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Private Placement Program

We facilitate secured Private Placements Programs in direct cooperation with a private platform trader, platform program managers and providers. Your investment remains under your control and account name, guaranteed, safeguarded during the contract period. If you want to place funds into a Private Placement Program (PPP) we can help you. Although you must be invited to join, these lucrative programs offer a safe and secure means of multiplying your wealth. Begin in a short time, typically just 72 hours after verification of received documents and due diligence process. This opportunity has the potential for wealth creation and life quality enhancement. You can soon be enjoying the benefit and profit from this yielding investments. Note that we are not providing financial or securities advice (our lawyer insist we include this notice.) Applicants are expected to be experienced investors who are familiar with how these investments are done. We DO NOT formally educate or provide any advice as to how one can incorporate this PPP strategy into your financial plan. The returns will be presented to you by the trader at first meeting. The meeting can be a conference call or face-to-face meeting. Normally, this will occur after the due diligence process is complete. It is worth nothing for the skeptical: Your money is never transferred to another account only if the Investors Bank does not have Swift obligations. It is just blocked at your bank through a standard MT 760 and remains in your bank.

Private Placement Program Details Bank instruments (CD, MTN, BG, Bonds, etc.) or liquid funds are used Minimum requirement is 1 million and up- no cap USD-EUR cash funds. Bank must have swift capability Trading occurs for a 40-Week program or Agreed by Platform and Trader Historical returns can be discussed directly with the Platform Trader Face-to-face contract signing and could be Signed Emailed or fax back locked in PDF Format This PPP opportunity is available to legitimate investors meeting the basic criteria as listed.

Detailed Program Procedures 1. 2. 3. 4. You submit compliance documentation Both you and your asset are evaluated by the compliance department Trade contract is sent for your review and signature You sign the contract and return it

5. 6. 7. 8.

Trader counter-signs contract and returns a copy to you A MT 760 template is provided as a guideline for your bank Your bank completes MT760 Swift and you are in Trade within 72 Hours The Procedures may change based on the Funds being used

Once all documentation is delivered to the program manager the compliance process begins. At that point any and all due diligence must be completed for every applicant. Within 72 hours of the successful verification funds and other associated due diligence procedures you will be in trade. Profits are paid to you weekly via wire transfers into your instructed Bank account. NOTE: Your money is never transferred to another account; it is just blocked through a MT760 The compliance package you need to get started in trade will be released to you at your request in order to move forward. If a private placement program is what you are looking for we will need you to send us a Request form that you are interested and asking for out set of compliance documents.


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