Great Expectations Stage III Study Guide

Ch. 40 1. What does Pip call his convict? Why? He calls him a dreaded visitor/guest. This is because he is still a prisoner and Pip still thinks that the way he acted at the churchyard was unacceptable. 2. What is his convict’s name? What is the significance of this name? His name is Magwitch. I think it is significant because it has the word “witch” in it. 3. How did Magwitch get to know Mr. Jaggers? Mr. Jaggers was his lawyer in his last trial. 4. Describe the man on the stairs. Who do you think it is? He was a worker; he had dusty colored clothes, under a dark coat. He thinks this is Compeyson because he wants to get Magwitch in even more trouble. 5. Magwitch’s “teeth had failed” is a euphemism for what? They had rotted because he doesn’t take care of his teeth. He is not the type of person who would care about his appearance. 6. How is Magwitch like an “old bird”? He has really seen the world and has experienced the good and bad of life. A bird really gets to see the world in every different view. 7. Explain what Jaggers means when he says, “Take nothing on its look; take everything on evidence” He means only believe something if there is evidence to prove it. 8. How has Magwitch’s attitude changed from when Pip first met him at the churchyard? Magwitch is now very laidback and friendly (positive). When Pip first met him at the churchyard he was mean and aggressive. He is now in a comfortable environment. 9. Why does Pip hate Magwitch, after all he’s the one who gave him the fortune?

2. 6. 3. and he has changed Pip’s life (not to his liking). 5. 2. When does Pip experience his first moment of relief since the night of Magwitch’s arrival? His first moment of relief is when he closes the door on Magwitch at his Essex street room. This is probably because he is angry that he can’t live a life without being in fear. 3. What does Pip think he’s fit for? What do you think of this? He thinks he’s fit to be a solider. 41 1. Who is Compeyson? Why is he important? . They will spend their lives together. What is a “shake down” a euphemism for? A “shake down” is a euphemism for a party. Ch. Magwitch haunted him. what kind of eye does Magwitch have? He has an angry eye. What does Pip say with regard to the forge (page 363)? “I would far rather have worked at the forge all the days of my life than I would ever have come to this!” 4. 42 1. In the last paragraph of the chapter. he has a hard life. What does Magwitch mean when he says he’s “hardened”? This means that he is very tough and nothing or no one will stand in his way. Ch. enjoying the fortune.He hates Magwitch because he wished Miss Havisham was his secret benefactor. Why is repetition used in the first paragraph of the chapter? It is used to emphasize that Magwitch has been in jail his whole life. What do Herbert and Pip plan to do with Magwitch? Why? They plan to get him out of England because he has a fixed idea that Pip and him can do whatever they want. I think this is really funny because he is a very weak person and a crybaby.

even though he’s visiting his town? Why do you think he does this? I think he does this because he is so in love with Estella and so desperate to tell Miss Havisham who his benefactor is. He is a friend of Magwitch and he is a swindler. He might know that Pip doesn’t like Drummle. 4. Why don’t they mention Estella’s name? They don’t mention Estella’s name because they want to show each other that they are relaxed about Estella leading on both of them. 43 1. 5. Pip has finally figured out who Miss Havisham is. Pip doesn’t go to see Biddy and Joe. This could mean that Compeyson and Miss Havisham were going to be married. Ch. 5. Orlick could be trying to get revenge on Pip. What does this mean. 3. 4. Jaggers). Joe and Biddy are not number one on his list anymore. Compeyson was a gentleman so the jury liked him very much compared to Magwitch.Compeyson is the second convict. This means something bad is going to happen. . Once again. “I washed the weather and the journey from my face and hands. Why was Magwitch fighting Compeyson in the ditch? He was fighting him because in their trial. Why is personification used on page 375? It is used to show that it’s a bad day (weather wise).” This means that he tried to get rid of the bad experience with Drummle and the miserable weather. the one who fought Magwitch in the ditch. (This reminds me of Mr. Why is it important that Magwitch said he had a bad thing with some rich lady many years ago? This could be referring to Miss Havisham. Drummle really know he has the upper hand though. Bentley Drummle and Pip both know they’re fighting for Estella. Ch. Compeyson blamed Magwitch for the misdemeanor. Why could Orlick be the man that was talking to Drummle outside? Orlick has never liked Pip. 2. 44 1. Who is she? (In Pip’s eyes).

She is s mean and sly lady. Don’t break cover too soon. 2. Ch. Wait ill things slacken before you try the open. Why does Pip want to see Wemmick at Walworth? He wants to see Wemmick at Walworth because Pip needs positive advice regarding the note “Don’t go home.” Pip doesn’t need to be more miserable than he already is. On page 389. He must really not go home. 4. personification is used. now? She wants to marry him because she is tired of the life she has led. Anytime London is mentioned he has his post office mouth. What does this mean? “Under existing circumstances there is no place like a great city when you are once in it. Do you think there is something wrong with the Aged? Why? . She tells people what to do. What would be dangerous at Pip’s house? Magwitch could have done something wrong just like Pip predicted. Why? This is used because Dickens’s wants to show that even non-living things are telling him not to go home. 3. Why is an anaphora used on page 386? An anaphora is used because it emphasizes that Estella is all Pip thinks about. Why does Estella choose to marry Drummle. 5. Why do you think Wemmick has his post office mouth when Pip asked him if Compeyson was in London? I think Wemmick does this because the question Pip asked was regarding London. She has always been told what to do by Miss Havisham. He could’ve gotten in an argument with the mysterious man on the stairs.” This means when a special event is occurring don’t run away from it. 3. she doesn’t care. She is a miserable lady who won’t move on from the past. 2. but doesn’t really listen to what people have to say. she wants to make some of her own choices now. 4. She has no heart. 45 1. Why are Estella’s fingers always moving (sewing) even when she is in a serious conversation with Pip? While Pip is professing his love for Estella she continues on sewing. even foreign air. Lie close. 5.

saw one of the convicts from the marshes there.Yes. Why do you think Pip is so protective of Magwitch? He is protective because Magwitch was the dedicated man who gave him a fortune. He doesn’t seem as lively. while on stage. not just the stranded ships. Wopsle. which isn’t necessarily a good thing. He knows that they will never be together. because he was lying in the bed for a while. It would be wrong if he was trying to help him while spending his money. Ch. Herbert has helped out Clara and Pip both out a lot. Why would Miss Havisham be softening towards Pip? She realizes she was just as cruel to Pip as Compeyson was cruel to her. This is a very bad sign. he might just be having an off day. 3. Why would Pip think that he shouldn’t spend anymore of the fortune? He is focused on helping out Magwitch right now. 47 1. 3. He puts other people before himself. He is really warming up to him and now fells like he should really appreciate him. 5. Why do Pip and Herbert seem impressed with Magwitch? They are impressed with him because he actually is a good guy deep down inside. How did Pip find out that Compeyson was at the theatre? Mr. She realized Pip doesn’t deserve the torture. Why is an anaphora used on page 405? . Why is an anaphora used on page 396? An anaphora is used to exaggerate the other events gong on at dock. 4. He is very funny. 2. Why is he so continually welcoming? Herbert has a nature of his father where you help anyone you feel is in need. Wemmick served him in bed. 2. because he was so madly in love with Estella there’s no way he could get over her that quickly. Do you think that Pip is actually getting over Estella? No. Ch.46 1. 4.

2. and Pip knows Estella very well. sly. Do you think that Estella is Molly’s daughter? Why? This is what Pip believes. Why do you think this is? I think that since Estella is gone she probably has nothing to do. and a trickster. I actually think that Drummle is very mean to Estella. . Ch.An anaphora is used to show how anxious Pip is to take Magwitch away and get him to safety. Ch. What literary term is a “wild beast tamed”? It is an oxymoron. quiet. They will not last long together. because she can always sense what Pip knows and what he is feeling. Do you think that Estella knows that Pip knows Molly? Why? Yes. Why is Miss Havisham afraid of Pip? She is afraid of him because last time Pip visited her. She is scared of the truth.48 1. Why would Pip compare Compeyson to a ghost? He is very sneaky. What do you think Estella’s marriage is like? I think that Drummle tries to take advantage of her. The two words contradict each other. What was Molly accused of? She was accused of killing a woman over her husband and of trying to murder their daughter. When Pip goes to see Miss Havisham everything seems different. She probably has gone even crazier since she has no one/nothing to focus on. 5. 4. 2. too. 3. honest comments this time. 5. She is probably thinking that Pip will say even more hurtful. 49 1. he spoke the truth.

I believe she does because she even begins to cry. Who gave Estella to Miss Havisham? Mr. what character do we think of? We immediately think of Molly.” Herbert feels bad for Pip with regard to his injuries so he is treating him with extra kindness. It is interesting that his hands were burnt because hands are a motif. Does she regret doing this? Yes. Ch.3. 5. 5. How badly was Pip injured? His hands and arms were badly burnt. This is ironic this simile is used because there have been prisoners in this book who have escaped. Explain. Jaggers brought Estella to Miss Havisham when she was two or three because Estella was not in a good family. Pip was holding Miss Havisham to keep her calm about the fire and to make sure she doesn’t go crazy over it. What is the purpose of this very short chapter? The purpose of this very short chapter is to create a link between two chapters with regard to the story of Estella’s life. Pip and Herbert seem to treat each other with extra kindness in this chapter. She should have seen that Pip was the perfect guy for Estella. 50 1. Who is Estella’s father? Magwitch is Estella’s father. Miss Havisham knows she hurt Pip a lot with regard to Estella. What are some epithets they use with each other? Why? Some epithets they use with each other are “my dear Herbert” and “my poor Handel. Ch. When we hear the words jealous and revengeful. he would never hurt her. He doesn’t know that Estella is alive. Pip has an epiphany and his statement is verified that Molly is Estella’s mother. Pip gets information from different people. This is such a coincidence that Pip is on love with Magwitch’s daughter. 3. The simile on page 427 is comparing Miss Havisham to “a prisoner who might escape”. 2. 51 . 4. 4.

52 1. they shut him out immediately. Pip realizes the greedy behavior he showed because of Magwitch’s presence. Pip is between a rock and a hard place with regard to whether he should go to the marshes. What is the epithet used with Mike. 5. 3. fond of us. He is sacrificing himself. . Why was there a stop in Jagger’s manner? He stops because he is assuring Pip that he doesn’t know Estella’s father is. Wemmick and Jaggers are very mean to the client. Pip realizes that he has been greedy and hasn’t been giving. 3. Why? He does this because he feels he has to follow Mr. Jaggers and act as serious and unemotional as he is. “ I should soon be driving with the winds and waves. Why do you think he chooses to go to the marshes? I think he chooses to go to the marshes because he doesn’t want Compeyson to endanger his friends lives at sea.1. 2. What does show Pip? This shows Pip that Wemmick and Jaggers are very to the point and straight with the clients.” This is a euphemism for he will be driving a boat at sea. Ch. but it shows that Jaggers has influenced Wemmick. The anaphora on page 439 is used to do what? It is used to exaggerate that all of these things are true that Jaggers is saying. What is the euphemism for. When Wemmick is with Mr.” 4. Why would Startop be a good person to take on the boat? He is “ a good fellow. Pip is learning to be the one who steps forward first. What made him realize this? Explain. and enthusiastic and honorable. Why? The epithet used is “unfortunate Mike.” Wemmick and Jaggers didn’t listen to him and didn’t hear the whole story. 2. Mike. He knew this before. This seems strange because Magwitch was working with Jagger’s with regard to Pip’s fortune. a skilled hand. 4. Jaggers he does the post office mouth to more extremes than if he were alone but still in London. Magwitch was a previous prisoner who gave up his hard work for Pip.

. What can you say about comparing Joe and Uncle Pumblechook? When you compare someone to a bad person they deem do much better.5.” why would personification be used? It would be used to explain what the lights looked like and what they did. “There was a melancholy wind. 4. Ch. greedy boy he was before.” 2. He is jealous of Pip and Biddy’s relationship. it says “winking lights. Do you think that Trabb’s boy will forgive Pip for acting like he was too good for the town? I don’t think that Pip should’ve paid Trabb’s boy with guineas because that just shows he has money. I think that Trabb’s boy will think a little better of him. What does he tell Pip on page 465? He says. Who saved Pip? Why would he save him? Trabb’s boy saves Pip maybe he realized that Pip isn’t the mean. Orlick wants to be with Biddy. How does this compare to how the other passengers are feeling? Magwitch is extremely laid back and Pip still feels they are in great danger. 3. Orick was also the man on the stairs. He takes extra precautions. Why was he there? He was there because he wants to get revenge on Pip because Pip has tried to run Orlick out of the country. he has no problem with experiencing the plan. “He hoped to live to see his gentleman one of the best gentlemen in a foreign country. Who is the man who tries to hurt Pip? Why would he try to hurt him? Orlick tries to hurt Pip because he has always been jealous of him. 54 1. 53 1. 6. How does the setting relate to what dangers are ahead? It is a very scary night. On page 461. Since Magwitch is very used to living life on the edge. Ch. He felt sorry for Pip. 5. 2. and the marshes were very dismal.” The reader knows there is something evil ahead.

while in prison. Jaggers will think that he’s too soft and not strong and defiant. there is a simile used to describe how Magwitch was sitting. 2. Who did the Jack say he saw? He said he thought he saw custom officers in a boat with four oars and two seats. Why can’t Mr. 5. 5. How badly injured was Magwitch? He was very badly injured. kitchen. He will probably receive a life sentence or execution. food and drinks. Ch. Describe the place where they stay for the night. This means that something that Pip is unsure about will be told to the reader at the end of the novel. Jaggers…” 3. Both those heads of information were in a list that Magwitch. 55 1. Ch. and he breathed with great pain and difficulty. Identify the statement of foreshadowing on page 479. He probably had a feeling that Compeyson was following him and that he would be in prison again. “ Among these were the name of a banking-house in New South Wales where a sum of money was.3. This is incredibly bad and danger must be ahead. Explain it. 4. Describe the notes that were found in Compeyson’s pockets. 4.” . 56 1. On page 472. with a fire. gave to Mr. and the designation of certain lands of considerable value. Magwitch was sitting like a statue. What is the holiday for that Wemmick takes? The holiday is for his wedding to Miss Skiffins. What is going to happen to Magwitch? He was taken by the police and is going to be put on trial again. Jaggers know about what Wemmicks holiday was for? Wemmick think that Mr. “ He had broken two ribs. they had wounded one of his lungs. which increased daily. “ Yes! Secondly. It was a public house. there was a vague something lingering in my thoughts that will come out very near the end of this slight narrative. Describe it.

Why does Magwitch have no chance of being pronounced not guilty? He has no chance of being pronounced not guilty because he has been in the same place before and again he’s in front of a judge and a jury. Ch. Who is it? Joe is taking care of Pip. 3. Who did Joe Marry? What has she taught Joe to do? What literary term is this? Joe married Biddy who has taught Joe how to write. This resulted in Orlick being in county jail. What does Pip fall into again? What is different about this time? Pip falls into dept again. 2. but is so incredibly happy that Joe is there with him. What does Pip write about in the petitions? He writes to the secretary of state about his knowledge of Magwitch and how Magwitch came back to England for Pip. but he feels like it’s someone. dear boy. Pip doesn’t really know who is taking care of him. 4. 5. What does Pip tell Magwitch? Pip tells Magwitch that his daughter is still alive and beautiful and that he loves and adores her. 4. 3. Pip is very ill and delirious. What were Magwitch’s last words? “ I don’t complain of none. but this time Herbert and Pip aren’t able to work through it together. This is a juxtaposition between Biddy teaching Joe how to write and Biddy teaching Pip how to write.2. . How is Miss Havisham? She is not living. 5. What happened to Orlick? Orlick stole from Uncle Pumblechook's house.” 6. Why? There are many alliterations in this chapter because it adds interesting elements to the chapter. There are many alliterations in this chapter. since it is so short. but he knew it was Orlick who did it. 57 1. She became extremely ill after Pip last saw her.

no building whatever left. Pip becomes the clerk to Clarriker & Co. What did Pip find out when he went to see the Satis house? He found out that the furniture of the house was going to be sold at an auction. but had been in me. but the wall of the old garden. What is the name of Biddy and Joe’s Son? Why? The name of Biddy and Joe’s son is Pip. There is an anaphora on the bottom of page 509.Ch. Ch. They are both very special marriages. 2. What is the purpose of it? The purpose of the anaphora is to exaggerate the emotions the character is expressing. and pulled down. What does this quote mean. “…The inaptitude had never been in him at all. “The house itself was to be sold as old building materials. 5. What does Pip decide to do about a job? He decides to go abroad and join Herbert on the ship. 58 1. but Pip did not feel the same way. He doesn’t call him “Dear Pip. 3.” . 4. 6. 2. What happened to the Satis house? “There was no house now. This means that Biddy and Joe have completely forgiven Pip.” he calls him “Young man”. 59 1. Joe and Biddy get married and we learn that Herbert and Clara get married. no brewery.” This means that Herbert always believed he could be successful. How does Pumblechook treat Pip? Pumblechook doesn’t really treat Pip with the greatest respect as he did before. Who gets married in this chapter? Describe the marriage.

What do the mists rising symbolize? They symbolize brighter things and moving on from the past. What did Estella look like? “ The freshness of her beauty was indeed gone.” 4. Why was Estella crying? Estella was crying because she was happy to see pip.3. . 5. but its indescribable majesty and its indescribable charm remained. She was probably getting her frustration out.

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 S`VV_`WS[[W WX^W_ZW__[XW^TWSa` cS_ZVWWVY[ZWTa``_ZVW_U^TSTW SW_` SZV`_ZVW_U^TSTWUS^^WSZWV    cS__`WSU^ ZY _`WScS_U^ ZYTWUSa_W_WcS_S\\ `[_WW\\WcS_ \^[TST YW``ZYW^X^a_`^S`[Z[a`   S`V[`W_`_^_ZY_ T[ W W _ T[ WT^Y`W^`ZY_SZV[bZY[ZX^[`W\S_`            .

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