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'The power oI magis

I. F.F.P. 10 (First year Formation Program) is one oI the subjects that is needed to be taken and
pass by all Iirst year students in diIIerent colleges (Nursing, Engineering, School oI business
management, Computer studies, Art and Science) in Xavier University- Ateneo de Cagayan. It
aims to give us |First year students| a background about the school`s history, S.O.P.`s (standard
operating procedure), Vision and Mission oI this institution and; aims to Iorm students according
to the Ignatian principles. The F.F.P. Iormators give various oI activities to enhance student`s
understanding about the topic and Irom that I learned. I learned what X.U. is all about, I also
learned Irom the past F.G. activities that I have encounter: the values that will help me and
strengthen my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects. From those I encounter in I will
pick and explain the most memorable, and very special to me into three points.
II.From the various F.G activity that I have encountered it really helps me a lot and I learned.
And Irom those F.G. activity my two most memorable and touching event are P.S. |Prayer
Session| entitled 'My unique and giIted selI, and P.W. |Peer Workshop| entitled 'The best day
oI my liIe. I learned Irom P.S. 1 that I am giIted and unique that God had given me this giIt so
that others can beneIit oI these giIts and also I can inspire others that they have also this talent,
talent that is needed to discover. and Irom it I Ieel the sense oI belongingness and purpose. The
P.W. 1 taught me that I as person have diIIerent attitudes that maybe negative or positive on how
people look at you that may hurt or help other people depending on the situation that I am Iacing.
Through this activity I know my diIIerent negative traits that may help me to improve my
personality that can help other people.
III. When we have our Iilm-viewing in A.V.R. 1. 2 Iilms entitled: 'A canvass oI society and
'Chicken Ala carte tells me the unIortunate children and Iamilies that are suIIering Irom
hunger, poverty, discrimination, sexual and physical abuses, depression and diIIerent Iorms oI
abuses and gives me the background oI our society is Iacing today the the problems which rooted
Irom those past event in every person`s liIe. Then it comes to my mind 'what iI i can undo
those events 'what iI I can still help them to relieve and cure those pains and bruises oI our
IV. In the beginning oI this semester the F.F.P. Iormator taught me about the 'Magis one oI the
Ignatian principles that cover all the principle oI an Ignatian. Doing your best and not contented
oI merely average. And this magis really help me a lot by not giving up and giving my very best
to live a liIe oI productive and a IruitIul in diIIerent aspects oI my liIe. In magis I learn not to
give up in my college liIe and keep on striving |studying|. I learn to love God much more by
giving what I have and keep on dreaming and acting what is the best way the serve him and his
V. In sum FFP mold me to become Ior person Ior others by allowing me to see the truth in our
society the poverty that they are Iacing and making myselI much productive and be helpIul to
others in a way by discovering my positive and negative traits that will change me as a person
who I used to beand through this I will know how can I lend my hand to them. And letting
myselI discover my true giIt, a giIt that will inspire and help other person, and through the power
oI magis it will help and me to keep growing and develop myselI to become a person with
competence, conscience and commitment.

'The Power oI Magis
A synthesis paper Ior FFP

In partial IulIillment oI the requirements oI First year Formation Program

Submitted to:
Ruth Bangamu Arrachchige
Submitted by:
Francis Ernesto C. Rojas
FFP 10- NE
Xavier University
September 30, 2011