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Research, design, and development of avionic and fligth control systems.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles, CA M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, May 2006 Areas studied: Advanced System Dynamics and Control, Dynamics, Advance Calculus, and Decision Analysis. Research Assistantship working on the design and testing of an unmanned vehicle. Received the Aerospace Fellowship in 2005. Corporation’s Aeronautical Engineering


UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles, CA B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, May 2006. Areas studied include: Control Systems, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, System Dynamics and Control, Fluid Mechanics, Design, Aerodynamics, Engineering Management, Technical Writing, and Computer Programming. GPA 3.5/4.0. Bachelor’s Thesis: “Avionics Packages in Unmanned Vehicles”

WORK EXPERIENCE Summer THE AEROSPACE CORPORATION, El Segundo, CA 2005 Worked project management staff to manage and administer a classified Air Force procurement program related to unmanned vehicles. Responsible for on site management of flight control test program. Prepared test criteria and test plan. Summer 2004 BOEING CORPORATION, Seattle, WA Summer Intern position. Developed a software test bench for a flight simulator, and prepared test plans. Coded test bench in C++. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles, CA Research and analysis on software flight control system for an unmanned vehicle. Designed control system and portions of the avionics systems. Summer 2003 THE AEROSPACE CORPORATION, El Segundo, CA Advanced research project on unmanned vehicles. Researched and prepared a comparative analysis of avionics packages for unmanned vehicles.

January– May 2004

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