MILies By Alexander Mulley, Beatrice Brown, Ryan Denney

(C) ABR Productions

AM: 07528685891 BB: 07503162849 RD: 07757753879

FADE IN: 1. EXT. OUTSIDE THE LIBRARY - DAY The day is dull and the weather is dreary. HANNA is walking speedily into the library, her face concealed throughout. She’s dressed well, in dark monochromatic businesses wear with a bag, her walk suggests urgency. Before reaching the entrance, a ring tone is heard and she pulls her mobile phone out of her inside pocket, whilst this occurs a gun is clearly visible nested inside the jacket. She dismisses the call, and returns it to inside her pocket. 1


2. INT. THE LIBRARY AISLE - DAY HANNA walks into the library; she walks up and down the isles as she is in search of something, her face is still unseen.


ELIZABETH again in similar wear, is looking and collecting a few books. Upon removing a book from the shelf, she reveals the face of HANNA staring at her menacingly through the bookshelf. Characters are both in whisper. ELIZABETH (Jumps) Oh! (Shocked, angrily) What are you doing here? HANNA (angrily) We need to talk. Not here. HANNA moves solely her eyes to indicate the direction in which ELIZABETH should go. HANNA places the book taken out from her side of bookshelf back into it’s place covering the camera.




A small table with two chairs is present. HANNA and ELIZABETH both enter the shot, HANNA remains angry, whilst the situation casts confusion over ELIZABETH. HANNA Her favorite place, I thought I’d find you here. Sit. ELIZABETH Excuse me? Don’t talk to me like that! HANNA Huh! I’ll talk to you how I like Elizabeth! You don’t deserve anything, now sit. HANNA sits down. ELIZABETH I have no idea what yo... HANNA grabs ELIZABETH from across the table, and pulls her down into the empty chair before her. HANNA I said sit. HANNA seats herself also, and pulls a brown file out of her bag an puts it on the table. Until HANNA opens the file, line by line her and ELIZABETH get closer and closer to one and other sitting at the table. HANNA Nicosia, 2006. ELIZABETH Is this what this is about?! Oh lord Hanna, let it go! HANNA Let it go?! ELIZABETH There was nothing anyone could have done. HANNA Nothing?! She did not deserve what happened. ELIZABETH You don’t think I know that!?


HANNA You know more than you’ve let on. ELIZABETH What are you saying? (beat) HANNA is clearly seen putting her hand inside her inside pocket, supposedly reaching for her weapon. ELIZABETH That’s it, I’m done here. ELIZABETH starts to stand up, HANNA grabs her arm. HANNA No! ELIZABETH jerks the arm off and storms away, with a scowl towards HANNA. HANNA gets out of her chair quickly to chase after ELIZABETH.


4. INT. LIBRARY AISLE - DAY ELIZABETH tries to ignore HANNA, and walks around the isles - taking books off the shelves as she pleases, replying, yet not turning to face HANNA. Throughout this HANNA opens file and reads. HANNA Nicosia, 2006.. ELIZABETH What is that? What have you got in there? HANNA ..Attendees, Joseph Hillcrest, Phillipa Davison, Karen Denard..


ELIZABETH Your section was disbanded. Where did you get that?

HANNA ...and Elizabeth Slare. (beat) (hurtfully) You have deceived me for so many years, you have stabbed me in my back, lied to my face. Why didn’t you tell me? ELIZABETH Tell you? ELIZABETH turns around, and walks right up to HANNA, with their faces no further than 2 inches away. ELIZABETH (powerfully) Karen was our friend. You were devastated, the situation was so complicated that I just, I just, couldn’t tell you. If I did, well, then you’d of thought... HANNA I’d of thought what?! That you murdered her? Voices start to get louder. ELIZABETH (horrified) WHAT? You think!? ¡Estás loco! HANNA Oh dejar de fingir!


ELIZABETH Pretender? HANNA clearly attempts to reach for her her weapon again but is unable to take it out as they are shushed from someone off shot. They’re voices go quiet. ELIZABETH That’s it I’m leaving. HANNA Don’t you dare! ELIZABETH turns on her heel hurriedly, and knocks into another lady (face concealed). Her stuff she was carrying falls on the floor. ELIZABETH Sorry! ELIZABETH bends down to pick the stuff up, she stands up to give the stuff back, and the lady reveals her face. It’s Karen. KAREN Thank you. KAREN stares in confusion at ELIZABETH KAREN You remind me of someone.. No, must be thinking of someone else. ELIZABETH is in a stutter, and HANNA walks up to stand next to ELIZABETH. KAREN walks off out the door as HANNA and ELIZABETH stand looking at each other in horror. FADE TO BLACK.

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