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Issue – 1 Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya India – Rs. 60/-

Jan-Feb, 2004 Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharma Abroad – Rs. 600/-
Date of Publication : CHIEF EDITOR
01.01.2004 Dr. Pranav Pandya

What Holds us Back from Fully Manifesting our Potentialities?

A human being as an embodied soul is not as insignificant as he thinks himself
to be. He is the highly evolved creation on earth of the Supreme Creator. Not only
does he stand at the head of all other creatures, his achievements are also amazingly
extraordinary. Nature’s wealth lies at his feet. The animal kingdom is under his control.
His bodily configuration is not only unique but his senses are also richly endowed
with qualities of spreading joy and bliss all around. There is no other creature who
has got such a unique body.
His mental faculty is marvelously creative. Where other creatures can think of
only self-preservation, a human mind is capable of making the best use of the present
by learning from the events of the past and planning the future. He is endowed with
two invaluable gifts of spirituality and science, which make him capable of accessing
anything in the mundane and the divine worlds.
With these unique gifts of the Creator, considering oneself to be insignificant
is ridiculous. The cause of this sense of inadequacy and insignificance is lack of
willpower. Due to lack of self-confidence, a person tries to seek the help of others in
order to solve his problems, to get rid of his difficulties and to avail of favorable
opportunities. But who has the time to rush for his help? One gets success in one’s
aim only when one stands on one’s own feet and, believing in one’s own capabilities,
tries to move forward resolutely with the available resources and intelligence. It must
be clearly understood that the willpower is the greatest force in this world. It is a
superbly powerful magnet, which attracts every desired object towards itself.

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 3


1. Amrit Chintan:
What Holds us Back from Fully Manifesting our Potentialities? .............. 3

2. From Chief Editor’s Desk :

Vasant Parva - An Occasion for Rejoicing and Renewed Committment 5

3. Vastu Shastra – An Established Science ................................................. 7

4. Matter and Consciousness:Unification of Physics and Vedic Theories .. 11

5. Health Tips:
Your Health: Guidelines from Ayurveda – IV .......................................... 13

6. The Amazing Potentials of Human Mind ............................................... 18

7. Mutual Communication between Extraterrestrial Intelligent Beings

Inhabiting the Vastness of the Cosmic Space ......................................... 22

8. Human Brain – A Marvelously Rich Storehouse of Memory ................ 26

9. Integration of Science and Spirituality ................................................... 32

10. Fundamental Tenets of Vedic Culture .................................................... 36

11. Know Thyself ........................................................................................ 40

12. A True S³dhak of G³yatrº .............................................................. 42

13. My Life: Its Legacy and Message – 5

Wholehearted Execution of the Prescribed Principles-II ....................... 43

14. Amrit V³ñº

Let the Spirit of Spring Permeate and Uplift Your Life ......................... 47

4 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

From Chief Editor’s Desk :

Vasant Parva
An Occasion for Rejoicing and Renewed Commitment
Vasant Parva marks the advent of spring – surging forth of vibrant life in nature; which
was lying dormant during the chilly, cold and constrictive winter. With the coming of spring the
fields turn yellow with the blossoming mustard crop. The whole of nature is filled with exuberant
life and laughter. In the cycles of nature’s moods the joy and warmth of spring follow the bone
breaking shivering cold of the winter. Nature expresses this joy in the form of multihued flowers.
Advent of Vasant is a significant milestone in the cyclic journey of nature emerging from the
drabness and darkness of winter to the dawn of spring. This year, the period of Vasant will span
about 40 days, from Vasant Parva (January, 26, 2004) to Holika Parva (March 6, 2004). It is the
season of joy festivity, enthusiasm and youthfulness – an auspicious period for a renewed vigor
and vibrancy.
Vasant Parva is of special significance to Gayatri Pariwar. This is the holy day of
Self-realization by our Guru Satta Poojya Pandit Sriram Sharma Acharya on Vasant Parva
of 1926 and we have been celebrating it as the Foundation Day of the Mission for the last 78
years. Hardwar, being located at the doorsteps of Himalayas, remains relatively cold even
at this time, but the warmth of the arrival of new season is felt by one and all. Entire Shantikunj
(Head Quarters of Gayatri Mission), Dev Sanskriti Vishwa Vidyalaya and Brahma Varchas
Shodh Sansthan, along with lakhs of parijans who congregate at Hardwar on this holy day,
celebrate this festival with zeal and devotion. During this spiritually surcharged period,
innumerable divine blessings have been received by Param Poojya Gurudev and Vandmiya
Mataji and through them by all of us parijans. Akhand Deepak was lit on this very auspicious
day in the year 1926. Since then it has been kept lighted uninterruptedly. In June 1971 it was
brought to Shantikunj, Haridwar by Vandniya Mataji. All the plans and decisions of our Mission
are made in the light of this Symbolic Lamp of Enlightenment. This Akhand Deepak, which is
now kept in the main building of Shantikunj, is source of inspiration to millions of Pragya –
With this issue the English edition of Akhand Jyoti magazine is entering its second
year of publication and its Hindi counterpart is stepping into its 68th year. During this period
All-World Gayatri Pariwar has taken giant strides towards the accomplishments of its aims
and objectives. Notable among these are the foundation of three prominent Teerthas at
Shantikunj-Hardwar, Mathura and Anwalkheda; incorporation of Dev Sanskriti Vishwa
Vidyalaya at Hardwar and setting up of more than three thousand Shakti Peethas in India
and abroad, which are serving as the nerve centers for dissemination of Mission’s message
of moral and spiritual upliftment of humanity. The legion of parijans is campaigning with
full vigor, against the ‘crisis of faith’, which has overpowered the human psyche at present.
Today the number of parijans, who are directly or indirectly linked to and are following the
ideals set forth by the Mission, is more than ten crore. We can be legitimately proud of these
achievements, but these are only milestones of the ongoing journey; the destination is still
far away. Our Gurudev has given us the responsibility of Yug Nirman (ushering in the global
new Era of Truth, Love and Understanding), which has yet to be accomplished.
Yug Nirman Yojana is not a mere wishful dream. It is decreed to manifest in human
consciousness soon. We still have to spread this message amongst more than ninety crore Indians
and five hundred crore people of other countries. This means that we have to spread this message
in all the languages (spoken or read) in the world. This target has to be achieved during the next
15-16 years. Its accomplishment demands from us unalloyed wisdom, honesty, dedication and
rock-like faith. We must be charged with an unshakable faith that our Guru Satta, who has
bequeathed to us, parijans, this responsibility, is working incessantly and unerringly from the
higher invisible realms towards this accomplishment and we are only his pliant instruments.
Whosoever has imbibed the essence of Vasant in his life has become great indeed. To
name a few: Samarth Guru Ramdas, Vivekanand, Bhagat Singh, Banda Vairagi have been such
great personalities. On this auspicious occasion of Vasant Parva (January 26) let us resolve to be
able to strive hard to still further refine ourselves so that superconsciousness- force of our Aaradhya
Satta flows freely and unhindered through us as clear channels for the establishment of the
Golden Era on Earth.
This year our main target is to effectively implement the seven-point programme of
integrated development of society launched earlier by the Mission. The “Youth Cell” has resolved
to awaken and positively energize the youth of India and “Brahma Vadini” sisters have made a
plan to morally and economically uplift half the populace (the women) of our country. India has
one of the highest numbers of youth in the world and, fortunately, majority of them are free from
any addictions or vices. If they are given the right direction to get connected to the dormant
spiritual vibrations of nobility within them, they can do wonders for themselves as well as for
The all-pervasive, perverse western culture of “eat, drink and be merry” has adversely
affected humanity at large. But its days are numbered. Its destructive effects in the western
countries have worked havoc with social order and harmony and inner individual and collective
peace. People around the world are turning to spirituality for genuine peace and joy. In fact
Dhyan (meditation) is going to be the therapy of the future because there is no other authentic
way of achieving inner peace in the midst of the present day tensions and tribulations.
From the next issue (March-April, 2004) onward, we propose to introduce our readers to
various simple and effective methods of Dhyan. In fact, it is the introspection and refinement of
our inner selves that can give true peace to the individual and the society at large. Keeping this
in mind the next issue has been planned to be a special issue on Sadhana. We hope that our
perceptive readers will be benefited by the contents of this issue and will pass it on to others. Let
us resolve to enroll as many new readers/subscribers as possible in this two-month period of
January-February 2004 so that many more people get the benefit of the contents of our next
Special issue on the art of Sadhana.
With love-filled prayers and best wishes for a purposefully happy New Year,
Shantikunj, Dr. Pranav Pandya
Haridwar Chief Editor
Uttaranchal (India) Head- All World Gayatri Pariwar &
249411 Chancellor-Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya

6 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

Vastu Shastra – An Established Science

Nature has potentially endowed man with the faculty of delving deep into its secrets to be
able to ensure good health, happiness and soul progression. The cultivation is a never-ending
process, though the momentum, depending upon several factors, keeps on changing. Vastu (v³stu)
is one such field of occult knowledge that was recognized by the Indian sages (rishis) as the vibratory
force of Nature hidden in one’s residence and its surroundings. With the increasing curiosity and
fascination of people, past few years have witnessed a mushrooming of popular lectures, books and
web sites on this holistic discipline of architectural principles. However, because of a commercial
approach to exploit mass psychology, there seems to be proliferation of misconceptions or half-
knowledge about this important subject. We are, therefore, starting a new series of articles to bring
the authentic knowledge of the Vedic scriptures on “Vastu Shastra” through the medium of “Akhand
Jyoti”. We hope this series will acquaint the readers with the underlying principles of ‘Vastu Shastra’
with practical guidance for its application.

Our life is sensitive to not only the Strºputr³dikabho Ârañya, Janana®

environment and the ambience around, but Dharm³rthak³ma Puram |
also to the structure and designs of the Jant¿n³mayana® Sukh³syadamida®,
residence we live in and the type and Ïit³mbu Dharm³ha® ||
topography of the plot of earth on which it Meaning: House (Home) is that which offers
is built. The rishis were well aware of this the worldly joys of having a family, keeping
fact and had therefore linked the knowledge pets, cattle, etc; which protects from cold,
of architecture and interior and exterior heat, storms and other external hazards, and
design of residence with the science of v³stu which facilitates the proper performance of
and had developed it as one of the sub-vedas dharma (righteous duties), artha (attainment
entitled “Sthapatya Veda”. This vedic of wealth/material power and progress) and
discipline of knowledge is collectively k³ma (fulfillment of desires).
known as the “Vastu Shastra”. Many of the The savants of Vastu Shastra affirm
ancient temples stand as living monuments that a house constructed according to the
of the awe-inspiring majesty and inspiration norms and guidelines of this vedic science,
emanating from these magnificent houses helps allay the tensions and minimize the
of worship built according to the Vastu chances of familial conflicts and stresses
Shastra. arising out of economic problems, social
A house provides shelter to someone pressures, sickness, etc. “Vishwakarma
or the other and hence it is given the Prakash” states that –– “The divine power
importance of a sacred activity in the Indian of V³stu is pervading everywhere on the
Culture and is counted as a part of dharma. earth, on which Lord Vastu is (subliminally)
“Vrahad Vastumala” – a scripture of the lying with his face towards North-East
Vastu Shatra, highlights the purpose of direction (P¿rvottaramukho V³stu Pur¿Ìa¡
house construction as –– Parikalpita¡). A house built as per the vedic

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 7

instructions of “Vastu Shastra” is blessed by presiding deity, the divine source of this
the grace of Lord Vastu and thus lends hidden realm of Nature working in the
enormous support in the progress and properties of land and building-architecture.
happiness of the people residing therein. This v³stu pur¿Ìa, is said to be ‘enshrined’
The worship of Lord Vastu, along in its global form, facing the ºï³ña (east-
with other manifestations of God, is an north) direction. This is why the
integral part of Deva Puj³na in the major construction of houses according to the
sacraments and religious ceremonies of the Vastu Shastra should be started from the
Hindu Dharma. This signifies the subliminal ºï³ña (east-north) angle.
presence of divine powers and energies The ancient science of Vastu
inherent in the five basic elements (the stipulates that the basic purpose of building
panca tatvas1) and hence in the visible and a house is that it should be auspicious and
invisible forces of Nature and stresses the beneficial to the people living in it; it should
maintenance of a harmonious balance bring them peace, happiness, success and
between them in all activities of life. progress. Therefore, according to Vastu
Vastu Shastra is believed to be the Shastra, the topography and properties of the
oldest science of Architecture. It is literally plot should be analyzed first to examine,
defined as –– the Shastra (a branch of Vedic apart from its location, solidity, vibration,
Literature), which deals with the knowledge etc of the land to determine whether or not
of the topography and the design of any it would be beneficent to the owner and his
construction to be built for residence, family. Then, before laying the foundation
worship or any other purpose. The word stone, the architectural design of the house
“v³stu” in Sanskrit language is derived from should be drawn so as to maximize the
the verb “vasa”, which means living, positive effects (of Nature’s salutary
residing, lodging, etc. The word ‘v³stu’ is vibrations or grace of v³stu devat³) from
defined in “Amara Kosha” as –– different directions. For example, what
G—aharacan³vacchinnabh¿me¡ | should be the direction, location, design, etc
Meaning: the plot of land suitable for the of the worship chamber, study room, living
construction of a house for living is (the base room, kitchen, bedroom, storeroom,
of ) v³stu. According to the “Halayudha entrance, water storage, toilet, bathrooms,
Kosha” –– etc? How many doors and windows should
V³stu Sa®kïepato Vakïye G—ah³dau be there and in which directions? What
Vighnan³ïanam | should be the interior makeup and exterior
Iï³nakoñ³d³rabhya Hyek³ïºtipade Tyajet || surroundings of the house? The latter
Meaning: In short, v³stukal³ (the art of includes, the types and positions of trees
vastu) is the art of house construction, which near the house, etc.
teaches perfect (science and techniques of) Apart from their individual locations
designs starting from the ºï³ña (east-north) and designs with respect to the position and
angle so as to protect the house from all properties of the plot, all components or
natural calamities and other adversities. units inside and around the house should
The scriptures further describe the also be mutually compatible and with
‘v³stu pur¿Ìa’ or ‘v³stu devat³’ as the respect to the distance and directions of the

8 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

nearby roads, highways etc. Similar inclined downwards in the West or South
constraints are considered for the are given least preference. The land in the
construction of shops, offices, hospitals, etc. shape of the back of a tortoise (i.e. protruded
Wherever necessary, the different aspects of in the center and descended on the
the house (or any other building) boundaries is also considered good. The
architecture are also reviewed in Vastu plots in the shape of the back of an elephant,
Shastra with respect to the zodiac sign of with upward portions in the Southwest and
the owner. Northwest directions are regarded lucky for
It is amazing to note that the Vastu the owner. Deserts, barren or swampy lands
Shastra indeed gives detailed guidance in are supposed to hinder the house-owner’s
regard to architectural designs and layouts progress; people are therefore advised not
– keeping in view also the constraints of to choose such plots for construction of their
cost, area limitations, appearance of the houses.
building, etc. Most remarkably, it also Having selected the most suitable
incorporates all the factors like stability plot, the next important step in the
and durability, safety, optimal availability construction of a house, according to the
of fresh air, sunlight along with the Vastu Shastra, is the selection of the
climatic nature of a particular area, which, positioning of different rooms according to
we in the modern world, regard as the only the directions. Eight directions are regarded
‘scientific factors’ relevant for house significant here – namely, the four principle
construction. directions: North (Uttara), South (Dakïina),
The properties of the plot or the East (P¿rva) and West (Païcima) and the
piece of land (called g—ahapiñÃa) –– on four diagonal directions in between, namely,
which a particular building is to be erected East-North (Þï³na), North-West (V³yavya),
–– that are considered important for detailed West-South (Nai—atya) and South-East
vastu-analysis include the colour, brittleness (Âgneya).
and smell of the soil; the geometrical shape, While deciding the location and size
size, slope and height of the plot from the of the rooms as per the guidelines of the
sea-level; the types of trees, plants, Vastu Shastra, ideally, the architectural plan
mountains, spring, river, lake, pond, etc, if should also take into account the provision
any, in the surrounding area and the relative for leaving some place free for the concerned
position of these from the plot. For example, Lord(s) in a given direction. The Lords of
square shaped or rectangular plots are eight directions are as follows: East- Indra
regarded most beneficial. Triangular, (Vedic Sun has also been called Indra);
hexagonal, circular, elliptical plots or land South-east- Agni; South- Yama; South-west-
pieces in the shape of the musical Niruti; West- Varun; North- west- Vayu;
instruments like mridang or dholak, or in North- Kuber; and North-east- Esana (God).
the zigzag shapes of cactus or like the face The free space should be left as per the
of a lion are considered maleficent in terms properties (e.g. the magnetic and other
of the Vastu-effects. The downward slope effects) of the gross manifestations of these
of the land towards the East is regarded powers. For example, as per the scriptures
auspicious for prosperity. Lands with slopes on Vastu, substantial open space should be

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 9

left in the East direction; much lesser space chances of consideration of any of the
in the North direction and very little in the important factors of the ancient architectural
West-South direction. Negligible or no space sciences like that of Vastu. As a result, even
is to be left free or open in the other if people are able to get plush houses in the
directions. well-developed localities, they get no peace
“Samarangana Sutradhar” by Bhoj, of mind there; most families are living under
focuses on the scientific aspects of why acute stressful conditions.
directions are given so much importance in Although some rising trends of
Vastu Shastra. It is described here that the general interest and awareness about Vastu
invisible flow of infinite energy waves are seen among people across the globe
pervading the space together with the since the past few years, the ground reality
sublime currents of cosmic powers hardly shows any improvement. On the
continuously affects every being, everything contrary, many fake experts or those having
in the perceivable expression of Nature. In half-cooked knowledge or stolen
particular, our minds, our residence (and information of “Vastu Shastra” have made
hence our activities in it), are influenced by it a business to dupe the gullible masses,
these with varying momentum. The who want to spend their hard earned money
principles of Vastu Shastra have been in building a house which will bring them
discovered so as to enable people gain good fortune and ward off evil. The added
maximum benefits from these energy negative effect is that in their blind craze
currents and from sublime connection (of for ‘Vastu’ benefits or prevention of ill-
the inner mind) with the cosmic forces, and effects of a house not fitting into the scheme
thus get support and help of these divine of so-called ‘laws’ of Vastu Shastra, many
energies for living a happy, peaceful, people have even demolished their houses
progressive and enlightened life. If we or sold them off abruptly. Deep study of the
follow the guidelines of Vastu Shastra and teachings of Vastu Shastra has therefore
modify the get up or arrangement of our become very important and relevant today.
houses and living-style accordingly, to the This series of articles in “Akhand Jyoti” will
best extent possible, we can experience these bring us useful excerpts from the original
positive effects and lead a better and more scriptures with necessary explanations on
purposeful life. what to do if we are going to construct or
In the modern times, the purchase a house or what to do by way of
architectural studies and practices across the modifications if we already have a house of
globe have mostly been dominated by the our own?
trends of ‘world class’ or gorgeous looks, Having acquainted ourselves with
modern gadgets of comforts, maximum the origin, general principles and elements
grabbing of surrounding land, etc. Not only of this Vedic science, we shall look into the
the mega cities, the developing towns are specific details about the construction and
also being flooded with concrete jungle of designs of different components of our
small and big multi-storeyed buildings. houses in the successive issues.
Growing populations and greed of real-
estate market have further blocked the (To be continued in the next issue)

10 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

Matter and Consciousness:
Unification of Physics and Vedic Theories
The study of consciousness and life Adi Shankaracharya has mentioned
is often regarded as a field pertaining to about the subtle aspects of the physical world
philosophy, psychology and the so-called in his magnum opus “Vivek Chudamani” as
metaphysical sciences. However, as we shall ––
see here, the hardcore physical sciences Aikya® Tayorlakïitayo¡, Na V³cyaya |
dealing with the studies of matter also seem Nigadyatenyonya Vir¿ddha Dharmiño¡ |
to share something common in this ensemble Khadyota Bhanyoriv Rajbh—atyayau¡ |
of vertical convergence of knowledge. K¿pamburaïyo¡ Parm³ñumevo¡ ||
About seven decades ago the great Meaning: The divine source of the (existence
scientist Albert Einstein had presented the of the) cosmos and every creature or particle
hypothesis of grand unification of cosmic in the universe are subliminally linked
forces. This reflects his visualization of the together and are similar in the sense of the
subtle existence of higher and deeper similarity between ‘the sun and a
dimensions of existence that were realized glowworm’, ‘an ocean and a well’, ‘a king
by the Vedic Rishis. This article presents an and a laborer’, or ‘a mountain and an atom’.
extract of some of the comparable aspects of Research into the atomic and subtler
both the modern and the vedic scientific structures of matter has paved the way
insights. towards searching the commonality between
Ever since the research in particle matter and energy. May be, one day the
physics has been focused on the subtler forms research will be motivated towards
of matter (from atom to quark, and gradually deciphering the commonality between
to anti-matter…) and the decipheration of the energy and consciousness. About seven
complexities of the biomolecules, it is decades ago, Einstein had defined the space
becoming more and more evident that the as the grand unification of gravitational and
living system exists in an unimaginably electromagnetic forces. Later on, two more
subliminal form that could ultimately be forces, namely, the ‘Weak Force’ and the
perceived, in the gross world, only as an ‘Strong Force’ were also considered in the
energy-packet of consciousness. Albert definition of Space as a ‘Unified Field’.
Einstein, through his concept of ‘Pure Einstein’s investigations into the
Thought’, was able to see the perfect order ‘Four Dimensional Curved Space’ –– Time,
that exists in the universe. He therefore have given pioneering directions to future
accepted the inability of contemporary scientists for deeper elucidation of various
research in particle physics and other areas aspects of universal subtle forces and their
of modern sciences in comprehending even grand source in the eternal Consciousness
a fraction of the orderly creation of the great, Force. In this respect Einstein deserves a
unknown, absolute Spirit. place in modern sciences equivalent to the

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 11

revered positions of the sages like experimental physicists (including Dr.
Vishwamitra, Patanjali and Vyas in the Yogesh Pati, Dr. Abdus Salam, Dr. Howard
spiritual science of vital energy and George and Dr. Sheldon Glashaw) on quark,
consciousness force as described in the vedic leptons, anti-matter and the grand unification
treatises. of forces, can all be seen implied in the
The discovery of anti-matter in mantras of the Upanishads.
physics has given interesting clues for Prof. N. Hugen used to be a great
studying the concepts of ‘Anti-World’ and critic of the Indian Mythology. However,
‘Meta-Space’ mentioned in the Vedas and after investigating more into the concepts of
Upanishads. Noted thinker Robert Ernest ‘Super Gravity’ and “Anti Gravity’, he had
Humes has mentioned in “The Thirteen also accepted that these together with the
Principal Upanishads” that the main hypothesis of the Black Holes could be better
objective of the Upanishads is –– the search understood in light of the insights of Vedic
for absolute truth, ultimate knowledge, and Philosophy.
its enlightened use for the welfare and Researchers desirous of revealing the
progress of all creatures. Renowned scholar secrets of matter and life, may view the vedic
Maxmueller in his “Lectures on the Vedanta knowledge as a science that deals with the
Philosophy” has expressed similar views. subtler realms and layers of what has been
According to them, the insights of the Vedas discovered by the modern sciences so far. Sir
and Upanishads have inspired and guided the James Jeans has noted that everything in this
pioneers and independent researchers of world happens in a logical and reasonable
‘matter and life’ in all ages. The ancient manner like a mathematical principle. In his
scriptures will continue to further enlighten views, the creator and controller of this
the scientific investigations of the modern limitless absolute system could be none other
times as well, if studied attentively in the than the Unique, Infinite, and Supernatural
right perspective. Power, named as God.
The Ishopanishad begins with the Modern scientists may attempt
phrase – “P¿rñamada¡ P¿rñamida®”, which deciphering the mysterious universe more
implies that the Supreme Cosmic Power – deeply by considering the existence of the
Brah® (the Omnipresent Consciousness subliminal forms of subatomic particles and
Force) is one and absolutely complete. There perceivable energies in the infinite currents
are many ‘formulae’ given in the Upanishads, of the ultimate ‘energy’ of the Omnipresent
which explain the sublime principles of the Consciousness Force, which, so far, has been
physical manifestation of Nature and left for metaphysical research in philosophy.
existence of matter (referred as ‘This’ in the An open minded integrated research in
corresponding vedic hymns) and its eternal focussed areas of physical, biological and
relation with the unique universal force, the cognitive sciences and spirituality would
infinite ‘whole’ (referred as ‘That’). The prove to be very fruitful towards unfolding
uncertainty principles of the Quantum of the hidden linkages of matter and life and
Mechanical approach, the postulations of the super-unifying principle of “Sarva
particle physics, the ‘Pure Thought’ of Khalvida® Brah®”- All this is Brah®.
Einstein and later findings of theoretical and *****
12 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004
Health Tips

Your Health: Guidelines from Ayurveda – IV

What should be our food? (v³ta, pitta and kaph or the tridoÌas) are
Healthy food is compared with regarded here to characterize one’s natural
nectar in the vedic scriptures. At the same constituent, the triplet of proper food, sound
time, the scriptures also alert us to be careful sleep and chastity are considered as the
about the quality of food, which apart from predominant factors in regulating the health
the gross and subtle properties of the of the mind-body system. Of these three,
ingredients, also depends upon the way it is diet (food) is given maximum importance
earned, prepared and eaten. as it plays a direct role in the maintenance
Ann³h³r³rtha® Karma Kury³danindya®, of the seven dh³tus and in affecting the
Kury³d³h³ra® Pr³ña Sandh³rñ³rtham | balance of the tridoÌas.
Pr³ñ³h³ Sandh³ry³statva Jijó³san³rtham, There is no constraint of diet
Tatva® Jijó³sya Yena Bh¿ryo Na imposed in the Allopathic methods of
Du¡kham || treatment, where medicines are given
–– Yoga Vashishtha principal importance. But it is not so in the
Meaning: Earn your food by proper (just case of Ayurveda where, on the contrary,
and honest) means. Eat it with purity to appropriately selected and controlled diet is
sustain your vital energy (and body-force). an integral part of treatment so as to enhance
Elevate your vital energy to be able to gain vitality and regulate the medicinal effects
knowledge and attain vigorous potentials to in natural harmony with the entire system
get rid of all infirmities and sorrows. of the body and mind.
We have discussed several aspects Maharshi Charak, one of the founder
of eating habits as recommended by experts of Ayurveda has elucidated six
Ayurvedic scriptures in the last issue. Here aspects, which should be considered in
we throw further light on healthy deciding what is worth eating and what is
constituents of food. According to not in a given condition.
Ayurveda, the food we eat is used in the M³tr³k³lakriy³ Bh¿midehadoÌa
production/strengthening of seven major Guñ³ntaram |
components/elements (dh³tus) in the body; Pr³pya Tattaddhi D—aïyante Tato
at a gross level, these dh³tus are – Bh³vastath³ That³ |
physiological fluids, blood, serum, flesh, Tasm³tsvabh³vo NirdiÌÚastath³
bones, muscles and sperm/ovum. Food is M³tr³dir³ïraya¡ |
given prime importance here in prevention Tadapekïyobhaya® Karm Prayojya®
as well as in cure of diseases. It mentions a Siddhimicchat³ |
great deal on what kind of food should be Tadeva Hyapathya® Deïak³la
taken for sustenance of a healthy body. As Sanyogavºryapram³ñ³ti
the levels of the three functional energies Yog³dbh¿yastarampathya® Sampadyate |

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 13

Tatra Khalvim³ni place (at which the food-ingredients are
AÌÚ³v³h³rvidhiviïe̳yatan³ni Bhavanti | grown; where it is prepared and being eaten)
Tadyath³prak—atikaraña – the seasonal effects are also included here;
Sanyogar³ïideïak³lopayoga (vi) time (of preparation and consumption of
Sansthopayokt³ÌÚem³ni Bhavanti|| food); (vii) the mode of eating; (viii) the
– Charak Sutra physical and mental state of the person who
Meaning: Quantity (of food), time (at what is eating it.
time it is prepared or is being eaten), process The importance of above factors is
(of its preparation), place (including soil, justified scientifically. For example, it is well
climate and surrounding conditions, etc) at known that which food will be digestible in
which its raw constituents have grown, which season and in what quantity etc,
constitution (chemical, botanical, depends upon the basic properties of the raw
properties, etc), defects (subtle and gross substances in it, the method of preparation
defects, unnatural effects or impurities, if (e.g., mixing some other substances increases
any) –– are the principal factors responsible or negates some of its qualities; or steam-
for the making a food pathya (worth eating, cooking would be healthier than frying, etc)
healthy) or apathya (not worth eating, and upon the metabolic fitness of the person
harmful). The unhealthy nature or flaw in who eats it. That metabolic system is highly
any one or more of these could convert a sensitive to mental condition is also
generally edible food into non-edible or confirmed in many clinical trials the world
apathya. Charak further enjoins that some over. Apart from these, the “Charak Sanhita”
substances are naturally non-edible; they also takes into account the subtler aspects –
should never be used in food. Even the e.g. the sansk³ras of the food (this includes
medicinal plants, vegetables and grains the manner in which it is obtained/purchased,
should be taken only in proper mode while the way the money/resources used in getting
taking into account the above aspects. or preparing it are earned, etc) and the
Eating Process: sansk³ras (intrinsic tendencies) of the person
The “Charak Sanhita” describes eight who prepares the food, etc.
principal factors associated with the process Types of Food:
of eating. These are collectively termed as – Acharya Sushrut has described the
aÌÚavidh ³h³ra vidhi viïe̳yatan. These are major categories (from medical point of
supplementary to each other and view) of food under the heading
comprehensively represent the process of “dw³daïaïan vic³ra” in the following
eating. Each of them contributes to healthy shloka:
or negative effects of the food being eaten. Ata ¿rdhwa® Dw³daï³ïan, Pratic³r³n
These are: (i) natural quality of food; (ii) Vakïay³ma¡ |
method of preparation of food (who prepares Tatra ϺtoÌña Snigdha Rukïa,
the food, how and where – all are part of this DravïuÌkaika K³lika
important factor; whereas, for most of us only Dwik³lika AuÌadhiyukta Matr³hºna
the ‘taste’ matters), (iii) combination (of DoÌa Praïamana V—atyarth³¡ ||
various components or constituents of the This shloka implies twelve different
food); (iv) amount or quantity of food; (v) types of food in terms of their gross basic

14 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

properties and also conveys what type is good 7. Eka-K³lika (One-timely): Those
under what natural conditions. Let us look at suffering from loss of appetite or weak
these properties and the conditions – in terms digestive system should take food only
of the prominent natural constitution or once a day to help normalization of the
tridoÌa-level and/or diseases caused by the appetite and metabolic disorders.
imbalance in the tridoÌa – under which they 8. Dwik³lika (Two-timely): In normal
are prescribed. course, healthy people should take proper
1. Ϻta (Cold): This type of food (which has meals only twice a day.
a cooling tendency) is advised for those 9. AuÌadhi-Yukta (Medicinal): Those who
suffering from acidity, heat or plethora. cannot take medicines orally may be
It is also advised for those weakened by given these mixed in appropriate food.
excessive sexual indulgence, or due to Sometimes, specific medicinal plants or
some toxic effect. herbs are also advised as essential
2. UÌña (Warm): It is recommended for ingredient of the regimen in specific
those suffering from the diseases or diseases.
problems of excess of v³ta or kaph doÌas. 10. M³tr³hºna (Light): Those having liver
The food intake (in small quantity) after problem, suffering from fever or having
total stomach cleansing, fasting, etc, loss of appetite due to some other
should also be of this category. disease(s), should take light and easily
3. Snigdha (Smooth or Naturally Oily): digestible food. (This may be dry or
This type of food is suitable (in liquid, warm or cold type, as per the
appropriate quantity) to suppress the nature of the ailment and natural
doÌa of v³ta. Those used to physical tendency in terms of the level of tridoÌa).
labor or substantial physical exercises 11. Praïamanak³raka (TridoÌa-
also benefit from such food. It is also Controller): For healthy as well as
remedial against dry-skin, bony, thin or diseased persons, the choice of food
weak body. should be according to the season and the
4. RukÌa (Rugged & Arid): It helps level of doÌas. For example, warm and
controlling the doÌa of kaph. Those sour and sweet food helps suppressing
having fatty body or oily skin should also the v³ta doÌa in rainy season.
use this type of food. 12. V—atti Prayojaka (Naturally Soothing):
5. Drava (Liquid or Watery): The diet of For healthy persons, nourishing food is
those suffering from dryness inside the that which helps maintaining and
body (which may lead to boils, peptic strengthening the vital elements and
ulcer, or ligament problems, etc) should stamina and which increases resistance
consist of this type in substantial against diseases.
proportions. . Apathya (unsuitable) Food:
6. ÏuÌka (Dry): Those suffering from This category of food corresponds
leprosy, prameha (excretion of sperm and to what either causes some ailment or
several vital hormones with the urine), disorder of some kind or aggravates or
erysipelas or wounds should be given dry prolongs an existing disease or weakness.
food. The founders of Ayurveda had affirmed

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 15

food as the essential source of sustenance Non-compatibility w. r. t. Appetite:
and strengthening of health. However, they Eating without having proper appetite is
had also alerted that “what one eats and harmful. Similarly, not eating nourishing
how?” – could be the major factor for or food in appropriate quantity even while
cause of illness; it could even prove to be feeling hungry is also harmful to health and
toxic. In fact, the same type of food could has negative effect on appetite and
have contrary effects, though invisible, metabolism.
under different circumstance or for Non-compatibility w. r. t. Combination:
different persons; most important is –– Eating a combination of ghee (clarified
what kinds of guidelines one follows in the butter) and honey in equal proportion causes
selection and preparation of food and in severe toxic effect (while individually each
his eating habits. has important nourishing and medicinal
According to the following shloka effects if taken in appropriate quantity with
appearing at “Sutra Sthan” in Chark respect to other factors). Similar is the case
Sanhita, the food or medicine, which might with several other ‘non-compatible’
suppress an ailment or temporarily control combinations.
the imbalance of the doÌas but does not Non-compatibility w. r. t. Body’s
uproot or eliminate them completely – is Adaptability:
also apathya (unsuitable and harmful). If one’s body has got accustomed to acrid,
YatkiócitaddoÌam³s³dya, Na Nirharati spicy and hot (in tendency) foods then sweet
K³yata¡ | and cold (in tendency) foods would be
Âh³raj³ta® Tatsarvamahit³yopapadyate || generally unsuitable to his body’s
We give below excerpts of what the adaptability.
Charak Sanhita describes as unsuitability of Non-compatibility w. r. t. TridoÌas:
different types of foods or medicines under The food or medicine, that might have
different circumstances: properties similar to those inducing the
Non-compatibility w. r. t. Place: tendencies of any of the three doÌas (v³ta,
Rugged or arid food and herbs are harmful pitta and kaph) but, that causes contrary
or unsuitable in a wild land or in a desert, effects because of disharmony (with one’s
while cold and greasy-smooth, oily or fatty natural constitution, habits and physical or
substances or preparations (including mental work pattern) in practice is said to be
medicines) are bad for health (or have non-compatible w.r.t. the tridoÌas.
negative effects) in a wet (highly humid) or Non-compatibility w. r. t. Utensils:
swampy area. Boiling milk in pure copper pot makes it
Non-compatibility w. r. t. Season: poisonous in its effects. These or some other
Cold eatables and drinks and foods having types of metallic utensils are highly
chilling tendency are avoidable in winter; unsuitable for cooking meals; while several
whereas the use of hot and spicy foods and types of substances are unsuitable for
substances having tendency to increase preparation of chilled drinks, desserts, etc.
body-heat should be avoided during Non-compatibility w. r. t. Eating Habits:
summer and spring. Eating hot (in tendency) food with cold (in
tendency) substances or vice-versa,

16 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

simultaneously or without substantial time nourishing substances into twelve categories
gap causes harmful effects. as highlighted in the following shloka. This
Non-compatibility w. r. t. Digestive description is based on the common crops
System: and vegetation available in ancient times.
Giving laxatives or strong medicines or foods What other cereals, plants etc are available
to someone having a delicate digestive today could also be added into the
system or intra-body structure is harmful. corresponding categories.
Non-compatibility w. r. t. Sleeping Habits: Ï¿kadh³nya® Ïamºdh³nya® Sam³tºta®
Food or medicine which intensifies kaph Praïasyate |
tendency is not suitable for people who are Pur³ña® Pr³yaïo R¿kïa®
generally slow and sluggard in their routine Pr³yeñ³bhinava® Gur¿ ||
or who sleep heavily; it further induces Yadyad³gacchati Kïipra® Tattallaghutara®
lethargy or drowsiness. Sm—atam|
Non-compatibility w. r. t. Routine: Pur³ñam³® SankliÌÚa®
Eating without proper excretion of urine and Krimivy³lahim³tapai¡||
stools is harmful. Those desirous of good Adeï³k³laja® Klinna®
natural health should never eat food without Yatsy³tphalamas³dhu Tat ||
really feeling hungry. As per this shloka, the twelve
Non-compatibility w. r. t. Sequence of categories of nourishing eatables are
Eatables: identified as –– ï¿ka: grains (cereals, e.g.
Having water, cooling food or any medicines barley, maze, wheat, rice, etc); ïamº: grains
after drinking or eating smooth oily stuff (all kinds of pulses and grams); ï³kas: (all
causes negative effects. (One might even fresh vegetables; fruits; greens - fresh,
vomit instantly or have sour throat in such naturally green substances that contain
cases.) chlorophyll), Ambu: (watery substances);
Non-compatibility w. r. t. Cooking: Goras: (cow-milk and its pure, fresh
Eating half-cooked or overcooked or over- products); Ikïu: (sugar cane and its fresh
fried food is unhealthy. Similar is the case products); Krattana: (food cooked – on fire
with food cooked using polluting fuel. – from cereals, pulses and vegetables);
Non-compatibility w. r. t. Composition: Yaugika: (all kinds of nourishing minerals
Drinking any preparation of mixing acidic and compounds). Alcoholic substances (wine
substances (including fruits) with milk is etc) and animal-based foods (including meat,
harmful for health. Curd (unless well set and fish, etc) are prohibited in Ayurveda
fresh) and desserts prepared with fruits kept primarily on the grounds of their negative
in milk for some time –– are also prohibited impact on spiritual health and subtle mental
in Ayurveda. tendencies.
The Twelve Categories of Nourishing We shall discuss each of the twelve
Eatables: categories in detail in the next issue so as to
Charak Sanhita (likewise some other provide useful guidance to the readers on –
Ayurvedic scriptures) discusses a great deal “what to eat and how to eat?” in today’s
about the impact of food on physical, mental circumstances.
and spiritual health. It broadly classifies the (To be continued)

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 17

The Amazing Potentials of Human Mind

Parapsychology does not regard the of the later ages, gradual training (with firm
supernatural powers of human mind as determination and will) of self-restraint and
miracles. Rather, it affirms such potentials self-observation help in controlling and
as natural outcomes of the stimulation of transforming the extrovert tendencies of the
otherwise dormant centers in the brain. mind. Sw³dhy³ya and Satsang1 are found to
Extrovert attitude appears to be a be most effective methods of disciplining and
normal tendency of an agile mind. As we all refinement of the mental tendencies.
might have experienced, the inquisitiveness School education and training for
and interest of our mind mostly revolve higher learning and development of talents
around the external world. If we could divert is no doubt necessary in civilized growth of
our mind inward to some extent and think a human society. Its contribution towards the
little deep about our inner self, we would find evolution of consciousness is however
immense troves of power and unalloyed minimal –– like that of the leaves in
happiness within us. The hidden potentials circulating carbon dioxide in the plants.
of our mind are more startling than the Nurturing the roots of the mind is essential
wonders of Nature and the marvelous for spiritual growth. Activation of the hidden
achievements of human talents and the centers of subliminal power of pr³ña (life
intellectual and physical powers found in the energy) is essential in this endeavor. The
world outside. yoga-s³dhan³s devised by the Indian rishis
The world around us has its own enable gradual awakening and activation of
importance in our life. It offers us the extrasensory centers in the brain and in
opportunities of progress and prosperity in a rest of the body.
number of ways. But that does not mean that In the modern age, dedicated
we are ‘nothing’ without it. The progress of investigations in the fields of neurology,
the external world and our ascent in the psychology, parapsychology, and
extrovert dimensions are only like ornaments metaphysics have brought forth a partial
that help outwardly adorn our life. Indeed, understanding of the neuro-physiological,
the nectar of ultimate evolution, biochemical, and hormonal functions
enlightenment, peace and beatitude lies in the associated with manifestation of some hidden
depths of our inner self. However, it requires faculties of the human mind.
persistent single pointed effort to cultivate a Prof. Delgado of France had
self-contemplative nature and realize the speculated that as the flow of blood in the
miraculous dimensions of our inner selves. arteries could be controlled by specific
As practiced, experienced and taught treatment of the heart, it should also be
by the sages of yore and the enlightened ones possible to vary the orientation of mental

18 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

tendencies by operating certain regions and successfully shown the change in natural
locations of the brain. He believed that such mental characteristics of some mice by brain
a method, if devised, would be useful in stimulation techniques. After stimulation, the
inducing ethical values in place of wild play mice were found playing fearlessly on the
of passions. Although his hypothesis has yet back of a cat. Dr. D. Albert had also
to be tested, the neurologists of the 20th demonstrated significant difference between
century have succeeded in finding the the behaviors of the mice that underwent
location of memory centers in human brain. brain-stimulation and those from the same
Dr. W. G. Penfield of Canada has also biological family and age group, who did not.
developed special electrodes, which, while Dr. Robert Thompson had shown that the
connected with specific neuronal regions of activities of cockroaches could be controlled
a person help awakening his remote memory via radio-signals. According to him, human
– including that of the earlier lives. This mind could also be controlled externally by
activation retrieves the memory of distant some ‘powerful’ (though yet unknown) radio
past so effectively as if the subject were waves.
experiencing the sequence of corresponding It may be noted that the mental
events in the present moment. This type of functions that are controlled by external
experimental research has guided advanced signals or drug-injections pertain to
investigations on the human brain. behavioral responses only. The deeper
According to noted neuro-chemist sentiments or subliminal impulses of inner
Dr. Cameron, the nucleic acid of the neurons mind that constitute what was deeply
governs the neuro-electrical momentum. The understood and experimented under the
stimulation regulated by this acid activates ancient science of spirituality have not yet
neuro-hormonal secretions of the important become the focus of neuroscience. The
hormones like encephaline, endorphins, scientific study of the more subtle aspects
cystinine, and gaba. Electrical stimulation of mind in the modern times still lies in
regulated by the synaptic activity helps in the field of Metaphysics. Research on the
controlling several kinds of mental disorders. metaphysical character of human mind
Scientists believe that deeper understanding encompasses deep psychology and
of the reticular formations that connect the parapsychology.
spinal chord to the brain would some day help Modern psychologists classify the
in creating artificial emotions. This could manifestations of the supernatural
offer effective remedies against potentials of human mind in four
psychological disorders including those of categories: (i) Clairvoyance – clear vision
split or dual personality. The experiments of hidden objects or things and events lying
conducted by Dr. Hedger Hoyden in Sweden far beyond the perceivable limits of our
on some animals have shown that variation sense organs; (ii) Precognition – knowledge
in the concentration of neural RNA affects of the future; (iii) Retrocognition –
the clinical consciousness and some mental knowledge of the past; (iv) Telepathy –
activities. distant communication through mental
During the first half of the 20 th signals. All could be possible without any
century, biologist, Dr. James Oldschue, had external help or device.

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 19

This classification is further details of the disease and the names of some
expanded into eleven subgroups reflecting medicines, ointments, etc in fluent Latin.
extrasensory experiences – without any Being in that exceptional trance-like state,
medium or source of information, beyond the he also suggested the methods of preparation
barriers of time and space: – (i) firsthand of these medicines and the availability of the
knowledge of the events taking place at constituents. Well, those preparations were
remote places; (ii) reading others’ mind attempted on him.
without having any interaction, not even an To everyone’s surprise Edgar ’s
acquaintance with them; (iii) premonition condition improved and he was cured by
of future events well in advance; (iv) these ‘strange’ medicines within a week.
communication with the souls or subtle Most amazing part of this incident was that
bodies of the dead or receiving timely this villager did not know a single world of
guidance and help from them; (v) live Latin! How could he then speak so well in
memory of previous births; (vi) sudden this classical language in his exceptional state
outburst of knowledge, talents, or behavior of comatose? This activation of the hidden
in a person that does not correspond to his layers of the unconscious had also resulted
personality or mental training so far; (vii) in arousal of some extrasensory powers,
arousal of exceptional powers in the body which enabled him to diagnose and cure
that could affect the surroundings, too; (viii) dreaded diseases and ailments of people from
outburst of extraordinary courage that different parts of the world.
enables adventurous accomplishments; (ix) Dr. Eirigo of Brazil is also known to
knowledge of the subtle worlds; (x) curses have been endowed with some marvelous
and boons uttered vocally that come true in spiritual healing gifts in treatment of patients.
due course of time; (xi) transmogrification Inscriptions on rocks found in Egypt also
of the souls, transfer of one’s subtle self into depict ‘doctors’ with one hand kept on the
other living body, and co-existence of two patient’s stomach and the other on his back.
souls in one body. Egyptian scriptures also make mention of
Many live examples of these psychic healing. It is also known about Saint
supernatural experiences have been reported Patrick that he had blessed vision upon a
in the related proceedings of professional blind man just by touching the latter’s eyes
seminars and other publications since the with his palms. Saint Bernard is said to have
mid-nineteenth century. The following are miraculously cured ten blind persons and a
among the historical examples of this kind. dozen physically handicapped persons in a
Once upon a time Edgar Keisei, an single day with the application of his elevated
inhabitant of a village near Kentucky (USA) spiritual power. A London based gardener
was suffering from severe rheumatic pain and named Lambert was reported to have had
spasm. No doctor could diagnose the disease such extrasensory powers in the seventeenth
because of lack of knowledge about it during century. A nineteenth century Sicilian
those days. While some doctors were watchman named Keritcher is also known
observing this patient, they found that among blessed spiritual healers.
clinically unconscious Edgar was suddenly Although it sounds amazing but it is
awake. He also started uttering the name and true that the source of supernormal potentials

20 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

of the above kinds lies dormant within each the original form) or they blindly accept
of us because of our ignorance and extrovert anything, any trick of magical games, or any
engrossment. superstition in the name of yoga and
Ancient sages and eminent spiritual spirituality. In this age of explosion of
scientists of India seemed to have had information and advertisement in some areas
perfected the art and technique of arousing of human life and utter confusion,
the hidden powers of the inner realms of the controversies and ignorance in some others
mind, soul and spirit. They used their spiritual – including those of importance to global
endowments in elimination of the ailments survival and growth, it has become all the
of the flesh as well as for improvement of more necessary to set an open-minded,
the physical and mental health of people enlightened and balanced approach to this
across the globe. Other creatures on the earth matter of utmost import.
were also blessed by their compassion. It is now the responsibility of the
Inducing spiritual transmutation, positive scientifically enlightened researchers – who
thinking and youthful longevity in any one also feel concerned about the ailing state of
was as easy for these rishis of yore as writing the world today, to accelerate the pace of deep
a prescription is for the doctors of today. The and unbiased investigation into the ancient
philosophy and science of spirituality and sciences and find feasible and effective
yoga, devised by them, led to the descent of means of ensuring vibrant physical,
a divine era in the Vedic Age. psychological and spiritual well being of
The devoted seekers of true humanity.
knowledge have been coming to India since *****
thousands of years to get some pearls of the Notes:
limitless treasure of ancient Indian wisdom 1
Self education in the light of the inspiring thoughts
and to get an opportunity to meet the of great personalities and natural conditioning of the
enlightened yogis and adepts in the mind in the company of morally elevated people,
whose characters and deeds could guide us on the
Himalayas. It is ironical that most of the path of soul-growth and motivate us towards creative
modern day Indians either scorn their ancient use of our talents.
culture without caring to know its roots (and

There was a devotee of Shri Hanuman. Once upon a time he was

driving a bullock cart. Suddenly the cart got stuck in a marshy land. He
stood over there and started chanting Hanuman Chalisa and prayed for
the bullock cart to come out. A scholar was passing by. He said that
due to non-recognition of the sanjivani herb Sri Hanuman brought the
Mountain itself. At least you should try a little pulling out your cart. The
man gave a little push, exhorted the bullocks and they were successful
in pulling the cart out of the marsh.
Even the mightiest of gods does not respond to mere verbal prayers
unless man does what lies in his power to do.

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 21

Mutual Communication between Extraterrestrial Intelligent Beings
Inhabiting the Vastness of the Cosmic Space

The idea of man journeying to the different continents, living in isolation,

unknown worlds in outer space and were sort of unknown worlds for each other.
intelligent extra-terrestrial beings regularly Intrepid sea-voyagers like Columbus,
visiting the earth appears weird but it is not Magellan and Vasco de Gama crossed the
entirely inconceivable. oceans and discovered new continents.
More than three decades ago man set Aeroplanes have now bridged the distances
foot on the moon. Today countless artificial between the far-flung landmasses on the
satellites are permanently orbiting the earth. earth. Similarly, space ships of the future
Manned missions to near earth orbits have might make regular inter-planetary or even
become a regular feature. Scientists take off, inter-galactic travel possible.
conduct experiments and come back. Many The mythological literature abounds
unmanned spacecrafts have reached and even with references to travel between different
landed on our sister planets. Some have ‘loks’1 and the earth. Devarishi Narada kept
crossed the solar system and are hurtling shuttling between Vishnulok and this world.
away in deep space to destinations unknown. There are stories of Arjuna and Dasharatha
Plans are about to land man on the reaching the svarga (heaven) in person,
neighbouring Mars in coming years. achieving their objectives and coming back
International Space station is being built from there. At times, gods have descended
which may some day act as a launching pad to the terra firma, sojourned here and even
for missions. assumed finite bodily forms (avatars) to
Even the moon is under speculation pull earthlings out of the dungeon of
as a possible future space station. It is, darkness. If we view the ongoing scientific
therefore no fantasy that all these efforts may endeavours against the backdrop of these
culminate some day in the construction of literary references, the impression emerges
such space-ships as would be capable of that in today’s context the feasibility of
carrying researchers to the very distant world such journeys may be very dim, but it is
of stars and their planets for exploration of not altogether impossible. In theory, at
the universe. least, it cannot be ruled out.
Before the time of large ships, it was A related aspect of this theme is the
not possible to cross the oceans. Those days, phenomena of U.F.Os (Unidentified Flying

22 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

Objects) mainly comprising of flying Brazilaian hillock as their base station for
saucers and fireballs. They have been exploration of the earth. As the engineers
reportedly sighted at so many places and were climbing the hill, some saucer-like
by so many persons of undoubted object was seen descending over the hilltop.
credibility that they cannot be dismissed Many distinguished local citizens confirmed
off hand. Scientists have so far been unable this event. The next day, some local boys,
to arrive at a definite conclusion about out on a hunting expedition, found the two
them either way. Under the circumstances, researchers lying dead atop the hill. Police
one should not deride if such phenomena investigation and autopsy failed to find any
are speculated upon as communicatory clue into the possible cause of death.
forays of extra-terrestrial origin. Another character in the UFO saga
The flying saucers may be likened to is the ‘fire-ball’. Like its saucer counterpart,
space ships. The fire of electric balls could this, too, has been doing the appear-and-
be intelligent beings from some distant vanish acts at many places. Eyewitnesses
celestial body. If, however, both are some include persons of unimpeachable integrity
sorts of special phenomena of nature, there who just cannot be put in the category of
must still be some causative factors involved. rumourmongers.
What are those factors, those forces and 15 March, 1963; 5.00 AM. Eastern
principles, which are working behind their Airline’s Flight No. 539 was on its way from
mysterious appearance and disappearances? New York to Washington. A fireball entered
In either case, it is a fit case for the plane at one end, travelled to the other
comprehensive enquiry and deliberation. and vanished near toilet. Many passengers
Miglay Byena and Manuel Cruz were saw this spectacle but none suffered any harm
two young Brazilian engineers engaged in of injury. Only the air slightly smelt of
researching the mystery of flying saucers. sulphur or nitrogen oxide.
They had even built a laboratory for the This incident was reported in the
purpose. It was August, 1966. Very early in world famous science magazine ‘Nature’.
the morning, the two engineers left for Experts proffered many possible theories and
Vintem hill. This hill is covered with dense explanations but nothing definite could be
woods and for the last many decades, flying said. If it was really of the nature of fire or
saucers had regularly been sighted there. electric charge it ought to have left some
Almost everyday, some mysterious object effect on the things or persons there.
from the sky was reported to land there, NASA of the USA has compiled
remain there for some time and then take more than 600 reported sightings of these
off. It was the general impression that the fireballs. Their sizes range from 1 cm. to 1
E.Ts (Extra-Terestrials) had chosen this meter. Altogether about 4000 witnessing
Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 23
are available. But still no one knows why on the extremely strong pull operating there.
and how they suddenly appear and then The movement on this path will be
vanish, all the time moving, running and completely effortless. Scientists think that in
prancing about and still leaving everything the black-hole zone the velocity of matter
completely unaffected by their visible may exceed that of light.
energy outflow. Like flying-saucers, these Then there are white holes too. These
fire-balls, too, caused no harm to the are vast expanses or gaps in the space devoid
persons whom they passed at close range of any stars or galaxies. The white holes are
or in whose body contact they momentarily different from black holes in characteristics.
came even as the latter could feel the reality They have neither the gravitational pull of
of their energy substance. the latter nor its other weird features. In
There is a distinct probability that this dimension, of course, they are much larger.
phenomenon reflects attempts by intelligent More than 10 such while-holes have so far
beings from some highly advanced extra- been identified by scientists. The biggest one
terrestrial civilization to make contact with stretches across the space for 30 crore lakh
inhabitants of the earth and understand the light years from one end to the other.
local conditions. This friendly outreach For all we know, such peculiar
should be reciprocated with a matching holes, in their miniature version, might be
gesture on our side. existing on the earth too. Through these
Different constituents of the Supreme presumed holes, ships and aeroplanes have
Consciousness, which indwells this whole been vanishing in the Bermuda Triangle
wide universe, should work together towards area of the Atlantic for a long time. Such
attainment of some grand and lofty goal sudden and mysterious disappearance of
ordained for them. man or material are occasionally reported
In this context, the concept of ‘black- from other places, too. These vanishing
holes’ has some bearing. Black holes are big tricks remind one of the UFOs. All these
mysteries in the space. They are extremely mysterious happenings suggest that some
dense with such an unimaginably strong sort of contact exists and is being forged
gravitational pull that even light cannot between our earth and other invisible
escape them. Hence, no information can worlds.
come out of there. The core and the The following incident is of July,
surrounding region thus become one massive 1968., A 70 year old tailor Parfit lived with
dark area of the dimension of billions of his sister in an English village, Sifton Mallet.
kilometres. Conceptually, it is possible for He had been crippled in war and was so weak
matter or ‘passengers’ in this area to travel that he could hardly leave his bed. One day,
smoothly from one point to another riding he wished to sit near the door. His sister, with
24 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004
the help of a neighbourhood girl, put him on October, 1920 British Labour M.P
a chair there and went upstairs. Victor Gresson was going from Liverpool
The door opened on the main road to address a meeting. Many persons had
outside. When the sister returned after 15 reached the station to receive him. But
minutes Parfit was not there. Extensive Gresson was not on the train. Police
search inside and outside, far and wide, failed enquiry traced his bag to a London hotel.
to find him. Parfit had simply vanished as if The manager told that a man had deposited
in thin air. No clue has since been found that the bag there, but did not turn up again to
could shed light on the cause of his collect it. But the manager’s description of
mysterious disappearance. the man did not fit Gresson at all. Gresson
Another example is of Rudolf could never be found.
Diesel, the inventor of diesel engine. On What causes people to suddenly
19 September, 1913 Diesel boarded a ship vanish like this? Conjectures could be made.
(Dresden) for America. After dinner, he Are such phenomena linked with the
strolled a while with his engineer friend experimental efforts of some invisible
Luckman and then both retired to their researchers who are engaged in making inter-
respective cabins. Next morning, Diesel stellar journeys possible? Or could it be that
was traceless. Close scrutiny of the cabin small black holes are roaming about hither
revealed that he had indeed made and thither in the manner of fireballs and are
preparations for sleeping but the bed itself pulling, snatching and plucking people out
had not been slept in. Something happened of their earthy existence?
before he could lie down. All searches *****
came to nought. No trace of Diesel could Notes
1. Loks are celestial abodes of different gods and
be found. lie beyond the vault of the sky.

Seated on Lotus Flower jutting out of the navel of Lord Vishnu,

Brahmaji was in deep contemplation as to how to go about his assign-
ment of Creation? While thus entranced he heard an oracle, which was,
saying “Do penance! Do penance!” Treating the oracle as Divine com-
mand Brahmaji engaged himself in Tapasya. He did penance of un-
imaginable magnitude for a long time, which empowered Him to under-
take the Herculean task of Creation. Thus Brahmaji our primordial Cre-
ator teaches us by example that everything worthwhile can be accom-
plished only through persistent, single-pointed industriousness and ef-
fort – Tapasya.

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 25

Human Brain –A Marvelously Rich Storehouse of Memory

Indefinable source of distinct memory. The acquisition and future

talents and uncountable potentials is application of knowledge and past
embedded in the human brain. It is often experiences becomes possible only with
referred to as “Pandora’s Magical Box”, the help of memory. This is what affects
“Amazing Wizard”, or a “Celestial the course of decision-making, resolution
Computer” in view of the enormous mental of problems in hand and further expansion
functions, immeasurable hidden of perspicacious attainments.
complexities and undeciphered impulses of The power of memory was given
consciousness processed through it. The preeminent importance in the learning
role of their sagacious brain and mental system of the Vedic Age. Specific methods
eminence is most significant in what the and practices were also devised for greater
great personalities of the world have sharpening and augmentation of this
accomplished rather than the support of faculty. The Veda-Mantras are called–
circumstances, resources or anything else. “ïruties” (meaning: perceived through
Mental faculties are most precious hearing). The slokas of the Shastras are
bequests of the Almighty bestowed upon called “sm—aties” (meaning: retained in and
us. However, the belief that we can’t retrieved from the memory). Thus memory
expand or elevate the God-gifted mental was the only basis of generation and
potentials we are born with – is not correct. expansion of knowledge in those days.
The difference in people’s intellectual and Despite the collection of “ïruties and sm—
other mental abilities is only that of the aties” in book form in the later ages, the
degree of arousal and activation of the tradition of Vedic Schools has been to
grand powers indwelling in the human self. memorize the hymns and slokas and
This difference is not due to the structure contemplate upon them analytical
of the brain, inheritance or destiny, etc. discussions. Memorizing Gita and
Rather; it is a reflection of the extent of Ramayana by heart is quite common
dormancy or activation of its unlimited among the Indian masses even today.
potentials. It is true that some people are born
Trenchant memory is seen to have with supernatural memory but that does not
a predominant impact upon the intellectual mean that others lack the capability of
capabilities of the brain. Forgetful persons awakening this natural potential of mind.
are, in general, not only deprived of deep Like any other field of life, success or
knowledge in general, but they also suffer failure in this regard would largely depend
because of the negligence of necessary upon one’s focused efforts and enthusiasm.
tasks in day-to-day life due to their short The depth of mental domains can be

26 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

traversed and explored most effectively by would have continued even longer, had the
spiritual methods. Development of sharp King not arrived by then! The latter too
memory and sane intelligence, too, is heard the case and granted mercy to
achievable through these modes of yoga- Bernard’s client on the basis of his
s³dhan³s. Adept psychological Bernard’s excellent defense.
conditioning and positive attitude towards Lord Macaulay had an
whatever we attempt in this direction is the exceptionally sharp memory. This erudite
first prerequisite for desired progress. scholar of the 19th century had written the
Inspiration from the living wonders of history of Britain in eighty volumes
memory also boosts this psychological without opening any reference book for
transformation. Let us look at some historic this purpose. He used to remember all the
expressions of exceptionally sharp memory references, dates and venues of the events
in different walks of life. and the names of the people associated with
In his articles on mysteries of those events since the day he met them or
human mind, noted psychological scientist heard or read about them. Map of any place
Professor Ferdinand Von Nue Triter has ever visited by him, names and addresses
cited the case of a Lithuanian boy, who of the people whom he had interacted with
could recite any paragraph or stanza of any at least once, information or knowledge of
prose or verse in any language as it is just any kind ever required by him, were so
after hearing it once. In his concluding easily recalled by him as if he had crammed
remarks the professor has mentioned that them by heart a short while ago. People
such live examples prove that what we used used to call him a ‘moving library’.
to regard as mythological or imaginary a Richard Porson was a nineteenth
hundred years ago (about the supernormal century classical scholar of Greek. He
faculties of human mind) may come as real knew by heart all the books written in this
before our eyes today. language till his times and all the plays of
It was before the French Revolution Shakespeare. Mr. Richard Garnet, a one
that an innocent person was proved as time assistant superintendent of the British
guilty in a court. Renowned attorney Louis museum had become the chairman of the
Bernard came forward to defend his case publication section of another museum for
as per the request of some well-wishers. about twelve years. The catalogue and
Although the court had ordered death locations of the books were so perfectly
sentence to the accused, Bernard appealed stored in his memory that without lifting
for a stay of five days on the grounds that himself up from the chair, he used to tell
the King, the ultimate appellate authority the exact location of the book asked for
was out of town. However the court from the library’s stock. Moreover, he was
showed inability in staying the hearing any even able to give an oral report on the
more. Then Bernard continued his contents of the text inside the books.
defensive arguments for 5 days and 5 The ‘Guinness Book of World
nights marshaling and citing his Record –1981’ had published the records
stupendous knowledge of law and justice of exceptional memory in arithmetic. The
across the world. His rigorous defense record of recalling a number of 28013

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 27

digits in 9 hours 14 minutes was broken attempted to be visualized or imagined and
that year by Mahadevan, a Banglore based its meaning or implications are also
student, who could recall and write the considered while reading, listening or
numbers up to 31811 digits in 3 hours and studying it. Some people seem to have
40 minutes only. Shankuntala Devi of naturally built-in mechanism of such
South India had also gained global optimal links to memory.
recognition in the 1970s and early ’80s for A courtier named “Shrutidhar” of
her amazing ease with arithmetic King Bhoj of Medieval India had made
operations that could beat even the fastest place in history because he was able to
computers of that time. recall and reproduce, without any error, any
Alaibda Baghdad was a great subject matter or verbal discussion in any
writer. Despite losing his eyesight, he had language heard by him for 24 minutes or
completed the thirty-two volumes of his lesser duration at a single stretch of time.
treatise on Arabic just with the help of his Swami Ramtirath was revered for
exceptional memory. his exceptional mathematical skills and
Renowned French philosopher memory. In one peculiar incident, when he
August Comte (b1790-d1857) used to was going to America, two British men
thoroughly assimilate his thoughts in his travelling in the same ship fought with each
memory before expressing them orally or other one day. Swamiji was also siting
in writing. So marvelous was his memory nearby. The dispute led to a court case
that he did not have to refer to any books, where Swamiji was also asked to despose
notes or other sources, in order to complete as an eyewitness. He said –– “I do not
his 6 volumes (running into 4,712 pages) know who is guilty but I can narrate the
of “Positive Philosophy” during 1830 to entire discussion exchange of words
1842. So fluent was his writing as though between the two fellows”. He indeed did
a prerecorded cassette was fixed in his that in the same language in which the duo
brain. had quarreled and thus helped in arriving
Distinguished psychologist Prof. at a fair judgment.
Bartlett suggests that deep interest in the General Stumptas, former Field
subject matter of importance, its thorough Marshal of South Africa had also
study and pondering over the benefits of developed extraordinarily sharp memory.
retaining it in the memory help its vivid He used to remember the location of every
storage in the long-term memory. The book kept in his town library. Contents ––
above examples seem to affirm such page by page, word by word of each of the
possibilities. books ever read by him were known to him
Savants like Galesburg find oral or by heart.
written repetition also as a supportive tool About a century ago, a major
in this regard. They consider the ancient market in a city of Denmark was caught in
system of cramming by heart as quite devastating fire; all the records and cash
efficient. Prof. Eveguards adds that it will of a bank’s branch were charred into ashes.
be easier and faster to memorize and recall By the next day the anxious depositors
something if its key points are also began to crowd around the bank premises

28 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

in panic. The supramental memory of a Some people are endowed with
clerk in that bank saved them from the exceptionally sharp memory since the time
unprecedented crisis. This man could of birth. Their extraordinary mental
recall the names, account numbers and the potentials often startle others. John
latest bank balance in the accounts of Fielding was one such gifted person. He
thousand odd customers of his bank. His lived in Gloucestershire, England during
information was found correct by 1901 to 1960. This man was born blind.
appropriate inquiry with the customers and His memory was so vivid that he could
police investigations. He was soon honored easily remember the names and addresses
by the post of chairman of the corporate of over ten thousands persons whom he had
group of that bank. ever met or interacted with. He was able
Renowned Scottish historian to recollect this information without any
Thomas Carlyle (b1795-d1881) had given mistake just by hearing the voice of any of
the first handwritten manuscript of his these people.
book on the French Revolution to noted Another Englishman, Montugunes
scholar John Stuart Mill for editing. By also had similar memory. Incidentally, he
mistake, the latter’s servant burnt many too was blind since birth. The British
pages of this manuscript in the cooking Government had selected him for the job
fireplace. When Mill apologized before the of a postman because of his exceptional
author, this shocking news did not perturb memory. He used to sort out and arrange
him at all. Because of his extraordinary the deliverable letters with the help of an
memory and dedication to the work, assistant. The latter used to read the
Carlyle could reproduce the revised addresses loudly - this was sufficient for
version of the manuscript with new Montugunes to store the entire sequence
enthusiasm. of corresponding addresses in his mind.
It is said that our interest and attention This is how he was able to distribute, on
in the subject and the importance and his own, hundreds of postal articles every
influence of an event or assimilated day. There was never any mistake on his
knowledge plays a predominant role in part or any complaint against him during
registering of the associated matters into his tenure as a postman.
deeper folds of our memory which can be The example of Mr. Nebur of
retrieved by sincere practice. According to Germany is rarest of its kind. Exceptional
Carl Emil Seashore, a noted American memory of this man had made him known
psychologist of the 1890’s, an average man across the world only in a single day. Once
uses only about 10% of his natural memory. the office where he used to work as a clerk
Remaining 90% is left unused in a haphazard caught fire. Many important papers and
or dormant state. This is why one generally files were burnt. Nebur’s supernormal
remains intellectually deprived or dull. If one memory came into light when he
is alert and systematically attempts to awaken successfully reproduced the lost records in
and adeptly use the natural memory, the latter a short span of time. Many of these records,
would be activated creatively and offer reference numbers etc, were verified
intellectual benefits of higher order. against the copies available with the clients

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 29

and no mistake or slip of memory (on sentences in their languages before him.
Nebur’s part) was detected. His hidden After a few moments, Bessire repeated the
talents were also recognized on many other same sentences without flaw although he
occasions after this amazing incident. did not know any of those languages.
Mr. Joseph Burnheart Duncan had Benjamin Schultz had translated the
nine secretaries for different languages Holy Bible in three Indian languages. He
when he was the director of the national was able to speak and read about hundred
library of Munich. He had such a control languages of the world. He remembered
of mind and command over several and used to sing devotedly the Christian
languages that he used to dictate official prayer hymns and their translations
letters and other deliberations in nine available in as many as 215 languages and
different languages to all his secretaries dialects.
simultaneously. He had also memorized the A French Minister of yesteryears
Bible by heart and was able to reproduce Monsieur Leon Meijere was also endowed
the corresponding sections completely with outstanding memory. Just after
whenever asked from any page of the Holy hearing them once, he remembered the
Scripture. Recalling the location of the speeches of even the leaders of the opposite
millions of books in the library was so easy parties. He was also able to narrate the data
for him as if the catalogue was kept open of the national budgets of the past ten years
before his eyes. It was popularly said that like those retrieved from a computer-
his brain (intelligence) would ‘weigh’ more memory.
than any amount of linguistic knowledge A former teacher of the Harrow School of
and stock of information existing on the England remembered the Latin works of
earth. the Roman poet Lucan by heart. The
Rebi Elisa of Lithuania was popular printed version of this work would add up
for her exceptional mental power. to about 2600 pages. During one of the
However, for want of proper direction and excursion trips of about sixteen miles, he
control her talents could not be used for entertained his colleagues by singing
anything significant. In her lifetime she around eight thousand hymns of the
memorized about two thousands books just historic epic “Pharsalia” (written approx.
after one reading. You open any page from in AD61-65), which appeared to have been
any of these books and ask her, she was registered like a recorded tape in his
able to repeat every line, every word of it memory…
without any mistake. The annual report of the French Army
In the days of emperorship in used to be published since the 12th century.
Germany, the royal library was located in It contained the name, date of birth and rank
Prasa. Its Librarian Mathurin Bessire had of each officer and soldier. Interestingly, a
unique hearing memory. In one of the waiter of a military canteen remembered the
planned tests of his exceptional memory, whole of this annual report of the year 1856.
twelve ambassadors of different countries This man, named Felix Martini could tell the
visited him at the same time. One after the details of each of the 26208 records in this
other, they spoke twelve different report whenever asked for.

30 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

Piere Moschutz of Geneva had followed by some other in continuation,
successfully memorized the eighteen lacs and so on in the respective sequence. At
words printed in the seventeen volumes of the end of this session, he had orally
the French Encyclopedia. Hedian, the reproduced the text of each of these books
celebrity emperor of Rome had a correctly without opening a single page of
multitalented personality. He could write any book.
and converse simultaneously. Not only The advanced models of electronic
that, at times he even used to dictate letters brains (computers) are far ahead of the
along with these two simultaneous jobs. normal memory of humans. But the above
Equally amazing was the fact that he wonders of astonishing memory do
remembered the names and permanent illustrate the superiority of Nature and
addresses of all the pensioners of his make us realise that what we know about
empire. our brains is only a small fraction of its
Meglia Vinnie of Italy was the chief marvelous potentialities.
librarian in the city library of Florence in The potentials of human brain are
late nineteenth Century. The information indeed limitless. It is a pity that only a
referring the title, price, publisher, of each few of us make adequate use of this
of the thirty thousands books in his library invaluable gift of God. Its immense
was always ready on his lips. Not only that, powers remain dormant or ignored in
he even remembered the location of each most of us and we usually employ its
book correctly. faculties only in earning and eating and
Justice Hardayal Singh of former in the routine chores of expanding and
Delhi Court seemed to have multiple layers r a i s i n g o u r f a m i l i e s . We o u g h t t o
of memory. It is said that once he awaken, activate and illuminate our
simultaneously read four books of four dormant mental faculties of memory and
different languages written by different other talents and enrich the quality of our
authors on separate topics. The reading was lives.
carried out in a peculiar manner – some *****
portion of one book was read for some time

Mahatma Gandhi was on a fourteen-day fast without water

in Sough Africa. After fasting for four days he received a telegram
from a German friend, Kellen Bake, offering his nursing services
during the period of fast.
On the fifth day of fasting Gandhiji, along with his associates,
walked three miles to the railway station to receive his friend. He
said that Kellen’s nobility of character gave him the energy to walk
to the station.

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 31

Integration of Science and Spirituality

Imbalance or disharmony in any an ideal way. Discrepancies, imbalances or

system, any action, generates problems of disorder in any sphere of life causes different
one kind or the other. Narrow-minded kinds of complications and difficulties of
approach or lack of comprehensive varied nature, which directly or indirectly
considerations eventually leads to inadequate hinder, retard and even reverse the graph of
and problematic consequences, even though healthy soul growth and ascent.
it might seem to offer some immediate A thorough understanding of human
success. This is because of the incomplete life becomes feasible by a comprehensive
comprehension or negligence of some of the study of the interrelationship between the
crucial aspects of a situation. In order to human mind, Nature and the Omnipresent
achieve an orderly, well-organized, balanced Consciousness Force. The major schools of
and fulfilling human life, we need to pay due thought and branches of knowledge that have
attention and give proper importance to the emanated from the quest for fathoming this
necessities of its interwoven physical, relationship have had entirely different
intellectual, mental and spiritual realms in approaches.
the individual and social domains. While the material based modern
A human being consists of a science has designed sophisticated tools and
marvelous amalgam of matter and technologies to shape the gross materialistic
consciousness force. The physical or the facets and external structure of progress, the
gross body is made up of the basic elements inner foundation of this outer structure is
and their evolved reactions and results, so embedded in the indwelling spirit in the
its healthy sustenance and vigorous individual and the collectivity. Science
functioning largely depend upon the contributes to the civilization and
balanced concentrations and activities of advancement of materialistic resources and
these vital constituents. The subtle or the spirituality holds the key to the harmonious
conscious body – mind and the inner self, and virtuous development of personality.
which also lies at the base of the living Science reveals the mysteries of Nature in
existence of the physical body, receives the the manifested world, while spirituality
transmitting energy from enlightened unfolds the secrets and objectives of its subtle
thinking and virtuous sentiments. The vedic existence. Analysis of the structure and
philosophy emphasizes the harmonious perceivable properties of things is the subject
growth of both – the gross and the subtle matter of the different branches of material
realms. This comprehensive and integral science. Decipheration and study of the
approach lays the foundation of personal, origin and deepest purpose of life pertains to
familial, social and global development in the fields of spirituality. Thus, broadly

32 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

speaking, the former deals with answering extrovert hunt for prosperity in terms of
“What and How?” and the latter with “Why materialistic resources and comforts and their
and What for?” Both search for truth in their possession became the sole objective of life,
own fields of inquiry. Like the two banks of why would one bother to understand the
a river or two invisible edges of the horizon, importance and utility of noble thinking,
both are perennially connected with each virtuous character, and altruistic sentiments?
other but seem to stand far apart. Mutual The generous attitude of benevolence,
cooperation and integration of the two is most selfless cooperation and adoption of ethical
desired for their relevance and necessity in conduct emanate from and expand with the
human life. support of spiritually evolved emotions. If
Unfortunately, these two gigantic one is not even aware of the importance of
streams of search for truth have, because of emotions and intrinsic tendencies in human
the way they have been followed and life, why would he care for their refinement?
practiced, largely remained The mad rush of self-obsession, rat-race for
compartmentalized and mutually exclusive. possessions, power and blind progress driven
Modern science has exhaustively excavated, by the ego and selfishness seen everywhere
extracted and exploited the natural resources within and around us today reflect the
and gained enormous mastery in the physical bankruptcy of the human heart (emotional
world. However, for want of the guiding light core) and sheer disregard of the inner self.
of spirituality, it couldn’t really make a This is the major cause of the ever- increasing
positively constructive, viable and righteous agonies, fears and problems the world is
use of its mammoth wealth of knowledge of facing despite the dazzling scientific
the principles underlying the physical advancement, technological development
phenomena. Matter and the visible world and enormous materialistic strength and
became the prominent foci of its wealth today.
advancement and so the objectives of life and The grains of scientific research will
its prime purpose got sidetracked and almost serve the real purpose and will be beneficial
lost from sight. What was really needed was, in the true sense only if it opens its barriers
to also search for solutions to the riddles of and goes beyond “What and How?” to see
human psychology and the complexities that “Why and What for?” –– to encompass the
entangle the basic aims of life. search for the dignity of humanity and
Scientific research of the physical ultimate aim of human life. Revered thinkers
world enabled man to understand laws of the and philosophers from different parts of the
material world. But the infinite power of the world have been expressing these views on
inner self, the consciousness-force of pure scientific progress ever since its advent.
sentiments of love and compassion, noble Eminent talents like Leo Tolstoy and
thoughts, etc remained unknown and ignored. Theodore Roosevelt have commented that
As a result, materialistic civilization overtook scientific quest revolves around “what is it?”
the charge of life and the key role of sublime of every thing, or “why something happens
consciousness and associated faculties got like the way it does in the physical world”.
neglected in the mist of illusions and But it does not quite try to find “for what
ignorance. It was bound to happen. When purpose the thing is existing?”, or “for what

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 33

objective is something happening the way it systems and deeper emotional effects, etc in
is?”, etc. Tolstoy further writes at one place the pursuit of scientific research.
that the childhood of modern science has In his thorough review-essays in
begun with the quest for “what and how?”; “Science is Not Enough”, the author scientist
the stage of its maturity will be reached when Vannevar Bush (1890-1974) writes that “the
it also begins answering “why and for what focus and scope of science has largely been
purpose?”. The hidden depths of Nature and confined to the analysis and synthesis of
life can be plumbed by appropriate and material substances and entities. It cannot
meaningful research on “why and for what claim absolute knowledge of anything with
purpose?” This type of scientific research in certainty. Its discovery of atom is an
the inner fields of consciousness force will evidential example in this regard. It has still
mark the meeting point of science and not been certain of the structure and functions
spirituality. Plato has also observed that the of the subatomic units and their (further) sub-
completeness and ultimate progress of particulate constituents. Its continual
science lies in its entry into the spheres of research keeps annulling or deviating its own
spirituality. convictions and thus disapproving the
Why was this world created? Why the sufficiency of its findings so far”. In the views
gamut of species of different creatures of the thinkers like Theodore Roosevelt
including human beings produced? Why is (1933+) – “Science will be no better than a
the perpetual cycle of Nature running the way pool of artificial tools and techniques unless
it is? For what purpose is every component its search begins from metaphysical basis and
of the cosmos moving in its specific sphere incorporates the fields of consciousness”.
and order? Who is governing this universal Distinguished scientists like Warsen
order? Where is the original cause of the Beaver also opine that science will have to leave
manifestation of Nature and the genesis of out its prejudices and adopt a broadened attitude
this ever-expanding cosmic existence? This for comprehensive research towards revealing
basic quest of the existentialists is beyond the mysteries of Nature and resolving the
the scope of the modern material sciences. problems of life. At present its approach is
Leaving aside these rather abstract puzzles, prejudiced in the sense that its search for truth
there still remains a plethora of questions is confined only to the perceivable realities of
concerning the origin, purpose and limitless the world.
expressions of human life and evolution of Dr. Beaver expresses his views on the
consciousness and the undeciphered layers reality of sublime consciousness as –“ In the
of mental and emotional cores that are moments of deep sorrow, fear or helplessness,
fundamental to the understanding of human we do experience some inner inspiration that
life; but are not considered by the modern induces inexplicable hope and courage. It also
sciences. gives us strength and light to counter the
Tolstoy expresses his heartiest adversities or find discerning solutions to the
appreciation for the constructive acute hardships. This sublime power of inner
contributions of scientific developments to consciousness is an expression of the Almighty.
human civilization but he also deplores the Each one of us does experience His presence
near total neglect of moral aspects, value in some form, some time in the course of life”.

34 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

Science and spirituality have destruction and global devastation. Its
somehow been mutually contradicting in unchallenged might and reckless
their approaches and have always regarded advancement appear to threaten the very
each other’s principles and objectives as existence of life on earth. It is high time the
superficial. This negative competition has tyranny of this unbridled blind power is
deprived both of their complementary roles controlled and made accountable to
towards holistic human growth. The humanity. The role of spirituality is self-
convictions and practices of spirituality evident in this regard.
weaken their authenticity in absence of Science and technology can generate
scientific spirit and openness. The philosophy means of progress but not the means of
and teachings of spirituality without having peaceful co-existence and happiness; neither
scientific approach lose their relevance and can these nurture moral values and inner
originality in the smog of blind faith and strength. Science and technology may
superstitions. Science also remains narrow produce material wealth and prosperity but
and incomplete without incorporating not the nectar of soothing emotions, spring
spirituality, which is the base of enlightened of love and compassion or light of courage,
evolution of the mental and emotional wisdom and sagacity. Unless science is
domains. Science without spirituality has no integrated with spirituality to fill-in this gap
bonds of values and so there is an obvious and both the complementary powers are
danger of its becoming amoral and apathetic. encouraged to flourish within mutual
This is what we are witnessing today. Science cooperation, the present trends of progress
has undoubtedly made grand constructive would be inexorably hurtling towards the
contributions to the external development of suicidal edge of global extinction.
human civilization, but it has unscrupulously
invented dreaded products of mass *****
Once a dacoit came to listen to a scholar- preacher’s sermon.
The scholar was very eloquent about the virtues of forgiveness and
non-violence. The sermon ended. The preacher took the offerings
and walked towards his village. There was forest in-between. The
dacoit bounced upon the preacher and asked for all the money he was
carrying. The preacher was a brave person and had a bamboo stick in
his hands with which he threatened to hit the dacoit. The dacoit got
scared and politely asked him that only a shot while ago he was
preaching about the virtues of forgiveness and non-violence which he
himself was not practicing. The scholar said that the sermon was for
law abiding gentle people but for criminals like the dacoit the stick
serves the sermon. Looking at the resolutely strong-willed scholar the
dacoit took to his heels.

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 35

Fundamental Tenets of 8A@E?Culture

The paramount distinction of the and prestigious in our culture than the
Vedic culture is its spiritual attitude towards worldly resourceful, affluent dignitaries. This
life and the world. Deciphering the sublime is why our country has gifted such a rich
root-element of the material existence rather galaxy of great sages, seers, saints and
than analyzing just its gross structure and savants to the world. It has produced great
properties; realization of the higher and men and women, who saved the world from
deeper realms of eternity, continuity and malice and division and sowed the seeds of
incessant purity of life far above its mortal, love and integration for mankind; they taught
momentary, physical manifestation; and propagated the message of peace and co-
experience of the cosmic, the collective, existence against conflict, violence, cutthroat
rather than the individual consciousness; competition and savagery. Therefore, the
have been the basis of this Vedic culture. It world still regards India as the torchbearer
was only on this land that research on the of light of truth. The global prestige and
Sublime Transcendent and Cosmic Force respect of India is mainly because of its
governing all the powers and activities of spiritual foundations and deeply insightful
Nature was initiated and pursued to the philosophy and science of spirituality.
ultimate depths. This Cosmic Force is That spirituality was the core of the
regarded absolute, preeminent and supreme Vedic way of life does not mean that we had
in our Darïan ïastras (philosophical neglected or looked down upon healthy
literature). Although there could be progress in the worldly pursuits. Our history
differences in its interpretations, bears witness to the fact that our religion, our
explanations, and styles of expression, all our science, our archeology, our sculpture, our
ancient literature, philosophies, science, arts architecture, our astronomy, our
and s³dhan³ procedures, etc, revolve around mathematics, our arts, our commerce, trade,
this Eternal Truth. This is what has been the economy, etc were all at the top of the world
focus and ultimate aim of the genesis and and this had made fundamental contributions
expansion of the grand knowledge and to the growth and enrichment of human
unparalleled developments of the Vedic Age. civilization and culture.
Our talents of yore were not so well off Celebrity Greek scholar Arian has
materialistically because they had not given mentioned thus about ancient Indians – “The
prime importance to it over the infinite wealth Indians who had traveled up to Greece and
of the inner world. The penny-less sages and had inhabited and ruled over (influenced) the
sadhu-sanyasis were given more importance people here were very prosperous. They
and honor than the mighty kings. A rishi, an appeared to be the descendants of cherubic
ascetic yogi is considered far more dignified powers. They possessed lots of gold and

36 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

jewels. They used to wear gorgeous silky majestic mottos of “Sarve Bhavantu
shawls and precious pearl-necklaces…”. Sukhina¡” (may all beings be happy),
Many of the Greek historians have also “Sarveï³ma Avirodhena, Brahmkarma
recorded similar observations – “The Indians Sam³rabhe” (performing noble duties
who migrated to this land (ancient Greece) without any conflict with anyone),
were very intelligent and talented. They “Vasudhaiva Kutumbaka®” (treating the
propagated knowledge and taught medicine; entire world as a family), etc, had originated
they helped civilizing the natives here and here and continue echoing in people’s life
won their confidence and respect….”. here.
The Indian Culture has given an ideal Injustice, selfishness, discrimination
philosophy and mode of life to mankind and cruelty were not allowed in the Indian
where there is no place for hatred, malice, life in any respect. Those disturbing the social
mutual struggle, exploitation or oppression. harmony and collective cooperative life were
The social system of Varña1 and Âïarma22 penalized as criminals. The concept and
Âïarma: Four phases of one’s life for ideal design of a system for safe, terror-free, tussle-
combinations of duty-bond, cheerful, free, and stress-free, peaceful and happy
prosperous and progressive life; each of progress of personal and social life was
about 25 year for an average span of 100 founded and first implemented under the
years of life. The first, Brahmcarya Asrama auspices of the Vedic Indian Culture.
was supposed to be the age of education and The Indian Culture does not approve
personality development in the Gurukuls; the of a dry, isolated, dull life or escapism in the
second, the Grahasth Asrama was meant to name of spirituality, s³dhan³, etc. Those who
be for worldly growth, marriage, and regard it thus are under a wrong impression
contribution to the healthy progress of the or have not been introduced to it correctly.
family and society. TheVanprastha and There are so many religious and social
Sanyasa, Asrams of the later phases of the festivals in our system, which involve
life were set for dedication to social welfare collective cultural activities and celebrations
after completing the familial responsibilities in varieties of forms quite frequently
and for spiritual enlightenment and evolution throughout the year and induce joy and
of one’s life.established here is an excellent energy in the personal and social life. Not
model of ideal development of one’s only that, the rituals and customs originally
personality and harmonious collective associated with these parvas and tyoh³ras
progress. are based on healthy psychological
Our family system still remains a conditioning and uplifting and serve as
peerless example of cultivating love, peace effective measures for the treatment and
and cooperation in every domain of human positive orientation of people’s psychology.
life. The democratic, federal and republic The scientifically devised education
systems of governance in ancient India added system for ideal development of a civilized
to its glorious expansion and stability. The and cultured personality and virtuous talents
so-called liberal philosophy and socialist is another significant component of the
system was successfully adopted in our way Indian Culture. Spending the most important
of life since the time of yore. The divine developmental phase of life in the gurukuls

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 37

of the wise, sagacious Rishis since childhood, in its liberal folds. It is founded on such
learning the shastric knowledge from them universal principles and values that it can’t
and intense practical training from their noble clash with any other culture. As the diverse
life, following the disciplines of brahmcarya3 currents of different rivers commingle in the
and altruist service, living and playing in the ocean, similarly, all the cultures of the world
lap of Nature, and staying in a family like are merged and absorbed in the Vedic Indian
ambience of the gurukul with the other Culture. Another reason for this natural
students of different socio-economic confluence is the fact that the Vedic Culture
backgrounds –– all these used to work has been the origin of all ancient cultures of
wonderfully in the integral growth and the world. The world history has witnessed
education of the young student - inmates. that the Roman, Egyptian, Greek, Sindhu,
The system of Ìodas samsk³ras similarly was and other cultures have mostly remained the
an excellent mode of psychological and topics of research or archaeological
emotional elevation and prior training of a museums, but despite hundreds of years of
person at different transitional phases of his foreign invasion, occupation, political
lifespan. As the purification, subtlization and slavery and adversities, the Indian culture has
fine processing of the raw herbs convert them gloriously maintained its vivid existence and
into a lifesaving, nectar - like medicine, Ìodas global reputation.
samsk³ras work as effective remedies Indeed, the Indian culture has
towards initiating the internal and external convincingly proved its liberal and
refinement of one’s personality. accommodating nature and the eternity of its
It was this bequest of the Indian foundational elements. While the mutual
culture that had nurtured multi-talented conflicts between other cultures of the world
development of the people from all walks of have often been the cause of persistent
the society. This is why India was a pioneer malice, wars and disastrous bloodshed, the
and leader in the diverse fields of commerce Indian culture has always been an exponent
and trade, archaeology, agriculture, artillery, of nonviolence, love, affection, amity,
astronomy, medicine, music, dance and other cooperation and compassion. As the learned
forms of creative arts. The first ever-scientific Poet Mahadevi Verma puts it –– “This grand
instruments and methods of experiments nation has a gigantic culture that
were also devised on this land of the Vedic encompasses a superb conjunction and
Rishis. The ethics of humanity, orderly and confluence of science and philosophy and
disciplined mode of progressive life – diverse currents of thoughts, experiences and
ranging from healthy eating habits, nature– ethical principles. Our culture is truly a
friendly life-style, to scientific attitude and unique expression of universality”.
orderly social system, were all devised and Another inspiration of this culture is
adopted first in this country. the attitude of sacrifice for altruist purposes.
The supremacy of the Indian culture, While the occidental and other cultures have
which also is the core of its global advocated materialistic comfort and
benevolence and respect, is its openness and possession-based notion of joy and success,
accommodating and adaptive attitude our culture has taught austerity and
towards all faiths. It can embrace all cultures asceticism for noble goals. Distribution for

38 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

welfare and social service rather than self- on associated with family-profession. The
obsession and possession of resources is a misconceptions of medieval times
great basic value of our culture. “Yajóa” the misinterpreted it with caste and creed.
eternal symbol of altruism, dedication, 2. Âïrama: Four phases of one’s life for ideal
sacrifice and noble deeds is regarded as the combinations of duty-bound, cheerful,
father of this divine culture. prosperous and progressive life; each of
The best way to understand and about 25 year for an optimum span of 100
measure the depth of our invaluable culture years of life. The first, Brahmcarya Âïrama
is to adopt its great values in our conduct, in was supposed to be the age of education and
every act of our life, and set a living example personality development in the Gurukuls; the
of its preeminence today. The dreaded second, the Grahasth Âïrama was meant to
threats to the very existence of humanity, the be for worldly growth, marriage, and
ever - rising world crisis and calamitous contribution to the healthy progress of the
adversities of the present times have made it family and society. The Vanprastha and
all the more important and relevant today to Sanyasa, Âïramas of the later phases of the
adopt this culture of loving kindness, life were set for dedication to social service
compassion and universality. It holds after completing the familial responsibilities
practical universal solutions to the gigantic and for spiritual enlightenment and evolution
problems of this critical phase of human of one’s own life.
history. It also holds the ‘magical key’ to a 3. Brahmcarya – the discipline of physical
bright future of global peace and happiness. and mental chastity. It incorporates piety of
Notes: character, stability of mind and body for
1. Varñas: The system of four varñas was a natural avoidance or continence of erotic
social classification according to one’s thinking, carnal desire and sexual indulgence.
attitude, character and deeds and was later *****
A devotee used to offer water to Lord Shiva after bathing
in The Ganga. One day he met a sick man, on his way to the
temple who was burning with high fever. The sick man
entreated the devotee to give him water to quench his thirst
but the devotee refused saying that it was for the Lord. At
night the devotee dreamed of the Lord being ill. He asked for
the reason. The Lord said that you did not help the sick, a
living form of divinity, and bathed my symbolic idol with it
instead. That was a sin for me, and as a result I am sick.
From the next day the devotee started selflessly and lovingly
serving the poor and the needy as living idols of his Lord.
This he considered as true worship thenceforth

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 39

Know Thyself

It is but natural to enquire about the purposes, it would be considered immoral and
name, village, address, etc. of a person with willful infringement of the rules for personal
whom one has to travel or whom one has to gain and will attract suitable punishment.
accompany for some time. This acquaintance Human life is precious. It is a unique,
gives freedom from worry and at the same time artistic creation of the Creator. Such a boon
paves the way for depending on mutual help in is not available to any other creature on the
emergencies. A total stranger looks suspicious. earth. No other creature is endowed with the
One’s own entity always remains faculty like the human intellect, or with two
with oneself. Its physical and mental aspects hands with ten fingers that can be creatively
are so close that they remain with the self and dexterously used? Which other creatures
round the clock whether one is awake or have the ability to stand erect and walk on
asleep. Wife is called by many epithets like two feet? Who is capable of earning their
life partner, better half of the husband, two livelihood and accumulating the surplus for
bodies-one consciousness, etc. but, she too later use? Which other creature uses clothes
remains with the husband for a few hours that and houses? Who else other than man
too at some distance from him. Children possesses the wisdom to develop an
come near once in a while for specific organized family and social order? Whose
purposes but they are considered one’s very senses possess such sensitivity? Who
own and one has to share their pleasures and possesses the intricately fashioned living
pains. A person is always worried about the garment like the human body? The fact that
future of his children and, as far as possible, a human being has been blessed with special
plans ahead for it. It is strange that our faculties sets him apart from other creatures.
inseparable instruments of expression like the Thus it becomes evident that human life has
body and the mind, which are always there been given to us for some specific purpose
with us, are neglected by us. Seldom one willed by God. We must concentrate on
enquires about their purpose. clearly understanding this purpose and then
The soul has embodied itself in the live life in the light of our true identity as a
material plane with some purpose. Do we spark of Divinity. If appropriate efforts are
understand the purpose and consciously and not made to know our true selves through
resolutely pursue it? Whenever a bungalow the special faculties and instruments gifted
or a vehicle is given to an officer, he is told to us for this search by our Creator and we
that these are to be used for official purposes squander away these divine gifts in sense-
and not for personal work. If any officer gratification, it would be a betrayal of our
defaults and rents out a portion of his spiritual inheritance leading to endless
bungalow or uses his vehicle for private suffering and pain.

40 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

In order to get started on this arrogance, lust, greed, jealousy, envy,
pilgrimage of self-discovery, we will have hostility to the Truth, so that the true power
to wake up out of the stupor of self- and joy may pour from above into a calm,
forgetfulness – Maya. Here is what Mahayogi large, strong and consecrated vital being, -
Sri Aurobindo has said about self-effort in rejection of the physical nature’s stupidity,
the path of self-discovery in his marvelously doubt , disbelief, obscurity, obstinacy,
inspiring words: pettiness, laziness, unwillingness to change,
“In all that is done in the universe, tamas, so that the true stability of Light,
the Divine through his Shakti is behind all Power, Anand may establish itself in a body
action but he is veiled by his Yoga Maya and growing always more divine; surrender of
works through the ego of the jiva in the lower oneself and all one is and has and every plane
nature. of the consciousness and every movement
In yoga also it is the Divine who is of the Divine and the Shakti.
the sadhak and the sadhana; It is his Shakti In proportion as the surrender and self
with her light, power, knowledge, consecration progress the sadhak becomes
consciousness, Anand, acting upon the conscious of the divine shakti doing the
adhara and, when it is opened to her, pouring sadhana, pouring into him more and more
into it with these divine forces that makes of herself, founding in him the freedom and
the sadhana possible. But, so long as the perfection of the divine nature. The more this
lower nature is active the personal effort of conscious process replaces his own effort the
the sadhak remains necessary. more rapid and true becomes his progress but
The personal effort required is a triple it cannot completely replace the necessity of
labor of aspiration, rejection and surrender- personal effort until the surrender and
an aspiration, vigilant, constant, unceasing- consecration are pure and complete from top
the mind’s will, the heart’s seeking, the assent to bottom.
of the vital being, the will to open and make Note that a tamasic surrender
plastic the physical consciousness and nature; refusing to fulfill the condition and calling
rejection of the movements of the lower on God to do everything and save one all the
nature- rejection of the mind’s idea’s, trouble and struggle is a deception and does
opinions, preferences, habits, constructions, not lead to freedom and perfection.”
so that the true knowledge may find free (From: The Mother p.8-11)
room in a silent mind,- rejection of the vital
nature’s desires, demands, cravings, *****
sensations, passions, selfishness, pride,

When American philosopher Thoreau was on his deathbed, his aunt

came to meet him. She asked whether he had apologized to God for his sins
and whether he had prayed for peace.
Thoreau smiled and said that he had never in his life diverted from the
path of righteousness, as far as he remembered and that he had never infringed
the Divine principles, hence there was no reason for him to tender an apology
to God.

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 41

A True S³dhak of G³yatrº
Decades ago, there lived a great siddha tree in a nearby forest. Day and night I
in the holy town of Vrindavan. His name was remained deeply engrossed in the japa of the
Ramdas but he was popularly known as G³yatrº Mantra. One night I had the divine
“Kathiya Baba” because the only apparel on vision of the Goddess in Her sublime
his body used to be a loincloth made of mat Radiance. The Divine Mother offered to
like woven wooden sticks; (wood is called bestow upon me Her boons. Surrendering
k³Úha in Hindi). People often wanted to know myself with absolute faith at Her feet, I told
about how he attained such supernormal Her that I had adopted vairagya and I had no
powers (siddhis). He narrated his story as desires left and that I only prayed for Her grace.
under. The Divine Apparition disappeared with the
When I returned home after blessings of “So It Be…”.
completing my education at the Guru’s place, Kathiya Baba had no desires, no
I had an intense aspiration to achieve worries, no problems left after this ultimate
perfection in the s³dhan³ of the G³yatrº realization of G³yatrº. He was free from all
Mantra. I commenced japa anuÌÚh³na of this bondage. Nothing was unknown to him.
great mantra beneath a huge Banyan tree near Supramental powers like clairvoyance,
our garden. On completion of 75000 japas, I precognition, etc. were naturally aroused in
heard an etheric voice guiding me to go to the him as siddhis of this great Mantra. He was
Jwalamukhy shrine hill where I would be able able to remove all difficulties and adversities
to accomplish my s³dhan³. I was naturally of his disciples, devotees or any one who had
thrilled after this transforming vision. ever come to him with any problem. His voice
Jwalamukhy shrine hill was about 35- was also endowed with the siddhi of absolute
40 miles from my erstwhile home village. I truth; whatever he said came to be true. As a
started my journey with unprecedented true saint, he lived a perfectly austere and
enthusiasm. My nephew, who was almost of humble life despite having the power to
my age, also accompanied me. We met a saint generate any amount of resources. Some
on the way; he carried an angelic aura around ignorant, greedy people used to think that he
his personality. I took dºkï³ of vair³gya had preserved some magical kits or golden
(initiation of sacred life of a sanyasi) from him. coins underneath his wooden loincloth. In their
My nephew tried to prevent me from taking blind avarice to gain his hidden treasure, they
this step but couldn’t succeed. So he went back even entered in the service group of his
to our village and brought my father along. disciples and attempted to kill the Baba.
My father was shocked to see me in a sanyasi’s However, despite being given a dose of over
robes and insisted that I returned to the normal ten grams of poison on three different
worldly life. He tried by all means – with occasions, no toxic effects were seen on the
affection, with anger, emotional brain Baba. This opened everyone’s eyes that this
washing, etc. But I remained firm. Then he simple saint was indeed a great siddha yogi.
requested my guru to allow me to live as a Getting a glimpse of the aura of this great
sanyasi near my village. With the kind devotee of G³yatrº was considered a boon by
permission of the guru, I returned and started the masses.
my single-pointed s³dhan³ beneath a Banyan *****
42 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

Wholehearted Execution of the Prescribed Principles-II

(Autobiography of Poojya Gurudev Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya)

There was a primary school in the Even professors of Hindi have received
village of my birthplace. From the point of considerable guidance from my articles in
view of formal education, I studied only in Akhand Jyoti, in which Sanskrit words have
that school. Sanskrit is part and parcel of our been used profusely. I have a feeling of inner
family traditions. My father and brothers upliftment and people are amazed to find that
were eminent scholars of Sanskrit. Giving despite my remaining extremely busy in
discourses on ancient scriptures and Sadhana etc. so much knowledge could be
priesthood were our ancestral profession. I acquired. The credit for all this goes to
thus acquired adequate knowledge of Mahapragya (the Supreme Divine
Sanskrit at home. I have taught Sanskrit to Intelligence).
students up to the standard of Acharya, Although I participated in satyagraha,
though I do not possess any formal degree. launched by the Indian National congress,
The story of studying other in compliance with the directions from
languages is interesting. I started writing Gurudev, in the beginning I did not
English words on a shallow iron pan (tasla) understand its significance. When I was
by using pebbles as pencil. I could lay my given one ‘sankalp’ of doing Sadhana for
hands on English newspaper ‘Leader’ in jail twenty four years, why was it split into two
and started reading English. I used to consult portions of five and nineteen years? When
my colleagues and in about a year’s time, thousands of persons were engaged in
when I was released from jail, I had acquired satyagraha, participation or non-
fairly good knowledge of English. Every participation of one more person should not
time during my journey to jail, my have mattered much?
vocabulary of English increased due to Gurudev had guessed my dilemma at
mutual discussions and gradually I learnt the time of my meeting with him and his
grammar also. In return, I taught my divine voice had given the guideline. “Yug
jailmates Sanskrit and idiomatic Hindustani. Dharma has its own importance. It should
Magazines, journals, dictionaries etc. of be considered as the need of the times and
other languages have always remained my one should rush to fulfill it leaving aside all
basic sources of learning other languages. other work, just as water has to be rushed to
Gayatri has been called Goddess of wisdom. the site of fire. In days to come you have to
I cannot say about others, but I myself have undertake several works of public contact and
been miraculously benefited by Her worship. you will not get better opportunity than this

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 43

to establish contacts with different strata of which were entrusted to me. Anybody
the society. You will also get an opportunity interested to know about it may read the book
for rehearsal of the experience gained in ‘ Freedom Fighters of Agra Division’
previous births and of the lessons learnt in published by the information department of
your early age. They are not important from Uttar Pradesh government. In those days I
the viewpoint of personal gain but they was known by the name “Shriram Matta”.
answer a need of the times. In practical life The important thing that needs to be
you are to be taught four lessons of (1) understood is the purpose underlying this
wisdom (2) honesty (3) responsibility and (4) particular direction of Gurudev.
courage. These help in the inner growth of During those ten years of my active
the soul and develop brilliance of intellect. participation in the freedom struggle, I
With a view to developing the talents interacted with people of different nature in
required for execution of your future plans and outside of jail. In those days mass
of action and also to hone up the instruments awakening was at the highest peak. I came
needed for the purpose, your participation in in contact with several brave, courageous
India’s freedom struggle is essential.” persons with firm determination and I learnt
It is not pertinent to discuss what I many useful lessons from them. It took me
did for the country, how much I suffered and less than a couple of years to learn the art of
how I discharged duties and responsibilities winning over supporters, co-workers and

Once upon a time an old emaciated man and woman (husband and wife)
were begging for their sustenance and for nurturing their child. When Goddess
Parvati saw them she was moved with compassion. She asked Lord Shiva how
in His world people were so helpless and why can’t the Lord remove their sufferings.
Lord Shiva tried to explain His consort that their situation and sufferings were of
their own making – of karmik law of sowing and reaping. But Parvati was
unconvinced. Shiva had to appear before the old couple. He asked them to ask
for any boon they wished. The old woman wished to be a young damsel of twenty
years of age, and Lord Shiva granted the wish. The old man got infuriated with
hate looking at her and said that she wanted to enjoy life all over again, deserting
him in old age. His hatred arose. Lord Shiva asked the old man not to worry and
offered to confer on him any boon of his liking. The old man asked for the woman
to be converted into a she-pig. Lord Shiva granted the wish and she became a
pig. At this the child started crying and beseeched the Lord to give him back his
mother. Again the Lord granted the child’s wish and the she-pig became the original
old emaciated woman. Thus all the three – man, wife and child – remained their
old wretched selves in spite of Lord’s boons. Thus, the Lord demonstrated to
Parvati that even God does not help those who do not help themselves through
noble, purposeful thoughts and deeds.

44 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

appreciators for the stupendous task of which was originally made by the East India
revolutionary moral reawakening that was Company for Europeans. I was also arrested
the primary aim and mission of my life. It along with my three colleagues of Agra
would not have been possible for me to learn district. Eminent persons like Madan Mohan
these lessons even by touring the country MalviyaJi, Devdas Gandhi, Swarooprani
extensively on my own. Family attachments, Nehru (mother of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru),
feelings of ‘mine’ and ‘thine’ were got rid of Rafi Ahmad Kidwai, Chandrabhanu Gupta,
and I lived a happy life even in adverse Kanhaiyyalal Khadiwala and Jagan Prasad
circumstances. This created self-confidence. Rawat were with us in the jail. Malviyaji used
The most important gain was that I developed to address us daily in the evening throughout
the attitude of a volunteer, which has helped our stay there. Malviyaji and Mata
me to remain humble even at this late stage Swarooprani used to treat us like their
of my life. The suspense as to why I was children. Malviyaji used to emphasize in his
directed to perform mahapurushcharanas in speeches that we should beg a paisa from
two phases was thus removed by my every man and a handful of food grains from
experience of the freedom struggle. every woman to spread the message of our
The Indian National Congress was movement so that they may realize that the
established about a century back but the Congress was their organization and the
congress in which we worked was altogether freedom struggle was their own struggle,
different from what it is now and I had being run with their cooperation and
peculiar experiences while working in it. contributions. The thing might not have been
Effortlessly, I got an opportunity to establish important for others but I took serious note
contacts with several eminent persons. I of it. The Risis of yore maintained
always conducted myself as a disciplined themselves, gurukuls and aranyaks on public
volunteer. So, whenever any volunteer was alms (bhiksa). It had been pointed out to me
needed to serve eminent leaders, I used to be by Gurudev that I was to take up an
pushed forward in view of my young age. assignment in hand. I had been wondering
From these contacts I imbibed many virtues where from the money would come for this
and also got an opportunity of living with purpose. In jail, I got the clue. After my
GandhiJi in his Sabarmati Asram and release, I applied this formula, while
VinobaJi in Pavnar Asram. Others went to launching important projects of moral and
these great personages for their Darsan but social upliftment and transformation.
to me the insights provided by these contacts Amounts running in crores have been spent
proved to be celestial boons. on these projects through willing and
In 1933 the annual session of Indian volunteer contributions (minimum of ten
National Congress was held in Calcutta. In paisa or a handful of grains per person per
those days Congress was considered an anti- day) from lakhs and lakhs of well wishers
government organization. People were and friends of the mission.
arrested and police firing was resorted to on Like Gayatri and Gangotri, Congress
flimsy pretexts. Delegates who were had been the fount of my life’s course.
considered important enough were arrested However, after independence I concentrated
at Bardwan station and sent to jail in Asansol, only on those tasks that would contribute to

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 45

the fulfillment of the aims of political alive, would testify that when the time for
freedom. Politicians look after the political rewards came, I withdrew behind the curtain.
and economic affairs of the country. But far All the aforesaid three assignments
more important and crucial is the moral, were accomplished with utmost dedication
intellectual and social transformation of the and concentration. In between I also visited
society to usher in an era of truth, equality, the Himalayas only for six months each time.
fraternity, freedom and harmony. This can be I was told that the work of the Congress was
accomplished by persons and organizations important from the point of view of
committed to deeper values of life. This is attainment of freedom and so my sojourn for
the task dearest to my soul. Except for six months each time would be enough. It is
wearing khadi, I withdrew myself from active not necessary to mention here what I was told
participation in all other programmes of the and what I was required to do during these
congress from the day of independence. This sojourns. There are events and happenings
had the blessings of Bapu and the sanction even of my work-a-day visible surface life,
of my divine guide. My friends sent me a which I consider miraculous, acts of divine
form for accepting pension for having grace; and my heart is filled with deep
worked as a freedom fighter for about twenty gratitude and humility when I recall them.
years, I plainly declined to avail of this offer. (To be continued in the next issue)
Eminent persons of that age, who are still *****
A Priest used go to a particular sacred place to devoutly
perform his daily prayers at a fixed time. But as soon as he went
back home he behaved very rudely with everyone. One day his
young son also went with him for prayers at the temple. The priest
started praying “Oh Lord! You love everybody and you shower
your blessings on each one of us!”
As soon as the priest finished the prayer, the child turned to
him and said – “Father! In spite of your having repeated this prayer
over a long time you have not yet learnt the lesson of love and
affection. Your prayers are hollow and mechanical without any
positive effect on your attitude and behavior.” The priest instantly
realized what was amiss in his prayers and from that day onwards
he started praying with fervent aspiration for conscious inner

46 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

Amrit V³ñº

Let the Spirit of Spring Permeate and Uplift Your Life

Translation of Excerpts from the Discourse on Vasanti Panchami Day February 1981:
“V³santi H¿ka, Umang, Aur Ull³s Yadi  J³ye Jºvan Me”

Let us begin with the collective chanting emotional splash of spring do? It transformed
of the Gayatri Mantra: an ordinary boy, a teenager, into a great
“Om Bhur Buva¡ Swa¡, Tatsaviturvareñya® Bhargo spiritual master, a saint, an immortal Guru.
Devasya Dhºmahi, Dhiyo Yona¡ Pracoday³t ||” Spring induces some kind of umang
Sisters and Brothers, (inspiring enthusiasm and enchanting,
“Vasant Panchami” (auspicious fifth enlightening emotional thrust) in every heart.
day of the month “Magha” of the Indian Its nature and extent depends upon what we
lunar Calendar) marks the emergence of deserve. Adi Shankaracharya’s awakening
Spring. It is the day of enthusiasm, umang was also born around Vasant
inspiration, inner illumination. The advent Panchami. His mother had lots of
of spring sparks an awakening and exultation expectations from this bright child, that ––
in Nature, in all living beings. Such a spring “he would be a big officer, a prosperous,
had brought about a sea-change in the life of successful man; he will get married and bring
Samarth Guru Ramdas (the noble Guru of a nice daughter-in-law for me, I will enjoy
Chhatrapati Shivaji) in his early youth –– the company of my grandchildren”. Sensing
“can’t I make a better use of my life?” was Shankar’s inclination towards ascetic life, she
what he was pondering over at that time… even used to warn him that he will have to
There, his family was busy in preparations suffer the pangs of hell for the sin of not
of his marriage, and here in some corner of obeying his mother. The umang awakened
the house he began to see the consequences in this child gave him the courage to face all
–wife, then children, then children of the hurdles; he was prepared to go to any hell
children, their marriages and so on. His during or beyond this life if it were a must
awakened soul instantly warned – Is this for pursuing the goal of ultimate realization.
what you are born for? Look at the dignity One day he entered the deep waters
of your life; there could be another path, the in the village-river and screamed for his
path worthy of greatness! With this he began mother’s help. He told her –– “I am about to
to realize the majestic value, the purpose of be drowned and die this very moment, but I
his life. This was the moment of great am seeing God standing to save me only
transformation, quantum leap, in his life. under one condition. HE (God) is asking you
Such was the force of this exaltation that he to offer my life to Him (for His work) then
did not look back, continued to rise higher HE would save and protect me forever”. Now
and higher in his life. Nothing could stop his mother had no choice. She agreed and
him; he cast away the bridegroom’s costumes said “Okay! I am ready to make this sacrifice
from his body and ran away in search of the for saving your life”. Shankar jumped out of
path of ultimate light. So, what did this the swirling waters that very moment and

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 47

touched her feet on the banks of the river. consciousness. No resistance, no obstacle,
He said to his mother—” look God has saved howsoever mighty, can ever hinder or deflect
me, but now I am His”. its chosen path. In ordinary case, one can’t
You will find many such examples even imagine how difficult it is to follow an
of the umang of Vasant in the history. Fifty- ideal against the worldly trends of selfish
five years ago (in Feb. 1926), the day of pursuits. One has to face uncountable
Vasant Panchami had blessed me with obstructions, challenges, dangers and
enormous bliss and fortune. It brought my immeasurable resistance from multiple
divine Guru to me. The angelic light of his directions –– the pressures and attractions of
aura appeared before me; it induced the attachment with family, friends, the fears of
divine impulse of self-realization and society, and what not; above all one’s own
enlightenment in me. It was on this weaknesses, ingrained habits and intrinsic
auspicious day that I had met my eternal tendencies make it almost impossible for one
guide and was blessed by his ïaktip³ta upon to proceed along the path of noble ideals. One
me. Today we are gathered here on this sacred who can do that is indeed spiritually
day of Vasant Panchmi. I wish that it could empowered in my view. This is the spiritual
bring the same good fortune for you all, bless force that my angelic master had bequeathed
you with the same inspiration…. to me with by his ïaktip³ta.
What did my divine mentor do? What The ïaktip³ta gave me the courage
is ïaktip³ta? Often people have to come out of the house against all odds and
misconceptions about ïaktip³ta; that some work for the freedom movement under the
electrical current like brilliance is transmitted leadership of Mahatma Gandhi at the young
from the eyes or hands of the spiritual master age of barely twenty years. I even had to go
which enters the body of the disciple and to jail and face tortures at the hands of the
gives a shock like treatment. No, this is not British government; but the inner power
ïaktip³ta. It does not work at the level of the enabled me to continue my march on the path
gross body. It is in fact a sublime process of of self-unfoldment, along with honest
awakening, empowering and exalting the transaction of all the duties – including
inner consciousness-force of the deserving familial and social responsibilities – assigned
disciple by the spiritual will of the Guru. The by my Guru. There never was a looking back,
elevated power of consciousness is reflected no agony for the sufferings that came on the
in the enlightenment, sublime transmutation way. This is what is called the marvelous
of the intrinsic tendencies, thoughts, power of determination inspired by ïaktip³ta.
convictions and inner sentiments; and not as What happened in Meerabai’s life is
any current of light experienced in the body. another example of ïaktip³ta. This ardent
The force of evolved consciousness devotee of Lord Krishna was under
is that which induces immense courage and tremendous pressure from the in-laws family;
foresight of adopting and firmly standing for they were against her going out of the palace
higher values and ideals. A tiny fish traverses or calling satsang inside the palace; even her
the great depths and lengths of the oceans saintly life-style and engrossment in her
against the direction of the flow of water. devotion of Krishna was unbearable to many
Similar is the case of awakened of them. Helpless Meera wrote to her

48 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004

contemporary saintly poet Goswami Vichar Kranti and Yug Nirman Yojna, to
Tulasidas to advise her about what she should destroy the smog of evils and ignorance
do; what should be her duty in those prevailing in the minds of people and lay the
circumstances? Tulsidas explained to her foundation of an era of bright future for all.
that; such was the law of the world; It looks as if every pore of my being filled
circumstances don’t change according to by immense vigor, valor and courage like that
one’s ideals or resolutions. One has to change of Rishi Parshuram. If people see any sign
one’s attitude, mental conditioning for the of a social reformer or a great personality in
desired results. In fact, he sent her a couplet me it is all an expression of the ïaktip³ta
of poetry that said –– beatified by my Guru on that Vasant
J³ke Priya Na R³ma Vaidehi, Tajiye Panchami day in 1926.
T³hi Koti Bairi Sama Yadyapi Param Sanehº | The awakening of kuñÃalinº is said
(Word Meaning: You should leave those who to bestow siddhis and riddhis (spiritual
do not love Lord Ram and Sita (Father- attainment of supernormal talents and angelic
Mother God) even if they happen to be your potentials). With the help of these, an
nearest ones). These words worked like a accomplished s³dhaka or siddha yogi can
ïaktip³ta on Meerabai’s mind and gave it the miraculously help others and also reach
light of the spirit and soul-courage to pursue higher realms in his own spiritual ascent. My
what eventually made her a true saint, an Guru came, activated my inner
immortal example of supreme devotion. I consciousness and awakened my kuñÃalinº.
keep recalling these lines of Goswami This resulted in the flow of viveka (spiritually
Tulsidas they generate an inexplicable joy illumined wisdom) and karuñ³ (saintly love
and power in me. and compassion) within me and eventually
The power of spirit awakened by such beatified me with enduring contentment,
ïaktip³tas is indeed immense. I have peace and bliss. This is what we are blessed
experienced it myself. It is with this with as we dedicate all that we have in the
enlightened force that I have stood performance of our duties as per the
successfully for the divine ideals and enlightened guidance of viveka and saintly
principles against even the great impulse of karuñ³.
Mahamandaleshwaras,the Shankaracharyas, People come here with full of varied
the so-called religious leaders of our times. I sufferings and tensions of worldly life; with
have collided against heavy golden shields tears in their eyes they come to me for help.
and broken them (routed all the adversities My heart pulsates to absorb all their pains. I
and avarice that tried hindering my ethical, experience limitless inner peace and blissful
altruistic path). Be that social reformation, repose in allaying their agonies, resolving
revival of our Rishi Culture in scientific light, their problems, eradicating the adversities of
upliftment of women, mass awareness their lives. I cannot describe in words the
against blind ‘religious’ traditions, I have dreaded physical and mental ailments that I
marched alone on every front; my inner have seen people suffering from. Many come
courage, the light of my awakened soul have here to get rid of their beastly tendencies, the
enabled me to surmount all obstacles. This sinful life they have been living so far. How
is how I could launch the grand missions of to tell you, how contented (glad) I feel by

Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004 49

helping them out, by liberating and uplifting We have taken up the mission of revival
their lives, by giving them happiness. You of the vedic knowledge and rishi traditions of
see! All this is the astonishing power of Yagya along with Gayatri Vidya. We have now
awakened kuñÃalinºi. introduced the medium of “Gyan Rathas” to
On the Vasant Panchami day every spread this knowledge through mission’s
year I keep thinking that all of you present publications. You may devote two valuable
here should also share in my precious fortune hours per day (or equivalent time per week)
and lead your lives to glorious heights; may for this noble task. This would indeed be more
your noble deeds and names become virtuous than singing devotional songs or
immortal on the golden pages of the annals worshiping divine idols for the same time. My
of humanity. Your life should rise above its Guru had asked for my time and efforts. I
present states of suffering and perversion. dedicated every moment of my life for His
You should be able to resolve all your work. Well, in return, he bestowed on me so
problems your self and also have the potential many boons, endowed me with gifts that could
to help others getting rid of their problems. not have been attainable by tapa and up³san³
Then you will not have to come to me and for several lives. This is what I am entreating
beg –– “Guruji! Kindly save me; remove my you to do. Please give me a fraction of your
sufferings, etc”. Your life should be such that time and effort to disseminate the knowledge
I, the Guru himself will come to you and ask and ideals of spirituality. If you expect to gain
for assistance, your active collaboration in something, you will also have to give
his altruistic world-uplifting efforts. Sri something. Higher attainments demand greater
Ramakrishna Paramhamsa himself used to sacrifices.
go to Narendra (Vivekananda), seeking his The Shastric Scriptures describe of
help in dissemination of devotion and “Ekad³ Naimi̳rañye” –– referring to the
knowledge, in transforming the society. A conversation of rishis Shaunak and Suta that
tongue cannot work like a mike and a mike focuses on the sagacious discussions of the
alone is of no use without a tongue (voice), saints, the thinkers, the Brahmins of that time
combination of both serves the purpose. The in the lush forest-fields of Namisharnya. I had
voice (message) of the Guru is spread also wanted to develop a Naimisharnya for the
through the mike (efforts) of the disciples. present Age, where people would live for pure
My Guru is the voice and I am his mike. I selfless love, enlightenment and high ideals;
want you also to be able to do the same in where they would amicably share each others’
turn. I would like you to be worthy of joy and sorrows; where they would happily
spreading divine message. If you could sacrifice their selfish desires and comforts for
cultivate this ability, there would be no delay the welfare of the world. This is what I expect
in the working of His grace in your lives. to happen in Shantikunj and its newer
God keeps the boons of ïaktip³ta and expansion Gayatri Nagar. I inaugurate the
kuñÃalinºi ready in His hands to bestow them Gayatri Nagar with this expectation and with
upon deserving souls. You could also receive full confidence in my Guru’s assurance that all
them provided you have the desired level of my aims devoted to attainment of divine goals
ïraddh³ (inner faith and dedication) and would be accomplished gloriously.
p³trat³ (worthiness). || OM SHANTI ||

50 Akhand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2004