Resolved by the Prince William County Republican Committee November 28, 2011 WHEREAS, in order to be properly represented as a community and

effectively organize themselves socially and politically, it is important that the citizens of discrete communities such as Prince William County vote together in reasonably compact and cohesive legislative districts; and WHEREAS, the legislative districts respecting the Virginia Senate are designed to thwart rather than value the will of Virginia’s voters and their communities of interests, as demonstrated by the following facts pertaining to the 2011 Senate elections as they relate to Prince William County: Notwithstanding the fact that Prince William County’s population justifies two entire Senate districts, and a small portion of another, Democrats --including Senator Charles J. Colgan, a resident of the County, and Senators Toddy Puller and George Barker, who both purport to represent portions of Prince William County --- voted to carved up Prince William five ways in a naked partisan gerrymander; and, To gain partisan advantage and eliminate rivals from their districts, Democrat Senators split twenty-three (23) Prince William precincts, with several split among three different senate districts; and, While Prince William voters cast 57% of their votes for Republican Senate nominees; Democrats nevertheless won 60% of the state Senate seats in the County; Consequently, three quarters of Prince William residents are represented by the minority party, even though Prince William voters cast their ballots for Republicans nominees by a 14% margin over Democrat nominees; and

WHEREAS, while Prince William County’s inclusion in one congressional district, in toto, would render it as nearly one-half of that district, leading proposals for congressional reapportionment would continue to divide Prince William

County into three congressional districts, rendering it a small minority (averaging 17%) of each of those districts; and WHEREAS, Prince William County has already endured the results of such treatment for a decade, despite being the largest Republican jurisdiction in the Commonwealth; and WHEREAS, no resident of Prince William County sits on the Republican State Central Committee, as other jurisdictions dominate every congressional district which we are a part of; and WHEREAS, no Prince William County officeholder has ever been elected to Congress or statewide office as they are trapped at the local level and relatively unknown to most of the Commonwealth; and WHEREAS, our Republican Congressmen, while able representatives, have responded to the existing political incentives and have built their electoral bases elsewhere, and are welcome guests in Prince William but do not view us the most important jurisdiction they represent; THEREFORE, be it resolved, that we, the Prince William Republican Committee hereby request these wrongs be made right in the upcoming legislative session by: Revisiting the state Senate reapportionment, reducing the number of Senate districts in Prince William from five to three, but no more than four; Eliminating, to the greatest degree possible, split precincts that are a burden to the local electoral board and political parties alike; Insuring that congressional reapportionment is accomplished in a way that Prince William County is divided into no more than two district, and preferably united in one congressional district. Be it further RESOLVED, that we request the members of the General Assembly representing Prince William County vote in their own long-term interest as well as those of our community by supporting legislation reflecting the principles and objectives contained in this resolution.