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In a truly free and open society, censorship of the press can never be justified.

Hook: Information gives the power of choice. The power to come to ones own conclusions about nearly everythinglife, political views, morals, even simple joys such as which sports team to cheer for. Censorship in many ways limits our free will, and even sometimes the smallest censorship can take away the joys that free citizens of the United States takes for granite. For example, in South Korea, the recent World Cup games were altered on their media to make it appear as if South Korea won the world cup. While this may seem like a small and unimportant for of censorship, this form of censorship still seems wrong not only to South Korea but to Spain, the rightful winner. Its a form of censorship that doesnt have any effect on Koreas national security nor does it pose any political threats. It only seems to demonstrate a national level of unsportsmanlike conduct that has the further effect of trapping its citizens. Through the censorship of the pres, the nation has inadvertently shaped the nations feelings about sports in a certain direction. It just seems so belittling and petty and something that can never be justified. Unfortunately, even in freer and more open societies such as the United States, censorship of certain press must occur. And, in times of war, the censorship must be justified. For the nations protection, the government must force the press not to publish certain confidential information including, but not limited to: plans of attack, weaponry development, and the presence of spies in foreign countries. As many have recently heard on the news, Russian spies were found in the United States. What, however, has not been so publicly announced is that the spies were used in a trade with Russia to bring a few of the United States spies that were also recently caught in Russia. The press never published any information about our having spies in Russia prior to their capture; however, their silence was necessary for the safety of our American spies serving their country in Russia. What distinguishes between what should be censored and what should not? Well, it may seem obvious, but the censorship of the press may only be justified when it pertains to maintaining either national security or the safety of the countrys citizens abroad serving the country. Otherwise, whether it is publishing op-ed pieces that challenge politics or publishing the correct scores to sports games, it is imperative to publish all press in order to have a free society because free press is imperative in the development of our free will.