BuLan and Bipasha This is the story of legendary figure in the history of our consciousnes that hasnt yet

found its rightful place . This is to story where one can reflect on the deep bond between nature and man , this is the story of Bulan the friendly river dolphin in Beas river , village karmowal , district Tarn taran . Past few years have been very life changing for me , from a very fast paced life in Delhi where I was studying and working in AIIMS , I have slowly found my mind settled in remote villages in Tarn Taran district , attracted to a very special place , home of a very dear friend , Bulan . Bulan is the local name of the river dolphin . Ancient name of the river Beas is Bipasha which means “Natural streams name “. The rishis of yore descended from the Himalayas and used to live on the banks of the river Beas and composed the great Vedic Hymns , and Sikh Gurus also settled on the banks of this river and worked towards the creation of the greatest treatise of spiritual knowledge Guru Granth Sahib . When I was young I used to visit goindwal sahib on the banks of the river beas and used to go boating , it was a truly memorable experience , I can still see the clear waters of the river . For a long time I had been away , my mind conditioned itself to the world of books and technological pursuits . I was excelling carrer wise , but disconnected from the natural world . Their started inner discontent and the river started calling me . And now I am at peace as I have a friend in the river . Bulan is a dear friend , she is seen jumping around in glee , running after fishes . She follows Gurpreet the Boatman , listening to his requests to come out of the muddy river and show herself , and she does . I feel happy to see her and her family . There are 4 wonderful playful dolphins in Karmowall village . Everytime I am their something in me grows stronger , I feel clearer and cleaner . Its as if Bulan takes away the old and gives me something new afresh to begin with in life . The sages must have strong bond with this highly intelligent being . It must have inspired them as well in their pursuit of knowledge , just as I am . Nature is the greatest teacher . The story of Vishnu avatar as Matsaya Fish does resonate in my mind . Matsaya saved Vedas , plants and animal in the Satya Yuga as the legend goes . Matsaya must have been Bulan only , the intelligent social Dolphin . Dolphins are highly intelligent beings with very well developed brains . Their sonar sound kind reminds of trance music which I love to listen and dance to . In their sounds is immense amount of data being transmitted far beyond the capacity of a human brain , clearly they are a wonder of nature . Something which people of punjab should be proud of and work towards conserving it , as Bulan is a great guide for all of us . We are in last leg of the Dark age , Satya yuga is upon us , as can be seen in the rising power of people and falling apart of all systems which promote lies . All those who have lied and done corruption will be stand exposed by the power of internet . I have Matsaya Bulan to guide me to a new era . She needs our love and support . Recently in the midst of the poll frenzy , Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal announced building of a bridge between Chola Sahib and Sultanpur lodhi and it shall be passing over Karmowall , home of Bulan . Building a bridge in this place can be disaster for the Bulan family . This is a place where water is deep and hence favorite of Bulan . Construction activity will cause much problem to her , dolphins are very sensitive to sounds . Already pollution is a big risk factor for it ,Leather industry keeps flouting norms upstream , corruption rots our Pollution control Board. I am concerned about the upcoming coal based thermal power plant in Goindwal .It is an old technology and shall increase the pollution in the area . We need to be focussing more of renewable energy resources . River Satluj has become heavily polluted and there are no dolphins in satluj. Polluting industries should be totally shut down and rivers should be restored to their natural state . Farming activity in river beds should be stopped and river banks should be forested . This shall control the floods as well . The leaders of society need to build a sustainable future for us right now , not in the distant future. Instead of building bridges in Karmowall , Beas banks here should be developed as ecotourism spots , with a research centre to study dolphins . Our future generations can be working closely with nature and hurl us into Satya Yuga.

By Dr Sunny Sandhu , MBBS , AIIMS www.drsunnysandhu.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Sunny-Sandhu/227774607290616

that is the back of the bhulan in water . currently working in Tarn taran Punjab , teaching people about role of sunlight in their life and how water has memory and we should always be positive minded . He conducts camps and workshops on this subject all over india and abroad . He has created a Aquasolar healing system based on natural energy principles . Its a great aid in the modern age where chronic lifestyle diseases abound .

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