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Generic Competencies Sl.

No Competency Question 1 Strategic thinking and visioning Describe a situation where you had to anticipate future trends accurately. Pleas e explain why it was necessary to accurately anticipate the trend/s Tell us about a time when you had to analyze facts quickly, define key issues, a nd respond immediately or develop a plan that produced good results Tell us how you find out about developments in the market place and within the o rganisation and the impact they may have. Describe a time when you demonstrated the ability to see the broadest possible v iew of an issue or challenge, or to project scenarios into the future. Please tell us about a time when you had to deal with an uncertain situation. o What was it? o How did you deal with it? o What was the end result? 2 Customer/ Quality Focus Share a time when you actively gathered information to measure stakeholder satis faction. How did you gather the information? How did you use it to improve custo mer service? Describe specific method/s youve used to build relationships and gain the trust a nd respect of key stakeholders. Tell us about a specific project or assignment that you were involved with that resulted in improvement in a major work area. It is quite common to be caught between a conflicting need of the organization a nd demand of the customer / stakeholder. Can you share with us how you dealt wit h such situations? What do you believe differentiates you and gives you strength in serving your fu nction at Sezal? 3 Business & Cross functional perspective

What market opportunities do you think Sezal can leverage and how in the glass b usiness? Describe how your position contributes to Sezal / business unit s goals. What is the business unit s goals/mission? Tell us of a situation when you had to get other functions involved in deliverin g a product/solution for a client. What were the challenges in the situation and how did you cope with it? We believe that you need to collaborate with other functions across Sezal on sev eral occasions. Can you share with us some specific approaches you adopt in buil ding relationships with other functional heads/team members? Can you share with us some specific approaches you adopt in building relationshi ps with other functions you work with closely? Please explain 4 Personal Integrity & Leadership Keeping confidences can be difficult at times, especially when it can be to our own personal detriment to do so. Describe a similar situation in which you were involved. Sometimes, we are pressured to compromise our personal value systems. Describe t he most difficult situation when that happened to you. It is difficult to demonstrate the ability to be objective, unbiased, and trustw orthy in situations that involve personal conflicts of interest. Describe a situ ation in which you found this most difficult to do. Tell us about a time when you had to motivate a range of individuals in differen t roles. Describe the individuals or groups, their working relationship to you,

and how you motivated them. Share two examples that demonstrate the fact that you have a commanding presence , yet that presence is not intimidating to others.

Functional Competencies Sl.No Competency Question 1 Decision Making & Accountability Think back to the most recent complex decision that you had to make or problem t hat you had to solve. Describe in detail the process you used to make the decisi on or solve the problem. What sources of information did you use? How much time did you have, and how much time did you take? What was the result? Please provide some examples of times when others asked you for your input when they were making a decision or solving a problem. What input did you provide? Wh at were the results? Describe one service, activity, or process for which you have been held accounta ble. How did you make sure you achieved results for this process or activity? Describe a time when you were unable to follow through on a commitment you made. What happened? How did you explain this to the other party? Describe a time when you took personal accountability for a conflict and initiat ed contact with the individual(s) involved to explain your actions 2 Brand Management Customers are diverse in their culture and they need to be presented wit h different approach all the time. Elaborate on any of your approach where you h ave developed something to meet a diverse audience. How would you handle a product launch, where you found out your biggest competit or was launching a similar product with better price at the same time. Can you describe a situation where you used your skills to influence a group of people? What was your contribution and what was the outcome Can you give me an example of an innovative idea or concept you developed to pre sent a product/service/report that had a positive impact? Your company set a target for you and you had to achieve it within a very limite d time period? How did you go about planning for that as a? How did you manage j ob stress in the entire working period? 3 Operational Excellence Of your current assignments, which do you consider to have required the greatest amount of effort with regard to operations? How have you accomplished t his assignment? How would you asses your effectiveness? How do you determine priorities in scheduling your time? Give an example What performance standards do you have for your function? How have you communica ted them to your subordinates? What have you done to make sure that your subordinates can be productive? Give a n example When you have been made aware of, or have discovered for yourself, a problem in any of your process / procedure / operational performance, what was your course of action to rectify? Can you give an example? 4 Drive for results Share with us the most difficult and complex situation in which you set clear, lofty goals for yourself (and others, if applicable), and then pursued th ose goals with enthusiasm and energy. Think back to a complex and challenging time in which you anticipated obstacles and were prepared with a contingency plan so as not to impede the drive to the g oal and, if applicable, kept others involved on track also. Describe two situations that demonstrate your reputation for success and quality performance in the eyes of your peers and superiors. Describe what resources and actions that you took to meet a recent goal or initi ative.

Tell about a time when your department or zone was not meeting established goals . What did you do to redirect the department or zone so that the goals could be achieved?

Customer Insight & Planning You ever felt, during course of your work, that the existing products in the por tfolio /solutions are not sufficient to meet the needs of customers properly and /or that they need to be changed? If so, tell us more. Describe a situation in which you anticipated, identified, and met a customer s needs. How did you know about the customer s need? Sometimes customers have a limited or incorrect understanding of their needs. Te ll us about a time when you had this kind of experience with a customer. What st eps/approach did you take to educate them? What was the result? Please describe a situation that demonstrates your ability to effectively plan w ork by breaking it into process steps and then communicating that plan to those involved In spite of our best planning, unexpected events can throw our plans off track. Describe a time when you established priorities and target dates for yourself an d others and also developed contingency plans for potential roadblocks or challe nges. What potential roadblocks or challenges did you identify? What contingenci es did you put in place? How did the plan ultimately play out?