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hi dear friends , My name is dr sunny sandhu , and my guru is Sun .

I am a Sun Lover , devoted to spreading the teaching of Sun to Humanity . I have in the past 7 years covered the length and breadth of the country to spread Sun to my fellow beings . Its an essential teaching for the entire humanity . This is the message of all the great masters which came to the planet earth from time to time . I would like to do a little prayer before i continue further with my talk , if u like u can join with me in chanting OM . OM is the mantra of Sun , Upanishads mentioned that to look at Sun is to see OM . Lets bring Sun to our minds by chanting it . This is called Solar Mindfulness. Flute meditation 5 minutes . I hope u enjoyed that , I did my MBBS from AIIMS In january 2006 .I am the first Light doctor in India . I am topper in medical entrance exams like Punjab PMT and CMC ludhiana and in AIIMS held the third rank . I had asthma for many years and used to take inhalers and corticosteroids , i had hoped to find a cure for it while i was in AIIMS . I was very obese and used to get depressed . To my great destiny i came across the great book Autobiography of a yogi ,while reading it i was initiated into the solar way by Mahavtar Babaji. I started practicing Sun gazing and Sun meditation everyday.As i became Solar Mindful ,lot of changes started happening to me . Physically - My body started feeling stronger , i could feel a light going within me and relaxing me . My biological clock started getting corrected , i could wake up in the morning easily as if Sun was calling me . I started loosing weight , lost 20kgs in period of three months . I never has an asthma attack since then . Mentally - my will power and confidence started to increase, , i started getting siddhis /supernatural powers like telepathy , aura recognition , clairvoyance , connecting with light beings , astral travel , etc. I could just pick up what was wrong with my patients . It marked a huge change in my attitude with my patients , i saw them as beings of light . Spiritually - I finally could understand what is to be spiritual , thats is to be one with Mother nature . To be in love with the creator of this cosmos SUN. Sun has eversince guided me everyday to this very day.Thru Sun i was able to connect all the higher divine compassionate beings of Light . I was selected as a Light worker to spread to humanity the higher values incorporated in all the religions of the world. As i researched deeper on this subject I realized many people all over the world are suffering from Natural Light and Darkness deficiency epidemic . It became clear Sun is very crucial to our health . We are being conditioned to treat Sun with fear , Sun has been labelled as cancer causing and destroying skin . Media highlights only the negative role of Sun and forgets that if it wasn't to sun there would be no electricity to run its networks . Its highly profitable to label Sun as bad , as it disconnects people from nature and keeps them unhealthy and under control as slaves to various forms of exploitation . Sun can release us from the fear which grips our thought process , it can open ur third eye to highly creative ideas which can change the way we run our world . It opens us to a viewpoint in the future where we are and always united in joy . What is Solar Mindfulness? Solar Mindfulness is about Sun Loving , it involves Sun gazing , Sun bathing and Sun meditation . Our Mind is full of doubts and negativity , Solar mindfulness cures

the mind and then it leads to physical cure as well. Sun gazing can be practiced safely in the morning at sunrise and in the evening at sunset .Sun gazing corrects our biological clock , acts as a color therapy and restores all our endocrine functions to normal. In Sun bathing exposing 20 percent of our body surface for 45 minutes to the Sun our body will be able to produce sufficient Vitamin D for our needs. In Sun meditation we realize our light nature . We are all one family and have to work together to protect mother earth . We all share the same resources among us and with the future generation which are yet to come .

Explain the technique It has to be practiced and daily for atleast 15 days Benefits of this technique It leads to healing of various physical and mental problems . In particular it helps in diabetes , heart diseases , bone pains , autoimmune diseases , tb , recurrent infections , lethargy , depression , lack of concentration , skin diseases , cancers , obesity , eye problems , kidney diseases , schizophrenia , phobia , alzheimers , parkinsonism . It leads to over all improvement in biological parameters it decreases blood sugar , decreases bad cholesterol levels , and increases blood o2 . The blood starts becoming more alkaline .