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Recruitment POLICY
For University
This document is supposed to cover all the important instructions and procedures required for recruitment and selection process of teaching staff in a university. The level/grade of the staff to be recruited following these procedures is mentioned in the doc.

Kulsoom Gul, Huma Atif, Saad Salman

FAST-NUCES 1/1/2011
Recruitment Policy and Procedures

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Introduction To Recruitment policy

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Introduction of the Topic Purpose Objectives Principles of Recruitment....... Scope Effective Date.. Amendments... Job Description. Sources of Recruitment Terms and conditions of service. Appointments.. Probation Hiring Relatives .. Hiring of ex-employees.. Exclusive service Death or incapacitation during service Termination of service .. Resignation Medical Assessment References

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Recruitment Procedure
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Stages of Recruitment procedures Pre-Advertisement. Interviewing.. Post-selection Administration Offer of Employment. Final Administration




Recruitment Policy and Procedures

1.1- Introduction

The Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedures aim to provide clear guidance to managers in relation to both the selection and appointment of staff. This policy promotes and supports good practice for those with responsibility for recruitment. It is clear that the Universitys staff have a crucial role to play in achieving the challenging mission, vision and strategic goals. The University therefore needs to be able to attract and retain staff of the highest calibre. The recruitment and selection process is therefore, of vital importance in order to recruit staff with the necessary skills and attributes to enable the University to fulfil its corporate aims and objectives.

1.2- Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide a sound framework based on core principles to make the recruitment process smooth and effective.

1.3- Objectives

This policy and procedures aim to achieve the following objectives: Recruit staff with the appropriate skills, both technical and personal, in order to meet the Universitys current and future needs. To ensure that staff appointed to posts involving teaching responsibilities are qualified to carry out such duties or are working towards an appropriate qualification. Develop and enhance the public image of the University, both as an employer and as a quality provider of education and research. This policy and associated procedures applies to all members of staff of the university.

Recruitment Policy and Procedures

1.4- Principles for recruitment

The University will seek to attract the best candidate for the job based on merit and is best suited for the job and the institution. The University will ensure that the recruitment and selection of staff is conducted in a professional, timely and responsive manner and in compliance with current employment legislation. Recruitment and selection is a key public relations exercise and should enhance the reputation of the University. The University will treat all candidates fairly, aiming to ensure that the candidate experience is positive, irrespective of the outcome

Any member of staff involved in the selection of staff should satisfy him or herself that he/she is appropriately trained and can comply with the requirements of this policy and procedure.

1.5- Scope

This policy and procedure include all activities that are the part of the recruitment and selection process. It is applicable to all teaching staff recruitment irrespective of staff group or nature of employment. In order for the policy and procedure to be effective, it is essential that any employee who is involved in any aspect of the recruitment and/or selection of staff is aware of this document and stick to it. Eventually it is the responsibility of the senior management in the University along with Human Resources to ensure it.

1.6- Effective date:

This policy and procedure for recruitment will be effective within the two years of its date of documentation and implementation. The policy will be reviewed every two years from the date of implementation.

1.7- Amendments:

The University will promote best practice in Recruitment and Selection. It will continuously develop and amend its recruitment and selection practices to allow new ideas and approaches to be incorporated. All the reviews will be initiated by the HR Director. The effective changes will be communicated to the HR teams immediately.

Recruitment Policy and Procedures

1.8- Job Description:

A Job Description defines the purpose, the scope and the principal duties and responsibilities of a particular role providing a framework which outlines the expectations, both for the employee and the employer. The key elements normally required to be included for this policy are,

Identifying factors Every job should have a title and its next level o f management reporting. Purpose/objectives Every job should provide specific objectives mentioned on the job description form. Principal accountabilities Every job must have proper indication regarding purpose of job, scope, duties, and responsibilities written in a very clear and precise way. Essential criteria It includes requirements without which a candidate will not be offered an interview. Desirable criteria The criteria which enhances the candidates application or basis for consideration and may facilitate more detailed short listing for interview. Qualifications Only where considered appropriate and specific to a profession or trade. Experience Either in the type of role outlined in the Job Description, or in a preparatory role. Skills Skills relevant to the post should be mentioned.

JD of current position should be reviewed and updated after reasonable time period and the JD for any new position will be developed after authorization of position by HR director.

Recruitment Policy and Procedures

1.9- Sources of recruitment

All the requests for new hires or replacements will be dealt by the university HR. The search for the suitable candidates will be conducted through the following channels. Internal Job Announcements/Advertisements Induction of full-time employees on contract On a need basis, the university may induct full time employees on contract basis. The terms and conditions and benefits of contract employees will be based on the position at which a contract employee is hired and shall be non-discriminatory.

1.10- Terms and conditions of service

Board of Governors shall prescribe the qualifications, scale, designation and pay of the employees.

1.11- Appointments

The appointments shall be made either on regular or on contract basis.

1.12- Probation

All regular appointments shall be made on probation for a period specified in the appointment letter, unless otherwise provided under exigency of circumstances. The supervisor of an employee on probation shall submit to the rector a performance and evaluation report on the work of the probationer. This report shall be prepared before the end of the probation period. The rector after considering the performance and evaluation report may either confirm the employee in service or extend the period of probation for a specified period for reasons to be recorded. If no orders are issued after the expiry of the initial or extended probation period, the period of probation shall be deemed to have been completed successfully. Period of temporary service, if followed by regular appointment, shall be counted towards the period of probation for regular appointment. An employee shall not be entitled to any leave except casual leave during the probation period

Recruitment Policy and Procedures

1.13- Hiring Relatives

Hiring of relatives is allowed but under strict conditions. Such recruitment will only take place when an exceptional candidate is recommended by HR head or Director. Hiring of distinct relatives is however allowed in the same campus. Blood relatives are allowed to be hired but with in different university campuses.

1.14- Hiring of ex-employees

Employees who had resigned on their own or retired may be considered for hiring on merit and as per rules. The past employment records of such employees with the university would be considered before making a hiring decision.

1.15- Exclusive service

No employee may engage in any other profession or enter the service of, or be employed in any capacity for any part of his time by any person or any organization other than the university. Consultancy work shall not be undertaken without the prior approval of the Rector. Consultancy work shall be governed by the university rules on the subject.

1.16- Death or incapacitation during service

In case of death or incapacitation during service of university by the designated hospital or doctor, a lump sum payment shall be made to the spouse or the employee. This payment shall be 6 months salary of employee.

Recruitment Policy and Procedures

1.17- Termination of service

The service of an employee may be terminated by the rector under the condition as prescribed below: 1. On seven day notice or payment of seven days salary in lieu thereof, in case the employee is in its probation period. 2. On one month notice or payment of one months salary in lieu thereof, in case the employee is permanent.

1.18- Resignation

The resignation shall be submitted to the rector. Acceptance of the resignation tendered by a faculty member is subject to satisfactorily completing the assigned academic responsibilities to the satisfaction of the HEAD of the Department and the director of the campus. A faculty member is bound to complete the semester. Normally resignation during the currency of a semester shall not be accepted. In case of violation of this norm penalty will be imposed as determined by the competent authority. A temporary of contract employee may resign from his post by giving 7 days notice in writing or on payment to the university a sum equal to one weeks pay A confirmed employee may resign from his post by giving 30 days notice in writing or on payment to the university a sum equal to one months pay. The condition of recovery of pay in lieu of notice period may be waived by the appointing authority in special cases.

Recruitment Policy and Procedures

1.19- Medical assessment

Medical questionnaires will be forwarded to the successful candidate by HRD along with the conditional offer of employment. The successful candidate is assured that the completed from will only be reviewed by an Occupational Health Advisor acting on behalf of the University. Under normal circumstances new members of staff must not commence employment prior to medical clearance being obtained. Failure to adhere to this guideline may result in employees being dismissed due to their medical unsuitability to carry out the functions of the job. The University promotes equal opportunity, including those with disability and undertakes to make all reasonable adjustment to accommodate needs. In the few instances where an applicant fails to meet the medical requirement, this will be as a result of their medical unsuitability to that role and not as a result of their disability.

1.20- References:

The taking up of references is the responsibility of the employing Department, or Directorate. Employment references are supposed to be obtained from at least the last or current employer, either in writing or by initial contact via the telephone, to be confirmed in writing. A sample reference request letter can be found on the university website. 2 references will be taken up, normally prior to interview and 1 after the selection of the candidate. Referees will not be contacted without the candidates consent. The information provided will be treated as confidential and will be used only to verify information collected through the selection process. In some circumstances, taking of references may be waived by the employing Department where the individual is known to the University (as may be the case with internal candidates), the reason for waiving must be stated on the Appointment request form.

Recruitment Policy and Procedures

2.0- Recruitment Procedure

This document details the procedures required to undertake the recruitment and selection process to completion. It splits the process into a number of stages. It is necessary to ensure that the procedures are followed as described since they are derived from legislation, University policy and good practice. The stages detailed in the document are:


Preparation prior to a position being advertised

Pre-interview Interviewing

From promotion of vacancies through to short-listing of applications Procedures relating to setting up interviews and selecting the most appropriate candidate


The administration required once a selection has been made


Finalized recruitment decision to be conveyed respectively

2.1- Pre-advertisement

The main points to note about these documents are as follows:

Advert Text (The advertising procedure) If a post is eligible for relocation assistance, this must be stated on the advert. Prior agreement must have been obtained on the Recruitment Request Form. Recruitment Request Completion of this document is intended to ensure that all staff recruitment is either covered by the existing approved budget. For all appointments the Recruitment Request Form must be signed by School / Department Director. Recruitment Program In order for a Recruitment Program to be agreed, a meeting will be arranged with HRD and (ideally) the Chair of the panel. Any department wishing to issue additional information to potential applicants must ensure that this is supplied to HRD at this time.

Recruitment Policy and Procedures



Following short listing, selected applicants will be invited for interview by HRD. The purpose of an interview is to facilitate the selection of the most suitable candidate for the post, although it should be recognised that this is only one part of the selection process.
Invitations to Interview Candidates should be given at least one weeks clear notice of an interview date. Composition of Interview Panels University practice regarding the composition of the formal interview panel for teaching staff relates to the seniority of the vacancy/nature of the post

Conduct of the Interview When conducting interviews every member of the panel must make notes of questions asked and answers given. Other Selection Activities Presentations, skill tests or other activity that forms part of the selection process must be measurable against objective criteria and a written note made; again to be handed to the Chair of the selection panel to be retained as part of the selection process. The Choice of Candidate After discussion the choice of candidate to be appointed will be made on a majority vote from the formal interview panel. Where a majority agreement cannot be reached, the Chair will have the final decision. If the candidate selected does not take up the appointment, any decision to offer the appointment to the second choice applicant must be taken by the whole panel.

I. Teaching/research staff

Interview Panel
Director or nominee Subject Manager Subject peers Director or nominee Research / Subject Manager External advisor (if appropriate) Director or nominee Research / Subject Manager External advisor (if appropriate)


Senior Research / Teaching Fellow


Senior Research / Teaching


Head of Department / Subject Manager

Director Assistant Director External advisor (if appropriate) HR Advisor (recommended

Recruitment Policy and Procedures

2.3- Post-selection Administration

It is important for securing the foundation of a good relationship with the successful candidate and to ensure that a good impression is left with the rejected candidates, that this final stage is completed properly.

2.4- Offer of Employment

An offer of employment on behalf of the University will be made by the employing Departmental Director. It must be made clear, however, that the offer is conditional upon the satisfactory completion of references, medical assessment, satisfactory evidence of eligibility to work and other appropriate checks.

2.5- Final Administration

In order to finalize the recruitment process there are certain tasks which should be completed: All unsuccessful interviewed candidates to be advised by the Department. All recruitment documentation is taken to HRD for archiving.

All Equality and Diversity monitoring forms are destroyed by HRD after completion of the recruitment process and the appropriate recording of the information. All original copies of the details relating to the successful candidate are sent to HRD for inclusion on the individuals personal file, together with their application. All additional copies of candidate details used for interview purposes are collected and destroyed.


Recruitment Policy and Procedures

The role of the Observer is to confirm the Universitys compliance with both the Recruitment and Selection and Equality and Diversity Policies and Procedures. The Observer is asked to use the checklist below and to make any relevant comments. Pre-Interview Were all pre-interview stages, including shortlisting, conduct appropriately? Was the composition of the panel appropriate to the job? During the interview: Did the questions refer directly to the job and person specification? Were relevant personal questions (e.g. for a residential post) put to all candidates? Were candidates asked any questions which could be seen as directly or indirectly discriminatory? Were all candidates asked the same agreed questions? (Supplementary questions are allowed, provided they relate to the main questions.) Yes No

Recruitment Policy and Procedures

Were candidates asked whether they understood the requirements of the post, e.g. conditions such as unsocial/irregular hours, or travel requirements?

If the Observer feels that either the Recruitment and Selection Policy or the Equality and Diversity Policy has not been observed in a proper manner, s/he must inform the Chair of the panel at a suitable opportunity in the proceedings and the points raised must be considered by the panel. Candidates for interview must not be present. Are you satisfied that the relevant procedures have been adhered to? Observers Comments .. Signed .. (Observer) Date: // Name: . To be returned to the Human Resources Department by the Chair of the panel

(Form-2) Person Specifications

Department: Responsible to:

Job Title:

- Vocational - Professional - Academic


Experience & Knowledge

Recruitment Policy and Procedures

Skills Abilities


Personal Qualities

Special Requirements


E = Essential Criteria

D = Desirable Criteria

A = Application Form

I = Interview

T = Testing (Psychometric and/or Occupational)

All short-listed candidates should meet all of the essential criteria identified as being assessed A

Recruitment Policy and Procedures

Recruitment Policy and Procedures


School / Department

Job title

Job Grade

Responsible to

Purpose / Objectives

Principal responsibilities