Maybole Community Research Project

Maybole Community Council

Where we began…
• Routine health and wellbeing data produced by the Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO) and the Scottish Government identify a number of areas in which the figures for Maybole differ either to the South Ayrshire or the Scottish average, these include:

• Higher all-cause mortality rate • Higher rates of emergency hospital admissions • Higher rates of hospital admissions relating to alcohol and drugs • Higher rates of hospital admissions relating to road traffic accidents • Higher rates of hospital admissions in the over 65s relating to accidents in the home

• • • •

Higher rates of smoking Higher rates of smoking during pregnancy Lower rates of breast feeding Higher proportion of working-age population employment deprived • Higher proportion of population income deprived • Higher rates of assault patients

• Areas where Maybole does not differ significantly from the Scottish or South Ayrshire average include:

• Early deaths from heart disease, cancer and stroke • Cancer registrations • Hospital admissions for heart disease or stroke • Hospital admissions for respiratory disease • Hospital admissions for diseases of the digestive system

• • • • •

Multiple hospital admissions in the over 65s Psychiatric hospital admissions Self assessed health Educational attainment Crime rates (lower than the Scottish average)

Working with..
North Carrick Community Learning and Development Partnership

NCCLADP was working on
• Project to train and employ people to design and carry out a community study and audit of perceived and evidence based need in order to ensure that the activities of Maybole CC and other groups and agencies fit with what is required to contribute to the outcomes identified in the SAC Single Outcome Agreement

• To train local people in the skills required to carry out this work • To produce information to ensure that our activities meet real needs of our community • To support future funding applications • To assist in the coordination of the activities of voluntary and public bodies serving the community

Combined Project Aims
• To establish the localised needs of the community of Maybole in relation to the South Ayrshire Community Planning/ Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) themes of:
– – – – – Health Sustainability Economic Development (including Lifelong Learning) Alcohol and Drugs; and Community Safety

Project aims 2
• To build a comprehensive profile of individual, community, public and voluntary sector, cultural, physical and environmental assets in Maybole • To increase community engagement and participation and create greater social connections between those who live (and work) in Maybole

Project aims 3
• To explore and pursue new and more effective ways of improving outcomes in Maybole in relation to the community planning/SOA themes • To increase community capacity to undertake basic engagement, research and investigation

Research focus will be community based
• Needs assessment of individuals, groups and service providers to identify the perceived strengths and areas which require improvement in Maybole in relation to the 5 community planning/ SOA themes identified • Asset mapping which identifies and records the strengths, skills, resources and talents that individuals, local associations, clubs and community groups and agencies possess and that they could contribute to make life better in Maybole.

Research focus 2
• Establish/create linkages between individuals, community groups and services. • Map the physical assets of Maybole
– e.g. greenspace, unused land and buildings which could be better utilised to support improvements in priorities identified through the needs assessment.

Research focus 3
• Identify the economic strengths and potential of the town which could be developed to improve outcomes in Maybole
– e.g. contribution of local associations in attracting inward investment and jobs; – the proportion of public spend which results in jobs for local people – resident spend in local shops versus outside businesses.

• Establish what local cultural and creative skills and media exist and could be developed to reflect the values, identity and voice of Maybole.

Research focus 4
• Establish residents’ understanding of local and national political processes and decision making and governance arrangements in local services and organisations. • Capture knowledge and understanding of the history and culture of Maybole which could be developed to communicate the story of the town. • Increase the capacity in Maybole to undertake basic community based research by providing training and mentoring to recruits from Maybole in a range of participatory research techniques.

• A representative sample should be sought • A range of methodologies considered and applied to achieve maximum engagement
– One to one interviews via door knocking, – Cafes, health centres, community halls, streets and meeting places – Group based interviews such as focus groups and storytelling workshops.

• A range of media could be employed in the research such as written recording, spoken word and visual art.

Consultants to be engaged
• The research should seek contributions from the breadth of people who live and work in Maybole and promote greater community engagement and empowerment. • That the project should aim to build capacity and skills in the community both in the process of conducting the research and in the implementation of the community action plan. • The project should commission/recruit, where possible, from local sources unless expertise required is not available.

Consultants engaged for the project

Jonathan Coburn Susan Guy

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