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A Report on Competency Profiling of a manager using BEI Interview

Submitted to Prof. M.G JOMON

Dhritiman Indranil PGDM-II u110020

Competency profiling of a manager using BEI Interview

Designation: Lead Consultant Reporting to: Business Manager/Practice Manager Job Description:
As a Lead Consultant, you are responsible for the Recruitment Service delivery to meet the business targets in a Sub-domain/ location. Some of the key activities that you will be doing are: Planning Service Delivery to meet weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual targets Managing Client relationships, both at strategic and operational levels. Single point of contact for customer issues, escalations. Growing the business by identifying new opportunities within the existing clients. Handling a large team professionally and productively. Adherence to Careernet's Service Excellence framework, comprising of Quality processes, usage of resume database application and participation in employee development initiatives.

A brief description of the organization :

Established in 1999, CareerNet is the leading provider of Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions to the Technology, Knowledge Services, Banking and Financial Services sectors in India. The leadership team has several decades of collective experience working for global services and consulting firms and are alumni of premier educational institutions in India like IITs and IIMs. The leadership and the team have an outstanding track record in recruitment consulting and haves in-depth expertise in the industry domains that CareerNet operates in. The management team of the company comprises of highly talented and experienced professionals who have extensive experience in the technology, consulting and services sectors. The leadership and executive team has several decades of collective experience working for global services and consulting firms. CareerNet has more than 250 employees across multiple locations in India. Every employee plays a critical role that enables their clients to succeed and hence CareerNet has created a new breed of professionals for

the industry by making significant investments in training and development of its talent. They are a young, energetic and entrepreneurial team with an intense hunger to grow, CareerNet aims to provide fast, simple and cost-effective solutions for our clients, through strategic advice and solutions in the areas of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Acquisition Strategy and Planning, Compensation Advisory, University Recruitment, Leadership Acquisition, Talent Branding, Role Design, Performance Management Systems, Outplacement and Exit Management. CareerNet's expertise lies in their deep understanding of client's businesses, as well as their appreciation for the significant challenges that their clients face in various functional areas. Their teams are organized by industry sectors and functional areas of expertise which enhances their ability to provide their clients with highly impactful talent acquisition solutions. CareerNet works on a risk-reward based partnership with their clients. They determine the balance between service levels and pricing, and incorporate this into their engagement models which are supported by robust service management processes.
Vision : To be a globally admired human talent firm and Indias Number 1 IT recruitment firm with the best consultants in industry delivering immaculate recruitment results with excellent candidates sourced through the industrys most comprehensive recruitment methodologies. Mission :

To give the BEST Services and Solutions for delightful satisfaction of our customers To identify human talent To position the talent at right places for best utilization

To nurture talent at all places, in all stages

1. Achievement impact 2.Degree of innovation 3. Decision making 4. Planning impact 5. Concern for quality

6. Self motivation and amount of discretionary effort 7. Domain knowledge and business awareness

Excerpts from the interview with Miss Seema Raja , Lead Consultant of Careernet Consulting, Bangalore :
(She was here in XIMB during Xpressions and I got the chance to speak to her)

Me : Can you please give me a general description of your responsibilities in your current job? Seema : Right now I am leading a team of 5 senior recruiters. I manage the team and play the role of the primary client interface for 8 clients. I need to achieve individual financial targets along with the total team target. The company expects me to widen the client base (business development) and also be involved in requirement gathering from client site. I monitor the quality in sourcing, scheduling, reference generating, etc. In a nutshell, along with managing people, I am actively involved in each segment of the recruitment cycle starting from requirement gathering to raising of invoice. Me : That sounds like a lot of responsibility! I believe the clients can be very exacting at times. Can you recall such a situation and how did you manage that? Seema : Yes , the clients can be very difficult at times. Once a very important client X needed us to collaborate with them on weekend drives to hire engineers from all metro cities. Spread over a month. It so happened that we had other pressing deadlines as well (related to other clients) so we couldnt take weekdays off and we couldnt say NO to X. So me and my team had to work on every weekend for a whole month. That is like 30 days on a trot! Including 12-13 hours on weekends! Me: But how did you manage pulling this off?

Seema : Thankfully I had a very co-operative team so managing the situation wasnt very hard. It can be taxing so just kept the motivation levels up. All my team members were promised a week long break. 2 at a time. And add to that I secured extra wage for them for the extra days put in. I used to be there with them all the time. I used to be the first to come and last to go. I was the chief co-ordinator. Thankfully the weekend drives were a huge success and almost 100 people were hired from these 4 cities. That meant a lot of revenue for the company which in turn meant a good bonus for me and my team. Me : Great! When you co-ordinate what all things are needed and what all problems can arise and how do you deal with them. Can you give an example?

Seema : Well, being a co-ordinator requires a lot of patience , a calm mind , concentration and alertness. Lot of things happen simultaneously and one cannot really lose grip on any of them. Else things can go awry. The main problem in such cases that can occur is communication breakdowns at nodal points. Once while doing a walk in for another client Y , the video communication channel between the client site recruiter and me broke down. I had to request another company in the neighbourhood to spare their V Con room for a couple of hours! Shifted couple of my subordinates working on the same there and managed the situation somehow. In walk ins delays and breakdowns can create complete chaos and the candidates take back a very bad impression regarding the clients which in turn can affect our business with them. Me : Since you spoke about business now and also you had mentioned that you are involved in business development, can you explain what exactly it means and what kind of development in business have you been instrumental in? Seema : Business development is not my core responsibility but since we are a small and relatively a young company, people in leadership roles are expected to chip in with whatever they can. My role in business development essentially means to serve the client and if he is very happy persuade the client to give us leads. And once he gives some leads to go to that prospective client and pitch in with how we can help them in securing their manpower needs. Me : Can you please tell me about such an instance. Seema : There was a client A which was also a start up like us. They started from scratch and my team did their entire manpower planning. Helped them recruit and build a team of around 20. All of them very competent. Such was their trust on us that they used to ask me personally on how much CTC should the offer to the potential joinee to secure his joining. These things dont happen normally. They were so happy with our service that they recommended us to 2 more companies which had just started their operations in India. We bagged the recruiting contract of those 2 companies as well. Me : What role did you play in helping you company bag these contracts. Can you explain the process? Seema : We have a presentation and pitching kit. In the example I just gave, both the prospective clients were in Pune. So, I landed in Pune, met their CEOs and gave presentations. And that normally includes things like a)how can we help them hire better and save them money by avoiding a cost centre b) Hasslefree interview co-ordinating process c) Benchmark competitor salaries and current payscale scenario etc. We normally try and negotiate between 5 to 16.66% commission per hire. Higher the better for us. Fortunately for me both of them agreed on a 12.5%. And since they were planning to expand rapidly it meant good business for us. That is how I could contribute. Me : You had said something about targets. Can you elaborate on the same? 3

Seema : Every individual in Careernet has financial targets to achieve which is linked to the number of candidates joining our clients. It is fixed on a quarterly basis. And as a lead I am responsible for achieving my targets and I also need to make sure that all my team members achieve theirs. Our bonus depends on achievement of these targets. Me : Have you always managed to achieve your targets? Seema : My team has been one of the better performing teams since last 2 years. Last year we all achieved our targets in 3 out of 4 quarters barring 2 team members who couldnt achieve their individual target in one quarter. This year also it has been going good. The Christmas/New year period can be a little lean for our business because companies generally slow down their technical requirements. So we just fell short of our targets for the September December quarter last year. This year also it seems the situation is going to be a little tight. Me : Thanks a lot for your time Seema. It was nice talking to you.

JND Scale Development :

A) Achievement Impact

0 No performance. 1 Individual performance only 2 Affects a team. 3 Affects the company

B) Degree of innovation

0- Doesnt do new things 1- Does things to improve performance that have not been done in that job before but may have been done elsewhere in the organisation 2- Does something new and different which is new to the organisation 3- Does something which is new to the industry. Cutting edge.

C) Decision Making 0 Refrains from taking any decisions of significance 1 Readily takes decision of significance related to himself in the organisational context. 2 Takes significant decisions affecting the team. 3 - Takes significant decisions affecting the organisation as a whole.

D) Planning Impact 0 Poor planning and execution and hence causing problems to self and the organisation 1 Doesnt plan a lot himself and depends on the plan given to him and executes it. 2- Does short term wise planning for the team. 3 Indulges in strategic level planning for the company.

E) Concern for Quality 0- General lack of focus on quality. Doesnt double check his work. 1- Checks own work. Double checks the accuracy of information and own work 2- Monitors the quality of others work. Keeps detailed records and ensures that processes are followed. 3- Monitors project against deadlines, monitors data and puts effort to improve existing systems

F) Self Motivation, Amount of discretionary work

0 Shirks work and requires constant supervision 1- Works independently and completes work without constant supervision

2- Works extra hours as needed to complete work when not required to do so. 3- Does more than what is required. Takes on extra work voluntarily and starts new projects.

G) Business awareness 0 - Awareness is limited to what is happening within the organisation 1- Awareness of how similar companies are running their business 2- Awareness of how business is running in the industry as a whole 3- Awareness of how business can be improved in the concerned industry to benefit the organisation

Individual Rating on Competencies :

Achievement impact - 3 Degree of innovation - 2 Decision making - 3 Planning impact - 2 Concern for quality - 3 Self motivation and amount of discretionary effort -3 Domain knowledge and business awareness -2

Overall Rating :
18/7 = 2.571 2.571 out of 4 = 6.42 out of 10.