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Project Management: The Managerial Process

COMPREHENSIVE TABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE CHAPTER 1 Modern Project Management What is a project? The project life cycle The project manager The importance of project management Snapshot from practice: The best wireless phone in the world Snapshot from practice: The emergence of e.Schwab The evolution of project management systems Project management today-- An integrative approach Integration of projects with the strategic plan Integration within the process of managing actual projects Research Highlights: Chaos: Software Projects Summary Text overview Review questions & exercises Case: South American Adventures Unlimited

CHAPTER 2 Integration of Organization Strategy with Projects Strategic management process: an overview Research highlights: Muddling Absence of a priority system linked to strategy creates problems Snapshot from practice: The SAS turnaround Project selection and organizational politics Moving to an effective organization priority system A generic selection and priority system Snapshot from practice: Y2K projects Assessing the effectiveness of the priority system: The balanced scorecard model Case study: A detailed selection priority model from practice Summary Review questions & exercises Case: Jarvis Communication Corporation Case: Hector-Gaming Company Case: Project priority system Appendix 1: Roles and responsibilities of key players Appendix 2: Interview questionnaire

CHAPTER 3 Defining the Project Step 1: Defining the project scope Snapshot from practice: The project scope statement Step 2: Establishing project priorities Step 3: Creating the work breakdown structure Step 4: Integrating the WBS with the organization Snapshot from practice: Year 2000 games Sidney Australia Step 5: Coding WBS for the information system Project rollup Top-down versus bottom-up estimating Estimating costs and developing budgets Level of detail Estimating guidelines for time, costs, and resources Summary Review questions & exercises Case: Manchester United Soccer Club Computer project exercise, Part 1 CHAPTER 4 Developing a Network Plan The project network From work package to network Constructing a project network Activity-On-Node (AON) fundamentals Snapshot from practice: The yellow sticky approach Start and finish network computation process How the information of the backward and forward pass is used Snapshot from practice: The critical path Level of detail Loose ends Extending network techniques to come closer to reality Use of lags An example using lag relationships Hammock activities Summary Review questions and exercises Case: The Nightingale project Computer project exercise, Part 2 Appendix: Activity on arrow method

Design of an AOA network Choice of method--AON or AOA? Review questions & exercises CHAPTER 5 Managing Risk Overview Identifying and assessing project risk Snapshot from practice: Semi-quantitative risk approach Responding to risks Contingency plans Snapshot from practice: Risk management at the top of the world Contingency reserves Responsibility for project risks Change management Summary Review questions & exercises Case: Alaska fly-fishing expedition Case: Silver Fiddle construction Case: Javacom LAN project Appendix 5-A: PERT and PERT Simulation Review questions and exercises Case: International Capital, Inc. CHAPTER 6 Reducing Project Time Rationale for reducing project time Snapshot from Practice: Responding to the Northridge Earthquake Project time reduction procedure Constructing a cost-time graph Practical considerations Snapshot from Practice: I'll bet you Summary Review questions & exercises Case: Whitbread Race CHAPTER 7 Resource Scheduling The problem Types of project constraints Kinds of resource constraints Classification of schedule problem Resource allocation methods Splitting/Multi-tasking Critical chain approach

Snapshot from practice: U.S. Forest Services Resource Shortage Assigning project work Multiproject resource schedules Summary Review questions & exercises Case: Power Train, Ltd. Computer project exercise, Part 3

CHAPTER 8 Organizing for Projects Project management structures Organizing projects within the functional organization Organizing projects as dedicated teams Snapshot from practice: Projectitis: The Dark Side to Project Teams Organizing projects within a matrix arrangement Snapshot from Practice: Concurrent Engineering Choosing the right project management structure Research highlights: The relative effectiveness of project management structures Organization culture Snapshot from practice: Trouble at DEC How culture is created and communicated Identifying cultural characteristics Implications of organizational culture for organizing projects Summary Review questions & exercises Case: Moss & McAdams Case: Orion Systems A & B Appendix: How culture is sustained Review questions and exercises CHAPTER 9 Leadership: Being an Effective Project Manager Snapshot from practice: The project manager as conductor Managing project interfaces Influence as exchange Social network building Mapping dependencies Management by wandering around Managing upward relations Research highlights: Improving the performance of new product teams Leading by example Ethics and project management Building trust

Qualities of an effective project manager Snapshot from practice: Profile of a prospective project coordinator Summary Review questions and exercises Appendix: Code of ethics for the project management profession Case: Western Oceanography Institute

CHAPTER 10 Managing Project Teams The five-stage team development model Research highlights: The punctuated equilibrium model of group development Situational factors affecting team development Building high performance project teams Recruiting team members Snapshot from practice: Managing Martians Managing project meetings Establishing a team identity Snapshot from practice: Rat-Fax galvanizes ELITE team at newspaper Developing a shared vision Managing a reward system Managing the decision making process Managing conflict within the project team Team building sessions Managing virtual project teams Project team pitfalls Summary Review questions and exercises Case: Kerzner Furniture Case: Franklin Equipment, Ltd. CHAPTER 11 Partnering: Managing Inter-Organizational Relations Introduction Snapshot from practice: The Orion project Pre-project activities Project implementation Snapshot from practice: Incentive system for partnering project Project completion Why project partnering efforts succeed or fail The art of negotiating A note on managing customer relations Summary Review questions & exercises

Case: The accounting software project Appendix 12 A: Contract management Snapshot from practice: Can partnering work in the public sector Review questions CHAPTER 12 Progress and Performance Measurement and Evaluation Control process Monitoring time performance An integrated cost/schedule system The need for earned value Developing a status report: A hypothetical example Indices Forecasting final project cost Other control issues Snapshot from practice: A pseudo complete approach Summary Review questions & exercises Case: Scanner project Case: Softech A & B Computer project exercise, Part 4 & 5 Appendix: Materials price and usage variance

CHAPTER 13 Project Audit and Closure Introduction The project audit process Snapshot from Practice: Operation Eagle Claw The audit report Snapshot from practice: Lessons learned: Bell Canada business transformation project Project closure Team, team members, and project manager evaluations Research highlights: Measures of team performance Snapshot from practice: 360 degree feedback Summary Review questions & exercises Case: Maximum megahertz project CHAPTER 14 International Projects Introduction Assessing the motivation for international projects Environmental factors Snapshot from practice: Filming apocalypse now Project site selection

Cross-cultural considerations: A closer look Research highlights: Cross-cultural orientations Snapshot from practice: Project management X-files Snapshot from practice: Dealing with customs Culture Shock Selection and training for international projects Summary Review questions & exercises Case: AMEX - Hungary CHAPTER 15 The Process of Project Management and the Future Emergence of project driven organizations Snapshot from practice: International space station Future positive trends Snapshot from practice: The project management office Unresolved issues Career paths in project management Snapshot from practice: Harvesting project managers Summary Conclusions Glossary Acronyms Equations Bibliography