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123 Main Street Anytown CA 94131 (415) 123-4567

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2000– APPLIED MATERIALS CORPORATION, San Jose, CA Present Industrial Engineer • Managed chemical vapor deposition (CVD) line producing 200,000 wafers annually. • Managed line annual budget of $25 Million. Budgeted and expended funds for maintenance and improvement of CVD line. Interface with vendors. • Improved CVD line layout and flow using workflow management software that resulted in defect reduction of 10%. • Programed and operated CVD equipment. • Created CVD process scripts and procedures for clients. • Recommend changes to product to allow ease of manufacture. • Implement design changes. Initiate methods and process improvements. 1999 Summer VARIAN SYSTEMS, Palo Alto, CA Engineering Assistant • Test engineer responsible for process control testing for a new line of wafer handler systems. Created test procedures and softwaer to control testing. • Responsible for implementing test procedures once developed, including reporting and analysis of test results. • Designed and coded test tools and routines to improve efficiency and accuracy of testing. LAM Equipment, Palo Alto, CA Clean Room Assistant, 1998 • Performed a variety of test and process improvements in a semiconductor clean room. • Created test plans and procedures for wafer handling systems. Coded and designed a test procedure that identified a significant process defect, resulting in handler efficiencies of greater than 5%. Wafer Handler Operator, 1997 • Operated a wafer handler system. • Read and followed operating procedures. EDUCATION University of California, Los Angeles CA Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering, 2000 Minor in Computer Science GPA 3.7/4.0

1997/1998 Summers

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS/CERTIFICATIONS Member IEEE Society of Semiconductor Process Engineers

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