Walton Golightly
Walton Golightly is a freelance writer from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal,
on the doorstep of what used to be the Zulu Kingdom.
Each: Fiction • 5 x 8 • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • Quercus

A sweeping historical epic combining history and myth, the first in a trilogy that tracks the
birth and growth of the Zulu empire to its ultimate clash with the British empire in 1879

“An utterly spellbinding and profoundly insightful work . . . something of a master-

piece.” —Sunday Independent
1818, southeast Africa: on the summit of a low hill, encircled by a foe six times their number,
1500 men armed with cowhide shields and short, stabbing spears sit and wait as the midday
sun blazes overhead. Calm in the face of the horde gathering below, they know it’s a good day
for dying—but a better one for killing. At the center of their formation a tall, broad-shoul-
dered man surveys his troops. Only at his command will they rise and engage the enemy. He
is Shaka, his men are Zulu—the best-trained foot soldiers in Africa—and the blood spilled in
the coming battle will write the opening chapter of their legend. Following in Shaka’s foot-
steps, the story sweeps across the burned hills of southeast Africa’s interior, charting the dawn
of the Zulu nation through the eyes of the Induna, a battle-scarred captain, and his 11-year-
old apprentice. Aflame with conflict and intrigue, nobility and treachery, it tells the story of
an unquenchable thirst for revenge and a genius for warfare that forged an empire as power-
ful and revered as Napoleon’s France or Caesar’s Rome.
656 pp • 9781847245861 • April

Shaka the Great

Betrayal, blood, and battle—the second installment in the epic trilogy charting the rise
of one of Africa’s greatest empires
It’s 1826, and Shaka, king of the Zulus, has consolidated his power and is ready to move
against those who continue to resist his authority. But now a new tribe has appeared—
white men from across the Great Water—claiming they wish to trade with Shaka. These
white men may seem puny, and their ways strange, but Shaka believes there’s more to them
than meets the eye. Obsessed with divining their secrets, however, he becomes oblivious to
the threat growing from within his own court. Seething with sorcery and betrayal, battles
and intrigue, triumph and tragedy, this adventure sees one of the greatest leaders of all time
consolidate his power as the first Europeans begin to arrive on the African continent. It
takes us to an empire at its zenith, in a time when the name Zulu began to echo around
the world as a byword for courage and nobility.
608 pp • 9780857383303 • August


The Body in the Thames

Chaloner’s Sixth Exploit in Restoration London
Susanna Gregory
London swelters in a heat wave in the summer of 1664, and in the corri-
dors of power the temperature is equally high as an outbreak of war with
the Dutch threatens to become a reality, in the sixth Chaloner mystery

“Engaging. . . . As usual, Gregory does a fine job integrating fact and

fiction.” —Publishers Weekly
In the dilapidated surroundings of the Savoy hospital, a delegation from
the Netherlands is gathered in a last-ditch attempt to secure peace between
the two nations. Thomas Chaloner, active in Holland during Cromwell’s time,
is horrified at the violent aggression shown to the Dutch by ordinary Lon-
doners, but is more worried by the dismissive attitude with which they are
greeted by the King’s ministers and officials—he has experienced the futil-
ities of war firsthand and has no wish to witness another. When the body
of his former brother-in-law is found in the Thames, and Chaloner discov-
ers the dead man has left enigmatic clues to a motivation for his murder.
Was he involved in a plot to steal the crown jewels, or did he fall foul of
one of the many people in London who are determined that the peace talks
will fail?
Susanna Gregory is a Cambridge academic and the author of the Matthew
Bartholomew Chronicles and the Thomas Chaloner Mysteries.
Mystery • 480 pp • 5 x 8 • Sphere
New in Paper: 9780751541830 • April • $13.95
Cloth: 978187442536 • Available • $29.95

Also available:

A Conspiracy Blood on The Butcher The Westminster A Murder The Piccadilly

of Violence the Strand of Smithfield Poisoner on the Plot
9780751537581 9780751537598 9780751539547 9780751539554 London Bridge 9781847444325
$14.95 Paper $14.95 Paper $13.95 Paper $12.95 Paper 9780751541823 $29.95 Cloth
$12.95 Paper


Mystery in the Minster

Susanna Gregory
The 17th episode in the popular Cambridge series of medieval mysteries,
featuring the physician-cum-sleuth, Matthew Bartholomew

“Superb. . . . The pace never slackens, despite the book’s length, and
Gregory again proves adept at weaving a plot complicated enough to be
baffling but not so intricate as to become confusing.” —Publishers
Weekly starred review
“Gregory again displays her mastery of complex storytelling and period
detail.” —Publishers Weekly starred review of Killer of Pilgrims
Previous edition was entitled Murder in the Minster
In 1358 the fledging college of Michaelhouse in Cambridge is in need of extra
funds. A legacy from the Archbishop of York of a parish close to that city prom-
ises a welcome source of income. However, there has been another claim to its
ownership and it seems the only way to settle the dispute is for a deputation
from Michaelhouse to travel north. Matthew Bartholomew is among the small
party which arrives in the bustling city, where the increasing wealth of the mer-
chants is unsettling the established order, and where a French invasion is an
ever-present threat to its port. But soon he and his colleagues learn that sev-
eral of the Archbishop’s executors have died in unexplained circumstances and
that the codicil naming Michaelhouse as a beneficiary cannot be found.
Susanna Gregory is a Cambridge academic and the author of the Matthew
Bartholomew Chronicles and the Thomas Chaloner series.
Mystery • 400 pp • 5 x 8 • Sphere
New in Paper: 9780751542592 • August • $14.95
Cloth: 9781847442970 • Available • $26.95

Also available:

A Plague on Both An Order for Death The Tarnished Chalice

Your Houses 9780751531350 • $7.99 Paper 9780751535457 • $9.95 Paper
9780751516951 • $7.99 Paper
A Summer of Discontent To Kill or Cure
An Unholy Alliance 9780751532388 • $7.99 Paper 9780751538885 • $9.95 Paper
9780751519358 • $7.99 Paper
A Killer in Winter The Devil’s Disciples
A Bone of Contention 9780751533415 • $7.99 Paper 9780751539141 • $12.95 Paper
9780751520224 • $10.95 Paper
The Hand of Justice A Vein of Deceit
A Deadly Brew 9780751533422 • $7.99 Paper 9780751539158 • $12.95 Paper
9780751520071 • $14.95 Paper

A Wicked Deed The Mark of a Murderer The Killer of Pilgrims

9780751525441 • $7.99 Paper 9780751535440 • $7.99 Paper 9780751542585 • $13.95 Paper

A Masterly Murder
9780751525366 • $7.99 Paper

The Poisonous Seed
A Frances Doughty Mystery
Linda Stratmann
The first in a new Victorian murder mystery series set in London, featuring a clever and
determined young female sleuth

“Her knowledge of the London area in which the Victorian Frances lived is detailed
and cleverly given in a way that avoids any tedium.” —Mystery Women
When a customer of William Doughty’s chemist shop dies of strychnine poisoning after drink-
ing medicine he dispensed, William is blamed, and the family faces ruin. William’s daugh-
ter, 19-year-old Frances, determines to redeem her ailing father’s reputation and save the
business. She soon becomes convinced that the death was murder, but unable to convince
the police, she turns detective. Armed only with her wits, courage, and determination, and
aided by some unconventional new friends, Frances uncovers a startling deception and solves
a 10-year-old murder. There will be more deaths and a secret in her own family will be re-
vealed before the killer is unmasked and Frances finds that her life has changed forever.
Linda Stratmann is the author of several books including Chloroform: The Quest for Obliv-
ion and Greater London Murders.
Mystery • 272 pp • 5 x 8
9780752461182 • May • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • The History Press

Craig Robertson
A taut and gripping thriller, expertly plotted, that is anything but a case of good guys vs.
bad guys

“With just the right amount of “ick-factor” for those of us that like our books
gruesome, Snapshot keeps you wincing and guessing right to the end. . . . Very highly
recommended.” —Eurocrime
A series of high-profile shootings by a lone sniper leaves Glasgow terrorized and police pho-
tographer Tony Winter—a man with a tragic hidden past—mystified. Who is behind the ex-
ecutions of some of the most notorious drug lords in the city? As more shootings occur, including
those of police officers, the authorities realize they have a vigilante on their hands. Mean-
while, Tony investigates a link between the victims and a schoolboy who has been badly beaten.
Seemingly unconnected, they share a strange link. As Tony delves deeper, his quest for the
truth and his search for the killer lead him down dark and dangerous paths.
Craig Robertson has been a journalist with a Scottish Sunday newspaper for 20 years and
was short-listed for the CWA New Blood Dagger.
Mystery • 336 pp • 4.5 x 7
9781849835251 • May • $9.99 Paper • Simon & Schuster UK

Follow the Money
Peter Corris
When the battle-scarred but indefatigable PI loses all his dough to an un-
scrupulous financial advisor, he has to follow the money trail deep into Syd-
ney’s underbelly—the territory of big money and bent deals—to get himself
back in the black

“Reminds you just how good Peter Corris is, what a legend his private
detective character Cliff Hardy is.” —Sydney Morning Herald
“Torn Apart is a fine entertainment, and Corris, the ‘Godfather of Aus-
tralian crime fiction,’ is a splendid storyteller. . . . Corris belongs on the
short lists of hard-boiled crime fans who like Down Under settings.”
—Booklist on Torn Apart
When beautiful young women kiss you on the cheek you know you’re over the
hill, but I didn’t really feel like that. As Wesley said, I still had the moves.
Cliff Hardy may still have the moves but he’s in trouble. The economy’s tank-
ing and he’s been conned by a financial advisor and lost everything he’s got.
Cliff only knows one way, and that’s forward, so he’s following the money trail.
It’s a twisted road that leads him down deep into Sydney’s underbelly, into the
territory of big money, bent deals, big yachts, and bad people. Cliff’s in greater
danger than ever before, but he’s as tenacious as a dog with a bone.
Peter Corris is best known as the father of Australian crime fiction and the author
of Cliff Hardy detective stories. He is the author of A Round of Golf: 18 Holes with
Peter Corris and the coauthor of Fred Hollows: An Autobiography.
Mystery • 260 pp • 6 x 9.5
9781742373799 • April • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin
Also available:
Each: Paper

Master’s Mates The Coast Road Taking Care Saving Billie The Undertow
9781741141368 9781741143843 of Business 9781741146523 9781741147483
$11.95 (Can $13.95) $11.95 (Can $13.95) 9781741144192 $11.95 (Can $13.95) $19.95 (Can $21.95)
$11.95 (Can $13.95)

Appeal Denied The Big Score Open File Deep Water Torn Apart
9781741750966 9781741752236 9781741754179 9781741756777 9781742375366
$12.95 (Can $14.95) $12.95 (Can $14.95) $13.95 (Can $15.95) $12.95 (Can $14.95) $12.95 (Can $14.95)

Alex Gray

“Gray never rushes her story, preferring to slowly, delicately build a multilayered, international web of drama and
deceit that requires the concentration levels to stay on high from the first page until the last.” —Daily Record
“Gray more than holds her own against the likes of Rankin and McDermid . . . it would take a reader with
the skills of her hero to come up with the killer’s identity before the last few pages.’ —Express
Alex Gray has been awarded the Scottish Association of Writers’ Constable and Pitlochry trophies for
her crime writing, and is the Scottish Chapter convenor for the Crime Writers’ Association.
Each: Mystery • 4.5 x 7 • $8.99 Paper • Sphere

The Riverman
With big businesses, tortured love affairs, and deadly rivalries all colliding, it’s clear that
this case is as explosive as they come
When the dead body of a man is fished out of Glasgow’s River Clyde the morning after an
office celebration, it looks like a case of accidental death. An anonymous telephone call and
a forensic toxicology test, however, give DCI Lorimer reason to think otherwise. Probing deeper
into the life and business of the deceased accountant, Duncan Forbes, a seemingly upright
member of the community, Lorimer find only yet more unanswered questions. What is the
secret his widow seems to be concealing? Is there any reason to think that the international
accounting firm was facing financial difficulties? What has become of the dead man’s pro-
tégé who has disappeared in New York? When the firm’s human resources manager is found
dead in her riverside flat these questions become only more complex and disturbing.
420 pp • 9780751538731 • April

Pitch Black
Could a soccer supporter be angry enough to put a bullet in a referee’s head? Lorimer deals
with this question as well as a tragedy close to home.
When Chief Inspector Lorimer returns from his holiday on the island of Mull, he feels a wel-
come sense of calm—but it doesn’t last long. Kelvin FC’s new star midfielder is found brutally
stabbed to death in his own home and, with his wife apprehended trying to leave the country,
a seemingly straightforward new case begins. But the grisly murder of a referee after a Kelvin
match throws light on some dark secrets at the ground. And when the latest signing to the club
becomes the latest victim in a string of killings, Lorimer knows there’s a serial killer on the
loose—one that’s only beginning to show his true colors. As lies emerge and tensions build, the
players and managers live under the constant threat of becoming the next Kelvin fatality. Build-
ing to a dark and suspenseful climax, this is Alex Gray’s most powerful work to date.
438 pp • 9780751538748 • July


Shatter the Bones

Stuart MacBride
From the author of Cold Granite and Dark Blood, the new Logan McRae
thriller takes a look at the terrors of reality television celebrity

“Any of the flamboyant evildoers in Dying Light could carry a terrific

whodunit.” —Entertainment Weekly on Dying Light
“Unbelievably assured and accomplished . . . MacBride is starting at
the very top with his first book, which approaches the level of Michael
Connelly’s best work. . . . MacBride’s writing is so good here that it’s
hard to believe it’s not a sign of staying power.” —Flint Journal on
Cold Granite
“MacBride fills his Aberdeen fun house with hearty, clever, and usually
profane humor that lightens every chapter. . . . As Ian Rankin’s long-
running crime series begins to sound like a leaky bagpipe, Scottish
writers such as MacBride arise to take up the kilt-waving in earnest.”
—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Bloodshot
“A marvelously imperfect lead drives MacBride’s intricate sixth crime
novel featuring Aberdeen Det. Sgt. Logan McRae.”
—Publishers Weekly on Dark Blood
You will raise money for the safe return of Alison and Jenny McGregor. If
you raise enough money within fourteen days they will be released. If not,
Jenny will be killed.
Alison and Jenny McGregor—Aberdeen’s own mother-daughter singing sen-
sation—are through to the semi-finals of TV smash-hit Britain’s Next Big
Star. They’re in all the gossip magazines, they have millions of YouTube hits,
and everyone loves them. But their reality-TV dream has turned into a real-
life nightmare. The ransom demand appears in all the papers, on the TV, and on the internet, telling the nation to dig
deep if they want to keep Alison and Jenny alive. The media want action; the public displays of grief and anger are reach-
ing fever-pitch. Time is running out, but DS Logan McRae and his colleagues have nothing to go on: the kidnappers
haven’t left a single piece of forensic evidence. The investigation is going nowhere. It looks as if the price of fame just
got a lot higher.
Stuart MacBride is the author of the Logan McRae books, which include Cold Granite, Dark Blood, Dying Light, and
Flesh House. He won the International Thriller Writers’ Best Debut Novel for Cold Granite and the Theakston’s Old
Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award three times. He is also author of the standalone novel Halfhead.
Mystery • 440 pp • 6 x 9
9780007344222 • April • $19.95 Paper • HarperCollins UK Also available:

Dark Blood
$12.95 Paper


Dead of Night
Barbara Nadel
Barbara Nadel’s gripping 14th Turkish crime novel tackles the treacher-
ous and seedy underworld of Detroit’s gang warfare

“Intriguing . . . all will appreciate the skill with which Nadel depicts
the tensions underlying contemporary Turkish society as well as her
ability to make each of her characters fully human.”
—Publishers Weekly on Arabesk
Inspectors Cetin Ikmen and Mehmet Suleyman from Istanbul are sent to a
policing conference in Detroit, but little can prepare them for the corrup-
tion that lies at its heart. When Ezekial Goins, an elderly man of Turkish de-
scent, approaches them to crack the long-unsolved murder of his son, a quiet
trip takes a far more sinister turn. As they delve deeper into the case, the
pair find themselves immersed in a terrifying world of intergang drug war
and racial prejudice that puts them in mortal danger, and forces Ikmen to
confront some demons of his own.
Barbara Nadel received the Crime Writers’ Association Silver Dagger for
Deadly Web. Other titles in the Inspector Ikmen mysteries series include Bels-
hazzar’s Daughter, Death by Design, and The Ottoman Cage. She is also the
author of the Francis Hancock series.
Mystery • 384 pp • 6 x 9
9780755371648 • May • $24.95 Cloth • Headline Book Publishing

Also available:

Deep Waters Harem Deadly Web Dance with

9780747267195 9780747267201 9780755321285 Death
$11.99 Paper $8.99 Paper $8.99 Paper 9780755332359
$12.95 Paper

A Passion Pretty Dead Death by Design A Noble Killing

for Killing Things 9780755335695 9780755371624
9780755337521 9780755345151 $12.95 Paper $12.95 Paper
$8.99 Paper $8.99 Paper


As Easy as Murder
Quintin Jardine
The third crime thriller in the Primavera Blackstone series
A tranquil Spanish village by the sea is the perfect place for Primavera Blackstone to raise her
10-year-old Tom, son of the late lamented Oz, especially when they are joined by his nephew,
pro golfer Jonny Sinclair. But when her best friend Shirley introduces her new man, Patterson
Cowling, he seems to be a trouble magnet. A casual thief tries to pick his pocket and is found
a few days later with his face blown off. A bloody coincidence, or does Patterson Cowling have
a past to protect? As the body count rises, and Primavera becomes den mother to an extended
golfing family, it seems that homicide is par for the course, and that hazards lie in wait for
everyone. Can she save the day, or is the game just too rough?
Quintin Jardine is the author of the Bob Skinner Mysteries and the Oz Blackstone series.
Mystery • 416 pp • 6 x 9
9780755340279 • April • $24.95 Cloth • Headline Book Publishing

Also available: Inhuman Remains Blood Red

Each: $8.99 Paper 9780755340231 9780755357697


Quintin Jardine
Quintin Jardine is the author of the Oz Blackstone series and the Primavera Blackstone series.

Funeral Note
Ingenious and compelling, this is Quintin Jardine’s most ambitious novel yet and an ex-
traordinary achievement
After a tip-off, a man’s body is exhumed from a shallow grave in Edinburgh. Murder surely,
yet he died from natural causes, so, case closed? Indeed, was there ever a case? But Chief
Constable Skinner and his people keep on digging. Who was the man, why was he buried
so reverentially, and by whom? Meanwhile corruption is discovered within the force, and
an investigation launched. Immersed in crises and with his marriage heading for the rocks,
Skinner finds his very career hanging in the balance, its fate beyond his control. In a tale
seen through the eyes of each of its leading players, Quintin Jardine, the crime master, lays
mystery upon mystery until the greatest threat of all those facing the Chief is revealed, and
a deadly race begins. Can he win out, or will his life implode?
Mystery • 416 pp • 6 x 9
9780755356959 • June • $24.95 Cloth • Headline Book Publishing

Each: Mystery • 5 x 8 • $13.95 Paper • Headline Book Publishing

Skinner’s Round
Bob Skinner must challenge local beliefs and legends to solve a gruesome murder in this fourth
installment in the fantastic Scottish crime series

“Polished and mystifying . . . a convincing illustration of Jardine’s growing versatility.”

—Kirkus Reviews
A four-day tournament involving the world’s leading golfers is being staged for the opening of a
new country club created on his East Lothian estate by the Marquis of Kinture and two partners.
But on the preceding Sunday afternoon, one of the partners is found dead in his private Jacuzzi in
the clubhouse—with his throat cut. On the following day an anonymous letter is received by the
local newspaper, containing part of a legendary witches’ curse upon anyone who desecrates their
place of worship. True, East Lothian was once a notorious center of witchcraft, but DCC Bob Skin-
ner prefers to deal with the here and now. Is this crime in fact a grudge killing by a business rival?
448 pp • 9780755357734 (Replaces 9780747250418) • April

Skinner’s Ghosts
Skinner faces the greatest, most personal tests of his career in this seventh captivating crime thriller
Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner could be forgiven for thinking not only that someone up there
doesn’t like him, but that someone down here is out to get him. Suffering the strain of a marriage on
the rocks, the last thing he needs is for his private life to be plastered across the front pages of a sleazy
tabloid. To make matters worse, two brutal murders and new allegations about Skinner himself make
simultaneous headlines. Unless he can clear his name and uncover the secret behind the series of bru-
tal crimes, he stands to lose everything: his family, his career, and even his life and liberty.
416 pp • 9780755358649 (Replaces 9780747256656) • April

Murmuring the Judges

In the eighth absorbing thriller in this series, Bob Skinner faces a complex case of murder and
organized crime
In Edinburgh’s old Parliament House, an armed robbery trial is about to take a macabre turn.
While the lawyers tussle over the evidence, the judge suddenly collapses in agony—the victim of
an apparent heart attack. For Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner, with his life finally back on
track after the near collapse of his marriage, this is the last thing he needs. But as the wave of
brutal robberies continues, it emerges that Lord Archergait’s death may have been murder—and
he’s not the only judge whose life is in danger. With a gang of ruthless killers still at large, it’s
down to Skinner to piece together a puzzle of sinister complexity.
448 pp • 9780755358656 (Replaces 9780747259626) • May

Gallery Whispers
A terrorist threat and a serial killer on the streets Edinburgh spell trouble for Scotland’s tough-
est cop in the series’ ninth entry
One of the world’s most ruthless terrorists is on his way to Edinburgh with only one thing on his
mind: the forthcoming conference of world Heads of Government. If DCC Skinner doesn’t pick up
his trail fast, he could have a global disaster in his backyard. While all eyes are focused on the ter-
rorist threat, a terminally ill woman is found dead—an apparent suicide. But the marks of an as-
sisted death are discovered and this seemingly random death soon proves to be the beginning of an
ominous pattern. For Skinner, the desperate race to find a heartless terrorist mixes uneasily with
the search for a mercy killer—a search which takes on a poignant personal significance.
448 pp • 9780755358663 (Replaces 9780747256670) • May

Each: Mystery • 5 x 8 • $13.95 Paper • Headline Book Publishing

Stay of Execution
Evil stalks the city of Edinburgh in this 14th installment in the series
This time, the threat is bigger than the crooks, scam artists, and drug dealers who find their
prey in the shadows of the city’s streets. The body of a respectable businessman is found hang-
ing from a tree, a veteran from a Belgian marching band is killed in a hit-and-run incident,
and another person dies of an apparent heart attack. Excitement on the streets of Edinburgh
is feverish as the city prepares for a massive rally to celebrate the return of Pope John the
25th to his hometown. With the whole world watching, the security has to be bulletproof.
But is there a chink in the armor, and does DCC Bob Skinner have the inner strength to find
the answer to the biggest question of all?
420 pp • 9780755358717 • April

Thursday Legends
A brutal and apparently motiveless murder leads Skinner to suspect his own friends of
treachery, in this gripping 10th novel of retribution and ultimate justice
For Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner, the Thursday night football game at the local gym
has long been an unbroken ritual—until the savagely mutilated body of a former player is
found, and suddenly the Thursday Legends have more to worry about than aching backs
and bad knees. Former Head of Special Branch Alec Smith made plenty of enemies during
his long career—and there is no shortage of suspects. But as Skinner’s investigation gathers
pace, everything keeps pointing to the Legends themselves. Is someone targeting this dis-
parate group of colleagues and friends in some bizarre scheme of retribution? Or is the mur-
derer one of them? Either way, the hunt for the killer is going to come uncomfortably close
to home.
416 pp • 9780755358670 (Replaces 9780747256687) • June

Also available:

Skinner’s Rules Autographs in the Rain Death’s Door

9780747241393 • $8.99 Paper 9780747263876 • $8.99 Paper 9780755329113 • $8.99 Paper

Skinner’s Festival Head Shot Fatal Last Words

9780747241409 • $8.99 Paper 9780747263883 • $8.99 Paper 9780755329175 • $8.99 Paper

Skinner’s Trail Fallen Gods A Rush of Blood

9780747241416 • $8.99 Paper 9780747263890 • $8.99 Paper 9780755357666 • $12.95 Paper

Skinner’s Ordeal Lethal Intent Grievous Angel

9780755357741 • $14.95 Paper 9780755331987 • $8.99 Paper 9780755356928 • $24.95 Cloth

Skinner’s Mission Dead and Buried

9780747250432 • $8.99 Paper 9780755304103 • $8.99 Paper

Graham Hurley
Graham Hurley is an award-winning TV documentary maker who now writes full time. His sixth Faraday and
Winter novel, Blood and Honey, was short-listed for the Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award.
Each: Mystery • Orion Publishing

Happy Days
As ex-drug baron Bazza Mackenzie runs for parliament, ex-cop Paul Winter knows that
his time with Bazza must, at whatever cost, come to an end, in the 12th title in this highly
acclaimed series of police procedurals

“There is no one writing better police procedurals today.” —Sunday Telegraph

DI Faraday is gone and the police are left reeling. As his boss attempts to limit any possi-
ble PR damage, his one time shadow on the force, ex-DC Winter, is ever more concerned
that he may have made the biggest mistake of his life throwing in his lot with the city’s
drug baron, Bazza McKenzie—especially as Bazza becomes increasingly desperate and vi-
olent as his empire begins to crumble under the weight of austere times. And, in the per-
son of DS Jimmy Suttle there’s a new will at the heart of the embattled police force to nail
Bazza once and for all, the one man Faraday was always desperate to bring to justice. Gra-
ham Hurley’s trademark authenticity has been allied to an ever increasing sense of drama
as he charts the lives of his vivid characters and paints a stunning portrait of a city and a
country at war with itself, a war which throws the police into the front line.
352 pp • 6 x 9 • 9781409101253 • May • $24.95 Cloth

Borrowed Light
The 11th entry in the series known for its realistic look at police work

“With a single-minded dedication, Hurley has been producing one of the most capable
and efficient procedural series to appear in the British Isles. And Borrowed Light . . . is
one of the most solid entries . . . immensely readable.” —Good Book Guide
A car accident during a holiday in the Middle East lands Faraday in a hospital packed with
the maimed from Gaza, where he embarks on a wild scheme to adopt a horribly burned Pales-
tinian girl. Back in England, crimelord Bazza McKenzie is watching his empire fall apart under
the pressures of the biggest recession in 70 years. Desperate times call for desperate meas-
ures, and soon ex-cop Winter is in the thick of it as Bazza runs out of options.
Graham Hurley is an award-winning TV documentary maker who now writes full time. His
sixth Faraday and Winter novel, Blood and Honey, was short-listed for the Theakston’s Old
Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award.
368 pp • 5 x 8 • 9781409102359 • April • $14.95 Paper

Also available:

Deadlight Cut to Black Blood and Honey No Lovelier Death Beyond Reach
9781409120049 9781409119999 9781409120001 9780752884141 9781409102342
$14.95 Paper $12.95 Paper $12.95 Paper $8.99 Paper $14.95 Paper


Bloody Winter
Andrew Pepper
In the fifth Pyke mystery, the troubled head of the Detective Branch re-
turns for an intriguing case of kidnap, rebellion, and murder

“Splendid . . . readers who prefer their historicals mired in the gritty

reality of the times can’t do any better.” —Booklist on Kill-Devil and
“Superb . . . Pepper’s successful planting of diverse narrative
threads—and making them all bear fruit—marks him as an author to
watch.” —Publishers Weekly starred review of The Revenge of Cap-
tain Paine
The body of a vagrant is discovered in a ditch in County Tipperary. Knox,
a young Irish policeman with divided loyalties, is told that the landowner
wants the case dealt with swiftly and quietly. However, when Knox exam-
ines the corpse, he realizes that this supposed vagrant was wearing a Sav-
ile Row suit. Three months earlier, Detective Inspector Pyke was investigating
a kidnapping in Wales. The crime seems to be linked to a group of rebels,
but Pyke soon suspects the case is not as clear cut as it seems. What are
the links between the rebellion in Wales and the unrest in Ireland—and has
Pyke finally bitten off more than he can chew?
Andrew Pepper is the author of The Last Days at Newgate, The Revenge
of Captain Paine, Kill-Devil and Water, and The Detective Branch.
Mystery • 336 pp • 5 x 8
9781780220116 • June • $14.95 Paper • Phoenix

Also available:
Each: $15.95 Paper

The Last Days The Revenge of Kill-Devil The Detective

of Newgate Captain Paine and Water Branch
9780753821688 9780753824009 9780753825976 9780753827680

Frozen Moment
Camilla Ceder
From the new kid on the block in Scandinavian crime, this atmospheric debut has al-
ready reached the top 10 in Sweden

“A good psychological crime novel that will appeal to fans of Wallander and Steig
Larsson.” —Choice
“A substantial, rounded novel and a welcome newcomer to Scandinavian crime
fiction.” —Eurocrime
One December morning in a small rural town on the Swedish coast, Ake Melkersson is on
his way to work when his car breaks down. He spots a garage nearby, but as he approaches
he realizes something is wrong. The owner of the garage lies dead, sprawled on the ground,
his lower body crushed where a car has repeatedly driven over him. The murder investiga-
tion is led by Inspector Christian Tell, known as something of a lone wolf, but he has very
few clues to go on and the deceased’s wife is out of the country on holiday. Cut to 10 years
earlier—Maya Granith is living at a college for troubled teenagers after escaping her shat-
tered home and her neurotic mother. But when an older student takes an overbearing in-
terest in her things begin to go wrong. Back in the present, another murder occurs when a
man is shot in the head; again his body is driven over several times. Tell is becoming increasingly involved with a reporter but
their relationship is complicated—especially when aspects of the case remind the reporter of someone she knew who went miss-
ing 10 years earlier.
Camilla Ceder is a counselor and social worker. This is her debut novel.
Mystery • 384 pp • 5 x 8
9780753827727 • May • $14.95 Paper • Phoenix


Churchyard and Hawke

E. V. Thompson
An exciting novel of the years when the Cornwall Constabulary was in its infancy

“Quietly powerful . . . Thompson leavens this multilayered historical with a chaste,

slow-burning romance.” —Publishers Weekly on Though the Heavens May Fall
“A good strong mix of marital melodramas, political maneuverings, seductions, mur-
ders, and trials.” —Kirkus Reviews on Ben Retallick
After taking a serious beating while engaged in unofficial undercover work in London’s 19th-
century slums, Constable Tom Churchyard takes himself to Cornwall. Here, in spite of his
injuries he becomes right-hand man to Amos Hawke, now a senior Cornish policeman. His
knowledge of the London rogues proves invaluable as Amos seeks to foil a gang of city thieves—
and then a brutal murder is committed during their investigations.
E. V. Thompson is the author of numerous historical novels, including Ben Retallick, Cassie,
No Less than the Journey, Though the Heavens May Fall, Tomorrow Is for Ever, and The
Vagrant King.
Mystery • 272 pp • 5 x 8
9780709088707 • May • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • Robert Hale

No Less than Though the

Also available: Heavens May Fall
the Journey
Each: $12.95 Paper 9780709087557 9780751545128

Best Eaten Cold and Other Stories
A Murder Squad Anthology
Murder Squad
Edited by Martin Edwards
Foreword by Barry Forshaw
A collection showcasing the short story talents of the collective known
as the Murder Squad—featuring several award-winning and highly ac-
claimed crime writers

“Cleeves’s taut, atmospheric thriller, the first in a new series, will keep
readers guessing until the last page.” —Publishers Weekly starred re-
view of Raven Black by Ann Cleeves
“This stunning British suspense story will keep readers edgy and
guessing until the very end. . . . Murphy makes the reader squirm with
impatience, willing the narrative forward. A first-rate chiller.”
—Booklist starred review of Darkness Falls by Margaret Murphy
The members of the Murder Squad all share a special passion for crime, which
is reflected in this superb new volume of previously unpublished tales. Funny
and sad, atmospheric and dark, ingenious and frightening, each of the 13
stories in this collection—two or three from each contributor—will thrill
lovers of crime fiction. In “The Habit of Silence,” DI Vera Stanhope—
whom Ann Cleeves developed “Because I was so cross with even feminist
writers writing female-central characters who were young, fit, and beauti-
ful. Vera isn’t any of those things. She’s overweight and middle-aged.”—
investigates the case of the body in the library. In Martin Edwards’ “The
People Outside,” a tight-knit community is ripped apart by violence, and a
lust for vengeance. Cath Staincliffe’s “Boom!” is the explosive story of mur-
der in Manchester. Margaret Murphy tells of a Liverpool lad troubled by a
mortal sin, in “The Message.” The title story is by Stuart Pawson, and asks
Why would a writer want to plot revenge? In Cleeves’ second offering, “Basic
Skills,” Maddy thought that books could change lives—but so can murder. Staincliffe’s “Laptop” features a laptop thief who takes
more than she bargained for. “Act of Contrition,” by Murphy, asks if Janice is pleading for forgiveness—or seeking something
more sinister? When a rich man’s butler vanishes, in Edwards’ “The Case of the Musical Butler,” Sherlock Holmes is asked to
investigate. Cleeves’ “Mud” tells of a woman remembering the past, betrayal, and a death. “Riviera” by Staincliffe explores the
question When you look in a mirror, who do you see? Pawson tell of a Christmas in prison—but goodwill is in short supply, in
“Sprouts.” At the end of a book, an index tells a tale of murder, in Edwards’ “InDex.”
Murder Squad is a collective of leading crime fiction writers. The contributing members to this anthology are Ann Cleeves, the
CWA Gold Dagger–winning author of Raven Black, Red Bones, and White Nights; Martin Edwards, the CWA Short Story Dag-
ger–winning author of The Hanging Wood and Serpent Pool; Margaret Murphy, the author of Darkness Falls and Weaving Shad-
ows; Stuart Pawson, the author of The Mushroom Man; and Cath Staincliffe, the author of Blue Murder. Barry Forshaw is the
author of The Man Who Left Too Soon and The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction.
Mystery • 160 pp • 5 x 8
9780752463001 • May • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • The History Press

Into Darkness
Jonathan Lewis
A highly original first crime thriller, with a wonderful cast of characters, opens with the
baffling death of a world-famous actor—and his relationship with his guide dog may
hold the key to the mystery

“Highly descriptive passages and the way we are given insight into the mind of Ned
and Kate remind me of Chandler and his world-weary detective heroes. . . . Not a
book to skip through but one to be enjoyed and savored.” —Eurocrime
“A well-balanced combination of instruction, mystification and action . . . a very
promising debut.” —Literary Review
“Gripping.” —Dog Today
In the stinking mud of a great tidal river, a body lies half submerged. Sir Tommy Best, adored
British actor, has fallen to his death through a hole in the walkway above. The saintly Sir
Tommy was friend to the starving and penniless, to kings and stars. He was also totally blind
and reliant on his brilliant guide dog, Suzy, but where is she? It seems unimaginable that
Suzy would have led him into danger, so is it murder? When she finally turns up, she is stressed
and tense. Chief Superintendent “Fatso” and Detective Chief Inspector Ned turn to their
police dog handler, Kate, aka “The Dog Tart,” who suggests they find Suzy’s trainer Nick
Parsons, in the hope that he can get the dog to lead them to the truth. The search for Nick
Parsons culminates in a highly unusual plan, in which Ned will become blind for one night
and with Suzy the guide dog, reenact Sir Tommy Best’s last fateful walk. The truth which
they uncover is utterly horrible.
Jonathan Lewis is an award-winning documentarian. Into Darkness is his first novel.
Mystery • 250 pp • 5 x 8
9781848092587 • May • $14.95 Paper • Arrow

Telling Stories
Beverly Jones
The Secret History meets The Life and Loves of a She-Devil in a gripping thriller that sub-
verts chick lit clichés in a trail of blood and jealousy
Friendship, freedom, booze, and student loans: the glory days of student life. For Liz, Cora,
Mike, and Stevie, students at Cardiff, their circle was a surrogate family, bound together
for three years in total trust. After graduation the group “stays in touch” with growing dis-
tance, but eventually reunites, with Mike and Cora returning to live in Cardiff. The four-
some paints the town red, marking Stevie’s birthday in an orgy of nostalgia, when from
nowhere, a beautiful—and younger—flame-haired girl appears. “Jenny” knows their
names, but her identity is a total mystery to them all, or so Liz and Cora think. When Jenny
is found dead, foul play presumed, Liz is assigned to cover the story. She finds herself caught
up in an expanding web of lies as Jenny’s death is traced back to that fateful night. The an-
cient secrets of their college days begin to catch up with them all. Full of surprises, this mur-
der mystery subverts and reinvents the chick lit genre in a darker shade of lipstick, marking
the emergence of a major new voice.
Beverley Jones was a TV and newspaper journalist before taking up her current job as a
press and media officer. Telling Stories is her first novel.
Mystery • 224 pp • 5.5 x 7.5
9781908122117 • June • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • Cutting Edge Press


Each: Fiction • 5 x 8 • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • Michael O’Mara

The Book with No Name

Volume one in a fast-paced, cinematic trilogy shot through with supernatural black humor

“Sheer fun . . . the world needs more gangster novels featuring vampires, monks, and Elvis
impersonators.” —Observer
In Santa Mondega, an unnamed book brings violent death to anyone who reads it, a mysteri-
ous blue stone—the Eye of the Moon—has vanished, a total eclipse is about to cast the city into
utter darkness, and in the shadowed streets lurks the serial killer known only as the Bourbon
Kid. Detective Miles Jensen must race to uncover the link between the book, the murders, and
the Kid. But as the mystery unravels, he discovers that there’s more to Santa Mondega than
meets the eye. Not only is the place full of gangsters, martial arts monks, lowlifes, bounty hunters,
and an Elvis-impersonating hitman, there is a whole bunch of vampires, too.
448 pp • 9781843175766 (Replaces 9781843172833) • April

The Eye of the Moon

In the sensational follow-up to The Book with No Name, those who miraculously survived
are back in town for another massacre to remember
Young lovers Dante and Kacy, hapless bartender Sanchez, Peto the Hubal monk, and the mys-
terious Jessica will each be drawn into the violent vortex surrounding the Bourbon Kid, the
supernatural killer who is himself now being hunted. Hot on his heels are several vampire gangs,
the Secret Service, a couple of werewolves, some corrupt cops, and the Dark Lord himself, and
none will rest until he is dead. But the Kid has vengeance of his own to exact. This relentless
page-turner is even more gripping, creepy, exciting, and funny than its predecessor. As the body
count climbs on the dusty streets of Santa Mondega, who will be the last one standing?
384 pp • 9781843175773 (Replaces 9781843173038) • May

The Devil’s Graveyard

A exhilarating addition to the series by the author with no name, guaranteed to be every bit
as gory, fast paced, and adrenaline pumping as the previous two
The Devil’s Graveyard is an area of desert. Its only habitations are a small roadside gas station
and a giant hotel, where the finale of the “Back from the Dead” singing competition is held, in
which contestants compete by impersonating dead stars. Except that someone is killing them
off. Featuring characters from The Book with No Name and The Eye of the Moon, this is a
show where anything goes and anyone can enter. Even the judges aren’t quite what they seem.
Sanchez, Elvis, the Mystic Lady, a whole bunch of dead rock stars, and, of course, the Bourbon
Kid are headed to the Hotel Pasadena for what is quite literally the most cutthroat reality show
there’s ever been. Dreams will be crushed, deals will be made, and blood will be spilled.
448 pp • 9781843175780 (Replaces 9781843174721) • June

Michael Dobbs
Michael Dobbs is an active member of the House of Lords who has worked at the center of British
politics for Margaret Thatcher, John Major, and now David Cameron. He is the author of numerous
thrillers and historical novels, including Churchill’s Triumph, Never Surrender, and Winston’s War.
Each: Fiction • 5 x 8 • $12.95 Paper • Simon & Schuster UK

The Edge of Madness

The first in a series of high-octane thrillers featuring SAS-trained politician Harry Jones,
from the author of Churchill’s Hour and Winston’s War

“Fascinating and pretty frightening stuff.” —Frederick Forsyth, author, The Cobra
“Dobbs was clearly put on this earth to write thrillers of the most shamelessly page-
turning quality.” —Daily Express
“There are no half measures in Michael Dobbs’s thrillers.” —Guardian
The world is peering into the terrifying chasm of a new kind of conflict, where comput-
ers take over from missiles and global damnation comes at the click of a button. Cyber-
warfare can bring nations to their knees, switching off energy lifelines, crippling the financial
markets, and starving leaders of authority. An old Russian nuclear reactor goes into Cher-
nobyl-style meltdown, while on the other side of the world, the east coast of the U.S. is
plunged into darkness. Nobody knows yet who is responsible for the chaos. Under con-
ditions of the most compelling secrecy the two leaders of Britain and Russia gather with
the most powerful woman in the world, the President of the United States, to combat the
threat. Yet they bring with them old wounds and personal agendas that split them apart.
Harry Jones is with them and in the few crucial hours they have to decide the fate of the
planet, he must try to save them from themselves. Terrifying decisions must be made and
not everyone can survive.
426 pp • 9781847393227 • May

The Reluctant Hero

In his second adventure, Harry Jones is caught in a web of international intrigue, with
an old friend as bait and a female scorpion at his side

“If you haven’t picked up a Michael Dobbs novel in a while you should. . . . He has
skillfully carved out a second career for himself as a master of the international thriller,
juggling a variety of combustible elements on a global stage.” —Daily Express
Zac Kravitz has upset someone very important. He has been tortured and cast, barely alive,
into an ancient prison deep in the republic of Ta’argistan. Bordering Russia, China, and
Afghanistan, and ringed by high mountains, the country is a land of deep snows and still
deeper suspicions, and it’s about to swallow Zac. But he has a friend: Harry Jones is a for-
mer soldier, now a politician, a man of extraordinary skills and an enduring sense of guilt.
He owes Zac, and the debt must be repaid, no matter what the cost. Harry is forced to team
up with a tough-talking American-born MP, Martha Riley. Theirs is a journey that takes them
not only to Ta’argistan but also into their fractured pasts, where they must confront old ob-
sessions. Harry must once again become the man he thought he had left behind many years
ago—a desperate, utterly ruthless fighter, ready to eliminate anyone who gets in his way.
472 pp • 9781847393234 • June

Each: Fiction • 5 x 8 • $12.95 Paper • Simon & Schuster UK

Old Enemies
Buccaneering politician and former soldier Harry Jones braces himself for a tense, ex-
hilarating race against time in this third thriller

“A thriller that is both nightmare vision and timely warning. . . . Think Die Hard with
a stiff upper lip.” —Financial Times
“Explosive in every sense.” —Daily Mail
“Shamelessly page-turning.” —Daily Express
In the Swiss Alps a teenage girl is thrown from a helicopter and her boyfriend is brutally
abducted to Trieste, a city filled with undercurrents of past hatreds. Ruari, son of Irish media
owner J. J. Breslin, is in desperate danger, at the mercy of ruthless kidnappers making im-
possible demands. His terrified mother contacts the only person she knows can help her son:
Harry Jones, her former lover, whom she walked out on many years ago. Now memories of
their passionate affair and the guilt, hurt, anger, and humiliation come flooding back. Time
is running out for Ruari, and Harry, torn between his loyalties, is quickly drawn into a po-
litical game played for far higher stakes than he realizes.
432 pp • 9781847393241 • July

The Lord’s Day

The drama of the greatest siege since Troy is set in the House of Lords in the fourth in-
novative Harry Jones thriller that breaks all the rules
The boundaries of parental love and filial devotion are explored to their breaking point in
this unique and breathtaking thriller. Once a year, the Queen, the prime minister, the cabi-
net, the judges, and the bishops, assemble in the House of Lords for the State Opening of
Parliament. On this day, the Lords’ Day, the gathering is still more impressive, for sitting
beside his mother is the heir to the throne and up in the galleries are the sons of both the
U.S. president and the British prime minister. But they are all about to be taken hostage. As
the world watches on live television and holds its breath, president and prime minister are
torn in two between their duty as statesmen, and their love as parents. Harry Jones, a man
who is already undergoing the worst day of his life, becomes swept up in the maelstrom.
The siege will lead some to selfless sacrifice, others to lose the respect of those they love
most dearly.
400 pp • 9780857208064 • August

The Genesis Flaw
L. A. Larkin
A gutsy advertising director takes on the world’s most powerful biotech company in a
fast-paced environmental thriller for our time

“Combines corporate dystopia and the moral fringes of bio-science to create a savvy,
entertaining environmental thriller.” —Age
“The literary equivalent of The Day After Tomorrow or Lost; exciting, compulsive
reading.” —Bookseller+Publisher
Human experiments in Zimbabwe, an Australian farmer’s death, and a Sydney CEO’s sui-
cide: these events are linked in the mind of one woman, Serena Swift. A ballsy advertising
director with a guilty conscience, she decides to take on one of the world’s most powerful
producers of genetically modified food, Gene-Asis. Serena disguises herself to infiltrate Gene-
Asis in an attempt to expose the company’s horrific genetic experiments. But suddenly Swift’s
informants disappear, and she is hunted by a hired killer and framed for murder. Chased
from Sydney to New York, she must face the man she fears most, on his own turf. If she
fails, nothing can stop a global catastrophe. And nobody can help her—except a dead man.
L. A. Larkin works for a climate change consulting firm.
Fiction • 362 pp • 6 x 9
9781741967883 • June • $17.95 Paper • Pier 9

A Japanese Adventure Novel
Wahei Tatematsu
Translated by Philip Gabriel
For the first time in English, a modern classic in Japanese literature and one of the best sto-
ries of mountaineering ever written
Based on a real-life tragedy in 1965, this novel tells the story of a party of climbers on the Hi-
daka mountain range on Japan’s northern island. In spite of weather warnings, six men attempt
an ascent on the highest peak, Mount Poroshiri—a fateful decision that costs all their lives as
they are caught in an avalanche. Miraculously, one climber, Odagiri, is known to have survived
for four days after his companions had frozen to death. The reader enters the mind of Oda-
giri trapped in snow, half-frozen, half-asleep, and revisiting his past as death slowly creeps upon
him, telling his own story and that of an adventure gone wrong. A unique masterpiece of stream-
of-consciousness and thrilling adventure, this is Tatematsu’s most famous novel in Japan, brought
to readers in English for the first time.
Wahei Tatematsu (1947–2010) won a major literary prize while still a student and was one of
Japan’s most renowned writers, Hidaka being by far his most famous work. He was also known
for environmental work. Philip Gabriel is one of the major translators into English of the works
of Haruki Murakami. His translations have appeared in Harper’s, the New Yorker, and other
publications. He has received the Sasakawa Prize for Japanese Literature, the Japan-U.S. Friend-
ship Commission Prize for Translation of Japanese Literature, and the PEN/Book-of-the-Month
Club Translation Prize. He is a professor and department head at the University of Arizona in
Tucson, Arizona.
Fiction • 200 pp • 5 x 8
9780720614978 • June • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Peter Owen Publishers

Clem Chambers
Fate, ambition, and greed come together in the search for Kusanagi—a prize of such in-
calculable value that it carves a trail of destruction from Tokyo to London

“The ingredients are all in place for a colorful blockbuster thriller . . . truly kinetic en-
tertainment.” —Crime Time
Kusanagi, the priceless sword of the Japanese crown jewels that must be present at the coro-
nation of every Japanese emperor, is missing. Danny, a Navy Seal out of his element, is in
London to sell a precious artifact—a gold ingot from an ancient sea wreck off the coast of
Japan. Jim Evans, retired whiz-kid trader, acquires the gold ingot through a chance meet-
ing in a London auction house with Danny, and realizes it is just the tip of a huge medieval
fortune. To Akira Nakabashi, curator of the Japanese Imperial treasures, the gold ingot rep-
resents the key to his life, the honor of his family, and the future of his country. In down-
town Tokyo, Basho Kim’s vast property empire is about to implode and he will go to any
lengths to obtain the fortune he needs to save it.
Clem Chambers is the author of The Armageddon Trade.
Fiction • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781842433676 • May • $14.95 Paper • No Exit

The Armageddon
Also available: Trade
$8.99 Paper

Dark Horizons
Dan Smith
A taut, atmospheric, and emotive thriller that transports readers to the lush landscapes
of Sumatra, where deadly secrets lie in wait
After caring for his mother in her last days, Alex has gone off around the world to travel
and perhaps recapture some of his lost youth. Beginning in Indonesia, the idea of finding
himself sounds appealing, but he soon finds himself in real trouble. It starts with a bus crash
on a terrifying mountain road where, lucky to escape with his life, Alex loses everything
else—even his identity. But then he meets Domino, a beautiful girl who takes him under her
wing. At first it’s an intoxicating adventure, but Alex starts to realize that danger follows
her around. As they head to the remote community of free spirits that Domino calls home,
it seems there’s trouble in paradise. The ideals of the camp seem honorable—a simple life,
shared by friends in a beautiful place hidden from the world. But Domino has no answers
for the questions that are forming in Alex’s mind: Why do the local villagers hate them so
much? Why are people leaving the camp in the dead of night? And what are the strange
shapes lurking just beyond the clearing?
Dan Smith is the author of Dry Season. His first 18 years were spent following his parents
across the world to Africa, Indonesia, and Brazil.
Fiction • 448 pp • 5 x 8
9781780220093 • May • $13.95 Paper • Orion Publishing

Dry Season
Also available: 9780753829325
$13.95 Paper

Black Flowers
Steve Mosby
Black flowers for the missing ones mean they’re never coming back, in
a chilling new tale from a master of modern crime

“The most underrated mystery writer on both continents. Black

Flowers is a black masterpiece. . . . Read it before they film it. It’s
that stunning.” —Ken Bruen, author, The Guards
“Powerful . . . Mosby intercuts between characters’ perspectives bril-
liantly, setting up a reveal toward the end that’s both logical and un-
expected.” —Publishers Weekly starred review of Cry for Help
This is not a story about a girl who disappears. This is the story of a lit-
tle girl who comes back. As if from nowhere, she appears one day on a
seaside promenade, with a black flower and a horrifying story about where
she’s been. But telling that story will start a chain reaction of dangerous
lies and deadly illusions that will claim many more victims in the years to
come. Neil Dawson has grown up wanting to be like his father—a writer.
When his father commits suicide, he is devastated. But through his grief,
Neil knows something isn’t right. Looking through his father’s papers, he
finds a copy of an old novel, The Black Flower. Opening it will take Neil
into an investigation full of danger, pain, and subterfuge. Hannah Price is
also mourning her father. She followed his footsteps into the police force,
and knows she has a big reputation to live up to. When she gets assigned
to Neil’s father’s case, it will lead her on a journey into her own past and
to the heart of a shattering secret.
Steve Mosby is the author of The 50/50 Killer, Cry for Help, The Cutting
Crew, Still Bleeding, and The Third Person. His novels have been translated
widely and long-listed for the Theakstons Crime Novel of the Year Award.
Mystery • 352 pp • 5 x 8
9780752884424 • August • $12.95 Paper • Orion Publishing

Also available:

The Cutting Crew The 50/50 Killer Cry for Help Still Bleeding
9780752877686 9780752881577 9780752893860 9780752884417
$15.95 Paper $15.95 Paper $14.95 Paper $12.95 Paper

The Opposite of Mercy
Tom Winship
The true value of a human life is being tested to its limit in this sharp, page-turning thriller

“Intense, gripping, scary . . . exactly what a thriller is supposed to be.”

—Val McDermid, author, A Place of Execution
When soldier Paul Curtis, recently returned from active duty in Afghanistan, is approached covertly
by an old school friend’s father and asked for assistance he falters only momentarily before agree-
ing to help. His old friend, Chris, is dating Lara, a beautiful British Asian woman whose brother,
Pasha Durrani, is furious at their relationship. As Paul steps into the breach it soon becomes clear
that this is no low-level domestic disagreement. Durrani is heavily involved in organized crime,
the roots of which lead back to a powerful terrorist network in Pakistan—and Lara has been of-
fered to these people as a prize. Suddenly, Paul, Chris, and Lara find themselves taking on a force
more deadly and widespread than they could ever have imagined. As the police also desperately
try to hunt down Durrani, the net draws ever tighter and Paul finds himself fighting on home
soil in a deadly race to protect the lives of his friends. By turns gripping and terrifying, this sharp,
insightful thriller will leave readers breathless.
Tom Winship is a former attorney who prosecuted many homicide cases and advised the police in numerous drug and organ-
ized crime operations, many involving covert activity. Under the name John Connor he has written the Detective Karen Sharpe
Mystery series, which includes Unsafe.
Fiction • 336 pp • 5 x 8
9781409118244 • May • $12.95 Paper • Orion Publishing

Brodmaw Bay
F. G. Cottam
Another masterpiece of suspense from the author of the acclaimed The House of Lost Souls

“A riveting supernatural thriller. . . . Evokes influences that range from Dennis Wheatley
(who has a minor role) to Shirley Jackson. . . . Rich in atmosphere, the book builds to a
shattering finale.” —Publishers Weekly starred review of The House of Lost Souls
It’s the perfect seaside village—no crime, no one from the city. When things start to go wrong
for James Greer in London, Brodmaw Bay seems to be calling him and his family. There’s a per-
fect house, excellent schools—and welcoming neighbors who assure the Greers that they’d be
delighted to have some new blood in the Bay. But perhaps the village isn’t so much welcoming
them as luring them, to something ancient and evil.
F. G. Cottam is the author of Dark Echo and The House of Lost Souls.
Fiction • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9780340981016 • July • $12.95 Paper • Hodder & Stoughton

The Waiting Room

F. G. Cottam
A beautifully written, chilling ghost story full of suspense and mystery

“Human passions are always at the root of Cottam’s hauntings, and his skill is to tease
out a complex tapestry of explanation. . . . Here again is a rich mix of society ladies,
saintly priests, decadent seekers, and damned souls.” —Financial Times
“Another spine-chilling treat from F. G. Cottam, one that will leave you somewhat dis-
turbed and feeling as if somebody is watching you. . . . I am rapidly becoming a big fan of
this author. Next please!” —Eurocrime
Martin Stride is a retired rock star, enjoying the quiet life with his young family on their beau-
tiful estate. On the edge of his grounds lies a derelict Edwardian railway station waiting room
once used to transport troops in the Great War. Silent for many years, it has become a play-
ground for Martin’s children, but now they won’t go near it. Strange occurrences in the wait-
ing room lead Martin to seek the help of TV’s favorite ghost hunter Julian Creed. But Creed’s
psychic ability is a fabrication to gain viewers—he doesn’t believe in the paranormal at all. That
is, until he spends a night in the waiting room.
F. G. Cottam is the author of Dark Echo and The House of Lost Souls.
Fiction/Horror • 294 pp • 5 x 8
9781444704235 • May • $12.95 Paper • Hodder & Stoughton
Lord Mord
A Prague Thriller
Miloš Urban
A Bulgakov-like cocktail of romance, murder, and mystery are conjured up in this exis-
tential thriller set in the Czech capital

“Urban has . . . almost single-handedly revived the Gothic genre in Czech literature.”
—Prague Post
“[Milos Urban] has a fresh, intriguing style.” —Historical Novels Review
This witty, inventive Gothic novel tells the story of Count Arco, a keen fencer and debauched
womanizer in 19th-century Prague, who makes a lone stand against the destruction of the
popular Jewish quarter, with its Bohemian nightlife and whorehouses. Arco buys up a house
and refuses to move out, going into battle with the corrupt officials at the Town Hall—but
the Quarter is rocked by the appearance of a murderer, and Arco is also distracted from his
cause by the appearance of a femme fatale whose heart he must conquer.
Miloš Urban lives in Prague, which is used as a setting for all his novels, including The Seven
Churches. Known as “the dark knight of Czech literature,” he has recently translated Isaac
Singer and Julian Barnes from English into Czech.
Fiction • 300 pp • 5 x 8
9780720614961 • June • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Peter Owen Publishers

The Seven Churches

Also available: 9780720613117
$13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper

James Herbert
The story of a dog who thinks he’s a man, or a man who thinks he’s a dog

“The author has an undeniable knack for thrilling, as few other writers have . . . he
sure can tell a devil of a story.” —Literary Review
He was a stringy mongrel, wandering the streets of the city, driven by a ravenous hunger
and hunting a quarry he could not define. But he was also something more. Somewhere in
the depths of his consciousness was a memory clawing its way to the surface, tormenting
him, refusing to let him rest. The memory of what he had once been—a man.
James Herbert is an author of chilling fiction whose works include Nobody True,
Once, Others, and Portent. His more than 20 novels have sold more than 48 million copies
worldwide, and are available in 33 languages.
Fiction • 224 pp • 5 x 8
9780330522595 (Replaces 9780330376174) • June • $12.95 Paper • Pan Books

The Berlin Crossing
Kevin Brophy
For readers who were gripped by the world of espionage in William Boyd’s
Restless, this is a compelling, unforgettable novel that brings to life the
very human story behind a momentous turning point in history
It’s 1993 in Germany and the Berlin Wall is down, the country is reunified,
and 30 year-old school teacher Michael Ritter feels his life is falling apart.
His wife has thrown him out, his new West German headmaster has fired
him for being a former card-carrying Socialist Party member, and he is still
clinging on to the wreckage of the state that shaped him. Disenfranchised
and disenchanted, Michael heads home to care for his terminally ill mother.
On her deathbed, she urges him to seek out an evangelical priest, Pastor
Bruck, and discover the truth about his father. Initially, Michael dismisses
her fevered ramblings, but as the days pass he cannot let it go. He eventu-
ally finds the priest and is taken on a journey into a past of dark discover-
ies which shatter everything he’s previously believed in. This is an
unforgettable novel that brings to life the very human story behind a mo-
mentous turning point in history.
Kevin Brophy has written various nonfiction books.
Fiction • 384 pp • 6 x 9
9780755380848 • May • $24.95 Cloth • Headline Review

Dear Reader,
I hope you enjoy my novel.
The Berlin Crossing is the story of an individual’s search for his roots, in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Michael
Ritter was a card-carrying member of the ruling Socialist Party; in the new reunited Germany his past is a liability which
costs him his job and his marriage. In his journey of discovery Michael confronts the good and the evil of the coutnry he
had loved—and which no longer existed.
I taught English to adults in different centres in the reunited Germany. Those students from the former East always fasci-
nated me. Perhaps they sensed my interest, my sympathy: in any event, some of them trusted me enough to talk about their
past, even to the extent of telling me they’d been members of the Party. Some of these displaced, defensive Germans were
ill-at-ease in their new coutnry.
It was out of such encounters that The Berlin Crossing was born. Born out of the failure of a country, you might say. But
then failure is often far more interesting than success. (Which may account for my love of the old-gold-and-black of Wolver-
hampton Wanderers . . . but that’s another story.)
I hope you’ll take the time to join Michael Ritter on his journey into another time, another country.
Thank you,
Kevin Brophy

I Am a Chechen!
German Sadulaev
The first compelling voice in literary fiction to emerge from the Chechen War

“This unique mixture of lyricism, legend, memoir, and fiction captures the sorrows of
his nation. He is haunted by the people he loved and left behind, and driven to tell
their stories. Tragedy is everywhere here, but the most powerful element is the sheer
beauty of the land and the singularity of its people. Excellent.” —Times
“This is the first Chechen-authored book to make it into English in recent history, and
it’s a welcome antidote to our collective ignorance.” —Guardian
With a lyrical fusion of exotic legends, stories, and memories of Chechnya, this fictional-
ized biography offers a rare glimpse of a land of wondrous beauty, site of genocides past
and present, and the author’s ancestral home. Haunted by memories of the land he deserted,
Sadulaev tells the stories of those who stayed behind. He brings dead friends back to life
again, revisiting their first loves, their passion for rock music, and their quests for martyr-
dom. He immerses readers in the intoxicating beauty of his homeland’s mountains, blos-
soms, and the flocks of migratory swallows that fill its skies. This is an intensely personal
journey through the carnage of the war, exploring the pain, the challenge, and above all the
meaning of being a Chechen.
German Sadulaev was born in 1973 and grew up in the Chechen village of Shali. At 16, be-
fore the start of the first Chechen war, he left to study law in St. Petersburg, and lives there
now. He is the author of five books, of which I Am a Chechen! is the second. Sadulaev’s
work has unleashed heated debate in Russia; it has been short-listed for the Russian Booker
Prize, twice for the National Bestseller award, and has won the Eureka Prize.
Fiction • 250 pp • 5 x 8
9780099532354 • April • $14.95 Paper • Vintage UK

Dancing with Eva

Alan Judd
A beautiful and utterly gripping recreation of the final days in Hitler’s bunker and their
terrifying legacy, told from the intimate point of view of one of Eva Braun’s secretaries

“An expertly controlled piece of work. . . . The storytelling keeps the story taut right to
the end.” —Observer
“It speaks volumes for Alan Judd that he can take such a familiar theme and approach it
in such a fresh, original way. The prose is precise, measured: every word is chosen with
care . . . builds to a thunderous, nerve-shredding climax.” —Sunday Telegraph
“Alan Judd just may have invented a new sub-genre: the historical spy procedural. . . .
Thoroughly engaging.” —San Jose Mercury News on Legacy
In April 1945 Hitler’s bunker in Berlin was the last place Edith Mecklenburg wanted to be.
But Edith had no choice: as secretary to Eva Braun, Hitler’s mistress and, for a few final, des-
perate hours, his wife, Edith had to see it through to the bitter end. Edith was one of the lucky
few; she not only got out alive but made a new life for herself in England. Sixty years later,
she is now a widow and grandmother, and the bunker is almost forgotten. But the past has
not forgotten her. Hans, a soldier she knew from those dark days, has written asking if he
may visit. Obsessed with the war, he has spent the intervening decades tracking down all who
were there, and who survived. In her reluctant raking-over of old coals, Edith finds embers
that still burn, and in the act of remembrance a very current threat.
Alan Judd reviews fiction for the Daily Telegraph and is the author of Legacy. He was one of
Granta’s first Best of Young British Novelists.
Fiction • 216 pp • 5 x 8
9781416511144 • May • $12.95 Paper • Simon & Schuster UK

G. J. Moffat
Secrets and lies lead to devastating consequences on both sides of the Atlantic in the third
gripping thriller in this Glasgow-set crime series featuring Alex Cahill and Logan Finch
When a passenger jet crashes in Denver, Colorado, nobody survives. In Glasgow, Alex Cahill
is surprised to receive a phone call from the wife of an old Secret Service colleague who
was supposedly traveling on the doomed plane. But there is no record of his name on the
passenger list. Cahill uses his connections to find out what has happened but no one is talk-
ing—not even to him. Enlisting the help of his lawyer and friend, Logan Finch, Cahill is de-
termined to get some answers. Logan’s girlfriend, DCI Rebecca Irvine, is also looking for
answers. A new drug is killing users, but is it accidental death or could it be homicide? As
Rebecca searches the streets of Glasgow, and Cahill and Logan head to Denver, they are
unaware that a perfect storm of events across the globe is about to engulf them all.
G. J. Moffat is a criminal defense lawyer and the author of Daisychain and Fallout.
Fiction • 288 pp • 5 x 8
9780755360772 • June • $12.95 Paper • Hachette Books Scotland

Daisychain Fallout
Also available: 9780755318520 9780755318544
$12.95 Paper $8.99 Paper

Broken Home
Roberta Kray
Hope Randall has lived a quiet life—but with news of a half-sister who needs her help,
that peace is about to be broken
When a stranger turns up on her doorstep telling Hope she has a half-sister, her instinct is
to turn him away. But Michael Flint won’t give up that easily—he believes Hope’s sister Con-
nie is in serious trouble. Connie’s childhood was a world away from Hope’s comfortable up-
bringing—she endured poverty, hardship, and abandonment, and her future doesn’t look much
brighter. The father the girls shared, who Hope can’t even remember, was murdered 12 years
ago. If Hope doesn’t care about Connie, who will? To find her sister, Hope must enter the
dark underworld of the East End, full of violence and vice. She’ll have to toughen up, and
fast. It turns out that Connie had links to the notorious Street crime family. With a killer on
the loose targeting working girls, will she be the next victim? Hope has to do everything she
can to find her sister—even if it involves getting close to the enemy.
Roberta Kray is the author of The Debt, The Lost, The Pact, and Strong Women. She was
married to gangster Reggie Kray from 1996 until his death in 2000.
Fiction • 520 pp • 5 x 8
9780751544749 (Replaces 9781847444417) • July • $11.95 Paper • Sphere

Also available: Strong Women The Villain’s

Each: $11.95 Paper 9780751541083 Daughter

Duncan Falconer
Another explosive adventure featuring invincible SBS operative John Strat-
ton, who discovers the dark truth behind a rash of pirate hijackings

“A gripping and authentic view of life and death in the dangerous

world of private protection.” —Soldier on Traitor
A mysterious “attack rehearsal” in Columbia by Islamic terrorists results
in Stratton being sent on a kidnap mission to Yemen—but when the Chi-
nese Secret Service gets involved, things go horribly wrong, and Stratton
finds himself escaping out to sea in the Gulf of Aden. Unfortunately it’s
not the Royal Navy that picks him up but a band of Somali pirates—but
Stratton’s capture turns out to be far from a dead-end encounter when he
uncovers a plot to bring down dozens of commercial aircraft across the
U.S. and Europe in a coordinated attack. Stratton must escape in order to
return with an SBS attack squadron, but as is so often the case, situations,
and people, are not quite what they first appear to be.
A former member of the elite Special Boat Service of the Royal Marines,
Duncan Falconer left after more than a decade of operational service to
work in private security. His SBS exploits were documented in the best-
selling First into Action. His other titles include The Hostage, Mercenary,
The Protector, Traitor, and Undersea Prison. He lives part of the time in
Los Angeles.
Fiction • 432 pp • 5 x 8
9780751544060 • June • $11.95 Paper • Sphere

Also available:

First into Action The Operative The Protector

9780751531657 9780751536331 9780751536324
$13.95 Paper $9.95 Paper $9.95 Paper

Undersea Prison Mercenary Traitor

9780751539509 9780751539516 9780751539523
$9.95 Paper $9.95 Paper $11.95 Paper

Matt Lynn
Readers can go right inside the high-stakes, high-danger world of modern mercenaries
in this series of military thrillers featuring one unit pitted against some of the world’s most
dangerous foes, their survival constantly in doubt. From Afghanistan to Africa to the pirate-infested
waters of Somalia, these adventures offer a window into high-tech, maximum-risk modern warfare.
Matt Lynn is a columnist for Bloomberg News and regularly writes for the Sunday Times
and the Spectator. He is the author of the business book Birds of Prey: Boeing vs. Airbus.
Each: Fiction • 5 x 8 • $12.95 Paper • Headline Book Publishing

Shadow Force
The third thrilling, action-adventure novel in the Death Force series plunges the team of
hardened mercenaries into a battle to defeat Somali pirates
When Somali-based pirates are attacking ships off the coast of Africa, demanding tens of
millions of dollars in ransoms, and pushing up the cost of shipping along one of the world’s
busiest trade routes, the elite fighting men from Death Force are thrown into action in their
most dangerous mission yet. Against their will, they are chosen to capture the pirate leader,
a brutal Somali warlord called Ali Yasin. But it soon becomes clear they have been thrown
into a deadly conspiracy, in which only they are expendable.
500 pp • 9780755371709 • May

Ice Force
The fourth Death Force adventure plunges the elite squad of hardened mercenaries into
a deadly battle for survival in the frozen wastelands of the Arctic

“You can taste the dust and smell the blood.” —Daily Express
A plane carrying a Russian oil billionaire has crashed mysteriously in the Arctic in the mid-
dle of a brutal winter. Nobody knows why, nor can they locate the aircraft’s black box.
With only days left before the signal switches itself off, the Death Force men are hired by
a rival billionaire to make one last desperate bid to find the black box. But when they fi-
nally locate the plane, they also uncover a deadly secret—this was no ordinary crash, and
there’s a reason why the black box went missing. Soon they find themselves on the run for
their lives, battling an unseen enemy across the world’s most terrifying landscape. Caught
up in a vast conspiracy to control the world’s last great reserves of oil, the Death Force
crew must fight the most overwhelming odds they have ever faced just to stay alive.
416 pp • 9780755371747 • July

Fire Force
Also available: 9780755357574
$9.99 Paper

Max Adams
Max Adams worked in covert operations for a time and now lectures on diverse historical subjects.
Each: Fiction • 400 pp • 5 x 8 • $12.95 Paper • Pan Books

To Do or Die
A World War II thriller introducing a mesmerizing new hero and action as real as it gets,
from an author who used to work in covert operations
As Hitler’s armies march into Europe, Eddie Dawson, an explosives expert and somewhat
reluctant Lance-Corporal in the Royal Engineers, is sent to France on an assessment mis-
sion that seems straightforward enough. His task completed, he anticipates an early return
to Britain, but instead he’s sent to the Saarland region, where the French have launched an
ill-advised invasion into German territory. Dawson’s demolition skills are needed to clear a
way through a minefield. Within hours everything goes wrong and Dawson and a fellow sap-
per are caught on the wrong side of the front line. Their obvious escape route blocked, they
head north, but their troubles have only just begun.
9780330510332 • April

Right and Glory

The second in the explosive, action-packed World War II series featuring hero Eddie Dawson
It’s May 1940 and Lance-Corporal Eddie Dawson and Major Sykes are sent to Eben Emael in
Belgium, the strongest fort in the world, completely impregnable. They unexpectedly witness
a group of German soldiers land on the roof in gliders—the beginning of a full-scale assault.
The main attack lasts 20 minutes but leaves Eben Emael crippled. Dawson is disturbed—he
has seen the Germans blast holes through solid, 12-inch steel armor plating using some kind
of new demolition charge. Sykes realizes that this new German secret weapon could have enor-
mous implications for the Allies. In a daring mission, the two men attempt the impossible: to
gain entry to the fort and retrieve the armory. What follows is a desperate battle against the
odds that holds the fate of many more lives than just their own in the balance. Dawson must
embark upon an epic attempt to reach Dunkirk, for he is not merely stealing a weapon; he
might attain the firepower of an entire war.
9780330510349 • August

Black Jesus
Simone Felice
Part love story, part protest at the broken promises lying at the heart of the Ameri-
can Dream, this astonishing debut novel from one of the music world’s rising stars is
a passionate, twisted hymn to the marginalized and forgotten

“We are in the presence of a rare, fiery brilliance.” —Guardian

“There is a boldness to Simone’s writing, the fierceness and fearlessness of complete
honesty that pushes into places that simply take the breath away.” —Telegraph
Black Jesus is shy, and a killer.
Black Jesus is white as a dove.
A young marine returns from Iraq, blinded and scarred by a roadside bomb and harbor-
ing a terrible secret. Called Black Jesus by his fellow soldiers on account of his name being
Lionel White and his birthday being Christmas Day, he has returned to his decaying home
town to sit in the back of his mother’s junk shop, pop OxyContin, and try to forget what
he’s seen. Into his life one day rides Gloria, a mysterious young dancer who is fleeing dark-
ness and violence of a different kind, and with whom he finds unexpected love.
Simone Felice is a celebrated songwriter and poet who is a founding member of inter-
nationally acclaimed acts the Felice Brothers and the Duke & the King. His music has
received acclaim from Mojo, NPR, and Rolling Stone, and has been compared to Bob
Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Nick Cave. He has performed regularly as a poet at the Nuy-
orican Poets Café. This is his first novel. He lives in Palenville, New York.
Fiction • 192 pp • 6 x 8
9781742377254 • April • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Blow on a Dead Man’s Embers

Mari Strachan
A gripping and moving portrait of a society emerging from the shadow of war, and of
an unforgettable woman out of kilter with her time

“The author’s light touch keeps the story unfamiliar and surprising, while Gwenni’s
über-precocious narration revels in a love for language and reveals an unspoiled
innocence about the world. It’s small, quiet and nicely done.” —Publishers Weekly
on The Earth Hums in B Flat
“A beautifully realized debut.” —Booklist on The Earth Hums in B Flat
In the aftermath of the Great War, Non Davies wakes one morning to find her husband crouch-
ing under the kitchen table in a cold sweat and with fear in his eyes, shouldering an imag-
inary rifle. During the intense heat of that summer she forces herself to sit and watch him,
knowing she has to discover what has changed her Davey so completely. A mysterious let-
ter addressed to Davey gives her the clue she needs and takes her to London in search of
an answer. When she returns home Non realizes that the dark secrets of his behavior are
working their way ever closer to the surface—secrets that will shatter the fragile happiness
of their community if they ever become known. This wonderful piece of storytelling is rich
in atmosphere and full of characters that leap from the page.
Mari Strachan is the author of The Earth Hums in B Flat.
Fiction • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781847675323 • August • $12.95 Paper • Canongate UK

Canongate UK’s internationally acclaimed Myths series is a long-term global publishing project where some
of the world’s most respected authors, such as Margaret Atwood, Karen Armstrong, Alexander McCall Smith,
Phillip Pullman, and Jeanette Winterson, re-tell myths in a manner of their own choosing.

Orphans of Eldorado
Milton Hatoum
A magical retelling of the myth of Eldorado, the Enchanted City of the
Amazon, by one of Brazil’s most acclaimed writers

“With his erudition and marshalling of historical detail, Hatoum com-

pressed an epic into a novella.” —Times Literary Supplement
“Hatoum masterfully deals with universal truths of love, envy, jeal-
ousy, competition, and rage. Gripping, heartbreaking, and breathtak-
ing.” —Booklist on The Brothers
The setting for this magical fable is Eldorado, the enchanted city that in-
habited the fevered dreams of European navigators and conquistadors, but
eluded all attempts to find it on the map. Some have linked it to Manaus
in the Amazon Basin, and it is here that Arminto Cordovil lives with his fa-
ther Amando in a white mansion. Theirs is a relationship full of passion
and limitless ambition. Separating father and son is a remarkable cast of
characters, from Angelina, the dead mother, to Denisio, the infernal boat-
man, and at the center, Dinaura, a girl who bewitches Arminto and dreams
of Eldorado. This rich and magical fable beautifully captures the atmos-
phere of the steamy, lush Amazonian world.
Milton Hatoum is the author of Ashes of the Amazon, The Brothers, and
Tale of a Certain Orient. He is a three-time winner of the prestigious Jabuti
Prize for best novel, Brazil’s leading literary award.
Fiction/Folklore & Mythology • 164 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
9781847673008 • April • $14.95 Paper • Canongate UK

Also available:

The Hurricane Party

$16.95 Paper

Little Hands Clapping
Dan Rhodes
The cult storyteller’s most original, outrageous, and heartrending work yet—a wicked novel
perfect for (grown-up) fans of Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman, Scarlett Thomas, the Mighty Boosh,
and Roald Dahl

“Packs a gleefully nasty punch . . . in Dan Rhodes’s skillful hands, this tale becomes
more Brothers Grimm than just plain grim. . . . After reading Rhodes’s book, many little
hands should be clapping very loudly indeed.” —Guardian
“Ought to be the book that brings Rhodes out of the ‘cult favorite’ bracket. . . . Reading
it is like taking a deep breath into the lungs of your imagination.” —Scotland on Sunday
“A whimsical, menacing exploration of thwarted love.” —New York Times on Timoleon
Vieta Come Home
In a room above a bizarre German museum, far from the prying eyes of strangers, lives the
Old Man. Caretaker of the museum by day, by night he enjoys the sound of silence, broken
by the occasional crunch of a spider between his blackened teeth. The Old Man, the respectable
Doctor Ernst Frohlicher, his greedy dog Hans, and a cast of grotesque and hilarious towns-
folk all find their lives thrown together as they uncover a crime so outrageous that it will shock
the world. From its sinister opening to its explosive denouement, this dark tale blends lav-
ishly entertaining storytelling with Rhodes’s macabre imagination, entrancing originality, and magical touch.
Dan Rhodes is the author of Anthropology, Don’t Tell Me the Truth About Love, Gold, and Timoleon Vieta Come Home, which
was included in Barnes and Noble’s Discover New Writers program. He was the winner of the 2010 E. M. Forster Award, an
annual award given to an Irish or British writer by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences to fund a period of travel in the
U.S., and in 2003 he was named by Granta magazine as one of their 20 Best of Young British Novelists.
Fiction • 320 pp • 5 x 8 • 9781847675309 (Replaces 9781847675293) • August • $12.95 Paper • Canongate UK

Malice in Blunderland
Jonny Gibbings
For fans of Irvine Welsh and Chuck Palahniuk, this brash comedic farce is nar-
rated in a unique politically incorrect manner—not for the faint of heart, but very,
very funny
Our unnamed hero is about to experience the worst week of his life. Waking up in
a boat in a car park miles from home missing a shoe is just the start—by the end of
the week he will have been beaten up more than once, arrested several times, crossed
the twisted leader of a Ukranian Mafia cartel, had very, very bad sex with a nympho-
maniac wheelchair-user, been mistaken for a serial rapist, and faced death—his own
and someone else’s. Not bad for a man whose biggest claim to fame so far has been
his ability to do nothing constructive at work except play practical jokes with his
nerdy colleague’s sandwiches. With its idiosyncratic spelling and grammar, unique
internal monologues, and a sprinkling of invented words, this tale is as wild as I
Hope They Serve Beer in Hell with more references to drugs than Trainspotting, leav-
ing readers with a warm glow inside and an inane grin on their faces—not unlike
that of the nameless and unfortunate hero.
Jonny Gibbings’ life so far has been a series of fails. This is his first novel.
Fiction • 170 pp • 5.5 x 7.5
9781908122124 • June • $11.95 (Can $12.95) Paper • Cutting Edge Press

The Tattooist
Louise Black
For fans of Mary Gaitskill, a dark literary Gaslight tale written in sparse and gleaming
prose, of three very different women who fall under the spell of a tattooist
Xanthe is a woman living on the edge as she recalls her submission to a cruel and abusive
master whose name is tattooed between her shoulder blades. Yoshiko, a young Japanese
student, now finds her spider’s web tattoo immature—she plans a bolder statement. Trainee
lawyer and bulimic Zairah has Mickey Mouse on her hip, a symbol of a youth she wishes
to forget—she wants to be fierce. All three discover Fabrice, the tattooist who has only the
symbol for gold as a sign on his parlor. As he covers their old tattoos with his exquisite de-
signs, Fabrice practices his human alchemy on each of them, subtly luring them into sub-
mission, humiliation, and confusion. With Rohypnol in his pocket he visits the women, at
their invitations. As his art covers their physical past, his personality and private rituals oblit-
erate their senses of self. Only one of the women intuits Fabrice’s intentions. Can she fight?
Is the fight actually a part of his plan for her? Might such rebellion result in the ultimate
degradation—the loss of her sanity?
Louise Black’s short stories have been regularly published in the Erotic Review for more
than a decade.
Fiction • 280 pp • 5.5 x 8
9781908122162 • June • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth • Cutting Edge Press

Sucking Sherbet Lemons

Michael Carson
Foreword by Simon Callow and Michael Cashman
A classic, hilarious, coming-out novel about growing up in the 1960s—can Benson be both
gay and Catholic? Gay and happy?

“Makes you want to cheer.” —New Yorker

“A gay Adrian Mole . . . the funniest book I’ve read all year.” —Simon Callow
What do you do when you’re fat, 14, and your obsessions include the Catholic Church, doing
the right thing, scones and sweets, and other boys and their private parts? Well, if you’re
Benson, you panic and flee, hiding from the flesh as a novice in a monastery. Alas, St. Fin-
bar’s monastery is as full of temptation as the grammar school he’d left behind. The devils
of desire find Benson once again and throw him back into the world from which he’d tried
to escape. Returned to school, Benson is still trying to square the circle of his conflicting en-
thusiasms and desires. This comic epic is a warm, funny, and bold reminder of just how new,
and superficial, sexual tolerance in contemporary society really is.
Michael Carson’s previous novels include Stripping Penguins Bare and Yanking Up the Yo-
Yo. Simon Callow is an actor and the author of Orson Welles: Volumes 1 and 2. Michael
Cashman is a former actor, a Labor politician, and a Member of the European Parliament.
Fiction • 292 pp • 5.5 x 7.5
9780907633266 • May • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Cutting Edge Press

How I Killed Margaret Thatcher
Anthony Cartwright
A novel that captures the intensity of early 1980s politics and family life through the
eyes of an unusual boy

“Gritty and engrossing.” —Kirkus Reviews on The Afterglow

It is 1979 and Sean Bull is nine years old. He lives in Dudley, on the shores of a metal sea,
where his dad and granddad come home each night from the steel factories. In an idyllic
childhood Sean runs around with his friends, dreams of playing football and cricket for Eng-
land, and enjoys his holidays at the caravan in Wales. When Margaret Thatcher becomes
prime minister, she slowly begins to take away everything he loves—somebody has to stop
her. His Uncle Billy wants there to be a revolution, but that isn’t going to start on its own,
not with the prime minister fighting wars in South America and being voted for in bigger
and bigger numbers, and not while she’s guarded by her own secret army, the SAS. Sean
comes to realize there is only one option open to him—he must kill Margaret Thatcher. This
novel offers English twist on that most Latin American of genres, the dictator novel.
Anthony Cartwright is the author of The Afterglow, which was awarded a Betty Trask Award
in 2004, and Heartland.
Fiction • 288 pp • 6 x 9.5
9781906994358 • August • $19.95 Paper • Tindal Street Press

Also available:

$15.95 Paper

Kalahari Passage
Candi Miller
A sequel to Salt and Honey, continuing Koba and Mannie’s epic tale of escape, love, and
survival in apartheid South Africa
It’s 1966 and Koba, a teenage San girl, is being forcibly repatriated to the lands of the Kala-
hari Desert after her love affair with Mannie, a white boy, is discovered. Escaping her cap-
tors, she must search the desert and find her tribe to survive. But after years living among
whites, Koba fears she doesn’t fit into either community anymore. When she finally finds
her drought-stricken people, she brings with her the longed-for rain. But Koba, who longs
to be reunited with Mannie, cannot find any peace in her joyful homecoming. Suddenly,
tribal tensions boil over as Koba’s presence draws her old captors to the tribe with tragic
consequences. Beautiful and dramatic, this is the second stand alone novel in the trilogy
that follows two star-crossed lovers struggling to be reunited.
Candi Miller was born in Zimbabwe and brought up in South Africa. She has been a jour-
nalist and advertising copywriter, and now teaches creative writing.
Fiction • 224 pp • 5 x 8
9781906994365 (Replaces 9781906994235) • April • $12.95 Paper • Tindal Street Press

Also available:

Salt and Honey

$12.95 (Can $14.95) Paper

Lesley Glaister
The chilling rise of a religious cult intertwined with the secret history of a family

“A stunning take on religious cults with a great psychological thriller plot. A master-
piece.” —Sophie Hannah, author, Lasting Damage
“If only all fiction made us worry and care so much.” —Guardian
The last time Dodie sees her mother alive, Stella is unusually busy, wearing a shabby, old
red velvet dress. Soon after this, Dodie’s brother, Seth, goes missing: the only trace of him
is through postcards signed, “Yours in the Lord” sent from the Soul Life Center in New
York. When Stella hangs herself, Dodie must leave her baby, Jake, at home and ahead cross
the Atlantic to bring Seth back from this mysterious center. But when she arrives, Seth is
always one day away from seeing her. She becomes drawn—not always willingly— into the
Brothers and Sisters’ communal living, meditation, fasting, and chanting. However, when
baby Jake unexpectedly arrives at Soul Life, events take a shocking turn for Dodie.
Lesley Glaister teaches creative writing at Sheffield Hallam University and is a fellow of the
Royal Society of Literature.
Fiction • 352 pp • 5 x 8
9781906994204 (Replaces 9781906994051) • April • $12.95 Paper • Tindal Street Press

Disappearing Home
Deborah Morgan
An unsentimental, beautifully written, Raymond Carver-esque tale of a childhood in jeopardy
From her parents’ 1970s tenement home Robyn soon becomes so skilled at shoplifting that
her reputation spreads. She takes her punishment at school, but is much more scared of the
vicious threats of her father; and as frightened for her mother’s safety as for her own. Her
fun-loving grandmother offers her comfort, wisdom, and hope that Robyn might be differ-
ent from her parents. As her father’s random cruelty intensifies, she has to seek refuge in her
grandmother’s home and in the homes of friends, even joining her mother in a women’s shel-
ter, all the time learning more about the unpredictable ways of the people around her and
her own potential. She’ll need all of this precocious wisdom and the assistance of her grandma
to face up once and for all to the twisted violence in her home and engineer a way out of
this childhood to reach a place of safety and freedom.
Deborah Morgan has worked as a chambermaid, a bingo caller, a dressmaker, and a grade
school teacher.
Fiction • 288 pp • 6 x 9.5
9781906994327 • May • $19.95 Paper • Tindal Street Press

That Summer in Ischia
Penny Feeny
A young woman’s adventurous quest to find the truth about her mother’s past in Italy—a tale
rich with romance, dark secrets, mature storytelling, and sharp wit

“Sun-drenched, dark, and intriguing. I love the way she painted Italy.” —Kate Long, au-
thor, The Bad Mother’s Handbook
Liddy and Helena are students working as au pairs on the island of Ischia in the summer of 1979.
They expect to spend the summer having fun on the beach and in their new, opulent surroundings,
looking after the children of the Verduccis and the Baldinis. But they hadn’t counted on a kidnapped
child, dangerous love affairs, and the carabinieri. Twenty-five years later Liddy, walking her dog
on an English beach, spies a figure reminiscent of her estranged friend—it is Helena’s daughter, Allie.
At the risk of opening an old wound, she befriends her. And so Allie is set upon a startling quest
for identity, taking her across Europe to the family villa where it all went so wrong for her mother.
Her curiosity and persistence forges surprising links with two families she’d only heard about from
Liddy, as she seeks her father and discovers what really took place during that summer in Ischia.
Penny Feeny is a copywriter, editor, and broadcaster whose short stories have been published widely
in literary magazines and anthologies and broadcast by the BBC.
Fiction • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781906994303 (Replaces 9781906994181) • July • $12.95 Paper • Tindal Street Press


The Birds on the Trees
Nina Bawden
Noted for the acuity with which she reaches into the heart of relationships, Nina Bawden
here excels in revealing the painful, intimate truths of a family in crisis
Short-listed in 2010 for the Lost Man Booker Prize of 1970—a special edition of
the Man Booker Prize, described by the New York Times as “an act of literary
reparation,” was to address the fact that books published in 1970 were not
eligible for the Man Booker Prize due to a rules alteration
The expulsion from school of their eldest son shatters the middle-class security of Maggie, a writer,
and Charlie, a journalist. Since childhood, Toby has been diffident and self-absorbed, but the threat
of drug taking, and his refusal (or inability) to discuss his evident unhappiness, disturbs them
sufficiently to seek professional help. Veering between private agony and public cheerfulness, Mag-
gie and Charlie struggle to support their son and cope with the reactions—and advice—of friends
and relatives. Toby’s situation is explored with great tenderness, while Maggie’s grief and self-
recrimination are rigorously, if compassionately, observed. This is a novel that raises fundamen-
tal questions about parents and their children, and offers tentative hope but no tidy solutions.
Nina Bawden has published more than 40 novels and was short-listed for the Booker Prize for Circles
of Deceit. In 2004 she received the PEN Award for a Lifetime’s Service to Literature.
Fiction • 208 pp • 5 x 8
9781853813733 • May • $13.95 Paper • Virago UK

Also available:

Circles of Deceit Dear Austen Family Money Ruffian on the Stair

9781844083701 9781844082162 9781844083183 9781844083800
$13.95 Paper $12.95 Paper $13.95 Paper $13.95 Paper

Nick Stafford
A rich, atmospheric story of love and war from the acclaimed playwright who adapted
the Tony Award–winning War Horse

“Like War Horse, this is the story of a heroic quest, a painstaking sifting through the
rubble of war by a heroine back at home unafraid to fight her own battles. Stafford’s
fans won’t be disappointed—and no puppetry is required.” —Observer
A national touring production of War Horse will begin in Los Angeles in
June 2012, while a Toronto production opens February 2012
Philomena Bligh’s fiancé, Dan, has been shot. World War I claimed many lives, but Dan was
shot in the minutes after the Armistice. She cannot understand how this could have hap-
pened, or why they were still fighting that morning anyway. So, in March 1919, over Dan’s
birthday, Philomena travels to London to meet the men who were with him when he died.
What she discovers is more shocking than she’d ever imagined. Dan’s best friend, Jonathan,
tells her that Dan was shot by a British officer over a gambling debt. There is no proof and
all records of Jonathan’s accusation have been destroyed. Philomena decides she must take
on the establishment. Worried that she may cause his own downfall and feeling guilty for
his mysterious part in Dan’s death, Jonathan accompanies her. Set against a backdrop of
London in the aftermath of the Great War, a time of upheaval, grief, and wanton escapism,
this is not just an inspirational book about what it means to be a hero, but also a breath-
taking love story.
Nick Stafford is a playwright and writer whose adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse
garnered him the Tony Award for Best Play in 2011.
Fiction • 336 pp • 5 x 8
9781849160230 • April • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • Quercus

Good to Be God
Tibor Fischer
A darkly hilarious tale of a perennially unlucky man who, in anything-goes Miami, com-
mits to the ultimate stolen identity scheme—playing God

“Brutal, dazzling and clever.” —Independent

“An intelligent, thoughtful black comedy by a writer who deserves to be taken seri-
ously.” —New York Times on The Thought Gang
“Of all the young novelists working today, Tibor Fischer may be the most adept at tak-
ing chances in his work.”—The Nation on Under the Frog
Using the credit card and identity of a handcuff salesman, professional failure Tyndale Cor-
bett arrives in Miami for a law enforcement conference to discover the joys of luxury hotels
and above all the delight of being someone else, someone successful. Feeling his previous
lack of success might be due to insufficient ambition, Tyndale decides on a new money-mak-
ing scheme. He will up the ante substantially and exponentially, and pretend to be someone
really important and successful—God. His mission to convince the citizenry of Miami that
he is, despite appearances, the Supreme Being, results in him taking over the Church of the
Heavily Armed Christ. His duties there involve him in forming a private army, hiring call
girls, trafficking coke, issuing death threats, beating off church-jackers, and sorting out (as
almightily as possible) various problems his parishioners are having with pets. All the while
he is working on his grand project, the clincher miracle—dying and coming back to life.
Tibor Fischer is a novelist and short story writer whose works include The Thought Gang;
Under the Frog, for which he was short-listed for the Booker Prize and won a Betty Trask
Award; and Voyage to the End of the Room. In 1993 he was selected as one of Granta’s Best
of Young British Novelists.
Fiction • 288 pp • 5 x 8
9781846880841 • April • $12.95 Paper • Alma Books

The Invisible City
Emili Rosales
Translated by Martha Tennent
A literary thriller about a contemporary gallery owner plunged into a fascinating extinct world

“Emili Rosales is one of the brightest and more promising new voices in recent Catalan
literature. . . . Invisible City is a seductive cocktail that blends intrigue, art, and the se-
cret history of Europe to create a literary yet thrilling journey of self-discovery.”
—Carlos Ruiz Zafón, author, The Shadow of the Wind
Emili Rossell, the young owner of one of Barcelona’s top galleries, receives an old manuscript
written by an Italian architect about the “Invisible City”—an ambitious project dreamed up
by King Charles III to build an alternative capital city in the Ebro delta. The manuscript con-
tains hints about a lost masterpiece by the Venetian painter Tiepolo, and the site of the In-
visible City is where Emili used to play as a child. Juxtaposing the life of the 18th-century
royal court and the contemporary art world—both with a similar share of intrigue, politics,
and romance—this is a gripping historical mystery and a compelling examination of the forces
of power and love.
Emili Rosales is a publisher and a regular contributor to the newspapers Avui and La Van-
guardia. He has been described by critics as one of the most interesting voices of the new gen-
eration of Catalan writers. His fourth novel, The Invisible City won one of the most prestigious
literary prizes in the Catalan language, the Sant Jordi Prize. Martha Tennent’s translations
include Death in Spring, nominated for the Best Translated Book Award, and The Selected
Stories of Merce Rodoreda. She lives in Barcelona and New York.
Fiction • 288 pp • 5 x 8
9781846880902 • April • $12.95 Paper • Alma Books

The Search
Maureen Myant
While examining the devastating effects of war on ordinary families, this tale provides
an exploration of fear and loss, and of the bond between parents and children
In Czechoslovakia in 1942, Jan’s father has been summarily executed by the Nazis. His mother
and his older sister Maria have disappeared, and his younger sister Lena has been removed
to a remote farm in the German countryside. With Europe in the throes of war, the 10-year-
old boy embarks on a personal journey to reunite the family from which he has been vio-
lently torn. The experiences he goes through and the horror he faces during this desperate
quest will change his life forever. Riveting, moving, at times disturbing, this debut novel
will haunt readers for a long time after they have put it down.
Maureen Myant is an educational psychologist.
Fiction • 300 pp • 5 x 8
9781846881039 • May • $12.95 Paper • Alma Books

Susan Lewis

“Enjoyable.” —Publishers Weekly on Wicked Beauty

“The prolific Lewis’ latest dramatic, emotional novel is for fans of Jodi Picoult and Penny Vincenzi.”
—Booklist Online on Lost Innocence
Susan Lewis is the bestselling author of more than 20 novels, including Vengeance, Wicked Beauty, Wildfire, and The
Hornbeam Tree, which was short-listed for the Romantic Novelists’ Association Romantic Novel of the Year Award.
Each: Fiction • 5 x 8 • $12.95 Paper • Arrow

Life can change forever in an instant

“This story satisfies at all levels . . . like a British Jodi Picoult, Lewis excels at enter-
taining in a manner that is sensational at heart yet, in execution, understated and qui-
etly enjoyable.” —Booklist
Lucy Winters’ parents have always been there for her. Loving, gentle, and kind, they have
given her everything she could have wished for. Now, estranged from her husband, Lucy
has moved to the country to take over their thriving auction business. From the moment
she begins to prepare for her first sale she knows she’s made the right decision, and she
dares to hope that at last she is living the life she has always dreamed of. But then, quite
suddenly, her world is thrown into turmoil as she discovers a shocking truth that forces
her to question everything she has ever known. It becomes frighteningly possible that the
very people who should have protected her are the ones who have betrayed her in the most
devastating of ways. Can she ever forgive them? Can they ever forgive themselves?
608 pp • 9780099550679 • April

No Turning Back
When her perfect world shatters, can Eva pick up the pieces?

“With a sympathetic heroine, fully developed supporting characters, and well-crafted,

contemporary dialog . . . the heartfelt, deeply touching story should satisfy contempo-
rary romance readers.” —Booklist
Sixteen years ago Eva Montgomery had everything going for her, but her life changed for-
ever when she fell in love with the wrong man. Shortly afterwards she was viciously attacked
by a stalker, left disfigured, and forced to give up what was most precious to her for the
chance of a new life for them both. Now, Eva has managed to rebuild her life in a way that
seemed impossible after the attack. Her home in Dorset, high on the cliffs overlooking the
sea, is as elegant as Eva herself, but bears none of the scars. The love she shares with her
husband, Don, has become the very mainstay of her existence. Her beloved sister lives nearby.
To an outsider, Eva’s world seems perfect, however, behind the facade there is more tragedy
and deceit than even she is aware of. When the past starts to invade the present, Eva won-
ders if she’ll ever be able to break free from a past that nearly destroyed her—and is threat-
ening to do so again.
512 pp • 9780099550723 • May

Out of the Picture
Polly Samson
A reissue of the evocative first novel by the author of Perfect Lives

“A finely crafted diversion.” —Publisher Weekly

“Astutely observed linked stories reveal the pleasures, temptations,
secrets, and disappointments of lovers, parents, and children in an Eng-
lish seaside town.” —O magazine, on Perfect Lives
Quite unlike her fair stepsisters, Lizzie is dark and secretive, “just like your
father,” says her mother. But what was her father like? Photos of him are hid-
den away, and snatches of overheard conversation between her mother and
her stepfather deepen the mystery. Only her best friend Savannah—also aban-
doned by her father when she was a baby—knows what it feels like to won-
der, to try and piece together an earlier story. When events propel Lizzie to
go to London alone she stops wondering and starts searching. Beautifully evok-
ing the ache of childhood loss, the scrappy joys of chaotic families, and the
hurt and relief of understanding, this novel reveals Polly Samson’s talent for
laying bare the uncomfortable truths that lie just under the skin, in every fam-
ily, in every secret.
Polly Samson is the author of Lying in Bed and Perfect Lives. She cowrites
lyrics with her husband David Gilmour for his band Pink Floyd.
Fiction • 248 pp • 5 x 8
9781844088065 (Replaces 9781860498640) • April • $14.95 Paper
Virago UK

In each of the frames she finds black and white prints. Several portraits of Elena, and one misty nude of her holding a baby
to her breast. The other three photographs are too much. Lizzie’s legs buckle, she realises that she shouldn’t have come out
with a temperature. She is on her knees, eyes involuntarily closing in her head, which feels too heavy for her neck. When
she looks again, the portraits are still there, as before: three stark images amongst the candles. They are of herself. One as
a baby, another as a toddler on Elena’s lap and the third—how could it be?—a double profile, like the trick pictures that
appear to be people one moment and a candlestick the next. A double profile of her four year old self nose to nose with
Jack Seymour.
Elena has still not returned with the tea and the house is silent. Lizzie stumbles back across the floor to the chair, tries to
steady her breathing. The cat snakes onto her lap, soft as warm clay, and starts to purr and, at last, she hears the rattling
of porcelain and Elena glides back into the room bearing a tray.
“Excellent,” she says setting the tray down. “I see you have made friends with Ying.”
“Yes, handsome isn’t he? A lavender Burmese. I have others. Tell me, little one, do you like cats?”
“Yes . . . Elena, do I already know you?” Lizzie’s voice is quavering but Elena appears not to hear her as she lifts the lid
on the teapot.

Lying in Bed Perfect Lives

Also available: 9781844087082 9781860499920
$13.95 Paper $24.95 Cloth

Anderby Wold
Winifred Holtby
The first novel by the author of South Riding
Mary Robson is a young Yorkshire woman, married to her solid, unromantic cousin, John. To-
gether they battle to preserve Mary’s neglected inheritance, her beloved farm, Anderby Wold.
This labor of love—and the benevolent tyranny of traditional Yorkshire ways—have made Mary
old before her time. Then into her purposeful life comes David Rossitur, red-haired, charm-
ing, eloquent: how can she help but love him? But David is a young man from a different Eng-
land, radical and committed to social change. As their confrontation and its consequences
inevitably unfold, Mary’s life and that of the calm village of Anderby are changed forever.
Winifred Holtby (1898–1935) was a journalist, critic, feminist, pacifist, and novelist. She
won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize with South Riding, her last novel.
Fiction • 280 pp • 5 x 8
9781844087914 • April • $13.95 Paper • Virago UK

Also available:

South Riding
$13.95 Paper

Poor Caroline
Winifred Holtby
Winifred Holtby affectionately observes the foibles of human nature in this sparkling satire,
first published in 1931
Caroline Denton-Smyth is an eccentric, dressed in trailing feathers and jangling beads, peering
out from behind her lorgnette. Sitting alone in her West Kensington bedsitter, she dreams of
the Christian Cinema Company—her vehicle for reform. For Caroline sees herself as a pioneer,
one who must risk everything for the “Cause of the Right.” Her board of directors is a motley
crew including Basil St. Denis, upper crust but impecunious; Joseph Isenbaum, aspiring to so-
ciety and Eton for his son; Eleanor de la Roux, Caroline’s independent cousin from South Africa;
Hugh Macafee, a curt Scottish film technician; young Father Mortimer, scarred from World
War I; and Clifton Johnson, a seedy American scenario writer on the make.
Winifred Holtby (1898–1935) was a journalist, critic, feminist, pacifist, and novelist. She won
the James Tait Black Memorial Prize with South Riding, her last novel.
Fiction • 310 pp • 5 x 8
9781844087907 • May • $13.95 Paper • Virago UK

The Land of Green Ginger
Winifred Holtby
The third novel by the author of South Riding
Joanna Burton was born in South Africa but sent by her missionary father to be raised in
Yorkshire. There she dreams of the far-off lands she will visit and adventures to come. At
18, tall and flaxen-haired, she meets Teddy Leigh, a young man on his way to the trenches
of World War I. Joanna has been in love before—with Sir Walter Raleigh, with the Scarlet
Pimpernel, with Coriolanus—but this is different. Teddy tells her he’s been given the world
to wear as a golden ball. Joanna believes him and marries him, but the fabled shores recede
into the distance when, after the war, Teddy returns in ill health. The magic land turns out
to be the harsh reality of motherhood and life on a Yorkshire farm, yet still she dares to dream.
Winifred Holtby (1898–1935) was a journalist, critic, feminist, pacifist, and novelist. She
won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize with South Riding, her last novel.
Fiction • 280 pp • 5 x 8
9781844087921 • May • $13.95 Paper • Virago UK

The Frozen Heart

Almudena Grandes
A sweeping epic saga about the Spanish Civil War—the Spanish Dr. Zhivago
In a small town on the outskirts of Madrid, a funeral is taking place. Julio Carrion Gon-
zalez, a man of tremendous wealth and influence in Madrid, has come home to be buried.
But as the family stands by the graveside, his son Alvaro notices the arrival of an attractive
stranger—no one appears to know who she is, or why she is there. Alvaro’s questions deepen
when the family inherits an enormous amount of money, a surprise even to them. In his fa-
ther’s study Alvaro discovers an old folder with letters sent to his father in Russia between
1941 and 1943, faded photos of people he never met, and a locked grey metal box. The
woman is Raquel Fernandez Perea, the daughter of Spaniards who fled during the Civil War.
From the provincial heartlands of Spain to the battlefields of Russia, this is a mesmerizing
journey through a war that tore families apart, pitting fathers against sons, brothers against
brothers, and wives against husbands. Against such a past, where do faith and loyalty lie?
Almudena Grandes is one of Spain’s top-selling authors. Her first book, The Ages of Lulu,
sold more than a million copies worldwide and was translated in 21 languages.
Fiction • 800 pp • 5 x 8
9780753823132 • April • $15.95 Paper • Phoenix

The Lightkeeper’s Wife
Karen Viggers
A woman at the end of her life, a man unable to restart his, and a history of guilty se-
crets and things left unsaid—this is a powerful, moving novel of love, loss, and family
Elderly and in poor health, Mary fulfills her wish to herself to live out her last days on Bruny
Island off of Tasmania, with only her regrets and memories for company. Her late husband
was the lighthouse keeper on Bruny, and she’d raised a family on the wild, windswept is-
land, until terrible circumstances forced them back to civilization. The long-buried secret
that has haunted her for decades now threatens to break free, and she hopes to banish it in
the time she has left. Mary’s youngest son Tom loves Bruny as much as she does, and un-
derstands her primal connection to the island. Years before he spent a winter working in
Antarctica, and returned from that empty loneliness to find his marriage over and his life
destroyed. Still wounded, Tom lives a simple life, unable and unwilling to make real con-
nections with people in case he gets hurt again—but then he meets Emma, newly returned
from Antarctica and as open and welcoming as Tom is not. As Mary’s time winds down,
both she and Tom must face their pasts in ways they cannot even begin to imagine, and
Mary finds that the script she’s written to the end of her life has taken on a few twists of
its own.
Karen Viggers works part-time in a veterinary practice and provides veterinary support for
biologists studying native animals.
Fiction • 386 pp • 6 x 9
9781741759143 • May • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Things Without a Name

Joanne Fedler
Funny, thoughtful, and often inspiring, this story is for every woman who has ever thought
about giving up on love and even hope, but chooses not to
At 34, Faith Roberts isn’t so different from most women her age. Okay, so her cleavage is
rather disappointing and she’s still single, but she has a busy job, the usual dysfunctional
family, a clinically depressed best friend, and a younger sister who is getting breast implants
as an engagement present—practically normal.
Faith used to think about falling in love, but that was a long time ago. As a counselor in a
women’s crisis center, she’s heard one too many love-gone-wrong stories, so it’s hard for
her not to give up on the big things, like love, hope, and trust—let alone the chance of get-
ting a decent haircut or meeting a halfway normal guy. Then one night, an odd twist of fate
finds Faith in a situation that transforms her life, bringing her to finally understand what
she has always needed to know: that before you can save others, you have to save yourself.
Joanne Fedler studied law at Yale and is a former women’s rights advocate, counselor of
abused women, and CEO of a not-for-profit legal advocacy center to end violence against
women. Her books have been published in the UK, Australia, Germany, Czechoslovakia,
Croatia, and South Africa, and her books, including Secret Mothers’ Business, have sold
more than 250,000 copies worldwide.
Fiction • 392 pp • 5 x 8
9781742375878 • June • $18.95 (Can $20.95) Paper • Arena

Shooting the Fox
Marion Halligan
On love and loss, sex and death, food and gardening—a beautifully crafted new col-
lection by Australia’s most assured short story writer
Why did Bluebeard kill his wives? Because that’s what he did. It’s a given. It’s the plot.
Until the lucky one, who is saved. The even more interesting question is: why did Mrs
Bluebeard feel utterly unable to resist opening the door? Don’t we all think, when it comes
to these stories, that we’d have made it work? So much freedom, and one tiny forbidden
thing. Not important, a token in fact. So easy to obey so small a prohibition. We think,
if I had been Eve I wouldn’t have picked the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good
and evil, I wouldn’t have given a piece to Adam. I and my progeny down the millennia
would still be multiplying fruitfully in the Garden of Eden.
Life in all its richness is reflected in this superb new collection from one of Australia’s
most acclaimed short story writers. These stories are brimming with surprising charac-
ters—the virgin and the pornographer, the adulterer, the translator, the defecting diplo-
mat—and the inconveniences of modernity. In the end, though, it is a collection of stories
about happiness, its circuitous routes, its surprising outcomes, and the consequences when
we fail in its pursuit.
Marion Halligan is an award-winning novelist, essayist, and short story writer. The au- Also available:
thor of The Point, The Taste of Memory, and Valley of Grace, she has received the ACT
Book of the Year Award and been short-listed for the Commonwealth Writers Prize, the
Dublin IMPAC Prize, and the Miles Franklin Award.
Fiction • 240 pp • 6 x 8
9781742376677 • May • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Valley of Grace
$16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper

Siddon Rock
Glenda Guest
Filled with a rich cast of unforgettable characters, a powerful magical realist novel of an
ordinary outback town made extraordinary

“With sprinklings of magic realism and a deft hand for compelling characters, Glenda
Guest has created one of the loveliest debut novels I’ve read in a long while.”
“The terrain is breathtakingly spare and tough and stunning. . . . This is a story that
delights and shocks with its spiritual energy and refreshingly original voice.”
—Courier Mail
When Macha Connor came home from the war she walked into town as naked as the day
she was born, except for well-worn and shining boots, a dusty slouch hat, and the .303 rifle
she held across her waist.
Macha patrols Siddon Rock by night, watching over the town’s inhabitants: Brigid, Granna,
and the melancholic men of the Aberline clan; the tailor Alistair Meakins, with his elegant
fantasies; Sybil Barber, scrubbing away at the bloodstains in her father’s butcher shop; Rev-
erend Siggy, afraid of the outback landscape and the district’s magical saltpans; silent Nell
with her wild dogs; publican Marg, always accompanied by a cloud of blue; and the inscrutable new barman, Kelpie Crush. It
is only when refugee Catalin Morningstar and her young son Josis arrive and stir up the town that Macha realizes there is noth-
ing she can do to keep the townspeople safe.
Glenda Guest is an editor and writer and has had stories and poetry published in various anthologies and journals. She was the
winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize Best First Book and long-listed for the Miles Franklin Award for Siddon Rock.
Fiction • 294 pp • 5 x 8
9781741666403 • April • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Vintage Australia

Walking on Glass
Iain Banks
A reissue of Iain Banks’ second novel—three separate stories which unfold to come in-
tricately and masterfully together

“An extraordinary feat, terrifying and baffling, going far beyond the bounds of fiction
as it’s usually defined.” —Publishers Weekly
“His vision of disillusion and escape remains memorably funny and sad, like the idea
of glass made real in his castle: a transparent yet only apparent solid, that slowly is
puddling under the pull of gravity. Recommended.” —Library Journal
Her eyes were black, wide as though with some sustained surprise, the skin from their outer
corners to her small ears taut. Her lips were pale, and nearly too full for her small mouth,
like something bled but bruised. He had never seen anyone or anything quite so beautiful
in his life.
Graham Park is in love, but Sara Fitch is an enigma to him, a creature of almost perverse
mystery. Steven Grout is paranoid, and with justice. He knows that They are out to get him,
and They are. Quiss, insecure in his fabulous if ramshackle castle, is forced to play inter-
minable impossible games. The solution to the oldest of all paradoxical riddles will release
him, but he must find an answer before he knows the question. Park, Grout, Quiss—no trio could be further apart, but their
separate courses are set for collision.
Iain Banks has gained enormous popular and critical acclaim for both his mainstream and his science fiction novels. He is per-
haps best known for his Culture series of novels, which includes Consider Phlebas, Matter, and Surface Detail.
Fiction • 352 pp • 5 x 8
9780349101781 • April • $13.95 Paper • Abacus

The Steep Approach to Garbadale

Iain Banks
Dark family secrets and a long-lost love affair lie at the heart of a fabulous new novel by
the author of Matter and The Wasp Factory

“What Banks serves up is both unanticipated and terrible. The fates of his characters are
genuinely affecting. He achieves this by a broad adherence to a thriller structure. And by
an empathetic brilliance.” —Evening Standard
“Magnificent . . . ably demonstrates that Banks is still at the height of his powers.”
—Publishers Weekly starred review of Matter
The Wopuld family built its fortune on a board game called Empire!, now a hugely successful
computer game. So successful, in fact, that the American Spraint Corp wants to buy the firm
out. Young renegade Alban, who has evaded the family clutches for years, is persuaded to at-
tend the forthcoming family gathering—part birthday party, part Extraordinary General Meet-
ing—convened by Win, Wopuld matriarch and most powerful member of the board, at Garbadale,
the family’s highland castle. Being drawn back into the bosom of the clan brings a disconcerting
confrontation with Alban’s past. What drove his mother to take her own life? And is he ready
to see Sophie, his beautiful cousin and teenage love? Grandmother Win’s revelations will rad-
ically alter Alban’s perspective forever.
Iain Banks has gained enormous popular and critical acclaim for both his mainstream and his science fiction novels. He is per-
haps best known for his Culture series of novels, which includes Consider Phlebas, Matter, and Surface Detail.
Fiction • 392 pp • 5 x 8
9780349119281 • April • $13.95 Paper • Abacus

Immodesty Blaize
From an undisputed queen of burlesque comes an irresistibly fun tasseled tale of sex, scan-
dal, and naked ambition

“The new Jackie Collins.” —Independent magazine

“A whirlwind of nipple tassels, glitter, and besotted suitors. Oh la la!” —Elle
Tiger Starr has risen from nothing to become burlesque’s most sensational showgirl. She has
bewitched an adoring public and media with her old-school Hollywood glamour, hourglass
curves, and wickedly sexy stage shows. Living a life of glamour, diamonds, celebrity parties,
and more than her fair share of suitors, she seems to finally have it all. But beneath all the
glitz and the feathers, she’s hiding more than her modesty. As she prepares for the most im-
portant show of her life, it seems somebody is intent on exposing the dark secrets of her care-
fully guarded past, and unfortunately, there is more than one likely candidate. Is it one of Tiger’s
discarded lovers, a rival showgirl, or even her jealous sister? As her world starts to unravel,
Tiger will have to fight for survival by delivering the performance of her life.
Immodesty Blaize is an international showgirl superstar. Her breathtaking performances are
in demand the world over, and she has dazzled audiences across London, New York, Holly-
wood, Cannes, Las Vegas, and back, for a prestigious client list which includes Cartier, Dior, Ascot Racecourse, Gordon Ram-
say, and Damien Hirst. She was crowned the Reigning Queen of Burlesque at Las Vegas’ Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2007.
Fiction • 480 pp • 5 x 8
9780091930035 • June • $12.95 Paper • Ebury Press

The Villa Girls

Nicky Pellegrino
Four friends, a sun-drenched escape, and a vacation that will change everything—this
warm tale of love, secrets, and struggles features an abundance of Italian atmosphere
A novel full of pleasure and indulgence, this is the story of four young women who decide
that wherever they are in the world and whatever they’re doing they’ll meet every few years
for a holiday together somewhere sunny. Despite life taking them in very different direc-
tions, their snatched days in the sun in little hidden villas are crucial to them all. Escape,
celebration, recovery—over the years the holidays change their lives. Rosie was always the
odd one out, initially only invited as the others felt sorry for her, but it seems that in the
end, she might be the one whose life is touched the most by her villa days—for it’s there
that she meets Enzo. The eldest son of an olive oil dynasty in southern Italy, he is being
groomed to one day take over as head of the family. Rosie and Enzo have a vacation ro-
mance that seems set to become something more serious until she discovers he is not en-
tirely what he seems. Years later they meet again and this time Rosie must decide how much
she is prepared to compromise for the sake of love.
Nicky Pellegrino is the author of Italian Wedding, Recipe for Life, and Summer at the Villa Rosa.
Fiction • 336 pp • 5 x 8
9780752884400 • July • $12.95 Paper • Orion Publishing

Also available:
Each: $12.95 Paper

The Italian Wedding Recipe for Life Summer at the Villa Rosa
9780752883915 9780752884394 9780752893228

A Private Affair
Lesley Lokko
A spellbinding tale of four women full of love and friendship, glamour and guilt
Sam was the ugly duckling who grew into a swan. Now beautiful and wealthy, with a glit-
tering career, no one can understand why she’s still on her own. When she meets a hand-
some stranger on vacation, things finally seem to be falling into place. Meagan is a true
survivor. The teenage runaway who worked her way off the streets, she was swept off her
feet by Tom, a young army officer, to live on the other side of the world, finally escaping
the family she loathed. Dani, the beautiful misfit, is desperately looking for daddy in all the
wrong places, and finding instead a man who will teach her everything that is wrong and
corrupt about love. And Abby, the model wife, is everything her husband and family could
want and more, but never finds that she can be herself—until a dark secret threatens to pull
her well-ordered life apart.
Lesley Lokko is the author of Bitter Chocolate, Saffron Skies, and Sundowners.
Fiction • 480 pp • 5 x 8
9781409102465 • May • $12.95 Paper • Orion Publishing

One Secret Summer

Lesley Lokko
In the perfect family, there’s a thin line between love and hate, especially when there’s so
much to hide—a family saga spanning more than 30 years, packed with love, hate, secrets,
and lies

“Exciting, from start to finish!” —Daily Mail

The Keelers are one of those families that seem to have everything. Glamorous, wealthy, and
privileged, life has always been easy for them, on the outside at least. But even the happiest
of families have their secrets. Maddie, the American actress, is swept off her feet by Rafe Keeler.
A brilliantly talented surgeon, Rafe is handsome, steady, and dependable—everything Mad-
die has sought in a man. So why does she feel so dangerously adrift? Julia loathed Aaron Keeler
on sight when they met at Oxford. She was a working-class girl, he was the privileged posh
boy handed everything on a plate—but a lethal attraction has set them on a collision course.
Niela has been running all her life. Betrayed and abandoned by her own family, her whirl-
wind marriage to Josh Keeler has given her a place to call home. But Niela knows how eas-
ily the past can come back to ruin your life.
Lesley Lokko is the author of Bitter Chocolate, Saffron Skies, and Sundowners.
Fiction • 528 pp • 5 x 8
9781409102458 • June • $12.95 Paper • Orion Publishing

Sharon Osbourne
In the glittery, sexy, absolutely addictive and soap operatic tradition of Jackie Collins comes
Sharon Osbourne’s blockbuster fiction debut

“Dizzying and addictive . . . wicked fun is the name of the game.” —Publishers Weekly
“It’s a rare page that doesn’t have a sex scene, birth, suicide, rape, platinum-selling
album or at least a line of top-quality cocaine in it. . . . glorious, fast-moving,
unashamedly commercial fun.” —Guardian
“I devoured it in one sitting.” —Irish Independent
Amber and Chelsea Stone are sisters who share the same dream—huge, global fame. As chil-
dren they were close, but success has pulled them apart. Both have the looks, the talent, and
the star quality, but only one has the ruthless ambition to make it to the very top—and she
will stop at nothing to get what she wants. An action-packed romp through a glamorous world,
this is tale of fame, sibling rivalry, and, of course, revenge, is unabashedly enjoyable.
Sharon Osbourne is a music manager and reality show star and is married to rock legend Ozzy
Osbourne. She is the author of two autobiographies, Sharon Osbourne Extreme and Sharon
Osbourne Survivor. She divides her time between Los Angeles and England.
Fiction • 474 pp • 5 x 8 • Sphere
New in Paper: 9780751542332 • June • $12.95
Cloth: 9781847442833 • Available • $19.95

Claire Irvin
Cougar: a woman, aged 35 years or older, with a taste for younger men—and the thrill
of the chase

“The new Candace Bushnell. A dazzling debut novel.” —Company

“Sassy and smoldering, we loved it.” —Cosmopolitan UK
“Read this if you’re a Cougar Town fan!” —Look magazine
Caroline Walker has it all. At 42, her immaculate looks and toned body are of a woman
half her age. She’s a successful entrepreneur, and juggles her career with domestic bliss: wife
of city trading sensation Les Walker, and mother to their teenage daughter Rachel. But when
Caroline learns that Les has been having an affair, her perfect world falls apart. Caroline
is suddenly single—something she hasn’t been in a very long time. With the help of Maryanne,
her outgoing and ex-Hollywood starlet friend, Caroline’s life is transformed into a glam-
orous social whirl as she discovers her missing 20s—and the young men she should have
been dating then, too. But is Caroline ready to put the past behind her, and can true love
really strike twice? Set in both the UK and U.S., this sizzling Sex and the City–style read
comes complete with a cougar quiz.
Claire Irvin is one of the UK’s most successful magazine editors. She is the editor of SHE
magazine, and has formerly been editor of ELLEGirl and Sugar, editor-at-large of Grazia,
and acting editor of Company. She has also contributed to Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, and
the Mail on Sunday.
Fiction • 390 pp • 5 x 8
9780751545333 • May • $10.95 Paper • Sphere

Kiss and Tell
Fiona Walker
The cross-country course of true love never runs smoothly in this sexy, fun romp full of
tight breeches and loose morals

“Deliciously naughty. . . . Fun, horses, glamour, and lots of sex always make a great
read.” —Sun
“This fab romp has more rivalry, sex, and jealousy than you can shake a stick at.
Perfect!” —Closer
The horse trials circuit is a hell-for-leather chase across the magnificent parkland of Eng-
land’s finest country estates. Flirtation is compulsory sport, but love is a professional haz-
ard. Silver-tongued charmer Rory Midwinter is quite at home in this hedge-jumping,
bed-hopping world. Having been born into the saddle, and with a rock star owner as pa-
tron, he has no intention of settling down—but his long-term groom Faith has other ideas.
Tash and Hugo Beauchamp are the undisputed golden couple of British three-day eventing,
but their mettle is put to the test by the arrival of the devil on horseback, brooding Kiwi
rider, Lough Strachan. Lough holds the key to Hugo’s darkest secret, and he intends to use
it to access his greatest rival’s beautiful wife.
Fiona Walker is the author of 10 previous novels, including Kiss Chase, Love Hunt, and
Well Groomed.
Fiction • 890 pp • 5 x 8
9780751544091 • June • $12.95 Paper • Sphere

French Secrets
Roisin McAuley
In the bestselling tradition of Maeve Binchy, a tale of characters who meet in a French
village—all of them with wine on their mind

“Engaging debut novel . . . engrossing.” —Booklist on Singing Bird

“The new Maeve Binchy.” —Belfast Telegraph on Finding Home
Honor Brady falls in love with wine merchant Hugo Lancaster and moves to Astignac, a vil-
lage in the French wine region Entre Deux Mers. Hugo sells rare wines to connoisseurs. These
are wines with a story—wines hidden during World War ll and only recently discovered, wines
from the cellars of the Romanovs, wines from legendary vintages. Didier Rousseau, an ex-
banker turned vigneron, covets the property where Hugo and Honor are living. Melanie Miller,
an American student, discovers she has a secret link to the same property. Ivor Kitchov,
Melanie’s stepfather, an American of Russian descent, wants to buy a bottle of wine that be-
longed to the Tsar. Diarmuid Keenan, Honor’s friend, has avoided marriage and commit-
ment, claiming he has never encountered the real thing. They are interested in Astignac for
different reasons. But they have one thing in common: the need to know what is true and
what is false.
Roisin McAuley joined the BBC in Northern Ireland and went on to become a reporter, pro-
duce and direct television documentaries, and write and present programs for BBC Radio.
Fiction • 384 pp • 5 x 8
9780751538601 • June • $12.95 Paper • Sphere

Erica James
Erica James is the author of A Breath of Fresh Air, The Holiday, A Sense of Belonging, and The Queen of New Beginnings.
Each: Romance • 5 x 8 • $14.95 Paper • Orion Publishing

Act of Faith
A compelling, emotional roller coaster of a novel about love and forgiveness
It’s almost Christmas, but for Ali, the season of good cheer is the anniversary of her baby’s death.
As she stands at her son’s grave, she is poignantly aware of how dramatically her life has changed.
Determined to stand on her own two feet, and get through Christmas alone, Ali turns down
her ex-husband’s unexpected invitation to spend the holiday with him and his father, only to
give in to her best friend’s cajoling to share the festive season with her. The only trouble is, it
means having to be nice to Sarah’s awful husband, Trevor. Sarah may be a saint for putting up
with Trevor, but Ali is no such thing, and as his cranky behavior escalates, she takes it upon
herself, in an extraordinary act of daring impetuosity, playing God with her friend’s incom-
prehensible marriage—but Ali’s meddling has consequences even she could not have foreseen.
544 pp • 9780752883472 (Replaces 9780752843414) • April

Paradise House
A romantic, heartwarming tale set beside this sea, reissued from Erica James

“A romantic, inventive, and riveting read. James at her best.” —Good Book Guide
Angel Sands is a traditional seaside resort of bed and breakfasts, cottages to rent, and teashops,
and the place with the best views of the tiny beach and surrounding coastline is Paradise House,
home to the Baxter girls—or the Sisters of Whimsy as they’re known locally. With their mother
taking time out to find herself, it’s down to Genevieve to maintain the smooth running of the
family-owned B&B. This is no easy task given that their father—now that his wife isn’t around—
has suddenly become a magnet for the opposite sex. And there’s little help from her sisters:
Nattie is too busy offending her long time admirer, and Polly spends most of her days with her
head in the clouds or in a book. But when news spreads in the tightly knit community that a
nearby dilapidated barn has been sold, Genevieve finds that a bittersweet trip down memory
lane is unavoidable.
448 pp • 9780752883502 • May

Gardens of Delight
A gorgeous, heartwarming tale set among the gardens of Italy

“James is a skillful writer possessing great sympathy and humor and this moving tale will
not disappoint.” —Good Book Guide
The Gardens of Delight brochure promises the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful
gardens in the Lake Como area of Italy. For Lucy, the chance to go to Italy offers more than
just gardens, as Lake Como is where her father lives and the last time she saw him was when
she was just a teenager. Recently married Helen and her wealthy husband have just moved into
the Old Rectory. With her husband spending so much time away from home, Helen throws her-
self into caring for the garden. But Helen needs help—and friends—and so she decides to take
the plunge and join the local Garden Club. Conrad isn’t the least bit interested in gardening.
Widowed for five years, his life revolves around work and humoring Mac, his elderly uncle who
lives with him, and who has expressed a desire to go on the Gardens of Delight tour. Reluc-
tantly, Conrad agrees to accompany him. “Anything for a peaceful life,” he concedes—but a peace-
ful life is the last thing any of them are in for.
544 pp • 9780752883519 (Replaces 9780752843414) • June


The Birds
Tarjei Vesaas
A tale of delicate beauty and deceptive simplicity by one of the great-
est Scandinavian writers of the 20th century

“The careful translation from the Norwegian underscores Vesaas’s

rare sensitivity in recording Mattis’s often insightful view of his
world. . . . A literary gem.” —Publishers Weekly
“A spare, icily humane story . . . the translation conveys successfully
a concentration of style and feeling that seems to Vesaas’ character-
istic mark as a novelist.” —Sunday Times
The Birds tells the story of Mattis, who has mental disabilities and lives
in a small house near a lake with his sister Hege who ekes out a modest
living knitting sweaters. From time to time Mattie encourages her brother
to find work to ease their financial burdens, but her attempts come to noth-
ing. When finally he sets himself up as a ferryman, the only passenger he
manages to bring across the lake is a lumberjack, Jørgen. When Jørgen and
Hege become lovers, Mattis finds he cannot adjust to this new situation.
Tarjei Vesaas (1897–1970) is widely considered to be one of Norway’s
greatest writers of the 20th century and perhaps its most important since
World War II. He published several novels including The Ice Palace, sev-
eral volumes of poetry, and a book of short stories which was awarded
an international prize at Venice in 1952. He was awarded several other
prizes and was a candidate for the Nobel Prize in 1964, 1968, and 1969.
Fiction • 192 pp • 5 x 8
9780720614947 (Replaces 9780720611434) • April
$13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper • Peter Owen Publishers

Also available:
Each: $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper

The Boat in the Evening The Ice Palace Spring Night

9780720611984 9780720613292 9780720611892

Each: 5 x 8 • Paper • Peter Owen Publishers

Paris, France
Gertrude Stein
A witty, anecdotal account of Stein’s lifelong love affair with France

“Fresh and sagacious.” —New Yorker

Gertrude Stein lived in Paris from 1903 with her brother Leo, acting as patron for a num-
ber of soon-to-be famous artists, most notably Pablo Picasso. Published in 1940, on the day
that Paris fell to the Germans, this account blends Stein’s childhood memories of Paris with
trenchant observations about everything French. It is a witty fricassée of food and fashion,
pets and painters, musicians, friends, and artists, served up with a healthy garnish of Steinien
humor and self-indulgence. For readers who have previously considered Gertrude Stein to
be a difficult or even unreadable author, Paris France provides a delightful window on the
personal and unique world of one of the 20th century’s most celebrated modernists.
Gertrude Stein (1874–1946) was born in Pittsburgh of a prosperous German-Jewish fam-
ily. She moved to Paris with her brother Leo, where she lived for 40 years. She is the author
of The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, Tender Buttons, and Three Lives.
Memoir • 144 pp • 9780720614954 • April • $13.95 (Can $15.95)

Also available:

Look at Me Now
and Here I Am
$21.95 (Can $24.95) Paper

I Am Lazarus
Anna Kavan
Short stories addressing the surreal realities of mental illness, from an incredible cult writer
often compared to Kafka and Woolf
The tortured life of Anna Kavan brought her some reward in terms of great pieces of art.
Her drug addiction bore fruit in the Julia and the Bazooka collection of stories; while this
companion volume recalls her experience of the asylum—powerful, haunting works which
can be harrowing but are full of sympathy too.
Anna Kavan (1901–1968) was a novelist, short story writer, and painter. Her works include
Asylum Piece, Ice, and Sleep Has His House. She has been often compared to Djuna Barnes,
Frank Kafka, Anaïs Nin, and Virginia Woolf. She was a long-term heroin addict and suf-
fered periodic bouts of mental illness, and these facets of her life feature prominently in her
novels and short stories.
Fiction • 240 pp • 9780720614930 • June • $14.95 (Can $16.95)

Also available:

Asylum Piece Julia and the Bazooka Sleep Has His House
9780720611236 9780720613285 9780720611298
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper

Guilty Mercury A Scarcity of Love

9780720612875 9780720609844 9780720613278
$19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper

Ice The Parson Who Are You

9780720612684 9780720611403 9780720611502
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper

Virginia Woolf
Foreword by Tilda Swinton
Afterword by Jeffrey Eugenides
An introduction by Tilda Swinton and an afterword by Jeffrey Eugenides round out this
beautifully produced edition of Virginia Woolf’s glittering and exuberant fantasy
Written for and dedicated to Vita Sackville-West, Orlando is sometimes described as the “longest
and most charming love letter in literature.” During the Elizabethan era, the young courtier
Orlando becomes a lover to the aging Queen and embarks on an intense affair with the beau-
tiful Russian Princess Sasha. Yet while Orlando can fulfill most of his desires, he never quite
seems to fit in. Then one night, Orlando falls into a deep sleep and awakes transformed, emerg-
ing as a woman in 18th-century London. Orlando must now inhabit a very different life,
dealing with matters of dress, sex, and marriage. But will she arrive in the 20th century as
an individual who has, at last, forged a place in society for herself?
Virginia Woolf (1882–1941) is one of the foremost innovative writers of the 20th century,
and is most famous for her novels Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse. She met Vita
Sackville-West in 1922, for whom the brilliant fantasy of Orlando was written. Tilda Swin-
ton is an Academy Award–winning actress who played the title role in Sally Potter’s 1992
feature film Orlando. Her many other films include The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion,
the Witch and the Wardrobe; The Deep End; I Am Love; and Michael Clayton. Jeffrey Eu-
genides is the author of the Pulitzer Prize–winning Middlesex and the acclaimed The Vir-
gin Suicides. He is on the faculty of Princeton University and lives in Princeton, New Jersey.
Classics • 420 pp • 5 x 8
9780857862587 • April • $13.95 Paper • Canons

The Cone Gatherers

Robin Jenkins
Introduction by Seamus Heaney
An immensely powerful examination of mankind’s propensity for both good and evil, in-
spired by the author’s wartime experience as a conscientious objector doing forestry work

“This book is a sheer delight. It never flags and every page makes you want to read
the next.” —Sunday Herald
“Like all the great masters, his skill is lightly worn, his sentences singing with what he
does not say . . . he is the great old man of Scottish letters.” —Times
Calum and Neil are the cone-gatherers—two brothers at work in the forest of a large Scot-
tish estate. But the harmony of their life together is shadowed by the obsessive hatred of
Duror, the gamekeeper. Set during World War II yet removed from the destruction and blood-
shed of the war, the brothers’ oblivious happiness becomes increasingly fragile as darker
forces close in around them. Suspenseful, dark, and unforgettable, this is a towering work
of fiction, a masterpiece of modern Scottish literature.
Robin Jenkins (1912–2005) was hailed in 2000 by the Scotsman as “the greatest living fic-
tion writer in Scotland.” His first novel was published in 1951 and more than 30 works of
fiction followed, many of which have been graced with literary awards and have remained
in print for decades. Seamus Heaney is an Irish poet, writer, and lecturer. He
was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, the Golden Wreath of Poetry, the
T. S. Eliot Prize, and two Whitbread prizes.
Fiction • 200 pp • 5 x 8
9780857862358 • May • $14.95 Paper • Canons Also available:

Childish Things
$11.95 Paper

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859–1930) produced more than 30 books, 150 short stories,
poems, plays, and essays across a wide range of genres. His most famous creation is the
detective Sherlock Holmes, who he introduced in his first novel A Study in Scarlet.
Each: Classics/Mystery • 192 pp • 5 x 8 • May • $12.95 Paper • BBC Books

Sherlock: A Study in Scarlet

Introduction by Steven Moffat
Sherlock show cocreator Steven Moffat provides an introduction to this first in a set of
Sherlock Holmes reissues that tie in with the television series
The hit series Sherlock offers a fresh, contemporary take on the classic Arthur Conan Doyle
stories, and has helped introduce a whole new generation of fans to the legendary detective.
The pilot episode took as its inspiration the very first Sherlock Holmes novel, A Study in Scar-
let, and this new edition will allow Sherlock fans to discover, or rediscover, the power of that
classic story. This is the genre-defining work with which popular crime fiction was born. A
potent mix of serial murder, suspense, cryptic clues, red herrings, and revenge, the novel in-
troduces us to the world-famous characters of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Inspector
Lestrade and sees Sherlock and Dr. Watson meet and join forces for the first time as they track
a mysterious killer that stalks London’s streets. In addition to the original text, this edition
also has an introduction by Steven Moffat, who tells how it inspired the script for his episode.

Sherlock: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Introduction by Mark Gatiss
A Sherlock tie-in edition of Conan Doyle’s first collection of Sherlock Holmes stories,
with an introduction by show cocreator Mark Gatiss
In this new edition of Conan Doyle’s first collection of short stories, Mark Gatiss explains
how these gripping tales inspired and influenced the new series. This collection contains
12 short stories first published in the Strand magazine between 1891 and 1892, and then
published as a collection in October 1892. It includes some of Conan Doyle’s best tales of
murder and mystery, such as “The Adventures of the Speckled Band,” in which the strange
last words of a dying woman “It was the band, the speckled band!” and an inexplicable
whistling in the night are the only clues Sherlock Holmes has to prevent another murder;
and “The Five Orange Pips,” in which an untimely death and the discovery of the letter con-
taining five orange pips lead to a cross-Atlantic conspiracy.

Can You Forgive Her? The Way We Live Now
Anthony Trollope Anthony Trollope
Introduction by D. J. Taylor Trollope’s magnificent and prescient satire about a dishonest
With sympathy and care, Trollope observes two controver- financier who buys his way into a corrupt society, and throws
sial heroines in the first of his series of novels about the grand it into turmoil
old Palliser family
When the Melmottes arrive in London everyone agrees their
“Trollope is wonderful, a major novelist, a joy.” manners are wanting, their taste is execrable, and their line-
—P. D. James age and background decidedly shadowy. But their money is far
Alice Vavasor should be married to the sensible, kindly John from revolting, and city society quickly makes allowances for
Grey, but despite what her respectable relations might think, the mysterious financier and his family. Soon hearts, minds,
Alice cannot quite reconcile herself to this fate. Once upon a and family savings are swept into the whirl of Augustus Mel-
time she was engaged to her wild cousin George, and now he motte’s lavish parties and exciting investment plans—but is it
stands in need of her money and, perhaps too, her good in- all an elaborate swindle?
fluence. Meanwhile Alice’s friend Lady Glencora has married Anthony Trollope (1815–1882) established a successful career
the rising politician Plantagenet Palliser, but is still pursued by in the post office while also writing more than 40 novels, as
Burgo Fitzgerald, the handsome rascal she loves. In this well as short stories. He enjoyed considerable acclaim during
hugely compelling novel, Trollope shows the two women strug- his lifetime and is best remembered for the Barsetshire Chron-
gling to reconcile heart, mind, and moral code while enduring icles. His admirers include Lady Antonia Fraser, Jonathan
the stifling scrutiny of their contemporaries. Raban, Ruth Rendell, and Gore Vidal as well as Tolstoy, Henry
Anthony Trollope (1815–1882) established a successful career James, Browning, and George Eliot, who said that his talent
in the post office while also writing more than 40 novels, as for assembling seemingly unremarkable incidents into an ab-
well as short stories. He enjoyed considerable acclaim during sorbing plot was “among the subtleties of art which can hardly
his lifetime and is best remembered for the Barsetshire Chron- be appreciated except by those who have striven after the same
icles. His admirers include Lady Antonia Fraser, Jonathan result with conscious failure.”
Raban, Ruth Rendell, and Gore Vidal as well as Tolstoy, Henry Classics • 800 pp • 5 x 8
James, Browning, and George Eliot, who said that his talent 9780099528661 • June • $16.95 Paper • Vintage Classics
for assembling seemingly unremarkable incidents into an ab-
sorbing plot was “among the subtleties of art which can hardly
be appreciated except by those who have striven after the same
result with conscious failure.” D. J. Taylor is the Whitbread
Award–winning author of such titles as Bright Young Things,
Kept, and Orwell: The Life.
Classics • 848 pp • 5 x 8
9780099528647 • June • $16.95 Paper • Vintage Classics

Martin Chuzzlewit Bardell v Pickwick
Charles Dickens A Dickens of a Case
Introduction by Simon Callow Percy Fitzgerald
A comic masterpiece that courted controversy on publica- Foreword by Baroness Hale
tion with its scathing portrayal of 19th-century America A Victorian lawyer’s view of a fictional case from The
Pickwick Papers shows how Dickens’ wit, combined
“Dickens’ funniest novel.” —William Boyd, author, Any with a detailed knowledge of the law, produced one of
Human Heart the funniest court cases in fiction
“Black, anarchic laughter, his lurid fantasies, his zest for
When Samuel Pickwick uttered soothing words to Mrs.
hypocrisy, violence, and murder, [and] his surreal world
Bardell in her time of need, he never dreamed that he would
of animated objects, are at the core of Dickens’ creative
find himself in a court of law, in a breach of promise suit.
being.” —John Carey, author, Eyewitness to History
As a parade of his friends did their best as witnesses to
Wealthy old Martin Chuzzlewit is surrounded by a host of help him out of a hole, not always successfully, the other
grasping, unscrupulous relatives, and he suspects the family vices side produced evidence that was manipulated by skillful
of selfishness and greed are already showing in his grandson. lawyers to make a cast iron case for Pickwick’s guilt. In
The younger Martin is therefore cast out upon the world to this lawyerly but witty book, Fitzgerald treats Bardell v.
learn to fend for himself. Apprenticed to the oily hypocrite Peck- Pickwick as if it were a real case, analyzes the tactics of
niff, he meets both the sweet-tempered Tom Pinch and the ir- the various lawyers, and scrutinizes the points of law Dick-
repressible Mark Tapley, with whom he sets forth to America ens made his fictional lawyers present.
to find his fortune. Written after a disappointing trip to Amer-
Percy Fitzgerald (1834–1925) was an author, critic, painter,
ica, Dickens created some of his most gleefully repulsive and
and sculptor and a contributor to Dickens’ Household
enduring characters in this tale of corruption and virtue, mur-
Words. Baroness Hale is a legal academic and a Justice of
der and unrequited love.
the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.
Charles Dickens (1812–1870) is considered one of the English
language’s greatest writers. His works include The Adventures Literary Criticism/Law • 120 pp • 5 x 8
of Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, David Copperfield, Great 9781843913641 • August • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper
Expectations, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, Hesperus Press
and A Tale of Two Cities. Simon Callow is an English actor,
writer, and theater director.
Classics • 960 pp • 5 x 8
9780099540854 • April • $15.95 Paper • Vintage Classics

The Chase of the Three Russian Dog Stories A Discovery
Golden Plate Anton Chekhov, Mikhail Saltykov, of New Worlds
Jacques Futrelle and Ivan Turgenev Bernard de Fontenelle
Translated by Anthony Briggs Translated by Aphra Behn
Jacques Futrelle’s first published book-
length story featuring the arrogant, co- A newly translated collection bringing to- In this charming and witty dialogue
caine-taking, large-headed Professor gether three canine tales from giants of translated by the first professional
Augustus S.F.X. Van Dusen, nicknamed Russian literature woman writer in English, a 17th-cen-
“The Thinking Machine” Turgenev’s Mumu is rescued from drown- tury astronomer staying at the chateau
of a beautiful Marchioness accompa-
A high-society, fancy-dress party falls vic- ing by a mute serf, Gerasim, and quickly
nies her into her garden at night and
tim to a robbery—confusions of identity, becomes his closest friend and comforter
introduces her to the new discoveries
long-held grudges, romance, and honor all until Gerasim’s mistress intervenes with
of astronomy
appear in the excitement that follows. tragic consequences. Shchedrin’s Trezor is
Jacques Futrelle was an American jour- the perfect embodiment of canine fidelity, Although more than 300 years old,
nalist and detective-story writer and Van carrying out his duties to the letter, despite Fontenelle’s dialogues in a garden over five
Dusen was his most famous detective being chained up, badly treated, and nights are still a surprisingly painless way
character, appearing in a number of his sometimes not even fed. Chekhov’s Kash- to learn about the sun, the moon, the plan-
works. tanka, when lost, is taken in by a circus ets, and the stars, even though new plan-
clown and trained for an act in the ring. ets were later discovered and modern
Jacques Futrelle (1875–1912) was an
However, she prefers to return to her for- science has filled out many details
American journalist and mystery writer,
mer abusive master, sitting in the audience Fontenelle could not have known. Only
best known for writing short detective sto-
at her first performance, rather than re- the confidence with which he discusses in-
ries featuring Professor Augustus S.F.X.
main with her new caring, thoughtful habitants of the planets, the moon, and
Van Dusen. He died aboard the Titanic
owner. These stories have long been held even the sun is now seen as misplaced.
when it sank in 1912.
in high esteem, tugging at readers’ heart- Fontenelle’s work has been through the
Classics/Mystery • 120 pp • 5 x 8 strings for many years. hands of many different translators, but
9781843913603 • July Anton Chekhov (1860–1904) was a Russ- Aphra Behn’s translation, one of the ear-
$14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper ian short story writer, playwright, and liest, adds the feminine wit of a leading
Hesperus Press physician. Mikhail Saltykov (1826–1889) dramatist to the work, in the first mod-
was a major Russian satirist of the 19th ern edition of this translation.
century. Ivan Turgenev (1818–1883) was Bernard de Fontenelle (1657–1757) was
a Russian novelist, short story writer, a French author. Aphra Behn (1640–
and playwright. Anthony Briggs is a pro- 1689) was one of the first English pro-
fessor of Russian language and literature. fessional female writers.
Classics • 110 pp • 5 x 8 Classics/Science • 120 pp • 5 x 8
9781843913658 • August • $14.95 9781843913665 • August
(Can $16.95) Paper • Hesperus Press $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper
Hesperus Press

A Pocket Guide Europe in the The Wreck of the Titan
to Dickens’ London Looking Glass Morgan Robertson
Daniel Tyler Robert Byron Foreword by Sam Leith
To commemorate the 200th anniversary Three rich young Englishmen cross Once seen as a prediction of the sink-
of the birth of Charles Dickens, a gener- pre-World War II Europe in an old car ing of the Titanic, this novella was writ-
ously illustrated guide to the city that was with a mixture of laugh-out-loud ten 14 years before that ill-fated event
perhaps the greatest of his characters humor and perceptive commentary on of 1912—now, on the centenary an-
art and architecture niversary of the Titanic’s sinking, the
From Newgate Prison to Covent Garden striking similarities can be examined
and from his childhood home in Camden Best known as the author of The Road to again in this new edition
to his place of burial in Westminster Oxiana, published in 1937, Robert Byron
Abbey, this guide traces the influence of the had developed his considerable writing John Rowland, a disgraced former Royal
capital on the life and work of one of skills on this travel book which has not Navy lieutenant, has taken employment as
Britain’s best-loved and well-known au- been in print since 1926. It describes a a lowly deck hand aboard the largest ship
thors. Featuring more than 40 sites— journey Byron made with three friends, ever to have sailed, the Titan. One night
places of worship and of business, streets driving across Europe between two world in deep fog, the ship strikes a gigantic ice-
and bridges—this comprehensive com- wars, and mixes political and historical berg and sinks almost immediately. Writ-
panion not only locates and illustrates lo- analysis with architectural insights, clas- ten 14 years before the Titanic’s sinking,
cations from works such as Great sical scholarship, and the day-to-day ad- this novella has been hailed in equal
Expectations and Little Dorrit but demon- ventures of three young and not very measures as a prophetic work and the
strates how the architecture and landscape experienced travelers. For fans of Robert work of pure coincidence. Certainly the
of the city influenced Dickens’ work Byron’s work this will be a discovery; for similarities are striking: two unsinkable
throughout his life. Each site is illustrated others it will be an introduction. Includes ships steam ahead in treacherous condi-
with substantial quotations from Dickens’ nine original sketches made by the author tions, carrying privileged passengers, with
own writing about the city he loved. during his travels. insufficient lifeboats aboard.
Daniel Tyler has written on Dickens for the Robert Byron (1905–1941) was one of the Morgan Robertson (1861–1915) was an
Dickens Quarterly and the Times Literary 20th century’s greatest travel writers as American author of short stories and
Supplement. well as a noted art critic and historian. novels, the best-known being Wreck of the
Titan. Sam Leith is the former literary ed-
Travel/Literary Criticism • 160 pp Travel/Classics • 200 pp • 5 x 8 • 9 itor of the Daily Telegraph and the author
5 x 8 • 20 B/W Photos • 5 Maps B/W Illustrations of Sod’s Law.
9781843913528 • May 9781843913573 • May
$19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper Fiction • 100 pp • 5 x 8
Hesperus Press Hesperus Press 9781843913597 • June
$14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper
Hesperus Press

Once Upon the Orient Wave Long Ago and Far Away
Milton and the Arab Muslim World Eight Traditional Fairy Tales
Eid Abdallah Dahiyat Introduction by Marina Warner
In an unusual view of one of the English language’s great- Brand new translations of the earliest versions of best-known
est writers, an Arab scholar analyzes the oriental influences and most-loved fairy tales, with an introduction by renowned
on Milton’s work, and Milton’s own influence on Arab writ- mythographer Marina Warner
ers and critics
Returning to some of the earliest written records of these sto-
John Milton’s great poems, “Paradise Lost” and “Paradise Re- ries, before the moralizing of the British Victorians and the sug-
gained,” are among the greatest pieces of writing in the Eng- arcoating of Walt Disney, unearths narratives that differ
lish language. Like other writers of his time, Milton had only radically from those that children are told to this day. This col-
a sketchy idea of Islam and the Arab world, from travelers and lection contains brand new translations of “Beauty and the
linguists who had made the arduous journey to and from the Beast;” “Sleeping Beauty” and “Cinderella” in their original Pen-
Middle East. But buried in his works are signs that Milton had tamerone versions; the Grimms’ “Hansel and Gretel;” Perrault’s
absorbed ideas and influences from Islam and Arab culture. “Little Red Riding Hood;” and many others. Originally
Professor Eid Abdallah Dahiyat shows how from the Middle recorded orally and handed down through generations, early
Ages, partly as an attempt to counteract Islam with Christi- fairy tales were receptacles of sexual depravity (including in-
anity, a wide range of writers and researchers spoke, read, and cest, rape, and necrophilia) and murder. Marina Warner, one
wrote Arabic and published books in the earliest days of print- the finest of contemporary literary minds, explains in her in-
ing which Milton could have read. He then shows how many troduction the reasons behind the tales’ evolution from their
different references there are to the Orient and Islam in Mil- original versions and the appeal they have today.
ton’s writings, and discusses the later response of Arab writ- Marina Warner is a novelist, short story writer, historian, and
ers and scholars to Milton’s major works. mythographer known for her many nonfiction books relating
Eid Abdallah Dahiyat is a Jordanian politician, a critic, and to feminism and myth. Her titles include From Beast to Blonde,
an academic. Monsters of Our Own Making, Phantasmagoria, and Wonder
Tales. She has been a recipient of a Mythopoeic Award, short-
Literary Criticism • 120 pp • 5 x 8
listed for the Booker Prize, and received the Chevalier de l’Or-
9781843913610 • July • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper
dre des Arts et des Lettres.
Hesperus Press
Folklore & Mythology • 140 pp • 5 x 8
9781843913627 • August • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper
Hesperus Press

Each: 5 x 8 • 6 B/W Photos • $12.95 Paper • Oneworld Classics

Tales of the Supernatural

Edgar Allan Poe
A collection of macabre tales from one of the initiators of the detective, horror, and science-
fiction genres
A murderer is forced to reveal his crime by the sound of a beating heart, a mysterious figure
wreaks havoc among a party of noblemen during the time of the plague, a grieving lover awak-
ens to find himself clutching a box of his beloved blood-stained teeth, and a man is obsessed
with the fear of being buried alive—these are only some of the memorable characters and sto-
ries included in this volume, which exemplify Poe’s inventiveness and natural talent as a sto-
ryteller. Immensely popular both during and after his lifetime, and a powerful influence on
generations of writers and filmmakers to this day, Edgar Allan Poe is still counted among the
greatest short story writers of all time.
Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1849) was a poet, short story writer, and journalist, whose best-known
works include “The Raven” and “The Fall of the House of Usher.”
Classics/Horror • 352 pp • 9781847492104 • April

The Tragedy of the Korosko

Arthur Conan Doyle
A new edition of a lesser-known novel by the author of The Lost World and the Sherlock
Holmes stories
As a group of Western tourists travel down the Nile on the steamer Korosko towards the his-
torical sites near Egypt’s southern border, they are kidnapped by a marauding band of dervishes
who demand their conversion to Islam. Cut off from the world, deprived of the comforts of
civilized society, and shaken in their beliefs, they will have to overcome the most arduous ob-
stacles to regain their freedom and safety. Written toward the end of the Victorian era and per-
meated with a sense of fear and uncertainty, this story calls into question the moral authority
of Europe’s presence in the Arab peninsula and the cultural supremacy of British colonialism,
all the while demonstrating Conan Doyle’s unparalleled ability as a storyteller.
Arthur Conan Doyle (1859–1930) is the celebrated author of many adventure novels, includ-
ing The Lost World and The Poison Belt, and the creator of the hugely popular detective sto-
ries of Sherlock Holmes.
Classics • 144 pp • 9781847491930 • May

The Etruscan Vase and Other Stories

Prosper Mérimée
Translated by Douglas Parmée
A unique edition for fans of the supernatural, combining one of Mérimée’s most celebrated
stories with some lesser-known pieces
When the young and sensitive Auguste Saint-Clair notices an Etruscan vase on the mantelpiece
of his beloved Mathilde, he becomes gradually consumed by jealousy at the thought that it could
be the gift of another man, and the situation escalates dramatically as he demands proof from
her that she loves only him. This classic piece of French short fiction is presented alongside three
other stories: “The Vision of Charles XI,” a dark tale of premonition set in the Swedish royal
palace; “Tamango,” an account of a slave-ship revolt; and “The Blue Room,” a supernatural
farce and one of Mérimée’s final works; as well as two nonfiction pieces: “A Hanging,” a de-
scription of a real-life public execution, and “H.B.,” a tribute to the writer Stendhal.
Prosper Mérimée (1803–1870) wrote stories and novellas that displayed his concern for his-
torical accuracy and his fascination for foreign places. Douglas Parmée (1914–2008) was an
academic and a prolific translator.
Classics • 192 pp • 9781847492098 • April

Each: Classics • 5 x 8 • 6 B/W Photos • $12.95 Paper • Oneworld Classics

The Gambler
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Translated by Hugh Aplin
One of the most accessible and entertaining works by the author of Crime and Punish-
ment and The Karamazov Brothers
Inspired by Dostoevsky’s own gambling addiction and written under pressure in order to pay
off his creditors and retain his rights to his literary legacy, this tale is set in the casino of the
fictional German spa town of Roulettenburg and follows the misfortunes of the young tutor
Alexei Ivanovich. As he succumbs to the temptations of the roulette table, he finds himself
engaged in a battle of wills with Polina, the woman he unrequitedly loves. With an unfor-
gettable cast of gamblers and figures from European high society, this novel of greed and self-
destruction reveals Dostoevsky at his satirical and psychological best.
Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821–1881) is considered one of the greatest writers of all time. His
works include such seminal novels as Crime and Punishment and The Karamazov Brothers.
Hugh Aplin has translated Mikhail Bulgakov’s A Dog’s Heart and The Fatal Eggs, Fyodor
Dostoevsky’s The Eternal Husband, and Mikhail Kuzmin’s Wings.
230 pp • 9781847492067 • April

Poor People
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Translated by Hugh Aplin
The first in a long line of underground characters, Dostoevsky’s first full-length work of fic-
tion is a poignant, tragi-comic tale that foreshadows the greatness of his later novels
Presented as a series of letters between the humble copying-clerk Devushkin and a distant
relative of his, the young Varenka, this book brings to the fore the underclass of St. Peters-
burg, who live at the margins of society in the most appalling conditions and abject poverty.
As Devushkin tries to help Varenka improve her plight by selling anything he can, he is re-
duced to even more desperate circumstances and seeks refuge in alcohol, looking on help-
lessly as the object of his impossible love is taken away from him.
Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821–1881) is considered one of the greatest writers of all time. His
works include such seminal novels as Crime and Punishment and The Karamazov Brothers.
Hugh Aplin has translated Mikhail Bulgakov’s A Dog’s Heart and The Fatal Eggs, Fyodor
Dostoevsky’s The Eternal Husband, and Mikhail Kuzmin’s Wings.
192 pp • 9781847491909 • June

The Story of a Nobody

Anton Chekhov
Translated by Hugh Aplin
Combining psychological detail with a strong sense of place and time, this tale bears all
the hallmarks of Chekhov’s genius, and perfectly captures the political and social ten-
sions of its day
A secret terrorist group infiltrates the household of a government official’s son, with a view
to spying on the father and, ultimately, assassinating him. But the young man entrusted with
the task—an ailing, world-weary “nobody”—seized with the purposelessness of life and a
sense of his own impending death, gradually becomes disillusioned with his mission, and
decides to embark on a new path which will lead him to tragedy.
Anton Chekhov (1860–1904) was a short story writer, but is perhaps best known for his
plays, among them The Cherry Orchard, The Seagull, Three Sisters, and Uncle Vanya. Hugh
Aplin has translated Mikhail Bulgakov’s A Dog’s Heart and The Fatal Eggs, Fyodor Dos-
toevsky’s The Eternal Husband, and Mikhail Kuzmin’s Wings.
160 pp • 9781847491893 • May

Each: Classics • 5 x 8 • 6 B/W Photos • $12.95 Paper • Oneworld Classics

The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Leo Tolstoy
Translated by Hugh Aplin
One of the most exquisitely constructed novellas by the author of War and Peace is pre-
sented alongside The Devil, a further work exploring the powerful and destructive nature
of obsession
The judge Ivan Ilyich Golovin has spent his life in the pursuit of wealth and status, devoting
himself obsessively to work and often neglecting his family in the process. When, after a small
accident, he fails to make the expected recovery, it gradually becomes clear that he is soon to
die. Ivan Ilyich then starts to question the futility and barrenness of his previous existence, re-
alizing to his horror, as he grapples with the meaning of life and death, that he is totally alone.
Leo Tolstoy (1828–1910) is regarded by some as the greatest novelist of all time. With such mas-
terpieces as Anna Karenina and War and Peace, he influenced generations of writers and changed
the course of world literature. Hugh Aplin has translated Mikhail Bulgakov’s A Dog’s Heart and
The Fatal Eggs, Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Eternal Husband, and Mikhail Kuzmin’s Wings.
144 pp • 9781847491916 • May

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain
One of the most popular and influential American novels, charting the escapades of a 13-
year-old boy growing up on the banks of the Mississippi
Testing the patience of his Aunt Polly, the bold and sharp-witted Tom Sawyer frequently skips
school in search of excitement, and the scrapes he gets into with his friend Huckleberry Finn
range from innocent japes to more serious events such as the witnessing of a murder. Mark
Twain’s masterpiece is at the same time a highly entertaining romp which celebrates youth
and freedom and a more profound investigation of his times, touching on themes such as race,
revenge, and slavery.
Mark Twain (1835–1910) was a humorist, satirist, social critic, lecturer, and novelist, best re-
membered for his novels The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
256 pp • 9781847491954 • June

Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Both a ferocious indictment of the author’s era and a timeless coming of age story, this
classic has enthralled readers and inspired countless adaptations and imitations since it
was first published in 1838
Charles Dickens’s second novel is the tale of a young orphan who faces the grueling condi-
tions of a Victorian workhouse before finding himself sucked into the criminal underworld
of London. Teeming with unforgettable characters such as the villainous Fagin, the virtuous
Nancy, and the brutal Bill Sikes, this novel combines elements of melodrama, dark humor,
and social polemic.
Charles Dickens (1812–1870) is considered one of the English language’s greatest writers.
640 pp • 9781847491978 • June

Each: Classics • 5 x 8 • 6 B/W Photos • $15.95 Cloth • Oneworld Classics

The Crocodile
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Translated byGuy Daniels
Inspired by Gogol’s surreal tales, Dostoevsky’s hilarious story has been interpreted by some
as a vitriolic piece of social criticism
The civil servant Ivan Matveyich and his wife Elena Ivanovna are spectators of an exhibi-
tion—in a shopping arcade—of a crocodile owned by a German, when Ivan is suddenly swal-
lowed alive by the animal. Unsuccessful in his attempts to be freed from his prison, due to
the German’s concern for his crocodile and excessive desire for compensation, the civil ser-
vant gradually comes to appreciate his new environment, while his wife begins to enjoy her
newfound freedom.
Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821–1881) is considered one of the greatest writers of all time. His
works include such seminal novels as Crime and Punishment and The Karamazov Brothers.
Guy Daniels published more than 40 translations, from Russian and French into English.
160 pp • 9781847492036 • May

Death of a Civil Servant

Anton Chekhov
Translated by Guy Daniels
A short collection showing Chekhov in an amusing, playful light, poking fun at his char-
acters, with the moral detachment that also characterizes his major, serious works
In “The Death of a Civil Servant,” an administrative clerk accidentally sneezes on a hierar-
chical superior at the opera, which results in great embarrassment and hilarious and futile
attempts at atonement. The other short stories included in this volume, “A Calculated Mar-
riage,” “The Culprit,” “The Exclamation Mark,” “The Speechmaker,” “Who Is to Blame?,”
and “A Defenceless Creature” are in the same absurdly comical vein.
Anton Chekhov (1860–1904) was a short story writer, but is perhaps best known for his
plays, among them The Cherry Orchard, The Seagull, Three Sisters, and Uncle Vanya. Guy
Daniels published more than 40 translations, from Russian and French into English.
160 pp • 9781847492043 • May

The Battle of the Books

Jonathan Swift
Swift’s satire uses a literal epic battle between books to explore the debates of his time
among authors, and between authors and critics
Inspired by Boileau’s Lutrin and illustrating the debate within European intellectual circles
between the “Ancients,” who argued that all essential knowledge was to be found in classi-
cal texts, and the “Moderns,” who claimed that contemporary learning superseded the old
sources, this work shows Swift at his wittiest and most trenchant. In this early satire, vari-
ous books in St. James’s Library take on a life of their own and come into conflict with one
another, in a pastiche of the heroic epic genre.
Jonathan Swift (1667–1745) was one of the most influential political writers of his time.
He is best remembered for Gulliver’s Travels and the political satire A Modest Proposal.
160 pp • 9781847492050 • July

Each: Classics • 5 x 8 • 6 B/W Photos • Paper • Oneworld Classics

Ivan Turgenev
Translated by Hugh Aplin
A lesser-known novella by one of the great masters of Russian literature, now available to
English readers in a lucid translation, is presented with “Yakov Pasynkov,” another story ex-
ploring the nature of love and human relations
In a series of nine letters, the narrator tells his friend how he introduced Vera Nikolayevna, a
married woman who had been forbidden as a child to read fiction and poetry, to the intellec-
tual pleasures of Goethe’s masterpiece. Opening up in front of Vera’s eyes is not only the realm
of imagination, but also a world of unbridled feelings and tempestuous passions, which can
only shatter the comfort and safety of her existence and force her to set off on a journey of
spiritual awakening.
Ivan Turgenev (1818–1883) was a novelist, poet, and dramatist, and now ranks as one of the tow-
ering figures of Russian literature. His masterpiece, Fathers and Children, is considered one of
the greatest novels of the 19th century. Hugh Aplin has translated Mikhail Bulgakov’s A Dog’s
Heart and The Fatal Eggs, Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Eternal Husband, and Mikhail Kuzmin’s Wings.
160 pp • 9781847492180 • June • $12.95

Anna Karenina
Leo Tolstoy
Translated by April Fitzlyon and Kyril Zinovieff
Includes photographs, a 10,000-word section on Tolstoy’s life and works, with a longer chap-
ter on Anna Karenina, anecdotes, critical perspectives, adaptations, and spin-offs
Considered to be Leo Tolstoy’s most personal novel, this resonant story scrutinizes fundamen-
tal moral and theological questions through the impassioned and tragic story of its eponymous
heroine. Desperately pursuing a good, “moral” life, standing for honesty and sincerity, Anna ex-
periences passion that drives her to adultery, flying in the face of the Russian bourgeoisie. In the
background of Anna’s tale, the aristocrat Konstantin Levin is struggling to reconcile reason with
passion, espousing a Christian anarchism that Tolstoy himself believed in. Championed by Dos-
toevsky and Nabokov, this masterpiece of Russian literature displays a poignant realism and in-
novative lyricism that makes it one of the most perfect, enduring novels of all time.
Leo Tolstoy, also the author of War and Peace, is widely regarded as one of the greatest of all
novelists. April Fitzylon was a scholar, biographer, and translator. Kyril Zinovieff is the coau-
thor of The Companion Guide to St. Petersburg.
864 pp • 9781847490599 • September • $18.95

Blaze of Noon
Rayner Heppenstall
Introduction by Gareth Buckell
Written in subtle, elegant prose, this rediscovered classic, first published in 1939, addresses
issues of psychology and perception, while pioneering avant-garde narrative techniques
When the blind narrator, the masseur Louis Dunkel, moves into the Cornwall country house
of his patient Mrs. Nance, he becomes fascinated by her niece Sophie, a haughty young woman.
Their resulting romance, however, is unsettled by the arrival of the blind, deaf, and dumb Amity
Nance. The introspective Dunkel tries to interpret and negotiate the pitfalls of a difficult and
at times hostile environment.
Rayner Heppenstall (1911–1981) was a poet, novelist, and translator who is remembered as a
forerunner of the nouveau roman and regarded as the forefather of such experimental writers
as Alain Robbe-Grillet, Angela Carter, and Anthony Burgess. Blaze of Noon is universally re-
garded as his masterpiece. Gareth Buckell is the author of Rayner Heppenstall: A Critical Study.
224 pp • 9781847492029 • July • $12.95

Each: 5 x 8 • 6 B/W Photos • July • Paper • Oneworld Classics

Vita Nuova
Dante Alighieri
Translated by Anthony Mortimer
Universally recognized as Dante’s early masterpiece, this edition includes some of his best
poetry outside the Divine Comedy, to which it can be regarded as a sort of prequel
Part poetical tribute, part autobiography, Vita Nuova traces Dante’s passionate love for
Beatrice from his first meeting with her when he was a boy to her premature death at the
age of 24 and the psychological and emotional turmoil this caused him. Not only a last-
ing monument to the powers of imagination, it also represents the triumph of poetry, love,
and faith over death, and can now be fully appreciated by English readers in Anthony Mor-
timer’s stunning verse translation.
Dante Alighieri (1265–1321) is considered to be the father of Italian poetry and one of the
greatest influences in world literature. His masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, is the zenith
of medieval knowledge and a paragon of poetic imagination. Its first part, Inferno, remains
one of the most popular books of all time. Anthony Mortimer is acclaimed for his trans-
lations of Petrarch and Michelangelo.
Classics/Poetry • 144 pp • 9781847491923 • $12.95

Love Poems
Erich Fried
Translated by Stuart Hood
The only available English edition of Fried’s poetry—one of the most acclaimed and pop-
ular 20th-century German language poets

“Hood’s sensitive translation accurately captures Fried’s style, his incisive, constant
questioning and his refusal to shy away from any issue.” —Times Literary Supplement
“A poetry bared to the ironic quick, to the quintessential bone.” —Guardian
Fried’s poetry holds some of the most tender lines of poetry in any language. The univer-
sal theme of humanity and the various issues that perplex the human race are central to
the reading of his poetry. A stoic who could find humor and an optimistic message in every
aspect of human life, his depth of vision and humility warms and consoles the reader. This
bilingual edition, with translations by his friend and colleague at the BBC, enables the reader
to get a flavor of the original of these immensely enjoyable and enlightening poems.
Erich Fried (1921–1988) was an Austrian poet known for his politically inspired work.
Stuart Hood is a novelist, translator, and former television producer.
Poetry • 318 pp • 9781847491961 • $15.95

Albert Camus
Solitude & Solidarity
Edited by Catherine Camus
A biography in text and pictures of the highly influential,
iconic writer, from his daughter

“Humanity’s friend, humanity’s critic: 50 years after his

death, Albert Camus’s work is more relevant than ever.”
—Tagesspiegel, Berlin
“Above all, what you can learn from Camus is attitude:
his putting up with depressing times, his resistance to
exploitation, destruction, and hatred over a long time.
This attitude is much more important today, bearing in
mind the catastrophic state of many areas such as the
economy, the arms industry, and the environment, than
it was in Camus’ time. . . . Camus could be helpful in
times when what matters is not to give up, despite a
future that seems hopeless; not to resign, but to continue
to resist.” —Günter Grass, Nobel Prize–winning author
“The morning after a great historical crisis, you feel as
sad and sick as after a heavy night. But there is no as-
pirin for historical hangovers.” —Albert Camus
“My children and grandchildren never got to know him. I
wanted to go through all the photos for their sake. To redis-
cover his laugh, his lack of pretension, his generosity, to meet
this highly observant, warm-hearted person once more, the
man who steered me along the path of life. To show, as Séver-
ine Gaspari once wrote, that Albert Camus was in essence a
‘person among people, who in the midst of them all, strove to become genuine.’” —Catherine Camus
Using selected texts, photographs, and previously unpublished documents, Catherine Camus skillfully and easily takes readers
through the fascinating life and work of her father, Albert Camus, who, in his defense of the individual, also saw himself as the
voice of the downtrodden. The winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, Albert Camus died suddenly and tragically in 1960. He
was only 46. There are rumors to this day that the Russian KGB was behind the car crash. Writer, journalist, philosopher, play-
wright, and producer, he was a shining defender of freedom, whose art and person were dedicated to serving the dignity in hu-
manity. In his tireless struggle against all forms of repression, he was a ceaseless critic of humanity’s hubris; the same struggle
can still be felt today.
Catherine Camus is the executor of her father’s estate.
Biography • 224 pp • 11 x 13 • 100 Color Photos • 450 B/W Photos
9783283011888 • April • $59.95 (Can $65.95) Cloth • Edition Olms

A Beginner’s Guide to the Ideas of 100 Great Thinkers
Jeremy Harwood
Succinct biographies of the 100 most important philosophers and their key ideas
From philosophy’s founding fathers, such as Thales, Socrates, and Plato, to great minds
of the postmodern era, such as Sartre, Ayer, and Feyerabend, this essential guide distills
the thoughts of the world’s most influential minds and explains their answers to some
of philosophy’s key questions. Is there a Supreme Being? Who am I? What is truth? Do
we have free will? Why do bad things happen? How should we live? Is death the end of
everything? What is the meaning of life? Arranged from the ancient world to the pres-
ent day, each philosopher’s notable works and pronouncements are encapsulated in a se-
ries of succinct, easy-to-read biographies, accompanied by illustrations, at-a-glance fact
panels, and quotations, making this the ideal beginner’s guide to a fascinating but often
daunting subject.
Jeremy Harwood has written widely on many historical topics. His titles include The Se-
cret History of Freemasonry.
Philosophy • 192 pp • 6 x 8.5 • 50 B/W Photos • 50 B/W Illustrations
9781849164832 • May • $11.95 (Can $12.95) Paper • Quercus

The Ancient World The Early Modern Era Dewy (1859–1952)

Thales (c.635–c.543 BCE) Machiavelli (1469–1527) Max Weber (1864–1920)
Buddha (c.563–483 BCE) Hobbes (1588–1679) Gasset (1883–1955)
Confucius (c.55–479 BCE) Descartes (1596–1650) Heidegger (1889–1976)
Socrates (470–399 BCE) Locke (1632–1704)
Plato (427–347 BCE) Voltaire (1694–1778) The Post-Modern Era
Aristotle (384–322 BCE) Marcuse (1898–1979)
The Modern Era Karl Popper (1902–1994)
The Middle Ages Fichte (1762–1814) Sartre (1905–1980)
Avicenna (Ibn Sina) (980–1037) G W F Hegel (1770–1831) Arendt (1906–1975)
Peter Lombard (c1100–1160) Schopenhauer (1788–1860) de Beauvoir (1908–1986)
Averroes (Ibn Rushd) 1126–1198) Marx (1818–1883) A J Ayer (1910–1989)
Thomas Aquinas (1225–1274) Engels (1820–1895) Feyerabend (1924–1994)
William of Ockham (1285– 1349) Nietzsche (1844–1900) Rorty (1931–2007)

Freud on Coke
David Cohen
A stimulating history covering Freud’s cocaine use, its effect on his work, the relationship
between cocaine and psychiatry, and the beginnings of the “war on drugs”

“Fascinating study.” —Mail on Sunday

“Convincingly arguing that Freud’s drug-taking had profound implications for the de-
velopment of his theories . . . a welcome addition to the bookshelves of anyone with an
interest in altered states.” —Metro
Before he’d thought of putting patients on the couch, the young Sigmund Freud did a lot of
coke, and here is the whole sordid story. Desperate to make his reputation quickly, he read
and swallowed, without question, claims made by an American pharmaceutical company, Parke-
Davis, on behalf of their new “wonder drug,” cocaine hydrochloride. He ordered a gram and
though he would claim, for years, that it was not addictive, his first taste led him to another
and another, forming a habit that would last for 15 years. Situating his cocaine experiments
in an introspective drug-using tradition that has included William James, Aldous Huxley, Have-
lock Ellis, and Timothy Leary, this book explores its influence on Freud’s later thought and
the subsequent relationship between psychology, psychiatry, drugs, and culture. It also includes
analysis of the modern cocaine trade. As even President Obama, an admitted past cocaine user himself, acknowledges the le-
gitimacy of questioning the global “War on Drugs,” this is a timely, secret history of how that war began.
David Cohen is a writer, filmmaker, and psychologist. His books include The Escape of Sigmund Freud and Psychologists on
Psychology and biographies of the therapist Carl Rogers and of John B. Watson, the founder of behaviorism. His films include
The Pleasure Principle and When Holly Went Missing.
Psychology/Social Science • 336 pp • 6 x 9 • 6 Color Photos • 15 B/W Photos
9780956544506 • April • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Cutting Edge Press
The Exceptional Brain
And How it Changed the World
Robert M. Kaplan
Da Vinci to van Gogh, Hitler to Howard Hughes—how brain diseases and conditions
like epilepsy, syphilis, schizophrenia, and tumors have made their sufferers both famous
and infamous, and have altered the course of history
Writing in a chatty, anecdotal style, this work by a forensic psychiatrist and researcher delves
into the brain conditions that affected famous figures and celebrates the work of ground-
breaking doctors who discovered amazing things about the brain explaining, in plain Eng-
lish, exactly what they discovered. The significant historical figures covered include
Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Adolf Hitler, Jack the Ripper, Arthur Inman (the world’s
longest diarist), Vaslav Nijinsky, Woody Guthrie, and Jack Ruby. Dr. Kaplan illuminates both
the bizarre and common conditions that affected these and many more exceptional humans.
The conditions and diseases discussed include temporal lobe epilepsy, hypergraphia, mir-
ror writing, brain tumor, Parkinson’s syndrome, syphilis, schizophrenia, and obsessive com-
pulsive disorder.
Robert M. Kaplan is a forensic psychiatrist and the author of Medical Murder.
Psychology/History • 338 pp • 6 x 9.5
9781742374444 • June • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

The You Code

What Your Habits Say About You
Judi James and James Moore
The only book to tell you what your habits say about you, and how to read other people
Did you know that the way you eat your food will be sending subliminal messages out about
your sexual habits, or that the way you decorate your desk could be helping your boss de-
cide about that promotion or raise? We’re all aware of the subtle messages of design and
marketing but we also regularly send out signals about ourselves and our personalities. This
book helps readers to uncover the hidden meaning behind the simplest of choices. Addictive
and entertaining, it pulls no punches, telling you more about yourself than you ever wanted
to know, as well as providing an intriguing insight into the people around you. From your
favorite television show to the type of coffee you drink, even down to the filling in your sand-
wich, this is a must for anyone who wants to find the meanings behind the details, and, more
importantly, what clues they’re giving the world about themselves.
Judi James is the author of The Body Language Rules, Poker Face, and Sex Signals. James
Moore is a feature writer for newspapers and also writes frequently for a range of maga-
zines. He is the author of Blagging It: How to Get Everything on the Cheap.
Psychology • 322 pp • 5 x 8
9780091929541 • May • $15.95 Paper • Vermilion

Heal Yourself
Simple Steps to Heal Your Emotions, Mind and Soul
Anne Jones
A down-to-earth guide offering the keys to healing one’s body, mind, emotions, and soul
With basic exercises and instructions and Anne Jones’s unique healing symbols, the book ex-
plains to readers how they can assess and rework their attitudes, emotional patterns, relationships,
health, and career. Anne Jones explains how to use the power of the mind to banish illness and
pain and let go of damaging relationships and emotional baggage. She explores the ways read-
ers can meditate and work with subtle energy including chakras, aura, and meridians, in order
to build self esteem, be abundant in every area of life, and expand love to find true happiness.
Anne Jones is the author of Healing Negative Energies, Opening Your Heart, and The Ripple Effect.
Body/Mind/Spirit • 272 pp • 5 x 8
9780749941109 • May • $13.95 Paper • Piatkus Books

Also available:

Healing Negative The Ripple Effect

Energies 9780749924621
9780749923662 $19.95 Paper
$18.95 Paper

Boost Your Confidence with NLP

Simple Techniques for a More Confident and Successful You
Ian McDermott
Demonstrates how confidence is a skill that can be learned using NLP techniques
Readers can learn to overcome their fears with this guide, which offers five keys to confidence
and simple and effective neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques. It includes easy-to-
follow exercises to help readers assess their own confidence levels, and then provides step-by-
step guidance on how to work on personal problem areas. Whether readers are looking for the
strength to say “yes,” or maybe even the courage to say “no,” this guide will help them iden-
tify the style of confidence that suits each particular challenge. Accessible advice and motivat-
ing case histories will give readers the techniques to deal with whatever comes their way.
Ian McDermott is a certified NLP trainer who has taught NLP for 15 years and the author of
The Coaching Bible and The NLP Coach. His company, International Teaching Seminars, has
acted as consultant for companies such as the BBC, Coca-Cola, IBM, and KPMG.
Self-Help/Language & Linguistics • 228 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
9780749928513 • April • $19.95 Paper and CD • Piatkus Books

The Coaching Bible The NLP Coach

Also available: 9780749927042 9780749922771
$24.95 Paper $29.95 Paper

Walk Tall
100 Ways to Live Life to the Fullest
Anthony Gunn
A psychologist specializing in fear whittles down his experience into 100 simple
tips and inspirational messages
Each day do something small that scares you.
Choose to be wrong.
Be selfish once a week.
Sometimes it’s hard to stand tall—the world can seem daunting, even to those who
seem confident and capable. This collection is for those moments of second-guessing
or outright terror that everyone experiences, and will help readers tap into their inner
courage to tackle the challenges of daily life and embrace compassion. From things as
simple as “Write down your fears” to the surprising “Chocolate can help fear,” these
tips offer reassuring ways to take control of one’s life. Organized with a thought per
page and coupled with inspirational quotes, this book will inspire readers to live life
to the fullest by choosing to think big, break free from limitations, face fears, celebrate
successes, and walk tall.
Anthony Gunn is a psychologist who specializes in anxiety and phobia treatment.
He is the author of Fear Is Power; Raising Confident, Happy Children; and Walk-
ing Tall. Also available:
Self-Help/Inspirational • 112 pp • 4.5 x 6.5 • 40 B/W Illustrations
9781742701844 • May • $17.95 (Can $19.95) Cloth • Hardie Grant Books

Walking Tall: Overcoming

Life’s Little Challenges
$17.95 (Can $19.95) Cloth

Kevin Duncan
For those whose phones, computers, or other devices are running their lives, how to turn
around electronic addiction, or “e-diction,” and lead a more fulfilling life

“He does for business what Nike does for sport.” —Richard Hytner, deputy
chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide
“I can’t talk now, I’m on the phone.”
Technology can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be a curse when it overwhelms us. This
thought-provoking book grapples with just how addicted people have become to technol-
ogy, and offers a set of ideas to help wean us off our technological drugs and lead more ful-
filling lives. It looks briefly at how we got here, tests the reader on how serious their “e-diction”
is, and then offers real solutions, including rapid sequential tasking (instead of multitask-
ing), communicating concisely, and using the best method of communication for the job, all
while helping you retain your sense of humor and enthusiasm.
Kevin Duncan was in advertising for 20 years, and now is an independent troubleshooter,
advising companies on how to change their businesses for the better. He has trained and
advised such companies as Nokia, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Shell in how to cope with tech-
nology overload. He is the author of So What? and Tick Achieve.
Self-Help/Technology • 228 pp • 5.5 x 8.5 • 10 B/W Illustrations
9781444124019 • April • $22.95 Paper • Hodder Education

Esme Floyd
Esme Floyd is a writer specializing in health, science, and lifestyle subjects. She has written for such
publications as Men’s Health and Zest, and is the author of Body Massage and seven “1001” titles, including
1001 Little Health Miracles, 1001 Little Parenting Miracles, and 1001 Little Wellbeing Miracles.
Each: Health/Self-Help • 224 pp • 8 x 8.5 • May • $14.95 Paper • Carlton Publishing Group

1001 Little Beauty Miracles

Secrets and Solutions from Head to Toe
These head-to-toe tips will help readers make small changes to their
beauty regimes that reap big benefits, both in the way they look and
how they feel
With direct remedies for beauty problems as well as advice on everything
from getting perfectly groomed nails to battling cellulite, this book offers
short, simple ways to improve and maintain one’s natural good looks. It
includes helpful hints for such beauty quagmires as tweezing brows, dis-
guising blemishes, and making thin hair look luxuriously thick, revealing
the trade secrets of makeup artists, therapists, and professional salons. Even
ungroomed, nail-biting exercise-phobes will find something helpful in these
corner-cutting ideas, and will be sure to dip into the book when they find
themselves in a beauty crisis, from repairing a broken nail to rejuvenating
lackluster skin.

1001 Little Health Miracles

Simple Solutions that Provide Big Benefits
These head-to-toe tips will help readers make small lifestyle changes that
reap big health benefits
These miracles are sourced from the latest medical research. With direct reme-
dies for health problems as well as preventative advice, this book offers short,
simple ways to improve and maintain good health. All the tips are easy to
follow. The author explains how you can burn up more calories by sleep-
ing longer, cure a headache by drinking coffee, and ward off colds and in-
fections by eating certain foods. The book includes all kinds of helpful hints
for such trouble spots as insomnia, jetlag, stressed hair, workout injuries
and fatigue, as well as useful tricks to losing weight and increasing your
fitness level.

First Steps is a series of short, affordable self-help books on a key range
of important topics, written by experts in their field.

Weight Problems
Catherine Francis
A back-to-basics guide packed with practical advice for anyone strug-
gling with their weight
With this book, you’ll learn to calculate how many pounds you should
lose (or gain) for good health, and discover the facts about why weight
gain occurs and how you can reverse it. The book explains different ap-
proaches to slimming, and their pros and cons. By understanding how your
body works, you’ll learn how to achieve a healthy size through simple
changes to your diet and activity levels. There are also clever tips for boost-
ing your weight loss, tried-and-tested strategies for maintaining motiva-
tion, and advice for keeping the extra pounds off for good.
Catherine Francis has worked for 18 years as a journalist and editor, spe-
cializing in women’s health issues.
Health • 96 pp • 5 x 7
9780745955384 • May • $9.95 (Can $10.95) Paper • Lion UK

Also available:
Each: $9.95 (Can $10.95) Paper

Anxiety Depression Eating Disorders Problem Drinking Bereavement

9780745955193 9780745955131 9780745955209 9780745953977 9780745955353

Conscious Medicine
Creating Health and Well-Being in a Conscious Universe
Gill Edwards
A revolutionary approach to health care that shows how every symptom
or illness is a wake-up call, and explains ways to free oneself from a lim-
iting past and shift one’s consciousness to achieve health and happiness

“Gill Edwards has a special gift, a unique treasure, to offer humanity,

and my soul signs its thanks to her every time I read a page of her writ-
ing.” —Neale Donald Walsch, author, Conversations with God on Step-
ping into the Magic
“Always inspiring and enlightening. Gill is a great spiritual teacher
whose wisdom lovingly and clearly illuminates the inner worlds and
everyday reality.” —William Bloom, author, Psychic Protection
Building a bridge between science and spirituality, this book explains how mind
and body are inseparable, and how emotions are crucial in health and dis-
ease. This new approach to health care is based on the latest research into
the transformative power of consciousness, energy, and the bodymind. It ex-
plains how breaking one’s old habits of thought can not only reverse disease
processes and heal injuries, but can also attract more positive events and cir-
cumstances into one’s life. This book also covers the author’s own journey
toward health, “miracles” in health and why the current medical model is lim-
iting, how negative thoughts activate the stress response in the body which
eventually makes one ill, how the body speaks symbolically through symp-
toms and illness, and how to break free from limiting patterns and create a
healthful future. Always thought-provoking and inspiring, this is an accessi-
ble, practical, and joyous book.
Gill Edwards is a psychologist who has been involved in mind-body medicine
for 30 years, runs workshops on conscious medicine, and is the author of Life
Is a Gift, Pure Bliss, Stepping into the Magic, and Wild Love.
Body/Mind/Spirit/Health • 340 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
9780749941987 • May • $19.95 Paper • Piatkus Books

Also available:
Each: 15.95 Paper

Life Is a Gift Pure Bliss Stepping into Wild Love

9780749927813 9780749940058 the Magic 9780749940010

Beating Chronic Fatigue
Your Step-by-step Guide to Complete Recovery
Dr. Kristina Downing-Orr
A much-needed book on how to treat extreme tiredness, based on the author’s own expe-
rience of severe chronic fatigue and her pioneering research to develop a successful treat-
ment program

“Most helpful are Downing-Orr’s insistence on validating CFS as a bona fide condition
that has been ignored, belittled, and misdiagnosed, and advice on developing resilience,
dealing with relapses, and defusing tense relationships that can result from chronic ill-
ness.” —Publishers Weekly
A clinical psychologist who found herself struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
explains the causes of CFS and offers an accessible, scientifically valid, easy-to-achieve pro-
gram that will inspire those afflicted to regain their health and restore their energy and vital-
ity. CFS is a common yet debilitating condition that can last for many years, in which every
waking moment becomes a physical, emotional, and cognitive struggle just to function on the
most basic of levels. The author suffered severe symptoms and was compelled to research the
cause of CFS and cure herself because she was offered so little help by the medical profession.
Her recovery was quick and lasting. Chapters cover her own story, what chronic fatigue re-
ally is, what causes it, diagnosis, a step-by-step self-treatment program, how to strengthen the
body, coping with stress, and helpful resources.
Dr. Kristina Downing-Orr is a clinical psychologist, research psychologist, and former sufferer
of chronic fatigue. Her previous books include Get the Life You Want!
Health • 240 pp • 5 x 8
9780749940935 (Replaces 9780749940980) • July • $13.95 Paper • Piatkus Books

A Practical Guide to Improving Your Child’s Quality of Life
Jonathan Tommey and Polly Tommey
Two parents of a now high-functioning autistic teenager who were determined to dis-
cover as much as possible about autism, its causes, and potential treatments share what
they’ve learned
Jonathan and Polly Tommey’s eldest son, Billy, was diagnosed with severe autism at the age
of two. Here, they show through their own experience how it is possible to improve the
quality of life for children with autism. The book will give parents the confidence and knowl-
edge to tackle the problems they face and to find solutions, treatments, and educational op-
tions that will work for their child. In his quest to help his son, Jonathan trained as a nutritional
therapist and now supports many individuals with ASD at his Autism Clinic. His expertise
forms an important part of this book. Areas covered include getting a diagnosis, the gut-
brain connection, tests and treatments, the link with toxins, diet and nutrition, health and
well-being, coping as a family, educational approaches, choosing a school, looking to the
future, and a comprehensive resource section. Practical and positive, this book provides much
needed support, advice, and encouragement for parents of children on the autism spectrum.
Jonathan Tommey runs an autism clinic where he has around 500 children in his care. Polly
Tommey is founder and editor in chief of the Autism File and founder of the Autism Trust.
Health • 304 pp • 6 x 9.5
9780749942380 • April • $19.95 Paper • Piatkus Books

YOU ARE . . .

You Are Abundant

Why You Are Enough the Way You Are
Belinda Grace
A clairvoyant provides tools to achieving the best in life by focus-
ing on the abundance everyone already has within themselves
Many people spend time and energy craving what they think they need—
a bigger house, a newer car, more clothes, a better body—and worry-
ing about how to get it. They fear they lack the abundance required to
make their lives happy, but here, clairvoyant healer Belinda Grace de-
fines a new form of abundance that is essential to happiness, healing,
and a sense of purpose in life. With gentle encouragement and warm,
compassionate words, she entreats readers to look with fresh eyes at their
current lives and uncover the abundance that already surrounds
them and resides within. Unlike other books, which primarily focus on
how to manifest more, this guide explains that everything readers need
is right here, right now—and that each person is enough just the way they
are. It provides readers with the key to unlock their best life, one in
which they are already abundant, happy, and grateful.
Belinda Grace is a clairvoyant healer and the author of You Are Clair-
voyant and You Are Inspired.
Body/Mind/Spirit/Self-Help • 200 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
9781921878596 • April • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper
Rockpool Publishing

Also available:

You Are You Are Clairvoyant You Are You Are Inspired You Are
Abundant CD Oracle Card Deck Clairvoyant CD 9781921295232 Inspired CD
9781921295201 9781921295256 9781921295089 $16.95 9781921295249
$18.95 $17.95 (Can $19.95) $22.95 (Can $18.95) Paper $18.95
(Can $20.95) CD Card Deck (Can $25.95) CD (Can $20.95) CD


What Happens Next Inspirational Cards

A beautifully packaged set of 45 cards to help users connect with spirit
guides and angels
The perfect tool to provide comfort in times of unhappiness or uncertainly,
these cards, one of which is instructional, are intended to help users feel,
sense, or even hear their passed loved ones in spirit. Users are meant to call
upon their spirit guides or angels to help them to use the cards in love and
light, and to ask to be given clear and accurate information each time
they choose a card. When users are ready, they pick up the cards, and
thank their spirit guides and angels for their help. These cards, with the help
of the spirit guides, will give all the answers that users need and provide
guidance past any obstacles that life throws in their way.
Jade-Sky is a psychic, a medium, the author of What Happens Next?, and
the coauthor of The No Excuses Guide to Soul Mates.
Body/Mind/Spirit • 4 x 4
9781921878039 • May • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Card Deck
Rockpool Publishing

Also available:

What Happens Next?

$15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper

Psychic Secrets
How to Unlock Your Sixth Sense
Foreword by Stacey Demarco
An easy to follow guide to developing psychic skills, with practical exercises to expand
one’s psychic skill set
For readers who are interested in becoming more intuitive or opening up their psychic abil-
ities, this guide to using their sixth sense can help them navigate their way through life with
a bit of help and guidance. It offers information about the spiritual world, how to become
more attuned to it, and how it affects the physical world. It helps readers to meet their spirit
guides, to open themselves up psychically, to see and feel auras, and to be able to sense things
intuitively. Easy to follow activities, exercises, and information will help readers to unlock
the secrets to their psychic world.
Jade-Sky is a psychic, a medium, and the author of What Happens Next? Stacey Demarco
is a metaphysicist, spiritual practitioner, and the author of Witch in the Bedroom and Witch
in the Boardroom. The are the coauthors of The No Excuses Guide to Soul Mates.
Body/Mind/Spirit • 200 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
9781921878480 • May • $22.95 (Can $25.95) Paper • Rockpool Publishing

A Practical Guide to Zen Meditation
Yogi Brahmasamhara
A guided journey into authentic mediation—too often surrounded by myth and unwar-
ranted mysticism—for novices and experienced meditators alike
There are many books on meditation, even books on how to speed up the process and learn
to meditate in 15 minutes—the opposite of what meditation is trying to achieve. Here, Yogi
Brahmasamhara teaches the reader ways of letting go of the barriers of the “ordinary,” to
enable all who practice to unveil an awakened, naturally exhilarating engagement with life.
This is a book that teaches true meditation comprehensively. There are exercises on letting
go of tension, natural breathing, and stilling the mind. The author enables the practicing
seeker to go far beyond these core essences to a quite profound understanding of the wis-
dom of authentic meditation, and to a serene space of tranquility and stillness of being.
Written in a warm, gentle manner, this is a book to read and reread.
Yoga Brahmasamhara is a meditation master who has practiced authentic meditation for
more than 37 years.
Body/Mind/Spirit • 300 pp • 6 x 9.5 • 14 B/W Photos
9781921878008 (Replaces 9781921295072) • May • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper
Rockpool Publishing

Soulmate Relationships
How to Find, Keep and Understand Your Perfect Partner
Tara Springett
A guide on finding and keeping a relationship that will bring immense happiness, or im-
proving one’s current relationship
This book explains the dynamics between men and women in love and provides simple guide-
lines and exercises to help readers recognize relationship patterns that will lead them to the
perfect partner for life. This book shows how “soul mate” (as opposed to “ordinary”) rela-
tionships between the sexes work, reveals how recognizing the fundamental differences be-
tween male and female psychologies can enhance romance and eroticism between partners,
and explains how sex can be used to merge in a loving and spiritual way with one’s partner.
Drawing from a unique blend of sources, from Buddhist and Taoist teachings to the latest
findings of systemic and family therapy, this is a fully realized guide to complete harmony
and happiness in relationships.
Tara Springett is a Buddhist therapist and teacher, a psychotherapist, and the author of The
Five-Minute Miracle.
Family & Relationships/Body/Mind/Spirit • 240 pp • 5 x 8
9780749941055 (Replaces 9780749924188) • July • $12.95 Paper • Piatkus Books

How We Make Love Last
Kate Figes
An intelligent, thoughtful look at the ways people make couplehood work in a time of un-
precedented expectations of romance, commitment, equality, fidelity, and happiness ever after

“Figes is a dedicated researcher and a compelling writer and this is a very good book—
the most comprehensive summary we currently have of the changing nature of relation-
ships.” —Observer
“Kate Figes leads us on a journey through an often rocky romantic terrain, taking in ro-
mance, sex, arguments, and power play, children, family, and ageing, meticulously dis-
mantling the myths of marriage.” —Sunday Telegraph
Historically speaking, people currently enjoy unrivaled freedom when it comes to choosing a
relationship, yet new levels of uncertainty coupled with new myths about how to live and love
can compromise potential coupled happiness. Kate Figes argues that, whether married or co-
habiting, gay or straight, remarried or a couple living apart, the quality of one’s intimate re-
lationship is fundamental to long-term health and happiness, because the human need for
commitment and love has not changed. She set out to find out how people make it work by
interviewing 120 people from diverse backgrounds, as well as surveying couplehood-related academic literature. This book of-
fers no universal recipes for success, but learning how others sustain lifelong love and what really goes on in other people’s lives
can help readers to understand their own partnerships and take responsibility for making them work. This is an incisive and
important look at how to make love endure.
Kate Figes is the author of The Big Fat Bitch Book and Life After Birth.
Also available:
Family & Relationships • 416 pp • 5 x 8
9781844084708 • May • $14.95 Paper • Virago UK

Life After Birth The Big Fat

9781844084661 Bitch Book
$17.95 Paper 9781844082957
$19.95 Paper

Freedom from Toxic Relationships

Moving on from the Family, Work and Relationship Issues that Bring You Down
Avril Carruthers
A guide to the tools needed to leave painful, destructive relationships behind, both at
home and at work, with dozens of helpful case histories
Starting with details of how to recognize the manipulative or sweetly corrosive partner, the
family dynamics that make Christmas and other get-togethers hell, and the nightmare boss,
this book teaches readers what they can do to leave painful, destructive relationship pat-
terns behind. Toxic relationships come in many guises, which can make them hard to iden-
tify. This guide explains that often they don’t entail physical violence so much as a slow
erosion of self-esteem, a loss of personal identity, or a growing desire to please friends, part-
ners, family members, and others who are impossible to please. Many toxic relationships
begin early in childhood, or as people start to form their own personal relationships, and
even when they find the courage to move on, if the fallout from these relationships is not
dealt with, they may end up attracting more of the same. This book teaches how to observe
these patterns in relationships, making it possible to truly move on.
Avril Carruthers is a transpersonal psychotherapist who has been in practice for more than
20 years and the author of Let Your Past Go and Live.
Self-Help/Family & Relationships • 272 pp • 6 x 9 • 1 B/W Illustration • 1 Diagram
9781742375069 • April • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • Inspired Living
The Noble Art of Seducing Women
My Foolproof Guide to Pulling Any Woman You Want
Kezia Noble
Everything a man needs to know to become an infallible seducer of women, courtesy of
a female pick-up artist
Kezia Noble is one of the first women to offer the aspiring pick-up artist advice on how to
attract women from a woman’s point of view. She runs many classes and a workshop, and
even produces corporate videos on the chemistry of attracting women. Now, in answer to
requests from her students, Kezia has written a book on the 15 steps to becoming a mas-
ter seducer, the first and only sure-fire pick-up guide to be written by a woman. It has the
potential to transform a lonely man into someone who need never be single again, unless,
of course, he wants to be. Kezia is a no-nonsense teacher who always tells the truth, and
works with her students instead of belittling them.
Kezia Noble is the author of 15 Steps to Becoming a Master Seducer and Secrets of Speed
Seduction Mastery.
Self-Help/Sexuality • 288 pp • 5 x 8
9781843587620 • June • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • John Blake

The Path to Blissful Sex
Leora Lightwoman
Drawing on Eastern sexual practices to explore sexual intimacy as an opportunity for trans-
formation, bliss, and learning to truly love
Whether readers want to rekindle their sex life, experience more depth and loving in their
relationship, or develop a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with themselves, tantra can
lead the way. Tantra is a celebration and awakening of sexuality, love, and life, and this guide
explains what it is and how it can change one’s life and relationship. It offers enhanced re-
laxation and well-being; clear, honest, and intimate communication; ways to maximize sex-
ual-loving potential for both men and women; tools for self-awareness, self-acceptance, and
self-love; and principles for experiencing bliss and ecstasy.
Leora Lightwoman has been leading workshops and working with individuals and couples for 10
years. She has produced meditation and music CDs and videos to accompany Tantric practice.
Sexuality/Body/Mind/Spirit • 256 pp • 5 x 8
9780749956134 • June • $14.95 Paper • Piatkus Books

Table of Contents

1. The Tantric Journey

2. First Steps
3. Delicious Beginnings for Couples
4. Tantra Alone and as a Single Person
5. Initimate Relationship as a Spiritual Path
6. Tantric Principles in Lovemaking and Life
7. The Chakra System
8. Meeting Your Chakra
9. Male and Femlae Energy Flow
10. Opening to Love
11. Opening to Pleasure
12. Shakti Mysteries
13. Shiva Wisdom
14. Our Sacred SexualOrgans
15. Sacred Union: Integrating Sex, Love and Spirit

Play Better Guitar
David Black
A comprehensive, illustrated guide to playing the guitar, for beginners and those looking
to improve their skills
The basics: guitar parts; hand positions; playing position; tuning the guitar;
chords; strumming; three-chord tricks; chord sequences; TAB & single-string
playing; rhythm; hammer-ons, pull-offs, & slides; and combining chords &
single-string playing
Moving on: power chords, bar chords, damping, palm muting, easy soloing,
seventh chords, two blue pieces, modifying basic chords, navigating the
finger board, altered bass notes, “drop-D” tuning, finger picking, scales—
major & minor, double stopping & intervals, adding color to your playing
Being creative: modifying bar chords, being creative, time signatures,
extended chords, extended soloing, capo, alternate tunings, slide guitar,
tapping, harmonics, going classical, technical development, daily exercise
routine, buying guide, guitar reference
With 55 easy-to-follow lessons, this guide includes everything guitarists need to know in order
to get started and improve their playing quickly and effectively. Arranged in three sections—
the basics, moving on, and being creative—it builds into a progressive course, with exer-
cises, useful tips, and examples designed to enable readers to play better. From basic guitar maintenance and tuning to mastering
tricky chord changes and playing arpeggios, and from reading tablature and musical notation to improvising and composing
songs—as well as tips and techniques to help players match the sounds and styles of their guitar heroes—this comprehensive
guide will have readers strumming in style in no time.
David Black is a guitarist and teacher.
Music • 192 pp • 6 x 8.5 • 100 Color Photos • 100 Color Illustrations
9781849164849 • May • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Concealed Wire-O/Cloth • Quercus

The History of NME

Pat Long
The Sex Pistols sang about it, Nick Hornby claims he regrets not working for it. The
fights, the bands, the brawls, the haircuts, the egos, and much more—the definitive book
about the infamous music magazine.
For 60 years, since it was founded in 1952, the New Musical Express (NME) has played a
central part in the British love affair with pop music—and has been essential for American
connoisseurs to remain in-the-know as well. This authoritative history is an insider’s ac-
count of the high times and low lives of one of the world’s most influential music maga-
zines. It explains the stories behind the stories that kept readers coming back week after
week—the office brawls, the former staffers who launched their careers there (Tony Par-
sons, Julie Burchill, Nick Kent, Mick Farren, Steve Lamacq, and Stuart Maconie), and the
bands who owe their success to the magazine. Snotty, confrontational, enthusiastic, and sar-
castic: the new issue of the NME was the high point of any music fan’s week, whether they
were listening to the Beatles, Bowie, or Blur.
Pat Long was an assistant editor at NME during the late 1990s. He is now a freelance music
journalist who has written for, among others, the Guardian, Kerrang!, and Mojo.
Music • 288 pp • 6 x 8.5 • 25 Color Photos
9781907554483 • June • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Portico

The titles in this collection each feature four documentary DVDs that are packed with
candid audio interviews with various band members, compared and contrasted with
the views of a leading team of music journalists, insiders, and musicologists.
Each: Music • 116 pp • 11 x 11 • 116-page Music Book with 4 DVDs
$49.95 (Can $54.95) Hardcover & DVD • Abstract Sounds Book, Ltd.

Iron Maiden
British Metal
Dave Artwood
Tracing the Iron Maiden story from London’s East End pubs through the triumphant
Hammersmith Odeon shows and on to the stadium rock phenomenon that we know
today, this book is accompanied by four DVDs. The interviews they feature include key-
boardist Tony Moore, explaining the reasons for the collapse of the short-lived lineup
featuring him on keys. Archive interviews featuring Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson
are complemented by a wealth of news reports and television features tracing the su-
perstar years as the band sails on into its fourth decade.
Dave Artwood is a music writer.
12 Color Photos • 29 B/W Photos • 9780956696090 • May

The Who
Can’t Explain
Steven Rosen
Tracing their rise from humble West London roots through to international superstar-
dom, this story of the Who features a masterful and comprehensive text packed with great
photographs of the band. This amazing book and DVD combination are completely es-
sential reading and viewing for Who fans everywhere.
Steven Rosen is a rock journalist and the author of Black Sabbath and Free at Last: The
Story of Free and Bad Company.
12 Color Photos • 30 B/W Photos • 9780956696052 • June

Changing Hemispheres
James McCarthy
Featuring a masterful and comprehensive text packed with great photographs of the band,
this unique book and DVD combination are completely essential reading and viewing
for Rush fans everywhere.
James McCarthy is the author of Michael Jackson: The Man in the Mirror.
11 Color Photos • 17 B/W Photos • 9780956696076 • June

Bob Dylan
Constant Sorrow
Jeff Perkins
Encompassing the complete inside story of the man and his music, this authoritative text
is accompanied by four companion interview DVDs tracing the Bob Dylan story from his
early folk roots through to the worldwide musical phenomenon of today. This is the ul-
timate insight into the world’s greatest songwriter.
Jeff Perkins is the author of AC/DC: Dirty Deeds and Rainbow: Stargazers.
12 Color Photos • 18 B/W Photos • 9780956603951 • May

Each: Music • 116 pp • 11 x 11 • 116-page Music Book with 4 DVDs
$49.95 (Can $54.95) Hardcover & DVD • Abstract Sounds Book, Ltd.

Black Sabbath
Masters of Reality
Steven Rosen
The authoritative text encompasses the complete inside story of Black Sabbath and is ac-
companied by four companion interview DVDs tracing the band’s story from Birmingham
clubs through the first triumphant tours and on to the stadium rock phenomenon of today.
The views of the band are complemented by a wealth of informative insights from jour-
nalists and critics who toured with them.
Steven Rosen is a rock journalist and the author of Free at Last: The Story of Free and
Bad Company and The Who.
12 Color Photos • 20 B/W Photos • 9780956603968 • May

Eric Clapton
Dave Thompson
Tracing his career from obscurity to fame with the Yardbirds and on to international
super stardom as a member of Cream, Blind Faith, and as a solo icon, this is the true
story of Eric Clapton. Featuring a masterful and comprehensive text packed with great
photographs of Eric Clapton, this unique production is also packed with candid film
and audio interviews with Clapton insiders. The contents of this amazing book and DVD
combination are completely essential reading and viewing for Clapton fans everywhere.
Dave Thompson is the author of more than 100 books, including Cream, Go Phish, I
Hate New Music, and Never Fade Away.
11 Color Photos • 28 B/W Photos • 9780956695956 • May

Bruce Springsteen
The Boss
Mick Wall
A masterful and comprehensive text is presented here along with four DVDs packed with
candid film interviews featuring the views of a leading team of music commentators, in-
siders, and musicologists. Containing the unvarnished Bruce Springsteen story as it re-
ally happened, the contents of this book and DVD combination are essential reading and
viewing for Springsteen fans.
Mick Wall is a rock journalist and author whose books include Enter Night: A Biogra-
phy of Metallica and W.A.R.: The Unauthorized Biography of William Axl Rose.
13 Color Photos • 14 B/W Photos • 9780956603999 • May

Thin Lizzy
The Boys Are Back - The True Story
Dave Thompson
As well as a comprehensive track by track analysis by Robert M. Corich, this unique
production includes four interview DVDs packed with candid film and audio interviews
with past and present Thin Lizzy members. Insider interviews include the men who made
Lizzy what they were, including key producers, managers, and album sleeve designers,
as well as a heartfelt recollection from Philomena Lynott, mother of the late great Phil
Lynott. The archive interviews with the band and insiders are compared and contrasted
with the views of a leading team of music journalists, insiders, and musicologists.
Dave Thompson is the author of more than 100 books, including Cream, Go Phish, I
Hate New Music, and Never Fade Away.
11 Color Photos • 17 B/W Photos • 9780956696069 • June

John Paul George Ringo & Me
The Real Beatles Story
Tony Barrow
A unique and vividly personal, firsthand account by a Liverpool-born author who
knew John, Paul, George, and Ringo as friends throughout the height of their fame

“A raucous re-telling of the Beatlemania years . . . Barrow’s swift telling and

catchy prose makes for an addictive read that still manages a few surprises.”
—Publishers Weekly
“Genuinely takes the reader deep into the band’s world.” —Q magazine
As the Beatles’ press officer, the author worked within the group’s closest circle for
six breakneck years during the Beatlemania era of the 1960s. Few were closer to the
Beatles than Tony Barrow, and here, for the first time, he holds a mirror up to the
Fab Four and offers his own insider’s perspective on that four-way dynamic that
spawned the greatest pop group the world has ever seen. From the Beatles’ historic
house party with Elvis Presley at his Bel Air home in the Hollywood Hills, to the
very private scene of John’s tearful backstage preparation for the emotional press
conference following the “We’re more popular then Jesus” furor, he puts the reader
in the picture, offering an unvarnished take from someone who was there.
Tony Barrow, who coined the phrase “the Fab Four” and whose sleeve notes adorned some of the Beatles’ biggest-selling al-
bums, was the band’s press officer from 1962–1968. He is the only surviving professional writer who witnessed Beatlemania
from the inside.
Biography/Music • 272 pp • 6 x 9.5 • 16 Color Photos • 28 B/W Photos
9780233003276 • June • $24.95 Cloth • Andre Deutsch

Queen Unseen
My Life with the Greatest Rock Band of the 20th Century
Peter Hince
An intimate and affectionate insider’s story of his years spent alongside Queen,
with exclusive personal photos
For more than a decade, Peter Hince worked alongside one of the greatest bands in
the history of rock, touring the world and heading up their road crew as they per-
formed at some of the best and biggest music venues in the world. Here he recalls
the highlights of those years with the band. He was with Freddie Mercury when he
composed “Crazy Little Thing Called Love;” he was responsible for making sure that
Freddie’s stage performances went without a hitch; and he was often there to wit-
ness Freddie’s famed tantrums. He was also party to the sex, drugs, and rock and
roll which are invariably part of life on the road with a rock band. Many books
have been written about Queen and Freddie Mercury, but this is the first real in-
sider’s story. Packed with the author’s own exclusive photos, including never-before-
seen shots of Freddie, his female lover Mary, and other band members, this warm
and witty book will entertain and inform as a must-read for any music fan.
Peter Hince met Queen in 1973 when they were opening for Mott the Hoople, began
working for the band full time during their 1975 A Night at the Opera album, and
stayed on as the head of their road crew until their final concert in 1986. He is cur-
rently a professional photographer.
Biography/Music • 288 pp • 6 x 9.5 • 15 Color Photos • 15 B/W Photos
160 9781843587484 • Available • $27.95 (Can $30.95) Cloth • John Blake
The Truth: My Life as Oasis’s Drummer
Tony McCarroll
The candid and hilarious tale of the first five years of Oasis, from their founding drummer

“Good luck trying not to root for them.” —Rolling Stone

Tony McCarroll joined Oasis when they were still a band called the Rain. What started as
five young men with a common dream of becoming rock stars eventually disintegrated into
in-fighting, ego clashes, and financial disputes, until in 1995, following the release of Defi-
nitely Maybe, things came to a head and Tony left the band. Here, Tony reveals the truth about
the early years before the band was formed. He discusses the drug consumption, the sexual
activities, his much-publicized rift with Noel Gallagher, and how he was duped into signing
a less-than-favorable record contract. His recollections include stories involving David Beck-
ham, Prince, Eric Cantona, and John McEnroe. Witty, revealing, and fascinating, this book is
a must-read for Oasis fans.
Tony McCarroll was a founding member of Oasis.
Autobiography/Music • 292 pp • 5 x 8 • 26 B/W Photos
9781843584995 • May • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • John Blake

The Biography
Chas Newkey-Burden
The compelling life story of the Grammy–winning soul singer
Adele’s soulful voice, catchy hits, and vulnerable personality have won her critical acclaim
and huge popularity. She has topped the charts in 18 countries—but who is she? What is
the truth of the tempestuous life that has so influenced her heartbreaking tracks? How did
she overcome the challenges that threatened to derail her career? This compelling book
traces her story from her childhood in London, where she began singing at the age of four.
During her teenage years she wrote her own music and attended the BRIT school, along-
side the likes of Leona Lewis. After posting demos on the MySpace website she earned a
record deal and quickly captured hearts. Adele remains an unlikely icon. Her looks are un-
usual in a formulaic world of celebrity image, she suffers badly with prestage nerves, and
she once canceled a crucial promotional trip to the U.S. because she felt too down to travel.
This is a full, unflinching portrait of a genuine talent and inspiring, uncompromising
woman—the curvy girl-next-door who conquered the world.
Chas Newkey-Burden is a celebrity biographer whose titles include Amy Winehouse: The
Biography, Justin Bieber: Unauthorized Biography, Paris Hilton: Life on the Edge, and Stephe-
Also available: nie Meyer: Queen of Twilight.
Biography/Music • 212 pp • 6 x 9 • 14 Color Photos
9781843586777 • April • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth • John Blake

Lily Allen
$15.95 (Can $17.95)
Mass Market

The Only Girl in the World
Sarah Oliver
From publicly turbulent times with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, through to success as the new
queen of R&B, the first biography of the singer who is, to her fans, the Only Girl in the World
Award-winning artist and indisputable queen of R&B Rihanna is one of the most recogniza-
ble and successful singers in the world, and this is her story. With hits such as “Umbrella,”
“Take a Bow,” and “Don’t Stop the Music,” the beautiful Barbadian has gone from a talented
young singer from a broken home to a bestselling and Grammy Award–winning superstar. Robyn
Rihanna Fenty was born in Saint Michael, Barbados, in 1988, and moved to the United States
at the tender age of 16, where she became the youngest-ever musician to sign for Def Jam records
after sending her demo to the then company head, Jay-Z. Her debut single “Pon de Replay”
went to Number 2 on the U.S. single charts, with her subsequent album Music of the Sun be-
coming a global bestseller. Following the success of her debut, Rihanna went straight back into
the studio to record her follow-up album with renowned R&B producer and singer Ne-Yo. A
Girl Like Me went platinum and the lead single “SOS” became her biggest selling of her ca-
reer. A live tour followed and her next three platinum-selling albums, Good Girl Gone Bad, Rated R, and Loud, confirmed Ri-
hanna as one of the most exciting and successful artists on the planet.
Sarah Oliver is the author of Justin Bieber A–Z, Miley Cyrus A–Z, Robert Pattinson A–Z, and Taylor Lautner A–Z.
Biography/Music • 280 pp • 5 x 8 • 13 Color Photos
9781843584230 • April • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • John Blake

Amy Winehouse
The Biography 1983–2011
Chas Newkey-Burden
A detailed biography that pays tribute to the award-winning singer whose turbulent life and
untimely death have captivated the world
An indisputable musical icon and controversial celebrity figure, Amy Winehouse’s unique blend
of jazz, pop, and soul singing and songwriting brought her a host of awards—including two
prestigious Ivor Novellos and five Grammys—as well as an army of committed fans who adored
her rich voice and painfully honest lyrics. Never far from the headlines, stories about her tu-
multuous personal life and controversial drug abuse made her a daily fixture in the tabloids and
a fascination of celebrity magazines, yet she also held the respect of many serious musicians.
This biography traces the turbulent life of the tattooed wonder from her childhood pranks and
stage school through early music and the global legend she will be remembered as.
Chas Newkey-Burden is a celebrity biographer whose works include Justin Bieber: The Unau-
thorized Biography, Michael Jackson: Legend, Paris Hilton: Life on the Edge, and Stephenie Meyer:
Queen of Twilight.
Biography/Music • 230 pp • 5 x 8 • 39 Color Photos
9781843588146 (Replaces 9781844547210) • Available • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • John Blake

The Biography of Olivia Newton-John
Tim Ewbank
The first full-length biography of the enduringly popular star of Grease
Olivia Newton-John exudes star power and timeless glamour. She has sold 60 million records
around the world, topped the charts in the U.S. and the UK four times, and is known all over
the world for her role as Sandy opposite John Travolta in Grease. But behind the successful singing
and film career lies the story of a remarkable survivor. Olivia’s life has been repeatedly touched
by trauma, heartache, personal tragedy, and her own life-threatening cancer. This revealing bi-
ography charts the highs and lows of her career, and the crises that have affected her personal
life—but never defeated her.
Tim Ewbank writes regularly on show business for such publications as the Daily Express, Mail
on Sunday, and NOW magazine. He is the coauthor of a number of entertainment biographies,
including Rod Stewart, Roger Daltrey, and Russell Crowe.
Biography/Music • 310 pp • 5 x 8 • 22 Color Photos • 11 B/W Photos
9780749909840 • April • $14.95 Paper • Piatkus Books

Miss Shirley Bassey
John L. Williams
From “Hot from Harlem” to Goldfinger, the story of how a two-bit jazz singer from Cardiff,
Wales became an immortal icon

“Fascinating.” —Independent
“Effective and insightful . . . lovely details abound.” —Guardian
In 1954, Shirley Bassey was 17 years old and had just returned from a cheesy revue tour
called “Hot from Harlem.” Depressed, disillusioned, and four months pregnant, she decided
that her dream of being a professional singer was over—but a mere 10 years later, she was
one of the biggest stars in the world. This book explores this remarkable transformation,
both of an individual and of the British society and British psyche that made it possible.
From the vibrant, multicultural oasis of Tiger Bay in the Cardiff docklands through the club-
lands of Soho and Las Vegas to New York’s Carnegie Hall, it is a journey from mere mor-
tal to international icon. This biography draws on original research and interviews to provide
a portrait of a young woman on the cusp of stardom, whose rise to fame was in many ways
symbolic of a changing world. It’s the story of a woman who set out to be extraordinary
and—against all the odds—succeeded.
John L. Williams is a mystery author. He currently writes for the Mail on Sunday, having worked
for the Independent, NME, Sunday Times, and as contributing editor of GQ magazine.
Biography/Music • 430 pp • 5 x 8 • 23 B/W Photos
9781847249753 (Replaces 9780857380982) • May • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper • Quercus

Soul Song
Reflections on an Unexpected Journey
The Priests
The wonderfully talented singers known as the Priests draw upon their unique experi-
ences as priests and performers, their love of music, and their faith, as they weave to-
gether a rich, illuminating tapestry of spiritual wisdom
The Priests have taken the music world by storm. Since they signed their Sony contract in
front of Westminster Cathedral in April 2008, their debut album has sold almost two mil-
lion copies worldwide. It was produced by Mike Hedges, who has worked with U2 and Manic
Street Preachers, and was the topic of a PBS special. This book discusses how their gruel-
ing promotional schedule for the album may have taken them around the world—from Eu-
rope to Montreal, from New York to Sydney, they have always been happy to return to their
parishes in Belfast and the people they serve. Insightful and engaging, it is a treasury of mem-
ories which offers readers a rare and timely opportunity to reflect on their own journeys
through life.
The Priests are Father Eugene O’Hagan, Father Martin O’Hagan, and Father David De-
largy; Catholic priests from Northern Ireland and musical artists.
Autobiography/Music • 244 pp • 5 x 8 • 25 B/W Photos
9781848271098 • April • $15.95 Paper • Transworld Ireland

The Pocket Book of What, When and
Who on Earth
Fascinating Facts About Christianity
Compiled by George Courtauld
A compendium of fascinating information about Christi-
anity, including important plants, symbolic animals, com-
mon variations on the cross, and much more

“Looks like the Eats, Shoots & Leaves of this year.”

—Sunday Times on The Pocket Book of Patriotism
“A curiously moving little work, full of quotes that stop
you in your tracks.” —Daily Mirror on The Pocket
Book of Patriotism
A concise and convenient book about Christianity, this
pocket book is perfectly formatted for anyone interested in
learning more about religion on-the-go. It is clearly and sim-
ply designed for accessible browsing, and includes time lines,
biographies, critical biblical moments, and many other aspects
of Christianity aptly explained.
George Courtauld is the author of The Pocket Book of British
Patriotism and The Pocket Book of Patriotism.
Religion & Theology/Reference • 160 pp • 6 x 8.5
9781903071373 • April • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Cloth
Bene Factum Publishing

Wired for God?
The Biology of Spiritual Experience
Charles Foster
A tour of religious and mystical experiences and their relation to human physiology

“A most enjoyable journey through the drugs, dreams, and profound experiences that
lead people to believe in the existence of souls . . . both serious and entertaining.”
—Susan Blackmore, author, Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction
“A look at the ultimately important questions of life that is itself wonderfully alive: you
may not agree, but you will never be bored.” —Iain McGilchrist, author, The Master
and His Emissary
Hymn singing in the suburbs and ecstatic drumming in the African night, speaking in tongues
and UFOs, chariots of fire, and pierced Messiahs—what do these things tell us about faith
and what it means to be human? Human religious experiences are remarkably uniform; many
can be pharmacologically induced. Recent research into the neurology of religious experience
has shown that, when worshipping or praying, a certain part of the brain, apparently dor-
mant during other activities, becomes active. This fascinating book takes a survey of the ev-
idence—from shamans to medieval mystics, to out-of-body experiences and epilepsy, via
Jerusalem and middle-class Christianity—and assesses its significance.
Charles Foster teaches medical law and ethics. He is the author of The Jesus Inquest and The Sacred Journey.
Religion & Theology/Science • 352 pp • 5 x 8 • 58 B/W Photos
9780340964439 • May • $13.95 Paper • Hodder & Stoughton

Wise Sayings of St. Francis
Andrea Skevington
A beautifully illustrated collection of spiritual wisdom from St. Francis of Assisi
The latest in the series offering illustrations with spiritual quotes and verses of wisdom
from St. Francis, and includes such chapters as In the beginning, God, The Lord’s Prayer,
Be completely humble and gentle, Blessed are the peacemakers, and The earth is the Lord’s
and everything in it. Each book in the series contains an introduction and five chapters,
combined with beautiful chapter openers.
Andrea Skevington has written, compiled, and edited many Christian books for adults
and children.
Religion & Theology/Spirituality • 64 pp • 4 x 6 • 60 Color Illustrations
9780745955643 • June • $6.95 (Can $7.95) Cloth • Lion UK

Also available:
Each: $6.95 (Can $7.95) Cloth

Wise Sayings Wise Sayings from Wise Sayings Wise Sayings

of Jesus the Psalms of Paul from Proverbs
9780745955339 9780745955346 9780745955544 9780745955537

The New Lion Bible Encyclopedia
Mike Beaumont
An all-inclusive Bible encyclopedia that will help readers
visualize the journeys, events, and locations of the Bible
and bring the Good Book to life in an entirely new way
Arranged in a gorgeous series of color spreads, this accessi-
ble text is brought vividly to life through photographs, il-
lustrations, maps, feature boxes, diagrams, and tables.
Divided into six sections, chapters include The Making of the
Bible, The Nations of the Bible, Life in Bible Times, Religion
in the Bible, The Heart of the Bible: Jesus, and many more.
A “fast facts” section at the end brings key facts about the
Bible to the reader’s fingertips quickly and accessibly.
Mike Beaumont is a contributor to the NIV Thematic Study Bible
and the author of The Eagle Handbook of Bible Promises, The
One-Stop Bible Guide, and The One-Stop Guide to Jesus.
Religion & Theology/Reference
224 pp • 8.5 x 10.5 • 91 Color Illustrations
9780745955261 • April • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth
Lion UK

The Philosopher and the Gospels
Jesus Through the Lens of Philosophy
Keith Ward
The teachings of Jesus examined by one of the leading philosophers of our day
The teachings of Jesus Christ, as presented in the Bible, are familiar to millions, but do we
really understand them? Keith Ward argues that, by scrutinizing the Gospels through the lens
of contemporary philosophy, we can discover perspectives that are not always apparent in
traditional church teaching. Ward’s analysis of what Jesus really said uncovers four central
themes: that the Gospel is for everyone; that the Second Coming will lead to a future in a
spiritual realm, not a physical world; that Jesus presents a moral ideal for life rather than a
literal set of rules; and that God is expressed initially through the incarnation of Jesus, but
ultimately through the whole of creation.
Keith Ward is known as one of Britain’s foremost philosopher–theologians. He is the author
of more than 20 books including The Big Questions of Science and Religion, Is Religion Ir-
rational?, and Why There Is Almost Certainly a God.
Religion & Theology/Philosophy • 192 pp • 5.5 x 8.5
9780745955629 • April • $17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper • Lion UK

The Story of Christianity

An Illustrated History of 2000 Years of the Christian Faith
David Bentley Hart
A distinguished theologian presents a beautifully illustrated history of 2,000 years
of the Christian faith

“David Hart is one of America’s sharpest minds, and this is Hart in full, all
guns firing and the band playing on the deck.” —George Weigel, author,
Witness to Hope
“An eloquent and persuasive stance.” —Publishers Weekly on The Doors of the Sea
Presented in 50 short chapters, each focusing on a critical facet of Christian history
or theology, and each amplified by timelines, quotations, and color images, this mag-
isterial account does full justice to the range of Christian tradition, belief, and prac-
tice—Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Evangelical, Coptic,
Chaldean, Ethiopian Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, and Malankaran, to name but
a few of the many possibilities. From the persecutions of the early church to the papal–
imperial conflicts of the Middle Ages, from the religious wars of 16th- and 17th- cen-
tury Europe to the challenges of science and secularism in the modern era, and from
the ancient Christian communities of Africa and Asia to the “house churches” of contemporary China, this sequence of essays
focusing on critical “moments” in the religion triumphantly captures the heterogeneous richness of Christian history.
David Bentley Hart is an Orthodox theologian who has taught at the University of Virginia, the University of St. Thomas in St.
Paul, Duke Divinity School, and Loyola College in Baltimore. His books include Atheist Delusions, The Beauty of the Infinite,
and The Doors of the Sea. He has been published in First Things, Modern Theology, the New Atlantis, and the Wall Street Jour-
nal. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Religion & Theology • 256 pp • 8.5 x 11 • 150 Color Photos
9781847248459 (Replaces 9781847241405) • April • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Cloth • Quercus

A Dictionary of Celtic Saints
Elizabeth Rees
An exploration of the lives and origin of Celtic saints, complete with photographs of where
each saint lived and worked
Describing 120 saints, and filled with the author’s own evocative photographs, this reference
includes every well-known Celtic saint and a large number of less famous individuals. The
book is easy to use, with an introduction and maps to pinpoint the sites described in the text,
and will appeal to anyone interested in history, landscape, or spirituality. The reader is drawn
into the beautiful world which these men and women inhabited, while also being able to trace
the history and legend surrounding these early Christians.
Elizabeth Rees is a nun, a leading authority on the Celtic saints, and the author of Celtic Saints
in their Landscapes.
Religion & Theology/History • 176 pp • 6 x 9.5
120 B/W Photos • 25 Color Illustrations
9780752463056 • May • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper • The History Press

Why Was the Partridge in the Pear Tree?

The History of Christmas Carols
Reverend Mark Lawson-Jones
Foreword by Bishop Dominic Walker
The hidden stories and fascinating facts behind favorite Christmas carols
Who was Good King Wenceslas? What are the pagan origins behind The Holly and the Ivy?
Discover the hidden stories behind best-loved Christmas carols, from their earliest incarna-
tions in the Middle Ages and their banning under the Puritans to the carols that united sol-
diers on the Western Front during World War I. This fascinating book charts the history of
one of Christmas’ longest-running traditions and is sure to appeal to all those who love the
festive season.
Reverend Mark Lawson-Jones is a team rector in charge of 10 parishes in Wales. Bishop Do-
minic Walker is the ministry bishop for the Church in Wales.
History/Seasonal • 128 pp • 4.5 x 7 • 40 B/W Illustrations
9780752459578 • August • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper • The History Press

Confessions of an Advertising Man
David Ogilvy
Foreword by Sir Alan Parker
A new edition of the timeless business classic featured on Mad Men—
as fresh and relevant now as the day it was written
“Ogilvy is the creative force of modern advertising.”
—New York Times
“Required reading for anyone in business.” —Media Week
Selected by Fast Company Magazine as one of their Leader-
ship Hall of Fame titles for Best Business Autobiography
“We admire people who work hard, who are objective and thorough.
We detest office politicians, toadies, bullies and pompous asses. We abhor
ruthlessness. The way up our ladder is open to everybody. In promot-
ing people to top jobs, we are influenced as much by their character as
anything else.” —David Ogilvy
David Ogilvy was considered the “father of advertising” and a creative
genius by many of the biggest global brands. First published in 1963,
this seminal book revolutionized the world of advertising and became
a bible for the 1960s ad generation. It also became an international best-
seller, translated into 14 languages. Fizzing with Ogilvy’s pioneering ideas
and inspirational philosophy, it covers not only advertising, but also peo-
ple management, corporate ethics, and office politics, and forms an es-
sential blueprint for good practice in business.
David Ogilvy (1911–1999), referred to in 1962 by Time as “the most
sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry,” is considered to have
been one of the dominant thinkers in the field. He is also the author of
Ogilvy on Advertising. Sir Alan Parker was a copywriter in the 1960s and
1970s, and is now a film director and producer. His directed films include
Angela’s Ashes, Fame, Midnight Express, and Pink Floyd: The Wall.
Business • 192 pp • 6 x 9.5
9781904915379 (Replaces 9781904915010) • Available
$19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • Southbank Publishing

Table of Contents

1. How to Manage an Advertising Agency

2. How to Get Clients
3. How to Keep Clients
4. How to be a Good Client
5. How to Build Great Campaigns
6. How to Write Potent Copy
7. How to Illustrate Advertisements and Posters
8. How to Make Good Television Commercials
9. How to Make Good Campaigns for Food Products, Tourist Destinations and Proprietary Medicines
10. How to Rise to the Top of the Tree
11. Should Advertising Be Abolished?

The Big Book of Small Business
The #1 Guide to Growing, Prospering and Succeeding Today
Andrew Griffiths
Smart, realistic, and powerful advice to help any small business reach its full potential
Packed with inspirational and practical advice, this guide will help every business owner
build the business of their dreams. Andrew Griffiths welcomes the “age of the entre-
preneur,” the most exciting time ever for business owners. In his down-to-earth, street-
smart style, he identifies new opportunities for smaller business operators to grow their
business fast. He also shows how an entrepreneurial attitude can improve every aspect
of a business, from customer relations to promotion to backroom accounts. With more
people than ever before starting new businesses, competition is increasing at unprece-
dented rates. Everyone is looking for a silver bullet to give them a competitive edge—
this book is it.
Andrew Griffiths is an experienced entrepreneur and the author of business books which
include 101 Secrets to a Winning Business, 101 Ways to Have a Business and a Life,
and 101 Ways to Market Your Business.
Business • 368 pp • 7 x 9
9781742374284 • April • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Leadership Beyond Good Intentions

What It Takes to Really Make a Difference
Geoff Aigner
Foreword by Lama Ole Nydahl
An experienced leader and trainer explains how managers and leaders can find com-
passionate ways of facilitating change in their organizations

“Connects the inner journey of leadership with the external realities in a readable,
useful, practical guide for anyone leading change.” —Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky,
coauthors, Leadership on the Line
Drawing on deep experience of developing leaders from a wide range of public sector, pri-
vate sector, community, and nongovernment organizations; as well as on Buddhist princi-
ples; Geoff Aigner identifies the inner tensions and work involved in making change. Offering
an alternative to typical hard-line approaches to leadership, he challenges common assumptions
leaders make about themselves and their motivations, and offers strategies to develop fresh,
effective, and truly compassionate ways of pursuing change. He explains that for leaders,
good intentions are not enough—when despite your best efforts you run into obstacles and
resistance, the temptation is to see the challenges as lying outside ourselves, to grasp at a
model or a tool, or to find other people slow to get the point. Aigner reveals here that the
real challenge we face is often ourselves.
Geoff Aigner teaches social leadership. Lama Ole Nydahl is a cofounder and leader of Di-
amond Way Buddhism, which has approximately 600 centers worldwide, including 40 in
the U.S. He is the author of nine books, including Entering the Diamond Way, Riding the
Tiger, and The Way Things Are.
Management/Business • 216 pp • 5 x 8
9781742373942 • April • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

What Works
What It Takes to Succeed in a Competitive Global Marketplace
Hamish McRae
In a lively and counterintuitive exploration of success stories from across
the globe, an award-winning journalist takes the reader on a fascinating
journey in pursuit of the flimsy difference between triumph and failure

“Optimistic yet realistic, humane yet incisive, [this] inspiring and

wide-ranging book is essential reading for anyone who wants to under-
stand what works, what doesn’t, and why.” —Tim Harford, author,
The Undercover Economist
“Each case study is lean and precisely crafted. . . . McRae deserves
credit for writing a can-do anthology in defeatist times.” —Observer
“Broad, accessible, and colorful . . . seeing the markers of success as
far more than balance sheets and statistics. It’s good to have a book
that shows faith in people.” —Independent on Sunday
Drawing life lessons from the great ideas put to work on every continent—
from America to Europe, from Africa to Asia and Australasia—these stories
are as surprising as they are inspiring. This book explores such questions as
Why do some initiatives take off while others flounder? How have some com-
munities managed to achieve so much while others struggle? What distin-
guishes the good companies from the bad? What lessons can we learn from
the surprisingly well-ordered Mumbai community made famous by Slum-
dog Millionaire? Why have Canadian manners helped Whistler become the
most popular ski resort in North America? How has Zurich developed the
world’s most admired antidrug policies? And how has Hong Kong used gam-
bling profits to help its residents enjoy the greatest level of economic free-
dom on the planet? Readers will be entertained, informed, and enlightened
as to how to achieve successes of in their businesses, communities, and lives.
Hamish McRae is an economic journalist and one of Europe’s leading lecturers about the global economy and its impact on busi-
ness conditions and practices. A principal commentator for the Independent and the Independent on Sunday, and associate edi-
tor of the Independent, he is the author of The World in 2020, which has been translated into more than a dozen languages. He
was named Business and Finance Journalist of the Year in 2006 at the British Press Awards and broadcasts regularly on the BBC.
Business • 356 pp • 5 x 7.5
9780007203789 (Replaces 9780007203772) • April • $14.95 Paper • HarperPress

Introduction Africa
The UK and Ireland 13. Mobile Telephony
1. Edinburgh Festival India
2. The City of London 14. The Slums of Mumbai
3. The Celtic Tiger 15. The High-tech Industries of Bangalore
Continental Europe China
4. Traffic Management in Copenhagen 16. The Municipality of Shanghai
5. Zurich Drug Rehabilitation 17. The Hong Kong Jockey Club
6. The Mittelstand Japan
7. IKEA 18. Public Safety in Tokyo
North America Australia
8. New York Philanthropy 19. The Great Sporting Nation
9. Main Street America
10. Harvard Global
11. Whistler 20. The International Baccalaureate
Middle East Conclusion
12. Property Development in Dubai

Spills and Spin
The Inside Story of BP
Tom Bergin
A gripping and eye-opening account of a corporation in crisis, setting
the spill in its broader context within the history of BP and big oil

“Bergin, a highly regarded oil industry reporter, has provided the

best assessment yet of how the accident was rooted in the nature of
BP, the most swashbuckling of the oil giants. . . . There are lessons
here about how to prevent a crisis—and handle one—that anyone in
business would do well to take in.” —Financial Times
“Of all the accounts so far, Reuters oil writer Tom Bergin provides
the most compelling look at how BP found itself with President
Barack Obama’s boot on its throat and two-thirds of its market
value evaporating.” —Daily Telegraph
“If you want to know why BP got itself into such a mess before and
after Deepwater Horizon, Spills and Spin is an excellent and reliable
account.” —Sunday Times
In April 2010, the world watched in alarm as BP’s Macondo well suffered
a fatal explosion and a catastrophic leak. Over the next three months,
amid tense scenes of corporate and political finger-pointing, millions of
barrels of crude oil dispersed across the Gulf of Mexico in what became
one of the worst oil spills in history. But there is more to BP’s story than
this. Tom Bergin, an oil broker turned Reuters reporter, watched the “two-
pipeline company” of the early 1980s grow into a dynamic oil giant and
PR machine by the turn of the 21st century. His unique access to key fig-
ures within BP, including former CEO Tony Hayward, has enabled him
to piece together the story of a corporation in crisis. He takes readers back
nearly 30 years to explain how a company that was almost destroyed by privatization and the oil-price crash of the late 1980s
was able to transform itself into the industry’s most dynamic player, and most sophisticated PR machine, by the turn of the 21st
century. At the same time, he examines how crucial decisions made during this remarkable turnaround period paved the way
for BP’s darkest hour.
Tom Bergin is a former oil broker and a journalist who has reported on the energy industry for more than 12 years. For the
past seven years he has headed Reuters’s coverage of the oil industry in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and his work has
been published in the Globe and Mail, International Herald Tribune, the New York Times, the Shanghai Daily, the Times, and
the Wall Street Journal. He is a regular television and radio commentator, appearing on BBC, CNBC, and ITV.
Business/Environmental Studies • 304 pp • 5 x 8
9781847940827 • February • $15.95 Paper • Random House Business UK

From the Bankston, Landry saw a green flash, a fireball, and a wave of debris flying toward him. Only 40 feet from the
rig, he could also feel the shock wave. Beside him, Paul Erickson began to shout, “Fire! Fire! Fire on the rig!” and made
for the alarm. Landry picked up the internal radio and ordered his men below to disconnect the mud hose immediately.
Landry revved the engines and pushed back. When he got to a distance of 100 metres, he saw Deepwater Horizon go
dark. It had lost power, although he could still hear its distress signals over the radio. The Bankston’s satellite phone
wasn’t working—coverage was unreliable in this area—and so Landry dispatched an e-mail to BP alerting them to the
explosion. Meanwihle, secondary explosions began to rock the Horizon, turning the rig into one large fireball. Landry
saw workers jump into the sea to escape the flames.
Below deck on the Bankston, engine room assistant Louis Longlois and chief engineer Anthony Gervasio were already
preparing the fast recovery craft. Once the vessel had reached its 500-metre holding point, Landry ordered the small
craft into the water to pick up the men floundering in the Gulf.
Over the coming hours, 115 men were recovered from lifeboats and life rafts and plucked from the burning water around
the rig. It was a heroic achievement on the part of the Bankston’s crew, but the head-count was 11 fewer than had been
on the rig before the blast.
Deepwater Horizon burned for another two days before sinking 5,000 feet to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, in the
process unleashing the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

Life’s a Beach
The Story of Gordon “Butch” Stewart and the Story
of Sandals
Jo Foley
The fascinating success story of the Jamaican businessman
behind the well-known Sandals Resorts
Covering his early years to the present day, the rags-to-riches tale
of the creator of the phenomenally successful Caribbean company
Sandals is fully documented in this lavishly illustrated biography.
Gordon “Butch” Stewart has led a fascinating life; from air con-
ditioning salesman to the creator of one of the world’s biggest
brands, his has been a journey full of notable achievements. Now
a highly successful businessman, he is also a well-known philan-
thropist in his native Jamaica: he has played a key role in the coun-
try’s economic development over the last 30 years as well as
providing huge employment opportunities and creating the San-
dals Foundation, an organization that handles everything from
literacy programs to community redevelopment. Despite his
many achievements and unconventional attitude toward business,
Butch Stewart’s incredible life story remains widely unknown. With
photographic material throughout including family photos,
archive shots, and landscape images, this is an absorbing account
of how one man’s vision and determination inspired an island.
Jo Foley is a writer, editor, media consultant, and the author of
Great Spa Escapes.
Biography/Business • 256 pp • 8 x 10 • 150 Color Photos
9781907642395 • April • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Cloth
Elliott & Thompson

London Unfurled
Matteo Pericoli
From the author of the wonderfully unique Manhattan Unfurled comes an equally elegant, heartfelt, and unprecedented por-
trait of London

“Pericoli’s drawing is at once monumental and gentle.” —New Yorker on Manhattan Unfurled
“Artist Matteo Pericoli has captured this concrete chameleon beautifully. . . . Part coffee-table sketchbook, part painstak-
ing exercise in artistic patience, Pericoli’s foldout book is a doodling daydream . . . it gives you goosebumps.”
—Entertainment Weekly on Manhattan Unfurled
Includes a key to the locations noted in the book
Divided and united by its river, London is one of few cities in the world to find its essence in two profoundly different, yet nearly
touching, urban characters—meaning that the Thames provides the perfect vantage point for telling a comprehensive story of
this complex city. Arriving with little previous knowledge of London, Matteo Pericoli made an intensive 20-mile journey along
the Thames, from Hammersmith Bridge to the Millennium Dome and back again. More than two years later, he has completed
an astonishing document of his journey: two 37-foot-long pen-and-ink drawings depicting the city’s north and south banks.
Each drawing—presented on either side of this beautiful single-sheet accordion-style book—is rendered with loving and essay-
like detail, revealing a distinct profile of London in all of its diversity: a dozen boroughs, 19 bridges, and hundreds of build-
ings, including the Houses of Parliament, Tate Modern, Battersea Power Station, and Millennium Wheel. Pericoli’s inimitable
drawings, constantly complementing and questioning each other, brought him to a better understanding of London. Both life-
long residents and those who have never visited will find that this breathtaking work of art deepens their thoughts and renews
their fascination with one of the world’s most impressive cities.
Matteo Pericoli is best known for his illustrated books of New York, where he lived from 1995 to 2008, such as The City Out
My Window, Manhattan Unfurled, and World Unfurled. He has been profiled on CBS Sunday Morning and Fresh Air; his work
is published regularly in the New York Times; and he has also been published in Harper’s, the New Yorker, Sports Illustrated,
and Vanity Fair. His other projects have included cover artwork for Colum McCann’s Let the Great World Spin, cover artwork
for the Beastie Boys’ To the 5 Boroughs, and a 397-foot-long panoramic mural at John F. Kennedy Airport.
Art • 2 pp • 11 x 7 • B/W Illustrations Throughout
9780330517829 • April • $35.00 Cloth with Slipcase • Picador

Rude London
Snapshots of a City with Its Pants Down
Patrick Dalton
The funniest, crudest, real photographs of London caught with its proverbial pants down
Following hot on the hilarious heels of Shit London comes this naughty, but very funny collection of 130 lewd London photos.
From hilarious real street signs to real pub names to an assortment of weird, wonderful, and rude shop names, as well as the
unexpected comedy that lurks on on every street corner, England’s capital city is up to its knees in wonderful muck. This col-
lection expresses our pathological human need to point and laugh out loud at something silly, ridiculous, and crass.
Patrick Dalton is a radio producer who worked for many years at the BBC and now freelances. His first book was Shit Lon-
don. He has lived in London his entire life.
Humor/Photography • 112 pp • 6 x 6 • 130 Color Photos
9781907554452 • May • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth • Portico

Also available:

Shit London
$14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth

Stephen Millar
Stephen Millar is the author of London’s City Churches. He has written and provided photographs
for a number of magazines and books including the Independent on Saturday.
Each: Travel • 4 x 6 • 400 Color Photos • 14 Maps • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • Metro Publications

London’s Hidden Walks Volume 1

Second edition
From open sunny squares to winding alleyways and quiet hidden corners, 13 off-the-beaten-
path walks, rich in historical detail

“A wonderful way to explore this sometimes secretive city, great for either hardened
Londoners or first time visitors.” —Robert Elms, author, Time Out London Walks
People love walking the streets of London, but there are always more questions than an-
swers after a stroll through the city. This book is packed with interesting details about Lon-
don’s history, offering both personal tales of those who wandered the same streets in former
years and a more general social and economic history of the different areas covered. Fol-
lowing any of the 13 walks will allow London visitors to walk in the footsteps of authors
and statesmen, murderers and revolutionaries. Detailed maps illustrate the route and loca-
tions of buildings and points of interest.
392 pp • 9781902910451 (Replaces 9781902910338) • May

London’s Hidden Walks Volume 2

A second volume featuring 13 further walks for visitors to London, all off the beaten path,
and rich in historical detail
People love walking the streets of London, but there are always more questions than answers
after a stroll through the city. This book is packed with interesting details about London’s
history, offering both personal tales of those that wandered the same streets in former years
and a more general social and economic history of the different areas covered. Following
any of the 13 walks will allow London visitors to walk in the footsteps of authors and states-
men, murderers and revolutionaries. Detailed maps illustrate the route and locations of build-
ings and points of interest.
376 pp • 9781902910468 • August

Also available:

Book Lovers’ London Food Lovers’ London London’s Houses London’s Monuments
9781902910345 9781902910352 9781902910369 9781902910437
$13.95 Paper $17.95 Paper $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper

Museums & Galleries of London
Fifth edition
Abigail Willis
A newly revised pocket guide with all the information travelers
need, from renowned institutions such as the British Museum to
smaller specialist venues like the Cartoon Museum
London is home to some of the best museums in the world, and whether
visitors are interested in firefighting or fine art, tennis or toys, there
are museums and galleries offering incredible choice for culture vul-
tures—the only problem is knowing where to look. This guide offers
comprehensive coverage of museums and galleries across the city as
well as the vibrant commercial art scene, art fairs, degree shows, her-
itage venues, archives, and libraries. Floor plans, street maps, and an
exhaustive subject index will help visitors rediscover old favorites like
the Science Museum and track down newcomers like the Household
Cavalry Museum and the wonderfully quirky Museum of Brands, Pack-
aging and Advertising. With details of museum cafes and shops, and
crowd-busting tips on London’s lesser-known museums, this is essential
reading for visitors and Londoners alike.
Abigail Willis is a freelance writer and art researcher.
Travel/Art • 288 pp • 4.5 x 7 • 100 Color Photos • 13 Maps
9781902910444 (Replaces 9781902910314) • May
$16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • Metro Publications

Exploring Britain’s Castles
Celebrating Britain’s Magnificent Legacy
AA Publishing
More than 120 of Britain’s finest castles are showcased
in this fabulous celebration of some of its most beauti-
ful and historically significant buildings
Britain’s turbulent civil history has left it with a magnifi-
cent legacy of castles, built to intimidate and designed for
defense, many now in ruin—yet they continue to hold their
auras of power and mystery. Here, their stories are told,
from the mighty fortress of Dover to the picturesque moated
ruin of Caerlaverock. Edward I’s famous castles at Caernar-
fon and Harlech are covered, as well as more humble land-
marks such as the island tower of Castle Stalker and the
legendary stones of Tintagel. This guide includes clear re-
gional and locator maps produced by the AA’s cartographic
department and practical information such as contact de-
tails, opening times, and facilities. This is an essential pur-
chase for all those interested in discovering more about
Britain’s unique history and the imposing structures that
still dominate many areas of the landscape.
AA Publishing is the UK’s largest travel publisher, with an
extensive range of inspiring travel guides, dependable driv-
ing books, and trusted maps and atlases.
Travel/Architecture • 224 pp • 9 x 10.5
200 Color Photos
9780749570750 • April • $39.95 Cloth • AA Publishing

Coast & Countryside
Joe Cornish, David Noton, and Paul Wakefield
Originally published in two volumes, Coast and Coun-
tryside, this exquisite collection reveals the true beauty
of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland’s countryside
and coastal heritage
Three leading British landscape photographers celebrate
the diversity of Britain’s natural heritage in this photo-
graphic tour ranging from the fells and lakes of Cumbria
and the wilderness wetlands of the fens to the granite
columns of the Giant’s Causeway and the spectacular Cor-
nish coast. This dramatic voyage around fields, forests,
rolling hills, hidden harbors, and rocky cliffs captures the
unique and remarkable beauty of the coast and country-
side. Not just a showcase for Britain’s extraordinary beauty,
this book also celebrates the photographer’s art and en-
courages the preservation of a unique countryside and
coastline for future generations.
Joe Cornish is an acclaimed contemporary landscape pho-
tographer; the author of Joe Cornish: A Photographer at
Work, Light and the Art of Landscape Photography, Scot-
land’s Coast, and Scotland’s Mountains; and the coauthor
of Developing Vision and Style and Working the Light.
David Noton is an award-winning landscape and travel
photographer and the author of Waiting for the Light. Paul
Wakefield has collaborated with Jan Morris on landscape
books of Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
Photography/Nature • 272 pp • 9.5 x 8.5
221 Color Photos
9781907892196 • May • $26.95 (Can $29.95) Cloth
National Trust

Great British Pubs
Adrian Tierney-Jones
A practical guide that takes readers around the very best public houses in Britain
and celebrates the pub as a national institution
Every kind of British pub is represented in these pages, with fully illustrated cate-
gorized listings featuring a host of excellent watering holes from the seaside to the
city, and from the historic to the ultramodern. Pubs are divided into more than 20
categories, such as family pubs, brew pubs, city pubs, and country pubs, so travel-
ers can quickly find the establishment that fits their needs. Articles on beer brewing,
cider making, classic pub food recipes, and traditional pub games are included to
help the reader fully understand what makes a pub great. Full address details and
opening hours are provided, giving all travelers the information needed to get out
and visit plenty of great British pubs.
Adrian Tierney-Jones is the editor of 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die. He
received the 2006 Silver Award from the British Guild of Beer Writers and his work
has appeared in Beers of the World, Brewers Guardian, and the Daily Telegraph.
Travel/Cooking • 296 pp • 8 x 6.5 • 150 Color Photos
9781852492656 • May • $23.95 (Can $26.95) Paper • CAMRA Books

101 Beer Days Out

Tim Hampson
From pub crawls to family-friendly museums—the perfect handbook for the beer tourist
eager to explore beer and brewing in the UK

“A stunning, indispensable reference.” —Library Journal on The Beer Book

Britain has plenty of beer experiences to explore and enjoy, including brewery tours, rail
ale trails, beer festivals, hop farms, brewing courses, and historic pubs. This guide brings
together the very best events, activities, and places to visit around the country, all with real
ale at their heart. Something for every taste is included, even family-friendly museums. The
guide is ordered geographically so travelers can easily find a beer day out wherever they
are in Britain, and includes maps and full visitor information such as local accommoda-
tions, other nearby attractions, opening times, transportation details, and entry fees.
Tim Hampson is the author of The Beer Book and Great Beers: The Best from Around the
World. He is the chairman of the British Guild of Beer Writers, and his work has appeared
in American Brewer and Food & Travel magazine.
Travel/Cooking • 184 pp • 5.5 x 8.5 • 100 Color Photos
9781852492885 • August • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper

London Pocket Atlas
Collins UK
Fully updated, clear street maps of Central London and the surrounding area in a pocket-
sized atlas
An ideal purchase for resident or visitor alike, this handy little atlas has an extensive area
of coverage and shows the center of London at an extra large scale. From Chiswick in the
west to Barking in the east, and Hampstead in the north to Dulwich in the south, mapping
is at a scale of 1:20,000 (3.17 inches to 1 mile); and in Central London at 1:12,500 (5.1
inches to 1 mile). The maps are exceptionally clear and easy to use with color coding for
both the roads as well as locations such as shops, hospitals, hotels, schools, and more. It
includes the new Olympic Park, the latest boundary of the congestion charging zone, tourist
information centers, an updated underground map on the back cover, and a full index to
street names.
Travel/Reference • 144 pp • 4 x 5 • Color Mapping
9780007452453 (Replaces 9780007308750) • April • $6.95 Paper • Collins UK

London Pocket Map

Collins UK
A handy little full -color map of central London with a high level of detail, ideal for the
pocket or bag
Clear mapping of central London covers the most visited area of central London, ranging
from Regent’s Park in the north to Kennington in the south, and Kensington Gardens in
the west to Tower Bridge in the east, at a scale of 5 inches to 1 mile. Inset maps of Olympic
Park, West End shopping, and theaters are also included, as well as a Tube map, and the
latest congestion zone boundary.
Travel/Reference • 1 pp • 3.5 x 5.5 • Color Mapping • Four-color Interior
9780007452446 • April • $3.95 Folded • Collins UK

Collins World Atlas: Illustrated Edition
Collins UK
Highly detailed maps give balanced, worldwide coverage, while beautifully illustrated
thematic pages and thousands of facts and statistics enable the user to know the world
Perfect for family reference, this atlas provides a comprehensive and topical view of today’s
world and the issues facing it. The contents include 32 highly illustrated world and con-
tinental thematic pages with detailed information on, and interpretations of, major ge-
ographical themes and global issues. More than 150 pages offer highly accurate and
fully up-to-date maps, with an index of more than 50,000 place names. Global issues
are addressed, including the environment, world conflict, population, climate change,
and the international drug trade, while comparative satellite images show dramatic ex-
amples of environmental change.
Reference • 240 pp • 9 x 12 • Four-color Interior
9780007452651 • May • $19.95 Paper • Collins UK

The Times Mini Atlas of the World

Times UK
Complete map coverage of the world is provided with the accuracy and authority for
which Times atlases are renowned, in a pocket-sized format
Offering great authority, outstanding quality, and attention to detail, this new edition has
been fully revised to bring all the maps and geographical information completely up to
date. The introductory section covers major world geographical themes—from climate and
environment to population and urbanization—giving a global snapshot of the contempo-
rary world. A comprehensive guide to the world’s states and territories including flags,
capital cities, and key facts, make this the ideal reference atlas for home, school, or office.
Authoritative, up-to-date mapping reflects such recent changes as the newly independent
country of Kosovo; a geographical reference section offers flags, statistics, and facts for
the world’s states and territories; statistics and world maps on major geographical themes
include population, cities, climate, and the environment; and an extensive index has more
than 20,000 place names.
Travel/Reference • 256 pp • 4 x 6
9780007452415 (Replaces 9780007276387) • May • $10.95 Cloth • Times Books UK

AA Publishing
These handy atlases easily fit into the glovebox of a car and are perfect for quick referencing on the move.
AA Publishing is the UK’s largest travel publisher, with an extensive range of inspiring
travel guides, dependable driving books, and trusted maps and atlases.
Travel/Reference • 6 x 8.5 • Color Mapping • April • AA Publishing

Glovebox Atlas Britain

With information on road map symbols, a key to map page, and mileage charts,
this is the perfect glovebox companion for helping travelers to find their way through-
out Britain. This glovebox atlas includes a 4,500 place-name index and 8 miles to
1 inch scale.
Paper: 96 pp • 9780749571160 (Replaces 9780749563158) • $8.95
Spiral: 96 pp • 9780749571177 (Replaces 9780749563141) • $9.95

Glovebox Atlas Britain with 83 Town Plans

With information on road map symbols, a key to map page, and mileage charts,
this is the perfect glovebox companion for helping travelers to find their way
throughout Britain. To help with trip planning, 83 city and town plans have been
included, complete with street indexes and 8 miles to 1 inch scale.
192 pp • 9780749571184 • $16.95 Spiral

AA Road Atlas Italy
AA Publishing
Fully updated, with full coverage of Italy including Sicily and Sardinia
With information on toll roads and barriers, tunnels, and possible winter road closures, these
maps include such details as car ferries with crossing times. There are distance markers on
all roads, a distance chart between 100 cities and towns, and a large 4 miles to 1 inch scale.
AA Publishing is the UK’s largest travel publisher, with an extensive range of inspiring travel
guides, dependable driving books, and trusted maps and atlases.
Travel/Reference • 288 pp • 7 x 10.5 • Color Mapping
9780749571047 (Replaces 9780749561017) • April • $24.95 Paper • AA Publishing

Also available:

2012 Road 2012 Road 2012 Road Road Atlas

Atlas Britain Atlas Europe Atlas France Germany
9780749568245 9780749571139 9780749571382 9780749568009
$27.95 Spiral $27.95 Paper $21.95 Spiral $24.95 Paper
$22.95 Spiral

Collins Road Atlas Ireland

Touring Edition
Collins UK
A wealth of tourist information, extremely clear and attractive mapping, and detailed
town center plans make this an essential purchase for visitors
With attractive road mapping of the whole of Ireland at a scale of 5.2 miles to 1 inch, these
maps feature layer colors to show land height and have a wide range of places of tourist
interest plotted. The revised atlas also includes fully indexed, large-scale town and city cen-
ter street plans of Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Limerick, Londonderry (Derry), Galway, Bangor,
Waterford, Dun Laoghaire, Drogheda, and Killarney. There is also a “places of interest”
section with descriptions and photographs. Other features include a route planning map
of the whole of Ireland at 15.8 miles to 1 inch; clearly marked locations of fixed speed cam-
eras and speed enforcement zones; information on traveling in Ireland; tourist information
centers referenced to the map, complete with addresses and telephone numbers; a distance
chart; distances marked on the roads in miles and kilometers; and a county map.
Travel/Reference • 64 pp • 8 x 11.5 • Color Mapping
9780007442317 (Replaces 9780007273881) • April • $9.95 Paper • Collins UK

Collins Greater Dublin Streetfinder Atlas
Collins UK
A handy format street atlas of Greater Dublin with clear, detailed street mapping
Scaled at 4.4 inches to 1 mile, this street mapping of Greater Dublin is fully indexed.
Fixed safety cameras have been added as well as Speed Enforcement Zones, which high-
light roads that have been identified as having a high risk of accidents. A comprehen-
sive guide section gives details of Dublin’s history, places to visit, local information, and
useful visitor information. A large area is covered, including Dublin and its surround-
ings such as Swords, Greystones, Clonee and Malahide, Maynooth, Leixlip, Rathcoole,
Ashbourne, and Adamstown.
Travel/Reference • 112 pp • 7.5 x 10.5 • Color Mapping
9780007443062 (Replaces 9780007312825) • April • $11.95 Spiral • Collins UK

Scotland the Best

Peter Irvine
From the best ice cream to the best spooky places—the true Scot’s insider’s guide to the
very best Scotland has to offer

“The only guide worth a damn.” —Scotsman

“Makes all other guides to Scotland redundant.” —Sunday Times
Peter Irvine’s personal guide points toward the best places to stay (whatever the budget), the
best beaches, the best hill walks, the best bakers, the best seafood, the best places for kids,
the best céilidhs, and so the list goes on. Quirky, personalized, and informed, it remains the
only guide to Scotland that the Scots themselves buy. In this new edition, every recommen-
dation has been reassessed to see whether it is still worthy of inclusion, and the selection cri-
teria has become even more stringent. With clear color mapping from Collins and website
links for all entries, planning a trip has never been easier.
Peter Irvine is a director of two events companies in Scotland who produce most of the major
public events in Glasgow and Edinburgh, including the annual Glasgow Art Fair and Ed-
inburgh’s Hogmanay—now the biggest New Year festival in the world.
Travel • 432 pp • 5.5 x 8.5 • Color Mapping
9780007442447 (Replaces 9780007319657) • May • $24.95 Paper • Collins UK

Handy Road
Also available: Atlas Scotland
9780007254613 • $7.95 Paper

Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Collection: Italy
Juliet Kinsman, Lucy Fennings, and Anthony Leyton
Aimed at the style-savvy traveler, the newest entry in this
acclaimed series of boutique hotel guides showcases 33 of
Italy’s most romantic retreats

“The ultimate hotel guide for lovers.” —Wallpaper

“The jet-set has a new bible.” —Elle
“A boutique benchmark.” —Luxury Travel Magazine
Visiting Italy and its islands, this cherry-picked selection of
sexy stays uncovers chic city hideaways in Rome, Florence,
and Venice; magical mountain lodges in the Dolomites; ro-
mantic rural retreats in Tuscany and Puglia; and waterside
escapes on Lake Garda and the Amalfi coast. Readers should
pour themselves a glass of prosecco and settle in with this
coffee-table treasury for the trademark Smith mix of witty
first-person reviews, elegant design, striking photography, and
insider destination guides. A complimentary BlackSmith
membership is included with each book, enabling readers to
enjoy exclusive offers and gifts.
Juliet Kinsman is the author of the Mr. & Mrs. Smith guides
to Australia and New Zealand, France, European Cities, Eu-
ropean Coast and Countries, Southeast Asia, and two volumes
on UK and Ireland.
Travel • 320 pp • 9.5 x 8 • 250 Color Photos
9780956534712 • May • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper
SPY Publishing

Also available:
Each: $29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper

The Global Shortlist Australia/New Zealand European Coast & Country

9780954496470 9780646514505 9780954496449

France South-East Asia UK/Ireland Volume 2

9780954496494 9780956534705 9780954496463

Billy Connolly’s Route 66
Billy Connolly
The best-loved comedian in Britain heads off on the most famous highway in the world
for an unforgettable journey through America
Having always dreamed about taking a trip on the legendary Route 66, Billy Connolly is
finally heading off on the ride of a lifetime. Traveling all 2,488 miles of this epic road, hit-
ting both its classic landmarks and uncovering lesser-known gems, the comedian known as
the Big Yin shares the experiences of the countless travelers who have taken the journey be-
fore him. He breaks out the banjo at every opportunity and stops off for a few comedy gigs
on the way. Packed with local flavor, the tales he gathers on the way—from the skyscrap-
ers of Chicago through the Wild West land of Oklahoma and Texas and on to the beaches
of the Pacific coast—tell the story of modern America, and they might just inspire a few
readers to get on their bikes as well. The book also contains a section with maps, playlists,
recipes, and more, bringing the reader to the heart of this adventure. With his unrivaled in-
stinct for a good story, and the affability that has endeared him to millions of fans, Billy is
the ultimate companion for the ultimate road trip.
Billy Connolly is a Scottish comedian, musician, actor, and the author of Journey to the Edge
of the World. He has appeared in such films as The Boondock Saints, Gulliver’s Travels,
The Last Samurai, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Mrs. Brown, and The Also available:
X Files: I Want to Believe, and on such shows as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and Real Time with
Bill Maher.
Travel/Autobiography • 400 pp • 5 x 8
9780751547092 (Replaces 9781847445216) • July • $12.95 Paper • Sphere

Journey to the Edge

of the World
$13.95 Paper

Bedpans & Bobby Socks

Five British Nurses on the American Road Trip of a Lifetime
Barbara Fox and Gwenda Gofton
A charming and nostalgic true story of three British nurses who road trip across Amer-
ica in the 1950s, written by one of their daughters
In my dreams, I was always in some vast landscape on a long, straight road. Driving. Al-
ways driving.
Gwenda had always loved the open road, but her hometown of Newcastle didn’t really offer
the sort of adventure she longed for. So, in 1957, with friend and fellow nurse Pat in tow,
she left the dismal British winter behind, and embarked on an amazing American adven-
ture. After a year nursing in Cleveland, Gwenda, Pat, and three new friends set off on a
road trip around North America, driving in a rickety 1949 Ford. What follows is the charm-
ing true story of five remarkable young women. Over the course of 18 months, the girls go
to a Fourth of July rodeo, visit San Francisco and Las Vegas, learn to surf in Hawaii, spot
movie stars in Hollywood, and celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Wherever they go,
the traveling nurses cause a sensation. This is a delightfully nostalgic memoir of friendship
and the romance of the open road.
Barbara Fox is the daughter of Gwenda Gofton and a freelance journalist.
Memoir/Travel • 312 pp • 5 x 8 • 1 Map
9780751544046 • May • $11.95 Paper • Sphere

The Mango Orchard
The Extraordinary True Story of a Family Lost and Found
Robin Bayley
The extraordinary story of parallel journeys, 100 years apart, into the
heart of Latin America, for fans of Sandra Cisneros’s Caramelo, Tim
Butcher’s Blood River, and Bruce Chatwin

“Bayley unpicks the story of his ancestor’s adventures with much

skill and persistence. He has a fine ear for dialogue with a Tarantino-
style, comic-book delivery, and the ending . . . is genuinely affecting.”
“Sharply observed, very funny, and infused with the longings and
possibilities of the road, it’s a succulent tale.” —Wanderlust
As a child, Robin Bayley was enchanted by his grandmother’s stories of
Mexican adventures—of bandits, wild jungle journeys, hidden bags of sil-
ver, and a narrow escape from the bloody Mexican Revolution. But Robin
sensed there was more to these stories than anyone knew, and so he set
out to follow in the footsteps of his great-grandfather. Undaunted by the
passage of time and a paucity of information, Robin seeks out the places
where his great-grandfather Arthur “Arturo” Greenhalgh traveled and lived,
determined to uncover his legacy. Along the road Robin encounters witches,
drug dealers, a gun-toting Tasmanian Devil, and an ex-Nazi diamond trader.
He is threatened with deportation, offered the protection of Colombian
guerrilla fighters, and comforted by the blessings of los santos. He falls in
love with a beautiful Guatemalan girl with mystical powers and almost
gives up his quest, until a sense of destiny drives him on to western Mex-
ico and the discovery of much, much more than he had bargained for.
Robin Bayley is a full-time writer.
Memoir/Travel • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781848092242 • April • $14.95 Paper • Arrow

“Are you heading down south?” he asked me.
“I’m going to Bogotá to meet someone, then I fly north to Mexico. My great-grandfather lived there.”
“And you are retracing his footsteps?”
I must have looked surprised because he said, “I have done that too. If I want to get close to someone who’s gone, I go to
where they’ve been. I used to go to places my mother loved when she was alive, but I don’t do it any more.”
“Too painful?” I asked, as a juggernaut passed, its headlights dazzling us through the bus window.
“No, she comes to find me.”
Pedro smiled. “She was special, my mother. She was a doctor, but she was also a bruja—a witch.” Another one. “She could
communicate with her friends all over the country, just like anyone else, I suppose, except she didn’t have to use a tele-
phone. She was telepathic.”
“How does she . . . get in touch?”
“She sends her friends to talk to me. They find me and warn me of something if I’m in any danger, or if I’m going down
the wrong path.”
I wanted to tell him I could do with that kind of help, bearing in mind I didn’t know where my great-grandfather had lived.
As if he had his mother’s telepathic powers, he said, “Something will guide you when the time is right.” I didn’t question what
he said. I had to believe that I’d get a helping hand from someone, or something, if I was going to find anything in Mexico.

The Villa Diana
Travels in Post-War Italy
Alan Moorehead
Originally written in 1951, a post-World War II journey through Italy

“Full of wit, drama, entertainment, and fascinating insights from an author with a keen
eye . . . is still as fresh and accurate today. Highly recommended.” —Italian magazine
“Engagingly written; an enchanting view of Italy from the Villa Diana.” —Publishing News
Above Florence and the valley of the Arno stood the Villa Diana, in one of the oldest inhab-
ited parts of Italy, at the end of an old Etruscan road that wound among olive groves and
lines of cypresses. The home of Poliziano in the 15th century, it had been occupied by the troops
of seven different armies during World War II but otherwise escaped damage, if one overlooked
the looting of the grand piano. It was here that Alan Moorehead, known as one of the great-
est correspondents of that war, moved in 1948 to travel through Italy and write this celebrated
book. His experiences illustrate the issues of the day, yet surrounded as always by extreme
physical beauty and governed by the rhythms of the seasons. He describes with wit such di-
verse matters as the daily drama of life among the servants, the reviving fortunes of Portofino,
the 500-year-old horse race around the main square of Siena, the gondoliers’ union in Venice,
and a traffic clash between a family of pigs and a cart full of crucifixes.
Alan Moorehead (1910–1983) was born in Melbourne and came to England at the age of 25, making a worldwide reputation
as a journalist and war correspondent. After the war, he traveled constantly and wrote a series of vivid reconstructions of his-
torical events.
Autobiography • 224 pp • 5 x 8
9781840246674 • June • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • Summersdale

Everyman’s England
Victor Canning
Recollected observations of England between World War I and II

“Wonderful . . . elegant, humorous, exuberant essays about random destinations.”

“Pin-sharp evocations of England . . . he sees into the heart of things.” —Times
In this series of pen-portraits of England, commissioned by the Daily Mail in the 1930s, the
pattern and color of the “great fabric of English life” from Cumberland to Cornwall is vividly
conjured. The heartwarming, humorous, and often irreverent observations of sleepy villages,
pastoral scenes, and busy industries provide a delightful insight into life between the wars.
Victor Canning is best known as a thriller writer who wrote more than 60 books.
History/Travel • 256 pp • 5 x 8
9781849531696 • June • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth • Summersdale

Are We Nearly There Yet?
A Family’s 8,000-Mile Car Journey Around Britain
Ben Hatch
The story of a madcap five-month family trip to write a travel guide—embracing the free-
dom of the open road with a spirit of discovery and an industrial supply of baby wipes

“A wonderful book—hilarious, cringeworthy, and moving, all at the same time. Highly
recommended for anyone with a family, a car, or a sense of humor.”
—Sophie Kinsella, author, Confessions of a Shopaholic
“Refreshing, insightful, very funny.” —Joanne Harris, author, Chocolat
“Hatch humorously recounts the epic tale of his 8,000-mile odyssey round Britain in a
Vauxhall Astra with his wife and children.” —Times
“Hurry up,” I shout at Dinah, whilst on the overhead telly Ray Mears’ Survival is playing
extraordinarily loudly because Charlie sat on the volume button of the remote. The kids
writhe about in the V05 shampoo they just spilt, laughing as the last of their clean clothes
bite the dust, and I’m thinking: “Survive driving round England with two under 4s, stay-
ing at a different hotel each night and visiting four or five attractions a day and sometimes
a restaurant in the evening. Sleep all in the same room, go to bed at 7 p.m. after having had
no evening to yourself, wake up at 7 a.m. and do it all again the next day with the prospect of another 140 nights of the same—
then come and tell me about survival in your khaki ****ing shorts, Ray.”
They were bored, broke, burned out, and turning 40. So when Ben and his wife Dinah were approached to write a guidebook
about family travel, they embraced the open road, ignoring friends’ warnings: “One of you will come back chopped up in a bin
bag in the roof box.” Featuring deadly puff adders, Billie Piper’s pajamas, and a friend of Hitler’s, it’s a story about love, death,
falling out, moving on, and growing up, and 8,000 misguided miles in a Vauxhall Astra.
Ben Hatch is the author of Frommer’s Britain for Free, Frommer’s England with Your Family, and Scotland with Your Family.
Travel/Humor • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781849531559 • July • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper • Summersdale

One Steppe Beyond

Across Russia in a VW Camper
Thom Wheeler
Traveling across the former Soviet Union is a challenge at the best of times—doing so in
a dilapidated VW is just that much more of an adventure

“A crazy and wonderful journey. For anyone who has day dreamed, if only for a mo-
ment, about abandoning the humdrum and hitting the road this engaging tale will be
an inspiration.” —John Mole, author, It’s All Greek to Me
A chance job offer at a timber yard in Estonia gives Thom and his old pal Jo a taste for the
unknown. So when Uncle Tony asks them to drive to Vladivostok for another job, they can’t
think of a good reason why not. The result is a classic caper across the former Soviet Union
in Max, a rusty old VW camper. Knowing little of the language or the geography ahead,
they embark on probably the longest commute ever, encountering corrupt officials, film star
mechanics, and over-friendly gangsters. Far off the tourist trail, they bear witness to the
collapse of one nation and the birth of a new one during the free-for-all that was Russia in
the 1990s.
Thom Wheeler lived in St. Petersburg for several years working as a guide and teacher be-
fore going on to live in several ex-Soviet countries, including Georgia and Ukraine. He con-
tinues to spend time in the ex-Soviet Union traveling, teaching, and writing, and he runs an
annual theater workshop in Tzarskoe Selo, Russia. This is his first book.
Travel • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781849531566 • June • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper • Summersdale

To Prussia with Love
Misadventures in Rural East Germany
Roger Boyes
Farce meets romance in this amusing travel memoir set in East Germany
In a desperate attempt to save his relationship with girlfriend Lena and take a break from
the world of journalism, Roger Boyes agrees to make a great escape from the easy urban
lifestyle of Berlin and decamp to the countryside. He has hopes for Italy, but Lena has in-
herited a run-down old manor in the deepest, darkest area of Brandenburg. Needing a form
of income, they decide to set up a bed and breakfast with a British theme. Enter unhelpful
Harry and his Trinidadian chef cousin, a mad Scotsman to advise them on rebranding Bran-
denburg, some suicidal frogs, and a posse of mad tourists. It all culminates in a cricket match
between the British and the Germans on an old Russian minefield.
Roger Boyes is also the author of A Year in the Scheisse. He has been a foreign correspon-
dent for more than 30 years, and is currently the Germany correspondent for the Times and
author of the column “My Berlin” in Tagesspiegel.
Travel/Autobiography • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781849531252 • June • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper • Summersdale

Life on a Delhi Daily
Justine Hardy
A journalist’s new-life adventure exploring all India has to offer

“In this candid, lively memoir, Hardy unravels what it means to be an outsider in a
land still shedding the remnants of British rule.” —Good Book Guide
A chance conversation with her green grocer about the portrayal of India in the media in-
spired journalist Justine Hardy to leave London and spend a year working at the Indian
Express in New Delhi. Her new life—with a quirky landlord who turns out to be a former
Rajput prince—takes her all over India, from polo matches and the manicured lawns of Assam
tea gardens to city slums in Delhi, stumbling across terrorist sentiments, exploring the HIV
problem, and having an inspiring encounter with the Dalai Lama.
Justine Hardy writes regularly for Conde Nast Traveller, Financial Times, the Times, and
various magazines. She is the author of Bollywood Boy, In the Valley of Mist, and The Won-
der House.
Travel/Autobiography • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781840247244 • April • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • Summersdale

Call of the White
Taking the World to the South Pole
Felicity Aston
An inspirational account of eight women on one very unique expedition

“A unique expedition . . . this story is true inspiration to venture beyond your comfort
zone.” —Wanderlust
“As soon as I got into the first chapter, I knew I was going to be so gripped I wouldn’t
be able to put it down. . . . Uplifting stuff.” —Adventure Travel
Felicity Aston challenged women in many countries, asking if they could ski to the South
Pole, as she set out to create the most international all-female expedition ever to the Pole.
The team would not be experienced explorers but “ordinary” women who want to inspire
others to follow their dreams. She received more than 800 applications and led a team from
places as diverse as Jamaica, India, Singapore, and Cyprus—some of whom had never even
seen snow or spent the night in a tent before joining the expedition—on one of the tough-
est journeys on the planet. Eighty-mile-an-hour winds ripped through base camp, frostbite
and injuries were an everyday occurrence, and deadly crevasses cracked beneath their feet.
This is their story of newfound strength, persistence, and friendships.
Felicity Aston is an expedition leader, public speaker, and freelance travel writer. Her past
achievements include leading the first British women’s team across Greenland, completing
the infamous Marathon Des Sables across the Sahara, as well as working as a meteorolo-
gist in the Antarctic for three years.
Travel • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781849531344 • May • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper • Summersdale

Greece on My Wheels
Edward Enfield
Two enchanting explorations of Greece by bicycle

“The overall effect is charming . . . it will give you a bit of knowledge and a warm
glow.” —Wanderlust magazine
“Displays genuine empathy with his surroundings, an infectious admiration for an-
cient Greek culture, and occasional flashes of wry wit, to provide a memorably satis-
fying read.” —Bookseller
Mounted on his trusty steed, Edward Enfield explores the beauty and history of the Pelop-
ponese in a travelogue that combines wit, charm, and scholarship. Returning to Greece to
follow in the footsteps of the romantic poet Lord Byron, Edward’s second trip sees him ped-
aling around the great historic sites of Epirus as he completes his own mini odyssey.
Edward Enfield is a writer and television presenter. He is the author of Dawdling by the
Danube and Downhill All the Way. He has written for publications including the Daily Ex-
press, the Guardian, and the Sunday Telegraph.
Travel/Autobiography • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781849531689 • May • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Summersdale

Also available:

Dawdling by
the Danube
$12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper

Live Fast Die Young
Misadventures in Rock ‘n’ Roll America
Chris Price and Joe Harland
A tale of friendship tested to the limit, noble myths, love lost and found, perfect lyrics,
and good times as two friends drive across the U.S. to pay homage to the roots of rock
and roll

“Among those rare volumes which are not only a joy sui generis, but also—and better
yet—a joy to be shared by reading aloud. Mere satire is cheap; the blood in these
pages is more authentic than any Nashville approximation of Americana.” —Stanley
Booth, music journalist
One autumn, radio producers Chris and Joe drive across America, roof down, stereo up,
and discover the roots of the sounds they love. They sell their souls to the devil on the same
crossroads as Robert Johnson, buy booze from the same store as Jim Morrison, hang out
with the spirit of Johnny Cash in his own front room, and sit on a jetty by an alligator in-
fested lake to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to country-rock musician Gram Parsons. But first they
must learn the ukulele, grow moustaches, fail to get into the Chateau Marmont, get very
drunk with rising pop star Terra Naomi—and that’s just day one.
Chris Price has been shaping the popular music landscape for his entire career, as director of
music for MTV and prior to that as an award-winning radio producer. Joe Harland is also
an award-winning radio producer, having previously been a film critic and football commentator.
Travel/Autobiography • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781849530491 • May • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper • Summersdale

How One Man Travelled the World by Twitter
Paul Smith
One man’s attempt to travel the globe in 30 days, depending solely on the generosity of
strangers through Twitter

“Genuinely funny . . . easy-to-read and hard-to-put-down . . . will appeal just as much

to the footloose and fancy free as it will to anyone who’d simply like their faith in hu-
manity restored.” —Real Travel
There were five rules of Twitchhiker. I can only accept offers of travel and accommodation
from people on Twitter. I can’t make any travel plans further than three days in advance. I
can only spend money on food, drink and anything that might fit in my suitcase. If there is
more than one offer, I choose which I take. If there is only one, I have to take it within 48
hours. If I am unable to find a way to move on from a location within 48 hours, the chal-
lenge is over and I go home.
Bored in the bread aisle of the supermarket one day, Paul Smith wondered how far he could
get around the world in 30 days through the goodwill of users of social networking site
Twitter. At the mercy of these rules, he set his sights on New Zealand—the opposite point
on the planet to his home in Newcastle, England. All he had to do next was explain the idea
to his new wife. In an adventure wrapped in nonsense, he traveled by road, boat, plane, and
train; slept in five-star luxury and on no-star floors; schmoozed with Hollywood A-listers;
and was humbled by the generosity of the thousands who followed his journey and deter-
mined its course.
Paul Smith is a former Sony award–winning radio producer and now edits websites, blogs,
and builds iPhone applications.
Memoir/Travel • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781849530743 • May • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Paper • Summersdale

A Dip in the Ocean
Rowing Solo Across the Indian
Sarah Outen
Foreword by Dame Ellen MacArthur
Four-thousand miles of unpredictable ocean, 500 chocolate bars, 124 days of physical
exertion, three Guinness World Records, and one incredible journey

“A book to stroke your adventurous streak . . . gripping.” —National Geographic Traveller

On April 1, 2009, brave 23-year-old Sarah Outen embarked on an ambitious solo voyage
across the Indian Ocean in her rowing boat, Dippers. Powered by the grief of the sudden
loss of her father and the determination to live life to the fullest, Sarah and her tiny boat
successfully negotiated wild ocean storms, unexpected encounters with whales, and the con-
tinuous threat of being capsized by passing container ships. Along the way she broke two
oars, ate 500 chocolate bars, and lost 20 kg of bodyweight before arriving in Mauritius.
She became the first woman and the youngest person to row solo across the Indian Ocean.
Life-affirming, funny, and poignant, Sarah’s salty tale of courage and endurance will inspire
the taste of adventure in everyone.
Sarah Outen has toured the world as a motivational speaker. She is currently on her next
voyage, “London to London: Via the World—A Sarah-powered Loop Around the Planet.”
Dame Ellen MacArthur is a a solo long-distance yachtswoman who formerly held the world
record for the fastest solo circumnavigation of the globe.
Autobiography • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9781849531276 • June • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Summersdale

In Praise of Savagery
Warwick Cairns
One man’s journey in the footsteps of a great explorer into the heart of Africa

“Plenty of books have been written about Thesiger, but Cairns’s moments with the
great Wilfred are more than enough to justify adding to the literature. . . . A deeply
conservative and often funny meditation on the odd choices mankind has made in the
name of progress. . . . This is a touching tribute.” —Independent
“Droll, entertaining [and] witty . . . Cairn’s lighthearted approach is informative and
easy to read . . . should briefly alleviate anxiety, if only because it’s hard to worry and
smile simultaneously.” —Publishers Weekly on How to Live Dangerously
As a young man, Warwick Cairns met the then elderly explorer Wilfred Thesiger and the two
men struck up an unlikely friendship. Invited to visit him at his African home, Cairns de-
cides to make a bit of an adventure of it and do some of the journey on foot. When he him-
self was a young man, Thesiger led an expedition to explore the course of the Awash river
in Ethiopia. Every Westerner that had gone before him had been killed by local tribesmen.
Needless to say, he survived. Alternating chapters chart Warwick’s journey with that of The-
siger creating a captivating dual narrative that is part travel book, part biography, part au-
tobiography, and part history with fair doses of philosophy and humor thrown in for good
measure. This highly original book defies classification, but is effortlessly readable.
Warwick Cairns is the author of How to Live Dangerously.
Travel/History • 242 pp • 5 x 7.5
9780007414031 • April • $14.95 Paper • The Friday Project

From High Places
A Journey Through Ireland’s
Great Mountains
Adrian Hendroff
A celebration of Ireland’s high places, full of sce-
nic images and detailed accounts of walking routes

“A glorious celebration . . . reminds us that

our mountains are one of our most precious
resources, to be savored, treasured, and de-
nied to none.” —Alan Tees, president,
Mountaineering Ireland
“The stunning images and compelling narra-
tive are more than enough to inspire this
reader to get off the couch and start walk-
ing!” —Bernadette McDonald, author,
Voices from the Summit
A powerful collection of stunning images taken
from the peaks of Ireland’s mountains, this book
will transport readers from the quartzite giants of
Connemara, the wild summits of Donegal, the
sweeping mountains of Mourne, to the towering
peaks of Kerry. In addition to these images, the au-
thor describes his own unique experiences ex-
ploring these mountain areas and interweaves these
with an account of the local history, folklore, and
geology. Whether readers are beginners or experienced hill-walkers, they will be inspired to set out and explore the magnificent
mountains Ireland has to offer.
Adrian Hendroff is a writer, photographer, and qualified mountain leader who is one of the few individuals to have ascended
all 268 of the summits of Ireland’s mountains. His articles have been featured in Irish Mountain Log and The Irish Times Go.
Travel/Photography • 240 pp • 10 x 9 • 200 Color Photos
9781845889890 • April • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper • The History Press Ireland

Listening to Country
Ros Moriarty
From a trip made by the author to the Australian desert to spend time learning the secrets
and hearing the stories of her husband’s family’s matriarchs, comes a warm, intimate ac-
count providing rare insight into the spiritual and emotional world of Aboriginal women

“It is perhaps the most lyrical and evocative book I have read in years. . . [she] has
created a beautiful rendering of the wonder that results when one human being con-
nects with another.” —Mary Dalmau in ShelfAwareness
Ros Moriarty is a white woman married to an Aboriginal man. Over the course of many
visits to her husband’s family, she was fascinated to discover that the older tribal women
of his family had a deep sense of happiness and purpose that transcended the abject mate-
rial poverty, illness, and increasing violence of their community—a happiness that she feels
is related to an essential “warmth of heart” that these women say has gone missing in today’s
world. In May 2006, she had the chance to spend time in the Tanami Desert in north cen-
tral Australia with 200 Aboriginal women, performing women’s law ceremonies. Here is
the story of that trip and her friendship with these women, as she tells their stories and passes
on their wisdom and understanding. Offering a privileged window into the spiritual and
emotional world of Aboriginal women, this book is a moving story of common human experience, the getting and passing on
of wisdom, and the deep friendship and bonds between women. It carries a moving and profound sense of optimism in the fun-
damental humanity we all share.
Ros Moriarty is a former journalist with Radio Australia in indigenous affairs, women’s issues, and the environment. She is cur-
rently designer and managing director of Balarinji Studio, Australia’s leading indigenous art and design group.
Memoir/Australian Studies • 232 pp • 5 x 8 • 24 Color Photos • 4 B/W Photos
9781742378152 (Replaces 9781741753806) • May • $17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Tim Baker
In a story for anyone who has ever dreamed of an alternative to the busy, micro-sched-
uled existence of work, school, shopping, and housework, surf writer Tim Baker and his
family grab their surfboards and hit the open road
All surfers dream of shedding responsibilities and answering the siren song of the ocean
swells, though for most, it is an ideal that recedes as family, career, and provider commit-
ments overwhelm the wanderlust of youth. But surf writer Tim Baker decided to shelve the
worldly pressures, pack up the family and a few trusty surfboards, and take a Great Aus-
tralian surfing road trip. Inspired by the dreams of his youth, and in the face of looming
middle-age, Baker and his wife Kirsten started in January 2011 from their home in Queens-
land, heading south down the east coast of Australia. Over the next six to eight months,
they circumnavigated the country, as Baker documents the state of surf culture and the coast-
line, and the array of colorful characters encountered along the way. This is a lively, col-
orful handbook on how to trade your life for another variety, the delights and dangers that
lay in wait for those who dare to chase their dreams, and how a family of four survive six
months on the road in the close quarters of a four-wheel drive and a caravan.
Tim Baker has contributed to GQ, Playboy, and Rolling Stone; is the author of Go Surf;
and is the coauthor of Bustin’ Down the Door, Occy, and Surf for Your Life.
Travel/Sports • 320 pp • 6 x 9.5
9781864712124 • June • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • Ebury Australia

Surf for Your Life
Mick Fanning and Tim Baker
Candid, self-deprecating, and absolutely unique, professional surfer Mick Fanning reveals
his life story while imparting plenty of practical surfing tips
Mick Fanning is young, but he’s had many experiences that most of us never will. How does
it feel to lose a brother? Win a world title? Rip your hamstring muscle clean off the bone?
Weave through a zippering Superbank barrel for 20 or 30 seconds or paddle over the ledge at
places like Pipeline and Teahupo? Have scoliosis so bad you can’t get off the floor? Address
the New South Wales state of origin team before a match, bowl to Matty Hayden, and have
Dave Warner belt you for consecutive sixes? Mick tells his life story candidly—in turns funny,
sensitive, thoughtful, self-deprecating—while providing intimate insights into the personal les-
sons gained along the way, with practical tips on surfing technique, fitness, nutrition, board
design, travel, competitive strategies, and mental clarity. Mick has overcome personal tragedy
and career-threatening injury on his way to claiming the 2007 world surfing title. Universally
acknowledged as the most focused and driven competitive surfer of his era, his approach to
surfing, sports psychology, life, and relationships makes fascinating reading.
Tim Baker has contributed to GQ, Playboy, and Rolling Stone; is the author of Go Surf; and
is the coauthor of Bustin’ Down the Door, Occy, and Surf for Your Life.
Autobiography/Sports • 352 pp • 5 x 8 • 38 Color Photos • 1 B/W Photo
9781742750354 (Replaces 9781741669275) • June • $17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper • Random House Australia

Also available:

Occy Some Day Surf for Your Life

9781741666762 9781741754117 9781864718232
$17.95 (Can $19.95) Paper $22.95 (Can $25.95) Paper $14.99 (Can $16.99) Paper

From Last to First

A Long Distance Runner’s Journey from Failure to Success
Charlie Spedding
For anyone aspiring to run a marathon, or indeed anyone who wants to set themselves
a goal they think beyond their reach—and achieve it—this is an essential book
Charlie Spedding describes himself as “not particularly talented”—at least, compared to
the other athletes in the Olympic marathon. So how did he end up with a bronze medal,
how did he win the London Marathon, and why does he still hold the English record for
the distance? In this remarkable autobiography he explains how someone who was almost
bottom of the class when he first went to school, and even worse at sports, eventually turned
himself into a genuinely world-class athlete, competing in top marathons all over the world
and genuinely going from last to first. As well as the enthralling life story of one of the finest
distance runners, this book is a wonderfully clear and inspiring piece of life coaching for
anyone who wants to make the most of their talents. As Spedding says at the start, “I be-
lieve that on occasions you can create the circumstances in which you can perform at a higher
level than your talent says you can.” Spedding’s own story, and his chronicle of the big races
he excelled in, proves it’s true.
Charlie Spedding is a former long distance marathon runner who won an Olympic bronze
medal and came in first in the Houston Marathon and the London Marathon.
Sports/Autobiography • 224 pp • 5 x 7.5 • 12 B/W Photos
9781845136284 • May • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • Aurum Press
How to Run
From Fun Runs to Marathons and Everything in Between
Paula Radcliffe
An essential guide to making the most of your running,
whether a fun run, a marathon or somewhere in between,
by one of the world’s greatest living athletes
A successful and gifted runner, Paula Radcliffe is perfectly placed
to write this essential companion guide. Aimed at both novices
and experienced athletes, it tells runners everything they need
to know about preparation, diet, equipment, training, and tech-
nique, whether it’s once to go around the block once a week,
more serious preparation for a charity race or half-marathon,
or dedicated training over a period of months for a full
marathon. A new mother herself, there’s also a section on ex-
ercising while pregnant, as well as tips and insights from her
huge experience of running all distances in all weather. Superbly
clear, well organized, and fully illustrated throughout, this is the
only book athletes need to get the best out of running.
Paula Radcliffe is the current women’s world record holder in
the marathon. She’s competed in the Olympics three times and
won the New York City Marathon in 2004, 2007, and 2008.
She is the author of Paula: My Story So Far.
Sports/Reference • 176 pp • 7.5 x 10 • 154 Color Photos
9781847370747 • April • $22.95 Paper • S&S Illustrated

Also available:

$14.95 Paper

Cadel Evans
The Long Road to Paris
Cadel Evans
Photographs by Graham Watson
The view atop the cycling world from the winner of the 2011 Tour de France
“My mind took control of my body. I had nothing left in the legs, but as a cy-
clist, you just keep going until the finish. I kept reminding myself that I had to
get to the finish.”
Filled with never-before-seen pictures and revealing insights into the thoughts
of the champion, this book celebrates in words and photographs Cadel Evans’s
indomitable will and champion’s heart. Evans’s hard-fought triumphs and equally
challenging disappointments—in the bicycle races that are thought to be the most
grueling endurance test in sports—are a tribute to his strength of spirit. He dis-
cusses his inspiring and heroic battle to be the first Australian to win the biggest
cycling race in the world, the Tour de France. This is a rare and fascinating look
at the way a top rider races both mentally and physically.
Cadel Evans is an Australian professional racing cyclist for UCI ProTeam BMC
Racing Team and the winner of the 2011 Tour de France. He is the author of
Close to Flying. Graham Watson is a cycling photographer who has authored
or coauthored more than 20 books, including Graham Watson: 20 Years of Cy-
cling Photography and Graham Watson’s Tour de France.
Sports Cycling/Autobiography • 192 pp • 6.5 x 8.5 • 292 Color Photos
9781740669863 • Available • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth
Hardie Grant Books

How I Won the Yellow Jumper

Dispatches from the Tour de France
Ned Boulting
A funny and frank account of falling in love with the Tour de France that explores the
highs, the lows, and the occasional absurdities of broadcasting live sports

“Candid, insightful, and often hilarious. . . . Anyone who likes France, cycling, media
coverage of sport, obsessives, and above all the magic that is the Tour de France will
enjoy this book.” —Alastair Campbell, author, The Blair Years
“At last, a book about the Tour that’s just great fun.” —Matt Rendell, author, Blazing
Saddles: The Cruel & Unusual History of the Tour de France
Paris, 4 July 2003: My first Tour de France. I had never seen a bike race. I had only vaguely
heard of Lance Armstrong. I had no idea what I was doing there. Yet, that day I was broad-
casting live on television. I fumbled my way through a few platitudes, before summing up with
the words, “. . . Dave Millar just missing out on the Yellow Jumper.” Yes, the Yellow Jumper.
Following Ned Boulting’s (occasionally excruciating) experiences covering the world’s most
famous two-wheeled race, this story offers an insider’s view of life behind the scenes of the
Tour, as well as detailing the complexities and absurdities of reporting on the race and con-
fronting the most celebrated riders—Cavendish, Wiggins, Armstrong and more—seconds after they cross the line. Eight Tours
on from Ned’s humbling debut, he has grown to respect, mock, adore, and crave the race in equal measure, and what’s more,
he has even started to understand it. This is a funny, frank account of Ned’s journey—that same journey undertaken by many
tens of thousands of cycling enthusiasts—from tour trainee to incurable fanatic.
Ned Boulting started his broadcasting career as a reporter on the show Soccer Saturday, in 2006 winning the Royal Television
Society’s Sports Reporter of the Year Award. He has presented two Tours of Britain for ITV, as well as the inaugural Tour Se-
ries, and contributed features and live reports on eight Tours de France.
Autobiography/Sports • 316 pp • 5 x 8 • 116 B/W Photos
9780224083362 • August • $14.95 Paper • Yellow Jersey

The Cyclist’s Friend
A Miscellany of Wit and Wisdom
Chris Naylor
From witty one-liners to important bike gurus to choosing the right seat—all things bike
“It’s by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best.” —Ernest Hemingway
“Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the bicycle remains pure
in heart.” —Iris Murdoch
“This of a new idea in bicycle design and someone will have already invented it, proba-
bly in the 19th century.” —John Pinkerton, English cycling historian
Roadies, mountain bikers, and casual cyclists will savor this insightful collection of quo-
tations and prose from bike lovers past and present, interspersed with practical tips on
everything from pre-ride snacks to customizing a bicycle. Whether charging down a wood-
land trail or coasting along a country lane, nothing compares to the simple pleasures of
two wheels.
Chris Naylor is an author and an avid cyclist.
Sports • 208 pp • 5 x 7 • 35 B/W Illustrations
9781849531467 • June • $13.95 (Can $15.95) Cloth • Summersdale

The Walker’s Friend

Jude Palmer
A collection of quotations and prose about the simple pleasures of taking a stroll
“I have two doctors, my left leg and my right.” —G. M. Trevelyan
“I have walked myself into my best thoughts.” —Søren Kierkegaard
“Few men know how to take a walk. The qualifications . . . are endurance, plain clothes,
old shoes, an eye for nature, good humor, vast curiosity, good speech, good silence, and
nothing too much.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson
As Henry David Thoreau said, an early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day—
a time to breathe fresh air and feel the grass under your feet, replenish the spirits and
calm the mind, and let the thoughts flow while enjoying nature’s bounteous pleasures.
Hikers, ramblers, dog walkers, and casual strollers will savor this beautifully designed
collection of quotations and excerpts from classic and contemporary writing, both hu-
morous and evocative, interspersed with practical tips on everything from walking boots
to where to spot wildlife.
Jude Palmer is an author and an avid walker.
Sports/Nature • 192 pp • 5 x 7 • 35 B/W Illustrations
9781849530521 • June • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth • Summersdale

Rory McIlroy
The Biography
Frank Worrall
The fascinating story of one of golf’s most amazing young talents, winner of the 2011
U.S. Open
Hard-hitting Rory McIlroy was destined to become a professional golfer from the moment
he recorded a 40-yard drive at the age of two. His first hole in one came when he was nine,
and he played in his first pro European tour event as a 16-year old in 2005. This biogra-
phy tells all about his amateur career, culminating in the silver medal as leading amateur
in the 2007 Open Championship at Carnoustie. It presents a portrait of an athlete who, de-
spite high expectations, keeps a cool head on his young shoulders and lets his golf do the
talking. It goes on to describe how in 2008, Rory entered the top 100 in the Official World
Golf Rankings, with his first victory coming in the 2009 Dubai Desert Classic where he en-
dured a nail-biting final hole. His final breakthrough is discussed, when in June 2011, he
won his first major, the U.S. Open at Congressional Country Club in Maryland. Rory won
by eight shots and finished with the amazing total of 16 under par.
Frank Worrall is a journalist who writes regularly for the Sun and the Sunday Times. He is
also the author of The Magnificent Sevens, Rooney: Wayne’s World, and Roy Keane: Red
Man Walking.
Biography/Sports • 272 pp • 6 x 9 • 45 Color Photos
9781843587521 • May • $15.95 (Can $17.95) Paper • John Blake

The 100 Greatest Ever Golfers

Andy Farrell
Foreword by Padraig Harrington
From Walter Hagen to Tiger Woods, a fascinating and knowledgeable history of golf
through the most talented men and women to have ever played the game
Covering the early amateur masters of the game, starting with Old Tom Morris, to the maes-
tros of the Open era, this collection features biographies and career statistics of players
from all over the world, including the U.S., UK, South Africa, Europe, and Australia. From
Ben Hogan and legendary figures such as Jack Nicklaus, to contemporary greats includ-
ing Phil Mickelson, this history recounts the lives and achievements of the sport’s leaders
through fascinating anecdotes and insights into the development of the game across the
decades. Arranged alphabetically and with additional sections on the greatest ever drivers,
bunker players, and putters, this is the ideal pick-up-and-dip-in book for all golfing afi-
cionados, whatever their handicap.
Andy Farrell is the author of The Open Championship. Padraig Harrington is a professional
golfer who plays on the European Tour and the PGA Tour. He has won the Open Cham-
pionship twice and the PGA Championship.
Sports • 312 pp • 5.5 x 8.5 • 100 B/W Photos
9781907642357 • May • $22.95 (Can $25.95) Cloth • Elliott & Thompson

The Complete Book of the Olympics
2012 Edition
David Wallechinsky and Jaime Loucky
David Wallechinsky’s compendious book has long been the preeminent point of ref-
erence for sports enthusiasts and journalists alike
Every sports writer assigned to cover the Games ensures they have their early copy
of this prodigious work of reference, packed with absorbing anecdotes and essential
statistics. A treasure trove of 116 years of Olympic history, it is also an amazingly
readable book, for in the course of recording every single Olympic final since 1896,
it concentrates on the strange, the memorable, and the unbelievable. Who knew (until
reading this book) that croquet was once an Olympic sport, or tug of war, or that a
72-year-old once won a silver medal for target shooting? This new edition also has
every finals result, recorded by the top eight competitors in every event at the Beijing
Olympics, and full descriptions of rules and scoring for every event included for 2012.
It is the one truly essential Olympics book.
David Wallechinsky has worked as a commentator for NBC Olympic coverage; his
work has appeared in such publications as the New York Times Magazine and Pa-
rade; and he has appeared on Late Night with David Letterman, The NewsHour with
Jim Lehrer, and Nightline. He has produced nine editions of The Complete Book of
the Olympics, as well as the bestselling Book of Lists, in collaboration with his nephew
Jaime Loucky. He divides his time between Geneva and California.
Sports/Reference • 1,300 pp • 7 x 9
9781845136956 (Replaces 9781845133306) • May
$35.00 (Can $38.95) Paper • Aurum Press

The Book of Olympic Lists

A Treasure-Trove of 116 Years of Olympic Trivia
David Wallechinsky and Jaime Loucky
From the authors of The Complete Book of the Olympics comes an entirely new take on
the Games—where else will readers find a list of the top 10 shaven-headed Olympians?
David Wallechinsky has a uniquely vast knowledge of the Olympics and an unrivaled head
for trivia, and now the two are combined in this collection of 150 unexpected Olympic lists,
including the eight slowest Olympic competitors, the 12 strangest sports ever contested, and
the six most spectacular collisions and falls. This quirky compendium of the unusual, the
unknown, and the downright bizarre is more than simply a book of lists—Wallechinsky elab-
orates and expands on the reason for an athlete or incident’s inclusion, to create a winning,
and highly addictive, alternative history of the Olympics.
David Wallechinsky has worked as a commentator for NBC Olympic coverage; his work has
appeared in such publications as the New York Times Magazine and Parade; and he has ap-
peared on Late Night with David Letterman, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and Night-
line. He has produced nine editions of The Complete Book of the Olympics, as well as the
bestselling Book of Lists, in collaboration with his nephew Jaime Loucky. He divides his time
between Geneva and California.
Sports/Reference • 192 pp • 5 x 8
9781845137731 • May • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • Aurum Press

The Olympics’ Strangest Moments
Extraordinary but True Stories from the History of the Olympic Games
Geoff Tibballs
The most bizarre, controversial, heroic, and unlucky stories from more than 100 years
of Olympic events, now updated with strange stories from Beijing 2008 and the run up
to London 2012
The world’s greatest sporting occasion has historically been filled with unusual occurrences
and peculiar situations. In 1908, Dorando Pietri was stripped of his gold medal in the marathon
after he was helped over the finish line by over-anxious officials. From “Eric the Eel” of
Equatorial Guinea—the slowest swimmer in the history of the games—to Fred Lorz, who
was disqualified after it was discovered that he had hitched a lift in a car during his marathon
run, this is an exciting collection of the most humorous and jaw-dropping stories from the
Olympic games.
Geoff Tibballs is the author of numerous books, including Great Sporting Scandals, Motor
Racing’s Strangest Races, and Royalty’s Strangest Characters.
Sports/Humor • 256 pp • 5 x 8
9781907554476 (Replaces 9781905798230) • April • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper

The Hidden Mathematics of Sport

Olympic Edition
Rob Eastaway and John Haigh
A unique and insightful approach to sports, exploring the math behind the action, with a
focus on the Olympics
Readers can ready themselves for the beautiful mathematics of the greatest sporting event
on the planet. They will discover the best tactics for taking a penalty, the pros and cons of
being a consistent golfer, the surprising link between boxing and figure skating, and the
formula for always winning a game of tennis. There is plenty to absorb and amuse read-
ers, whatever their favorite sport, in this entertaining and unique book—as well as some
new strategies for beating the odds.
Rob Eastaway is a former puzzle writer for New Scientist magazine and the author of How
Long Is a Piece of String?; Old Dogs, New Math; Out of the Box; and Why Do Buses Come
in Threes? John Haigh is the author of Taking Chances: Winning with Probability.
Sports/Mathematics • 208 pp • 5 x 8 • 75 B/W Illustrations
9781907554599 • June • $11.95 (Can $12.95) Paper• Portico

The Hidden
Also available: Mathematics of Sport
$15.95 (Can $17.95) Cloth

Each: Sports • 192 pp • 3.5 x 4 • April • $4.95 Paper • Carlton Publishing Group

The Little Book of Aston Villa

Dave Woodhall
The unofficial book of Aston Villa Football Club
Tradition is a byword for Aston Villa. Few clubs anywhere in England, let alone anywhere
else, can boast a time line of success to match the Birmingham club. Founding members of
the Football League, they first won the First Division in 1893–1894 and by the end of the
1890s they had won five of their six championships and two of their seven FA Cups.
Dave Woodhall is the editor of the Aston Villa fanzine Heroes and Villains and also the au-
thor of several books about Villa, including Champions, the story of the 1980–1981 title-
winning team.

The Little Book of Celtic

Graham McColl
A celebration of the Celtic soccer club from the many larger-than-life characters
The glory days may be returning to Celtic Park. Celtic was the first British team to win the
European Cup in 1967, with a team whose 11 members were all born within an hour’s jour-
ney of the center of Glasgow and whose manager was the legendary Jock Stein. These days
Celtic players are a more cosmopolitan bunch under the managing of Neil Lennon, and they
regularly defeat their rivals, the Rangers, in the race for the Scottish title.
Graham McColl is a freelance sports writer and author of The Jock Stein Years, United: In
the Sixties, and a contributor to The Official Illustrated History of Manchester United.

The Little Book of Newcastle

Mike Bolam
A collection of quotes from those who have passed through St. James Park and some
who are still there
The good times have come back to Tyneside. Newcastle is a one-team town and, with Alan
Pardew at the helm, the Magpies can enjoy a new exciting look to the team. But it hasn’t
always been that way. Perhaps more than most, the club has had its share of ups and downs.
And it’s certainly had more than its share of characters; few clubs can boast so many peo-
ple with so much to say for themselves. Newcastle United has a proud tradition and loyal
support, and this book aims to capture the flavor of both.
Mike Bolam is author of The Magpies: A Day to Day Life and is currently coeditor of the
Newcastle United FC’s official website.

The Little Book of Rangers

Neil Cameron
A celebration of the great traditions of the Rangers as well as the many larger-than-life
characters who have walked through its doors
Rangers are one of the two great powers in Scottish soccer who have dominated the domestic
game for more than a century. They have won the Scottish League a record 54 times and
been runners-up 26 times. People at the club have always been famous for their “patter” and
the pride with which they pull on the famous royal blue shirts. And no club has more loyal
support—Rangers’ most famous song is “Follow Follow” and the club’s vast ranks of sup-
porters do indeed follow their team to the ends of the earth.
Neil Cameron is a sports writer for the Daily Record, Scotland’s biggest newspaper.

The Man City Miscellany
David Clayton
Foreword by Shaun Goater
The ultimate book of Blues trivia, full of weird and wonderful facts
For fans who need to know the only goalkeeper to have scored for City, the name of Clive
Allen’s dog, the identity of the City player who played with a toothpick in the corner of his
mouth, and who the “Invisible Man” is that the City fans sing about—this is the perfect ref-
erence. Packed with random Man City facts, stats, lists, tables, anecdotes, and quotes, from
the club’s record scorer to the bizarre name of the club cat, this is the ultimate trivia book for
every City fan’s bookshelf.
David Clayton is the club journalist at Manchester City FC and the editor of MANC maga-
zine. He has written more than 30 sports books, including When Football Was Football: Man-
chester City. Shaun Goater played for Man City from 1997–2003. He scored more than 100
goals between 1998 and 2003, finishing as the club’s top scorer for four consecutive seasons.
Sports/Reference • 144 pp • 5 x 8
9780752463735 (Replaces 9780750948340) • June • $17.95 (Can $19.95) Cloth
The History Press

An Epic Swindle
44 Months with a Pair of Cowboys
Brian Reade
The inside story of how Liverpool FC came within hours of being repossessed by the banks
after the shambolic 44-month reign of American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett
This is a tale of debts, lies, cowboys, and a civil war that dragged Britain’s most successful
soccer club to its knees, through the High Court, and almost into administration. Players
Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher tell of their anger at the broken promises, as well as
their pain at watching loyal fans in open revolt. The manager, the chief executive, board
members, leading fans, and journalists reveal the turmoil at a revered sporting institution
run by two men at war with each other, and who trampled the notion of the Liverpool Way
into the gutter. No story sums up the naked greed at the heart of modern soccer quite like
Hicks’ and Gillett’s attempt to turn a quick buck at Liverpool, and no one has had as much
access to the truth, or tells it with as much passion, wit, and insight as Brian Reade.
Brian Reade is a radio host, a writer for the Daily Mirror, and the author of 43 Years with
the Same Bird.
Sports • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9780857386007 (Replaces 9780857385994) • May • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper

The Daily Telegraph Football Years
The Ultimate Season-by-Season Celebration
of British Football
Norman Barrett
An authoritative and compelling account of the history of the
world’s most popular sport
Set out in a year-by-year chronological format and written from
the British perspective, this book includes articles on all the no-
table soccer stories from 1863 to the end of the 2010–2011 sea-
son, with newspaper-style reports on the soccer stories that hit
the headlines, plus special features summarizing the rest of the
soccer news and memorable soccer quotes. It includes end of sea-
son statistics up to 2010–11; the champions and leading scor-
ers of all the divisions of the Football League and Scottish League;
the FA Cup, League Cup, Scottish Cup, and Scottish League Cup
winners; and the record of British clubs in European competi-
tions; as well as special features on each of the Fifa World Cups
and selected European Championships. Special feature spreads
are allocated to each major tournament and the year-by-year re-
portage is interspersed with essays on leading characters and mile-
stone events. This is one of the most comprehensive, chronological
histories of the game ever published.
Norman Barrett has been writing on soccer and other sports for
more than 30 years. He previously edited the Telegraph Foot-
ball Year Book and is a regular contributor to Rothmans Foot-
ball Yearbook.
Sports/History • 408 pp • 8.5 x 11.5
300 Color Photos • 300 B/W Photos
9781847328687 • April • $45.00 Cloth
Carlton Publishing Group

Walking in a Fergie Wonderland
Frank Worrall
A biography of one of the greatest British soccer managers in living memory
With a reign at Manchester United approaching 25 years, Sir Alex has brought countless
trophies and records to Old Trafford and has transformed United into the most popular
soccer club in the world and this is his story. It tells of his playing career, his 1974 retire-
ment to begin his managerial career, and his time with Aberdeen, where he led a struggling
side to an incredible Scottish league championship and oversaw a 2–1 win over Real Madrid
to seal the 1983 European Cup Winners’ Cup. But it is Manchester United that has brought
Sir Alex world domination. This book tells how, joining the club in November 1986, Fer-
guson immediately set about improving the players’ discipline and strengthening the squad,
and how his signing of Eric Cantona for a bargain £1.2million in 1992 helped to secure
their first League trophy in 26 years. It traces the incredible run of success that followed.
Under Sir Alex, United have won 11 Premier League titles—drawing level with Liverpool
on 18 League titles in total—and have reached the Champions League final three times, win-
ning the trophy on two occasions. Fergie has also brought some of United’s biggest and best-
loved stars to Old Trafford and has truly made Manchester United one of the most powerful
soccer forces in the world today.
Frank Worrall is a journalist who writes regularly for the Sunday Times and the Sun. He is
also the author of Rooney: Wayne’s World, Roy Keane: Red Man Walking, and The Mag-
nificent Sevens.
Biography/Sports • 278 pp • 5 x 8 • 19 Color Photos • 2 B/W Photos
9781843584964 • April • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • John Blake

Sir Alex
The Official Manchester United Story of 25 Years at the Top
David Meek and Tom Tyrrell
The official Manchester United celebration of Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25 years as the club’s
record-breaking manager
Not only celebrating what Sir Alex Ferguson has achieved at United, this fascinating book
also seeks to explain just how he has gone about creating this remarkable dynasty, con-
stantly rebuilding the team and driving them forward to yet more glory. When Fergu-
son joined Manchester United in November 1986, he came with a great track record from
his time in charge of Aberdeen. But reestablishing the Reds as the most successful club
in the land was an enormous task. Famously, he knew he had to knock Liverpool off
their perch. At the dawn of the Premier League era, in 1992–93, United had gone 26
years without being champions, but that season Ferguson finally led the club to title suc-
cess and in 2010–2011 he finally achieved the record-breaking 19th title. On top of that,
Sir Alex has led Manchester United to two Champions League victories and many other
trophies. In an era when most managers are lucky if they last two years, Sir Alex’s achieve-
ment of lasting 25 years at the very top is truly astonishing. This book is the club’s fit-
ting tribute to his career.
David Meek was the Manchester United correspondent of the Manchester Evening News
between 1958 and 1995. He’s the author of George Best and Legends of United. Tom
Tyrrell has reported on Manchester United for 45 years, and during that time has worked
as the stadium announcer as well as writing many books on the club.
Biography/Sports • 272 pp • 7.5 x 10 • 60 Color Photos
9780857209153 • April • $27.95 Paper • Simon & Schuster UK

Andy Carroll
Frank Worrall
An in-depth biography of one of the most exciting talents in English soccer today
Andy Carroll’s strength, power, and skill in the air have endeared him to legions of fans—
and made him the most expensive British soccer player in history. His whole career is cov-
ered here, from the beginning at Newcastle United, where he was the youngest ever player
to represent Newcastle in Europe. Soon after, he scored his first senior goal, against Juven-
tus, before heading to Preston North End on a six-month loan, where he continued to im-
press in 11 appearances. Carroll then made a triumphant return to St. James’ Park in 2008,
scoring his first competitive goal for the club on his first home start, and by 2010 he was
playing virtually every game as a key part of Newcastle’s Championship-winning side. His
impressive form continued in the Premier League and in January 2011 he moved to Liver-
pool in a deal worth in excess of £35 million. In November 2010 Carroll was called up to
the England squad for a friendly against France. Although the match ended in defeat, Car-
roll’s involvement was one of the stand-out performances of the night and he is one of Eng-
land’s great hopes for the future. This in-depth biography charts the highs and lows of one
of England’s brightest stars.
Frank Worrall is a journalist who writes regularly for the Sun and the Sunday Times. He is
also the author of Giggsy, The Magnificent Sevens, and Rooney.
Biography/Sports • 288 pp • 6 x 9.5 • 20 Color Photos
9781843584117 • July • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Cloth • John Blake

Fields of Courage
The Bravest Chapters in Sport
Max Davidson
From Jackie Robinson to Billie Jean King, a cavalcade of sports heroism celebrating virtues
that transcend winning and losing
Explaining why athletics, at their best, can be so inspirational, this is a history of sports that
is littered with tales of exemplary courage: athletes pushing their bodies through the pain bar-
rier, or defying career-threatening injuries, in quest of victory. Their heroics have inspired gen-
erations of athletes and fans. But courage is as much a moral as a physical attribute, and some
of the most inspiring stories here feature men and women of principle who have challenged
authority, fought racism and sexism, or simply had the guts to confess to weaknesses that went
against the grain of their profession. Ben Hogan, Jackie Robinson, Denis Compton, Billie Jean
King, Derek Redmond, and more inspiring heroes are included.
Max Davidson is the author of It’s Not the Winning that Counts: The Most Inspiring Mo-
ments of Sporting Chivalry.
Sports • 288 pp • 5 x 8 • 20 B/W Photos
9780349122601 • July • $13.95 Paper • Abacus

Also available:

It’s Not the Winning

that Counts
$12.95 Paper

Cyclone: My Story
Barry McGuigan
The Irish legend of the ring and former world featherweight champion tells his story for
the first time

“Barry McGuigan was one of the best fighters of his generation, he had fanatical sup-
port. Barry’s a great ambassador for the sport of boxing.” —Sugar Ray Leonard
“At a dark hour in Ireland, Barry McGuigan’s spirit shone a light towards peace. Barry’s
not only a champion, he’s a hero.” —Bono
“He was an unlikely figure in the modern era when the mania of self-promotion has all
but obliterated the dignity of sportsmanship in these islands, the McGuigan years are
years we remember.” —Daniel Day Lewis
In a gripping autobiography, Barry McGuigan shares his stories of extraordinary professional
triumph and devastating personal tragedy. On a hot summer’s night in June 1985, during one
of the most emotionally charged fights of all time, McGuigan beat Eusebio Pedroza to become
featherweight champion of the world. Lasting a full 15 rounds, this epic battle was watched by
27,000 spectators ringside and by a further 20 million on television around the world. Raised
in the border town of Clones, Co. Monaghan, at the height of the troubles, Barry McGuigan
united people across sectarian and religious divides during a difficult time in Ireland’s political history. A Catholic, he married his
Protestant childhood sweetheart, Sandra, in 1981. An Irishman, he fought for the British Title wearing boxing shorts in the colors
of the UN’s Flag of Peace, and in place of a national anthem his father, Pat McGuigan, would often sing a heartfelt rendition of
Danny Boy before a fight. Engaging and intelligent, McGuigan is a renowned and revered figure in the boxing world and beyond.
Barry McGuigan, nicknamed the Clones Cyclone, is a former world featherweight champion boxer who was voted into the World
Boxing Hall of Fame in 2000 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2005. He currently enjoys a successful career as a
sports commentator, writer, and motivational speaker, and continues his involvement in the boxing world as president and founder
of the Professional Boxing Association, a boxing promoter, and a trainer.
Autobiography/Sports • 280 pp • 6 x 9 • 12 Color Photos • 24 B/W Photos
9780753539958 • April • $22.95 Paper • Virgin Books

Advanced Boxing
Training, Skills and Techniques
Rakesh Sondhi and Tommy Thompson
A reference and training guide for boxers wishing to improve competition fighting,
and for coaches and trainers looking to enhance their training methods
Utilizing the latest research in sports science and combat sports, this book focuses on
developing every aspect of a boxer’s fighting to the most advanced extent, and train-
ing the boxer to win competition fights. It reviews the basics of boxing in order to pro-
vide the tools to begin an advanced boxing program focusing on specific development
goals. It also outlines the best contemporary training methods, concentrating on yield-
ing the most effective outcomes. Topics include a 12-month training plan; useful tips
and tables to help organize a training program; the important aspects of psychology,
physiology, nutrition, and coaching; important right fighting and sparring strategies;
and the latest sports science thinking, including new techniques for pad-holding.
Rakesh Sondhi has studied Pak Lei Hung Kung Fu and Shotokan Karate since 1976,
and has been practicing and coaching boxing for the last 15 years. Tommy Thomp-
son is a boxing trainer. Together they developed the concept of coaching boxing through
the tvp framework—technique, variety, and unpredictability.
Sports • 192 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 300 Color Photos
9781847972972 • May • $24.95 Paper • Crowood Press

Crowood Sports Guides provide sound, practical advice that will make any reader a better athlete, whether they are
learning the basic skills, discovering more advanced techniques, or reviewing the fundamentals of their sport.

Skills, Tactics, Training
Andrew Sowerby
Covers fencing techniques in a logical progression, from the absolute beginner to
the advanced competition fencer
Fully illustrated with photographs showing technique sequences, correct positions,
and competition situations, this step-by-step guide is perfect for newcomers learning
the fundamentals, advanced practitioners, or coaches. It supplies detailed tips and ad-
vice on competition fencing and includes a valuable section on tactics and how to
apply techniques in a fight situation. It also presents footwork exercises and blade-
work training drills, introduces épée and saber fencing, and discusses how to approach
fencing as a left-hander and how to deal with left-handed opponents.
Andrew Sowerby is a fencing coach who has fenced for more than 25 years. He has
worked with the British Olympic Association and has produced pupils who fence and
win medals at all levels.
Sports • 96 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 200 Color Photos
9781847973054 • June • $17.95 Paper • Crowood Press

Advanced Airgun Hunting

A Guide to Equipment, Shooting Techniques and Training
John Bezzant
A highly detailed training program for hunters who wish to push their airgun hunt-
ing skills to an advanced level of proficiency
Having worked with some of the world’s leading air rifle and scope manufacturers to
produce this remarkable work, the author instructs the shooter on the mechanics of
the long-range hunting air rifle and scope, and provides instructions on rifle servic-
ing and maintenance. He also discusses the precision alignment of the scope with the
bore of the rifle on which it is mounted, explains the use of the chronograph, ana-
lyzes the fine tuning of hunting air rifles to improve their accuracy, and examines the
employment of night-vision equipment and other devices for hunting at night and in
dull light. Fitness training for the shooter is covered, as is the use of camouflage. He
also considers the mindset of the marksman and the techniques of marksmanship, and
describes two very demanding marksmanship tests.
John Bezzant has a monthly column in Air Gunner magazine and is the author of Air
Rifle Shooting for Pest Control and Rabbiting.
Sports/Outdoor • 160 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 118 Color Photos
9781847972941 • May • $32.95 Cloth • Crowood Press

Taekwon-Do Patterns
From 1st to 7th Degree Black Belt
Master Jim Hogan and James Home
A companion volume to Taekwon-Do Patterns: From Beginner to Black Belt—to-
gether the books describe and analyze all 24 taekwon-do patterns
For the first time, all 15 patterns, or tul, of the Korean martial art of taekwon-do that
are taught within the black belt syllabus of the International Taekwon-Do Federation
are presented in a single volume. This landmark book shows every single move of each
pattern executed by an internationally renowned taekwon-do exponent and instructor.
Each movement is clearly illustrated with a full-length photograph accompanied by a
detailed commentary, a diagram showing the position of the move within the pattern,
an overall description of the pattern, and the Korean translation for every single tech-
nique, making an invaluable resource for all senior students and coaches.
Master Jim Hogan is an internationally renowned taekwon-do instructor and former
European Champion in sparring. He has more than two decades of teaching experi-
ence; has trained numerous UK, European, and World Champions, and holds the rank
of 7th-degree black belt. James Home is a senior student and assistant instructor of Mas-
ter Jim Hogan, and a 4th-degree black belt. They are the coauthors of Effective Taek-
won-Do Sparring and Taekwon-Do Patterns: From Beginner to Black Belt.
Sports • 288 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 1,500 Color Photos
9781847973047 • May • $34.95 Paper • Crowood Press

Effective Taekwon Patterns: From
Do Sparring Beginner to
Also available: 9781847971340 Black Belt
$24.95 Paper 9781861268983
$34.95 Paper

Flies that Catch Trout

Terry Lawton
Fifty-one flies from around the world, all with proven track records
Every fly fisherman has personal “must-have” flies—flies that inspire confidence and
work for them. This book offers the true story behind a range of fly patterns, as well
as the correct dressings. Many of these flies will be appreciated already by other an-
glers but some will be less well-known. This book may help anglers to discover an old
pattern that is nearly forgotten or one that has come from the other side of the world.
There are plenty of less well-known patterns here, that are sure to find a place in the
fly boxes of progressive, thinking anglers.
Terry Lawton is a passionate fly fisherman who fishes primarily for trout. He is the au-
thor of Fly Fishing Journal and Fly Fisher’s Logbook, and he contributes regularly to
Fish & Fly.
Sports • 240 pp • 7 x 9.5 • 96 Color Photos
9780709092124 • June • $23.95 (Can $26.95) Paper • Robert Hale

The Cat
Ella Earle
A book of beautiful and ingeniously captioned photographs of cats
“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” —Colette
“A cat is more intelligent than people believe, and can be taught any
crime.” —Mark Twain
“A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes.” —Indian proverb
Through the combination of gorgeous and fun photographs with
witty and heartwarming quotations, this enchanting celebration of
our feline friends is a must-have for any cat lover.
Ella Earle is a gift book author.
Pets/Photography • 96 pp • 5.5 x 5.5 • Four-color Interior
9781849531429 • April • $10.95 (Can $11.95) Cloth

Also available:
Each: $8.95 (Can $9.95) Paper

Quotable Cats Quotable Dogs

9781840245363 9781840245370

The Dog
Ella Earle
A book filled with portraits and captions celebrating man’s best friend
“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.” —Andy Rooney
“Dogs lead a nice life. You never see a dog with a wristwatch.” —George Carlin
“Dogs are better than human beings, because they know but do not tell.”
—Emily Dickinson
Combining lavish and amusing photographs with whimsical and thoughtful
quotations, this charming celebration of canine companions is a must-have
for all dog lovers.
Ella Earle is a gift book author.
Pets/Photography • 96 pp • 5.5 x 5.5 • Four-color Interior
9781849531436 • April • $10.95 (Can $11.95) Cloth • Summersdale

The Holistic Dog

A Complete Guide to Natural Heath Care
Holly Mash
An eye-opening guide to the range of effective alternative therapies available for dog
owners, including Bach flower essences and homeopathy
Whether a dog owner has used complementary treatments before or is just starting to look
for a more natural way to care for their pet, this holistic health guide explains ways to
consider the dog in relation to the dog’s home, diet, and routine health care. Topics cov-
ered include introducing complementary therapies; preventative health care such as vac-
cinations, parasite control, worming, fleas, and neutering; taking a dog abroad;
understanding supplements for health; the importance of nutrition and how to provide a
balanced diet; understanding the canine mind; and how to care for an elderly dog and
truly enhance his or her final years.
Holly Mash is a veterinary surgeon specializing in complementary medicine, the lead vet-
erinary tutor in a homeopathic hospital’s training course, and the holistic vet advisor to
Your Cat and Your Dog magazines.
Pets • 176 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • 72 Color Photos • 2 Diagrams
9781847972675 • June • $24.95 Paper • Crowood Press

My Name Is Moose
Modern Life Through a Dog’s Eyes
Moose and Martin Usborne
A heartfelt story told in photographs and Moose the dog’s nar-
ration, about how one small dog helped his owner chase the
Black Dog away
My name is Moose and my master’s a photographer. Well, he usu-
ally is. At the moment, he’s in trouble. He feels really sad. Because
he’s got not work. I know what that means: more pictures of scruffy
old me . . .
Captured through his owner Martin’s photographs, this is
the story of Moose the dog’s life in East London, and the effect
of the recession on his owner. Moose introduces us to his friends,
favorite smells, and thoughts on the modern world. Through his
poignant and funny first-hand account of the highs and lows of
being a photographer’s dog, and his efforts to help his owner
through a time of no work, we discover a wagging tale about not
giving up, and being a man’s best friend.
Moose is one year old and lives in Hoxton with his master Mar-
tin Usborne. He enjoys snow, chasing squirrels and spending time
in the park with Martin, who likes to take pictures of him. This
is his first book.
Pets/Humor • 112 pp • 6 x 7.5
35 Color Photos • 20 B/W Photos
9781843406266 • May • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth • Portico

The Collins Dog Owner’s Guides are authoritative and practical in approach, superbly illustrated,
and accessible. For readers who are considering owning a particular breed, or for existing pedigree
owners who want to learn more about the care of their dogs, these books are invaluable resources.
Each: Pets • 6 x 8 • April • $14.95 Paper • Collins UK

German Shepherd
Dr. Peter Neville, John Bower, and Caroline Bower
Practical information and expert advice for owners and potential owners of German shepherds
Originally bred as herding dogs, German shepherds tasks nowadays include police, rescue,
tracking, and military work, and they also make devoted companions and watchdogs. This
guide offers such need-to-know information on the breed characteristics and behavior; de-
tails on feeding, training, grooming, exercising, breeding, and showing; and health care and
first aid.
Dr. Peter Neville is a pet behaviorist and the author of Kitty Kit: Enjoying Your New Cat and
The Perfect Kitten: How to Raise a Problem Free Cat. John Bower was the senior partner in
a veterinary hospital practice for nearly 40 years and is former president of both the British
Small Animal Veterinary Association and the British Veterinary Association. Caroline Bower
is a senior partner in a veterinary hospital group. The Bowers are the coauthors of The Cat
Owner’s Problem Solver and The Dog Owner’s Problem Solver.
144 pp • 78 Color Photos • 36 B/W Illustrations • 9780007436668

Cocker Spaniel
Lesley Scott-Ordish, John Bower, and Caroline Bower
Everything owners need to know about these dogs—hugely popular house pets, due to
their joyous charm and energetic playfulness
A comprehensive guide to all aspects of owning a cocker spaniel, this book is full of practi-
cal information and expert advice for pet owners and breeders. It covers characteristics and
behavior of cocker spaniels, as well as how to care for the breed. Practical information is
provided on feeding, training, grooming, exercising, breeding, and showing the dogs, as well
as health care and first aid.
Lesley Scott-Ordish (1932–1997) was the founder of multiple dog-related charities and con-
tributed many articles to the canine specialist press. John Bower was the senior partner in a
veterinary hospital practice for nearly 40 years and is former president of both the British
Small Animal Veterinary Association and the British Veterinary Association. Caroline Bower
is a senior partner in a veterinary hospital group. The Bowers are the coauthors of The Cat
Owner’s Problem Solver and The Dog Owner’s Problem Solver.
144 pp • 97 Color Photos • 2 B/W Photos • 43 B/W Illustrations • 9780007436675

Border Collie
Carol Price and David Taylor
A guide to owning the overachiever of the dog world—eager to please, and a glutton for
more work or play
Border collies are a working breed and excel in agility as well as obedience training. This
guide to ownership and care covers the history of the breed; acquiring a puppy; rearing and
socializing a puppy; training and competition events including obedience, agility, flyball, show-
ing, behavior, and health care. A comprehensive guide to all aspects of owning a border col-
lie, this book is full of practical information and expert advice for pet owners and breeders.
Carol Price is a writer and canine behaviorist who has owned, trained, and bred border col-
lies for more than 15 years. David Taylor is a veterinary surgeon and the author of more than
40 pet care books, including Kitten Taming and Your Dog’s IQ.
128 pp • 6 x 8 • 120 Color Photos • 9780007436682

The Collins Family Pet Guides are attractive, color-illustrated guides
that give all the practical advice necessary for raising healthy, happy pets.
Each: Pets • 128 pp • 6 x 8 • Four-color Interior • April • $14.95 Paper • Collins UK

Guinea Pig
A Practical Guide to Caring for Your Guinea Pig
Peter Gurney
A comprehensive guide to caring for a guinea pig, full of expert practical advice
All aspects of everyday care for guinea pigs are covered in this guide that also offers many in-
teresting facts and anecdotes about this popular pet. Guinea pigs are ideal family pets as they
are practically odorless, inexpensive to feed and maintain, easy to handle, and they very rarely
bite. This copiously illustrated book has information and advice on acquiring a guinea pig,
accommodation, feeding, handling and grooming, behavior, breeding, and basic veterinary care.
Peter Gurney is author of The Proper Care of Guinea Pigs.
108 Color Photos • 9780007436651

A Practical Guide to Caring for Your Hamster
David Alderton
Helpful information and expert advice to choosing and owning a hamster
All aspects of every day care are covered in this comprehensive hamster pet guide. In addition
to care, many interesting facts and anecdotes about this popular family pet are included. Il-
lustrated with beautiful, specially commissioned color photographs, this book has information
and advice on origins and history, hamster species and varieties, behavior and biology, acquir-
ing a hamster, housing, looking after your hamster, breeding, health care, and emergency care.
David Alderton is an international authority on pets and their care. He contributes to a wide
range of general and specialist publications about pets, ranging from the Times Educational
Supplement and Woman’s Weekly to Bird Keeper and Pet Reptile.
129 Color Photos • 9780007436705

A Practical Guide to Caring for Your Rabbit
David Taylor
A comprehensive guide to caring for a pet rabbit
All aspects of everyday rabbit care are covered here, including varieties of rabbits, acquir-
ing and choosing a rabbit, housing, feeding, grooming and handling, breeding, rabbit illness
and first aid. Interesting rabbit facts and anecdotes are also included.
David Taylor is a well-known writer on all aspects of animal-keeping, both domestic and
wild. His many titles include Kitten Taming, Rabbit Handbook, and Your Dog’s I.Q.
93 Color Photos • 9780007436699

The Amazing Life of Cats
Candida Baker
Stories of feline antics, extraordinary abilities, and interactions with their
humans make this collection a must-have for cat lovers everywhere
“If you want to know the character of a man, find out what his cat thinks
of him.” —Anonymous
Humanity has worshipped cats in one form or another for thousands of years.
This rich collection of true cat stories celebrates many tiny miracles and heart-
warming moments, as well as feats of extraordinary mischief, courage, and
sacrifice. Few animals make their presence felt in our lives the way cats do.
Even those who know cats are still awed by their daring and determination,
their fearlessness and curiosity, and their astonishing powers of persuasion
that ensure they almost always get what they want. This is the perfect book
for anyone whose life has been enriched by one or more feline friends.
Candida Baker is a photographer, author, and journalist. She is the former
editor of the Weekend Australian Magazine, the former arts editor of the
Sydney Morning Herald, and the author of The Infinite Magic of Horses
and The Wonderful World of Dogs.
Pets • 320 pp • 6.5 x 6.5 • 30 B/W Photos
9781742376615 • April • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Also available: The Infinite The Wonderful

Each: $16.95 Magic of Horses World of Dogs
(Can $18.95) Paper 9781742371009 9781742374253

Angel Pets
Incredible True Stories of Animal Miracles
Margrit Coates
One of the world’s leading animal communicators shares amazing true stories to explain
what our pets are really thinking

“A very important book . . . everyone will learn a lot from this forward-looking, inspira-
tional and wide-ranging work.’’ —Marc Bekoff, author, The Emotional Lives of Animals
“Follow the wisdom in Angel Pets. Coates creates a sound path for us back to what we
have known in our hearts all along.” —Susan Chernak McElroy, author, Animals as
Teachers and Healers
Here, an internationally acclaimed animal healer and communicator reveals how animals
talk to people all the time and shares their incredible true stories. Readers will meet Rusty,
the lost dog whom Margrit guided home using the psychic connection between them; Mitzi,
the brave little cat who made the greatest sacrifice; Twinkle, the determined rabbit who saved
a girl’s life; Gypsy, the sheepdog with special healing powers; Freddy’s friend, the demon cat
who was really an angel in disguise; and many more wonderful animals. Through these amaz-
ing stories, Margrit answers the question that every pet owner will have asked themselves:
What is my pet really thinking? Offering helpful tips, she unlocks the secret of tuning into and connecting with pets at the very
deepest level. Readers will find that this heartwarming book will change the way they relate to animals forever.
Margrit Coates is an animal communicator and the author of Connecing with Horses, Hands-On Healing for Pets, and Horses
Talking. She gives consultations and runs workshops and lectures internationally, including at the Open Center in New York.
She is also the cofounder of a clinic offering natural treatments for horses and pets.
Pets/Body/Mind/Spirit • 254 pp • 5 x 8 • 20 B/W Photos
9781846042577 • May • $12.95 Paper • Rider

Was Beethoven a Birdwatcher?
A Quirky Look at Birds in History and Culture
David Turner
An engaging guide that illustrates the significance of birds throughout history

“There’s actually a wealth of serious historical material here . . . but David Turner’s
chatty style ensures things never get too heavy.” —Bird Watching
“This quirky book reveals all.” —Green Magazine
Did the Cettia’s Warbler inspire the opening notes of the last movement of Beethoven’s
Second Symphony? Who among a host of rivals wrote the best poem about the nightin-
gale? And is there a James Bond film named after a duck? Find out the answers to these
ornithological conundrums and others in this engaging book that delves into literature,
science, religion, fine art, and popular culture to reveal how a bird can be far more than
the sum of its feathered, winged, and webbed parts. Worshipped as gods and damned as
agents of the devil in equal measure, birds have also fostered scientific breakthroughs
and even helped provoke a war. This entertaining guide is full of fascinating insights into
the humble bird’s surprisingly large role in history and culture.
David Turner is a journalist who has worked for the Financial Times and Reuters.
Nature/Reference • 288 pp • 6 x 8.5
9781849531450 • May • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Cloth • Summersdale

Tasmanian Devil
A Unique and Threatened Animal
David Owen and David Pemberton
Fascinating new insights into the famous Australian marsupial

“Written in the conversational yet informative tone of the good naturalist-lecturer . . .

this will be the go-to book on Tasmanian devils for the foreseeable future.” —Booklist
Packed with information that has only been published in scientific journals, if ever at all,
this collection of biological facts challenges the misconceptions associated with Australia’s
most famous marsupial. Far from being a scavenging, ferocious oddity, an image perpetu-
ated by the infamous cartoon character, the Tasmanian devil is actually a treasured and valu-
able wildlife species facing extinction. By sharing the surprising, controversial, funny, and
tragic history behind the world’s largest marsupial carnivore, this new guidebook covers
all aspects of the biology and the habitat of the Tasmanian devil.
David Owen is the author of Shark and Tasmanian Tiger. David Pemberton is the verte-
brate curator at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.
Animals • 228 pp • 5 x 8
9 Color Photos • 37 B/W Photos • 19 B/W Illustrations • 1 Chart
9781742376301 • July • $22.95 (Can $25.95) Paper • Allen & Unwin

Also available:

Crocodile Kangaroo Koala Shark

9781741144987 9781741759037 9781742373232 9781741750324
$24.95 (Can $31.95) Cloth $18.95 (Can $20.95) Paper $18.95 (Can $20.95) Paper $27.95 (Can $30.95) Cloth

Stress, Fear and Aggression in Dogs
Anders Hallgren
Learn how to prevent and relieve your dog’s stress
By explaining the origins of stress, and its effects on a dog’s body, this book helps dog own-
ers tackle the problem. It describes the physiology of stress, and how the brain functions
under stress. Using well-founded knowledge for relief and relaxation in dogs, this book
describes every possible stress factor and offers practical tips for prevention and relief.
Anders Hallgren is a Swedish behaviorist and psychologist and one of the world’s first
dog psychologists. He has worked with dogs for almost 40 years, specializing in their be-
havioral problems. He is famous for his gentle training methods.
Pets • 144 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • 90 Color Photos
9780857882042 • June • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper • Cadmos Books

A Quiet Word With Your Horse

Learning by Reward - the Key to Motivation and Trust
Marlitt Wendt
Learn to develop a healthy, positive mutual trust between you and your horse
Focusing on positive horse training from the ground and under saddle, this book helps
horse trainers to develop intelligence, creativity, and the ability to reason. It covers the
key to motivation, and provides professional training tips for making training fun. The
reader learns how to sensibly build up training using the clicker and target, without dom-
inance and submission, but rather using positive reinforcement.
Marlitt Wendt is a behavioral biologist specializing in horses. She champions harmonious
cooperation between horse and handler and pro-horse behavior. She also organizes pre-
sentations and seminars on alternative training methods and on creative intelligence train-
ing for horses.
Horses • 128 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • 80 Color Photos
9780857880079 • July • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Paper • Cadmos Books

A Journey Through the Horse’s Body
The Anatomy of the Horse
Dr. Christina Fritz
A fascinating journey through the horse’s body from head to tail
The horse’s organs, from nostrils to tail, are presented with their structures and func-
tions, in this book that covers the musculoskeletal system, the horse’s senses, the brain
and nervous system, and the digestive system. The subject matter is fascinating right down
to the smallest detail, and even experienced horse owners will enjoy one or two “aha”
moments. The reader becomes an active companion on an exciting journey through the
horse’s body.
Dr. Christina Fritz is an author and a biologist specializing in animal physiology. She man-
ages her own practice for integrated equine therapy.
Horses • 96 pp • 6.5 x 9.5 • 60 Color Photos
9780857880062 • June • $24.95 (Can $27.95) Paper • Cadmos Books

Jo Winfield
A guide for both novice and experienced riders interested in taking up eventing
This thorough guide for horse owners to prepare for and compete at a first event of-
fers advice on making a critical assessment for a horse and evaluating its strengths and
weaknesses as a potential event horse. It also explains how to build on what a horse
is naturally capable of achieving, with a view to putting together a suitable training
plan for all phases of eventing. Topics covered include the demands of competition;
the psychology of competition training; fitness and preparation; training for dressage,
cross country, and show jumping; and progressing to the next level.
Jo Winfield started riding at the age of nine, and now has degrees in equine science and coach-
ing science. She is an accredited coach and a British dressage accredited trainer and judge.
Horses • 176 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 90 Color Photos • 8 Diagrams
9781847973016 • May • $27.95 Paper • Crowood Press

Each: 5 x 8 • Hodder Education

Take Better Photos

Lee Frost
Fully updated and with a DVD containing more than 200 inspirational images, this book
offers all the creative and technical information needed to take great photos
This is a complete guide to all the practical know-how, technical information, and creative
insight that will turn anyone into a confident user of a camera. Covering the very latest in
equipment, with essential and straightforward guides to all the techniques—from exposure
to use of flash—it will teach readers how to use digital manipulation, software, and all the
other technology that makes photos strong and memorable. It explains how to do every-
thing from choosing the right camera to composing shots, and an accompanying DVD fea-
tures images along with helpful screenshots, showing how to get the desired result on screen
and paper alike.
Lee Frost is the author of 50 Photo Projects, The A–Z of Creative Photography, The Com-
plete Guide to Night and Lowlight Photography, and Teach Yourself Photography. He writes
for various photographic magazines including Black & White Photography and Outdoor
Photography • 224 pp • 100 Color Photos • 200 B/W Photos
9781444103755 • May • $22.95 Paper and DVD

The Writer’s Guide to Good Style

Katherine Lapworth
How to write more effectively, correctly, and in a manner that is appropriate for this brave
new world of text speak and blogging
Whether one is a professional writer or writing for one’s profession, a journalist, nonfic-
tion writer, or simply a would-be blogger, this book offers essential guidance and the latest
style rules. It contains firstly a detailed breakdown of both the rules of grammar, punctua-
tion, and spelling and, secondly, a guide to making written work readable, structured, and
well paced. It also sets out the new and evolving rules for 21st century writing such as blog-
ging, chatrooms, and even PowerPoint presentations.
Katherine Lapworth is the author of Get Your Book Published. She worked in production
and research for television and radio, before starting her own copywriting business.
Writing • 192 pp • 9781444139662 • April • $16.95 Paper

A Celebration
Brian Long
Extensively revised and updated for 2011, this celebration of the Japan-
ese photography equipment manufacturer covers everything the collec-
tor needs to know
Much more than just a history of the high-quality cameras and lenses that
have made the Nikon brand a household name, this is also a chronicle of
the birth of this most famous of Japanese photography equipment manu-
facturers and the way in which it has evolved down the years to keep abreast
of advances in technology and ahead of the competition. Heavily illustrated
with rare archive material from around the world and augmented by a feast
of original shots and pictures of the cameras in use, the text is also backed
up by extensive appendices.
Brian Long is a transportation writer whose titles include Mazda MX-5
Miata Cameras and Porsche 914 & 914-6. His previous camera-related ti-
tles include 35MM and Canon.
Photography/Technology • 240 pp • 11 x 10.5 • 675 Color Photos
9781847970794 (Replaces 9781861268310) • April • $69.95 Cloth
Crowood Press

35MM Cameras Canon

Also available: 9781861269485 9781847970213
$49.95 Cloth $65.00 Cloth

The Banned List

John Rentoul
A manifesto for clear writing and an indictment of the damage done to the English lan-
guage by the use of jargon
John Rentoul examines how poor writing and a reliance on jargon have damaged our ability
to communicate with each other and makes the case for the use of clear English. He addresses
the verbification of nouns, the use of waffle to pad out a simple statement, and the importing
of business jargon into everyday situations. Unashamedly polemical in tone, his essay condemning
contemporary linguistic atrocities is the perfect read for anyone who has ever had the mis-
fortune to read a public policy report on key deliverables or a newspaper article about the lat-
est game-changer.
John Rentoul is chief political commentator for the Independent on Sunday and the author of
Tony Blair: Prime Minister. His popular blog features the ever-growing Banned List of over-
used, meaningless words and phrases.
Language & Linguistics/Writing • 112 pp • 4.5 x 7
9781907642425 • June • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Cloth • Elliott & Thompson

Everyday English
Getting to Grips with the Basics of the Language
Michelle Finlay
An amusing and accessible guide to the basics of the language, teaching users to write
correct and unambiguous English in any situation, business or personal
A poor command of English is a considerable obstacle in almost every walk of life, from
conducting business to dealing with everyday problems. This book teaches readers the sim-
ple rules and tricks that will help anyone to master the language. Rather than a guide to
everything one would ever want to know about the language, it is a basic companion to
the nuts and bolts, designed to help native and nonnative speakers alike to speak and write
with clarity and precision. The book offers advice on many different areas including the
writing of letters, reports, and other texts, where it is often vital to convey meaning and
purpose simply and clearly. It also includes sections on sentences, parts of speech, punc-
tuation, and common pitfalls to avoid.
Michelle Finlay is a former copywriter for Penguin Books. She also runs the blog
Language & Linguistics • 192 pp • 5 x 8
9781843175667 • June • $14.95 Cloth • Michael O’Mara

Harvey Wallbangers and Tam O’Shanters

A Book of Eponyms: The People Who Inspired the Words We Use Every Day
Martin Hannan
From a Harvey Wallbanger to a Caesar Salad, this entertaining and informative book is
packed with eponyms from across the worlds of literature, history, medicine, religion, pol-
itics, science, nature, and cuisine
Did you know that Maria Ann Smith was genuinely a grandmother who died not knowing
that she had given the world one of the best varieties of apple? Or that the word tawdry, mean-
ing tacky or tasteless, has its origins in the fate of a seventh-century Saxon princess, Ethel-
dreda, who was canonized and became St. Audrey? An eponym is a word derived from the
name of a real, fictional, or mythical character or person and is one of the most fascinating
examples of how the English language gains new words. This book takes a colorful look at
the phenomenon that is the eponym and, for the first time, gathers together the stories of the
people behind the words that have passed into everyday vocabulary.
Martin Hannan is the author of Twentieth Century Scotland: A Pictorial Chronicle.
Language & Linguistics • 288 pp • 4.5 x 7.5 • 15 B/W Illustrations
9781843584162 • June • $14.95 (Can $16.95) Paper • John Blake

Caesar Salad Stentorian

The Caesar Salad did not appear until almost In the world’s first great surviving historical-
two thousand years after the great Julius mythical novel, Homer’s Iliad, we find a
croaked “Et Tu Brute,” and expired in the description of Stentor, reportedly a herald
Senate of Rome. And Worcestershire did not who had a voice as loud as fifty men.
even exist in those Julian days. The salad Unfortunately, Stentor took on the herald of
was not even created in Italy, as it owes its the Olympian gods, Hermes, in a shouting
name to Cesare Cardini, an Italian who match and lost—fatally so, as his shouting
emigrated to the USA and came up with the proved too much for his all-too-human
recipe in either San Diego or Tijuana in lungs. Stentorian nowadays sometimes
Mexico in 1924. means “over the top” as much as loud.

Bullet Guides are simple introductions to key subjects for people who don’t have much time. Packed with clearly
presented information and solution focused, these affordable and fun introductions provide the answers you need
on a wide variety of subjects—from Existentialism and team building to statistics and how to get a hot date. Friendly
and accessible, the guides are illustrated with fun cartoons, and contain no fuss, no delays, and no unnecessary
searching. The Bullet Guides are the one-stop way to getting the quick answers you need on any topic.
Each: 128 pp • 6 x 4 • $6.95 Paper • Hodder Education

Tackling Tough Managing You Work for Yourself

Interview Questions Business/Self-Help Business/Career
Business/Career 9781444132519 • April 9781444134988 • May
9781444128918 • April

Copywriting Negotiating Time Management

Business Business Business/Self-Help
9781444134995 • May 9781444132502 • June 9781444132526 • June

Teambuilding Managing Change Great Marketing Ideas

Business Business Business
9781444132540 • June 9781444134865 • June 9781444134889 • June

Each: 128 pp • 6 x 4 • $6.95 Paper • Hodder Education

Great PR Presenting Tips for New Managers

Business Business Business
9781444137361 • June 9781444137408 • June 9781444134896 • August

Jung Buddhism Christianity

Psychology Religion & Theology/Buddhism Religion & Theology
9781444135015 • April 9781444134919 • April 9781444134940 • April

Islam Qur’an Tips for Passing

Religion & Theology Religion & Theology Psychometric Tests
9781444134957 • April 9781444154658 • April Psychology
9781444135008 • June

Freud Psychology Existentialism

Psychology Psychology Philosophy
9781444134902 • August 9781444144369 • August 9781444134964 • April

Each: 128 pp • 6 x 4 • $6.95 Paper • Hodder Education

Ethics Philosophy Logic

Philosophy Philosophy Philosophy
9781444137958 • May 9781444135022 • August 9781444144840 • August

Chemistry Biology Quantum Theory

Science Science Science
9781444134933 • August 9781444135046 • August 9781444137385 • August

Darwin and Evolution Chaos Theory Genetics

Science/Biography Science/Mathematics Science
9781444137392 • August 9781444144390 • August 9781444154689 • August

10 Rules for Guaranteed 10 Minute Yoga Be a Hot Date

Weight Loss Health Family & Relationships/Self-Help
Health • 9781444137941 • April 9781444138962 • April 9781444134971 • May

Each: 128 pp • 6 x 4 • $6.95 Paper • Hodder Education

Mentoring for Success The Fast Way to a Perfect The Fast Way to a Perfect
Self-Help Groom’s Speech Best Man’s Speech
9781444137347 • May Writing/Weddings Writing/Weddings
9781444138931 • May 9781444138948 • May

The Fast Way to a Perfect Beat Negativity with CBT NLP

Father of the Bride’s Speech Self-Help Self-Help
Writing/Weddings 9781444136616 • June 9781444137330 • June
9781444138955 • May

Statistics Beat Stress Motivate Yourself

Mathematics/Business Self-Help/Health and Others
9781444135039 • August 9781444137323 • August Self-Help/Business
9781444137354 • August

Bullet Guides 12-Book Counterpack

6.5 x 11 • 9781444151138 • Available • Prepack

Ray Harryhausen’s Fantasy Scrapbook
Models, Artwork and Memories from
65 Years of Filmmaking
Ray Harryhausen and Tony Dalton
Foreword by John Landis
One of the most innovative and influential film animators
in the history of the medium reveals a wealth of fascinating
never-before-seen film artifacts, many of them recently dis-
covered in a garage in Los Angeles

“Ray has been a great inspiration to us all in the special

visual industry. The art of his earlier films, which most
of us grew up on, inspired us so much.” —George Lucas
“Ray’s films, his fantastic visions, his dreams, waking
nightmares, whatever he has put into our collective
consciousness over the years have jump-started the imagi-
nations of a whole generation of filmmakers.”
—James Cameron
“I salute him every day.” —Steven Spielberg
Designed in the form of a scrapbook, this visual feast for Har-
ryhausen fans reveals models from unrealized projects, such as
dinosaurs from the unfinished film Evolution; prints of outtakes
from various films; early concept drawings and storyboards;
color transparencies of Ray at work; written artifacts such as
letters, production budgets, and a diary that details Ray’s first
meeting with his mentor Willis O’Brien; early film treatments
and script extracts; publicity posters and brochures; and more.
Some items show Ray’s earliest artistic endeavors such as wa-
tercolors painted when he was 15 years old and marionettes of creatures from King Kong that he made when he saw the film
in 1933. The result is a treasure trove of rare artifacts and material which not only offer new insights into how Ray created par-
ticular effects, but also bring the worlds of his films to life in a new way and paint a fascinating visual portrait of the man him-
self and his creative imagination.
Ray Harryhausen is universally revered as the grandmaster of special effects in the precomputer age, responsible for such clas-
sic films as The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts, and One Million Years BC. He received an
honorary Oscar in 1992 and a star on the Hollywood walk of fame in 2003. Tony Dalton has known Ray for more than 30
years, having met him when he was first working at the British Film Institute. He was involved in the publicity for The Omen,
Star Wars, and The Towering Inferno, and now runs his own archive research company. They cowrote An Animated Life and
A Century of Model Animation. John Landis is the director of such films as An American Werewolf in London, The Blues Broth-
ers, Coming to America, National Lampoon’s Animal House, Spies Like Us, and Trading Places, as well as Michael Jackson’s
“Thriller” video.
Film • 192 pp • 9.5 x 11 • 200 Color Photos • 700 B/W Photos
9781845135577 • May • $55.00 (Can $59.95) Cloth • Aurum Press

Tolkien’s Ring
David Day
Illustrations by Alan Lee
A reissue of the literary detective work examining Tolkien’s sources and inspiration,
beautifully illustrated by the lead conceptual artist for the LOTR film trilogy, of whom
Peter Jackson said “His art captured what I hoped to capture with the films.”

“A mighty achievement, effectively described and celebrated in this lavish, hand-

somely presented volume.” —Times Educational Supplement
“Day’s enthusiasm is infectious, and he concisely retells the myths he examines
with some verve.” —SFX Magazine
“A comprehensive guide to every important aspect of Middle-earth and the Undy-
ing Lands . . . a stunning tour de force.” —Detroit Free Press on Tolkien: The
Illustrated Encyclopaedia
J. R. R. Tolkien had a great knowledge of, and love for, world mythology when he wrote
his beloved trilogy of Middle Earth. This authoritative work shows how The Lord of
the Rings is the result of an ancient storytelling tradition that dates back to the dawn
of Western cultures, and how, by drawing upon the world’s primary myths and legends,
Tolkien created his own mythology for the 20th century. In particular, the symbol of the Ring has a rich and fascinating her-
itage, and just as Gandalf sets out to discover the history of the Hobbit’s Ring, so the author searches out the history and de-
scent of Tolkien’s Ring, and how the Ring quest tradition first came into being among tribal peoples before written records were
kept. Beautifully illustrated throughout by the acclaimed artist Alan Lee—creator of the illustrated The Lord of the Rings—this
is an extraordinary journey through the most magical and potent of stories.
David Day is the author of more than 20 books, including Guide to Tolkien’s World, Tolkien: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia,
and A Tolkien Bestiary. Alan Lee is a lead conceptual artist for the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, and a recipient of the Acad-
emy Award for Best Art Direction for his work on The Return of the King. He illustrated The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook
and the centenary editions of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Children of Húrin.
Literary Criticism/Folklore & Mythology • 184 pp • 9 x 12 • 13 Color Illustrations • 51 B/W Illustrations
9781862059276 • April • $23.95 (Can $26.95) Cloth • Pavilion

Elisabeth Sladen
The Autobiography
Elisabeth Sladen
Foreword by David Tennant
A unique, insider’s view of the world’s longest-running science fiction series, from one of
the fans’ favorite companions. David Tennant’s foreword caps this warm, witty memoir—
a fitting tribute to a woman who will be sadly missed by legions of fans.

“A poignant parting gift and, in the most unexpected way, one of the most revealing
Doctor Who books ever written.” —Marcus Hearn, writer, Doctor Who Magazine, and
editor, Doctor Who Classic Comics
When Elisabeth Sladen first appeared as plucky journalist Sarah Jane Smith in 1973 Doctor
Who story “The Time Warrior,” little did she know the character would become one of the
most enduring and fondly remembered in the series’ history. Here she shares the story of her
years as Sarah Jane—traversing time and space alongside classic Doctors Jon Pertwee and
Tom Baker, while a generation of children were terrified but transfixed as their heroine found
herself menaced by Daleks, dinosaurs, Cybermen, man-eating alien flora, Egyptian mummies,
extras in Bubble Wrap, and even the Loch Ness Monster. By the time she quit in 1976, mak-
ing front-page news, Elisabeth had become one of the most familiar faces of a TV golden
age. But that wasn’t the end of Sarah Jane. Elisabeth discusses the many times she has reprised her role—anniversary specials,
a 1981 spin-off pilot with robotic sidekick K-9, and radio plays. She discusses touring the weird, wide, and wonderful world
of Doctor Who fandom. And lastly, she shares details of Sarah Jane’s most recent incarnation—when TV wunderkind Russell
T. Davies approached her to come back again, this time to a Doctor Who backed by lavish budgets and garlanded with critical
plaudits, how could she possibly say no? Funny, ridiculous, insightful, and entertaining, hers is the story of another girl, an-
other planet, completed just months before she died.
Elisabeth Sladen (1946–2011) played companion Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. She also ap-
peared in Coronation Street, Some Mothers Do ’Ave ’Em, and Z-Cars, and enjoyed a long, successful, and very happy career in
the theater. David Tennant is a widely respected theater actor who played the tenth Doctor Who for three seasons.
Autobiography/Television • 320 pp • 5.5 x 8.5 • 32 Color Photos
9781845134884 • Available • $29.95 (Can $32.95) Cloth • Aurum Press 229
The Doctors: Who’s Who
The Story Behind Every Face of the Iconic Time Lord
Craig Cabell
Detailed biographies of the 11 actors who have played the Time Lord, including the lat-
est, Matt Smith
Doctor Who is the world’s longest-running science fiction television series, and the role of
the Time Lord has been a career landmark for all 11 actors who have played him. Few roles
in television history are as iconic, demanding, or as anticipated by its legion of fans as that
of the famous time traveler with two hearts. This compendium of facts about the men be-
hind the role reveals to fans who was a bouncer for the Rolling Stones before taking con-
trol of the Tardis, who was nearly blown up in World War II aboard HMS Hood, who had
a fondness for wooly hats and a grandson who would become Harry Potter’s nemesis, and
who played a transvestite barmaid before becoming a Who heartthrob. All these bizarre
facts are explained, and many more, as the lives and careers of each Doctor—including the
youngest and most recent incarnation, Matt Smith—are put under the spotlight and given
the credit they so richly deserve. With interviews with many of the stars, this is a must-
have for any fan.
Craig Cabell is the author of Ian Fleming’s Secret War, Ian Rankin and Inspector Rebus,
Also available: and Snipers: Profiles of the World’s Deadliest Killers.
Television/Science Fiction • 256 pp • 5 x 8 • 34 Color Photos • 9 B/W Photos
9781843585008 • May • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • John Blake

Matt Smith
$26.95 (Can $29.95) Cloth

. . . and How to Make Them
Revised & Updated Edition
Andy Glynne
From dealing with ethical issues to lighting, sound, and how to find funding, this guide
is an essential starting point and reference for aspiring documentarians

“Funny, insightful, and realistic.” —Library Journal

Currently one of the most popular film and TV genres, documentaries and the process of
creating them are subjected to scrutiny in this revised and updated guide. Fans of the genre
will enjoy a history of the art form and additional interviews with industry insiders and
award-winning filmmakers who contribute their tips, tricks, and advice. Aspiring filmmakers
will find advice covering the whole production process—from developing a concept to mar-
keting and distribution. This edition has up-to-the-moment technical information on the
latest cameras and equipment and a fully updated resource guide with contact details of
current commissioning editors.
Andy Glynne is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, tutor, and director of the Doc-
umentary Filmmakers Group, the largest documentary organization in the UK.
Film • 352 pp • 7.5 x 9.5 • 20 B/W Photos
9781842433652 (Replaces 9781904048800) • June • $39.95 Paper • Creative Essentials

Short Films
Writing the Screenplay
Patrick Nash
A complete guide to short film screenplays, from finding and developing that exciting
idea to information on the technical revolution in digital filmmaking and distribution
Every award-winning short film begins life with a clever idea, a good story, and a screenplay.
Here, Patrick Nash analyzes the process of writing short film screenplays and gives advice on
story and structure, plot and pace, generating ideas, screenplay format, dialogue and format,
and character design. He helps readers ensure that their writing will be fresh by discussing
common clichés and stereotypes; conflict, obstacles, and stakes; eliciting emotion; and how
to hook the viewer. The specifics of loglines, outlines, and synopses are also covered, as well
as rewriting, length, practicalities, and budgets. The book also includes a number of award-
winning scripts and interviews, advice and contributions from their award-winning screen-
writers and a discussion of the benefits to writers of writing short screenplays.
Patrick Nash is an award-winning writer of both short and feature-length screenplays. An
award winner in Hollywood’s Page Awards and a runner-up in the British Short Screenplay
Competition and BBC’s Tony Doyle Awards among others, he has worked on short films
and short film selection panels and juries with the Oscar accredited Foyle Film Festival, the
UK’s only Academy accredited film festival.
Film/Writing • 192 pp • 5 x 8
9781842435014 • June • $22.95 Paper • Creative Essentials

Reading Screenplays
How to Analyse and Evaluate Film Scripts
Lucy Scher
Essential for script readers, development executives, and producers, this is also an inci-
sive and effective how-to book for screenwriters, clearly illuminating the script assess-
ment process for both story and craft
Script readers are often responsible for determining whether a script is even looked at by
a producer or development executive, yet those accountable for reading can be on the first
rung of the industry ladder and have had little or no training for the task. This user-friendly
guide lays bare the process of analyzing film scripts, and is invaluable to anyone looking
to work as a script reader, anyone who wants to work in development with writers, and for
screenwriters themselves who are seeking guidance on how the industry might respond to
their work. With contributions from industry insiders, it includes information on how to
write a brilliant script report, storytelling and screen genres, treatments and other short doc-
uments, writing clear and detailed analysis of the craft of storytelling for film, and best prac-
tice in reading and reporting on scripts. It also includes a full resource section listing useful
print and online publications, organizations, and associations.
Lucy Scher is a director of the Script Factory, the UK’s premier screenwriters’ organization.
She devised the UK’s first training course in script reading, developed the UK’s only diploma
in script development, and is an internationally recognized script developer.
Film • 192 pp • 5 x 8
9781842435106 • June • $22.95 Paper • Creative Essentials

Jean-Marc Lofficier and Randy Lofficier
An updated edition just in time for Steven Spielberg’s animated film The Adventures of
Tintin, premiering December 23, 2011, produced by Peter Jackson and starring Daniel
Craig, Simon Pegg, and Jamie Bell as Tintin
The silhouette of Tintin—a young man wearing golf pants, running with a white fox ter-
rier by his side—is easily one of the most recognizable visual icons of the modern world.
In fact Tintin is nine years older than Superman and 10 years older than Batman, having
first appeared in Belgium in 1929. This fully revised and expanded edition of this popular
pocket-sized reference book offers a comprehensive and critical overview of the Tintin se-
ries. Starting with the character’s humble origins in the children’s supplement of a Belgian
Catholic newspaper, the authors track Tintin’s development and success throughout the
decades, including the stormy World War II years. Each book is analyzed in detail, both in
the context of the series, and in its larger framework: that of the comic’s medium and of
society in general. The authors also look at the massive industry that has developed around
the figure of Tintin, the trivia, the anecdotes, the movies and television series, and the mul-
titude of Tintin spin-offs.
Jean-Marc Lofficier and Randy Lofficier have been writing and editing comic books for 15 years. Their titles include Batman:
Nosferatu, Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, Dr. Strange, Superman’s Metropolis, Tales of the Shadowmen, and Teen Titans, and they
received the Inkpot Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comic Arts from Comic-Con. They are the authors of numerous
nonfiction books about science fiction and fantasy, such as Into the Twilight Zone, and have written animation scripts for tel-
evision series, such as Duck Tales and The Real Ghostbusters.
Literary Criticism/Graphic Novels • 160 pp • 5 x 8
9781842436080 (Replaces 9781842432266) • Available • $12.95 Paper • Pocket Essentials

Zombies A–Z
Dan Oliver
The inside info on zombies in movies and television, from Thriller to Zombieland to The
Walking Dead
A is for Army of Darkness. This short history of animated corpses in pop culture will explain
how Sam Raimi’s epic adventure Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness changed the zombie movie
genre forever. B is for braaaains! Readers will learn all about the undead’s favorite food, and
find out which film introduced one of the greatest movie clichés of all time. C is for The Cab-
inet of Dr. Caligari. One of the earliest films ever to portray a zombie is discussed here, as is
the story of how the living dead became an essential part of the horror genre.
Dan Oliver is a journalist.
Film/Television • 288 pp • 5 x 8
9781843586388 • April • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • John Blake

Skins A–Z
Kate Molloy
The lowdown on the critically acclaimed, gritty teen show
Skins airs on BBC America and is available on iTunes and DVD, and was
nominated for a GLAAD Media Award
A is for awards—this hit teen drama has won a host of media awards, including the Philips
Audience Award at the BAFTAs. B is for Bristol—Skins is filmed almost entirely around Bris-
tol and the location gives the show much of its identity. The characters are often seen meet-
ing on College Green. C is for Cassie—a much-loved character from the first cast who struggles
to hide her eating disorders from her friends and family. Find out about the characters from
all three casts of the show, discover the behind-the-scenes gossip from the hotly anticipated
film, and learn about what inspired the writers to create the show in the first place.
Kate Molloy is an entertainment journalist.
Television • 288 pp • 5 x 8 • 12 Color Photos • 50 B/W Photos
9781843583929 • May • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • John Blake

The Big Bang Theory A–Z

Amy Rickman
The show has received the People’s Choice Award for favorite comedy and, for Jim Par-
sons, an Emmy and a Golden Globe. Here’s the full story on the sciencey sitcom.
A is for awards—The Big Bang Theory has been showered with awards for being the smartest
and funniest TV sitcom around. B is for Barenaked Ladies—read all about the band that
performed the show’s famous theme song, “The History of Everything.” C is for Caltech—
find out more about the world-famous university where our favorite four Big Bang char-
acters work. From special guests like Katee Sackhoff and River Glau, to predecessor shows
like Beauty and the Geek and The IT Crowd, it’s all here.
Amy Rickman is the author of Blood Brothers and Gleeful!: A Totally Unofficial Guide to
the Hit TV Series Glee.
Television • 250 pp • 5 x 8 • 22 Color Photos • 37 B/W Photos • 1 B/W Illustration
9781843585411 • April • $12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • John Blake

The Good, the Bad and the Multiplex
What’s Wrong with Modern Movies?
Mark Kermode
A renowned film critic offers a no-holds-barred account of all that is great and all that
is terrible about cinema

“Film criticism is rarely as much fun as Kermode.” —Empire on It’s Only a Movie
“Breezy, entertaining . . . he’s spot on in pretty much all his critical opinions.”
—Independent on It’s Only a Movie
Outspoken, opinionated, and hilariously funny, the critic who carved out a career in print,
radio, and television based entirely on the belief that The Exorcist is the greatest movie ever
made and that the Pirates of the Caribbean films should be buried in a very deep hole where
they can never bother anyone ever again tackles the real questions that serious filmgoers
need answered: What’s wrong with the modern movie business? How can we make it right?
If blockbusters make money no matter how bad they are, then why not make a good one
for a change? How can 3-D be the future of cinema when it’s been giving audiences a headache
for more than 100 years? Why pay to watch films in theaters which don’t have a projec-
tionist but do have a fast-food stand? And, in a world in which Sex and the City 2 was a
Also available: hit, what the hell are film critics for? This hilariously forthright, enthusiastic look at the
state of film today will delight all film obsessives.
Mark Kermode is a film critic and broadcaster who was named by the Screen Directory as
one of the Top Ten Film Critics of All Time. He writes for the Observer and Sight and Sound,
is the author of It’s Only a Movie and the BFI Film classics guides The Exorcist and Shaw-
shank Redemption, and his podcasts are downloaded by more than 100,000 people per week.
Film • 320 pp • 5 x 8
9780099543497 • May • $14.95 Paper • Arrow

It’s Only a Movie

$14.95 Paper

The Godfather Was a Girl

. . . And Blanche Dubois Was a Guy
Eamon Evans
More than 300 fascinating stories of the real people behind iconic fictional characters—
from the neighborhood suicide who inspired Tolstoy to write Anna Karenina to the X-
Men characters inspired by MLK and Malcolm X
“Why waste time with this insignificant and irrelevant part of the book when you could be
discovering the story of who JD from Scrubs was based on?” —from the foreword
Did you know that the inspiration for Rocky Balboa once lost at wrestling to Andre the
Giant? That Ali G was actually based on a real, white, middle-class Jamaican-accented hip
hop DJ? Or that most of the main characters in To Kill a Mockingbird were inspired by
Harper Lee’s own family, neighbors, and an innocent man, Walter Lett, who was sentenced
to death? Eamon Evans has tracked down extraordinary and entertaining examples of real-
life people who helped inspire classic novels, movies, and television. Find out who the basis
was for Lois Lane, AbFab’s Eddie Monsoon, the Simpsons’ Mr. Burns, Charlie Brown, Will
and Grace, Porgy and Bess, Professor Snape, Boogie Nights’ Dirk Diggler, Betty Boop, Sally
Bowles, Dr. Strangelove, and many other iconic characters.
Eamon Evans is a former radio host and freelance writer who has written for the Australian Book
Review. His previous book was Small Talk: Tailormade Trivia for Every Awkward Moment.
Performing Arts/History • 356 pp • 6 x 9.5 • 510 B/W Photos
9781740669894 • April • $19.95 (Can $21.95) Paper • Hardie Grant Books

Daniel Craig
The Biography
Sarah Marshall
From provocative choices like The Mother to his triumphant turn as Bond to the lead
role in the hotly anticipated remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo—the fully up-
dated story of a supremely talented actor
He’s gorgeous, tremendously talented, charming, and sexy. His breathtaking performance
as the new James Bond won him legions of fans and proved that, as well as being an out-
standing actor, he could cut it as an action hero and redefine a cinematic icon to huge crit-
ical acclaim. This fascinating, affectionate book reveals everything about this fascinating
leading man—how he endured poverty-stricken years when he was first struggling to make
it as an actor in London; how he rejected the “trivial” publicity that came when he started
to make a name for himself; his relationships, including his marriage to a British actress
with whom he has a daughter; plus his encounters with Sienna Miller and Kate Moss; and
how he has handled the adulation that has come from his role as 007.
Sarah Marshall is the author of Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, and Sienna’s Story.
Biography/Film • 272 pp • 5 x 8 • 34 Color Photos • 1 B/W Photo
9781843585398 (Replaces 9781844546046) • May
$12.95 (Can $13.95) Paper • John Blake

Michael Douglas
Acting on Instinct
John Parker
The life story of the Academy Award–winning actor, from Streets of San Francisco to
cancer survivor

“Parker’s well-researched biography chronicles his subject’s life and times with obvi-
ous appreciation.” —Mail on Sunday
Michael Douglas is a Hollywood son who waged a battle against the odds to achieve his
fame and fortune, and has kept on fighting with every challenge he faces—here is his com-
pelling and remarkable story. It details how, in the shadow of his father Kirk’s overpower-
ing fame, Douglas forged a career for himself and became recognized in his own right as
an award-winning actor and producer. The toll fame has taken on Michael’s personal life
is also discussed—his struggles with sexual addiction, his treatment for alcoholism and drug
dependency, the breakup of his first marriage, and his eldest son’s 2010 sentencing to five
years in prison for drug dealing. Yet, despite a rocky road, Michael has found happiness
later in life. His marriage to Catherine Zeta Jones is also discussed, a marriage that meant
a second shot at fatherhood and gave him strength following a devastating diagnosis of ad-
vanced throat cancer at the age of 65.
John Parker is the author of numerous Hollywood biographies, including Arise Sir Sean Con-
nery, Robert De Niro, and Wild: The Biography of Jack Nicholson.
Biography/Film • 426 pp • 6 x 9 • 15 Color Photos • 5 B/W Photos
9780755362554 • May • $24.95 Cloth • Headline Book Publishing

Elizabeth Taylor (1932–2011)
Queen of the Silver Screen
Ian Lloyd
A photographic collection tracing Elizabeth’s life in all its in-
tensity, through movies, marriages, and charity work—in-
cluding never before seen personal photographs

“Her picture-perfect life revealed in rarely seen snaps.”

“Engaging photographs appear on almost every page . . .
Fans of the royal family will delight in this affectionate and
sympathetic biography.” —Publishers Weekly on William:
The People’s Prince
A movie star from the age of 12, Elizabeth Taylor was known for
her luminous beauty, radiant star quality, and undeniable acting
prowess. This collection of photos pays tribute to the actress and
celebrity, who was also known for her love of large diamonds and
full-on living, and for notching up seven husbands. In all respects,
she exhibited a unique lust for life, and her greatest movie tri-
umphs were those in which she has was able to give rein to her
blend of kitten-like siren and wild force of nature—including Cat
on a Hot Tin Roof and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, the lat-
ter with her longest-lasting and arguably most compatible hus-
band, Richard Burton. For all the artifice of her life, there was a
natural quality to her and, perhaps more than any other actress,
the magic of her star has never faded. This book features never-
before-seen personal photographs, given by Liz to Michael Jack-
son, who subsequently left them in a taxi in Germany and told
the driver to keep them, including brilliantly candid family snaps
of Taylor, Burton, their children, and even Marlon Brando at play.
Ian Lloyd is a freelance writer and photographer. He writes for
Hello! magazine and is the author of William: The People’s Prince.
Photography/Film • 144 pp • 8.5 x 11
41 Color Photos • 105 B/W Photos
9780233003412 • April • $27.95 Cloth • Andre Deutsch

Reigning in Style
Jane Eastoe
A detailed sartorial portrait of Queen Elizabeth
II, featuring beautiful photographs, sketches,
mood boards, and the memorabilia that ac-
companied State outfits—ideal for followers of
vintage fashion and Royal-watchers alike
Published to coincide with the Queen’s Diamond
Jubilee year, this remarkable book takes a fond look
back at the days when Her Majesty led the way in
terms of fashion, showcasing the best of the world’s
designers. From the coronation to the present day
the Queen has attracted comment, but in the 1950s
and 1960s particularly she was a style icon, copied
and adored. In the 1950s her wardrobe was char-
acterized by romantic, glamorous, yet practical
dresses, with fashionable nipped-in waists and full
skirts. A more tailored silhouette took over in the
1960s, while in the 1970s she embraced a more
floaty, relaxed style to match the feel of the decade.
From the feminine, intricately embroidered New
Look dresses of Norman Hartnell through the more
tailored simplicity of Hardy Amies to the more flow-
ing style of Ian Thomas in the 1970s, the Queen’s
wardrobe has been inspirational in terms of vintage
fashion. This sartorial biography charts a woman’s
move from wasp-waisted princess to stately national
icon and is a must-buy for the vintage clothes enthusiast as much as for dedicated followers of Her Majesty the Queen.
Jane Eastoe has been a journalist and author for 25 years. For many years she worked for the fashion business press, for whom
she regularly covered the international collections and interviewed designers from Gaultier to Galliano. She is the coauthor of
Fabulous Frocks and Victorian Pharmacy.
Fashion & Appearance/Biography • 112 pp • 8 x 8 • 50 Color Photos • 50 B/W Photos
9781862059481 • June • $16.95 (Can $18.95) Cloth • Pavilion

The Queen
The Diamond Jubilee
Foreword by Sir John Major
Britain’s leading authority on the peerage and Royal Family commemorates the
remarkable life of the Queen, from her early years to her role as a modern
monarch in the 21st century
Elizabeth II will have her Diamond Jubilee on June 2–5, 2012, when
she will also celebrate her 86th birthday
A beautifully illustrated commemoration of the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth
II, this book explores the Queen’s genealogy, tracing her descent from William the
Conqueror, her coat of arms, and orders of chivalry. It looks at her personal life,
her childhood, teenage years, hobbies and pursuits, as well as her closest family
ties: her mother, sister, husband, children, in-laws, and grandchildren. Her public
life is also reviewed and celebrated, from formal occasions to garden parties, walk-
abouts, ship-launchings, and ribbon-cuttings, to her work with charities and pre-
senting awards and honors. The state occasions that have punctuated the Queen’s
life—her own wedding, her coronation, other royal weddings, state funerals, state
Also available: openings of parliame