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About the Overnight Community Respite?

Respite care is an alternative care arrangement with the primary purpose of giving carers a short-term break from their usual caring role. Overnight Community Respite is a new initiative that provides carers with quality care for their care recipients who are frail with age or younger people with a disability. 24 hours care is provided to the care recipients by our professionally trained staff in a community home-like setting. MultiLink Community Cares Overnight Respite House is a small cottage located at 22 Benz Street, Logan Central. It can house up to 6 care recipients at a time.

Who is eligible?
MultiLink Community Care is funded to provide services for carers who are living within Logan City Council, Beaudesert Shire and Mount Gravatt areas. Target groups for the Overnight Community Respite are the carers of: 1. people with dementia; 2. people with dementia and challenging behaviour; 3. frail older people (65 years or over, or 50 and over if Indigenous); A carer is a person such as a family member, friend or neighbour, who provides regular and sustained care to another person without being paid for their caring role (except for Centrelinks Carer Payment or Carer Allowance). Frail older people and people with disabilities living at home without a carer may seek respite assistance, for example, when recovering from an illness or a fall. However, this assistance should only be provided on a temporary basis and where it does not disadvantage carers who need the service. Priority is given to special needs groups such as people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Backgrounds, people who are financially disadvantage, etc. There are no residency or citizenship requirements for access to the service. Unlike other residential respite, our overnight respite service does not need an assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Team. We aim at providing flexible services that respond to the carers needs.

Who can make a referral?

Anyone can make referrals to us. Simply call the Overnight Respite Coordinator on (07)3412 7154. After making an initial enquiry to establish the eligibility and suitability for the service, the Overnight Respite Coordinator will arrange a visit to conduct a comprehensive assessment and draw up care plans for both the carer and the care recipient. The opportunity to visit the home will be organised after the initial forms are completed.

What will happen in the Respite House?

Our Personal Care Assistants will take care of the residents as if they were at home. All meals will be served according to the special needs of each individual resident. Nutrition and cultural appropriateness will be taken into consideration. Personal care such as grooming, toileting and showering will be provided if needed. Residents clothes will be washed and rooms will be kept tidy to ensure the comfort of the stay. Medication can be administered if we are authorised by the carer and the GP. To ensure correct administration, medicines need to be packed in Webster-paks arranged by a pharmacy.

During the day, the residents are free to enjoy their time by chatting with other fellow residents or our friendly staff, playing cards or chess, watching television, listening to music, reading favourite books or newspapers, etc. If health conditions permit, residents can also join our day respite group located nearby for a game of bingo or a day outing trip.

How long can I stay at the Respite House?

Overnight stays are offered to eligible care recipients for up to five consecutive weekdays. If there is a need for weekend service or longer stays, we are always happy to extend our service to meet the needs of the carers.

How much do I need to pay?

Consistent with the Governments user pay policy, all carers are encouraged to contribute to the cost of respite care when they can afford to. However, no carer will be denied of services due to an inability to contribute. We appreciate a contribution of $40 for every 24 hours care that covers all food, transport and activities. If you require financial support you can contact Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre on 1800 200 422. This service is focussed mainly for carers or family member.

What other services are available to carers?

Apart from the overnight community respite, MultiLink Community Care also offers centrebased day respite and in-home respite that can relieve carers from their caring role. Our Home and Community Care (HACC) programme and Community Aged Care Packages (CACPs) that provide domestic assistance, personal care, transport, nursing care, social support, etc to the care recipients can also relieve burden off the carers.

Take good care of yourself before you can take care of your loved one
Call the Overnight Respite Programme Coordinator/ MultiLink Community Care

On 3412 7154 and We are ready to help!!!