Question: What Is Positive Thinking?

"I always hear people talk about the beneIits oI positive thinking. What exactly is positive thinking and
how can it be used to improve health and wellness?"
Do you tend to see the glass as halI empty or halI Iull? Your answer to this age old question relates
directly to the concept oI positive thinking and whether you have a positive or negative outlook on liIe.
Positive thinking plays an important role in positive psychology, a subIield devoted to the study oI what
makes people happy and IulIilled.
Research has Iound that positive thinking can aid in stress management and even plays an important role
in your overall health and well-being.
What Is Positive Thinking?
"Most Iolks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." - Abraham Lincoln
So what exactly is positive thinking? You might be tempted to assume that it implies seeing the world
through rose-colored lenses by ignoring or glossing over the negative aspects oI liIe. However, positive
thinking actually means approaching liIe's challenges with a positive outlook. It doesn't necessarily mean
avoiding or ignoring the bad things; instead, it involves making the most oI potentially bad situations,
trying to see the best in other people and viewing yourselI and your abilities in a positive light.
Benefits of positve thinking
Positive thinking makes a big diIIerence in our lives. The only thing is you never should Iorce yourselI to
think positive. Instead adapt to this style oI thinking by practicing until it becomes a habit. Forcing
yourselI leads to extra stress that none oI us need!
I`ve made this list to help you see the beneIits oI positive thinking. These 10 beneIits go hand and hand.
One beneIit leads to another. Let`s take a look at them now.
1. Beat Stress
The Iirst beneIit oI positive thinking is that it helps you overcome stress since you`ll be handling
situations in a positive manner. You`ll be able let go oI things that you usually get Irustrated or worried
about. Positive thinking helps you realize and understand that Ieeling those negative emotions leads to
Remember, positive thinkers see the solutions, not just the the problems. When you get over things and
Iocus on the solution, you`re less likely to stress about it.
2. More Energy
When you have less stress and worries in your liIe, you have extra energy to do the things you love.
Sometimes our mind is the reason Ior our Iatigue. Stressing and not being able to see the brighter side oI
liIe drains our energy. We Ieel tired, moody, and less interested in the things we love so much. Get
energized by simply changing the way you think!
3. Deeper Relationships
The truth is people love positive people. It`s much easier to connect with positive people.
Incorporating positive thinking in your liIe not only helps build deeper relationships with people, but
positive relationships with people. Positive relationships are built on support, trust, and understanding
which makes the quality oI these relationships much better.
Now let`s see, who would you be more open with? A positive thinker who supports you or someone
negative that puts down your ideas and criticizes you? I think we all know the answer to that one.
4. Peace of Mind
Positive thinking will have you looking at the positive side oI liIe. Your mind will relax and your
thoughts will calm down. Instead oI your thoughts running wild to make sure everything turns out okay,
your thoughts will be much more relaxed because you`ll believe that everything is okay. And iI things
don`t turn out Ior the best, it won`t matter because you`ll have the ability to turn that negative into a
5. You`ll be Organized
When I go into a house that`s messy and cluttered, I believe it`s a reIlection oI how the person thinks.
You see, once you clear your mind oI all the unnecessary thoughts and become organized with your
thinking, your environment becomes organized too. Less stress, clear thinking, and more energy are all
beneIits oI positive thinking! So instead oI just taking oII your clothes and leaving them on the ground,
you`ll actually have the energy to pick them up and hang it.
6. Healthier Lifestyle
Our thinking directly aIIects our bodies and how it Iunctions.
Negative thinking makes the whole body weak and Iragile. All that stress, worrying, and nonsense
thinking leads to headaches, sleeping disorders, muscle tensions, anxiety, and Iatigue.
I actually remember working with a 50 year old lady that looked like she was in her 30's. I asked, 'What`s
your secret?¨ She replied back, 'It`s simple, I always smile!¨ She pushes the problems aside and just
Iocuses on being happy.
7. Fortunate
Positive things happen to positive people. I remember a guy that lost his job right aIter buying a home but
he didn`t seem too worried. Right aIter that happened, he won a little over a million dollars!
Be positive Ior a whole day and see all the good that comes to you.
8. Fear Goes Away
Fear is the killer oI all dreams. It will hold you back, it will make you stress, and it will turn something
good into something bad.
Becoming a positive thinker eliminates Iear. When you know Ior certain in your mind that you can turn
burdens into blessings, you`ll have nothing to Iear. You see, all our emotions are created by what we
think. Fear comes Irom thinking about the negative. Give Iear a kick in the butt by thinking positive.
9. Create More Time
Who wouldn`t love more time especially in today`s world? Positive thinking gives you just that. How
exactly will you create more time?
You`ll create more time because you won`t be stuck thinking about every problem you have in your liIe.
You`ll learn to get over it and Iind what you need to do to be happy instead.
When you start using your mind right, you can wake up earlier since you`ll be sleeping better. You can
make decisions Iaster. You`ll be more organized all around. You`ll love liIe because liIe is good when
you have enough 'you time¨.
10. Fulfilling Life
A positive state oI mind creates positive emotions. Positive emotions creates a positive liIestyle. What
would you rather have? Being happy all the time or Ieeling angry constantly?
Ask yourselI that question and Irom today on, make the decision to use positive thinking in your liIe
everyday to enjoy these beneIits and more!

egative thinking
OIten common behavioral negativities (like Irustration, inIeriority complex, mental instability,
communication apprehension, poor will power, low grasping, absentmindedness etc.) nourish on
disagreements and misunderstandings, which on accretion develop negative imagination. Negative
imaginations means imagining all kinds oI unpleasant things, torturing our-selI, imagining all the negative
thinking pattern that might happen to you or to other people. On persistent negative thinking or
imagination, negative instinctive Iunctions (-like persistent hate, jealousy, gloominess, recession, loss,
sorrow, sadness or gloom) generate negative emotions.
Negative emotions take up very much energy and can mold your entire thinking-pattern in a wrong
direction. Our behavioral negativities can entrap our mind quicker even than the thoughts. You may not
be able to check them at Iirst, but you can remember them aIterwards and realize what has happened. This
makes it possible to know them in advance. UnIortunately, most oI the "emotionally imbalanced" people
remain unattended Ior most oI the time oI their lives.

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