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The Relationship of Freedom and Ideology in Western Culture TOPIC 1 Sartre and Marx The relationship of philosophy of Sartre

and Marx In order to be able to approach the philosophy of Jean Paul Sartre in regard to the one of Marx, we should examine man as individual, as having a psycho and mental substance, in regard to the world of materialism, throughout contradiction of idealism and materialism , mans possibilities in grasping ideas within the rules of materialism , the interconnection of both of them; throughout this procedure, the whole human potential is about to immerse, in several versions of it, at a level of existentialism ( the procedure of experiencing), as well as at a realisticpragmatic level. (the way of experiencing). While existence seems at first existing, thus have its own nature and substance, independent to materialism, however its attitudes (way of existence) are related to it, and if the rules of the second one are different from those of the first one, its found out that they have a common back round- meeting at a common point of them- so that they coonstiute both a unity and they are separated only at a functional-organic level of fulfillment: This back round is the essence of things, what it dominates, and what dominates it. << Existence precedes essence>> is what Sartre claims , meaning that the essence of each thing can be identified with the idea if its being, as existing in itself (lexistence en-soi), thus theres no essence meant without existence, without definition of the one to the other, the grasp in advance of the first one, that gives an identity to things. They both have a role of mutual completion but also mutual contradiction, without contribution of which, there cant be an interpretation of Being, generally of Happening and history. Theres nothing acting upon material, that has not n impact on existence, and the last one is motivated by the first one, through which material is being also reproduced.

The rules of material are that strong so that they contribute to the internal change of it, making a substance out of it, under certain conditions, and existence, with a potential internal change, contributes to its corporation to the Being, its flow, to its spherical conception by human mind. However, existence maintains its substance of free being, autonomy, that contribute (according to Sartre) to what we call self-substance. Self substance is possibility of transcendence of things by existence, its static way of existing, a static with its own potential its own rule construction the ability to dominate individual and things, and define their essence in such a way , so that within and throughout a whole unity, they both constitute two different entities, that upon being interconnected they can give a certain substance to Being. Upon speaking of transcendence of things, this have to do with an experience of subject within sphere of Infinite, Absolute, corresponding to mystery of transcendence of things from existence to the essence, where subject is identified to object in an experiential (where the question is being asked , about the extent of influence and contribution of the one to the other, thus the passage of existence to substance , so that the whole scope of freedom ruling existence can be viewed but also the internal content of these rules..Thus existence upon substance subject upon object, the point where the being in itself gives place to the being for itself, and this being the point, of existence transformed to essence, in the experiential way, that subject meets, and crosses with object. The point where existence is being transfused to the world of rules, becomes unending and indefinite within the world of material perfection,, and its this perfection and ultimo world that existence tends to reveal.