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Aledo United Methodist Church
an edition of
The United Methodist Reporter
Two Sections, Section A071050 Vol. 158 No. 32 December 9, 2011
P.O. Box 126, Oak at Pecan St., Aledo, TX 76008 | | 817.441.8329 Fax: 817.441.1352
Songs of the Season
December 18, 6:30
Christmas Eve
December 24
Services at 5, 7 & 11
Christmas Day
Sunday, December 25
Brunch 9:00
One Service 10:00
reetings to you in the name of
Christ! I pray that everyone had
a wonderful anksgiving, giving
God thanks for the many blessings in your
life! During the holidays, I am reminded of
the many blessings in my life. is church
is a blessing to this community, to my
family, and, I pray, to you and your family.
As we prepare for Christmas, we all stay
busy—busy shopping, busy getting ready,
busy cooking, busy with parties and busy
with life. My prayer is that during this
season, we do not stay so busy that we miss
the Christ in Christmas, but that we take
time to pause in the midst of the busy-
ness, so we may experience the beauty,
power, and miracle of this Christmas.
As we prepare for Christmas, I ask
that you remember the church in your
giving. We always depend on strong
giving in December to meet our nancial
obligations. Giving through the end
of November 2011 has exceeded last
year’s giving through November by
approximately $63,000. ank you for
your faithfulness!
is year, we have been more
faithful in paying our missional giving
(apportionments) to support the life
changing ministries of our church
worldwide. rough November 2010,
we had paid 53 percent ($63,600) of our
missional giving compared to 87 percent
($110,500) through this November!
In 2011, we started our Snack Sacks
ministry that is currently feeding 100
students a weekend! In 2011, we began
hosting a sliding-scale counseling
center! In 2011, we had mission trips
to Little Rock, Arkansas; New Orleans,
Louisiana; Killeen, Texas; Guatemala;
and Haiti! In 2011, we have seen
signicant growth with the number of
our 7th–12th graders participating in
Bible study, worship, and mission trips.
I am frequently hearing comments like,
“My middle schooler constantly tells
me, ‘I can’t wait until church!’” In 2011,
we have seen signicant growth in our
Children’s and Family ministry with our
Sunday morning and Wednesday evening
ministry. Trudy started Club 45 for our
4th and 5th graders, and the response has
been overwhelming! Trudy is constantly
worried that she will not have enough
supplies for an event because of the
overwhelming response. What a blessing!
Aledo United Methodist Church is an
exciting place to be. God is changing lives
and transforming communities through
our church!
We still need a strong December to
meet all of our nancial obligations.
rough the end of November, we have
incurred expenses of approximately
$60,000 more than we have received in
giving. In December, we expect to have
expenses of approximately $100,000. To
meet our obligations, we need to receive
$160,000 in December giving.
If you have been aected adversely by
the current economic environment or are
experiencing hardship in any way, please
let us know of ways we can help. As a
church family, I urge us to keep the people
most aected by this recession in our
thoughts and prayers.
I ask that you and your family
prayerfully consider what your year-end
gi to the church will be. If we all join
together with this year-end oering, the
possibilities are endless. ank you for
your faithfulness, and thank you for our
shared ministry together!
May the Lord bless you and keep you,
Rev. Jason M. Jones
Senior Pastor
What a blessing!
Youth Praise Band
Adult Praise Band
Handbell Choir
Chamber Singers
Chancel Choir
of the Season
December 18 6:30 PM
Aledo United
Methodist Church
Are you experiencing the holiday blues? The joy of
Christmas can turn into a time of painful loneliness and
emptiness for those who have suered a loss or
who are going through a dicult time. But help
is available. Our Stephen Ministers are ready
to provide condential, one-to-one, Christian
care. They will listen, care, encourage, pray with
and for you, and support you through the holidays and
as long as your need persists. If you or someone you
know is hurting, nd out more about Stephen
Ministry by talking with Rev. DeAndrea Dare
at 817.441.8329 or DeAndreaDare@aledoumc.
org. Our Stephen Ministers at Aledo United
Methodist Church are there to care!
Page 4 Aledo United Methodist Church
NOVEMBER 20, 2011
2011 153 229
2010 132 314
NOVEMBER 27, 2011
2011 129 278
2010 176 275
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you receive it, and you will. — Mark 11:24
Concerns: Patrick Carter, Lauren Chapman, Beverly Rector’s father Don
Coey, Don Duckering, Marshall Bryant, Jayne Dawson’s mother Beth
Calfee, Cindy Mayeld’s mother Minta Simmans, Jan Hudler and her
mother Jo Morton, Cindy Tanner’s brother Bryan Futch, Betty Duvall,
Laura Marsden’s mother Ruth Bueno, Ross Tanner and family, Rhonda
Rhine, Natha Lee Shannon, Aaron Gomas, Marla Jones’ mother Diann
Montgomery, Charlie McLain’s brother, Randy Gideon, Yvonne Stegall,
Jennie May, Robin Brown, Shannon Reynolds’ cousin Corrie McWilliams,
James Dorrell, Beth Calfee, Steve Bale’s brother-in-law Herschel Nelson,
Andrew Karnes, Jim Britton’s dad Ellis Britton, Brandy Dietz, Laura
Abbott, Tanner Mathews, Jaci Mitchell, Kacie Brannen, Dean Thompson,
David Kent, Butch Fernstrom, Lance Holland, Jim Hanley, Kathy
Mayotte’s father, Edmond Gutierrez, Jr., Rita Burnett, Jim Olney, Roy
Pitcock, Pat Simon, Tammy Boutwell, Michael Finck, Cindy Vance, Je
Herron, Chad & Rena Tyson Family, Linda Malloy, John Rubenkoenig,
John Hartle, Sharon McCoy’s mother Laura Mae Barnard, John Breaux,
Tip Read, Dorothy Srba, Mary Hart’s brother John Roach, Nick Wright,
Alison Evers, Mark Strickland, Tina Stevens’ mother.
Our special members who are unable to be with us for worship:
Anna Boger, Rosemary Houser, Wynell Stevens
Our Long Term Prayer Concerns: Sara Reed’s mother Paula Duckering,
PFC Logan Tidwell, PFC Travis Dare, Kids Hope USA Children, Sheryl
Glusing, Henry Davis, Brian White’s Family, Capt. Marc R. Bradle, PFC
James Spurlock, Brian Hebert, Casey Tutt, Lucas Potter, Sgt. Aavram
Powell, Barbara Moore’s parents Edward & Helen Farcus, Mason Gomez,
Lt. 1st Class Jesse Spurlock, Bryan Thomas, USMC Cory Applewhite,
Sgt. Adam Novak, Sgt. Andrew Schneider, Pvt. 1st Class Ryan Hedblad,
Johnny Rowell, Ben Weston, Missionaries, Chase Peysen, Sgt. Joe
Washam, Beth Fischer’s Mom, All Military Personnel
If you have an emergency (life threatening illness or death in the family) and would like to
speak to one of our pastors, please call (682)710-AUMC (2862).
e Nobel Peace Prize winner
and international icon of
reconciliation shares his vision
on why we can nd hope
and joy in the world’s darkest
moments—because we are made
for goodness and God smiles
upon us and blesses us when we
live up to this calling.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
has witnessed some of the
world’s darkest moments, for
decades ghting the racist
government policy of apartheid
and since then being an
ambassador of peace amidst
political, diplomatic, and natural
disasters. Yet people continue
to nd him one of the most
joyful and hopeful people they
have encountered.  In “Made
for Goodness”, Tutu shares his
Written with his daughter,
Mpho, Tutu begins with Jesus’
parable of the prodigal son,
nding in the role of the waiting
father, who forgets this dignity
of what is justly his in order to
run and embrace his repentant
son, the best symbol for
understanding who God is.  God
has made us for goodness, and
when we simply start walking in
the direction of this calling, God
is there to meet us, encourage
us, embrace us. God has made
the world as a grand theater
for us to work out this call to
goodness; it is up to us to live up
to this calling, but God is there
to help us every step of the way. 
So tackling our worst problems
takes on new meaning and is
bolstered with hope and the
expectation that that is exactly
where God will show up. Be
ready to be transformed.
Made for Goodness
And why this makes all the dierence
Tuesday Morning Bible Study
January 10–March 27, 10:00-12:00
Facilitated by Rev. DeAndrea Dare
A Note of Thanks
Thank you so much to the Worship Committee for their hard work and dedication behind
the scenes that allows us to worship in a beautifully decorated Sanctuary during the Advent
and Christmas seasons. The Hanging of the Greens service was a fun-lled worship time that
set us o on the journey to Christmas this Advent season. A big,,“Thank You,” to Laura and
Russell Greer for organizing the Annual Chili Cook-o. And nally thank you to all of you who
participated and worshipped with us on Sunday evening, November 27. May your Advent
season be one lled with hope!
Sunday, December 18
Church Kitchen
8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Get your homemade
goodies, including a variety
of banana breads, pumpkin
breads, homemade quiches
and a few select casseroles
to enjoy over the holidays.
Anyone wanting to share
their baking talents can
bring their donated baked
items that Sunday morning.
Thank you for supporting
your church kitchen needs
and my love for cooking.
Happy Holidays to All,
Lynnda Burroughs
Kitchen Sta
Communion servers
needed for the 11:00
service. Please contact
Susie Johnson for more
Page 8 Aledo United Methodist Church
Church Angel Tom Siler
Most of us are pretty good at complaining when the church is too
hot or too cold. But did you know that your concerns do not go
unheard? ey travel through the sta and Trustees to church
angel Tom Siler, who works on our heating and air conditioning
systems. He works on all the dierent building units, as well as the
computer system that runs most of them. But the real miracle is
that he donates his time—more hours than he probably cares to
count! Tom and Kathy Siler call Aledo United Methodist “home”,
and are willing to sacrice to keep us all comfortable. We thank
you, Tom, for being a faithful Church Angel!
Attention High Schoolers! Sign up for the Elevate Winter
Retreat to Sky Ranch by December 18th! Pick up a sign
up form at the church oce, ER or e-mail clintchurch@
e Student Ministry
Christmas party is December
14th at 6pm in the Chapel
for all students 7-12 grades.
Bring a white elephant gi ($5
e students are still meeting
during Advent. e Christmas
party will be our last meeting
on a Wednesday or Sunday
night until January.
Student Ministry holiday schedule
Advent is the time of year we prepare for Christmas and prepare to receive
the gi of the Christ child. ere is no better way to prepare than to give
a meaningful gi that will have a lasting impact on people’s lives in our
community. We will collect items for Snack Sacks and Cenikor during
Advent. Please nd the marked baskets in the narthex for our donations.
Snack Sacks Ministry
Snack Sacks is a ministry that provides food on the weekends to over 90
students in need at McCall Elementary.
SVienna Sausage SIndividual Macaroni and Cheese
SPudding Cups SIndividual Boxes of Cereal
SFruit Snacks SCereal/Granola Bars
SPeanut Butter and Cheese Crackers (wrapped packages)
You can always support this life-changing ministry by giving a cash
donation of $10/month per child.
Cenikor is a nonprot, long-term substance-abuse treatment center that
assumes total responsibility for all the residents’ needs including food,
clothing, shelter, vocational training, education, and health care.
SGrease Pencils SDeodorant
SShaving Cream SBar Soap
SToilet Paper SDouble-Bladed Razors
SWomen’s Personal Hygiene Items
ank you for being the hands and feet of Christ to our community, and
for taking seriously the words of our Christ: “Lord, when was it that we
saw you hungry and gave you food, or thirsty and gave you something to
drink? And when was it that we saw you a stranger and welcomed you, or
naked and gave you clothing? And when was it that we saw you sick or in
prison and visited you?” And the king will answer them, “Truly I tell you,
just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family,
you did it to me” (Matthew 28:37-40).
Opportunities to Give During Advent
Children’s Ministry News
Sandwiches with Santa December 11
Plan to bring your child to enjoy lunch and get a
photo with Santa!
- For those of you who attend the ĕrst service/
Sunday school, plan to come at 11:15am!
- For families attending the 11:00 service, please
come at noon!
Please bring a new teddy bear (unwrapped) as a gi! (Bears will
go to re and police personnel, to give out to children in crisis
Christmas costumes for Christmas Eve
CLEAN YOUR CLOSET! And help our Christmas Eve inventory!
We are collecting additional costumes for our Christmas Eve
service for families, 5:00pm Christmas Eve.
- Neck ties and cording (for shepherds)
- Boys and adult robes (for shepherds)
- Crowns (for wise men)
Fabric and a pattern are available at the visitors’ counter for anyone
willing to sew additional (simple!) angel outts.