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SDS: The Star of David Strategy, I: A Magic Elixir "He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it;

and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him. ~ Ecc. 10:8 In 2008 the Republican Party un-corked a bottle of poison. Disguised as political strategy and drawing on many unscrupulous themes cultivated for years by the basest of GOP operators, it was a finer distillation of those themes and a mixing with new elements much more powerful than the sum of its parts. It was a draught of potent spirits, a magic elixir. It was a powerfully reinforcing psychostimulant, releasing adrenaline throughout the body politic of RNC operatives, increasing their heart rate and blood pressure, imparting large jolts of motivation and seemingly endless resources of energy and stamina. Dubbed the SDS, in 2008 it was implemented to unify the whole of the Republican Party around a single objective, and it seemed to do its job marvellously, collecting the necessary votes to secure the nomination for what must, at best, be called a lackluster candidate, a favorite son of SDS practitioners who, in turn, used the nomination battle to solidify their stranglehold on the central mechanisms of power and then made loyalty to that power the only binding force holding the Party together, dissolving everything else. Everything else. But SDS was, in fact, a poison. While crack cocaine accomplishes the above miracles of motivation and stimulation on the human body at the expense of physical addiction and destruction, The SDS or Star of David Strategy works on the human character. It is, apparently, just as addictive. It destroys the conscience. Left untreated, it will destroy the Republican Party as certainly as it has the morality of our leaders. They drank it in Germany. We have not drunk it so deep or so long, but it is the same drink. The SDS, again, is a not a not a single tactic, but a combination of political moves. Each of them is, individually, an ethical and/or legal violation. Many have been practiced before in the Washington State Republican Party. Individually the tactics have limited power. But when leaders combine a sufficient number of the components together, they become lethally effective. THE SIX ELEMENTS OF THE SDS (Star of David Strategy) I. Demonizing a minority (Ethnic or political purification)


Controlling speech. Military Discipline replacing ideals Repealing Civil Rights The preemptive use of violence. Attaching the Star

Joseph Goebbels introduced the SDS to Germany in 1933. It was explained as entirely defensive and legal. It was to defend the fatherland from the Jewish takeover. Luke Esser and the state McCain campaign introduced the SDS to Washington State in 2008. It was exactly the same, to defend the Party from the Ron Paul takeover. They used all Six Elements in Germany and Washington State. Unbelievable? I have been accused of making wild comparisons and exaggerating because the SDS was introduced in Nazi Germany. I have been accused of calling the GOP Left Nazis or Gestapo. In order to understand the truth, however, you must stick to the facts. The SDS was Goebbels, not Himmler. No one has been arrested or gassed. Those were not and are not parts of the SDS. But every other element was fully operational as it was in 1933 Germany. Because of circumstances we had not forseen, I have been, throughout 2008, the recipient of extensive documentation of the SDS and its use in Washington State. We will be publishing extensive reports, explict details, backed by audio, video, and eyewitness accounts. This is a story of organized crime. Perhaps the greatest beauty of the SDS is that, properly executed, it makes it possible to actively involve large numbers of people doing serious evil without ever engaging their conscience. The concept is simple: If you give a homeowner a gun and tell him that his house is about to be broken into by a deranged killer wearing a distinctive mark If you, simultaneously, find a visitor unknown to the homeowner who you invite to that home and tell them to just walk in, following others, but wearing that distinctive mark you can engineer a killing, by others, without actually pulling the trigger. The homeowner is not really committing a murder even though the visitor is not really breaking in. Smoking gun, bleeding corpse, the homeowner will celebrate his successful defense while the family of the deceased plot their revenge. The Washington State Republican Party is, now, just such a neighborhood. The leadership of the Party and their accomplices in Counties throughout the State did precisely that in 2008 for the Presidential ambitions of John McCain at the expense of the supporters of Ron Paul. John McCains Presidency and the expulsion of many thousands of new Republicans is the only good thing that could have come of it.

The unfortunate residual is that GOP leadership is still addicted to SDS, still drinking the poison, still demonizing a minority, still controlling speech, still replacing ideals with military discipline, still violating laws and repealing civil rights, and still using threats of violence. The Old Party Bosses are still trying to divide the neighborhood into two groups that hate each other. They continued SDS throughout the election. We saw several SDS elements at the King County Organization meeting. The homeowner still doesnt understand the scam and in our nations capital a huge Democrat majority is industriously finishing off free enterprise.

What will you do as an encore, Luke?